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Samaritans Lives Matter - Part 2

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, continues his series on racism based on the Samaritan woman at the well. He draws lesson on from the experience of the Samaritan woman and how we can avoid having superior thought about ourselve over others.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • June 20, 2020
    12:30 PM
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X. 132 some There are 4 cried one thing in some another but the assembly was confused and most of them did not know why they had come together that kind of reminds me of what I saw on the news this last week with are watching some of these protests and different things and you know kind of makes sense people were told to stay all for a couple of years sheltering at home they lose their job you know they don't have a t.v. they don't have food and solve so much as a let's go protest it's Ok to go out at this actually they actually said in the news last week in California here 2 things are Ok going to church and protesting how many think that we're a Protestant church so it's pretty good to become a church air we should be protesting all the time so but sometimes you know people are wondering what should I do there's all kinds of confusion and people are stressed out maybe they lost their job maybe they. You know have or know someone who has covered 19. You know someone was talking to me this last week and said you know people are not taking this seriously enough and I think that's probably true there can be people that don't take it seriously usually the people that take over 1000 serious or those who have worked with people have died or people that have relatives who have died and they take it fairly seriously and. Usually people that are upset about racial problems are those that are the recipients of racism but nobody else understands and many other people minimize it. So how do you want to think about the people that maybe are having problems as is about yourself so. I got a graphic from somebody just last week to says Pity the for Pastor when they come back to church because some people think the church should never of clothes and why was the pastor such an idiot to close the church some people think the church does ill not be open why is it open it up these us idiots open the church up some people have like 10 options and I was like yeah that's good that's really good. I don't feel bad though I'm glad you're all here today so let's pray together and then we'll get into our message Father in Heaven Lord thank you today that we can again come together and study your words and we ask your blessing on it you've already blessed it you protected your word through millennia people have tried to get rid of it and yet it still is here's holy 2 things that last forever your word and people accept your word and we want to be those people who accept your word today so bless us as we study in Christ's name Amen so some variance in lives matter. Part 2 last week we looked at the story of the Samaritan the. Man the Sabera Samaritan man who had helped that person who had been injured on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho and we began to realize how dramatic and radical that story really was it's like sitting on the front row that's radical so we. Because Samaritans in that time were hated and they were discriminated against and Jesus rather than using a red Benecol story that elevated the piety in and goodness of rabbis actually told a story where the hero was a Samaritan. This would have been totally radical in that day as we mentioned because there had been just recently attacks on Jews there had been actually a mob that went down and looted this American city and and protested and everything and that story came out right then you know there's a couple editors that got fired from various newspapers last week or resigned I think it was because they had published things they said not a published in the paper thought and I'm sure there were people that said to Jesus it's not good to publicize that or Luke that's a very bad thing to publish and yet he did publish it because. Christ was a person that addressed the issues and problems in society directly and he did it in a way that would make sense Starla So God with your truths opened our hearts and minds to your wondrous slow speak your words to us silence in a voice but your own that's really what we need to be startled and Jesus' whole ministry was startling and. I think people genuinely today are wondering what to do should we go out and protest should we defund the police should we send in the military simply vote out officials we don't like should we vote in others and the question really is what would Jesus do would he gather a group for public protest I don't see it anywhere although he could have one time he was asked to actually do a public protest and John 5 and they wanted to make him king because they saw they could see the 5000 and he could also raise the dead well could well could go wrong you could do anything you wanted and get through it but what he did was he he just actually said get on the boat let's go to the other side of the lake to remember that story. He actually ran away from the protests in a row but that doesn't mean he didn't do anything like we said he carried an exemplary story example story of a usually hero the Sabera to but I want to look today at another Samaritan story and John chapter 4 John chapter 4 go with me there and we're going to see Samaritan story number 2 by the way there's I think 8 of them in the New Testament I could do a whole series on Samaritan lives matter. But I I'm just I don't know that I will but I could so Samaritan lies let's look 1st of all John chapter 4 Therefore when the Lord knew that the fair seas had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John the Jesus did not baptize but his disciples he left Judea and departed again to Galilee So here he is. He's baptizing all these people or people are being baptized because he normally didn't baptize anybody other people baptized for him and he realizes the scribes in the Paris's are going to get upset they're actually kind of presidents against Jesus. And so he goes I better get out of town says I'm going to go to Galilee now go into Galilee from down South where he was in Jerusalem if you wanted to go to Galilee the quickest way from Judea was directly through some area and the Samaritans were hated So if you were a pious Jew. You never would go through some area instead you go east across the Jordan River adding extra hours and days to your travel but you because you hated the Samarian so much would go across the river enter the region of Perea and then go north you would go a lot here's Judea Here's Galilee Here's some area but you're not going there you're going across the river and up and around so you don't have to go through some area. Because you don't want to see a Samaritan in a certainly don't want to touch a Samaritan you want to socially distance to the extreme level. Right that's what you want to do so by design and because of racial prejudice they would not go through some area why were they so prejudiced because the Samaritans they they they really thought they had messed up way back about 400 years before and how had they messed up how they messed up while the Samaritans were actually Jews that had stayed in the nation of the area of the Temple in Jerusalem and not been taken captive The Bam So they were there and they had stayed there but everybody else was taken captive and when they came back they discovered that these Jews had inter-married with some of the Gentiles and that's when they started calling them Samaritans and they said you you you you did want you enter married with these folks and you actually entered into their religion and by the way when we were gone there was no priest to teach them. And so they develop their own theology they actually said we don't know if we can trust anything but the Pens it too because that's the 1st 5 books of the Bible and we're just going to go by that and they have developed their own kind of blend and it wasn't was not all correct I mean the Samaritan lives matter movement had some serious flaws theologically speaking that's going to come out later and then they decided to build their old temple they were not allowed to help rebuild the temple because they said You guys are corrupt and so they built their own temple at Mount charism and develop their own language and the Jews just hated and that's interesting they called them half breeds now recently they've done a genetic study of the Samaritans they've done many genetic studies of the Samaritans because they only married each other for many many years and they do have problems because of that too but that's another sermon but anyway they were they they they've done genetic studies now how do you think it's kind of over the top to do contact tracing and take pictures of you but at least we're not asking for a genetic sample today maybe Tom we could ask for d.n.a. samples next week but they did these d.n.a. samples on Samaritan's would you like to hear the report a. Couple of you say yes I assume the rest of you say yes to my true Conrail d.n.a. results show that maternal history another words your mother's mother's mother revealed no major difference between Samaritans Jews or Palestinians in all that were to help pull to. These 3 groups have relatively similar maternal genetic histories. Another words your half breed they're not this is that but now they looked at the evidence and guess what same genetics. Next one how about the story of the y. chromosome. Which shows paternal history and by the way the Jews traced their history month Turnley right so but what about paternal history i.e. your father's father's father's father's daddy's daddy's Daddy it's quite different indeed not only of the y. chromosomes of Jews and Samaritans not only the why I call Muslims of the Jews and Samaritans more similar to each other than that of the Palestinians the why I chromosomes of the Samaritan shows striking similarities to very specific why chromosomes most associated with Jewish man ah so they are sleeping around as much as. Jewish men although this America type is slightly different from the Jewish type it's clear that the 2 Get this the to say air a common ancestor. This would be a very unsavory report in Jesus' day once we have a common. Probably within the last few 1000 years according to the authors the y. chromosome clearly shows that the Samaritans on the Jews share common ancestry dating to at least 2500 years ago so even though they said we hate them we're all different than them if they had done the genetic test back then they would have seen and sorry Charlie actually very close. So let's see what happens the next part verse there in chapter 4 verse 4 now comes into great relief remember it says that he left because he thought that really get upset because he baptized what not he's going to Galilee and then says verse 4 but he needed to go through some area. He didn't need to go through. They had a route all planned out form and that text indicates that he was going to do something about the Samaritan racial prejudice he needed needed to go through some area well. Let's continue on verse 5 so we came to a city of Simyra which is called Cyc are near the plot of ground that Jacob gave his son Joseph and now Jacob's well was still there Jesus therefore being wearied from his jury journey sat by the well it was about the 6th hour if you need to know who the common ancestor is we already had the genetic study who is it Jacob and Joseph. And he goes right through this a very famous while still there today still produces water you still can draw water from that well when you go on the trip to Israel with us next time I'll take you there and you could see that and he goes right there to the center of some area almost the capital if you might and he goes right in the middle of this nation this supposedly is a buncha losers and he goes right to the center right next to the well. And it says when he got there that he was weary from his journey and he sat us by the well and it was about the 6th hour so the middle of the day. You know I love that text not only is he going to address racial issues but he's going to do it not as some kind of conquering King is not coming with a military retinue around him he's not coming with all bunch of. Animal he's coming as the suffering wearied servant of humanity he's tired and he's hungry and how do you think this is a beautiful picture. So Jesus enters into this place and he enters in as a seeking suffering servant he centered folks into our suffering he's entered into our weakness he's entered into our pain he's actually it says and he receptive to enter into our genetics he came with the same seat as Abraham he's touched with our infirmities and he enters in to the racial hot spot of his day he gets there and what happens is the middle of the day a woman of Samarian came to draw water verse 7 Jesus said to her Give me a drink now this stop right there we re they're like oh yes' they give him a drink you know my friends he is 1st of all in some area should not be in Siberia he should not be Israel doesn't he know that's the wrong side of the tracks that's the place where all these half breeds are and yet he goes right there into myths of that city Secondly he's talking to a woman. Rabbis do not talk to women they don't do that they only talk to their wife no one else the laws of they said you don't even talk to another woman and now he's talking to a woman that's not his wife who evidently is also a problem woman because she's coming in the middle of the day the women usually came at the evening and she's in the middle of the day which means there's a reason she comes in the mill they were going to find out later in the story is because she's had a number of relationships with men and I'm sure the other women. Are little afraid of her as he doesn't want to get in a conflict with them so she's going in the middle of the day when see things no one will be there so when you just read that you just read it now with your you know your 20th century eyes you're too thick to 2020 you go all that's no big deal it's a huge deal a woman a Samaritan and then he says to her would you give me a drink what. That would be a huge no no give me a drink give me a break what's he doing doesn't he know that Samaritans and Jews don't eat or drink together does he know that doesn't he realize that there's a place for Samaritans on the bus and there's a place for Jews on the bus on the Samaritans don't go to the place on the bus that's for Jos Doesn't he realize there's different diners and cafes for the Samaritans then the generals Doesn't he realize that he would be defiled by even touching what they tax how they can see how radical the story is this not a story it happened it. She knows it Samaritan came to draw water for 7 said to her Give me a drink for his disciples had gone into the city to buy food what he wasn't even being chaperoned he wasn't even being mom appeared there was nobody they could say that he did this and she did that he didn't have any witnesses what was he thinking his whole ministry was on the line there was no one taking pictures for contact distancing and there was no he wasn't wearing a mask he wasn't wearing gloves what is wrong with this guy. The woman has married even knows this 1st night the woman Somerset him. Maybe she's whispering even though there's no one there how is that. She asked me very drink. I said marry a 10 woman so he says look this in case you didn't say it you are a Jew. I am a Samaritan you are a man I am a well man you are asking me for a drink what is she saying bad because she knows of all of the trigger points in that prejudiced society knows it like the back of her hand and did you know something here below Here begins the longest recorded conversation. That anyone ever had with Jesus. He talked longer to this woman then any of recorded conversations with his disciples that alone is stunning I mean that's the honey who gives conversation with the Samaritan a woman and the woman is totally startled and caught off guard the bookies are of age and says to offer a drink to a thirsty travel was held to be a duty so sacred that the Arabs of the desert would go out of their way in order to perform an they hatred between Jews and Samaritans prevented the woman from offering a kindness to Jesus but the Savior was seeking to find a key to her heart and with the tact born of Divine Love he asked. But did not offer a favor the best thing he could have ever done to break down prejudice and to open the heart was that ask you to give him a drink how do you think we can learn something from this story how have you learned anything yet going out of your way. Having an individual dialogue having an individual encounter where your state is so startling but it's demonstrating something totally different and thinking and saving the laws as recruiting people for the cities of reference. Jesus answered verse 10 it said here if you knew the gift of God and who it is who says you give me a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you living water wait stop stop wait a minute you just asked me for a drink that's radical but what you're saying is I should have ask you I mean that's taboo to me to talk to you would have been really radical and you're saying you should have I sort of ask you for a drink and that your water is living water and then she says something personal about the woman said to him Siri you have nothing to draw with in the well is deep where the new you get that living water Are you greater than our father Jacob who gave us this well and drank from him self as well of his sons and livestock he startled there's a surprising solution that he's giving her living water something that will totally cut off the need of ever coming to the well again which she would welcome for many reasons but that phrase that phrase you see the phrase serve you had nothing to draw with you have nothing to draw with how many you think that's a radical statement how many you go that's it that's radical let me explain it to you and you see how radical it is Jews in those days never ever allowed somebody else to give them water they had their own drawing utensils they always carried with them a bucket so they could draw their own water because maybe they would be defiled What if they drank water that had been from a sudden marriage to jog. What if they had water from a Gentile and so they never traveled one of their own hand sanitizer. Their own rubber gloves. Their own mask. On their own jug ever and she reminds them of that Sir how will you draw the water seeing you have no nothing to draw with but he still says draw the water which means he says go ahead I'm drinking from the same tune that here drinking from. I am ill it says Samaritans only at this drinking fountain but I'm drinking at that drinking on. How easy how radical the story is how because you are radical the story is. Jesus answered verse 13 and said to her whoever drinks of this water will thirst again but whoever drinks of the water that I give him will never thirst but the wilder I so give him will be in him a fountain a butter springing up to everlasting life and the woman said to him Sir give me this water that I may not thirst nor come here to draw see instantly says I see the value in this I don't have to come back here face all these women they saw that yes give me some of that it springs up from with inside those goods God like a geyser it comes from within good health care a work has given to be. Superficial acceptance of something that is not just maybe even a physical reality but a metaphorical reality point of the Holy Spirit in the life that will spring up and give life forever but she goes for a superficial understanding as as give me this that I don't have to come back here Jesus is speaking of the true Rimini the water of life with springs up to everlasting life he's interested. But on a superficial plane she doesn't like the rejection she doesn't like the pain she wants to get away from the pain and numb the pain see socio isolated already but now she doesn't even have to come she wants to shelter at home and never come back again. And that is not the purpose of the gospel to stay at home your whole life she read he realizes he doesn't get it she realizes that c.b.c. be startled she needs to understand that he understands at a much deeper level so what does he say. Don't try this until after you've offered someone something you never had before What's he say he doesn't start with this but in the What's he say were 60 Jesus said to her Go call your cause but in come here. Then the woman answers said I have no husband and then Jesus said to her you have well said I have no husband for you have had 5 husbands and the one you're now have is not your husband that's number 6 and that you have spoken really out how we can say. Why is Jesus do this because he only has a superficial understanding of what's going on and sometimes when we're dealing with issues of race and of prejudice and of conversion and of the Gospel we only have a very superficial understanding and we discuss with emotion. Talk about good bye faces and we go through the motions and we're really not even listening we go for what we can get out of church oh yeah I like to drink like fellowship. It's kind of sloppy a gap a just a little you know and he realizes this is serious this person is going to miss the gospel unless I get their attention and so he does. Reveal a little bit of his insight you guys 6 guys in your life now make no mistake the guys had problems to all those guys in bronze maybe they had divorced her because in that day the men divorce the women not the other way around so who knows what had happened who knows the pain the I don't know the whole story but he knew and he tests on the pain of the relational pain of her life and said what I'm doing here is connected to hope and healing in the midst of your racial pain or rather your relational pain and the racial disparities as one thing but the racial the relational pain I know all about your life and I want to bring healing now I would I would just recommend that you don't talk about like that to people unless you've done what Jesus did 1st he knew or she knew that he must be an unusual person he's in some area he's a Jew He's at the well the middle is a he's offered her he's asked her to give him a drink he's willing to drink out of her water pot and this is all done what one her confidence he al ultimately has signed the consent form or had her consent to do radical surgery and because of that he begins the surgery now does she like it what does she do next verse 20 or father's words I've done this month and you do say that Jerusalem is a place where one ought to worsen instantly does what. Are you mention my husband is let's not talk about that let's talk about the talking points I got from Fox News well the talking points I got from c.n.n.. All the talking points I got from whatever my media outlet is follow those words above this mountain you Jews say that's arisen is a place where you got to worship the words let's fight rather than heal let's deal with racism rather than relational pain which is at the root of how we were done that when the sun think comes down and you know you're supposed to do with it but you realize no I don't see that she shift the conversation to the rationale of dissension so Jesus says Ok you want to talk about the platform of Samaritan lives matter we'll talk about it either to your website I understand what it really is about by now you know that I think a Samaritan life matters to me you know that and you know that I know you know that I care about all Samaritans because I'm in your capital and I'm in your city and I didn't go around and you know that already there's no reason for me to have to explain to you that I care about Samaritans but let's go ahead to your website because you're referring to the talking points that have kept us apart let's go and visit and he says well and believe me verse 21 the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain or Jerusalem worse of the Father you worship what you do not know we know what we were suppressed salvation is of the Jews but the hour is coming and now is when the 3 were suppose were worse of the Father in spirit and truth for the Father is seeking c'est the worse of him God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth and that's radically different than the Samaritan lies website idea as radically different now I'm going to say something that I guess on the Internet probably I'll be accused of being a bigot or something but I'm just preaching about the Samaritans. Let me say this I don't necessarily think Jesus would have put up with Samaritan lives matter poster because he was so much deeper than that he was not attempting to solve things through the platform of the Samaritan lives matter website he was trying to sell them at a deeper level no one could ever accuse him of not caring for Samaritans ever but he didn't agree with the philosophy he's sad salvation is the Jews what. Another was there's $350.00 prophecies that point towards the Messiah he didn't tell or that that was him yet she's going to figure it out and the very thing I'm doing is the very solution to the pollution not what's on your website you see in that day and in our day as well there were people that tried to bait Jesus into going to the protests to get the government to change as if the government has the answer to a spiritual problem they have no answers to spiritual problems no answers whatsoever the real answers are always spiritual related to living water relating to the Holy Spirit how many are followed me some you look at me like Woody 2 minutes. Who read you this. Because I've been thinking about this I had actually some people call me up as a history Dylan will you go to his to this protest I said I am a Protestant. So I think I'm already protesting. They said if you don't declare yourself at this protest it won't because it so that it processes what does it say about protest house that I relate to that. Listen to this from fundamentals of education and this is talking about how an early admin is planning or was involved in the temperance movement or the sense prohibition but this is talking about her philosophy of being involved in such things and this is what she says there is a large venue to be cultivated but while Christians are to work among unbelievers they are not to appear like worldlings they are not to spend their time talking politics or acting as politicians for by so doing they give the enemy opportunity to come in and cause variance and discord there and those in ministry who desire to stand as politicians should have their credentials taken from them for this work God is not given to high or low among his people God calls upon all who minister in doctrine to give the trumpet a certain certain sound. All who have received Christ ministers and lay members to rise and shine for great peril is right honest so this not that they're not involved they're rising they're signing they're involved was Jesus a rising and shining in some area but he didn't have a bus load of people that were with them. Satan is stirring the powers of the earth or everything in the world is in confusion remember a scripture reading. They came they didn't know why they were there maybe I'll pick up a t.v. what exactly are we doing oh you've got this for me to talk about I'll do that statement sir in the powers of the Earth everything in the world and confusion God calls upon his people to hold a lot the banner bearing the message of the 3rd angel What's the message of the 32 is the patients of the saints here they keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus it's holding Jesus up the faith of Jesus and faith in Jesus to do things Jesus way how did Jesus deal with these things we're reading about it. We are not to go to Christ through any human being but through Christ who we are to understand the work he has given us to do for others God calls to his people saying come on from them and be separate He asked that the love which he has shown for them be reciprocated and revealed by willing obedience to His commandments his children are to separate themselves from politics from any alliance with unbelievers you mean I can't sign up for Samaritan lives matters now because they have the wrong idea about go about it sorry and Sorry Charlie but I do Samaritan lies Man Oh yes but salvation is of the 2 who is not in their platform and we are following me his children are to separate themselves from politics from any alliance with unbelievers they are not to link their interests with the interests of the world give proof of your allegiance to me he says by standing as my chosen Herod's as people zealous for good works is he doing good works is he helping Samaritans is the zealous for that do not take part in political strife separate from the world and refrain from bringing into the church or school ideas that will lead to contention and disorder. Dissension is the moral poison taken into the system by human beings who are selfish you want to talk about something systemic. It's dancing with politics and political solutions for spiritual issues it's saying I don't trust God and His plan enough I need to go down and get the Romans to help me. You do not need the Romans help you need Jesus help God wants His servants to have clear perceptions true and noble dignity that their influence may demonstrate the power of picketing know the power of truth. The Christian life is not to be a haphazard emotional life true Christian influence now get this this is the reason I read the whole thing to you this is early administers play on the air who is addressed slavery and addressed all kinds of issues and is talking in the context of how a mess should you be with the government in these issues and this is how it ends true Christian into life are kind of like this or would be read how many want to have Christian influence how many what does have influence how about Christian influence how about true Christian influence which means there must be false Christian influence but true Christian influence exerted for the complement of the work God has appointed is a precious agency How do you know if you have that and it must not be united with politics or bound up in a confederacy with unbelievers God is to be the center of attraction every mind that is work by the Holy Spirit will be satisfied in him how many be it want to be a radical protestor then follow Jesus example in John 4 fall of the example Samaritan in Luke 10 how many can see that it's radically different than what people are being baited into how we can see that totally different and my concern today is that people that are falling for this would fall for anything at the end of time. Now let me just say this I think it's kind of interesting another quote from the book deserve ages the government under which Jesus lived was corrupt and oppressive how many think our government might be corrupt and oppressive and there's any parallels by the way I love America. People from every single nation come to America there's nobody saying look I want to go somewhere else they like to come to America right America's made great strides I think also even in the race issue that it has more work to do but you know we had a president who was elected by overwhelming majority 2 times who was black that's a little different than the sixty's but even though I'm kind of impressed with that I know there's were more to do I'm also thankful to be a part of church that has track record of doing many things to fight against racism still has problems but even 20 years before we elected a president of the United States who is black in this country I was at a general conference where they elected George Brown a black man to be the president of the General Conference and he turned it down but he was selected by the nominated him a by an overwhelming majority which means the advantage to Rich has actually asked people to be the top leader of the church is there more work to do yes but God's working now let me read this quote The government under which Jesus lived was corrupt the press on every hand crying abuses extortion intolerance and grinding cruelty yet the savior attempted no civil reforms he attacked no national abuses nor condemned the national enemies he did not enter for interfere with the authority as Administration of those in power he who are as our example kept aloof from earthly governments not because he was indifferent to the woes of men but because listen to this the remedy did not lie in merely human and external measures to be efficient the cure must reach man individual each individually Lieutenant John for individually and must regenerate the heart with what living water. I'm notice that the language there he attacked no national abuse as I said I pronounced it very loudly Have you heard me do that national national why they do that because he did address issues inside his faith community and as a matter of fact he was Disciple of a bunch of disciples who were watching him and seeing how it was that he was going to deal with racial disparities how we think there are things in the church that might need to change how many think there are things in your heart that may need to chains but I'd never go outside and think Ok I'll get the government to do what only conversion can do don't try to get an extra law which wants by something can only been changed internally Ok let's go back to our story in this finish up here. Where were we. But what verse. So the point is he does not go along with the complete 6 America lies package. He knows she knows he cares for her but he elevates the discussion above the talking points of the media and he goes for the reality that she needs salvation and salvation is of the Jews. And I hate it when I hit the wrong button in a race my sermon how many hate it when that happens. How many a when your sermons in the trash. Ok here it is the founders of the. The wonders of digital Millet's. You know get a scroll down here hit this again it's gone forever. The woman said to him verse 25 I know look at this look at this because he does it this way. Because he follows those steps that we see in the story see bring something up that's amazing. The woman said to him I know that the punch is coming who is called the Christ where does that come from it's because of his radical way of dealing with this and so me or my goes I know the Messiah is coming is the Christ and when he comes he will tell us all things what did he just do to her I know Barney I know Billy I know Henry I know Eddie and I know Donnie all your future former husbands and I know Frank to be frank with you who is living with you now and she goes if someone can tell me all things about my deepest pain and yet shows compassion and love for me in the midst of my deepest pain in the midst of my my prejudice that I have in the midst of all the. Unrest not only in culture but in my life not just racial problems but relational problems and he can speak the truth about that that's got Could this be. The Messiah and by the way he was willing to even say he knows he went here he read the website. And though he disagrees with it he's for me how many are with me and I think we need to be reading a little deeper and I think that might be he had dealt with the racial prejudice and completely obliterate it with this woman and now we can say what she's noticed verse 26 Jesus said to her I who speak to you I am the Messiah and she knew it was true because he had dealt with one of the single worst problems in the culture of the day in a way. That was so loving so gentle and yet so direct how we think we could probably learn something from Jesus into the disciples verse 27 at that point disciples came and they marveled how he talked to a woman yet no one said What do you sink or why are you talking to her but that's what they were thinking and the woman then left her waterpot went away to the city instead of the men come and went instead of The Who and the contacts who are those men Frankie Valli Eddie all the 6 husbands guys come and see a man who told me everything I ever did with you and with you and with you and you with me could this be the Christ and then they went out of the city and came to him in the meantime his disciples urged him saying Rabbi eat and he said to them I have food to eat which you don't know about and therefore the disciples said I wonder Has anyone brought anything to eat so the disciples come in and what are they doing they say wait a minute what has happened we left you just for a minute you're talking to a woman a Samaritan you're doing all this stuff and you're drinking stuff with her and everything else whoa don't you realize you're not supposed to do that click click click click click just like the woman they were just as racially biased and she was at the beginning and then the woman herself says he's the Messiah and starts to evangelize the disciples the woman of some area is a vandalizing the Disciples of Christ. I mean there is something beautiful about this and then they say look here's a woman brought me food want to eat with us to drink with us don't you know it's dirty Don't you know it's not good on the right side of the posh body over here not drinking fountains No no no no no no no here's some drink here's some water doesn't don't do that and what he said you know when I'm around you guys I'm not even hungry for some reason you make me sick. I don't I don't have I don't eat food have to talk to you guys you don't say that directly because I got food you don't know about it's American food. What are you doing what do you talk or don't eat with her don't drink with her drink with us and he said there's 3 for my food is to do the will of Him who sent me in to finish his words do not say there are 4 months and then comes the harvest Behold I say to you list up your eyes and look at the fields for they're already wife or Harvison other words that are always some very tense and entire country that you're always passing by. And we almost got killed by the Pharisees because we baptized too many people down there and there's a whole country that we've always been going around now we're not going around anymore we're right in the middle and our protest is going to be held a one on one idea and with the most influential people and the most influential person is a woman who has problems with men who actually understands her need and if she's converted she's going to convert 1st 6 men and then all kinds of people because she's the most powerful you know when I go to a new city you know where I want to go not that search normally elevators but I want to go to a. I want to go to places where people know they have problems you know because if they know they have problems then they're open to solutions and the Gospel can change their life and that's much more powerful for me than me attending a protest because I know they'll protest but their protests from a gospel perspective. Prejudice taken away verse 39 many Samaritans of that city believed in him because of the word of the woman who testified he told me everything I ever did was. They already were talking about everything she did they knew what she did and they say with this guy who never saw you before knew all that this is got to be the Messiah and by the way the way he treated you you're telling me he drank out of your water bottle. Or let you draw water you tell him he came in the middle you everything you're telling me goes along with what you're saying this is the messiah how do you think that in this time of racial tension in confusion that God has something for us to do and people are trying to tell us what to do and how many things John for might be telling us what to do and I think Luke 10 might be tell us what to do and we think that might have all kinds of people trying to tell me what to do the sentiment emails social media used to do this or to do that or what does Jesus say what did Jesus do notice 1st 40 we're going to close up here I don't know what time it is but I should turn after verse 40 so when the Samaritan said come to him they urged him to stay with them and he stayed for to day. What. Most of the Jews try to get in and out as quickly as possible they ever had to go to suburbia and now he stays there what is he thinking is the cycles are like what no no no let's go to Mel talk motel 7 not Motel 666 where we've been staying let's go. Let's get out of here because no no no no none of them we're going to stay for 2 more days because racial presidents had been broken down and people were open to the Gospel stay until the Holy Spirit comes and the my witnesses in Jerusalem. And Judea. And so Mary and then to the ends of the year once racial presidents had been broken down through sacrificial service the whole country was old and indeed the whole world would be open a socket a Deutsch and Dr z.. We take these tours every year and when were we we would have been this weekend freed. Away last week in freedom. Through money and Normally we're there he's given a lecture on Sabbath morning about the Moravians I called him up I said Look Sammy the brave in lecture so he sent it to me about 10 minutes before I get up here and it came to my mind that lecture because he had this radical story that he told about the Moravians Moravians believe their community was obtained had obtained the gift of languages the equip them for missionary service some how they've been given languages like an axe to sew in 1732 the community begin to send missionaries among the slaves in the West Indies and the indigenous people of Greenland who said we're going to go the Europeans we're going to the people look like us. They went to the slaves they got more radical the missionary work of the West Indies had been controversial in Europe with some accusing sins and purpose and the missionaries up to die so this isn't Dorf the leader of the Moravians decided to place himself on the line and then 1739 he left Europe to visit the mission on the St Thomas Island and the visit was a huge success several 100 slaves were converted to Christianity Arabian missionaries also created mission communities to the black slaves then in America in South Carolina and then in South America were Arabians new. From the complete absence of us we're known for the complete absence of racism living eating worshiping and being buried in common graves with African slaves in fact they began selling themselves into slavery to reach the slave for Christ why did they get that idea where it is a good then ideas from the Democrats from the Republicans now I got the idea from Jesus I want to start getting my ideas from Jesus. How us are getting your ideas from Jesus not how I have to save a sickly I think it's enough let's sing that song of that slave trader turned missionary Amazing Grace. Number 108 in your hymn book but you probably know from after we say I'm going to pray like a stay seated because we have some masked men that are going to rob you know we have some we have some mass deacons who are going to. Us for you and I would ask that you do leave so you can get some fresh air we paid for you to. Trace your your demise to this worship service. So let's sing Amazing Grace. Just listen. As we sing about how this life was changed of I'm a. Great. Run. I ate I wos. I. Was great. Godmother. Enrich it mother I paid for a living. Soul it. Is we're. Home to your low. A little easier. Through. The rare heat. We've. The. Air out from us. John knew it was very old. Someone asked him to preach on a hole he lived but he was nearing death and I said or you're too old to preach. That absolutely not this blast famous slave trader still has something to say about God's grace and I'll say it for the day I die he admitted that he had been a racist. The day he died but he also gave glory to God who had radically changed his life through Amazing Grace Let's pray together Father in heaven thank you today for this. Radical exposé of the Divine Heart mass this is a vine hard but of the divine and human heart Lord change our hearts and give us. Women at the well beat up men on the road. That we can minister to just as you did that almost all might know as the Samaritans that in Jesus' day of your love. That they need to change their hearts and lives and that we need to change. In Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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