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01 The Addicted and Learning Brain: Keys to Freedom

Vicki Griffin
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Vicki Griffin

Author, Speaker, and Director of the Lifestyle Matters Health Intervention series



  • June 15, 2020
    11:00 AM
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It's just a joy to be here and to be able to share with you today I've been looking forward to this time and I believe that the topic that we will be looking at together will be worth the time that we spent together but before we begin I'd like to open with prayer Father in heaven thank you that we can have this time together the hour is urgent the need is great the time is now and so I pray that you would be with me be with the hearers as we explore this most important topic that involves the life health and vitality in this world and the world to come in Jesus' name a min. Well today we're here to talk about living free finding freedom from habits that hurt and you know I will tell you that I've been doing this work for many many years now I have the privilege of running obesity diabetes programs addiction depression programs lifestyle programs and I have yet to meet that person that says you know I just think I'm going to I want to fail everything on my list today no one gets out of bed in the morning and says I just want to flat out fail and this really drives me I'm going to speak to you today from my heart as well as from my head we're talking about addictions we're talking about habit formation you know it's one thing to achieve a goal and it's another thing to progress in that goal and to maintain it over time and so we're going to be looking this week in this series of meetings at habits that last living free and by the way if you go to our Web site lifestyle Matters dot com Not only do we have materials and resources free videos Power Points English in Spanish on 26 wellness topics that are free and downloadable videos that you can watch we also have resources that are deeply discounted including this series that you can use in your home your neighborhood your church your community or your office so my work is to provide materials and tools for you so as we begin the program today. I would like to say that addiction is an incredibly prevalent problem in our society today at many at many levels and yet we are designed by God to form habits habits are actually our friends when they are good ones in fact Elbert Hubbard said that habits are the great economize are of. Energy So when we learn something new and it becomes automatic it becomes a routine that's a good thing because it pushes that information that route down to what is called the subcortical level and then it frees up headspace for learning new things meeting new challenges and more creative ways to live but in addiction in addiction when we are completely just drill down on that one thing there's only one thing that has our attention it has captured us and so it becomes a heavy chain Abraham Lincoln said this he said that certain habits of men are like luxurious vines they destroy the trees that they decorate so as we look back. Trying to turn this back habits are routines that help us to repeat safe and effective behaviors and build consistency and security into our lives we are really made to be creatures of habit and and routine but addictions addictions are like these wicked viruses that we've been dealing with lately in our world wide really so addictions are like a virus they just take over your life they actually take you where you don't want to go they keep you there longer than you want to stay and the price is a lot costlier than we ever anticipated Now let's talk about for a moment what the series is going to be about today we're going to take a look at the big picture of addiction because if if we could not escape and rebound and recover and renew and restore from addictions why have this meeting and so this is what drives me this is my passion is seeing people recover from the deepest depths of sorrow pain and brokenness and so I see it happen every day God has engineered you for renewal restoration and recovery so the roots of addiction they are deep and they are tangled we can't be simplistic in our understanding of this and they evolve over time so what might start as a curiosity or even a crutch very soon becomes a conditioned response and then a compulsion then a heavy chain that we can't break free but the question that we're addressing today is can the power of an addiction be broken how is it that we are engineer to move forward and stay forward even when we have been broken either through environmental factors you know you did not ask to be born where you were or you didn't ask to have those people do those things to you that had authority over you when you were young you did. Ask for the genetic deck. That you're dealt and we make choices that are very troublesome and get us into a lot of trouble the Bible talks about being ignorantly alienated from the life of God So the addicted brain is fighting hard but we need to learn how to fight smart and that's what this whole week is going to be about today we're taking a fly over the forest We're taking a look at the big principles that are involved in addiction and we're going to be hearing a story of an incredible recovery from the depths of sorrow and brokenness So the question is can the power of an addiction be broken is it possible to get free and live free in this series we're going to discover that every human being is designed to recover lost ground God wants to give back to you what sin has broken and taken away the Bible talks about the responsibility of being a parent it talks about the 10 Commandments and how the sins of the fathers are visited to the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me that's just an incredible statement and that is not God put it putting a curse on ignorant people who are already out of the way who are already exposed to error and problems and sin in the vicissitudes of this wayward world that's not what that's talking about but it is a warning that we just what the Bible says is that one sinner can destroy much good and we certainly see that in our world today you know it wouldn't be sin if it didn't hurt innocent people but the in Deuteronomy Chapter 7 verse 9 it says that Christ came to show mercy to a 1000 generations so he came to break that cycle of sin. So addictions are strong but the power and the weapons to overcome them are even stronger the addicted brain is not doing that thing to feel good in a in a full blown addiction they are now doing that thing to keep from feeling bad and that's a big difference so addictions are about broken connections in the brain with each other with life principles and most importantly with God and so healing takes place at many levels it's the healing of our character our conduct and the connections that God designed us to enjoy over time so when we think of classic addiction we think of substances or process addictions so most when we talk about addictions we think about things like alcohol nicotine or drugs but according to Howard Schaffer and many others from the division of addictions at Harvard University drug use is not a necessary and sufficient cause of addiction there are people who are who are nodding their heads yes I understand that in fact it may be that food is one of the most basic addictions. Unhealthy food maybe the substance in a substance addiction that we call overeating. It is improper to consider drugs as a necessary precondition for addiction so what would be some examples of some non substance addictions Well if we look at the definition it's going to help us in that regard it includes persistent compulsive behavior that is harmful or destructive characterized by an inability to stop Romans Chapter 7 Paul describes this so well he says the things that I want to do I don't do the things that I don't want to do that's what I do Romans 7 Paul is describing the human condition before the renewing power of Jesus Christ and how we all share this inclination to drift in the wrong direction or plunge take your pick So some examples are food addiction I work a lot with obesity and chronic disease and people understand that they are really addicted to these various foods they understand it's hurting them but the power to stop the ability to plan a changed life it's it takes a strategy so Christ has the power he has the promises he wants to connect with us but he also has a plan so some examples are food addiction pornography gambling shopping. And this is the Nora Volkow she's well known in the field of addiction medicine and she is speaking from the Institute of Drug Abuse she says once a person has experienced addiction changes have take place in the brain that involve multiple circuits. If you think you have an addiction it's very important to work with your health care provider because in at least 75 to 80 percent of cases of of serious addiction there are what are called co-morbid or co-existing conditions that need to be dealt with and addressed especially if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts if you are on a substance and you are looking at some serious withdrawal if you're on multiple medications this is something that needs to be addressed with a health care professional what I'm presenting this week is a lifestyle program a comprehensive mind body spirit lifestyle program and fortunately God has designed the human brain even in adulthood with a powerful capacity to reshape itself learn and grow new connections this is good news indeed and so I really smile when these introductions are given regarding what I'm going to do and how I'm going to spend time with you and the education that I have by the way my master's degree is in public and administration and human nutrition. Not public health but. I really smile because. I really do not believe that that's why I do what I do I'm thankful for the training I'm thankful for study but I believe that my life experience probably has more to do with the calling that God has placed upon me to share with you than anything else I came from a very violent home I actually was raised in the wine industry my family was in the wine business I was raised with a different worldview then I now embrace the worldview that the Bible teaches I want to to just share with everyone I meet because the world's view of God a God of justice a god of equity a God of mercy he's called the God of hope and the God of comfort this God I did not know this God I was not taught and so our environment and our worldview drives behavior so there are millions of people in this world that believe in fate or they believe in and in a place of eternal torment which actually comes from the Greek realm not the buy not the Scriptures and so it's very easy to to create a picture of a god that is nonexistent in the scripture and a fierce and tormenting God at that that's the world view of God that I was taught they were good people who were not schooled in what the truth really is of God's word and then coming from a very violent home I actually started running away from home when I was 5. I had nowhere to go but across the street into a cow pasture I packed my pajamas in a paper bag and I took off of course I had to come back home back into this very violent unstable situation and my father left home when I was young by the time I was 11 I was left with the violent mentally ill parent and so by that time I really had no feeling of safety I had no worldview of God I did not know where to turn I did not know who to tell or what to tell it was all I knew so by the time I was 11 I was using drugs and running away and developed belly Mia and I had a very very serious case of Believe me a which is an eating disorder for 20 years from age 11 to age 31 the the positive part of this is that I would hide in libraries when I would run away and so my grades stayed high so that was a good thing when I was 17 I ran away for good with some very terrible people I was involved in a very terrible lifestyle up until that time but keeping my grades up how I don't know but I ran away to Canada for a year and I came home when I found out that my mother was dying of cancer I went to a. I went through a medical assisting program because I knew that I had to take care of myself and it's a really funny thing when you are partying with people who have no hope and who only are just a scaping through drugs or through whatever it is that they're doing when you are actually in trouble they tend to fall by the wayside because they do not have the resources themselves and one thing that I have found in doing this work for many years now is that many people who suffer from these kinds of problems are actually very intelligent people they may have very fragile personalities they have no recipe for solving problems but they are very perfectionistic often very hard on themselves hard on others and I was one of those people that just had no recipe for facing down trouble and so I only knew to run. I was driving my mother to a an appointment to a chemotherapy appointment we lived in Riverside and we drove past a complex of buildings and I noticed the buildings because of the landscaping and the landscape it was quite beautiful and I mentioned it to a friend of mine I said there's this complex of buildings her name was Wendy she was a medical assisting student I said this this complex of buildings and it's it's quite beautiful the landscaping it's they must make venting systems it's called 7th Day Adventist and they must be open 7 days a week by then I was a very hardened atheist I was a feminist. I was a very no easy angry woman but inside I couldn't control myself. So anyway she looked at me and she said no no no no she said that is actually a university it's a college it's called Seventh-Day Adventists that's their name and I remember saying to her I can remember it like it's Yesterday I said Well anybody that landscapes like that can't be all bad I think I'll go there and that was my only reason they had no other reason and you have to remember I was about 25 pounds thinner than I am right now from the eating disorder I was partying I was angry and I was an atheist and she looked at me and she said you know I don't think they're too fond of atheists they're like I don't think they'd know what to do with you so if you want to get in tell them the body's a temple are fine I had no idea what that meant and I didn't care I just wanted to be on the landscaping crew and I wanted to go to college I wanted to educate myself so I in those days you had to be interviewed by the president of the university and I was his name was Dr Oz Manson I went into his office for my interview I saw my file sitting there and I said you know Dr Oz medicine I don't know too much about you people but I really like the idea that the body's a temple he just lit up he put his arm around me he said I wish we had more young people like you on this campus and I I remember I remember thinking these people if the one at the top is this naive I wonder what the rest of them are like. It was incredible I mean I was in like flint and and so I I got into school I met my husband there he was back slidden So he liked me but God had a plan God had a plan and my husband Dana is deceased now but out of our 32 year marriage 28 of those years have been a full time ministry so I'm really really thankful today that God knows and he sees I want to share something with you that I carry in my Bible it says by sin we have been severed from the life of God Our souls are palsied wiped out were dried up like raisins there are many who realize their helplessness who long for that spiritual life which will bring them into harmony with God and with others but there vainly striving to obtain it just like Paul was when he said all wretched man who will deliver me from the body of this death let these desponding struggling ones look up the Savior is bending over the purchase of his blood saying with inexpressible tenderness and pity will you be made whole he bids you a rise in health and peace do not wait to feel that you are made whole believe His word and it will be fulfilled. Put your will on the side of Christ will to serve him and in acting upon his word you will receive strength whatever may be the evil practice the master passion through which long indulgence binds both soul and body Christ is able and longs to deliver he will impart life to the Soul that is dead in trespasses he will set free the captive that is set that is held by weakness and misfortune and the chains of sin so whether it's genetics environment or choice whether it's by choice chance or circumstance you were made to make it well I began my school career and I was on a vendetta to make things right you know if it if it were if it was just if we were in a just world suffering would be retribution but we don't we don't live in a world where amazing things happen to good people and horrible things happen to bad people sometimes it pans out that way but many times it doesn't and God has put in our hearts to want things to be right God has put that in you and he's put it in me just try putting 2 different sizes of a piece of pie in front of 24 year olds and see what happens and it will be bedlam because we are created to want things right and I wanted things to be right and I know that you do too but one thing that I have learned is that when things are wrong and even when it's an amazing good cause that you are fighting if you use the devil's tools to fight that battle rage anger violence bitterness unforgiveness force. Then without even realizing it you've joined his ranks we're not going to win this battle using the devil's tools it can't be done but I didn't know that then and so I went into social work I became a child abuse investigator then I had a $5000.00 fellowship to law school I was going to be a prosecuting attorney in the meantime of put everybody in jail That'll fix it in the meantime I work for a finance company skipped traced on bad checks repossessed cars then I went into public administration was in zoning searching for equity but I couldn't control myself so you see God's work is an inside job it's an inside job and it begins person by person by person by person that was a lesson that was hard for me to learn Jane and I went to a lay pastors house he held a meeting and he said that. Jesus wants to make the great exchange that he will give you all of his righteousness but you've got to give up you've got to give it up you've got to surrender you've got to give it all to him and instantly I understood coming from an Italian background I understood contracts. This is a contract that I want to I want to be a part of wow I never understood this I've always seen myself as a victim I never saw myself as a sinner here's what happens people who have been through these kinds of experiences and I think we're all infected with this virus we see ourselves as being very sensitive when in fact we're just touchy and hard hearted and so the process of coming to Christ and the process of growth is switching that to where we become very tender hearted we actually can get our minds off of ourselves and we become pretty thick skinned so we can take more and do bore for the Lord Jesus Christ and for others I didn't understand that at that time. And but I I understood contracts so my prayer to God was very strange because I didn't know him very well but at that time I was I was in very serious trouble in health mental health the whole thing with this believe me a that was seizing my life and I said Lord I never understood this I've never seen myself as a sinner just a victim but now I understand that this is all about control and I'm giving you control and I'm going to make I'm going to make a contract with you Kim that's in the a dusty dusty but I did I said I'm going to give you everything I have because I want everything you have but there's only one string attached just one I want to spend the rest of my life paying the devil back for what he did that was my prayer I didn't know him a life anough to love him but I knew who was the big one in the room who was going to take care of this problem you know what he hired me and that's why I'm talking to you today and my prayer my prayer for you is that whatever your weakness is God will weaponize it he has promised that his strength is made perfect in weakness. And the weaker and more feeble you know yourself to be the stronger will be his strength in you now that's a promise that you can take to the bank there is no difficulty within or without that cannot be surmounted in his strength there is no nature so rebellious that Christ cannot subdue it no temper so stormy that he cannot quell it if the heart is surrendered to his keeping he who commits his soul to Jesus need not despond no matter where you are you may be in a mess right now you don't know how you got there you don't know how to get out but God does he's got a plan and he has the power be the outlook ever so discouraging you can have full assurance that Jesus has a plan that's good news today isn't it friends and so we need to know how not only to initiate this process but out to how to move forward and I love looking at the mechanics of our brains and how God has engineered his fingerprints are all over our biology so attention Dr John Raese. Actually this is William James quoted in his book attention is a mental state that allows us moment by moment to choose and sculpt how our ever changing minds will work those choices are left embossed on our material selves the more we encourage the formation of certain connections the more fixed those neural circuits in the brain for that activity actually become this is why we can learn in the 1st place and an learn to if you don't exercise brain circuits the connections will not be adaptive and will slowly weaken and be lost. When I gave my heart to God that evening and I prayed that prayer the Lord broke the power of the enemy over me and does that mean that I absolutely had an amazing personality then and had everything exactly right never made another mistake no that's not even true now but I signed up for school I made up my mind that I was just going to continue to say yes to God the one who has the power and when you give your heart to God you are enrolling in a school where instructions and reproof are a way of life he's going to put you in circumstances that may call forth all the evil of your nature because you didn't know it was there but you have said that you're going to say yes to God and he's going to replace your confusion with confidence he's going to replace your weakness with strength he's going to replace your failure with victory he's going to replace your gloom with joy it's a process that takes place over time it's not just like that I actually carry a seed packet in my Bible and gifts are given but fruit is grown and I love landscaping and gardening and I've actually stood in a hail storm with an umbrella over my broccoli starters a to protect them taken a beating on my back to protect those little plants because they take time to grow you have to pay attention to them nurture them weed them and so the gifts that God gives us the Bible says in John 116 that Bible says he has given us of his phonos when we give ourselves to him he gives a he gives himself to us fully but we receive it in the form of seed and seed has to be grown up now if you buy last year's packet of seeds it's more than 50 percent off it might be 75 percent off why would that be. Well the reason is because it's 75 percent dead if you leave the seed in the packet it dies and so part of the Christian life once we give ourselves to God is to understand the process of growth and perseverance is one of the greatest gifts that God can give he wants to exchange your wishbone for backbone I was a runaway and I'm so thankful now that he's developing me in me the mental mettle to tunnel through trouble because there's a saying that says as the mind thinks the mouth speaks and the man moves too often in health work we are very involved in the external and there's a good place for that people come critically ill they need clinical intervention but Real change takes place from within and we're going to talk about habit change this week now it's very important to understand that just in the same way that have these habits have held us we can learn habits that are good that are just as automatic as the ones that have been destructive and the less you have to think about it grab a table leg and wrestle in prayer and just do the right thing the more automatic those behaviors come. That that give you so much head space from for ministry and for creativity and for joy and for a novelty of the right kind in him is fullness of joy he has engineered you he has promised I have seen his ways I will heal him and I will also lead him and restore comforts to him so these are some basic freedom case we're going to be covering this week 1st of all surrender number 2 creation living number 3 a situational awareness the Bible says Be vigilant be sober because your adversary the devil is going about like a roaring lion lion seeking whom he may devour the Bible says that we do not wrestle merely against flesh and blood but against principalities powers and rulers of the darkness of this world but Jesus has told us the weapons to fight this are not fleshly but mighty even to the pulling down of strongholds bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ about 60 percent of what we think is just automatic and he wants to rearrange and reorder our thinking through His Word and what we think we're going to speak What We speak we're going to do. So knowledge is what is half the battle it really is but it's only half the battle I remember when I was in the throes of this thing I read so many books trying to figure out what to do how to arrange my life so that it would be what it should be what I knew it should be but I had no power mentions the Chinese sage said Knowledge imparts information but no power knowledge imports information but the Spirit of God imparts power we need both and this week we are going to get both we want to present to you in a way that will not only educate you but inspire you and motivate you so what are the keys for long term success this is what we're going to be expanding on this week we're talking about creating an environment your internal environment your worldview your mindset of how you think that's Tomorrow's topic then your ex sternal environment which would be your surroundings we're talking about creating a lifestyle this week so God has really given us a peace plan he says in this world you will have tribulation there are trials to face in this world but be of good cheer I have overcome the world so God has given us a peace plan he's given us a lifestyle that promotes peace he has given us attitudes to practice I call it attitude will discipline that produce peace they're called peptides he's given a spiritual principles that create peace that's called surrender and he has given us faith that preserves peace when it all goes wrong. We need them all and we need to create those connections with God and with others situational awareness you know we are in a a war we are in a battle ground not a playground and you didn't need to see me say this in order to know that it's true you're in a battle ground in your life right now you may be struggling inside with habits that you can't control that make you even on the verge of the most some of the most desperate choices and please stay with us for these programs so you may have lost your job you may have multiple problems the Bible talks about a house that was built on the rock versus the sand in both houses the rain descended the floods came the wind blew and beat upon that house multiple trials circumstances challenges one of them fell the other stood fast it's an analogy of the strength power and perseverance that God will build into your character not only to free you from the guilt of sin but from its grip because once Satan gets a foothold he'll get a strong hold but Jesus died to break the stronghold of sin in your life so your environment is what surrounds you and how you think your culture is what pressures you it may be your peer group I mean you may have some party friends that you need to say goodbye to your culture is what pressures you it may be your social group it might be your school your work your church your ethnicity there is a culture that pressures us we have a biology that changes us what begins as a curiosity soon becomes a condition involving multiple circuits so we talked in the beginning of this program. About the circuits that take place that change in the brain once an addiction has occurred it's very real in fact the same one addiction specialist calls the brain the hardware of the soul and I think that that is absolutely accurate you cannot separate the brain from the body or the body from behavior and mood and spirituality separating them is increasingly becoming seen as ridiculous so these multiple circuits that change involve spirit tone and which has to do with obsessive grief and behavior norepinephrine which have to do a cycle motor retardation you just can't move you just sit in a chair and you can't move this is a characteristic of clinical depression dopamine has to do with and had Donia our lack of ability due to experience pleasure substance p. is a very interesting pain and it's very very interesting that emotional circuitry is also involved in the pain response and that emotional pain and physical pain actually utilize the same areas of the brain and our language for inner pain is the same as for outer pain so what kind of phraseology do we use You're a pain in the neck you make me sick to my stomach you've broken my heart you wounded me these are so magic descriptions of an emotional reaction but we can also say you touched me I'm warmed. And so understanding how lifestyle and attitude affect even the expression of pain molecules is an incredible journey and we will spend some time on that ruminating ruminating is your your brain is just whispering negatives to you and we sometimes we don't even need a devil to tempt us which is whistle for him to come and get us because of the habits of ruminating that we have we're going to discuss that tomorrow Now the good news is is that even the cheapest computers have backup systems but you and I are fearfully and wonderfully made God knew all about you he knows your background he knows your situation he knows your genetics he knows the the 1st environment you were in which was the womb and one out of every 5 children has considerable alcohol exposure in the womb that sets genetics which is now the sounds pretty bad and if this were all that we had to say in this program I would say well we better just give it up and go to the pizza parlor but the good news is is that God has built within every human being backup systems for renewal recovery and restoration. So these brain body systems for instance you hear a lot in addiction medicine about the dopamine d 2 receptor Zz which become hijacked and they're not as responsive and you don't have as many receptor is and they don't work as well and it keeps taking more and more and more of the substance or the activity to get even close to that to that high or to that relief in some cases and so this is how tolerance is built in addiction but the good news is is that you have more than dopamine d 2 receptor you have contents of Tori receptor is in other parts of the brain d. 3 d. 4 d. 5 so that as we engage in healthy behaviors and as we discipline according to the principles that God has given us in His Word He begins to compensate and restore and repair so it's not all misery until you're free it's a joy in the journey every day your g.i. tract. Creates or produces more serious tone in than your brain so as you take care of your physical health these messengers of wellbeing will assist in mental health isn't good news today and we used to think that you were born with all the nerve cells you were ever going to have and then all you could do through the rest of your life after about age 30 or so is start to lose them I mean that's enough to drive anybody to the donut shop but fortunately it's not true you do make new nerve cells in the brain your nerve cell is the basic unit of communication and a neurotransmitter is the basic chemical of communication and it connects small tight directional systems with the with the hormonal system the Enter can nervous brain digestive mobile cells of the immune system respiratory tract all connected in a superhighway of communication that is built to get you free and move you free God has engineers you his fingerprints are all over you he has a plan for you for a future and a hope so your biology is what changes you so now instead of just having a a a craving now you have a condition that needs to be treated at multiple metabolic levels your brain is what drives you and spiritual is who heals you and who leads you so what we say in obesity medicine is that the battle is not for the bulge it's for the brain that it's not about weight control it's about appetite control and that's a brain thing but the good news is your brain generates new nerve cells they are ready reckoner they want to learn they say migrate to certain areas of the brain which are amazing and when I do research in this area I'm always looking for God I'm looking for what is your message through this it's not just about information so these new nerve cells actually migrate to an area of the brain one of them is called the hippocampal area of the brain which has to do with learning and memory the other area is the a mid to low which has to do with emotional memory. And so what this tells me about God is that wherever you come from whatever's happened to you whatever is done whatever you've done God has engineered You and I for increased wisdom in learning over time and healing from emotional trauma in fact in Isaiah Chapter $61.00 verse 7 the Bible says whatever you've experienced the shame whatever it is I will repay you double workers' compensation I think we should start collecting the plan of redemption provides for every emergency and every want of the soul he understands he read your history he knows you he knows your weaknesses and he wants to heal those broken places in your walls of security so that you can be strong in Christ grow and be victorious work what is the name of the series the overall series forward to the finish but here's the question can you do this without God who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean no one can there is the promise that I love so much I will remove your stony and you could put in parentheses touchy heart and replace it with a heart that's God willed and not self willed I love that promise that's resurrection power the Great Physician has a remedy for every ill he understands your case people here's what I want to tell you hope is the heart of health if you are on your deathbed right now and you have 2 days to live hope is the heart of your health hope in your heart aches hope in your hindrances hope in your habits and hope for heaven because that's where our citizenship is we are immigrants here after all he understands your case whatever may have been your errors he knows how to deal with them. He knows the way he goes the way and he shows the way will you not trust yourself with him I used to be so cynical and negative and frightened and anxious all the time and and I saw a sign on and an executive desk that I really resonated with it said You're smiling because you don't understand the situation and I thought Yeah exactly but now I know the one who does understand the situation and I want to fight according to his strength which works mightily in me his weapons which are not hate bitterness malice violence manipulation using people grudges you know if we carry the offspring of evil in our mouths we're not going to be able to eat we'll say those things will starve us the Lord says Oh taste and see that the Lord is good happy is the man that trust in him tomorrow will be talking about forgiveness as one of those things therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation the old things have passed away and all things are becoming new you are born new but now you are going to be on a growth process you have everything to learn so do I We don't want to drop out from this school m.n. we're just going to continue to say yes the Lord knew what he was getting involved in when he got involved with you and if you have conviction right now that's a good thing why would he why would he bring conviction on your heart if there wasn't hope that would be cruel so be thankful if you're convicted right now and you know that butterfly has to turn to liquid I mean that that caterpillar in the chrysalis it turns to liquid So there are some trials and some fiery things that we have to go through for the transforming power of Christ to be operational in our lives but it's worth it it's worth it. Jerry She'll is a Canadian who came to a lifestyle matters training that we were holding in Florida a number of years back he drove in to our meetings with a bus load of Canadians and he had in his own words he had been addicted to everything well he came to our living free program by the way this book is available on our website you can visit us there and he was working instead in construction in Canada he overcame his addictions he went through the living free materials all by himself and he went into full time ministry he started working with Roger a retired Royal Air Force pilot who was absolutely down and out if you are watching this instead of listening you see his apartment littered with gin bottles and. He talked to Roger and he said do you want to be free Roger was addicted to alcohol and he had been for quite some time Jerry had become free from his addictions and they say he said yes I want to be free and so Jerry started to teach Roger and go through the materials and teach him the materials that are that are involved in all these lifesaving principles while they got cleaned up Roger actually was healed of his alcohol addiction Here's a picture of him going through of the living free materials they're going through the program there's my colleague Evelyn dietitian giving lifestyle advice on the t.v. there is creating an environment a beautiful his 1st attempt at creating an environment with some plastic where. And some fruit in it there's Roger his house cleaned up his life made right and he has been free for years now he passed away from a heart condition but Roger died free and he was free for many years he joined the the bible studies he formed social relationships the connections in his brain and life were healed he got a job after a year of freedom and I just love his story because he had been so wasted so ruined and yet God restored him you know we don't want to be stuck in the muck we want to move forward the Bible says He took me up out of a deep waste place out of the soft and sticky earth he put my feet on a rock and made my steps certain is that your decision today we are given the promise put all your hope in God not looking to your reason for support in all your ways give ear to him and he will make straight your footsteps do you think that Roger or Jerry are sorry that they were free from their addictions do you think they are sorry that they embarked on a new life Jerry is still running living free programs and he was addicted to anything everything you name the topic he was addicted to it but the Bible says I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go I will guide you with my eye upon you when you invite Jesus Christ today will you take that step to trust him and find a new way he is waiting for you. Right Father in heaven thank you Lord for these instruction guide as in your heavenly way we pray in Jesus name is. This media was brought by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through freeing sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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