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06 Prince of Prayer: Daniel

Darryl Bentley
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  • June 16, 2020
    7:00 PM


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Praise the Lord it was beautiful I meant I said that was beautiful the I'm in prayer is the Lord thank you thank you thank you Pastor Ron maybe when this is all over you can introduce me to that pastor Bentley I would love to meet that brother and I thank you for your kind words God is so good and I'm glad that the Lord is willing to work they're broken vessels I meant a ring staff called me and asked me about speaking for this evening and when he told me he wanted me to speak about Daniel I had to competing in the rapidly moving thoughts that passed through by mine when he told me Daniel the 1st thought that went through my mind was oh I know a lot about Daniel the 2nd thought that just surpassed just blowdry past it was Wow So does everybody you know what are you sure about Daniel I mean we just recently had a Sabbath school quarterly where what who did we talk about the entire quarter. And so I start praying and I tell you God is so good that God is an own time God and it was within moments of hanging up from that conversation that the Lord pressed upon my mind the exact direction where he wanted this message to go and I thought praise the Lord God a couple of weeks now to work on this message and then I get a text from Pastor Kelly somebody from village is going to be reaching out to get a little information and they wanted my sermon title I know how much I know I got a sermon title but in that moment God answered that prayer because once again I said Lord I need to know and before I got the email God had given me a sermon title tell me God's not amazing so to 9. I'm very thankful to be able to talk about Daniel I'm very thankful to be able to spend a few moments talking to you about the prince of peace let us pray prince of prayer for get your own sermon title Bentley look for a loving father. Want to thank you for being the awesome and wonderful God that you are I thank you father that you have given us this camp meetin the devil tried to rob us of our camp meeting but Lord you found a way you found a way for us to come together you found a way for us to to be fed to be encouraged to be spiritually invigorated father tonight I come to you as your son and when I need your help father I recognize that without your help I have nothing of any value to share but Lord with your help your word can come alive your word can teach us your word that is living and act can change us and so Lord tonight I plead that you would change this preacher make me what you need me to be the father I'm praying for my brothers and sisters we live in a world filled with distractions already in this moment please take away those distraction take away those things that would take our focus off of you and Lord let us dive into the word let the word come alive tonight because it's your word that changes lives so I ask for these mercies in Jesus' name amen. Want to take a little journey with you as we look at the life of Daniel. And my 1st thought went to the fact again most of us are familiar with them right I mean we know Daniel Ne Ne had a couple of friends right I actually had 3 that are specifically mentioned Do you remember their names and I don't want those pagan names I want their Christian names right we always hear about Shad Regni Shaq and what's ago but what were their Christian names right hand and I am Michelle and as the RIAA right so Daniel and I love Daniel that name to parch right Dan means judge and l. is taken from Elohim So Daniel is a name that recognizes that God is my judge how beautiful is that so we know about these guys were introduced to them and and we know that these are 3 guys that are more interested in following the God of have and then they are then filling their bellies. Because they were placed in a situation where they are brought into the courts of never can answer and they're given an opportunity to taste of the finest delicacies quick question for you how many of you love to eat come on some of you ought to be raising your hand I can tell you love the pastor really loves to eat your I praise God for good food for these guys had the best laid out but you know what did they want they recognize that what the world saw is the best was not necessarily what God had called the best do we live in a similar situation today yes or no absolutely Now we know that these guys were brought into a period of instruction and eventually at the end of that instruction they were going to be tested let me ask you this question did following God put them at the back of the class no no let's get into the scripture right when you open your Bible with me Daniel Chapter one Daniel Chapter one I'd like to go to verse 20 with me I hear pages but I can't hear them turn on i Phones and i Pads and other devices so when you're there can I hear a man please if you need more time say have mercy. We are under a time limit we're not going to wait on you here we go Daniel Chapter one Verse 20 they came down to this testing period notice how the Bible describes it is says in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them he found them to be the slackers and the worst in the field. That's not what the Scripture says no friends those of you that don't know me will quickly figure out that sometimes I misquote scripture I will give you the Bentley substandard version the Scripture actually says want he found them to be what's the number of things 10 times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his round friends they didn't just pass the examination Jeremy education superintendent they they didn't just pass the examination these were the valedictorians of the class praise God but these were the guys who shined far and above not only those that were tested right know just what it said these guys were just the sharpens ones in the class they were the sharpest ones in the around tell me God's ways not better tell me God's way doesn't get you through right what does the world say if you follow God you're going to miss out oh yeah I love missing out on hangovers don't you some of you were raised like pure as the wind driven snow you know what I hangover that's where all of us heathens used to drink alcohol and you feel like garbage the next morning but I sure miss that. God's way doesn't leave us out friends God's way doesn't cause us to miss out on things God's way gives us the best. And then you have and I am Michelle and I was a riot our testimonies to that and now notice as they pass this examination period they're brought into the courts of never can that is or I now present to you the captive princes as it were brought in from Judah we know that these are men of prayer. We're going to fast forward in a moment to talk to you about and King's question for you were ancient kings known for their patience and humility. Your kings were not known for their patience and humility in fact when an ancient can ask for something they wanted an answer immediately if not sooner yes or no that's as the story from Daniel Chapter 2 you guys all know it right we're 7th day adventists mean how many evangelist experience do we start out preaching then you're Chapter 2 right but that's the way I was trained I know I'm in Andrew's backyard but I did my undergrad a Southern and that's how I was trained to do evangelism I did graduate from the seminary so I represented both schools right but I love the story you have an ancient king who has a dream he can't quite remember or at least he doesn't want to say a whole lot about it and he certainly didn't understand the meaning right so he goes to the brain trust of Babylon and he says hey guys I need you to tell me what this dream is all about but don't just tell me the dream what it's about I need to know what the dream was all together what was their response well they probably used some colorful language to describe the predicament they were in but could they give never can that is there an answer yes or no. In the end they told him they said came this is impossible what you have asked to happen no man can do. Well they didn't know the God of heaven did the friends I want to be careful you know sometimes we paint these magicians these astrologers as people who had no resources friends I believe that they had plenty of resources that their disposal because they were connected to the leader of the 3rd of the fallen angels right I mean myself even in evangelism I said hey these guys couldn't get any answers they often gave answers and they did it through some weird things you can look into that yourself and friends these people were connected let's go to the Scripture again I want you to go with me this time to Exodus Chapter 7 hold you bring you there and then you were going to be coming right back. Exodus chapter want 7 and if you'll land with me in verse 11 we know the story of Moses right he said Lord I can't talk I can't do this he had every excuse in the book for the Lord Lord said I've got a sin Aaron with you finally we know he gives and he goes to Pharaoh they're asking to be released and you're going to show this miracle right you're going to take your staff and what was supposed to happen to the staff when it was thrown down turn into a serpent would not be cool to have you imagine young boys all over the I am. Moms be freaking out praise God The Lord doesn't use his handiwork for novelty. For entertainment Exodus Chapter 7 verse 11 Are you there with me. Also called the wise men and the sorcerers So the magicians of Egypt they also did in like manner they also threw down staffs with their enchantments for every man threw down his rod and they became one friends let me ask you do these people have power and connections yes or no was Aaron connected to a greater power of love this part what is there to the other rights. Rules up there and it says but the last part of verse 12 but Aaron's rod swallowed up their wrong. Friends I love the Aarons rod a few others but my point is we have Biblical evidence that those who practice the dark arts have connections Let's go back to Daniel now because those are demanded that his gaggle of wise men tell him his dream and the interpretation but no one could we all know that never can answer becomes filled with rage and he fires off with the curry again known for his patience and humility. What is his decree if you guys cannot tell me what I'm asking I'm going to kill every one of you and I want to burn your house down how's that for motivation. I believe that would get my attention right I mean I be tall so my bones are pouring you know blood over oil whatever they did all these I've been wanting to know something but that executioner begins making his way around we don't know how many had been lost but we know he comes to the door of Daniel's home and then you're kind of puts on the brakes and he says wait a minute what's the hurry what's the urgency can I chat with the King of France let me ask you something if a death the creature has been put out yet Daniel can walk into the presence of the king and have the brakes put on the death decree what does that say about Daniel's connection with the king. Ok you can't kill me can we can we can we slow down there's a God in heaven who will give me the answer if you just give me a little time then you goes back list notice what he says he comes back right then you 2 or you go go with me to Daniel to please you land in verse 17. Then you went where where did you go when to his house and made the decision known to him and I'm Michelle and I was a riot his companions that they might seek mercies from the God of heaven concerning the secret friends what was Daniel strategy to figure out what never can as are needed to know he went to his knee. And friends catch this lesson this is a powerful less he didn't just pray by himself he involved other people friends I'm here to tell you there is such a wonderful supporting power in other people also praying for you what are we told in James Chapter 5 that the fervent prayers of a lot and I know the verse the fervent prayers of a lukewarm Christian the fervent prayers of a righteous man does what. A very much right that's the old English way of thinking when it gets a lot done because it's not that man's righteousness it's the righteousness of Christ working through that man and those prayers are connected to the throne of grace yes or no praise God Well I don't have to tell you the rest of the story you know it they prayed the princes of prayer God revealed the dream he goes and tells never can Those are we all know how that story here fast forward now with me to Daniel Chapter 6 we're going to come to yet another story of Daniel's prayer life and this story we know was born out of jealousy and envy Aren't you glad we don't see any of that kind of stuff in the world now this aren't you glad that in the political season we're not I don't think anybody moated by just motivated by jealousy and envy do we. Unfortunately the green eyed monster so to speak are alive and well Daniel he was among the most trusted advisers to the king he shot court and now he is shining among the media Persians because he was why his visit wise counsel Daniel was elevated to be one of the top 3 advisors in the scripture goes on to tell us that he was going to be elevated to the top adviser just below the king the following God's ways doesn't get you anywhere does it God's way will always get you where he needs you to be where you can be most effective for him and sometimes even when we're trying to follow God's ways we look at other people and we try to say well so and so has that talent and and I'm not being blessed because I don't have that talent I looked over at my brother Joe Reeves pastor Rees playing the piano in Brother brother Reeves I love to watch you play the piano I know this brother but I love when I watch you play the piano it's almost like you're angry with it. But it's just that intensity if you say Mitt you know I'm talking about now everybody is going to be watching is he angry but I'm sick and I love to watch that and he and I work together in Tintin that can't meet in Pastor Joe I'm a little envious I wish I could play like that it's beautiful I heard singing tonight Pastor Rod and I looked at each other when we heard people singing tonight we said well up in heaven. We'll sing like that friends be content with what God has given you where he has placed you Daniel was functioning where he had been placed in because he was faithful God could use him the same is true for us can you say men to that but as he was being elevated those that we might refer to as indigenous leaders right Daniel was a captive that was brought in are you with me but those indigenous leaders those people who are part of the kingdom they look around and say wait a minute isn't this guy some some captive isn't he some holdover from a previous government which we overthrew Why is this guy the one that's been elevated so that jealousy that in the begin to deepen in their hearts so they come up with a plan you remember the plan right now let's read about it in scripture Let's see what it says for ourselves Daniel Chapter 6 and verse 7 are you there says all the governors of the kingdom the administrators and the traps the counsellors and involves ors have consulted together there before the king they're telling him he will listen Lord we're all in all this it's all of us it's not just my idea he has it's all of us. We consulted together to establish a royal statute and to make a firm decree that whoever petitions any God or man for 30 days except you shall be cast into the den of lions and so it was done nobody could worship any other god or idol for 30 days except the king and I love Daniel Chapter 6 in verse 10 it tells us that Daniel knew about this decree and he completely ignored it and he went right to his house he opened up the doors that allowed him to face towards Jerusalem and he went to his knees and he prayed to his God without regard or thought of what would happen to him he was most concerned with following his God and of course these guys knew that right we know that they counted on Daniel being consistent they counted on his character being for all us and they watched who carry guns. Here's number 2 who can more time. They couldn't wait to run to the king. King You know you made this decree right yeah you know that the law of the Medes of the Persians once it's been decreed can't be changed right. Well guess what you boy Daniel he's been praying to that old God of heaven. And now you've got to follow through and throw him into the lines we know the story and friends I want to say this to you I appreciate that the Bible bears out that various tried to do everything in his power to get Daniel out of that situation yes or no but here's what he didn't know he was trying to be the king to help then you look but that King didn't know that Daniel had the King of Kings on his side and friends I'm here to tell you when the King of Kings is on your side it doesn't matter with an earthly kingdom Yes Daniel's throne in their king comes running down the next morning then you as your God spared you oh I'm here. My Lord had an angel sent to me close the mouth of the line can you imagine what a miracle and friends I guarantee you then you didn't just drop in there arrogantly and say ah no big deal those guys don't look that hungry. I guarantee you Daniel walked in there with a heart that was covered in prayer the prince was also a prince of prayer the prince of prayer is now much older when we come to Daniel Chapter 9 want you to go with me to Daniel 9 he's much older and I would even say to you that Daniel was looking forward to the finish Did you know that Daniel Chapter 9 that could that could have been the theme of which this entire camp meetin experience was born out of because Daniel was looking forward to the finish Daniel was looking forward to the finish of the 70 year property of Jeremiah was it not we see it there I mean just walk through it with me verse 2 tells us that he was studying Jeremiah he was familiar with that passage from Jeremiah 2511 and here's what it said yes and this whole land shall be a desolation and in the Stonner Schmidt and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon for how long 70 years Daniel had seen the front end of that and now he has lived through the Babylonian Empire now into the media Persian kingdom and he sees the time table tipping away. It's almost time it's almost over and I love that we begin to see that in verse 3 look look at it for me look at it with me it tells us that he took on a posture of mourning they see that it puts on sackcloth and ashes friends that was not a celebratory garment. Right When's the last time you put on just your burlap dress or suit to go to church anybody ever handled burlap it's nice and soft right like those fleece blankets on no you crafty ladies and crappy scrap Is it Ok to call ladies crafty so hard Ok I will say the wrong thing I know you crafty ladies are making burlap blankets for Christmas aren't you oh that mean there's nothing like snuggling up on a cold in the bush you get Michigan winter day to burlap negative burlap if. It's uncomfortable and it's a garment that was worn when someone wanted to be constantly reminded of their discomfort in Daniel was uncomfortable living in a foreign land as a captive among people who had grown content being kept he takes on this posture of mourning he takes on this posture of praying we get down to verses 5 and 6 and Daniel begins to confess for national see and it's right he says we have done we could leave we've sinned we've rebelled we've we've committed iniquities we have not heeded your profits over and over and over do you notice that Daniel does not use 3rd person pronoun he doesn't say their stance who sounds does he say. We have done. You look at there and you say you've done your lumps himself in with all those others I mean what was this not the stand up guy of stand up guys forgot what friends didn't know wasn't necessarily praying for his own iniquity Daniel recognized that he was also part of a nation who had been unfaithful to God. Guess what tonight you are part of a nation that has also been unfaithful to God that fair. Can you see what's on my lapel those of you that are sitting close on the live stream will notice that's a little American flag. So I'm not appear bashing our country friends I love our country I served in the military to support the freedoms I love the freedoms but when I look around I see a country that does not honor God and Daniel was also among the people who had repeatedly dishonored God yes or no and so he's praying he's asking he's pleading with God lowered forgive us friends are some major lessons for us here how many national tragedies lay at our feet how many have suffered in our midst as a nation how many have had their lives snuffed out before they could even be inborn in our nation how many have suffered injustices at the hands of those who are sworn to protect. The truth be told you and I should have a similar prayer for our nation as we think about Daniel's prayer I love that the Lord is tuned in to Daniel's prayer Have you ever thought maybe your prayers are heard let's be honest have you have you ever been in that place where you think you know I'm praying but it is the mike on don't you love that people love this so if somebody is this thing on a people and I write I just love that is this thing on let him do their job but sometimes we feel like that with God is this is this thing on are you listening friends don't have a question whether or not God Listening just because you don't get the answer that you were hoping for doesn't mean that God wasn't paying attention children have to figure this out at an early age no is an answer right well or not like an answer to prayer you got one it was no. You just didn't like it but didn't God wasn't listening notice how God was tuned in to Daniel's prayer go with me to Daniel 923 please. He says that the beginning of your supplications Gabriel speaking relating what had happened at the beginning of your supplications the command went out and I have come to tell you for you are greatly What do you see. Friends that it could be said of me and you that were greatly beloved and I think Jesus stretching his arms out on an oil rig a cross is a great testimony to the fact that you and I are low therefore consider the matter and understand the vision friends what a powerful fart God actually answers prayer I love it that he's tuned in and he's he's paying attention in my heart as I lift my heart to God He wants to answer my prayer he wants to answer your prayers for friends here's the sad reality far too many of those don't pray I have had something that I want to tell you I've only been a pastor for just over 12 years now and over the course of those 12 years of pastoral ministry I've had people come to me on occasion and then said to me Pastor I just feel like my spiritual life is dead I feel like God's not listening to me I feel like I'm not growing What can I do about it I always ask them a question and I can tell you in 12 years of ministry I've had the same answer 100 percent of the time here's the question that I ask Tell me about your prayer life and the 2nd thing I say is tell me about your devotional life and do you know what I have found 100 percent of the time when people come to me and say I feel like I have no living connection with God and I asked those 2 questions they will tell me if they're being honest and they always seem kind of hang their head down and say well I don't really pray and I don't really study my Bible but yet there's a certain sense of amazement that I have no connection with God Would you believe tonight if I told you I'm not a gymnast some of your like this guy might be I'm afraid to answer. I'm here to tell you not I'm not a gymnast that's a shock isn't it you'll never see me on one of those horse things you'll never see me on one of those ring things unless someone's tied me to them so I could not walk around and say to you man I'm just so upset that I'm not a gymnast number one me and leotards and had nothing to do with each other number 2 I'm not built for that some people are tiny in there but you know I'm built more for comfort not for speed and anybody relate to that are you following me right before and there are certain things that are universally available to everyone and one of those things is the relationship with the God of Heaven he doesn't make it were it's some sort of spiritual gymnastics where only certain people built a certain way and with certain talents and whites can qualify to do it if you will invest time and study in God's word and if you will invest time in talking to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords you will have a saving relationship with you Jesus as I think about Daniel's request What did the prince of prayer want in his requests when he wanted healing did he not he wanted forgiveness for their corporate sense he was keenly aware of their faith failings yes or no Daniel study in Jeremiah he's also reading other books he knows about the rollercoaster up and down run he knows about the failings of the earthly kings who led them into that situation to begin with he knows about those things he wants healing he wants restoration he had lived through the invasion and capture of Babylon and now through a change in government will power and he long for his people to be free from foreign rule he wanted restoration for his people of their homeland he wanted a city to which they could go back to he wanted worship to be reestablished in Zein. I asked you were these good things for which to pray. Some of you aren't sure were these good things to pray about yes or no does God want people to live as free people absolutely had he established them as the chosen people and given them a home in which to work and do their mission for him yes these were God's desires originally Daniel wasn't asking for something new he was asking for what God had put in place to be restored to friends I would say to you those were good thing. To pray about it right here we find. Then you ask but here's where I might get into trouble with you tonight I believe that Daniel asked for too little to think about that for a 2nd I believe as I look at this and this is a 1st time this thought had never crossed my mind all the times I have read Daniel done and sermons on Daniel Chapter 9 studied it course I love preaching and teaching about Daniel Chapter 9 the 70 weeks prophecy anybody else that's my favorite and I start breaking down those dates and and listen I like doing math that does not require me to take off my shoes anybody else right and God's math is mess I can do it's not some sort of spiritual calculus I love teaching Daniel Chapter 9. For the 1st time as I'm studying this the Lord laid it on my heart then you asked for too little the things for which he asked were good things but he did not ask for and not. For what you talking about well look at the Scriptures with me and tell me if you see the same. Look at the answer right let's look at how the Lord answers Daniel's prayer were still in chapter 9 go with me to verse 24 please your people have got 70 weeks we know that based on biblical prophecy how long of a time period does that turn out to be friends don't make me take another hour. And preach you the 70 weeks prophecy 70 weeks prophecy is how long 490 years they had 490 years to get rid of sand make reconciliation bring in everlasting righteousness still a vision in prophecy and anoint the most holy ploy or the most holiest said there is 1st $25.00 this is a decree will be issued to rebuild and restore Jerusalem and the streets in the wall will be rebuilt even in trouble sometimes yes or no does Gabriel bring an answer to Daniel that fulfills the cry of his heart. He's looking forward to the fountain ish but he was only looking forward to the finish of the 70 year. I submit to you this evening that Gabriel came to give him a greater vision for identities eyes were fixed at a point in Gabriel came along he said a little higher. You're not looking far. You're looking for a forward to the finished but there's another finish that you really need to be thinking about. That it's beautiful. And we could go through all of those dates we could start at 457 we could come down those 69 weeks right and land there in the fall of 27 a day and we know that Jesus was baptized on time yes or no and I love that Luke chapter 3 tells us that he was baptized in want oh mercy which year 15th year of the reign of who own friends you've got to know these verses right of somebody asked you how do you know that Jesus is the Messiah you need to be able to point them to these things yes or no was Jesus baptized on time absolutely could anybody else in history have fulfilled the prophecy except Jesus no Only Jesus we could talk about these things we could get excited that half way through the 70th week that Jesus was crucified and he fulfilled the sacrificial system because he paid the penalty for our sins as the Lamb of God. We could read a little further and we could study the next 3 and a half years in 8034 what happens to Stephen Stephen delivers a blistering sermon to the Jewish leadership and they received it and they all repented pastor Kelly I pray that I never preach a sermon where the congregation gets up and stones me unless preaching the sermon is what Jesus called me to do this verse 26 speaks of the Messiah. First 27 speaks of him confirming the covenant and I love that this prophecy has details that can thrill the heart of anybody searching to wonder and ask the question Is Jesus the right one I believe he's the right and as I think about the answer that Gabriel came to give Daniel friends I believe that Gabriel was trying to say to Daniel listen. I know you're concerned about your people and the Lord wants you to know they're going to be given a chance now he goes on to tell him that the city's going to be destroyed to run so after 490 plus years they blow it anyway but hey you're going to get the answer to your prayer you're going to come forward to the finish of the 70 year prophecy but Daniel what you really need to worry about is not the establishment of your country's government you need to be concerned about the establishment of God's cover you need to be concerned not with the restoration of your people to an earthly city you need to be concerned about restoring your people to a heavenly city Daniel had a good prayer and it's a beautiful prayer and I'm not knocking him on his prayer for friends many of us are like Daniel we want good things but they're temporal thing and our God is there saying to us my child look a little higher. I've got something greater for you I've got something better for you don't miss out on the great because you were satisfied with the good tonight I ask you. Is your vision big enough for the God that you serve and we talk about God being great right we talk about him being capable and yet how often do we allow him to be great in our law and friends I'm not here tonight pointing fingers at you if anything I learned during homological training was that if a sermon is preach to people that it's not been preached to the pastor 1st and you should note in your mouth for instance I'm talking to me too and God has been speaking to my heart's in there you're not asking for a great enough thing you're happy with temporal things you want to run forward to the finish but there are the finish that you have in mind is here and I'm trying to take you here maybe you have been like that as well. In close and I want to ask you about your prayer life what your prayer life been like we're sitting in my pastoral study welcome hope you're comfortable I don't for you some water but I don't have enough to go around but I'm asking you tonight how is your prayer line do you have an active per life where you're connecting with God on a daily basis even an hourly basis or is your prayer life on life support Here's a few questions for you to find out if your prayer life is on life support do you only pray over meals is it a good thing to pray over food Absolutely especially if somebody is trying to feed you special k. loaf you better pray over that stuff I almost got fired from a few churches because I can't eat special. It's a good thing to pray over your food but is the only time that you prayed over your food is the only time you pray in church is the only time that you find yourself praying when you've come to the end of your rope and now you open up your spiritual spire to spare tire and pull out God. Friends if you answered yes to any of those 3 questions I'm not trying to be mean or judge mental or hurtful but I am saying to you you don't have a prayer life and I will say to you that I spiritual life without a prayer life is no life at all is that fair yes or no. Our Lord wants us not only to focus on what's before us yes let's do the work that he has put in our hands to do right now. But he also wants to take us home friends I don't know about you but I want to go home and I'm not talking about Nova I know where it's on the western side of the metro Detroit area it's a little nothing I'm originally from North Carolina I know you didn't detect that I have an accent because I don't but I'm not talking about those homes are you with me tonight the Lord lifted my chin and he's pointed me to a greater home I want to go home I want to see him be in strife come to an end I want to see hatred eliminated I want to see cancer eradicated I want to see the restoration of all things as God intended for them to be but my vision must be a little higher I can't just focus on those temporal things I need to have a heavenly vision and I would suggest to you tonight that you do as well tonight friends you men and women boys and girls you are princes and princesses a pastor you're crazy I might prove that true but is your father a king if your father's a King what does that make you if you're a guy that makes your prince if you're a lady that makes you a princess tonight I'm talking to princes and princesses yes or no guess what tonight wants you to be a prince or princess of prayer were reminded in 2nd Chronicles. Chapter 7 in verse 14 notice what the Lord says He says If my people who are called by my name will Kumble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their San and I will heal their land friends I ask you Do we need humility do we need to be a people of prayer. Do we need to seek the face of our Lord like never before do we need to turn from our work you know why this friends I love that Matthew Chapter one tells us that Jesus came not to save his people in their sins but to save us from our San we serve a God who can make us victorious do we need our God to hear us do we need forgiveness for San and healing in our land Yes and Yes but here's my final question for you Do you want these things in your family do you want these things in your life you've chosen to be a prince and princess don't prance around with your tiara fall to your knees and become a prince or princess of prayer hima So in closing I ask you Princes you princess. Are you ready to be princes and princesses of prayer do you want that greater vision to be a part of your living reality do you want to live in connection with the God of heaven do you want to commit to a life of prayer tonight and friends it doesn't have to be something a laboratory complicated it's as simple as making it a priority every day to spin time with your god talk to him as to a friend and friends if you've not read steps to Christ lately it's a little chapter in there I'm not going to tell you which one it is I want you to search for it but there is a chapter that talks about prayer that has been a blessing to me so many times I can't tell you but tonight when you accept the challenge to be a prince or princess of prayer is that the desire of your heart tonight. Let's pray together a loving father I think you that we could look at Daniel's life this great patriarch who was so faithful that he was willing to become supper instead of turn his back on you he could have closed the shutters he could've been faithful in private but he said no I'm going to be faithful in public because I live for my god friends I pray that we would have that strength and Lord we need that strength we can't have it without you Lord meet us at our need please forgive us where we have failed Lord I'm so guilty myself I'm not here preaching at anybody Lord I'm pleading at the foot of the Cross tonight myself or I need to be more committed I need a greater vision of what you want to accomplish in my life and solar please don't let us get so wrapped up in temporal things that we forget eternal. Bless us tonight from going to keep us forever in your care for us in Jesus. 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