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Sleepless Weeping, Session 1 (Part 2)

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • March 26, 2010
    10:00 AM
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our father I got a headache I thought we think a four allowing us to study a word we asked for your Holy Spirit here in a mighty way father time is limited while the leading online and be more hard in your way father and covering the pertinent points in your people 's hearts by the Holy Spirit part of the three works for you in this crisis our list of the top this week for a Chrysler last presentation we've established that Jesus and the closing scenes of his life set up a pattern for those that are living in the last days I will follow the lab where the goal is and what is ambition all with their louder four thousand and pay following in the footsteps of Jesus with an example for us even in his ad Silva we've examine the first session of the very foundational principle that what Christ did from Gethsemane on board to the cross is a pattern for why God people this little generation one goal through a pattern of the heat are to go through in a spiritual here in the last and I find a final happenstance that no white councils and desire to be disputed for Gbytes it would do well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of Christ we should take a point by point and let the imagination grasp each scene especially the closing one we dwell upon his great sacrifice for us our cloth and hair will be more constant our love will be quick in and we shall be more deeply you with his spear if we would be save at last we must learn the lesson of maintenance and humiliation at the bar all sister says we should stand up for hours each day and contemplating a life of Christ especially the closing and we could spend all our ability to reduce spent a whole young people could spend for five hours on video games and God is only asking us of our contemplating life is one of our new guy gets us that we can then three hours and foolish movies and video games but God is in my child spend one hour awful contemplation in the life of Christ especially the Clintons is why the courage to face the crisis are soon to come over one hundred you know that Jesus way before Gethsemane way before the Passover time when he gave you what is digital that Jesus warned his disciples that he would die but there was a class that was to become the disciples know that all of the Matthew twenty Matthew twenty Matthew twenty four seventeenths Matthew chapter twenty verse seventeen when either the same November seventeen the Bible says and Jesus going up to Jerusalem to the twelve disciples apart in the way and said unto them behold we go off to Jerusalem and the son of man shall be betrayed under the chief priests and at the described and they shall condemn him to death and shall deliver him to the Gentiles the mock at the score and the crucified him and the third day he shall rise the visitors Jesus is saying that it can become a time when the chief priests and scribes shall condemn him to death now coordinate Siegfried and the scribes represent they represent the religious leaders they represent the church now question in today's society done that searched or that of any charts in this nation have the authority to institute a death penalty or execute anybody in this country yes or no in the time of Jesus life into the then Jewish nation had no authority to execute anybody they can only can then condemn if the cast judgment on someone to the end Jesus said in verse nineteen he shall deliver him to the Gentiles to mock and a scourge in the course of lion and the third day he shall rise again now question who was the ruling power duty of whether Gentiles that Jesus was talking about at that time the room and the Romans were what they were political or government or state authority to use with prophesy his disciples that shirt since they will collaborate and kill receivable authorities have the power and authority to execute anyone injured it was not reserved for the Jewish legislators likewise in the last days it is not the short authority that do not kill or try to destroy God 's people but if the governmental civil authority that is in the list visit a church and collaborate with the church in that short what influenced this thing the persecute God 's people here in the last and so Jesus warned his disciples that church and state will unite will remember one of the first twenty fifth then came to him the mother than his children with her sons James and John small worshiping him and his artists or the other a senator what wilt thou she said other land grant that needs my Tucson he said the one on the right hand and the other on the left in nineteen now Jesus has just given a prophecy that church and state will emerge until now your child John is a small the mother of this other than to say in Ortega when you establish your earthly kingdom when he was focusing about the local authority of the Jewish nation can my son being a high cabinet office his disciples not get the crisis was at how did the disciples reacted a message of a crisis approaching the Bible says in Matthew seventeen I got a set of seventeen verse twenty two lack the seventeenth verse twenty two and when everything that the seventeen rest two and while they are blown in Galilee Jesus said unto them the son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of man and they shall kill them and the third day he shall be raised again and then which of the Siebel short rapeseed name sorry are we weak your entire message are we when a man of God a watchman of Israel is preaching with power say classes is coming we must prepare all we reacted by being exceedingly far as the condition the disciples is a condition of God blasting our region is significant because ninety four paragraph one before his crucifixion to sing his way to his disciples that he withdrew reported that derive from again for the truth and the Angels are present the impressive work on minds and hearts the disciples were looking for temporal deliverance from the Romeo and then when they cannot tolerate the thought that he and all their host center just operating on many aspects the words which they needed to remember were banished from their minds and women time a trial chain it found then on hair the death of Jesus latest weather holds out that he had not forewarned that stolen the properties the future is open for us I plainly as it was open to the disciples by the work of Christ the events connected with the close of probation in the work of preparation for the time of trouble arc I presented but multitudes have no more understanding of these important truths that end they had never been think and watch the cats away every impression that would make them wise for salvation and the time the trouble will find them on ready select disciples were aptly warned of what Christ would suffer in his classes out so too we are war athletes in clear distinct lines of what can happen in a time of trouble like disciples they were unprepared and many in God 's church we are prepared in a crisis now what was the family of Jesus when he approached his classes out of the Bible says in Matthew twenty six Matthew twenty six Matthew twenty six verse thirty six massive voices for Thursdays as he approached a seventy the models are then Jesus went then on to a place called Gethsemane and said unto the disciples city here while I go and pray yonder anything with them Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and began to be a sophomore and very heavy instead he hunted that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death carrying here and watch with so when it wasn't jeans when he was entering destiny she was sorrow in his heart with this scene we saw and remember we went to statement before in a previous presentation in the dark ages page six eighty seven paragraph one when he was praying that it was taking to his wife that his own people will reject that it all aside for the rejected that his own people lovingly prepared the sacrifice the fulfillment of Passover they take away the sins of his people the very people he came to save will still his own church with a tray and so she was exceedingly sorrowful the one the prospect that is very brothers will be administered with the very cherished that he so sought to reform at that time was going to feel for doing good in behalf of see in Isaiah fifty three mystery the Bible says he was despised and rejected of men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and we hear that's what our phases fronted he was despised and with Wittgenstein and the Jesus Christ as a man of sorrows and dollars to fill in therapy in Gethsemane when he said that my soul saw he was sorrowing after the rejection of his own people you see God lastly people will be also sorrowful they will be sign and crime if I know the Bible says in Ezekiel chapter nine Ezekiel chapter nine of Philadelphia sealed with the seal of God in the common trouble Ezekiel chapter nine verse three Ezekiel chapter nine verse three billion every same Ezekiel seven hundred three the Bible says and the glory of the God of Israel has gone up from the chair of where upon he wanted the threshold of the house and he called to the man clothed in linen with how the writers Inc. warned by his side and the Lord said unto him go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the floor head of the man that's so high and crime were all the abominations that be done in the midst there you see linen what colors white and odd angels are described where life was Google reference to be in relation to be in the Gospels and acts you see the Angels are born in one and prophetically in a special application Jerusalem represents the church in an infinite search limits of Christianity these God they all followers will be signed and Clyde for the abomination now be happening in the religious spirit in the last days if that goes with volume five this was based to ten paragraph two says the commanders go through the Mississippi through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the four ends of the men that sigh and I cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof the sign drawing was that then holding for the words of life they have approved counseling treated so who had been his honoring God repented and hobbled our hearts before him continuing on in the time when as a rational go for the judgment these humble devoted followers of Christ we distinguished from the rest of the world but her soul anguish which is reflected lamentation and weeping reproofs and warnings the righteous full architects we live in with the unholy works in conversations of the unrighteous anyone forgot to see over Elizabeth by their very homes and of those who have had great lights they lament and affect are sold because pride avarice selfishness and deception of almost every time or in the church Jesus was warning for the spiritual condition of his shares in Gethsemane in the last days we were the followers of Jesus must die and more for the condition of God people to NFL difficult growth is absolutely we were sometimes cannot connect distant from the center is present tells us that God hates the sin but love the likewise but as we see around us even in our gatherings we must not hate a person committing hate their actions will then say father forgive them for me with revolvers the time of the Israel policy with a golden calf when Moses do you see Jonathan devoted listeners at all this is what I thought his exes thirty two got been to both listen I'll wipe out all the children of Israel and only your seat will remain in other words God was telling always a lesson on the Senate the independent church and what about the organized church at that time I was in was that Moses say a man will set up a whole new world of our own will have our own independent search and destroy that gentle I thought the voices said father bought me out of the book of life not a that is the same spirit that is the true spirit of revival reformation going to think of a foreign God 's church within what happened after a safe father bought me not build a community of likewise Jesus was signed and crime for the condition of this church my father just one page two eleven paragraph one is written right the class who do not feel relieved over their own spiritual vilification nor mourn over the sins of others will be left without SCL now what other account that Christ more people will so that the Bible says in Luke nineteen Luke nineteen Luke nineteen virtually Luke nineteen Luke nineteen forty one and eight Jesus said in describing Jesus as your potions and when he was come near he beheld the city and wept saying if thou has no human power in this thy day the things which belong unto thy peace but now they are third from nine lives for the day shall come upon read that on any silicon in front of pound beef and compass thee round and keep the info on every side and still may be human with the ground and watch children within the end they shall not need in the one stone upon another because all know was not the time of the high visitation so when Christ beheld his people we saw Jerusalem he went over because his prophetic I saw that eighty seven Jerusalem will be destroyed in the most excruciatingly inordinate time when Jerusalem was destroyed when Roma surrounded the city of Jerusalem do you know that the mothers were so hungry that a girl in penal that there was so much blood in the streets of Jerusalem Josephus says that the blood was knee deep on the streets of ex-wife was the condition now we remember that Jesus was a metaphor and notice Ed Dawson amount of blessings page twelve paragraph four inspiration rights blessed are they also knew we would Jesus have sympathy with the world of sorrow and of self-worth said if that's warning there is intermingled no thought of self chooses what the man of sorrows enduring heart anguished such as no language can betray your spirit with porn and bruised by the transgressions of med he toiled with self consuming zeal to relieve the wants and will to humanity and heart was heavy with sorrow as he stumbled to doing refused to come to him that day my heart all the waterfalls of Christ will share in this experience as they partake of his love you will enter into a travail for the same have a lot to share the sufferings of Christ and they will share also in the glory that shall be revealed one with them in his work drinking within the cup of sorrow they are partakers also are here's sure why so many you see when you knock on doors in that person 's lands on your face and Wikimedia something of eternal significant doing anything something that exceeds far the richest of any enriched tycoon and divide you why giving them the message of salvation and when they slammed the door in your face instantly Elizabeth was awarded to practice and to prepare ourselves the size and fly during a crisis and that's why we should not ashamed of the gospel we should use that a lot who cares if they curse at you brothers and sisters we are representatives of the sovereign we should decide life using when they reject us God is teaching us when the great persecution codes what we are hated on all men how we live the rejection part of soul winning is also a rate so winning the foot of the winning of baptism that is a blessing we are joyous but when we do rejected and were persecuted when when neighbors Chris has out with a tall not to come anymore twenty let us not restraining us likely causes hours is that we know the condition of the disciples the disciples were sleeping in Gethsemane when Christ told the watch and pray long through the twelve five paragraph one with how this quote about another thing for the spirit of prophecy but this says it is written but he's sleeping disciples represent our sleeping charge when the day of God his face is not it is a time of clouds and thick darkness went to be found asleep is both parents as though the disciples were sleeping but what did Jesus do into the sleeping church elder bottles of the Matthew twenty six Matthew twenty six Matthew twenty six verse four twenty four forty North would do this then when the disciples were sleeping any comment onto the disciples in front of them asleep and fan of the Peter what could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak in other words when Jesus came to Peter and his disciples what it is the key world the disciples woke them up with the message of solution to stand and their crisis hour which is the watch and for what we see the signatures what we are wait while we are watching Frank what we knew we go to our church and we do our part to wake our brothers and sisters up just like Jesus what the disciples of Jerusalem was a church sleep in Romans chapter thirteen was limited thirteen the Bible says in Romans thirteen verse eleven through thirteen the Bible says and not knowing the time to renew the time goes and what an prophetic time we are living in a time of the in in Earth 's history now it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is there salvation nearer than when we believe that not overnight represent a time with far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light let us walk honestly as in the day not in YAG and drunkenness not in shame burning and want on this not in strife and energy why are people asleep based on this text contextually because they were writing other words they were parting they were drunk they were chamber in which they were having ill illicit cohabitation long time as there which life people were fighting with each other in North and the people were all young opposition in the church 's life how could Hungarians be an elder impasse and that's why cause many to sleep in God 's church in order to allow for the twenty two twenty one through twenty one verse thirty four Luke twenty one percent for two twenty one the companion of Matthew twenty four to twenty one thirty four the Bible says and take eat yourself let any time your hearts be overcharged with Stephanie and drunkenness and Canada's lack so that day come upon you unaware as so will cause many to sleep is widely drunkenness savoring wantonness strife and the care of his life so Christ came the disciples any of them up with the crisis our message is interesting Jesus according to the last phase to another incident in an account in the book of Genesis as we parallel from the Seminoles about with Luke seventeen seventeen seventeen verse twenty eight the Bible says in Luke seventeen twenty eight likewise as I was in the days a lot needed he page rank they bought the soul they planted they build it but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all even thus shall it be in the day when the son of man is revealed so God is telling us that the last phase is acquainted through the days of editing Assad of drunkenness did not thought about want on this the knots out of that scene during the not thought about surfing in the cares of this life River Lot 's wife she has the cares of his life she cannot bear to leave that city and so chooses the telling of the type saying that just like in the days of Sodom was social of the days of the Son of Man shall be for one thing God people wanting God commission God 's people in the city of Sodom to do those little bottles of the Genesis advertising Genesis nineteen Genesis nineteen verse twelve Dennis is nineteen verse twelve and Angela Lord is to Angels in the lot and the man said on July had down here any besides son-in-law and I size and the daughters it was when thou the city bringing them out of this place what we will destroy this place because the cry of man is waxen great before the face of the Lord and the Lord had sent out to destroy and when Lot went out and spake unto his sons in law which married his daughters and set up get you out of this place for the Lord will destroy the city but he seen as one that mocked unto his sons in law and when the morning about an angel face a lot they arise take thy wife and I to daughters which I hear like thou be consumed in iniquity of the city is not represent God people righteous were commissioned to go decided to go to their family members and their loved one and a white that fellow sin of Sodom honestly say that time is about to be destroyed there is a anti- message for silence probation is about the clone get you out of the city and what is lots rejects the people rejected the probationary message in this the salvation they rejected social in the last days when we preach this message of the thirty we will be rejected by the hated of honest but the joy of a silver lining is many other sincere believers the real criticism the following church is about or join the ranks of gospel one that allowed for the fourth Angel declare as so all those people who shaken up many of the true followers of God will come in the government what is the state I got people to be north of the Bible says of Russell the five process for supper five versus for supper fathers to breast the first chapter five verse two are we to be asleep when we first turn all that were living the time of their presence offers the finest fibers to the Bible says for you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord and that the end the night question that the day of the Lord cometh with the night for every single and inhabited on their guys so say yes some signal as we detect the want for the lineage of the season save your peace and security only seen here peace and security that we will secure you from the war terrorism we will establish peace will give him security with universal healthcare will give you security for the federal government to receive out right now a change is coming Holt Efron and mistrust and upon that from now upon a woman with child and they shall not escape by the brethren are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as I need in other words will the news we may not know the day and hour closer probation when the seven last plagues or fall but we didn't know the approximate closeness of that time first five ER all the children alike and it shall not day we are not of the night nor of darkness therefore let us not sleep do others do but let us watch and the fourth day that sleep sleep in the night and say that the drunken art drunken in the supply is given us the prophetic life to allow a suspect in a crisis and so our region 's statement from their knock the pins one thirty two transgression had almost reached its limit confusion fills the world and a great terror is soon to come upon human beings they in the very near we won't know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise all we ask of people asleep only for young men and young women are institutions who are now unready for the Lords appearing unfit to become members of the Lord family can only discern the signs of the time one such change will be seen in that the Lord Jesus calling for itself deny what the following and has two walk-in work for him to the cross and follow where she leanings many are readily satisfied with offering the Lord trifling acts of service their Christianity single client gave himself for us sinners with what anxiety for the salvation of souls we certainly feel at least a human being harassing instead they both haven't bought at it and even across the death of the son of God on Congress cross is a measure of their value day by day they are deciding whether they will have strong allies that and so brothers and sisters like Christ and if so who saw a sleeping church and Dennis Parks awakened beside so to we are to do the same we are to go for fellow church members and await them on this and brothers and sisters ministering to your own brethren within your own church is on the more difficult it's easy that people are hungry for the truth of God only for a fellow church members I think all that heard it already what can you bring me this coming LOI 's nonprofit cheese is a Victorian age who cares let the invoice this progress is probably less make the Seventh-day Adventists relevant for the postmodern age I bought a journal postmodern modern or a model whatever modern antiquity the Bible will always be present and so brothers and sisters we have a great little of me in a week is all we can aside on how we get a few sleepless and we aim at interceding for our fellow church members that they could be co- laborers with us in this great important work that the Lord had blessed mortal man to do you know that the disciples in the profits and and the picture of them all always to be here doing this great work but God still evil sinful honest and that in that Internet pornography and agent DirecTV in the age of NBA basketball satellite conveniences and Twitter Facebook and MySpace in this way get a perverse age God is telling me most than for murdering us imagine that one person and it shows in the prophet Daniel rolled that this is a bottle property is on a ventilator all the disciples all that pleased when colonization thousands in the day when I was off evil trip and fall and don't not like the Vista seventy the challenge is going our mission is to will we going to see what I'm about I thought the window to side with the safe watch and pray for Christ is that as I today help to be true before your much help me eight five two on the ceiling levels that are not going to cause a drug help me try for the company the love that don't mean a friend of how information is the best argument for Christianity is a loving and lovable as we can preach the truth on one we can know all about volleys the testimony in the spirit of prophecy we can break down to eleven daily and in Revelation seventeen all we want but if we do not have heard of a loving God help me we are of sound is some tinkling of a condition is a is a desire to today's a father to commit sleepless in help me to be your representative and waking God 's people can't do with the so that any prepare is to do this we were divided as our simply on the track I our father and God of heaven father we thank you for your mercy and grace my father we arguing because we are in dire need of your on March often time for trials and tribulations persecution that we are these slanders we endure from our fellow brother and often causing us to have our love our first love some guidelines as a father help us endure today help us to maintain a loving charity for fellow brothers and sisters even those that ordinary past father help us not to the instrument combination to help us in the estimate redemption help us that our homes the information sermon that we actually enjoy living out the Bible Mister Ross got to our everyday life people with so much joy the reforms that we do that we make the revival Reformation our life so attractive that many of us many of your people will then realize the beauty of this father we thank you for your mercy and grace we ask you to be worth honestly give is just little more so be prepared to stand in this class this week for Christ


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