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Infidelity: A Moral Crisis Amid the Pandemic

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • June 13, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven thank you lord you have been good to us your blessings are so abundant and how thankful we are the Lord to be able to be in a place to have opportunity and time right now to be able to open the scriptures and to seek to hear a word that comes from you so we ask that the Holy Spirit would be active in our hearts and minds right now and we thank you in Jesus' name amen my message today isn't titled infidelity the moral crisis amid the Penn Demick you know while we cope with the global pandemic there is yet another crisis that lurks in the shadows many countries continue to report Datsun and positive cases of cold vivid 19 on a daily basis but amid the pen Demick that is impacting us physically there is another crisis in the moral realm that is claiming even more casualties the moral crisis which I speak of is infidelity simply defined as the x. sin or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or for that matter I might add being unfaithful to God in the context of spiritual things. In the context of moral absolutes you know infidelity is by no means a new practice in this generation and much less during this pandemic it could be traced back millenniums ago to the most well known king of Israel as he stood in the roof of his palace as recorded in 2nd Samuel Chapter 11 Furthermore it could be traced back even further another 400 years beyond David when Moses received the moral law from God himself as recorded in Exodus Chapter 20 which includes the imperative that ousts all not commit adultery yet the reality of infidelity can go even further back another 430 years as a choice that Joseph of did not to make when confronted by pharaohs wife and Joseph when he was tempted to commit infidelity his reply response was How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God. And in the context of spiritual things and fidelity can go back even further back to the very beginning of the human race when Adam Anees made a choice to be unfaithful to their Creator and yet further back we can trace it to the re belly s. act of a heavenly being named Lucifer all this before the creation of the world the speaker coming the father of infidelity. Sadly as you can see infidelity is an ancient practice it goes back a long time however we are told by Jesus himself that prior to his coming moral center including infidelity would be wide spread Jesus said that as we anticipate his return that the moral fabric of our society will not get any better but worse and not only worse but widespread ass evidence by the world's biggest infidelity website known as Ashley Madison when one comes across its blunt slogan on their website it is there it either feels like a slap to our moral senses to some or a stimulant to the carnal nature to even a greater number the slogan there reads lie is short have an affair the sites Creator has been given the title King of infidelity and yes spent the past 18 years helping over 50000000 people in over 45 countries quote seat on their significant other the site which recruits a new member every 11 seconds both of being the most successful website for finding an affair and it's been doing this for years so so why call this moral crisis or this. Infidelity the moral crisis of the and Demick after office we saw a few moments ago the infidelity has been a moral issue for now for millenniums but this pandemic has apparently made things worse during 2019 the company added 15500 new members a day but since the beginning of the vid 19 and Demick it has been adding 17000 new members a day do the math that's an average of over 700 every hour around the clock the question is why. Why particularly during this pandemic Why is it that for the last few months spikes have been noted on cheating websites why now do we blame the stress caused by the economical impact of covert 19 understood this is causing high levels of stress among families across the country and no doubt this is creating a high level of anxiety and stress for many men and women. Or could it be the anxiety of being socially isolated this is this is messing with our with our ability to cope socially in leading us to make it moral choices or or is it the emotional impact caused by the overall stress levels that are frankly off the charts now I suppose though one could argue that all of these are contribution factors to the sudden rises of infidelity as we speak but let's call it what it is let's call it what it is our culture's morals are changing and combine do with the need to cope with the stresses. Of a global pandemic what we've done is it has created the perfect storm so I call it the perfect sinful storm for far too many men and women the circumstances the stress and the carnal nature that can be awakened at any moment it's created the perfect send full storm and an inclusive interview with Ashley Madison says website the creator asserts monogamy is dead we're living in a world of infidelity and it's time to redefine mortality I believe that with time adultery will become accepted as a natural part of what it means to be human the sobering reality is that in one point he is right morals are being redefined in America. Case in point back in 1969 to so were 50 years ago Gallup Poll researchers asked Americans this question do you think it's wrong for a man and a woman to have sexual relations before marriage or not yes wrong responded 68 percent of those polled mind to 969 but in 2018 the same question was asked by Gallup Poll researchers is it wrong yes wrong responded 32 percent of those polled now though society may think to change morals and values the morals declared by God which are a reflection of his character which changes not have not and will never change. God who is a God of morality he's a moral God and He speaks and when he speaks and declares morals they're not just mere statements they they're there are a reflection of who he is of his very character his character changes not and therefore his morals do not either Now I would expect us to hear a hearty amen from God fearing Christians as we affirm that God never changes neither do his morals except except that infidelity among religious couples remains nearly as high as the national average. To give you the facts. The website Ashley Madison shows that 70 percent over 70 percent of its users label themselves as Christians that's a problem it's a problem have we as pro fasts Bible believing Christians been spiritual distancing from the context a biblical principle source Take for instance the well known verse found in 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 going to turn to a passage that is is actually well known. To many of us 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 listen to persist 1020 or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and you are not your own risk 20 and you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are gods have you heard that verse before that passage. I'm sure you have as a Bible believing Christian but let me ask you this next question What is the context of that verse that your bodies are the temple the Holy Spirit now for my experience as a pastor over the years just about every time this passage is used in the context of what in the context of health in the context of diet in the context of warre eat or drink the way we we treat our bodies but that's absolutely not the immediate context of or of Paul's use of those words it's not poss point at all the context in this verse. Is revealed in the verse just speak for it verse 18. Please sexual immorality every sin that a man does as outside the body but he who commits sexual immorality sins again his own body or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit the context is sexual sin now Paul repeated this concept in 2nd Timothy Chapter 22 another pistol when he's writing to his young minister Tema 3 his younger associate who's a young adult and he writes to him that he would that he would take heed he as he wrote flee also youthful lusts that was Paul's message and and yet another a pistol to the if Eason's in Chapter 5 or $63.00 he wrote there must Navan be a hint of sexual immorality not even again it's in the lives of those that profess to be disciples of Jesus but sadly yet nice a price in the our culture no longer gifts hence I'll tell you why because temps aren't selling anymore hence do not attract the numbers that they seek and consequently sexual immorality has become explicit we're done with hints this is be blunt and that's what's happening what used to be restricted to an r. rated r. and r. rating is now in cartoons with little to no parental guidance on top of that. Things aren't what they use to be in the lives of our great grandparents or even grandparents or even our parents in our generation the reality is that we used to live in a society that actually protected us our society used to say. Because you just don't go there you didn't have to hear that from the church or even from your own parents our very own society be told us don't go there but now but now everything goes according to Al Bruno and his split crossed out he sos that among the 20 shows for teenagers these are minors and this is in 201570 percent included sexual content 70 percent parents and I'm talking as a parent myself. We cannot it's in this a it's at this time we cannot afford to be naïve you remember the words of the Apostle Paul he said it 1st he said that you will always harvest the fruit that you choose to plant it's a metaphor that speaks to the heart of every parent for a spare and we have been given the solemn responsibility to be able to take our young but young minds of our children as if they were gardens precious gardens where we as parents can be the 1st ones to be able to grow all art. The seed that is planted in the minds of our very own children knowing that whatever is planted we will reap what we saw on so what has happened as we follow along here we're going to see that we're going to go from the from the fruit to the roots the fruit of the problem is that there's infidelity in our world today but that's the fruit What is the roots we're getting there we're getting there but at this at this point we're recognizing that sexual content or being exposed to it at a young age and presses the mind in ways that will reap its fruit down the road in years later according to 2017 National Health Statistics report that 43 percent of high school students reported being sexually active within the law alarming average of $22.00 teens getting pregnant every hour and these are stats of just a few years ago and since more morals have been redefined or the claim is being made that morals must be redefined consequently Well additional meanings have been added to words or to definitions that corresponds with the mindset that morals must be redefined case in point. For those who have a mac dictionary most computers mac but pro's have if you look up the word date in a mac dictionary the word date is not just a day of the month or year the verb form is to find among other ways to go out to which someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested. Did did did did you see which is what's happened popular culture has taken an old fashioned concept that used to be known as courts. Courts we rarely hear that word anymore but our parents and past generations used it often. We've taken that concept and renamed it dating but that's not all and now it's being turned into a license to be sexually active and dating is not a foreign practice among the minors but yet our popular culture is is freezing into the minds of our young people that because they're dating it gives them a license parents of tweens and teens believe me you're if you're not if you're going with the flow of pop culture you might want to call a timeout and revaluate is what you're allowing your children that a tender age to do and place the benefits of holds some friendships back in its proper place be different. Stand outs dear to have moral standards why because it's not happening in popular culture but is that not to be expected from followers of Christ let's not forget that when Christ walked among us Christ was radical or Christ said things that should people up Christ stood out what Christ did what he taught what he said his behavior itself was a rebuke. To the culture all around him and once childlike innocence which in our apes today in the 21st century sadly will not last a very long without parental prayer and guidance and instruction childlike innocence is overtaken by the stronger tendency in our carnal nature to last at and then it's an age were created with the ability to love and be loved but combined with the nature that we were born with and the elements that we're bombarded with in business world of sin sooner than later lust begins to so it's ugly face and it sets off a downhill slippery slope from an uncensored content or television exposure to uncensored dating to in the early years to the next predictable phase leader in life cohabitation America's will be on the tipping point. In our 2015 real weddings study 76 percent of newlyweds said that they lived together before marriage 50 years ago it was closer to 10 percent do you see what's happening the way the why of infidelity begins to be answered we're moving from the fruit to the root and it is said that practice makes perfect practice makes perfect that is an honorable principle that we can live by in certain circumstances or context of our life when it comes to playing an instrument indeed a practice makes perfect when it comes to perfecting the skill again practice makes perfect but sadly in this case in this case practice does mean perfect but it leads to pain you see the more you practice premarital sex the greater the likelihood that you'll commit the perfect adulterous act why because both acts are outside of the marriage Cup And while 1 May be outside of the merits covenant before you get married the other is outside of the marriage covenant ass you're in marriage both take place outside indeed practice makes perfect the Sauber in reality is this. The easier it becomes to say yes to the one who is not her spouse before marriage the easier it will be or it will become to say yes to the one who is not your spouse after marriage practice makes perfect the flipside is very true too and we can thank god for that because the easier it is to be the easier it becomes to say no to the one who is not your spouse before marriage the easier it will become to say no to the one who is not your spouse after marriage. The Bible tells us that it is the Holy Spirit and the life of the disciple that brings fruit and the fruit of the Spirit includes self control and that self-discipline that self-control that keeps you apart before marriage will also keep you together during marriage it's worth the wait in fact true love will wait after all the Love Chapter of Corinthians reminds us that love is perfect and love is patient love is patient King Solomon spoke on this principle he charges hers 3 times there in the Song of Solomon in chapter 2 verse 7 tempter 3 Verse 5 chapter a verse 4 he says Do not arouse or awaken love until it pleases or as paraphrased by Eugene Peterson in the Message Bible it says Don't excite love don't stir it up until the time is ripe and your ready and your ready the Word of God. Outlying suburbs the principles that when put in practice will guard our hearts and we'll be able to live a life that honors the morals that God has declared a god who never changes a God who created us with the ability to make choices and the principles outlined in the Word of God protect us from violating his moral principles so we can enjoy life to the fullest but we need to recognize that there is an enemy there is an enemy as long as we're in this world before the trumpet sound when Christ breaks through the clouds and we are all changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye not until that day comes we are still living in a war zone we're living in a battlefield and with there is a battle between good and evil and we need to recognize that there is an enemy who really Lentulus Lee desires nothing more than to see marriages and families fall apart he wants to break marriages he wants to break families why 1st because the union of man and woman as husband and wife is a reflection it's a it's a demonstration it's an expression that reflects the very image of God in His image he created them male and female he creative down and Hebrew parallelism the image of God is parallel with male and female. And Satan failed he lost the war in have in attempting it attempting to be like God and because he lost that battle there is nothing more than he wants than tomorrow are the Image of God in the human race and he wants to destroy the families because he knows that God God created man to be fruitful and multiply the family is a reflection of the family of God namely Father Son Holy Spirit a unity the family reflects that unity Satan wants to destroy families and is going to build the walls between hearts of us been unwise and in John Chapter 10 verse 10 in John Chapter 10 verse 10 Jesus warned that the thieves alluding to Satan comes to do 3 things only 3 that's his agenda to steal to kill and to destroy and all that's all he does nothing more nothing less steal kill and destroy and for the next few moments here I would like for us to take to take an inside look at Sita strategies in attempting to to to steal kill and destroy the marriage in the home and in the context of this moral crisis that we live in amid the pandemic 1st Satan the thief aggressively seeks. To steal the affections of the Hearts house so house come with me in your Bibles to the pistol of 1st Thessalonians 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 3 to 7 1st this alone is chapter 4 verses 3 to 7 Notice how Paul addresses this issue he says this is the will of God your sanctification I find it interesting here that Paul is expressing the will of God This is not to be questioned this is not to spend additional time in prayer or fasting seeking to determine the will of God No this is the will of God Period this is the will of God your sanctification would descend to fit case in need to be set apart and be made holy but he continues this is the will of God Your sense of a case and that you should abstain from sexual immorality it's interesting that the sanctification is placed in stark contrast to sexual immorality if we are to be sanctified we must abstain from sexual immorality but he continues that each of you should know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor not in passion of lust like the gentiles who do not know God that no one should take advantage of Don't miss this and de fraud we're going to come back to that term defraud his brother in this matter because the Lord is the inventor of all such. As we also forewarned you and testified for God does not call us to unclean this but in holiness therefore he who rejects this does not reject men but God who has also given us His Holy Spirit the Greek word in verse 6 translated to de fraud to catch that word in verse 6 to defraud it means to steal what belongs to someone else to go beyond to over reach the boundary I find that that Hebrew definition very very significant namely to over reach the boundary you see in marriage a wife and husbands love their devotion then dear men our place rightly or our rightly plays to within their merits circle which is in turn protected by a sacred ballon Dury and Paul writes on the same principle in 1st Corinthians Chapter 7 verses 3 and 4 but the husband render to swipe the affection do her and likewise also the wife to us been in other words Paul writes would pause saying is that husbands and wives are responsible to give one another her faithfulness to give one another emotional intimacy to give one another fidelity easy their deepest effect since why because they belong only to each other there within a sacred barren Drury So Satan influences some to steal the affections of the heart. That does not belong to them stealing the effect since from his secret circle of marriage. Over reaching the boundary and consequently he defrauding and it's not just through crude and blunt means such as swept sites like Ashley Madison but there are more subtle ways as well for example if anyone dresses for the purpose of and enticing more soliciting lustful glances they defraud or they steal the affections that belong to another stealing the affections that only belong in sacred natural Monye the reality is that if you are married you pull laws you belong to to your future spouse even though you have may have not have even met them yet you belong to your future spouse as God wills Why because because God has created us to research ourselves for expressions of intimacy only to the one in whom we make solemn covered with to abide forever as hospital as why whoever that may be hasn't invested interest in you physically and emotionally your guarding your heart and re serving your body for a healthy for filling marriage in due time you choosing fidelity my friends choosing fidelity by submitting to God is the choice. In our days that will make the thief who steals us flee from us so not only does the does the enemy does the thief steal the affections the heart he also aggressively seeks to kill the capacity to emotionally love in the context of marriage that's what he wants to kill and even beyond marriage in the context of healthy relationships he wants to kill that capacity to be able to connect with people in a much steeper level than merely intellectual and how does he how does he do so most affected Lee according to John regear who's the founder of biblical concepts and counseling he said this If a hospital has not spiritually re solved his involvement and Pernod graphy he will not be able to emotionally love his wife above a 3 percent level this is coming from a man who has had decades of experience of counseling hearing story after story after story this man knows what he's talking about porn it could be termed as the assassin of intimacy the enemy of fidelity the enemy of fidelity the devil that all serve in that devil that that liar that Jesus called the father of lies he is lying to too many people it is a cruel law that can save a marriage it ruins it it's a perverted lie the per Naga fee improves a marriage no it deteriorates it. It's a foolish law that Pranab educates you know it's stupefy is you it's a demonic law that pronominal free is harmless no is morally toxic it's un biblical law the person has no escape Christ alone provides a way of escape and as we choose fidelity by submitting to God The thief who kills will flee from us now it only does he seeks to steal and to kill but he also seeks to destroy one's self respect. Zem in defrauding a little closer now but one defrauds any time they arouse another outside of a marriage relationship sexually explicit music and movies and romantic novels and and decent photos they all serve the purpose of defrauding it's a moral violation in the words of James Chapter one Verse 14 each one is tempted when he is trying to way by his own desires and entice in modesty it's like bait that entices others to be drawn away by their own desires and entice the modesty issue higher verse much deeper than silk or mere cotton in an article entitled Christian modesty defined Jeff Pollard writes modesty is not 1st an issue of clothing it is primarily an issue of the heart if the heart is right with God it will govern itself and purity coupled with humility and will express itself modestly. However Jesus unequivocally points to where the responsibility lives he said if you're right i causes you to sin pluck it off tear it out go out shit and throw it away Jesus cuts to the heart of the matter and lit it be perfectly clear that the true seat of lust is a man's heart not a woman's body we cannot just scape responsibility and and give excuses and justifications Well it's her fault Well well it's his fault no Jesus made it very clear he made it very clear that we must allow the Holy Spirit to search our heart to bring in that fire we worked into our lives into our hearts to reveal to us the very the very cool are of our struggle it's not everyone else but it's the seat of our thoughts and of our feelings which is our character which is our responsibility to guard and to ask and allow the Holy Spirit to purify and to Clint's choose fidelity by submitting to God and the thief who seeks to destroy will flee from you and today I am so thankful that the Lord doesn't stop with the thief he doesn't just merely expose the enemy's tactics no in John 1010 he continues but he says but I have come that they might have lived and that they might have had more of a pun didn't leave. Is there hope for a demoralized man is there hope for a disheartened woman is there healing for a marriage is there healing for closes relationships is there a way of a scape Is there a way yes yes and yes 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 13 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 13 tell us us the ultimate reality of the one who knows something about temptation and 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 verse 13 it tells us no temptation has overtaken you except which is common to man but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are a bore Don't miss this but with the temptation will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear it it says God is faithful that he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able now don't miss this Timothy Paul writing to Timothy tells us takes a step further he says Listen God is faithful even when we are faithful less God remains faith follow so follow closely even when we are faith less and we fall into temptation or rather we walk into temptation because we are faith less God remains faithful and he still provides a way of escape healing and freedom can only be good with the deliberate choice to search for the way of escape it's there it's there. Don't let the enemy lie to you that is I'm a hopeless case I'm a hopeless case there is no way out of this it's a lie but you're a stand I've been faithless 1st Soul long God has remained faithful all and he provides a way of escape in fact what is that way of escape why I could ask it differently and who is that way of escape csa say I am the Way the Truth and the life I am the way the way of escape its jesus and when the Holy Spirit convicts your heart of sin when the Holy Spirit convicts you that you have committed moral violation of God's morals agree with him agree with the Holy Spirit that's your choice don't deny it don't excuse it don't justify it to agree with him for Christ's sake be transparent with God for He knows your heart he read to like an open book we can't hide from God but why would we want to when God is a God who comes pursuing after us to heal he wants to heal he wants to transform he wants to be able to cleanse us. The Secret the profit road to the God does that in that very moment when we agree with God When we say we are done I am finished I agree with you God I cannot continue like this any longer you see give 36 verses 25 and 26 gives us this promise and I will sprinkle clean water on you and you shall be clean I will clean see you from all your filthiness and from all your idols I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of infidelity out of your flesh. And give you a heart of fidelity a heart of faithfulness it was Henry Cloud who who said we change our behavior when the pain stain the same becomes greater than the pain of changing and that's when we cry lured I can't keep growing all on like this God does the changing as we do the surrendering and as we close here today. I would be amiss to close a message like this without in a few for a few moments just reflecting on application how can we how can we apply these principles how can we as disciples being aware of Satan at 6 really recognizing that there is a God who is faithful who longs to to receive us just as we are as we agree with him he declares is clean how can we would are some practical steps that we can take to apply in our life these principles and experience moral freedom Let's take a few assess take a look at a few essential steps to more freedom take every thought captive to the obedience to Christ in other words be able to say in the billeted that God has given us I choose not to take to think this thoughts therefore Thank you Jesus for taking this style away from me it speaks faith into the promise of God who can keep you from stumbling I choose not to think this thought. Make a covenant with your eyes job 313 in other words Pouncey arise have your that term before bounce your eyes the front of the book every man Sparrow where it says the problem is that your eyes have always bounced towards the sexual and you've made no attempt and this happened to come Pat it you need to build a reflex action by training your eyes to immediately bounce away from the sexual like the jerk of your hand away from a hot stove Let's repeat that for its Let's repeat that for emphasis when your eyes bounce towards a woman they bounce they must bounce own way immediately. Balancing our eyes but being able to make use of tools that we have at our disposal to be able to guard our homes and guard our families it is so crucial for us as parents now can I couldn't emphasize this enough to have Internet filters in our devices why so that be entertainment that our kids are exposed to or may by accident be exposed to to guard to guard them because a lot of the entertainment is not consistent with the values of scripture and I fear that so many of our young people are exposed to movies sitcoms gaming content that are not in line with values of purity and righteousness by the grace of God this be pro active and responsible with the God given responsibility that we have a spare and it's a void relationships with those in moral failure less an underestimate the influence the influence that you can choose to play or some place yourself under. Make a commitment to purity keep yourselves pure like Paul told Timothy yield the members of your body to Christ's begin each day in full surrender not my will but I will be done meditate upon in a place scripture daily memorize scripture pretty to memory so that at that moment of temptation your eyes your energy is turned over way from the temptation itself but to Christ and He will give you the power to walk away develop self-control take every advantage of tools that are readily available to you and your family be held accountable develop self control and the truth is this the truth is this that you and I cannot change the heart we cannot you cannot change your heart you cannot wash your heart and your mind pure We cannot do that but the good news is this that God can and there's even greater use that you are fully known by God at this very moment God knows he like an open book and at the same time God loves you with an everlasting love you are loved by God fully known and fully loved and he is able to declare you clean as white as snow as white as snow and there's more he can keep you clean and guards your heart as he trust in Him more and more moment by moment by pill to you is simply we allowed seizes to sit on the throne of your life. That means that you yield it all to Jesus that you yield your thoughts and your feelings that your thoughts and feelings find in him a resting place and claim that promise that he is able to keep you from stumbly he's able to guard your heart and keep you clean if you want to lead Cheesus re new you because you no longer want to stay the same anymore that is my prayer it's a joke prayer to God Bless you let's pray together Father in heaven. Lord here we know we know. That we live in a world that does not make life easy it does not make a purer life a disciplined life a godly life easy to live. Where attacks from every direction often. But God. We thank you. For being our hiding place that we have a save a sick and secure place in the palm of your hands that by faith we can. Give it all to you and allow you to guard us allow you to fill us with power allow you to transform us by cleansing us at the deepest level purify our hearts so God for I know that more than one heart out there is pleading with you saying God I don't want to be the same it anymore. Take my hearts and please make it as white as snow and I praise you God right now. For answering that prayer thank you we praise you and may we leave this place face each day with confidence in Christ's that he alone is the strength. And the song of my salvation I will live for Jesus for He is the Lord of my life. We thank you and praise you it she says me. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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