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09 Peter, Peter, Peter

Moise Ratsara
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Moise Ratsara

Pastor, Hartford, Michigan



  • June 19, 2020
    7:00 PM


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Everybody what a tremendous blessing it is to be here and thank you so much Pastor Kelly for those wonderful words I hope half of it is true and I pray so that the Lord truly is using me it is not lost on me that more than a decade ago in 2007 the Michigan conference had asked my father to be a speaker at Camp meeting that started a love affair with Michigan and now I married a Michigander both of my kids were born in Michigan and now I get the great privilege of pasturing in Michigan and I love this great state and the Lord is good isn't easy for those of you watching on line I just want to give you a warm soon to be savage greeting and I pray that the Lord is going to speak because I my deepest desire is for Jesus to be lifted up and for me to not be seen so let us every word of prayer together as we get ready to talk about the best book in the world the Bible you have the father what a great privilege it is to be here among brothers and sisters in Christ the Lord we're living in a time when we need to keep our eyes on you like never before the Lord I pray that today your word will be spoken and that the ideas of this man in Jesus name Amen I grew up in a very fervent missionary family and I remember growing up we spent almost more than 15 years growing up in war torn areas going from country to country and trying to talk about the good news of Jesus. In the midst of all of those wars I remember asking a question that would ring in my mind almost every day I would hear bombs drop and the ground shake that question is a question I still ask myself today if I die. Will I be saved if something happened to me when all is said and done will I be in heaven when Jesus comes again I don't know if you've ever asked yourself that question I don't know if that is a question that you're asking yourself even during this moments when we're facing a global pandemic and lawlessness seems to abound and the love of many towards one another seems to grow cold it is a question I asked myself and I hope you're asking yourself when Jesus returns will I be ready when Jesus returns will I be ready to cross the finish line when all is said and done when I look at myself I do not know how I can be saved but when I look at Jesus I do not know how I can be lost when I look at myself I say how this can how can this be but as I was reading the Word of God I've got proof for you today my friends that you too can make it that proof is in the life of Peter if Peter can make it you can make it through that is the simple message of that I want to preach to you today that if Peter can make it you can make it too as I look at the life of theatre I see in there that there is proof that in 2020 there can be a people ready for the coming of Jesus Christ. Today what we're going to do as we look at the Word of God we're going to have a pen Aramic view of the life of Peter Peter's a complex character but we're going to look at Peter before Christ Peter with Christ and then Peter after Christ are you ready to go on this journey with me my friend oh that was a very weak in men is Jesus alive or dead and men and the word is alive so let us get ready to study our Bibles I hope you have your Bibles with you because we are going to use the word of God to study the life of this man Peter Peter Peter if he can make it you can make it to Peter before Christ is a very interesting character in John chapter one it talks about him as the Simon the son of Jono we know that Peter was married then found great solace in his Jewish identity he saw the world through those lenses he had a brother named Andrew but the probably the best description of Peter can be found in Matthew chapter the floor and verse 18 those of you watching us on line I want to give you some time to get your Bibles if you don't have your Bibles and get those Bibles because you will need them in Matthew Chapter 4 and verse 18 Matthew chapter 4 and verse 18 in there there is a description of Peter before he is with Jesus Matthew chapter 4 in verse 18 the word there is written this way and Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee soft 2 brothers Simon called Peter and Andrew his brother casting net into this sea floor they were what my friends they were fishers they were fisher men. Peter was just not a fisherman he was a fisherman according to the text by the sea of where by the Sea of Galilee the lowest freshwater lake this was hard work very hard work as a matter of fact if you wanted a good catch what you will have to do is in the middle of the night you will have to go and take your boats and your nets and start to go fishing one of the reasons why they decided to go in the middle of the night is because they use lending nets that in the dark would be hard to be seen by the fish Peter would work hard he had a family to provide for he had a lot of responsibilities and there in the middle of the night he would work and work and work and wait for the fish but according to Luke Chapter 5 and verse by go there with me to look up the 5 in verse 5 Let us see what type of men or what type of success Peter had in look chapter 5 Verse 5 as the story continues about Peter as the fisherman in Luke Chapter 5 Verse 5 the Bible says it this way but Simon Peter and said to him Master we have told for how long all night and caught some fish What does the Word of God say we caught. He had struggled as a fisherman sometimes catching nothing for Bush tricks men like Peter who was very self-confident it must have been very hard to swallow the reality that he was not a successful fisherman at this point. He was probably one of his lowest point because I believe that Peter was a hard worker probably who wanted to do whatever he can to provide for his family but as hard as he worked it was not working it was not working at his lowest point in his most extreme despair something must happen when the money has ran out in your family and the love has gone cold and coven 19 is changing things around the reality of your life and the tempest of fear and pain and unemployment have come knocking at your door. And your dreams have been shattered to nothing that is the time when you out your lowest and Christ is at the strongest Peter was so low but Christ was there and this is the point where Peter's life will change forever because when Jesus is low crying why Peter is low Christ is high in Luke Chapter 5 again verse 5 or rather let's go to verse 4 in Luke Chapter 5 us for the story continues now we're looking at Peter with Christ when he can't stop speaking he said to Simon launch out into the deep and let your nets for a catch but Simon answered and said to him Master we have toiled all night and caught nothing Nevertheless as your word I will do what I will let down the nets and when they had done this they caught a great number of this and their net was doing what my friend it was breaking when Jesus meets Peter he goes immediately for he's most urgent need a 7 Day Adventists wish you to be foremost in addressing the needs of our community in seeking to win Christ. In seeking to win them for Christ the gospel is a spiritual message but it's also involves some social work if you and I want to win souls for Jesus Christ we must get our feet and our hands into our communities and address their most urgent need the Gospel is telling us that the most effective things that we can do to win the confidence of people just like Peter was that Jesus focused on his need but the beautiful thing is that Peter realized who Jesus was and could be notice Peter's a fisherman very probably experience his success Well we don't see it yet but Jesus tells him cash in that there and he doesn't say no no no no no that does not work he does listen to the text my friend let's go back to the text in there in verse 6 he says and when they had done this overt 5 or other but Simon answered and said to him Master we have told on night and cut nothing nevertheless that my friends at your were at your word I will let the net go down. When Jesus tells you something are you willing to this and to him that is the difference between fisherman and if issur of men when Jesus speaks do we listen to him today my friends when Jesus is saying something we ready to say Nevertheless Jesus what you say I will do it is the difference between a fisherman and efficient or of man however Peter's time with Jesus was not all roses and wonderful experiences as a matter of fact it was a series of cataclysmic spiritual ups and downs. Whether Peter decided to focus on Christ or on himself that was the factor with Peter with Christ Peter had one very human problem my friends is that he loved himself too much he loved himself too much whenever he looked at himself he saw himself as a courageous soldier ready to take on whatever came because he was Peter the Little Rock but in his eyes he was a big rock there he went and there he was and all this experience from Matthew Chapter 10 from walking on water to seeing part of the Transfiguration of Christ to engaging in the most favorite topic of the disciples who will be the greatest Peter ultimately allow Satan to use him to try to discourage Jesus from going to Jerusalem and if Jesus did not go to Jerusalem my friends what would have happened we would have no savior dying on a cross you see when the focus is on myself and I'm doing God's work I am one of the most dangerous people around if my eyes are not focused on Christ when I'm doing Christ's work I could be telling Jesus don't die for me save yourself in Matthew Chapter 16 Peter's selfish actions alternately leads him to cut him and 0. And deny his savior in Matthew Chapter 2674 Chapter 26 and verse 74 saying loudly and boldly if you check it in the Scriptures this is what he said I do not know though up the man I do not know the man Oh my friends from Jesus founding him at his lowest point. And helping him have the needs that he have and spending time with him it reached a point because Peter loved himself so much that when a little girl asked him Are you with that man he said 3 times I do not know what. I did not know that. Doing God's work with man's method will only result in man's outcome divisiveness disappointment and ultimately denial as a minister of the Gospel this is one of the things that I wrestled the most of my working with Christ on my working against Christ and as Christians we should ask that question Lord I myself ocus on myself that I'm trying to do things my own way and when you see the results of men's ways it is divisiveness disappointment and deny Christ perceiving Peter's trajectory gave me one of the most sharpest rebukes in the scriptures in Matthew Chapter 16 let's turn there with your Bibles my friends to verse 23 in Matthew Chapter 16 in verse 23 Jesus does not sugarcoat his words to Peter Matthew Chapter 16 verse 23 to 24 you still with me my friend a man praise the Lord Matthew Chapter 16 verse 23 to 24 The Bible says it this way but he turned and said to Peter Get thee behind me what my friends say to. You are no sense to me for you are not mindful of the things of God but the things of man then Jesus said to His disciples so that he was extra clear if then he one desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and do what my friends and follow. Message is still true for us today in 2022 our church and to ourselves the message has not changed if we want to be on God's side and cross the finish line we must be willing to deny ourselves. And oh my friend it is an ugly process sometimes every surgery might require some cutting and when Jesus starts to take some pieces of our life it is so painful but the end is eternal life Jesus seen what Peter was up to loving him the most made one of the last serious appeals to Jesus to Peter in Matthew Chapter 26 in verse 41 I want you to turn there with me Matthew chapter 26 and verse $41.00 I told you will be using our Bibles and the more of the word we can have the more free we shall become Matthew chapter $26.00 in verse $41.00 Jesus pleads with Peter in there he says the words that Peter needed to hear when he needed it the most he said simply watch and do what my friends and pray let's into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flash. Watch and pray Peter watch and pray Peter Jesus called Peter through one of the most important disciplines that could help overcome the gates of hell that discipline is called prayer and what the church needs today and what I need more in my life is the willingness to go on my needs more than the willingness to go to a comedian the willingness to go on my knees more to post something fence the on my social media post the willingness to pray for my brother more than the willingness to try to rebuke him. Jesus said simply to Peter watch and pray. Watch and pray when he needed that advice the most you know the end of the story according to the Word of God Peter fell asleep when he needed to be awake every Bible this once said No man is greater than his prayer life the leader who is not praying is playing the people who are not praying are strained failing here we failed everywhere Peter Peter Peter I don't know about you but I am tired of men's methods to solving spiritual problems such as pride selfishness covetousness favoritism backbiting look where men as you call it sin and it is sin we need divine solutions guided by the Holy Spirit the guidance of the Holy Spirit is what we need today and what I need today not more committees but more people on their needs watch and pray watch and pray Peter l.n.g. was one of my favorite authors in the book thoughts from the mounts of blessings page 17 she says they're very plainly and I quote It is the love of self that destroys our peace. It is the love of self that destroys our peace Peter was fool of himself and he denied his Lloyd when it mattered the most Christ most increase and I must decrease it for a move going to make it to the end of time my friends if we're going to cross that finish line and I can tell you it can be hard one of the most intense the seasons I ever met me was to what they call run in Iron Man. It is a race of a $140.00 minus a pastor sitting there I was a pastor and I'm going to be blunt with you I was quite overweight from thinking about the weight of the world but I decided that you know what I'm going to do something out of my comfort zone and why not go all the way to 140 miles I could not finish a 5 k. without stopping and walking I was also inspired by my conference Secretary who married my wife and 9 who would perform the ceremony for my wife and I and I knew he was a runner and I said if that man can do it I could do it too I lost 50 pounds but then in the race after doing about a 100 miles of biking I realized at the end of my biking I had to run a marathon and I said I'm about to die on the road I've already lost according to my calculations of the amount of calories that I lost I had already lost at that point about 4 pounds just on that 100 mile back for a bike race they're deciding now to run a marathon I remember the finish line just looked like a dream to me one step after another step if I looked at myself and felt the pain that I was experiencing with my skin stuck to my shoe and I'm sorry my friends my name kind of going backwards I would have stopped the race right there as a matter of fact there were posters that were shown as I was running my marathon that said this you paid x. amount to do this. And I thought I started to make all the calculations of the amount of money I'm vested in this race and I said I paid this amount to suffer. But when you're looking forward to the finish you cannot look at how you're feeling or how hard it is you must remember and fall back on your training that if you have been faithful in the little things you will be able to do the big things and in my training I had done a 100 mile bike ride I had run a marathon and I knew that I could finish but what I needed in my mind was to know that there were also people that were in worse shape than I was there was a lady with almost no legs a man in his seventies who passed me while I was running my marathon a man who could hardly even keep his poster straight who had to look at me like this and kept running and I said if that man can make it I can make it to the end of 13 hours of grueling pain I had crossed the finish line but it was because I had a vision in my mind the inspiration that knowing that if this person can make it I can make it to any of Peter could make it I can make it to this point as we go back Peter has had an utter failure he has the he has disappointed his lord the ninety's Lord but here's something I hope you remember my friends the greatness of a Christian man and a Christian woman is not how many times they are right but the attitude they choose to pose us when God shows them that they are wrong and lays their pride in the dots for Judas when he realized what happened what did he decide to do he decided to kill himself rather than to repent but for Peter. When he saw the true nature of his heart he decided that it was better to be with Christ than have silver or gold or prestigious it was better to be with Christ than to have all the world and lose his so it was better to be with Christ than to have self be put on the pedestal to eat or must have known that he so that savior of his hanging on the cross with that blood spilling and flowing freely that blood was for him to have you taken the Lord's name in vain in your life maybe in your I don't know it maybe in your social media you have not been the best of Christian maybe with your spouse you have not been the best example maybe you get there frustrated at your kids because they remind you of your faults and weaknesses I've got through for you today that failure does not have to be here and a man for Peter failed as well Jesus was not yet done with him though he had heard Jesus probably the most out of all the disciples Jesus still was the one who loved him the most whether the disciples considered Peter as one of them or not it did not matter to Christ because Christ had a vision for his life because he's the one who made it and he's the only one who can set the goal for his entire life one of the best advice as I got growing up was that Don't let anybody to tell you what you cannot and can do for none of them made you but Christ did and he has hope in you go with me to John Chapter 21 verse 15 to 17 at this point Peter is at his lowest I gotta soon land this plane John Chapter 21 verse 15 to 17. John Chapter 21 verse 15 to 17 the Bible says it this way so when they had eaten breakfast Jesus said to Simon Peter now I've got to remind you the context of this text is that at this point the disciples had chosen as well to follow Peter to go out fishing but if you remember the story carefully as the disciples followed Jesus Well Peter to go out fishing what happened to their catch they got nothing Jesus again shows up so when he prepares for them breakfast Jesus then says to Simon Peter Simon son of Jonah do you love me more than these he said to him Yes Lord you know I love you he said to him again he said to him feed my lamb. He said to him again a 2nd time Simon son of Jonah do you want my friend do you love me he said Peter said Yes Lord you know I love you he said to him tend my sheep he said to him again a 3rd time Simon son of Joan do you love me Peter was grieved because he said to him the 3rd time do you. Need this interaction at 1st looking at the Word of God might seem like well Jesus likes to repeat himself preachers could be accused of that too but in this case Jesus was trying to make a point to Peter I love the way how in Acts of the Apostles page 5516 l.n.g. what comments about this interaction and I quote Christ mentioned to Peter only one condition of service love us down me. This is the essential qualification though Peter might possess every other yet without the love of Christ he could not be a faithful shepherd of the flock of God Knowledge benevolence a low quints zeal all are essential in the good work but without the love of Christ in the heart the work of the Christian is a failure the work of the Christian is a failure my message to you and me today is very simple do we love God Michigan do you love Jesus those of you watching us on line do you love Jesus will you still love Jesus even when he lays your pride in the dust to save you Peter after Christ is a wonderful testimony to what Jesus can do in the life of the man after this encounter with Jesus Peter is not the same again as a matter of fact he is filled with the Holy Spirit because hopefully by now he has learned to watch and pray he is a preacher of righteousness preaching boldly for Christ and the testimony of his commitment to crisis found in Acts chapter 2 verse 40 and 42 turned her with me to accept the 2 verse 4242 in there the Word of God says these words about the preaching of Peter and he says with many other words he testified and exhorted them saying be saved from this pervert generation that those who gladly receive these words where what my friends they were baptized Oh I only heard Pastor Kelly. Is this is them those who are gladly receive these words where what baptized. And that day about 3000 souls were added to them and they continued step fastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship in the breaking of bread and this is my favorite part in what my friends in prayers know meant is greater than these prayer by the leader who does not pray is playing and the people who are not praying are strain Peter understood that when you are adding souls to your membership you have to help them be sealed with the Holy Spirit that it doesn't only stop in the baptismal tank but this is the work to Jesus shall come continuing in the Word and in prayer how is your prayer life today how is my prayer life today I'm I so consumed by the media and all the things that are going on that I forgotten to look to Jesus and asked him to help me Peter realize that what he needed was Jesus to motor Jesus increased in his life the more he would decrease by the way up is to go down on your knees if you and I want to cross the finish line just like Peter and be to people of Revelation Chapter 14 verse 12 our identity in Christ and His prophetic calling must be the supreme creed that we have in this life we cannot get distracted in our calling and focus so much on ourselves in a scared world today we need a fearless church the world is afraid and we have the truth by God's grace but what they need to see is a loving and fearless Christian who is willing to do whatever it takes to see them in the kingdom of God We cannot be playing we must be praying. I want to end with this story as I was traveling in one of my church districts one of the things that I enjoyed to do the most was going to the prison not because I thought that they needed me but I in some ways needed them there were some of the most converted guys in that cell some of them you know I don't know their background and I didn't want to know but they would sing from their memories the hymn book I would need a hymn book and say this number and what they would do they would just sing it and I would have to have the hymn book in my hand I would say bible verse and they would know it there I was one day talking about a message similar to this one and I quoted the words from John 316 For God so loved the world that he did what my friends that he gave his only begotten Son so that whomsoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life I remember there was a guy in there and he was in life for meaning he was there for life in this special prison they had the highest rated maximum security for a state that was level one level 2 no level 3 but Level 4 and this guy was a level 4 he looked at me and when he looked at me I did not know if he was going to jump me or what was going on I started to get my hand close to this bust and to give you it's this big thing and it has a big red button and you press it if you feel threatened I started to put my hand there because he looked at me so intensely he started to almost get closer to me and the words that he said he says Pastor He said Are those words true I said Of course it's John $316.00 it's true he says no no no. Are you serious that God so loved the world. That he gave his only begotten Son for a man like me I knew he was a lifer I knew he was there for his entire life and at this moment he really hit me therefore God was not a word that he gave his only begotten Son for men just like you he said if that is true I will follow Jesus if Peter can make it my friends you can make it to my appeal to you today as the our sisters are going to sing is very simple do you love Jesus and what will keep you away from spending eternity. You loved. Me Love. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio person or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the w.w.w. audio person or.


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