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04. The New World Order

Norman McNulty
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Talk of a "New World Order" has been around for decades. How does recent history in the United States of America fit with the prophetic understanding of the second beast of Revelation 13? This presentation will evaluate prophetic history in the United States over the last 40 years. It will also look at Revelation 13 and 17 as we see prophetically what the "New World Order" will look like.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • June 25, 2020
    9:00 AM
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Greetings again and welcome to horror for in our last day events explained series here on our viewers I'm so glad that you have joined us again this week My name is Norman McNulty and I have very much enjoyed going through these presentations so far and today is going to be another fascinating look at in time events the title of our presentation today is the new world order and so I'm looking forward to going through that with you and before we get into the presentation we're going to look at if you had a few questions and you know a lot of questions eventually come. And so. Based on the volume of questions that we're getting now we may have to have a question and answer. Pasha presentation at the end of the series just to get through some of the really good questions that are coming in news of a number of really good questions there's a couple of points of clarification that I wanted to bring up there were some questions about the 4 stages that the Sunday was and also specifically when the mark of the beast is received and I know that I mentioned that the mark of the beast is received and stage show you when Sunday worship isn't forced and and by the time we get to stage 3 that's when you can buy and sell in the 5 years and then there's fines and prison and then finally there's the death 5030 as you recall in the stage of one. You can still worship on Sabbath and. Basically you were told to refrain from working and want to. Put your 3 questions into this one answer another person said you know you said that we shouldn't raise quotas think and I were you know was probably talking off the cuff a little bit there Elmo specifically uses the term in testimony as well and I'm pleased to 32 that we should not defy the laws with respect to not working so not working on Sunday does not constitute receiving the mark of the beast what constitutes receiving the mark of the b. is when Sunday worship becomes come 3 and that's in stage 2 Yeah you can still worship on Sabbath but you also have to worship on Sunday that's compulsory worship and when you go along with compulsory worship that's the mark of the beast now it is true that I'm white says that we can hold religious services on Sunday but that's a voluntary and that's what I would consider to be during times that want to be considered regular worship hours maybe she would also consider that to be Ok in normal circumstances but when when we reach a point when Sunday worship is complete history when it's and forced before you even get to the point where you can buy or sell or you'll be fined or imprisoned when it's required by law that's the mark of the beast and remember some will receive the mark of the beast in their forehead or in their hand and so that was definitely you know some of the questions that came in were pertaining to the stages and when the more comes there were some Another good question that came in was yes we will leave the the cities for sure that's the final point of leaving the city moving out of the city during the Sunday law it's better to leave even before then. But during a lot of crime a suggest a lot of prime ministers will give shoed the cities as well and so we'll continue to work the cities as well. If we can as long as it's safe to use a. We shouldn't be living in the cities by the time the sun the law comes in of course things will escalate in the cities to the point where the I'm sure there will be a point worth no longer safe to work for cities but as long as it's safe to work the cities we should work the cities from outpost centers so those are some good questions there were a number of other questions that came in and I'm fully aware of that and so we will get to as many as we can and probably at the end with the holes session dedicated to just the questions that have comments of thank you for your questions and again you can see here on the screen if you have a question send it to contact out of your 1st or g. and courage to do that also just a reminder if you want a book that deals with practicality as well as prophecy it covers both angles now is a great time to be starting in time prophecy so this book that I've written and doing all you can get from around the publications if you haven't had a chance to get a copy of it encourage you to do so and also if you have friends to do you think would benefit from studying get copies for them or let them know about it so at this point we're going to have a word of prayer as we enter into the presentation and we're going to ask the Lord to guide us through this presentation so by your heads with me as we begin this presentation Father in heaven we thank you for this opportunity to study and learn and I pray that as I share on this topic that it would be clear in that we would see the straightforward manner of how things are going to change in this world and how things are changing and what the end result of this will be and so guide me as I speak may have made my thoughts be clear and may understanding of those who are listening be given as well so I pray this in Jesus' name amen. So. The title for this week's presentation is the new world order now I'm sure this is going to generate a lot of interest especially based on the title and as you can see from this picture in the title we have President George h.w. Bush who was president of the United States from 989-2993 here you have Pope John Paul the 2nd they were key players in the development of this new world order that we're going to discuss some of the say this at the very outset just so that I make this clear this is not going to be a presentation that is a waste with conspiracy theories what I'm going to share is basically on the record well documented it's been it's been discussed in main stream news media organizations on down this isn't something that you can only get from secret files from someone's. Back library that they stole from some secret library somewhere overseas this is straightforward information and you're going to see very clearly as we go through this presentation that the New World Order is something that the Bible clearly talks about is not described in necessarily with that term what is in the Bible doesn't use the term New World Order but this is language that is being used in the area that we live and that we can see how it fits with what the Bible says and so that's what we're going to look at and again we're going to look a little bit at history in recent history along with what the Bible says and some of them as we are historic system so we use Bible prophecy and we fit it with 4 year major significant. Historical events and that's what historians and looks like prophecy with clear historical events put together and that's have a God speaks through his fears were prophecy history that together we can see the hand of God as he moves and so we're going to look at the New World Order this week and so let's look at this now the 1st thing I want to mention is this article from Time Magazine February 24th 1902 in titled holy alliance it's a front page title for Time magazine which. Especially when I was growing up in the 1980 s. and into the 1900 Time magazine and and Newsweek those were the 2 major news magazines in the u.s. News and World Report was also a very significant news magazine and Time magazine was probably at the lead those of you who like Newsweek may see otherwise but the point is this Time magazine is a major news magazine this was in the sun. Back with a newspaper article this was a major article in a major news magazine written February 24th 1992 by Carl Bernstein a famous reporter who along with Bob Woodward brooch the Watergate story in the 1970 s. and so. This article entitled holy inot Alliance destroyed I just the alliance that developed between President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul the 2nd and the article describes the 1st meeting that took place at the Vatican on June 7th 1900 here which lasted for nearly an hour Bernstein describes this as one of the great secret alliances of all time. And in this meeting Reagan pledge the economic and military power of the United States the support the Solidarity movement and Poland and the pope pledged his political assistance from the Vatican and through that alliance in supporting the solidarity movement which some of you may remember with led by the black while less This helped total Perth significant political and economic and even military pressure on the Soviet Union which eventually led to its collapse and those of you who lived during that era and I was a kid during this era but it was big enough that even I knew what was going on this wasn't just minor stuff this was major world. Geo political issues that came to a climax in there in this time and so. Just 5 years after that meeting in. President Reagan's 2nd term on June 129871 of the most iconic moments of his presidency standing at the Brandenburg Gate of the Berlin Wall. President Reagan famously says Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall he had been told by the his advisors to leave that line out of a speech and he said I'm the president the winds theys in the speech and sure enough to years later the Berlin Wall came crashing down and I still remember the significance of that moment and. I remember we didn't have a television in our house and we want to go to my grandparents' house to watch the news because this was such a major thing and I was only 12 years old when when that happened and I'll never forget the the feelings of that that that Monet created that the east in the West in Germany had been divided and the wall came crashing down of the some of the collapse of communism in the union in Eastern Europe now the Soviet Union came to its final home lapse in 1991 the by 989 this was a significant development and so this. Leads to the next point of of of what I'm going to face here about the new world order so you know I remember. Going to camp meetings again as a child and I guess I was a little bit different in the sense that I enjoyed going to the adult meetings I wanted to hear Mark Finley and Kenneth Cox and Batchelor And Joe crews and speakers the like of that rather than just singing songs for 2 hours or whatever was in Mind you they did good programs that can mean don't get me wrong they were good children's programs but I wanted to hear the of the meetings and so I remember when the iron curtain was up and we understand from Bible prophecy that the United States is going to unite with the papacy she form a Sunday law and you know the speakers had to admit look we have this Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union doesn't allow God into its contrary and so you know it's atheistic and Eastern Europe is like this and so there had to be some significant events that would take place if for the stage to peace on the world stage for the United States to be the superpower to work in its or in harmony with the papacy so that there could be a Sunday one and as long as the iron curtain was up in Eastern Europe in the Soviet Union that made it very difficult so $989.00 the Berlin wall comes crashing down 191 the Soviet Union has collapsed and this. Leads the way for what I'm going to discuss next now this term the new world order was actually initially used by President Woodrow Wilson shortly after World War One came to its conclusion when the League of Nations which predates the United Nations was developed so for those of you who. Again remember. Fairly recent American history again I remember where I was the evening of the Gulf War started on August you know 1900 we were living in a huge he pines Institute we had just moved there a month earlier actually and we were in prayer meeting at the church and I still remember Dr Calvin thrash came into the church and his wife Dr Agatha thrush was leading out and the prayer meeting session and he interrupted her presentation to say we need to have prayer because this the war started the bombs of started in Baghdad and you know you never forget those things I was 13 when that happened and so that's obvious to 990. Just a little over a month later the president of the United States President George h.w. Bush gives a speech on broadcast television and he talks about a big idea that's the term they use these as if the big idea it's a new world order and ironically enough it was given on September 11th 1900 just 11 years before that the famous September 11th of this was September 11th 1990 he gives the speech about a new world order now what was this new world order about. This is and again we're just so keep our foundation and framework connected here we're going to get to what the Bible says about prophecy in the end of the world that we're looking at he prophetic events that have happened in the United States of America which we see in Revelation 13 it's a significant time player to understand how the United States can be that in time player so when the Soviet Union collapses by 991 the Berlin Wall come crashing down that opens up the door for the United States to really become a major the major superpower so what President George h.w. Bush was looking for in this new world order and look this isn't all bad by any means nuclear disarmament of the Soviet Union Hey I'm glad that it's not like it was during the Bay of Pigs when Americans weren't sure if the Soviets were going to shoot nuclear missiles from Cuba into the United States I'm glad that we don't have that figure today so nuclear disarmament that was not a bad thing and then German reunification that was not a bad thing for families were reunited so it's not as if this whole thing is this terrible but there were things that are taking place from this new world order that George h.w. Bush was advocating for that clearly created a new dynamic compared to those who grew up during the Cold War on the armed curtain and from this new world order the United States took full lead as the leading global superpower now yes Russia's though a player in world geopolitical events the question in China is but a 7th they have in the us we understand that. If you can find China or Russia in time prophecy they are fairly minor players I have my fonts on where China and Russia may be represented in Daniel 11 for example. But it. China and Russia are not the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13 so that places the United States in a very special place that's why we do pay attention to what the president of the United States is saying and what was Congress is passing those are significant because the way the United States operates fits into our understanding of end time events so we do want to be paying attention to these scenarios so obviously as some of the advice from President George h.w. Bush. Talked about this new world order our intent is went up and of course that was a speech given way back in 1990 that's 30 years ago now so it it's not as the president George h.w. Bush says a new world order and then 6 months later there's a Sunday off but this is just again showing you the flow of history from the 1983 where we are now and I some of the significant changes that took place of the United States is in a position to do some things that it was unable to do 30 years ago or prior to 30 years ago during the Cold War so. Obviously most of us who are following along with this presentation were alive on 911 September 11th 2100 years to the day after President George h.w. Bush gives his speech about the new world order and. This terrorist attack that Hicks place and again I'm not saying that this is some sinister plot that was part of a new world order I'm just saying that this attack that happened. Led to what we call the global war on terror and by this time President George h.w. Bush a son President George w. Bush is the president on 911 and chief 1001 and there's been the Clinton presidency between and so. Now we see that the United States takes further the further away eat as the global power in this war and so this you know. It was a tragic event coming out of nowhere suddenly and. This did strengthen the United States however they are to take the lead as the global power power in the war on terror they we as Americans can say that as a as the United States of America our country took the lead in this war on terror and I'm not going to go through every must think what's happened since 911 but obviously the world changed and you know here's the thing it's been 19 years since 911 and I still remember where I was the moment I found out about 911 I was a 2nd year medical school school student I wasn't sure that I would finish medical school before the end of the world came when that happened because it was such a significant thing but here we are in the year 2020 but again it's a development of signposts that show that Jesus is coming again so here's what we can say in the year true and 20 the United States of America is the global superpower now we're not going to get into the necessary amount of the current political scene with you know President Trump and the Democrats and the Republicans conservatives and liberals and all that kind of thing because the 7th Avenue is really we have a. Bigger picture of Vive of what's happening in the world around us now you know we may talk a little bit more about some of the dynamics that are happening in the United States of America that are significant and I do have some concerns about some of the things that are happening and how it fits into Bible prophecy and not how it fits into any personal political preferential use but how it fits in she where we are. In the world scene on the prophetic timeline and you know between 844 of the 2nd coming were. Looking for events not time prophecies to be fulfilled. So. The basic point of what I've shown you so far is that President Reagan. Helped to initiate a cascade of events where the United States and the Papacy started working much more closely together an alliance was formed that more or less has been maintained between the United States and the papacy. Ever since then and that alliance hoped to lead to the downfall of the Soviet Union and Communist Eastern Europe which then allow President George h.w. Bush after the Reagan presidency to come along and advocate for what's called the New World Order and in this new world order the Soviet Union was this armed from its nuclear power which is significant because that establishes the United States as a the leading nuclear superpower an economic and military superpower in the world and there were you know if Eastern Europe becomes. To remove from the the the communist scene so to speak as symbolized by the reader for cation of Germany and and then we have this major event 911 that really changes the. The framework of how the world operates in this war on terror begins and now here we aren't 4020 Under doing this pandemic kens civil unrest and so we want to look now at. What the Bible says. About this new world order and the United States being a global superpower because you have to admit whatever you think of the term New World Order it's a different world order than it was when the Soviet Union had its role as a superpower in the backyard of the papacy this is a different world order but the Bible talks of. The changing of the world order as well and the 1st change of attitude with respect to recent history as it relates to the United States of America is actually seen in Revelation Chapter 13 verse 3 and so if you have your bible I'm going to read a longer I'm going to read. Actually verses one through 3 of Revelation 13 Revelation 131 through 3 says and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the having 7 heaven 10 horns and upon its horns 10 crowns and upon a says the name of blasphemy and we know that this beast is the Roman Catholic Church they power and talk about this a little more in verse 2 says in The Beast which I thought was life and a leopard in his feet were as the feet of a bear and as mouth as the mouth of a lion Now this is the composite of the beast from doing of 7 and the dragon that Satan gave him his power in the sea in great authority and notice verse 3 and I saw one of his wounds as it were wounded to death and his death the Wound was healed and all the world wondered after the Beast now we understand from verse 5 and if we go back to Daniel 7 we look at this power to rule for 1260 years so when it when one of us heads was wounded to death we call that the death they were in and that's happens in 798 that was a change of the world order in 798 because from 53821798 you have a union of church and state through the Roman Catholic Church they power the papacy and so that's the world order for 1260 years you know we've been from 798 will be your true any true Any that's a mere 222 years compared to 1260 years and so you have this World Order. For 1260 years where the church controls the state power that's the world over that that word world order changed in the 790. In 798 the Roman Catholic Church they power wast control over the state when the pope was taken captive that's a change of world order and so right at that time the United States is coming up out of the earth as a new power on the earth of the lamb like be simmering to talk about that being lamb like means that it has Christian features and some people bristle of at the idea of calling the United States a Christian nation will the Bible actually says it will had 2 horns like a land so it was based on Christian principles that's what the Bible says and so this is significant that a at the time that the papacy receives the death of the one in $798.00 the United States of America comes onto the scene of verse history prophetically and this is a new world order in 798 you have to admit though this is terminology that is modern but if you look at that that's a change in the world order where now you have a 2nd beast coming out of the scene that's based on the principles of civil and religious liberty one from 1260 years you would have. Tyranny and so that's significant So now let's look at this a little bit further we just read the verses about the 1st piece the Revelation 13 where I had. The body of a leopard the feet of a bear in the mouth of a wine so that the composite of of media Persia Greece and Rome and the mouth of the wine. Seized me in Babylon as well but the line represents Babylon so the composite made of Persia and Greece and Babylon and then of course it has the features of Rome was there but the mouth of a lion means that the Beast of Revelation 13 speaks like Babylon and your speech comes from your mind. The frontal lobe is where your speech center is located so your speech comes from the mind and so he's speaking like a bad one out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and Revelation 135 says that this lion or this would be had a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies for 42 months of During the 1260 years and we see Daniel Chapter 7 and I go through this in the much greater detail on a study on the verse that was recently put called the Sunday law. Daniel Chapter 7 you have this little foreign power that comes up after you have the lion the bear the leopard in the dreadful beast with feet of iron and this little horn has a mouth speaking great things and it's mentioned 4 times that I have a mouth speaking great things and specifically and Chapter 7 verse 25 it says that he will have a mouth speaking great things and he shall Fink to change times and laws and he will wear out the saints of the most high for the. Time time the dividing of time is which is 1260 years so. Revelation $135.00 you have the composite beast that has the mouth of a lion which is spiritual Babylon. And he has a mouth speaking great things I'm blasphemies for 42 months which is the 1260 years Daniel 725 says that the Little Horn has a mouth speaking to read things and he will think to change times and lost so what's the blasphemy that is spoken that is that it is speaking such great things it's suspicious King in a way that you think you can change the law of God and nations speak through was and the Papacy spoke of great things by thinking it could change Sabbath the Sunday so you can see the change from Sabbath the Sunday by attempting to change the law of God through the waterborne power mentioned 4 times in a 7 and then here in Revelation 13 with the papal power who received this power through and through already from the dragon who is seeing you see in Revelation 135 that he has a mouth speaking great things and was amazed which is again changing Sabbath the Sunday so this is an interesting. 2nd beast or Revelation 13 it comes up out of the earth it has 2 forms like a lamb so we understand that these horns of the horns for a kingdom represent the power that drives that nation or that kingdom and the chew corners that drive this beast that comes up out of the Earth this is the United States of America that is in there with a nation on earth that came up out of the earth out of an unpopulated area at the same time that the papacy receiving a deadly wound in $78.00 other than the United States of America the United States is the greatest nation on earth it has the greatest geo political power on earth there's no question about that and the thing that drove its power when it came up on the earth when you look at the Constitution when you look at the Declaration of Independence is the separation of church and state civil and religious liberty and the other way of describing this is Republicanism not Protestantism though if you've heard me speak before he heard me say this this is not me in the Republican Party Republican as a means that a one percent minority are protected by the Constitution from a 99 percent majority from voting away their civil and religious liberty. Republicanism means that of a group of law abiding citizens cannot have their constitutional rights violated by the majority so the majority cannot vote into a walk for example saying that everyone has to worship on Sunday if a minority such as they happen to say that violates their religious liberty we're law abiding citizens and so the Supreme Court according to the constitution should then rule against such a law to say you're violating the religious liberty of this group of water biting citizens who worship on Saturday instead of Sunday that's how Republicanism works and of course Protestantism is a religious liberty so that's what has made America what it is as a lamb like a nation those of the Christian principles that drive America and those Christian principles then mean that a fetus have civil liberties any other religious beliefs have civil and religious liberties you can worship according to the dictates of your conscience or do not worship as long as you're a law abiding citizen you're not going around and shooting people are holding them hostage or stealing your robbing or or burning down buildings you have a right to free speech and to express your views as long as you are breaking the law of the land that's America that's what the United States of America is about. However Revelation 13 says that this lamb or this beast which is the lamb like will speak as a dragon Now remember the dragon gave his power see an authority to the 1st beef meaning it's one of the 1st piece peace and he has a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies he speaking based on the authority of the dragon. And the 1st beast which is the Roman Catholic Church the power which spoke Briefing's them blasphemies by trying to change God's law when the 2nd beast speaks like a dragon and that means the 2nd beast speaks like the 1st beast and again a beast which represents the kingdom when it's Be speaks through with law so when the 2nd beast which is the 5th of America speaks like a dragon it's going to speak the same way the 1st be spoken that is through the national summit because the 1st to be thought of mouth speaking great things that he tried to change God's law during the 1260 years then the world order changed in 79 be it where you have a new nation that advocates for civil and religious liberty but eventually the world order will change that to the way it was before 798 and this is the national Sunday law so get this Revelation 133. We have already signed that one of it's heads it was one to death that was a change in the world order in $798.00 but then it says and his death the Wound was healed the dead the wound will be fully healed when the papacy has power over the state again that's the Sunday law that's when all the world wonders after the beast and verse forces they worship the dragon which gave power into the beast so when worship is involved and when the deadly one is healed meaning there is a walk in place that allows the dragon to be worshiped through the beast power that's the National some new high and that is the change in the world order and so if you want to talk about the new world order what is the true New World Order according to Bible prophecy that shrewd New World Order is the national Sunday why we keep coming back to that you again you're saying how crucial this national summit is because the national Sunday law is going to violate the religious and civil liberties of law abiding citizens in America and eventually to the whole world which we're going to see it go through the whole world who say I cannot according to my conscience worship on the 1st day of the week the 7th day of the week is my day of worship according to what the Bible says and so when the death they want is healed based on what the United States of America does then we will have the New World Order Now interestingly it's not just Revelation 13 that talks about the world wondering after the beast in Revelation Chapter 17 and we're not going to go through the whole chapter that's quite the study but I do have some studies on audio verse on Revelation 17 if you're interested what I say then is what I believe now goes through the whole chapter. And by the way the 7 heads are not 7 perps in case you're wondering but it's important to understand what all of that means but in Revelation Chapter 17 verse 8 it says the Wii Fit without Saddam was and is not in show a Send out of the bottomless pit and go into preditions and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world when they hold the beast that was in is not and yet is so give this there is this beast that was is not and show a sense of there is past present and future you clearly see here that when it comes out of the bottomless pit that's in the future that the world show wonder they who do all the earth shall want to that's been honest with Revelation $133.00 all the world shall wonder after the beast and so if you want to understand Revelation Chapter 17 you understand that 7790 is the dividing line between the past the present in the future because the beast that was is the papacy but in $798.00 it receives a deadly winter now it is not but in the future when there is a Sunday when all the world want to after the beast that means it shall ascend and so there's the 6th head which currently is it can't be the papacy that's actually the United States of America which gives religious liberty but then out of the United States of America you have the following Protestant Church of the one the still support the papacy prior to the deadly one being healed of this so there's a lot going on there but the United States is the 6th the papacy was the 5th and then the 7th or the tanking of the year if you will reign one hour with a b.. 30 that if you haven't looked to before. So they who do on the Earth show want to that's the son they lost and the Beast will ascend I notice this revelation 712 says and the 10 horns which you saw are 10 kings which have received no kingdom as yet that's the 7th the 7th head of the 7th kingdom and that 10 horns are the 10 kings 10 represents universal being meaning all the kings of the earth commit fornication when the United States which is the 6th earth the the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy is the beast in Revelation 13 or the kingdom that succeeds the papacy and so in Revelation 17 when the United States of America forms an image to the 1st beast that means that then the kings of the years will unite with the United States of America to come together with the papacy to reign want to enter with the Beast now that one hour is not prophetic time it's a short period of time and then they will make war with the lamb and so Revelation 17 is actually shown that there is going to be a wanted world of government where the kings of the earth including the United 5th of America unite with the papacy and this is the new world order it's going to be a one world government with all the kings of the earth uniting to form one kingdom for one hour with the beast who was prior to $78.00 is not after $78.00 but it shall send when the deadly wound is healed and all the world wonder that of the beast so. That's when the Sunday law goes universal The Sunday was not just going to be in the United States it's going to go to Universal and I read a couple of statements this is great kind of receive 583 that you agree errors the immortality of the soul and send a signal to Satan will bring the people under is this while the former lays the foundation of spirituals in the light of creates a bond of sympathy with around the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hand of spirituals them they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold genius this country will follow in the steps of Rome and trampling on the rights of conscience and so the rights of conscience here in America will be trampled upon and then testimonies volume 5 page 4511 Protestantism Szell stretch your hand across the Gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism when under the influence of this threefold Union our country should repudiate every principle of its constitution as a Protestant and republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of people fall for them delusions then we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan and that the end is near. So that time's coming and the notice of this this is showing that there's going to be Enter National some new laws but notice this 7 b.c. $977.00 the Bible Commentary volume 7 when our nation and its legislative council shall on that top enact laws to bind the consciences of men in regard to their religious and privileges enforcing Sunday observance and bringing oppressive power to bear against those who keep the 7th day sabbath the law of God will cheer all intents and purposes be made void in our land and national apostasy will be followed by national ruin and so we're going to see the judgment of God being poured out on this nation national apostasy will be followed by national ruin. Now here is the international Sunday law because some of said oh it's only going to be in the United States this is clear evidence that the Sunday law becomes international universal in the sense of around the world just might as well and 6 page 18 as America the land of religious liberty should show unite with the papacy and forcing the conscience and compelling men to honor the false Sabbath the people of every country on the pull up will be led to follow her example and so all the countries of the global compelled men and honor the false Sabbath and then 7 are Volume 7 of the testimonies page $141.00 of the substitution of the laws of man for the law of the exaltation by merely human authority of Sunday in place of the Bible Sabbath is the last act on the trama when this substitution becomes universal God will reveal himself he will arise in his Majesty to shake terribly the earth and by the way if you want to study that phrase or hear rises to shake share with your 30 Isaiah chapters to 3 and 4 for that phrases fan and you'll see some very interesting connections to what happens at the end before Jesus comes back so we see that the New World Order is. The United States becoming the leading global superpower and as the United States has become of the leading Google of global superpower Yeah you have China you have Russia you have some economic power in these other countries but the United States is clearly the leading global superpower and they will unite with the papacy to bring about a son in law and they will also unite with spiritualism so that supernatural manifestations will be brought forth to make it appear as if God is on the side of this false religious movement the United States takes the lead it will be foremost in reaching out to clasp the hands of spiritual Islam and the papacy but then it will go universal it will go throughout the entire world that's the New World Order of the one world government with the kings of the earth will unite one that will work with the beast and then they will make war with the lamb on the lamb will return them and they will make war over the land specifically through the persecution of the saints and through the death of 3 so there's a lot that we've looked at but what I want you to get from the presentation today is this. Yes there is a new world order that is coming and yes it is in development right now we would be blind if we didn't see that rather than looking for obscure things in x. in obscure places where there's a Jesuit at every corner whatever it may be look at the big picture see what President Reagan did see where President George h.w. Bush did they were the presidents of the United States what they did we see very clearly from history there's no doubts about it and it's paved the way through and I awaiting atheistic Soviet Union bringing the Iron Curtain down it's paved the way for the United States to be in perfect position now as the world is becoming more and more fragile the United States is in the perfect position to unite with the papacy and spirituals and to a force of some a lot compared to 30 years ago we're in a much stronger clear were placed for the United States to fulfill Bible prophecy based on what Revelation 13 and what Revelation 17 teach and so you know don't go chasing every rabbit trail about conspiracy theories just realize that yes there is a new world order that's coming and that new world order is a national Sunday while the becomes the universal that turns into a one world government and that leads to the death of Korea and Jesus will be coming and so that's that's our message for today so yes the New World Order is is close. And I'm not saying that it's going to be President Trump That's the president that will pass the son in law but you get the point realistically any president for the last many number of years could have been that person that if God's people were ready and the bottom line is Jesus coming and seen Jesus is coming soon and we want to be ready to me and so I want to invite you to come back next week where we are going to study the concept of the little time of trouble is not a phrase them I specifically eases But you see that concept in her writings and in Scripture and we're going to unpack that further next week so I encourage you to come back before we end this meeting though why don't we have a word of prayer and half of it or to losses so let's pray Father in heaven we thank you for being with us in our presentation this evening there's a lot to consider we see the New World Order developing we see the crisis of the ages on the horizon Loren I pray that as we see the signs that again we would lift up our heads. And remember that our redemption your house your hope is to be ready for that day and may come sooner pray this in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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