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The Greatest Want of the World

Alistair Huong
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The world is in desperate need of men and women who can make an eternal impact for good. We investigate the histories of Joseph and Daniel to see how their lives provide timeless lessons for how we might become such people for the glory of God.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • June 20, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for the Sabbath and technology that allows us to remain connected and to worship even if we are not physically in proximity to each other and so today we pray that although we are separated by distance we know that you have never been. Your hand is not shortened You have always been able to speak to us wirelessly so to say across the airwaves through the expanse of space and time and so today we ask that you condescend into this life stream this online meeting to teach us something we do not ask for something new we simply ask that you will show us what is true and may we be true to you in return speak to our hearts now we pray and ask in Jesus name Amen the greatest want of the world let's take a look at this at the passage where this phrase comes from it is found in the book education page 57 and it's important to notice what paragraph it's found because you'll find out in just a moment this is a 3rd paragraph. And we're going to be looking at the context and a little bit so knowing the where it's found will be helpful for that but let's read it here it says the greatest want of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall and of course we know that the usage of the term men here is universal for mankind's over time a men and women were talking of persons of character people of integrity and you know this statement is seems like the type of thing that you will find emblazoned on a plaque or on a painting on a wall you know. In the hallway of some corporation or on the desk of some c.e.o. it's just one of those quotable quotes that is that is pithy it's a sink and sort of powerful but if we think about it truly with the chaos the uncertainty the unrest in the world I would say that more than ever this is exactly what the world is looking for we're looking for men and women of character men and women that are able to move the world for righteousness for the sake of good to make a lasting change that impacts us as mankind and people that we can trust right. But really today I don't want to drill into the this specific passage per se we know what it says we understand its essence and we agree with it and we can see its relevance for our day but I want to look really at the paragraph immediately preceding this one Ok so we're going to take a look at the context what leads into this this paragraph so let's take a look we were in paragraph 3 education page $57.00 now paragraph 2 so this is immediately prior to what we just read the history of Joseph and Daniel is an illustration of what he meaning God will do for those who yield themselves to him and with the whole heart seek to accomplish his purpose and the very next words after this paragraph is the greatest one of the world is the want of men and on and on the rest of the paragraph goes so in essence within the context of that powerful statement is the history of Joseph and Daniel in other words God a same the world needs men and women of integrity well what does a man and woman look like that kind of man or woman look like they look like Joseph and Daniel and in this particular statement right here not only does a say it's an illustration of that type of person is says of what God wants to do what he will do for those who you'll themselves to him and with a whole heart see to accomplish his purpose so in other words there is an appeal here it's not merely a historical lesson hey those people were amazing isn't that nice God is actually making a direct application he's saying look at their life so that we might emulate what God did through them. So that's what we're going to do today the balance of our time our study today is going to be evaluating reviewing taking a survey if you will of the history of Joseph and Daniel and since we're familiar with these stories this is going to be a view from 30000 feet so we're going to be flying over and we're going to be just taking in the big picture I often like to study the Bible in this way there is there is power in taking things in a minute scale we just 0 in and we drill deep in one verse until we really exhaust the meaning if that's even possible but we just try to go as deep as possible. But we don't want to lose the forest for the trees we need to actually get the lay of the land to see in contextually how all the pieces fit together so that's what we're going to do today we're going to just be flying over the stories of Joseph and Daniel and picking out comparing and contrasting the big themes the principles that we can learn in context right all in view of the understanding that God used them as an illustration of how men and women ought to be to fulfill the greatest want of the world so we're going to take a look and we're going to begin by looking at the family history of these 2 great men in the Bible of Joseph and Daniel and as you probably guessed we're going to start in their homes Both Joseph and Daniel came from God fearing homes we have a couple statements that buttresses this point in his childhood Joseph have been taught to love and fear of God education but 52 Daniel and his companions have been faithfully instructed in the principles of the Word of God instructed by whom you might ask Well obviously biased parents that's page $55.00 of education and this is another statement from Page x. and prophets page $144.00 a well ordered Christian household is a powerful argument in favor of the reality of the Christian religion an argument that the infidel cannot gainsay So what are we saying here we're seeing that for do it Joseph and Daniel to be the great men that they were they had a strong foundation laid for them at home I think I don't need to belabor this point except to say there is something to be said about the family. Society and the church itself is founded on the building blocks of the family and individual his character his predispositions his world views the way that he interacts with people all of these things and we're going to talk about a lot of them as we go along the study it all starts in the home and that's why in the book education a great deal of what has to say about education which nowadays we associate with schooling she is focused on the home so I don't need to belabor this point because we understand the value of it but I think this also lays the foundation for a few things that will come later on down in the study so the family history the 1st point is foundationally Both Joseph and Daniel came from God fearing homes now to put a finer tip on this they were brought up in country homes now Joseph it's very obvious he was a shepherd they were nomadic they lived in tents that was the pitcher arks family that's how they lived Daniel by his point in history you know they were kept us from Jerusalem but based on the history of Israel most of Israel still had a very close connection to nature even if they were living in Jerusalem Jerusalem was near not nearly the large metropolis that Babylon or or the cities of Egypt were. And so he and l. y. in the various places as Daniel grew up in relative simplicity which gives the idea of being connected with nature so even if it wasn't country as an off the grid country but he was in a small town or smaller town they then later after their upbringing in that environment they later went to minister in the cities this is a pattern right throughout history Moses was brought up actually he was brought up in the city you know he spent 12 years at home with his mother as a slave went to Farrow's palace and then he had spent decades being retrained in the wilderness in the country before he came back to lead his people out so Jesus was raised in the country John the Baptist I mean on and on it goes on of course Ellen White Spirit process plenty to say regarding country living and where to raise our children I think this is an important point regarding raising children with the character to move the world this is what we're talking about today but additionally they were both taught their Bibles I think this goes without saying Joseph knew the difference between right and wrong he knew that when Mrs Potter came to seduce him he could say watch how could I commit the sin against God He knew what was right he knew what was wrong Daniel really knew his by not only did he know that it was inappropriate to eat food offered to idols the and the health laws were in chapter one he understood that God is able to interpret dreams he probably knew the story of Joseph and then later on he was reciting Bible prophecy in his prayers he knew the week 70 year captivity prophecy from Jeremiah actually why was Daniel and Daniel Chapter 6 praying to Jerusalem he knew was Solomon prayed at the dedication of the temple if my people would pray towards Jerusalem he was doing what the Bible said because he knew it by and of course Daniel later ended up writing a whole book of the Bible. Now practically speaking at home they learned faithfulness the little things they had excellent work ethic we can see in both of their lives they were faithful in the little things that allowed them to be faithful in the greater things and then beyond that both of them developed a deep personal connection with God their religion was not merely an academic an intellectual one although they knew what they believed they knew God Himself were told if you can read about this later this afternoon when Joseph was being marched to Egypt as a slave that day he went from a pet a child to a man courageous and self possessed what made that change on that day Joseph made a decision I will be faithful to God no matter what and when part of his wife came to him he wasn't merely saying this is wrong because of the you know arguments too intellectual the intellectual basis of morality he was saying I can't do this and betray my God my personal God the one who has never left me and has been with me all throughout my slavery experience and of course Daniel we know he would have he would rather be you know check out for the lions rather than give up his personal devotional time because intellectually he could say yeah I can pray in my closet but he would not be trading his relationship with his God they had a deep personal connection with God And when you know the Angel Gabriel comes to Daniel later on when he's an old man and in prophecy Angel says Daniel Bell Well beloved right God responds with an emotional relationship type response to Daniel they knew each other there was a personal connection with God now. We say all this right about the family history of Joseph and Daniel and I think you might be feeling what I'm feeling I have a little girl at home she's for almost 5. And I'm looking at this and I'm like I have failed a lie daughter my whole I do you know we try attempt to create this kind of home environment but if we want to raise chip children to be like Joseph or Daniel what hope is there because I feel so many times to accomplish this ideal and of course we can look back at our upbringing and we can say who will has who has a perfect home how could anyone possibly grow up like Daniel right or Joseph Well this is the big twist as far as the family history and that is that we actually know relatively little about Daniel's family so I'm not going to speculate too much about what his family life was like except to know these things that we can figure out implicit in the text implied in the text but probably Daniel's upbringing was relatively uneventful that's why the Bible didn't feel it necessary to articulate what his upbringing was like how ever we know a great deal about Joseph family so I want you to take all of these positive things that we just talked about about Jesus family and put it on a shelf going to come back to it and let's take a look at the extended family of Joseph All right Joseph family history there is a family history of lying Abraham lied about his wife being his sister multiple times and got him in trouble and guess what his son Isaac does the same thing about his wife we know Laban Laban is on Josephs mother's side of the family and you know it's because of good old Laban that you ended up marrying both of the and Rachel right there was a big switcheroo on the wedding night lying deceit and Jacob himself Joseph father himself sort of made his name he was sort of famous in Bible in the Bible because of his lying to steal the birthright pretending to be his brother and all this kind of thing. Well there is also history of polygamy Abraham had multiple wives Jacob of course as multiple wives and we know the ensuing problems that resulted the jealousy the backbiting between the women in the household Sarah and Hagar had a massive falling out Rachel and Leah there was terrible recrimination between them and you can read about it I mean both women were in severe distress and it very obviously bled into their children and the family environment and you remember Rachel the other sisters they grew up together and the situation of the marriage to Jacob really put a strain on that relationship but then beyond that there was sexual immorality beyond polygamy Rubin the firstborn of Jacob Joseph oldest brother. Slept With had sexual immorality with his father's concubine and then Judah this is a really x. rated story ended up impregnating his own daughter in law through a very odd and just bizarre circumstances you can read about the story later Suffice to say they had some very twisted behavior in that home well as if that's not bad enough there was genocide committed by family members Levi and Simeon when their sister Diana was raped by Scheck and they went in with all those men were circumcised they went in and they massacred all the men in the holes whole town these guys were barbaric they were immoral if I may use the term they were thugs they were rough. Rough men these were Joseph brothers and of course we know about the parental favoritism. Preferred Joe Joseph above all his brothers which fomented further hatred as if they were emotionally imbalanced already and this led to something that to us would seem and conscionable unconscionable the 10 older brothers sold their brother into slavery and then bringing back the theme of lying again they pretended that it was a murder they covered it up and they lied to their elderly father for decades for at least set a 13 years at least. And so we see a pathological pattern if you will Joseph came from a family with severe dysfunction and if I'm I say a pathological inherited tendency to evil they were pathological liars if nothing else Joseph was born into a less than ideal family I hope this is clear and the Bible does not mince its words about Joseph family and remember this is the patriarchal line God Himself identifies himself as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob he claims that but look at this family they are messed up messed up in almost every conceivable way and this is the family that Joseph was born into. So let's tap the brakes you might be thinking now how can these 2 things be true the previous slide we just looked at all the wonderful things about Joseph family he was God fearing you learned his Bible he knew to be faithful to God He had a person relationship how can that and this slide of his family history and all these issues how can the to harmonize How can both be true at the same time well family dysfunction is actually not so uncommon after all we might think it's fairly modern phenomenon to family troubles well not so fast what we see in the story and the family history of Joseph is that it is possible for a home to have severe dysfunction even though God is taught there both things can be true at once as as cognitively you know in congruity as it may seem other characters in the Bible Eli the priest who raise Samuel one of the great prophets of the Old Testament right Eli really had problems in his home with his own sons Hofner and Phineas they were rascals no other way to put about it immoral men and then of course we know a lot whom God Himself calls a righteous man God Himself sends angels to save him out of the destruction from Saddam. Of course there must have been some problem in the home because his wife was lost some of his children were not to skate with him and the children that did escape ended up committing immorality and got pregnant by their own father there's something wrong with that family and of course all Kingsolver that is he started off well enough and then he lost his mind and through it all there was dysfunction in the family but Jonathan was faithful throughout so there is this pattern throughout a lot of the families in the Bible that there is family discord dysfunction misbehavior gross immorality even but even in those homes God is able to work and Joseph is an example of that now I need to also mention the flip side of the coin and that is that it is possible to have a peaceful and well toward a home ordered home were God is absent is it possible for an atheist to have a peaceful well ordered properly behaved cleancut kids of course of course that's possible but that's no evidence that God is present there you can still have infidels and apostates coming out of a situation like that so the point of this is God is able to save even in either of these circumstances that's the story of Joseph family the pitcher Oracle family if anything shows us that God doesn't necessarily pick the best specimen of humanity he doesn't have to he calls the weak to be his representatives he calls the weak to demonstrate to the world his power and His glory and this should give us hope because earlier we were looking at the family was a a well ordered family is a great argument for Christianity yes that is a great argument but God is not unlimited. To our conception of what family can be even if we've made mistakes here's the point even if we've made mistakes God is able to pluck good out of it and still able to speak into that experience and to transform a life that's a leader and with cultivated or inherited called and tendencies to evil In fact let's take a look at the statement that says just that minister of healing page 176. God has not left us to battle with evil in our own faith in a finite strength whatever may be our inherited or cultivated tendencies to wrong we can overcome through the power that is that he is ready to impart and I say amen to that because when we read the statement the greatest want of the world is the want of men men with backbone and character and integrity and God points at Joseph and Daniel say this is what they're like This is the type of men I want you to be we might get discouraged and say How can I possibly be like Joseph how can I possibly be like Daniel Well look at Joseph family and that gives us a little bit of hope because they too God was able to bring something fantastic spectacular that glorified his name out of the muck and the mire of a severely dysfunctional situation there is hope for us so let's switch gears a little bit that's all their upbringing we talk about Joseph and Daniel and their family history that's their upbringing I call this next section their professional history which really is another way of saying their adult life their career if you will so what can we learn about them how did they start in their adult lives well they started off as slaves talk about you know we frequently talk about coming fresh out of college we want to get in on the ground floor right and work our way up in our profession. They weren't even offered that opportunity they started in the basement they weren't even in the basement they were in the dungeon that was beneath the basement they were both slaves they had the most severe inequitable an equitable situation possible to begin their adult life but what else can we learn both of them excelled in what I call the academic education and this is not of course the the only education that they had their character education their spiritual education at home and when they went to their respective places of study in Egypt for Joseph in Babylon for Daniel they did not deny or reject intellectual pursuits for Joseph we don't know exactly what he learned it wasn't formal schooling in the sense of going to university Daniel had a little bit more of that but Joseph probably learned management he probably learned some accounting he learned maybe some logistics he learned about you know purpose probably some financial matters and he was able to excel in doing the things that he was top that's what part of for elevated him and and later on this was probably why Pharaoh even was willing to consider giving Joseph such a high leading role in the nation if he didn't previously have experience and of course Daniel he went through the University of Babylon and he was 10 times wiser Daniel became the smartest guy in the room when he ever he walked into the room scientific knowledge literate literary knowledge historical knowledge mathematics you know these are probably the things that he had to learn in Babel and he did not reject and put aside those things and say I know the Living God Those things don't matter you guys are all apostate pagans Anyway I've got nothing to learn from you that wasn't the attitude that they had they learned to excel intellectually. And both of them thrived in environments hostile to spiritual growth this is very important of course this harkens back to the things that they learned in their childhood they had backbone they were able to stand firm for their beliefs and both of them were falsely accused as a direct result of their fidelity to God there's actually some 2 sort of related points here on this point of their history the 1st is that they they did everything right they followed the they were compliant with the obligations of the of the laws of the land so to say the only way that their enemies could find anything against them both Joseph and Daniel was by turning the circumstances around so that they get accused for their fidelity to God their faithfulness and so this tells me something we need to come as close as possible to being compliant and to being obedient to the powers that be around us and to not permit people to pull holes at us because of our lacks of days a cool nature in other areas of life that we may feel on important to be faithful to God frequently means upholding the proper witness in the way that we carry ourselves in everything that we do and of course we understand that you know in the end times scenario that's exactly what's going to happen there is going to be conflict between the laws of God and the laws of man and when that day comes may we be faithful into temptation like they were but also may we understand and hope that other people will not have other further accusations against us that further drives their narrative that we you know deserve to be punished and all of the rest. Now for Joseph and Daniel both were faithful under intense temptation we know this you know with Mrs Potter for with Joseph and then I'm sure further on in Egypt's court that there were other temptations and Daniel over and over we read about temptation with him and he was faithful in all circumstances in their response both were faithful unto death Daniel quite literally was willing to be fed to the lions and then his friends were willing to be thrown into the fiery furnace Yes we all know that Joseph on the other hand we don't see it stated explicitly but it certainly is implied as a slave particularly a Hebrew slave in Egypt what was to prevent part of her from just taking his life by rejecting his master's wife's advances he very well could have lost his life but he was faithful none the less and this is what we were talking about being true to need to duty as the needle to the pole now continuing They both ended up interpret dreams and they both became advisors to Kings this means God was able to give them responsibility because they were able to accomplish good in the other areas of life but this next point I think is important and that is that both are on in the eyes of God and man. It reminds me of what was said about Jesus that he groomed wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man this doesn't mean that there were no people that disliked Joseph a day in the case of Daniel it's very obvious there were plenty of people that disliked him it doesn't mean everybody likes you it's not a matter of popular you know being popular and wondering what popular opinion is about us I don't think that's what this is about being honored or or growing in favor with God and man I think it's talking more about emotional intelligence they were real they were able to have a strong relationship with God but they were also good with people you can read about Joseph Potter for obviously like him the prison guards like him the men that he interpreted their dreams the butler and the baker they liked him he was personable they cared about what Joseph thought Same thing with Daniel the prince of the unix like him area the captain of the guard coming to take him to his execution responded in the way as though they had a relationship like hey I'm here to kill you but I rather not do it what's going on Daniel asking and he takes him to the king that doesn't seem like you know a guy that doesn't have any type of e.q. right later on with the episode with the Lion's Den The king couldn't sleep all night because of Daniel He obviously cared for the man Daniel and Joseph were not only good with spiritual things intellectual side of things they were good with people and I think this is one of the weaknesses of our. Intellectual pursuit of truth sometimes is that we know so much that we almost seem as though we don't care how we're able to relate what we know with people in a kind and when some way when I think about the greatest want of the world. I think there is not just men and women of character but men and women of compassion and character melded together and I think that's what really set Daniel and Joseph apart I think if we were to meet them today we they would be charming they would be intelligent people that we would want to associate with and we could respect and we would look up to them in that regard so all of this is simply to say Both Joseph and Dan exhibited excellence in all facets of life all facets of life intellectually academically professionally socially spiritually all of it and of course neither of them were rebuked for any sins in Scripture Now of course we know both were sinners saved by grace for all have sinned and come short the glory of God but neither of them were rebuked for any sin in scripture now with Joseph there were few instances just because we know more about his upbringing you sort of wonder is that just a spoiled brat talking or is that innocence and then a few things that happened in Egypt might be interpreted as you know I wonder if that's appropriate totally what he's doing there you know pretending that he doesn't know his brother you know that kind of thing but he certainly was not rebuked for it. And how many people the Bible can we say about that in fact God did not mince any words about any of Joseph's other family members in fact God was brutally honest about all of their failings but with Joseph God didn't have anything to rebuke and that just goes to show the level of excellence in their lives so spiritually but here we go both of them were victims of the cruelest injustice and oppression you remember them they worse they they started off not even at the bottom of the totem pole they were like the guy who dug the hole to put the totem pole in they were the slaves but then both of them. Ended up receiving wealth and prestigious position and power in a way this is really how we can summarize the professional of the adult life period of Joseph and Daniel they started off as victims of grinding oppression and injustice and be trail but through the Providence providential workings of God that ended up in a position of wealth prestigious position and power or what we might call privilege but what can we say about that neither Joseph nor Daniel allowed themselves to be defined by their victimhood although they could have just think about what they went through Joseph was betrayed by his own flesh and blood talk about injustice Daniel was captured by an invading power and he was marched across the desert and he was made a unic there was physical mutilation to his body oppression injustice but neither of them allowed that to identify or define who they were but neither the flip side is neither the day allow themselves to be defined by their privilege once they actually attained their status. That didn't get to their head either through it all from beginning to finish they identified as sons and servants of the Living God and this kept them grounded and this gave them purpose and mission and it drove them and how they responded to the hand that was dealt to them how they responded to circumstances whether for good or for ill whether they were abounded or whether they were a based they kept centered on this reality I am not defined by my outward circumstances I am defined by the living God who made me and who will come to redeem me someday but of course they didn't deny their history. But their But their history their personal experience did not drive how they identify themselves or what they did with their lives because imagine if Joseph were if Joseph identified himself with the injustice that he was subjected to once he got power would he not have sought revenge against as oppressors were spotted for his wife I want to show her a thing or 2 and when his brothers came would he have showed them any mercy if he identified himself as a victim in need of revenge or retribution in fact at the end of the day Joseph saved them all he saved all of their lives assuming Potter for his wife are still alive of course Daniel Daniel he became one of the leading luminaries in the government governing system of the world power of Babylon and me to Persia but he never forgot about the plight of its people in captivity. He never forgot about the injustice that was meted out against us people he prayed for deliverance he worked on their behalf he interceded on their behalf with God He prayed for them and he identified himself yes as a captive as as a servant of the Living God but it didn't drive his actions and we can refer to other people also slaves the m.i. or captives in a foreign power and the a Maya He was not defined by the circumstances but he chose to use his privilege to aid in the Cause of God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem Esther was an oppressed class was part of an oppressed class but she realized the goddess called me into the kingdom for such a time as this she used to privilege to help those who were disadvantaged to understand her role in all of this was not driven by an outward circumstances but by the identity that she gained as a daughter of the Living God and His representative and so for Joseph and Daniel how did this lead into the history of their accomplishments what did they actually achieve with this mindset despite the history and all the good and the bad that they went through well let's summarize very quickly Joseph save the most powerful nation in the world from famine and in so doing he save the human race of the Hebrew race and quite literally the world imagine today a man stands up with the wisdom of God imbued upon him and he single handedly resolves the covert $1000.00 pandemic crisis in the world that in essence would be equivalent to what Joseph did Joseph saved the world what about Daniel. Daniel converted the most powerful monarch in the world from heathenism and remained in the Cabinet of the kingdom that overthrew Babel on top of that he became the primary apocalyptic prophet in the Bible so it's like Daniel went over there and converted Adolf Hitler to the gospel if that's like what he did and then after Naziism fell he went and converted Stalin to right I mean that's that might not be the perfect analogy but more or less that's the that's the stratosphere in which Daniel was operating in his day and that's the kind of influence that he had and then on top of that he wrote the book of Daniel which is the foundation of our end time prophetic understanding revelation really is smily a repeat and in large of what God initially told through Daniel both of these men made in them incredible indelible impact on the world and society in their day as well as all the way down to our history today both men had outsized and disproportionate impacts on their societies which continues even to this day that's amazing to think about their contributions to the temporal and eternal good of mankind truly are in measurable for thousands of years their life work continues to resonate and make an impact today so if I can make if I can put it succinctly for Joseph and Daniel very impact on the world wasn't merely limited to a pithy post or a meme on social media if I could point a finger back at myself a little bit neither was it just preaching a sermon that get posted on any verse Sometimes we feel like. If I've done my part in of you know silencing my intellectual opponent on social media by you know beating them into silence with my unassailable arguments and my way with the words on social media my wit and my cleverness with the means that I can post and the emoji is that I can. Muster to my defense right we feel like we've done our part we've just saved the world. I think our sights are set a little too low because God said Joseph and Daniel up as the models for us to to emulate the greatest want of the work of the world today are men and women like Joseph and Daniel men and women who can literally move the world for the sake of righteousness not just arm chair quarterback and type you know clever things on a keyboard and listen it wasn't because of the hand that they were dealt they had disadvantages they had privileges they were oppressed and then they had you know power later on that was in their secret what with their secret what was the secret to their power what was the secret to their ability to move the world for God. Well we looked at the book education that's really what we've been that was our springboard and we've really been mining the concepts in the statement we read education page 57 page 50 paragraph 3 and we went back to paragraph 2 now we're going to skip forward to Paragraph 4 All right so we're looking at 3 paragraphs. And the 2 paragraphs sandwiching the one about the greatest want of the world now so the paragraph right after that says this but such a character the character like Joseph and Daniel is not the result of accident it is not due to special favors or in Delmas of Providence a noble character is the result of self-discipline of the subject and of the lower to the higher nature the surrender of a self for the service of love to God and man this is a powerful state because such a character is never the result of an accident is never the result of an accident Joseph and Daniel didn't just happen to be great it didn't just happen to be that their d.n.a. in the chromosome just lined up in just the right way that created this this amazing specimen that had the unique mix of i.q. with e.q. and spiritual acuity and born of the right family just it just all happened by chance that that doesn't happen is what we're told it doesn't happen by chance what does it tell us it tells us there are no advantages nor disadvantages that precludes any one from becoming such a person today and that gives me hope because there has been stuff in my history. That I feel like if I were to think about it very literally may do me from ever attaining the height of character like Joseph and then I'm I feel like it's too late there's nothing that I can do God says no it's not too late for you if you're willing to work with me I'm willing to work with you and Joseph and Daniels history tells us that all are given equal opportunity to be transformed into the men and women that the world desperately needs today God is able to do it again he wants to do it again in fact let's take a look at a statement that buttresses that point education pitch to 62 it says this and many a lad of today growing up as did Daniel in his Judean home and I think it would probably be appropriate to insert Joseph in there as well studying God's Word and His works and learning the lessons of faithful service will yet stand in legislative assemblies in the halls of justice or in royal courts as a witness for the King of Kings What does this statement tell us it tells us that what God has accomplished before through Joseph and Daniel. Not only can he do it again he positively intends to do it again it says we'll yet stand got plans to do it that means there are going to be young men young women maybe older men year old women that God through them will make an impact on the world in society for his church for the sake of the gospel on a level like what he did through Joseph the day the greatest one of the world. So want of men men like Joseph and Daniel and God is telling us he wants to present and to use such men and women in the world today so how do we do this how can we rise up to this challenge how can we respond to this appeal that God is implicitly giving into us when he says the greatest one of the world is want of men implied in that statement is what are you going to be the one are you going to be the one that God is able to work through well to affect change in the church and in society we must 1st effect change in ourselves that's the point of the story Daniel and Joseph story and this we cannot do on our own Only Jesus dwelling in our heart can accomplish that impossible task and praise the Lord that it is an impossible task because I can't do it and praise the Lord for this promise Matthew 926 with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible the greatest want of the world the want of men and women with integrity with character with the cooperating with God to move the world for his sake and for his righteousness sake God intends to do it again are we going to be the one that response so I want to conclude here by stitching together the statements that we have jumped around Ok we've we jumped around but I feel it is important to read the passage the full passage all the way through together now. The history of Joseph and Daniel is an illustration of what he will do for those who yield themselves to him and with the whole heart seek to accomplish his purpose the greatest want of the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their in most souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall but such a character is not the result of accident it is not due to special favors or in downs of Providence a noble character is the result of self-discipline of the subject of the lower to the higher nature the surrender of self for the service of love to God and to man so what will it be for you will you respond to the call God is giving us the opportunity to be men and women like Joseph and Daniel kept to have characters like that to have an impact like they did and if we look at the world around us all around us voices souls are crying out for men and women of this caliber the world needs it and God wants to provide for that need so what do you say will you respond will you give to God your service your heart your commitment to fulfill the greatest want of the world well I'm going to stop sharing my screen here as we conclude in less power heads for prayer now to go shall we Father in heaven we lack the capacity we lack. The power we lack the ability in and of ourselves to do anything good but yet we see the high calling that you've given to us the world around us is crying out for people of character people of decision making ability people of principle who can rise up and stand for the right though the heavens fall to affect change in a way that Joseph in Daniel was able to do and Lord we know you intend to do it again and for the sake of the Gospel we know that the great work yet to be done is to prepare a world for Jesus to come and how far we fall short how far short we fall of that high standard they've given to us the low we clean the promise with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible so we claim that promise and we ask that you will come into our hearts transform us from the inside out that we might not be complacent with what has come before May we not seek for some glistening thing that the world offers to us but may we seek the character. Tried in the fire as gold that's tried in the fire and may we be worthy representatives of the Living God to day in our sphere and may we be true to duty as a needle to the pole and may we also stand for the right though the heavens fall please compas this in us we give you permission we ask you we pray you know these things Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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