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An Appeal to Christians

Dee Casper


This is an appeal based upon the unrest that's happening in our country and how Christians are handling their communications online and with people around them.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • June 5, 2020
    3:45 PM
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God in heaven I want to thank you for the fact that you've been good to us you've been so good to us and Lord we live in a world that is so broken and it can be so easy to just feel powerless in the midst of this crisis and this develop what's going on with coronavirus race issues and natural disasters in. Politics. Personal battles spiritual warfare or there's just so much going on right now economic struggles and I just pray as we have some time together this evening Lord I just pray that what is shared would makes sense I pray that it would be helpful that you would challenge us tonight and God I just pray that what I share would be exactly what you would have and nothing more and nothing less I don't have the wisdom this needed to do this I don't have with these people need. But I have a burden placed upon my heart and that's all I have is my availability and the burden that you placed in so God to do for these people what I cannot I pray and I ask this in Jesus' name in them all right so. Clearly there's a lot going on in our world right now all of it has a lot of people hurting in grieving people are mad people are frustrated. On multiple into the political spectrum some people are upset because they think that people are making too big a deal out of this other people are upset because. For years no one has made a big deal about this ans. I've actually been trying to get away from social media I'm trying to lead this thing it's not good for my mental health it's not good for my productivity and just I would like to do life without social media but the nature of the work that I do and the ministry opportunities that there are some of you who know me and know that I've been harping for years that we need to use media for God but. I've been trying to get away but it's just like God keeps pulling me back for Soli posting ministry things and they need to stay off except for those moments but because of recent events with the coronavirus and what happened with George Floyd a lot are very and the situation with the Central Park in the dog and the whole scenario like it's just been a. I laugh because it's ridiculous like there's just so much going on and it's just it's it's weighing on me I feel inadequate to really do with the topic justice to really speak into the pain and the confusion the frustration that people are feeling and as someone whose call is to minister and educate it's been difficult for me to know how to enter into this field in a way that is helpful that isn't polarizing on the because you can't make everyone happy. And so you know I think one phrase it this way that you know like you're not chocolate you can't make everybody happy like it's one of those universal things that generally just brings happiness to people I don't have that and so in the midst of that feeling of powerlessness but at the same time feeling incredulous on the things I've seen they've taken place in our country it's caused a lot of internal conflict for me I posted some things. But I just feel like there's something more I need to address that is more of an overarching issue that I see that always seems to rear its ugly head in circumstances like this in election cycles and moments of race relations in moments of political conflict and moments of religious conflict I just see this similar thread in all these moments that deeply deeply troubles me and I feel like I need to say something about it so. I for quite a while when this stuff started to hit the fan with them on our very 1st and then the other situation since then. I've generally been the type that I don't use my influence I don't look to be a public figure but that has happens and. I've been very intentional in not using my influence to share my opinions on matters of politics or church politics because my opinion really isn't worth much one person with one opinion among many and my objective has been to be missional to be evangelists tick and of books and ministry and nurturing and other things but I have made a mistake in recent weeks in this particular state of affairs when race relations of lumping this particular circumstance into the same category as a political issue it is not a political issue you know there are people who are politicizing it but it's not a political issue it's an issue of basic human rights it's an issue of basic humanity and fairness and justice and I failed in that regard as a leader as a public figure and not communicating earlier on these matters and so I just wanted to apologize for that for one and I want to be more intentional in being more intentional in proactive in the midst of people's wounds. Sometimes as Christians as leaders we can be so afraid of what people will think and so guarded that we end up being so afraid to do anything that we end up doing nothing and our window of opportunity when it was open and being overlooked and it passes us by and I don't believe that that's the way the god has handled circumstances like this so I feel that in that regard as a leader and I want to own that and. I had many conversations with friends and friends in the black commune. Like just asking for wisdom advice I wanted to hear their stories I didn't want to speak into a circumstance that I really can't speak to because that's not my life that's not my story now I've lived amongst communities and they have been integrated other ways but I cannot fully know and nor should I do I think we should ever say I know how you feel I can never know how you feel. But in that you know phase of analysis paralysis. I didn't act as quickly as I would wish and so I just wanted to address that 1st of all but my biggest concern and what I'm seeing right now on not going to speak to the big picture issues in this video I've already done that already posted what my views are and system mic racism and other issues in our country but. My main issue right now is what I'm seeing from Christians on social media I would expect this from political pundits I would expect this from c.n.n. in this in b.c. the low Street Journal The New York Times Fox News The Drudge Report in all these things I would expect this from these entities to hyper politicized the circumstances to use them for own game to push their own agendas. But I don't think we should be expecting this from Christians Unfortunately I think the world does expect from Christians because as Christians we're terrible at stuff like this we put our foot in our mouths we try to fix things and correct people and fix people we've not generally been the best at just listening and seeking to find empathy and sympathy to better understand someone's story and circumstance before we respond and accusing can do him more or give our corrections would really have been the best of this and as Paul says in the book of Romans chapter 2 I believe it's in verse 24 he says the name of God has been blasting among the Gentiles because of you and he's speaking to believe hers and I think that as Christians we need to be better in moments like this to be slow to speak quick to listen and slow to become angry as our brother James says and if I just think that we need to be careful in how we handle our public communications. On the news like this I think that we forget that when I'm typing on my phone or typing on my computer in moments of frustration or inspiration based on things that I see we forget that we're talking to real human beings with emotions of feelings it's not an avatar that you're speaking to it's a real human being and in our current context there are people who are grieving there are people who are hurting there are people who are trying to process you know having to relive their own traumatic experiences because someone else has had a similar experience and in that holy and sacred moment of someone's pain and vulnerability we would do well as Christians to stop. To listen to give someone the creative freedom to grieve to process and to work through what they're feeling what they're dealing with and to not just immediately jump in with our commentary our religious platitudes God forbid our political platitudes give people a space to communicate and just process through things they have free press it's their profile not yours let them share what they need to share and if you don't like it you can unfold them you can unfriend them you can do what you need to do but in that moment of crisis in pain and grief I implore you in the name of Jesus and on behalf of the Lord Jesus to give people a space to feel to process and to grieve to not be so quick to inject your opinions and there is something that's referred to. In religious circles in other circles is this idea of syncretism syncretism is basically the fusing or the amalgamation of different religious teachings or ideologies we put them together writes If you have someone who is engaging in Buddhist practices. While being a Bible believing Christian and trying to fuse those 2 things together that that's an example of syncretism that's not what I'm talking about today what I'm talking about today is the syncretism of politics and religion. Claiming to be a Bible believing Christian but morphing my own biblical views to match my political views were fusing political ideologies that don't coincide with the gospel and we're trying to make them fit into our biblical worldview or worse yet we're trying to make our biblical worldview fit our political ideologies and when we do this we cause problems because one this can fall under one of the commandments of mis representing God God is not a divine politician God is not a host or commentator on Fox News him as in b c c n n he's not a journalist for The New York Times The Washington Post or any other of these publications he is almighty holy God who is righteous just good who is compassionate who forgives him who longs for justice and mercy to be poured out on this earth in a we start intermingling these things 1st of all it's a terrible witness we bear false witness to God but to do it leads us to bring this form of like arrogance superiority into a public discourse that is not helpful and it is not Christian when we're demonizing people when we're name calling right if you cannot engage in civil discourse on difficult and challenging issues then don't say anything at all. You're not helping the circumstances in particularly if you're publicly claiming to be a Christian this is not the way that we are to prevent to present ourselves to the world it's not helpful and especially in the midst of seasons where people are grieving when people are going through times of loss and to try to make sense of life why did this even happen why am I going through this that is not the time to insert your political and even cheap petty religious platitudes it's not helpful we refused to give up our political idols and we bring them with this to church and that's not honoring God and I would encourage all of us including myself to take the time to reflect upon what is it the has my heart's affections what is shaping my philosophy of human life what is shaping the way that I do life because if I'm changing the way I do in life because of what political commentators and journalists are saying and politicians are saying that isn't what God wants for us it's not a healthy environment to be living in doing a life and so my plea with us tonight is to think for ourselves to read talk regularly with people who don't look like you who don't think like you and learn from them right one of the large components of the Christian community is supposed to be community right I'm finding that one of the reasons why it's so difficult for us to engage in civil discourse is because we feel threatened by people who don't think like I think. And the only way to get at is that it's a good to disengage from the noise disengage from the fog of politics religious politics and political politics national politics take a step back from this stuff open your Bible pray with an open heart and ask God to teach you had of you your fellow man how did you current events how doing gauge with society around you because of all you are doing is hanging out in this echo chamber where you Thor above that everybody else against the venoms but never come to truly realize that as a human we're part of an us we lose the precious gift of cross-pollination that God intended God created in diversity God has created all of us with diverse gifts with a diverse way in which we look which we think the way that we grow up our food our culture our beliefs and we can learn a lot from each other by engaging in discourse we become better human beings through this process but we seclude stor ourselves to hang out only with people who think like me and who look like me and do life like me and argue with them in the same way that I argue with them we lose out on the opportunity of engaging the beauty that God has given to humanity and it's a travesty and so some of you may be trying to size me up right now and figure are you conservative or liberal and my answer to you is I am neither I am a Bible believing Christian. I don't have any political allegiance I don't have any political party than pandering for and what I felt like I went through a span of my life where I grew up watching Fox News a listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for years and then I went to the whole opposite side of the spectrum was watching Keith Olbermann Rick Rachel Maddow on innocent b.c. and having other views I tell people that I never drink in the red Kool-Aid to the blue Kool-Aid to now I just have a stomach ache I'm tired of the entire process and when I took time to just disengage from the political arena I stopped watching these media outlets and I just chose to think for myself and talk with people who didn't think like me life got better guys wife got better and I found that it was easier to talk with people who didn't think like me or didn't do life like me because I didn't feel threatened by them anymore because I didn't have someone fanning the flames of my hatred towards the them. I didn't have anyone to do that anymore all I had was them and I realize it wasn't of them it was in us and I'm not claiming to have a ride I got my own issues right I can be quick to judge I can be quick to be impatient I can be quick to jump to conclusions the size people up I got my own issues too but I've been around both sides of this political spectrum and unfamiliar with the talking points of both camps and I hear these chippy antagonistic responses from Christians in times when our nation should be grieving and seeking healing and it not only offends me it breaks my heart guys we're better than this if we're claiming to be Bible believing Christians but yet we're making chippy in Sin City of politically charged comments on other people's feeds in the walls imposed on blogs and websites whatever they're processing this working through life what are we achieving of the in the day. Are remaking sons and daughters of God added these individuals were of pushing them even further away from God and his evil Chapter 36 God intended the nation of Israel be a light that would reach the unbelieving world around them yes they were favored they were given a blessing but it wasn't to remain that way it was to show the rest of the world that you could be God's chosen people too and God response to the nation of Israel and his ego Chapter 36 in verse 22 was this. Is either Chapter 36 and beginning in verse 22 Listen to how God speaks to these people who were supposed to be reaching the world with their influence and this is right believed by the way that Paul gets the inspiration of Romans 224 re his is the name of God as the blasphemy money Gentiles because if you I believe he draws it from this text is a good 36 verse 22 he said this is God speaking therefore save the house of Israel Thus says the Lord God I do not do this what I'm about to do for years for your sake or house of Israel but for my holy name sake which you have profaned among the nations where every one so the people who are supposed to communicate to the world how awesome God was literally lead the surrounding nations to think that God is not desirable he's attractive and it is His I will send upon my great name which has been profaned among the nations which you have her fame in their midst and the nation shall know that I am the Lord says the Lord God when I am how loaded in you before their eyes in short when you look like Jesus because right now you don't the good news is the very next thing God promises to do is to do the work of transformation for them that they cannot do for themselves the nation of Israel were bigots they were nationalists right everything is about us no one else matters I am and I'm not making a political statement that's a literal statement how they did like. And that's just an area that they were working with them we're the ones that have everything figured out were the awesome ones everyone else are losers no one else really gets it and this us versus them mentality kept the world from being reached so God said I can't I can't have this anymore I'm stepping in and he promises to do the work of transforming his people all remove that heart of stone edit your flesh and I'll give you a heart of flesh I'll give you the ability to be able to feel again to some form of sympathy for your fellow man some form of care for their well being even if they don't look like you think like you watch the same news programs that you watch I can do that and he says I'll put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them but he says I'll put you into your own land all Clint's you from all your filthiness and from all your idols guide us you know a lot of Christians that their idol is their politics our politics we are Fox News loyalists we're c.n.n. loyalists we're innocent b.c. loyalists or whoever else loyalists and it's so important to us that we won't let go of it and influencing the way that we interact with the unbelieving world is influencing the way we act with them will believe 1st that we treat them as less bans and that we can't live like this this isn't what God intended God said I concluded from your idols I can give you the hardest stone and give you that ability to have sympathy and love I can transform your life but my question to you is do you even want that. Do you actually recognize and do you want things to change and I don't know your story maybe this isn't your issue I don't know but what I do know is that it is very very prevalent right now on social media by Christians it's got a strong hold on a lot of us and I was asking us to look introspectively this evening is this the way that I'm doing life the solution to our world's problems is not going to be found of politics in demagoguery it's the gospel and if we're peddling these insensitive in ridiculous statements then we need to earnestly bring this before God and ask him if this is really how we should be spending our social in relational capital relationships are like bank accounts guys in every tell we make insensitive chippie platitudinous statements to people we take money out of that account and our ability to make an influence into Leave these people to Jesus in a do good things in their lives has now diminished right we go into debt when trying to make those types of transactions because we took money out when it wasn't needed to be removed and so just ask yourself how my engaging with the community around me and is it helpful is it hurtful see in an innocent b c Fox all are reporting with agendas I see it and I don't even get my information from them largely anymore there's actually a website called all sides dot com all sides dot com and it's a news aggregator it separates articles by the political spectrum and you can weigh out what side you're going to believe what are they saying about this was the left saying about this was the right saying about this was more of a center rated article this just reporting the news as it happens and take the opportunity to think for yourself just because someone so says it doesn't mean that you need to believe and ask yourself Is this actually true. And do the research I find there's a lot of intellectual laziness that goes on with a lot of our riposte ing and our commentary that we don't even fact check oh yeah that agrees with what I say share but we don't even look into it and see like it those statistics are from 10 years ago and they're not even accurate we don't even look into these things and in turn we're fanning these flames of discord and polarization and hatred that is not helping the overarching circumstances and we need to think for ourselves guys please think for ourselves we're being programmed to believe what we're told from the public school system from the media from universities pop culture and even from religion and I see so much of this when topics like this come to the surface again in America and I can tell by what people comment on post where they're getting their information. I can tell very quickly that person listen to Rush Limbaugh that person's listening to Rachel Maddow this person who seem to have like I can tell where their sources are coming from in the way in which they address other people who don't think like them of the points they're making because there's nothing new under the sun we're recycling somebody else's well thought out and sculpted arguments when actually thinking through the logic ourselves so if you only watch conservative or liberal news and surrender so to people who think the same things it's very good evidence that you are not thinking for yourself you're just somebody is political pawn in your identity isn't partisan nonsense and not the Gospel and this isn't what God wants for us God wants something so much better for us to have an identity that's based upon Jesus and the price to be paid for our lives in for our souls and that's what he's looking for us to encounter tonight and so I would strongly encourage anybody within the sound of my voice to disengage from the political realm and learn to think for yourselves you're being groomed to be used by people to accomplish their agendas and with the crisis that soon to come upon this earth I threw that many of us are so caught up in this nonsense that we're not going to be able to think biblically on issues they're going to be relevant in the judgment we're not going to be able to think biblically in circumstances in issues that are going to become relevant in the judgment this to come. Right read what Jesus says about the sheep in the go to Matthew chapter 25 Read Isaiah Chapter 58 walk through Scripture in see what it is that God is asking of his people and choose to live your life in that fashion right don't choose to live your life because a politician says this or the president says that or the former president says that or this organization or this act of this guy's only if you are a Christian a Bible believing Christian the only thing that should be shaping your identity your worldview and the way that you do life with your fellow man is scripture in scripture alone is it good to be informed on current events yes it is good to be informed current events but if that the outlets that you're running to to find yourself in form and current events are eclipsing the clear truth of Scripture on how to interact with your fellow man you are in dangerous territory it is dangerous and this is not what God wants for us it's not scripture it has to be our defining metric Do we really want to come before Jesus during the judgment to look I know I didn't do anything for people who are hurting in what I did do is basically make chippie and politically driven and says the comments to kick the mother down but I do read my Bible go to church I pay a faithful top 5 sometimes I even give Bible studies right before we make our snarky comments ask yourself what are you doing to improve the state of the world to improve the quality of life in this world in the people around you and of those columns that you're making are not going to uplift somebody else if they're not going to help somebody else or make a substantive difference for the kingdom why say it why say it. Why waste the time and then why I camped out on that feed to see what somebody else says to your comment and then give your well thought out rebuttal it's guys there's so much more to life an argument people on the Internet there's a world to be won people are suffering right now people are hurting right now and you're spending your life arguing with people on the Internet this this isn't what God wants right if you're going to use mediums like social media use it to educate use it to speak life into people use it to speak truth and grace into this world that is suffering and looking for answers that the Word of God can actually give them. This word is powerful I'm assuming it changed your life and that's why you chose to be a Christian if it's changed your life then open this thing share it with people who don't know what you know and let it change their lives but they're not going to want to listen to what you have to say spiritually but if you're making insensitive comments on their feeds on their videos and in chat rooms I saw a post the other day of a lady who made these incredibly racist like not even like I just literally racist comments using the n. word and then you look at the front page of somebody decided to out this lady so they took a screenshot of the chat and then they show another screen shot they go look at the lady's profile they searched her and founder the 1st thing it says is your Bible believing Christian Jeremiah 2911 but this lady was saying some seriously racist horrible repugnant things guys that syncretism. That isn't biblical Christianity it's syncretism it's fusing political in a racial you know racist ideas together in claiming to do the same thing it doesn't work now it is a not work it's just not good and so even if you disagree with someone's conclusion or the logic that they're using you don't have to say something when they're crying out of their pain you can just choose to say nothing being right is not righteous ness your opinion isn't helping in moments like this and it's an act of emotional violence to kick someone while they're down when we do so Christians don't live like that guys Christians don't do wife like that and so I would encourage all of us to hold ourselves to a higher standard to a higher form of credibility. And accountability because you know when you criticize other people for how the address and justice but you do nothing about it yourself you forfeit the right to be heard or taken seriously so just go ahead and excuse yourself from the discourse because you're contributing to the problem so if this is something that maybe you feel isn't a big deal then let other people deal with it who do think it's a big deal. Just and this is strange to me it's maddening to me really guys and people have died people have died that should not have died and their family is in communities are grieving we're Christians and let's be better than those right when we throw these one liners statements that we heard from other political pundits people who are grieving and processing through things just because they don't see things the way that you see or think the way that you think is that really necessary as a Christian look if you're not a Christian you don't care one of these things. I'm not asking you to live up to this type of a standard but if you are claiming to publicly be a Christian but you're engaging in discourse like this and making unhelpful comments like this then we need we need to grow up we need to grow up we need to mature and we need to come before Jesus and re pans to repent of our sins and say God I have been so Judge Mental I've been so inconsiderate of what other people are going through I've been more concerned with being right than being the type of Christian that you would have for me to be and I'm sorry and God would you change me would you teach me how to have civil intelligent gracious discourse with people who don't think like I think and if they start getting animated argumentative I can kindly excuse myself from that conversation because I don't need that drama in my life you can do that we can actually do that guys and it can make a difference to ask yourself Do I go around correcting everyone who makes statements that I feel are false or misguided in my everyday life chances are probably not and if you do you probably need to talk to Jesus about that if you're correcting everything that you think is wrong around everyone else around you that probably means you're not looking in mirror look at your own brokenness issues the church illiteracy you had that problem the Revelation Chapter 3 you think you're rich and have need of nothing but you're actually miserable poor blind in the can you're not who you think you are and you probably need to encounter the latest the message as the rest of us do to recognize that we are not who we think we are we need Jesus and that I need to come to Jesus for the solution and I'm so thankful for is that even though that person's religious experience may just want to vomit he kept knocking on their door. He saw something in them that they didn't even see in themselves and I'm so thankful for this to Jesus even in our dark moments when we aren't who we should be in moments like this we're lacking in sympathy and not being who God would have for us to be Jesus still loves us the Bible says a Romans Chapter 5 verse 8. God showed His own love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for the un-Godly you know that tells me that while I'm still standing being a savage on the Internet being critical being unkind to the people around me God's love in me and Jesus was sent to die for me even in that condition not to remain in that condition but to come and live a law abiding life into sin the Ministry of the Holy Spirit in my life to convince me that I have sinned that I've not done rightly that I have not lived a righteous life in the judgment is coming when these things matter ministry the Holy Spirit to get the will to stand right just as in judgment and the Holy Spirit is sin into our lives to show us the moments like this when we're not being who we should be there's a better way and Jesus offers a solution in himself a gold tried in the fire he says a faith that works by the love light Raymond's a robe of Christ's righteousness because we have the right to several and I still have spiritual discernment to recognise our true condition we can lose sight of it and when all we're doing is hanging out in the echo chamber and listening to everybody else's which is just like what I believe then it's very easy to soothe the need to correct people and judge people who look down on people who aren't like me that ideological racism and potentially racism period in certain contexts still got called us too. God has not called us to show preference to any man God is no respecter of persons Jesus died for the sins of all of humanity and he's asking us to treat our fellow man with kindness so the chances are you're not walking around and correcting every single thing that everybody says in the way that you do proper life you know when you walk into 2 legs and talk to real people face to face why are we living that way on the Internet because we don't see that the real people I don't have to see their face the faces about this big on my screen because when you make comments like this should be platitudes from politicians to downplay the importance of real substantive issues right or just insensitive comments in any form or fashion we make these comments we forget these are human beings feelings with life stories that we know nothing about that led them to post what they post and there's a whole trajectory a hoax trail that led up to that point when they said what they said what they post what they posted we can't know and it's none of our business but guys we don't need you to be the the police to tell people what to think or what not to think it's not helpful if someone isn't asking for dialogue and constructive constructive criticism you don't have to give it treats social media as if these are real people that you would actually have to look in the face and see again tomorrow you know why because they are real people and if we're going to claim to be Christians then please please please treat people with the respect and dignity that Jesus died to afford them so we're asking. If you don't agree with their political views you don't have to agree with them I'm not asking you to adopt their view not asking you to agree with them what I am asking you to do is to treat them with grace with love with forbearance and if by some means that the Holy Spirit is convicting you to have a conversation with this person do it their private messaging and be respectful if you're curious how they came to adopt representatives from you did a very gracious way I made a post about some things I see. And someone sent me 2 videos their private messenger said hey what are your thoughts on these videos and I've seen those videos before one of them I had the other I had and I watched them and I shared my thoughts and they very respectful way they were very respectful with me they were just trying to figure out what to believe and you can have discourse to learn from each other and ask questions but to be argumentative and condemning. And to treat people like they're stupid because they don't think like you think if you're going to claim to be a Christian you can't have both that syncretism to be snarky political in the meanwhile claiming to be a Bible believing Christian is syncretism it's not Bible Christianity I don't care where you go to church I don't care how many verses you have memorized I don't care how many Bible studies you get in your life and how many people you have baptized if you can not see it in your conversations with kindness and genuineness in an openness to listen in to learn is there really a conversation with having. That's a question guys so I'm working through this I hope and pray that this can be helpful for you this isn't just you know me saying everybody else has got things wrong and I've got it figured out look I told ya I've got poisonous roots structures from the left and the right in my system and I have certain things that trigger me I do call a friend they just tell them I'm mad I'm mad and I don't want to be mad I don't want to have a conversation with people right now on the lifestream that it's not going to be what it needs to be to just talk through it to pray together to work through it and I'm thankful for godly friends actually had another friend and and mentor and someone who just said hey there's a bigger context than what you're aware of and what's going on in the world make sure using influence appropriately and I appreciated that call thankful for it so guys what are you doing with the influence that God has given you because everyone has it right there are people that you can reach right now that you have access to right now that I don't have access to what type of witness are you giving them as a Christian in the midst of hot topics in this country right now there are people who are hurting who are grieving wrestling with some serious challenges seeking to find solutions to those challenges and sometimes the things we do to seek those who ships may not be the best thing and other times they are the best thing and we get heat from people even though we're doing it right you're never going to be able to please everybody but this is why you if you're developing a biblical worldview right if you're bringing all of your ideologies all of your opinions and laying them on the altar of God's word and asking what do you want me to do about this issue what do you want me to say about this issue what do you want how do you want me to live in a world that's wrestling with this issue now it's a safe place to go forward but if you're just flip of leeway re posting and making Starkey comments guys that's bearing false witness. It's bearing false witness and it isn't helping God because so you can price you know my face I'm tired I'm grieving hurting I'm trying to make sense of life I'm trying to make sense of who I am in times like this and it's just been it's a challenge for me but what I'm going through right now isn't anywhere close to what a majority of people are going through right now those rules who are hurting and trying to make sense of what is happening when there's a hard time come when do our answers come I can't hold a candle of that but I will say this God has solutions God has solutions whatever happens in November is not going to solve this world's problems only Jesus can do that and so I plead with you on behalf of Jesus seek out what can make a lasting in eternal impact in this world and use your energy and that don't camp out on social media to argue with people you don't even know there's more to life than that guys there's a world to win and we're not going to win it like that we're not so what I'd like to do is pray and. Just ask that God would take what we've heard this evening and do something with it I feel like I've got my 2 mites like the widow that Jesus saw and I just I wonder can this even make a difference. But I just hope and pray that God will use this to do something to help people to engage in a more civil discourse as we're trying to figure out what really is going on how to address it and how to move forward God in heaven. I just feel wholly inadequate to address what I see in the world right now I feel like Solomon Florida but a child I don't know how to go out or how to come in. Or I see this world is hurting there are things I see that deeply troubled me and I'm not Ok with it. And I'm struggling at times to know what to do about it but I'm praying for wisdom I pray that for anyone who watches this or hears it later or that you would give us wisdom to know how do we engage this world right now and Lord I pray for those who are suffering right now under loads this side is placing on that they didn't ask for or prayed for those who are hurting in other ways in are just wrestling to know what to do or I was thinking of getting another doctrinal Bible study tonight but I just felt like I just can't people are hurting and something has to be said to at least somewhat stop the bleeding while we figure it out and so God I pray that this these Hugh fish of these few lows that these widows mites that I've given to you tonight are pretty you would do something with them Lord to make a tangible and substantive difference for your sake I don't care if anyone knows who I am I just want people to know who you are and I don't want people to hurt each other. In the midst of such a raw and to mold us time in our country in our world so as Christians Lord teach us how to live teaches how to speak teach you how to engage with the world. In a moment like this and I pray that Paul Achille at would be in our times I pray that you would show us how to serve how to love how to uplift and make a tangible difference in this world right now that you would do something wonderful. No I don't have a this will be but you do and so I disprove that you use these warriors to recal. To minister Those Greasers to world through injury. I asked these things now with Grace Jesus. In. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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