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04-Power of Discipleship - Bible Study

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Callie Williams


A Bible study life begins with a commitment to spend time daily in God's Word. Have you made your commitment today?



  • July 20, 2020
    9:00 AM

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They say it's the book of all books and it gives supernatural power what is this book and how do we access it find out on this episode of a nurse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on my principal contemporary edition. Of open. Now here's your host Justin within 3. And a warm welcome to all of you who are watching inverse a Bible study program with a couple My friends all around the world and we are here in our digital studios and as you see I'm sitting in front of a library with lots of books and this week we're going to study the Book of all books and I say hi to my friends our panel panel here this this episode and we're in the topic discipleship you guys can follow along go to inverse Bible dot org Once you get in verse Bible dot org. And you'll see all of our Bible studies their past ones present ones and maybe even the future ones do and study along with us we're going to order prayer in Israel can you bring your. Father in heaven thank you so much for this new day of life for you to us and we're Do we have to study your words join us now to lead us and to got a conversation we ask you Jesus' name. Amen amen we're going to Isaiah Chapter 55 Isaiah Chapter 55 and seek you can you read verses one through 5 please. Ho everyone. Come to and you who have no money come by and eat yes come buy wine and love without many and without price why do you spend money for what is not bread and your way just for what does not satisfy listen carefully to me and eat what is good and let us all delight to self in abundance in kind you know and come to me here and your soul shall live and I will make an everlasting covenant with you to show him a Seas of David Indeed I have given him as a witness to the people a leader and commander for the people surely you shall call a nation you do not know and nations who do not know you shall run to you because of the Lord your God and the Holy One of Israel for he has a glorious idea a reason 1st 6 seek the Lord while He may be found call upon him while he is near Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts let him return to the Lord and you will have mercy on him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon for my thoughts are not your thoughts nor are your ways my way says the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts for as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and do not return there but the water but water the earth and make it bring forth and bud that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater so show my word be that goes forth from my mouth is so not returned to me void but also accomplish what I please and it's a prosper in this thing for which I sent it and verse $12.13 Cal you can around the Southeast Yeah for you shall go out with joy and be led out with peace the mountains and the hill shall break forth and singing before you and all the trees of the field to clap their hands and stead of the store and shall come up the cypress tree and incidence of briar shall come up the myrtle tree and it shall be still who are for a name for an everlasting sign but shall not be cut off. All right this is the beautiful passes and hopefully you read along with us so many promises they're really emphasizing the power of God's word Kelly can you kind of before we actually get into it kind of give us an overview for where we've been and we can start from there yeah so overall if I'm talking about the cycle ship at the beginning we talked about how God accomplished discipleship for humanity through people like you and me and we talked about the goal discipleship is Christ likeness the actual Christ likeness and then last week we talked about the role of prayer and discipleship So all the facts of. History and really 3 mineral practical things that we as human beings can do and that's something we highlighted last week will highlight this week and talk about next week these 3 things being praying Bible study and witnessing and one of my one of my mentors you came up with this kind of. I don't want to call Iran a more a doozy or a jingle or almost all but prayer ere prayer reading in feeding and fitness and witness and it's so cool that they rhyme but also the analogies actually work out so so last week we looked at praying and air air prayer as much as we should be breathing in air we should be also be praying the Bible says pray without ceasing as if we should be breathing without ceasing and if we cease to pray we will spiritually die in a sense and we talked about how Jesus really helped us our teachers. His disciples on how to pray let's go it's actually a chapter 55 in what is the emphasis here what are some some some principles we can tease out from this chapter we'll start with Israel. 55 is really primarily discussing the importance of the Word of God and I love their whole I mean there is so jam packed with so many different things but there is a. Year as we read this passage just little bit ago and in verse 3 it says it incline your ear and come to me here and your soul shall live and I will make an everlasting covenant with you so here talking about the importance of the word and and what. I see a stunning as your ears that it is as we incline our year to God as we listen to him as we listen to the words that he speaks to us that we will have a desire to come near to Him In other words the reason why we have got it is is because it is through this means that we draw nearer to God And secondly it says here and your soul shall live the Word of God is the source of eternal life and it is impossible for us to experience the more abundant life with God If we don't if we do not incline our ear to hear what he has to say so the Word of God is important because it gives us lines and the Word of God is important because it is the basis on which you and I begin to follow God as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Of the end of the chapter and verse 12 and 13 what Cally Red Cross you see all these types of trees coming out receive like this kind of spring or or harvest explosion on that agriculture guys I don't know what it is but all these plants come in now and it's not the bad stuff not the bad the foreigners and. The bad Bushes don't know anything but it's like the nice trees the myrtle and the cypress I don't know what all Cypress are but apparently they're like the tree. And for all this to happen their water is coming down and that water is like in 2 to 2 God's blessings and God's blessings through God's word he actually kind of rebukes us in verse one that we're all searching for for these blessings and you can get it from God's word but you're going through all these other resources and it's just totally free and accessible so you other other blessings that you see other promises you see in Chapter 55. If I could comment on what is all the fuss about this practical level. I remember struggling with how do I increase my state like how do I have a stronger walk with God you know how do I get to the place where I desire those things that I know I should but I don't. And the answer being here like he's telling us incline your ear to me here and your social lives and it reminded me of Rome attempted 1017 which is faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God so that starting in the Word of God is the place where the foundations for even the desires that I should be having I can find them in the Word of God and God puts plants a seed in my life as I study His word and so I really have to go away you know for how do I grow in my Christian experience is reading the Word of God and. Towards the end of the chapter so to go along but the 1st which most of us know from Isaiah 55 that you know my my thoughts are not your thoughts and then he does as well heavens are higher than the one my ways higher than you than your ways and verse 10 being critical for as the rain comes down as snow from heaven they do not return about what are the make it drink what and but that it may give to the same bread to the to eat to so my words that goes before my mouth shall not return to Me void I mean this harkens back to the creation experience where God spoke and it came into being and that's this is the power not a magical mystical like always by reciting the words that are written in the Bible something magical thing happened in my life and you know things happen but the power of God's Word is such that x. creation he spoke and things came into being and that is the power not in like the letters of the word. I'm trying to make a distinction that maybe some will be able to clarify better not in like reading Legrand. On a paid. Book power saw on the breath of God to even create as we were trying to say. I was trying to help you so are they thank you. That. Is that the power the power of God's words to create in here is in who God is not and incantations right but that same power that God has that is in His word is available to us as movie Scripture and it's available to transform our lives to change us and to give life the way that he gave life through his breath as Israel said right at the beginning I think it's cool they thought has his thoughts and his ways you know like these fees you know not mystical things out there but these are these are comprehensible ideas and thoughts and and God has a mind and God is a person and humanity is always trying to access that in you know I'm standing I'm sitting here in front as bookcase full of all these books and humanity for thousands of years has been trying to attain these the spiritual things of God and God has already revealed them in his word all we have to do is enter into that relationship with him and understand what he's trying to say for us and for us and we can access that our very very profound thoughts there that it's not in the literal ness of the incantation. Calley. Oh going off to what you just said is I really like the practicality of the concept of thoughts and ways of use and it's not like the super hard to understand thing but we all have the I'll have ways that we do things and it's interesting that those are the things in verse 6 and 7 over 7 is where God is calling them to just make those things and sort of take on his own and so something we've been having in common we're like God has thoughts we have God has ways we have ways but God is telling us to forsake our own and we can actually mimic his and be like him in that way and I I love that just as a practical person because it's not like oh you have do this mystical something God like this like no literally the way you think if you do things yet do that like. You know it's as real with what Kelly said what was crazy about this whole thing is that in so many ways the human being just naturally and innately wants to be like God And that's I think what would we were impacted me about what Kelly just got has got Sweet our God has ways we have ways and we want to copy God so many ways the vast difference and deficiency is that we really stink at being like God or he says look I'm a New York I have to use the little you have gotten I have were very very very different from each other and you do need my word you how to be like. Ok what we were that read about the Bible and the Bible is awesome and it's got power and but how do we access this and how do we read it and how do we how do we get that so the contact point becomes really real We'll get to those questions after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to me that's find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us products Thumbs Up next the handle again and invest Bible non-statement the amount back to the discussion with. A welcome back we made a case that the Bible is super spiritually important it has the thoughts and the ways of God and we can access those and we need to experience this every day but how many of you have had have this unction to read the Bible every day and you do and some days are good and some guys are not so good I want to ask my friends how to remain Bible Study Bible reading a daily habit we looked at praying last week and we should be praying without ceasing Yeah I mean praying is like breathing. Reading is like feeding and so some of us we've 3 times a day some of us to some of us 5 should we be eating as much as we read the Bible and in terms of frequency and honor let's get into actual the practicals we made a case study the Bible read the Bible how do we make this a daily habit disciple will start with. I think the 1st thing is making the commitment that I want to spend time in God's word. First starting with a commitment and then if I could just speak from young mothers perspective you know what just to keeping it real you know that before I was when I was single then like you know an hour or 2 hours in Bible study every day because you can wake up whenever you want to and go to sleep whenever you want to doesn't feel like it but you can. And then children come along and you don't wake up when you want to. Sleep when you want to necessarily and that completely changes the whole like when having Bible study guide Amec your time is not completely your own any longer and so something that I struggled with. And have struggled with for you know for several years was how do I get that like that connection like that the final studies that I used to have in the past but something something that has become clearer to me over time a text way tells us that we need to meditate on God's Word not just reading full volume but it's not just the quantity of the experience but the quality of the experience and even going into the into the word making that commitment that I will spend time in God's word every day. And that changes that and different seasons in our lives but having made that commitment looking for a quality experience where I want to meditate on God's Word not just read volumes and volumes of it and so I can brag that or I read through the Bible but even if it's one verse that I can be and meditating on that list throughout the day as we talked about last week prayerfully asking God to give me the gift of the Holy Spirit understand me understand and then meditating on scripture not just at the time that I'm reading the verse with it at the beginning of the day or in the middle of it was the end but then making it my man. Taishan throughout the day so that all through my day I'm spending time in God's word. Appreciate your testimony there as a as a young mother and if those of you out there if you are young parents please visit us on social media and you can commiserate with seeker and give her some more comfort and maybe implement some of what similar tools that she meant about meditation and what she said is not only for young people young parents but also for all of us a male parent do but for all of us to meditate throughout the day let's go to someone from maybe on the opposite experience. You know you've got kids I. Don't care if I am married I want my devotional I do to change a bit when I got married just because it's not all about me or someone else in the home we have schedules to keep We have things to go about in the day together but a way that I so that helps me is remembering my motivation for devotional time and studying the Word of God because there's been times in my life where I was motivated because I'm like like I should be the Bible and that was the only motivation and all that it was really paid a way for guilt and it wasn't very enjoyable it was like I have to do this and I have to pretend that but once I'm one of those should change from that to you know I want to just get to know God and I want to spend time with him and if I don't see something super deep Jesus to love me and it's Ok I'm here to spend time with him it's kind of like in a regular relationship right every conversation you have of the friend is an earth shattering and fantastic Some of them are but each time you're still getting to know someone a little bit more and so I have that perspective it helps me enjoy my time in the work whether it's 5 minutes or 2 hours and it doesn't do that I try to interact with the Bible into other ways during the day I don't always do it but I try to and one of them is just to listen to a section of the Bible on audio doing something while doing the dishes and clean up just something and that can be 520 minutes. But I was listening to judges the other day of my story says that even the memory information of oceans I'm still learning and the 3rd way is I just take 10 minutes out of my day to review Bible memorization and I think sometimes people think you should you have to do 4 hours a day but I just do it 10 minutes and I memorize the book of the bible several chapters so that's a really good way to help you meditate like that there seems to be different ways that we're all processing Scripture and you have Audie you which is through listening we have meditation which is kind of like chewing the word throughout the day like bubble gum and gum and then we have also memorization which is like your digesting it in your mind and get making it a part of you and I just love there is all these you know dietary allusions with with Bible study and and consuming it I measure what are some other ways that we can make this but discipline in our daily lives as a disciple of Jesus. I'm sorry I'm going to disappoint you that this is has a do with food. But one of the we also at the truck the fact that God is interested in speaking to us at the right time and the whole point of Bible memorization The whole point of reading Scripture every day is so that we're storing up in our minds and maybe this is this is actually back to who we're we're we're preserving and storing food for a for a time of need and we're storing up the word of God in our minds so that when the right experience comes then God is able to apply that scriptural text to our to our lives at that time there are many moments in my experience where I've gone through a hard time or I'm going through some type of difficulty and then God says to me Ok this text applies to you just right now and I think it was earlier. Earlier today when when Sikh was talking about the Word of God And speaking of creation and so forth and so on as she was mentioning that I never looked at the Word of God in creation applying to Isaiah Chapter 55 and so it spoke to me in this way the great god of the universe speaks to us and the Word of God Don't forget it's got power creative power in every sense of the word to to to work in your life every moment Mumbai moment. Thanks this is the best stability encouraging me to put an encouraging to me because I thought different ways of studying the Bible and getting the Bible into you. For me I just I like just I like memorizing in medicine all these things like studying you know sitting down and just getting into it and I appreciate my wife who allows me to have those moments with scripture and she takes care of the kids and then I take care of the kids allowing her to have we have this kind of a partnership and then getting into my journal and I write these bible verses out and I look at different patterns and you study it out and get the background information and I love the fact and then I love it but it doesn't get great comfort tying into what Cali's. Sometimes because this is a relationship there are some days where one I may not have the motive to to do the Bible studying other I've got to watch that but there are some days where I studied the Bible and I really don't get anything out of it per se for that day there are some Bible studies and some passages where you need a series of days not because it's difficult not because it's the timing of the length just because it is going to what Israel says there may be some other things that are happening in my life and so are the later future point these things come all in a supernatural way concert a point where all these things meet in it's not this one little verse for that point of life but it may be a series of things I've been studying for a while that is the part that is the the wisdom or the counsel or the Word of God that I needed for that point in life and it's a it's a complex city it was a really it is it is evident that this is God This is the Holy Spirit speaking to me rather then me read something that morning one verse and that's exactly what I needed for that day and there there's those days that do exist but it's not like that every single day and it's just like oh I need this boop boop boop boop and you. The scum of synthetic a spiritual devotional experience. Of the soul just point to the verse that we read in Isaiah $55.00. Weight says. But 11 social My word is talking about if the efficacy of the Word of God Social my would be that also from my mouth it'll not return to Me void and then it says but it shall accomplish what I said and they shall prosper in the thing for which I sent and I think sometimes when we think about Bible study with thinking we have a goal for what God's word ought to do for me more than listen how did I says that this is God's word and he is in control of his words you can control of even what the what accomplishes in our lives so there's an element of trust that trust that God when I come to your word when I when I study your words through the aid of the Holy Spirit that your word will do in me what do you intend for us to do in me and accomplish what I need because you know better than I know what I need right now. Beautiful beautiful observation is true. You know now what would you said is so profound and actually you know a lot better in a in a better way she's trying to say what I was trying to communicate I actually saw that in one verse one where it says who won that there is to come to the fountain and he has no money come buy any and then he asks a question why do you spend your money for that which is not going to meaning that our natural inclination is we don't know it's on to the Word of God and we actually need someone to tell us how to respond we're our natural tendency is that we're starving to death and then we're going to get the little money that we have and spend it on something that's not going to satisfy that need and so we when we come to the Word of God as equal or you know when we said when we come to the Word of God We don't even really know what we need and so it's it's the beauty of God's care you're done not only does he give us the word but he also helps us to apply that to our lives and we. You guys already know this but we just actually bought because of code in 1000 we have all sorts of crazy exacting in our world today and in our lives we want to we buy chickens and what the children stop me about myself is that I'm a chicken and the Canadians are 38 the chickens are thirsty but they don't know how to drink water like if you were literally take their head and dip it into the water they will they won't drink they'll die of thirst and I thought to myself man that is exactly how I am unless God comes in teaches me how to take from his word even though I have a hunger for it I will die of starvation that's the human condition and that now that really impacted me how how how that's expressed in that passage. That is that is very interesting Are you sure you're hearing your chicken correctly by dunking their heads in water like that that some of it your spiritual point is well taken and understood but we'll see next week and I'm still alive. Not the leading the gently leave that should one of those who are water and Greek went to the water that's going to she's going to do wreak is a better way of that of dumping it's had any men and women and that seems to be more appropriate to how the Lord leads us to the Word of God rather than ducking us and toe can't breathe anymore I want to encourage you all out there maybe you are already reading the Bible but take Bible study just that one step a little bit more seriously or maybe you're someone who's just casually watching the show but it is the burden for all of us to really get deep into the word that's why we have our Bible study guide in verse Bible doubt or g. or a t.v. show are this program of hope t.v. dot org The slash and verse there really focuses on the Bible make a commitment to have that daily and consistent discipline to spend time with Jesus if you preceded the show visit our social media outlets on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter our handle is in verse 5 all you can say hi to all of us and can encourage some of us speak or really gets a real kick about reading every single social media comment and we appreciate all the support and prayers that you can say well we've been blessed by this conversation hopefully you have thanks for joining us we'll see you next week here on inverse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the Kalinga is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the folk channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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