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How is imitation an aspect of discipleship?



  • July 6, 2020
    9:00 AM

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Have you ever done something of your sat a certain way or said something where totally reminded of your parents how does Jesus use this aspect about the human brain find out on this up so in verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on life principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just until within. A friends you're watching in verse here and we are in the midst of a discussion on the topic of discipleship for the next 12 or 13 weeks and here we're looking at the topic of the goal of this so we want to welcome you to study the inverse I was lucky guys along with us you can find them at inverse Bible dot. Once again in verse Bible God or Gene you'll see the past topics that we've discussed and studied and you'll see this quarter on the topic discipleship someone invite my friends Kally Israel and c.q. to come online I want to welcome you guys into our virtual studios as you see where all over the world and we praise the Lord for this wonderful medium to allow our program to continue in the midst of these times when I ask Kelly if you can pray for us and we'll get into scripture right away absolutely let's start let's Father in heaven we thank you so much for the privilege it is to study your word together and I ask them right now you would open our eyes that we may behold wondrous things from your word please guide to school your Holy Spirit and may we see things clearly and that we can apply to our lives even today we ask all this with confidence in Jesus name. And then amen well for today we're going to go to Philippians chapter 3 flip in chapter 3 verse 1220 and we're going to ask our resident d.j. Israel if you can read those Bible. Already Philippians 3 Verse 12 it says Not that I have already attained or I am already perfected but I press on that I may lay hold of that which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me brethren I do not count myself to have apprehended but one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus therefore let us as many as are mature have this mind and if anything you think otherwise God will reveal even this to you nevertheless to the degree that we have already attained let us walk by the same rule let us be of the same my brother and join in following my example and know that those who so walk as you have us for a pattern from any walk of whom I have told you often and now tell you even weeping that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ who sent us destruction whose god is their belly and whose glory is in their shame who set for who set their mind on earthly things for our citizenship is in heaven. From which we also eagerly wait for the cd or the Lord Jesus Christ cry thank you Israel I know this all longer passes that we read today and you know friends we don't really we don't read that true for any legal if their purposes are formality we really want to get into scripture so if you have your Bibles or take them out turn them on whatever you got to do and when you get to Scripture together and you read from Philip instructor 3 before we get into flipping through want to give a little bit just to back up a little bit and in c.q. can you kind of recap we talked about last week I'm going to plunge into this week's top. Yes as a quick recap in summary what we talked about last week was discipleship is not just about programs it's not about events discipleship is about relationships but the our relationship with God as disciples of us and then our relations with other people as we need them into an expensive with Jesus so this is a relational experience where we are following Jesus and as we follow him we need others to follow him as well invitations you know and we see that at least into the Christian walk we're always being discipled by someone and then whether we're doing it explicit or implicitly We're also this I playing other people through our example and through our ministry in some way so we're all we're in this kind of a nexus and aware of always influencing each other and that's kind of the beauty and perhaps even danger of human relationships always is you know feeding in and in this and this fluidity of behavior and because we want to ask you guys what are some you know we're all in this walk with Jesus. Stop and start awful a bit more abstract Are there a different Jesus is how fair are we all we all believe in the same Jesus the Cape a capital j but is it possible that even the name is the same that we have different identities of Jesus and and how does that play into our discipleship will start with Can I actually think that we have views of different Jesus I don't think there actually are different Jesus there's one Jesus a man but we we have different views of him where maybe 4 for whatever reason we just like different aspects of him and we want to emphasize that over other parts maybe that's because that speaks directly to a need to expect is something you want to try out and so we we focus on that part and when we do that though as we can focus so much on that part that we say that's all Jesus says and so we're making like 20 percent of Jesus but we actually need to walk in discipleship of every part of Jesus so difficult in there. If it is silly it's. A little bit of a little to add a little bit to what Kelly is saying as well I don't think that. I don't think that what when this happens I don't think we're actually mimicking Jesus but I think we're actually making mimicking ourselves and so what has happened I think in our world today is that we've we've we've made God into the image of man instead of making man into the image of God or woman or what I'm writing so we have but what has happened what generally happens and our nature as human beings is to look at different aspects of Christ that we like or that are like us and then we turn the image of God into the image of a human being and we say this is discipleship and so it's it's critical for us to to to point out the fact in our last episode on Matthew chapter 28 there's an implied discipleship when Jesus says go into all the world and make disciples of all people baptizing them a name of Father Son the Holy Spirit the implication that Jesus is making there is no. Disciples of need of Jesus Christ to make them disciples of yourself and I think that that's an important critical point for us to talk about when we're talking about discipleship we need to make sure that we're talking about the discipleship of baking disciples of Jesus Christ and not of ourselves and that's a crucial role where Scripture takes place although you know in a formal sense all we got to believe the Bible and be a bible and that's true but in a very organic sense if we don't have scripture as our anchor for who Jesus is as Israel said we may be just following who really are I remember listening to a presentation one which I highly disagreed with and this person was saying that the god is sarcastic God is funny God goes out and he makes fun of people and he's hanging out with them all the time and there is an aspect and I think that was one of the messages that shot has humor and he does have fellowship with people with emphasizing that too much at the expense of the rest of who Jesus is and what he's doing really was was making Jesus in our image rather than us into his image any other. And so I think it's it's just a twist on what is real and tell you everything he said that we know this of ourselves that we are multi faceted that's the at metlife the best of it you know I'm not you can't put me in a box and it's frustrating and people put you in a box and they cheat you like this is all that you are and it's the sum total of who you are based on one interaction they have you they say Dario type one typecasts right I think we do that with God and as as well as say I think that. That we like about him all the things that we can relate to and we make that to be all of who God is. Whereas in reality God is the being and we are created in His image and if we are multifaceted if they are different aspects to who we are what more of the God of the universe and instead of putting him in a box and deciding that this is who God is allowing God to be God allowing him to reveal Himself to us and get to know him for who he is and I think that's where we you know put him in make an idol a graven image out of him in settlements all is that of metal. Now I want to ask you all what are some some Bible verses or some some vignettes and she's us that really describe who he is and what aspects of Jesus that we should mimic this disciple of copy and not just in a mimic in a like he did this let me do it that way but in a really organic beings sense the stories are just so yeah and if I could go back a little bit to to that Matthew chapter $28.00 component Ok is it really there's and there's another piece of that is that shares into our conversation and when we think about discipleship what many of us think is that we are to be like Jesus so that other people can be like us and so that when they are like us then they become like Jesus at least that's what I had in my mind prior to to the study of this lesson but what what really struck me more than ever before from from read this passage again Matthew chapter 28 it says Teach make disciples of all people. Which is in itself a very radical thing like how does God use me to create a disciple of him that you know that that that in itself is mind blowing but God has a right I want you to make disciples that will be disciples of me how are you going to do this is it by mimicking certain components of who I am it's not really what he says it says by teaching them to observe all things and then notice what it says Whatsoever I have commanded you so this work of discipleship is not actually so much a work that God has entrusted to us My job is not so much to make the disciples of Jesus but rather to be a vessel used by got to allow him to make disciples of himself I then become a filter he says and this is this is how I see it in my mind how it plays up as I live my life as I do whatever God has commanded me to do as I live my relationship with him and as I am full that then what has happened is that God is using me as a filter to make disciples of himself and so I think this is the role that you and I play in discipleship we follow whatever God has commanded us to do and as we interact with other people the disciples become disciples of Jesus rather the disciples of Israel so I appreciate that he emphasis of the self and there recalibrating on and makes of it more sense but it also places more more pressure on us because we are the filter to ensure that we are not I mean that if the filter is wrong or clogged or dirty that can also have some disastrous disastrous effects as well. Yeah and I appreciate that because there is this balance right because we talked about last time about how you don't have to be perfect to have God use you to decide whether people who want to maintain that idea but at the same time you know recognize that you said that responsibility and what I love to you about experiencing the cycle stepped aside other people is it shows us so clearly our deep need of Jesus you can't dislike people by your own programs by your own ideas and so even that draws us closer to Jesus to see how much we needed to be to be that filter in order to show people now your picture of him and him and we're going to break right now but when we come back we're going to look at I mean there are in a sense different Jesus is out there the hippie Jesus the eco friendly Jesus the organic corporate Jesus or where you look at some Bible principles they really nail down on what kind of Jesus who Jesus is to copy. Has been raised in a Blessing to you Do you have questions comments of feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching the interest Bible on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like that's progress comes up next the handle again is invest Bible Belt states and now back to the discussion. Welcome back we're looking at this site Portia and where is Jesus in the role of discipleship and I would say that the New Testament talks about different gospels being out there not the Gospels of Matthew Mark Luke and John but also different lowercase G.'s that describe different Jesus and in our day and age there are indeed different Jesus there is the one Lord Jesus but there is a hippy Jesus the eco friendly Jesus there is the political Jesus and there is a political monk Jesus and we need to look at scripture to see how scripture pinpoint the exact character and identity of the Lord Jesus so I'm going to open it up to my my friends here and what are some Merce's What are some principles that really kind of narrow down what kind of Jesus we should be following and not make the mistake of recreating Jesus in our image but us being recreated in His image so we're counting. Yeah actually text if we can go there is Matthew 16 verse 24 so. We're going like right at the 16th verse 24 Jesus is speaking the Says Then Jesus said to His disciples If anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me and so we have this the self-denying aspect of Jesus and I want to focus on this is because I really think it undergirds every other aspect of Jesus how he was loving and he was generous and he's just others focused and I I find that profound because it's so unnatural that is not my inclination whatsoever I can pretend to be let me even though I'm not really loving naturally or I can look this way but self-denial is authentic or doesn't exist and so when we see that that example in Jesus it really inspires the same of us because you know sometimes I can think I don't want to deny myself because of a b. or c. But if you look at the ridiculous levels of self-denial that Jesus experienced and showed us no self that I likes perience is even close to that and so that's that example can really help me going in any aspect which I try to follow Jesus on the Cisco Thanks Kelly for starting us off and I think this narrows us down a lot there are a lot of religions that really don't promote the denial of self they're all about the Yes you know ration of self in the development of self in the praise of state but there are a couple religions that you do also denies Now how is that different from from biblical Christianity Let's go to I see this I think. Ok So Israel is saving a lot of. What. I think what would. Something that Kelly said is so profound I think that it kind of might have been missed a little bit and that's that's at least what I what I gathered from this was that self-denial is not so much an action only as it is a check on motivation in other words they move Jesus was the motivation of self-denial rather than just a simple act of self-denial now I think there's a lot of religions that portray actions that denies you know or which could also be the interpretation of of. Of of torture or of earning earning our way toward something better right but what Kelly and what Kelly said a little bit ago in terms of self-denial being something that is at the core of motivation that cannot be cannot be mimicked as other things can be mimicked is something that is extremely profound and this hits at the core of the Gospel of Jesus Christ he was self-denying in his motivation not just in his actions. Who are comes to mind is that there are other religions that deny self and as you mention more on a any action basis but it is there are it is it is it is you can't argue that the human self the human heart is sinful that is one belief that you don't need a Bible verse for philosophy for philosophy for we are in the midst of suffering in human beings are are are at fault for that but they deny self and that's it there is no feeling of anything else whereas with Christianity you deny self but there is the aspect of taking up the cross and your fill with it Jesus you put off the self and you put on the new man and I love that and that new man that Jesus that spear that's filling us we're trying to Endeavor on who that is so to speak. Say on the self-denial Yes Actually Bute that comes to mind that compliments that is love. So that south every geisha and of of like love is not just deny self but it's also thinking about of the suppliers and so you know. You know those of us Everybody knows John $316.00 talking about parts of God's own love the world that He gave His only begotten Son and then Jesus robbed his ministry like this is what he looked in the others you know I changed seek and save those who are lost and then he tells his disciples and says you need to have love one for another and by this all men shall know that you are my disciples so that this characteristic of love and not just love like a really kind of love the kind of love that God has for us the kind of love that sets aside self that is willing to sacrifice oneself with the better of somebody else I mean that kind of love is the kind of love when the well sees it well know that you know my disciples and it's a love that cannot be fabricated You can't get up out of and if it's a love that even parents struggle with when they have kids you know night it's. The Brian that's kind of. Yes Yes Thankfully there are limits as as powerful as print a lot is there are limits and this love that God gives us is a super natural limit that no one knows and Israel. I think if we can go back also to our Texas Philippines chapter 3 but if you just going to show there before they gives perhaps the most the most complete picture of who Jesus and many times are we talk about love in Scripture is actually talking about self-denial love right you can't separate those 2 but there's another there's another component so Libyans that talks about Jesus not just as per. Who loves but as a as a person who denies themselves but also as an individual who sought the salvation of others who was an evangelist and here and says you know let this might be you that was in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not think it bribery to be equal with God that's dealing with deny itself he became obedient to death even the death of the Cross there we have also the picture of the Cross that comes out in Philippians chapter 2 and in that picture of the cross it demonstrates the love that God had for the salvation of other people and that's another component of the Jesus that we followed the self-denying Jesus the loving Jesus and also the Jesus who was a soul winner that Jesus who gave himself up died on the cross so that other people can experience ovation. Sort of flip in step of 3 and then I love as was a summary of this live history that is all right in the beginning a top of the show really gives us this kind of dynamic process and this says this verse is given a lot of comfort to me I look at a lot of Christians out there who may have been this site bold or who have gone to church and followed Jesus for many years but I want to ask you all why are they sometimes more loving or more self-denying or or soul winners how come the as an app and for all car is this is this my problem and how does the Bible respond to this. Challenge. I I am I don't know if I have a complete answer but I think I have partially answered so I think 2 reasons why. Really the main reason why this happens is because people don't have that 5 a relationship with Jesus themselves I mean I think about this I always go back to John Chapter 15 were you know Jesus was talking about I'm divine You are the branches and he doesn't say if you abide in me then you have the option of trading fruit you can choose whether or not you want to it says if you abide in me you are very much truthful stop so when we abide in Christ that fruit comes out so if we're not very shrewd if you are not abiding she's me so this can be for a bunch of different reasons some of them are worse than others but yeah I think the main thing is just that lack of surrender either knowingly or unknowingly or just not going to the depth that you need to to really abide in and surrender to Jesus. For men or women and I look earlier in the chapter in chapter 3 it's it's really a profound chapter you know Paul talks about all these things all these accolades that he has right you know hebrew of Hebrews and some of the law Pharisee and he goes on and on and then he says in verse 7 but what things were against me these I have counted last for Christ and then he continues that you know the most important thing to me is to know Jesus right and I can't all these things rubbish debt I may that I may that I may know him and the pov his resurrection and that that leads us into what he's saying in the us 13 even though I've given up all of this right and I realize that Christ is the most important thing to me I'm willing to sacrifice every gain that the world could say I have because the most important thing to me is to know Jesus. Even in light of that he says in verse that in brother and I. Do not count myself to have apprehended I thought of this but then you asked why is it you know we don't find Christians who have the South denying love of Jesus. I agree with Kalle's that as we abide in Christ that truth is born in us like he converts us and transforms us into His likeness but even calling himself look at himself as a I don't count myself to have apprehended but I'm striving for something for the important thing in driving for Christ like the striving to be like Jesus and the attitude of realizing that no matter what I may have in my life if it's nothing compared to the joy of that fellowship and that relationship with God And so when he tells us. If you let me just to finish up where he goes with when he tells us in verse 17 reverence join in following my example and not those who thought walk as you have for a path and this is a kind of pattern that is calling us to the same Jesus in the previous chapter you painted a secure of Jesus who is of alternate paths and that no one could approach to really if it's such a high standard then he says I'm reaching for that and I count nothing that I have ever attain to be anything close to where I'm trying to go. But the goal is that we're all striving to was that and if there's anything you copy from my life is the end and if there's anything that I have patterns it should be the driving for Christ likeness. Yes And so yeah I love what I love how Paul starts that little piece of passage that we just read it says Not that I have already attained or that I am already perfected and you know sequel already he's stressed so eloquently so I don't want to talk too much about that but Paul never settled he never settled and that's the challenge that many of us as disciples have is that we we we start our experience with Jesus Christ and we're very excited to follow him there's no sacrifice too great but over time we feel that we've reached a high enough standard we feel that we are perfect enough we but tain't enough and so we stop and that prevents us from the full stature of the measure of the fullness of Christ. As I listen to all your comments what's coming to me in a composite picture is that the at least from Philip in chapter 3 is that there is this is multifaceted this and there's a certain dynamic ness to Christian growth that even as some of some may feel like they're at the pinnacle of Christian growth a judge others and that shouldn't be where out a different stage of growth and the ultimate goal of discipleship is to be like Jesus to have the self-denying So even when we come to a point of a man I've so denied that we need to even self-denial in a more and it's just it's a crazy there's a dynamic and it's just multi-factorial and the complexity the shows are this is a real vibrant growth and relationship with Jesus although even blessed by our conversation here today we've been in midst of this topic on this I post and if you want to see past present or even future episodes visit hope t.v. dot au argy slash in verse or so happy that you've decided join us in the midst of this season join us next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes as an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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