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Winsome Witnessing, Part 1

Gary Gibbs


Gary Gibbs

Vice President for Hope Channel



  • October 21, 2005
    8:00 PM
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our prayer I pray the father in heaven we do want to thank you now that we can come in I just want to ask father that your glasses we open your word as we study together that you give us your spirits and may we sense that when we leave this place tonight the asking price name amen when someone is saying is a play on words I am a convert to and into some convert to Christianity as well I might add I was seventeen years old and I was well in the world I was a member of any other church but I was interested I was seeking I was looking for Bible truth and the time in Beals nineteen seventy nine seconds anyhow why everything into higher macro quickly but nineteen seventy nine we wouldn't wait again mile long gas lines to buy gasoline then he remember that they were born in seventy nine I know that the mile-long lines to get gasoline and I think this kind of parallel in our day today not with a gasoline lines yet insists what they're charging us what you know with the turmoil in the world there was turmoil and the World Bank especially in the Middle East to see that today all the storms in the chaos that we had today and what that does is that stirs up people and they start thinking what's happening in our world and if you listen the people that is the conversation of people wanting once thought why what are we having so many catastrophes and wise nature gone berserk and why do we have all these problems right now and some people would like to bring blame it all George Bush am sure he has his finger in it somewhere along the line but I don't think you can control the weather and as much as he tries to settle Middle East conflicts he's not been to settle at one eight hundred Bible says the refining till Jesus comes but back then I was searching no stifle the Lord brought me to I wrongly assumed through a series of meetings of the Adventist church sponsored evangelistic series of meetings and of course is the new convert I was all excited about what I was learning I had to go out however the annual of the first things you tell every body is a Sabbath is on Saturday and a note the second thing is you tell everybody that holds the antichrist but when I went here sorry with the and and the third thing no the third thing is Utah revising the convert the market agrees Margulies is something I revised the one hell who builds it feels drizzle something that's not win some witnessing and I found out very quickly it took years to undo some of the damage that had LA owns this type of witnessing this gentleman 's out in the local shopping mall and witnessing these the starlight wife finishes are shopping perhaps you would like to get ready designing Hansen the track on salvation and sometimes that is our method of witnessing you know were telling people you know yet right now you're going to die here to get the seven last plagues of known in the market of these are about this guy this is the evangelism he sees this guy over here arises at man looks like he needs a track in the sky there is smoking and drinking his beer thinking shallow thought to say the guy jumps up bonsai lands on unholy survival in Oregon he wrestles of to the ground take my tractable way the guy fights his life rate runs off when I still shouting you must believe but I like that bottom liners is what ways I I sold some seats you have your felt that way you know the midst of the of failure witnessing that while at least I settled since the annual have people that are that the know there's a way to witness that is when some and it will wince under Christ but there's another way witness and I believe his act inspired by the devil himself and I think it's mentioned right here nine sixteen member of the demoniac that the demon possessed young lady followed Paul and Lee Silas along behind them and she said that's these men are the service of the most high God which show unto us the way of salvation bill and answer questions or anything wrong with what she said nothing wrong is that these men are the service most like God was showing to us the way of salvation ethic about back there in Paul's day you couldn't send out the handbills advertising meetings because my television ads newspaper ads billboards space so this was great advertising this lady following along who had a reputation in town as being someone connected to the gods and it was not a foreign God for these people is the type of God they worship and so she's got instant credibility and she is going along to sign babies or people from go in there to show us children of the shelves later salvation you think you would want that I know that this evangelist the preacher by one and sound and the pastor of the largest non- Adventist church in town got up in his pulpit and said it I don't hear that guy over there he's been a jealous way of salvation I'd like that as a bring a crown but you know what here's what Paul said was really witnessing to even though there was nothing wrong with what she said but Paul being great turn instead to the spirit I commanding the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and he came out the same hour the demon inner weapon time out of her so her witness was a negative witness because God did not want Paul and his message to be associated with this demon possessed young lady didn't matter she said the right thing her influence in who she was was all wrong and that even though releases are the right thing it would all lenses itself to a wrong witness volume for the testimony says this the manner in which truth is presented often has much to do in determining whether it will be accepted or rejected efficient talk about what his society she said what the manner in which you present your often determines what is going to be accepted or rejected now I've met people that I know and I have done this myself where my matter was not right but some people make that their whole method of evangelism to go browbeating people over they had with the truth I know none of you would do that would you like method I've met people I thought when some witnessing actually grew out of the church that I pastored that he grew out of a lot of experiences led some light vessels raises economic church I pastor where the conference president on hold maze of you know your pastor this church year you do well here you can do anything I did not have a clue what he was saying what he was saying is this church eats pastors for breakfast since that's about it I did have a close new and young and athletes I think it is survived here you'll do anything because it was it was us that he passes out every two years and had been for about thirty years that we had a reunion of pastors and other guys want to come back they may vastly base I was selling cellular yell they still doing what they were doing back when I was there elevated that we were there yup it only are they still doing that today is okay now I can't make it possess this describes one of our dear members in the church volume one of the testimony twenty God is angry with those who pursue a course to make the world hate them if a Christian is hated because of his work for following Christ he will have a reward but it is hated because he does not take a course of the law hate it because it is uncultivated manners and because it makes the truth of the matter quarrel with his neighbors it takes a course to make the Sabbath as annoying as possible to them if they should stop this sentence somewhere along your right eye sees is seamlessly run into some of these people in her native is it is even adding on here thanks of course to make the Sabbath in the way is a stumbling block to sinners a reproach to the sacred truth and it wasn't worth it were better for him that a millstone were hung about his neck and he were cast into the sea like Elisha will spawn two hundred and sixty does not even affects a little bit here no occasions should be given to unbelievers to reproach her faith were considered on an singular and should not take a course delete unbelievers of a dozen or so that our faith requires us today I would do same in an ultralight that often I see people writing that one down and was sure that with their friend insurance I remember I pastored in a south eastern city of very famous historical southeastern city or the civil rights movement start Montgomery Alabama and by your from Alabama and the former members or relatives of people and tell stories about right now and I don't see anywhere I felt terrible joke one time out of about Arkansas and family from markets all they are they didn't think it was pleasant after I was done with that but up I have a member who did not appreciate the fact that our church was integrated in Montgomery Alabama is a you live in a time warp he thought we were still in the sixties and here we were in the eighties and the nineties at this time as a hidden appreciate anybody of color coming for church even though we had we had a their animals those pleasant to have ninety one is anyone stand and make it his job to stand in the foyer and tell people that blacks and whites should not worship together you believe in God from the church in that church had let him do that nobody said anything filmed like him along with the do not do that not many church I pastor why not is it because you know Bill it's not going to do it here then he proceeded to threaten to punch me out and then I said and you're not going to do that in an fact you are not to be an elder anymore and you're not to be teaching Sabbath school anymore with this attitude in the Sidonia and we want to the board meeting and he said he said he won't likely to start a school anymore and I said and tell them why none of the board believes this and he said because I was out of punch your teeth out and he said I would've done it to the whole board looked at me and looked at him and mouth hung open and they said we didn't really believe you sales I think he wants but he was a guy that was out witnessing bulimic ideality witness I did I learn this very soon after I got there as a pastor we had a big job hayride in the fall out on this form the Jasons was formed in a mobile home court and he invited all the folks in the mobile home court over to witness to them and as I was getting acquainted with my new members walking around a big bonfire and whose great time so I walked up one is witnessing and about one eighty 's people from the mobile home court and I walked up I can hear him say the pope as antichrist Sunday is the market of its and some dear Catholic in that circle so now I can use is full of hate and he said no I like pastor Paul many ground they put me in the center is ah Ron you know what it is that you get to your well can I say that you're damned if you do them the feeling of the sentence anyway the whale is the AI did not design and I realize this guy was one used kamikaze witnesses witnesses nineties out destroying people all the time so that's not a winsome witness and Ellen White says you know those type of people need to wear a beautiful necklace Millstone and be thrown into the depths of the same because they are witnessing for the devil and not for God and I believe it's these negative examples of witnessing that turned a lot of good people all from sharing their faith is they don't want to be like that only come on too strong we don't want to turn people off we don't want to turn people away from the kingdom of God 's we take it very slow and easy in fact sometimes so slow so easy that nobody would even ever know we were witnessing and maybe were not begin a lot of things that will scare people mourn anything else in the church is a tell Morgan to go out and we're going to go to get that look like you see in opossum size when you're driving down a dark dark road at night nicest guy gets frozen in his tracks and get a guy and he doesn't know what to do and sometimes witnessing is like you I don't know about you but I still don't like billing and knocking on the strangest or how maybe like to do that one other couple weird once here you like to do it down any others you like to does a God always gives you a few people like that those are the people you want to go out with and let them do all the knocking on the doors for you I still try to feel like that how someone am going to go out and witness no I don't think that the model for witnessing is just going out knocking on doors I think that's for some people and sometimes you need to do that but will I know being a neighbor being a friend looking for people were searching for truth that's the type of witness that we want to examine this weekend how do you do that how can we be a person introduces others to Christ so will be looking to fill a nasty question your feel like this when you think you're in your community to lots of creative thing to say to your neighbor or your friend or coworker you wonder how my gut I know they need God how my going approach that seals all these mental gymnastics how you are doing your feel nervous that this is one of the things that a lot of people tell me that keeps them back from witnessing it makes them nervous when they ask you a question what are you nervous about immediate nervously the event giving a Bible study or witnessing right Matthew what are you nervous about help me out with that saying the wrong thing to rejection yes the event that it am being asked the question that you don't know the answer to write at a bio say that a lot of causing someone to fall because you don't do it right the new one else for that pushing them away anyone else bringing the point of decision aids and they might not might not know how to get them through and you might do something ally said this one yeah I think I've heard it live you might do the wrong thing and cause them to be lost at the effort you reside say or do the wrong thing and then their loss all the things that you've mentioned here are common everywhere I thought this is the same type of things that we all share in common that make us nervous now really asked the question that we don't know the answer to say the wrong thing do the wrong thing and it's all the fall apart and I believe it's the devil it tries to get us nervous like that one of the biggest ones though is this question so real to talk about how you change your nurse letting that for you to start it is a hell my getting not be nervous about this let's talk about obtaining your nerves you don't have to have a theology degree the witness fact you might even be better off if you don't because sometimes those preachers we get so much in our head we think we got explained it all and really people don't need all of that I remember one time getting a Bible study is going to all this stuff as I thought this person needed and after I was all done the last thing I said click and they said it was the most simple answer is the most simple answer to their question and I gave that to them and they said well that's the answer why do you say that thirty forty minutes ago note so sometimes is better not to have all that knowledge is a very simple answer doesn't bomb was a guy that taught me to know a lot to share the Bible of someone else Bob was not a Christian he was not in Venice and he met a young Seventh-day Adventist barber began Bible studies with and then Bob's life started changing as he started studying the word of God Bob worked at a grocery story stock the shelves at night and it was all guys in their language was concourse and jokes recruit and they would laugh and cut up all night long will Bob stop laughing at the Johnson he stopped using coarse language and he started demonstrating that he had patience that he wasn't losing patience in getting angry was angry the Baltimore pencil people start nosing Bob Stinson is what's happened Bob is one studying the Bible and then he became the target of the jokes in the attack they start laughing again I said no it's real it's doing something in my life one of his coworkers gone off to the side one evenings of Bob you have change of notice that something is happening in your life you got a piece that you have before and I would like that same piece can you share with me what your study so Bob began studies with this guy now Bob would take the Bible study one we and the next wiki turnaround in that Bible study tools coworker he was only ever one Bible study and head of this coworker today Bob was baptized in New Haven Connecticut his coworker was baptized at Saint Sabbath in Bridgeport Connecticut next-door and he won again by just being one step ahead of them saw how far ahead of someone he needed me to believe in Christ really need to be a little step don't you as we don't have to have all the answers would all have to have the ultimate experience in witnessing we just need to know a little bit and be willing to share that little bit and I will find that God will bless us this statement here has always give me a lot of encouragement comes with Christ object lesson space three fifty four like to invite you to read it with now well on the screen here he'll begins with a little knowledge in a humble way and tells what he knows while seeking diligently for further knowledge will find the whole heavenly treasure awaiting his demand the more he seeks to impart my the more light you will receive the more one tries to explain the word of God to others with a lot of personal planer it becomes to himself pretty awesome statement is is a set the more we use our knowledge and exercise empowers the more knowledge and power we shall have you begins with how much knowledge a little and maybe qualify in little knowledge now all you need is a little and if your humble about it and tell what will you not familiar to you with a little you know and tell what you know while you're seeking for more lines you will get more life and I love this work try again to do is try to try doesn't try and does not guarantee success that's back it implies you probably don't fail some but if you just try to explain the word of God with the love for souls the word will become plainer to yourself and you'll begin seeing success of what we have are some conditions and promises here begin with a little knowledge that we have felt what you know seek to impart the line trying to explain the word in the promises are the whole heavenly treasure will be open to you you'll receive more light the world will become plainer to and you will get more knowledge and power is a vendor that those are awesome promises and those promises can be our reality just by trying this by getting out there and try I grew up half my childhood in Louisiana as you know from the news recently Louisiana has a lot of water but more water now than they've had before a few weeks ago by him in Louisiana they call it sportsman 's paradise you hunt and fish that's what you do in Louisiana and I do a lot of fishing and swimming but okay I learned how to swim it's the old way you throw the kid in the water and hope they swear they don't think around go get another cat actually nailed Louisiana is actually not a funny joke ever what just happened up in the San Francisco was among right moderator was my fisherman 's wharf woman's are crazy woman through her kid and the kids in the water really sad but literally I learned how to swim by just getting in the water and I was swimming a cross channel and halfway across I realize I wasn't a good enough swimmer for this then you become a Christian the new stirfry and my time my thoughts I got about twenty feet off the other bank there was a boat tied their and I grabbed hold of it just in time that's how I learn us liberals actually good swimmer after the experience is you learn to keep your head above water and witnessing sometimes feels like that you get out there and you start and you think you might drown you don't know the answers and all that but as you start something supernatural starts taking place the Holy Spirit actually starts giving you answers to questions he starts giving you ideas I went to train with an evangelist as a twenty -year-old and I arrived before he expected me to arrive and I hooked up with the guy that was going to train me and been within the previous meeting and he and I were walking up to the first door and I said what really glad you're here is a looking forward to learning from and he turned at me with worry it looks torturing other slaves literally taste of what you're supposed to be training me I said no no I don't know what I'm doing on here your training may you were with this guy before I was is is not all-knowing on doing the other and here we are standing at the store by this time and have rung the doorbell and and as soon as the guy opens the door this guy plans Optus it's totally quiet and cells left to meet a tall and I can talk so as you'll soon find out I start talking we going to in the house and if a police officer who's just gotten off duty for the shirt off my sizes uniform pants on his T-shirt the police officers are trained to intimidate and so on they are telling my little spiel that were here to give a Bible study and he starts and it's asking me all these questions always questions and intuitively I know if I start answering those questions this Bible studies going nowhere and so I start crying and as I do the Lord starts giving me things to say to him and the things that I learned in that first home I still used today in getting Bible stocks the Lord gave me things to say and actually a police officer said some things that make any things to say that I still used today that put people at ease when I first meet them and start to initiate Bible studies where did that come from I learned many witnessing course it came from being out on the pavement came from drowning being the cops home and having and stared down at me and start interrogating I needed help and when I needed help God gave so the wonderful position to find yourself in because God will do things for you and as you doing that little finest the strength interface you start realizing this is a supernatural experience the Holy Spirit communicating to some of my best insights into Scripture have call as a result of not knowing the answer I was I held an evangelistic meeting just about a year ago now in Wichita Kansas in which Dawkins is the and I was studying with the guy who is a very influential man in town wealthy finance unit and you know him and so on and we're studying together and this guy had every question you can imagine against South and it was started he was standing there with every question so we went out to lunch one day and having a three-hour lunch and daring that once she was asking every question and the Lord was getting the answers that I never thought of actually never thought before that a pastor I was with is a good friend of mine Don McIntosh and Olympic notes on I considered on a genius is very very smart knows the Bible very very well and so I I I feel very small next to Don he's very smart as auxiliary getting of these answers and both he and I went out and I said what if they and we both set we never thought about those things before but those were solid biblical answers the bottom line was at the end of our visit this gentleman was telling me he was saying you give me I want to think about as tears well up in size and the Lord was speaking to score and it was all because the Holy Spirit was there and I was not capable to go up against this guy will want but the Holy Spirit comes in and he starts giving you insights that I left on the spiritual heart please let me finish here with this quote from desire of ages there are those who for a lifetime I profess to be acquainted with Christ if you have never made a personal effort even one soul to the Savior that is a pitiful thing if that is your experience to go through your whole life he never made an effort to bring one sold the crises never had the joy of seeing God use you to bring one sold the Christ thing you really missed out that the blessings that God will give you if you make a commitment to be used of God to bring a sold price I believe God is waiting and looking for people who do that and we just go to Christ we say Lord I know now to do this and really don't and were tried before maybe I fail scared and nervous I can hardly string two sentences together want to talk about you the stranger were even someone I know when I want to be used by you Lord take what I have and use it Yahoo! News he will bless you she continues here one reason people do this as they leave all the work for the minister she says he may be well-qualified first calling but he cannot do that which God has left for him finishing with me the members of the church my friend that's us we are the ones who been call to share the gospel is not just the ministers and a huge if you depend upon the ministers were to going to be here a long long time we have to do the work I started out as a layperson with a passion to share Christ now is sharing Christ with my friends who were drinking and smoking and doing things that they should have been doing some of which were illegal but I was there Sharon Christ the results doing it was because Christ was welling up in my life and I want to encourage you this weekend as we meet together for us to pray and ask God does is give us a love for him to discuss the bubble out and that he'll give us opportunities and divine appointments to share him that irrespective of our knowledge or experience capabilities or talent that were dedicating ourselves and were asking God to use us and we know that he will but for father in heaven thank you so much for your wonderful love for us that love that reaches down across the video stores across the universe has come down to this planet we've touched our hearts lording it world through your son Jesus Christ Lord we pray you know there was a love for you that has to be expressed I was a false so in love with you and your ways and your truth that we have to share with others in the Lord we pray that you'll make us win some witnesses educators teach us we are faulty Lord we don't know what all by any means but we know that you know what on you know the pathway the people 's hearts as we open our minds and our hearts to be your channel to whom you can work to bring people to have I pray father especially vagal blastocysts out of this week spend these hours together I believe father that you have people you want to reach through Austin were gathered here you have specific names and line people and addresses people we may not even have that yet but your go to put our path very soon and I pray Lord that this week it will be practical experience in LBI time that we have with you we ask in Jesus name amen


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