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Light in the Darkness

Eric Walsh
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People are coming out from the coronavirus lockdown but the need for the Word of God persists. This message is to remind us of the importance of regular Bible study.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • June 26, 2020
    6:00 PM
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Good evening and I want to just say thank you to the Sallis very Morial English Church in India for whom the sermon is being recorded we are in at the 3 angels church in Newington Connecticut during the coronavirus lockdown as it begins to be lifted here in the United States and we are recording this for our brothers and sisters in India is an honor and a privilege to be able to present to you. And I pray that when this is all over and we can all travel again that either you some of you would come here or I'd be able to go there and we could all fellowship as Christian brothers and sisters and if not. We'll see you. At the welcome table and on the sea of glass in the New Jerusalem so we're going to talk tonight about the importance of studying the Bible a scripture reading is taken from 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 starting at verse 16 2nd time with the Chapter 3 starting a verse 16 all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect to thoroughly furnished on to all good works. A message. For the South as a very memorial English Church is a light in the darkness a light in the darkness the importance of study in the Bible that is for a Father God we thank you for your word that we're going to talk about tonight we thank you for the precious truths that it holds Lord I pray once again that you make me a nail on a wall and hang a portrait opponent nail Father God you need to speak through me tonight but we need to hear what you have to say on this issue and topic. So a prayer in Jesus' precious and holy name Amen will start the book of Matthew the 4th chapter of Matthew chapter 4. Verse one says then when Jesus led up then What was Jesus' let up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil after Christ is baptized by John the Baptist the spirit leads him into the wilderness where he must meet his arch enemy the devil it was in a garden that Lucifer as Satan deceived Eve and Adam and caused the fall of the world it was around the issue of appetite the taste and texture of a fruit that the serpent promised the original parents would make them like gods and that they would not die here now the spirit leads Christ almost to the sequel. In this story where there is another showdown between a man and the devil except this time the man is the man Christ Jesus the Bible says and verse 2 that before he met the devil he had fasted 40 days and 40 nights and afterward Christ was hungry were 3 and when the tempter came to him he said if you be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread we are told in the spirit of prophecy that in fact those stones look like smooth loaves of bread laying all over the wilderness floor Christ in his hungry state and we know this is as a physician I can tell you that after 40 days it is almost impossible for humans to go on without food the devil waited $48.00 for the 40 days because he knew that at 40 days Christ would be at his physically weakest point. So the devil comes sweeping in and his 1st temptation is what around appetite and self he's saying to Jesus sustain yourself use your divinity to serve yourself which is not Christ's mission and would have been a sin if Christ had done it Matthew 4 and verse 4 says Jesus answered and said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Unlike Eve. Who allowed Satan to twist God's word confuse her and she was led into sin Christ comes back with a staunch it is written of us to say that the Lord man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and let me say this if we are going to do a study on why the Bible is important I want you to understand that it is in capsulated in this verse that in fact all of the hunger that the world gives us even at our weakest point as Christ was our answer was always be to the temptation of selfishness pride and an abomination our answer must always be we choose God's word over the bread of this world while you are in your coronavirus lockdown there in India and the rest of the world and here in the States as even as is being lifted there is no better time for us to spend time in the Word of God getting to know him better and getting a better understanding of his truths that's where we are right now this time is a time before the Great time of trouble and so we need to be preparing for God's word. Spirit of Prophecy says here we should not be satisfied with a superficial knowledge which should seek to learn the full meaning of the words of truth to drink deep of the Holy Spirit of the spirit of the holy oracles is counsels the parents teachers and students she says God works in us by the light of His truth which like with every man that cometh into the world the Scriptures refer to the works of God as they are revealed in our world as so many teachers whose voices have gone out through the whole earth proclaiming the attributes of God The mind must see the truth and the will bend to its claims when it is presented to us based on Scriptural evidence the Bible what the Spirit of Prophecy is when you study God's Word it actually it's like. It's like a force on a character that will bend you will towards what God wants you to do why study the Bible important and many reasons we've heard such One is through studying the Bible that you'll be able to face down the devil will talk more about that in a minute another reason it is very important to study the Bible is that the Bible will transform your mind as you study God's word when I was in medical school. One of the ways that I prepared for my tests in medicine is I studied the Word of God 1st because I found that there was something about studying the word prepared my mind for the science that I was going to study for those exams the the Word of God will move your mind and empower your mind to think more clearly and more powerfully and it will do something else it will allow you to to do a self assessment. He was for verse 12 says for the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and as a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart this analogy of the word being like a sword will get come back to again but I want you to know that when you take up God's word and you read it if it almost made not just the sword but the Word of God is like a scalpel It's like a surgeon scalpel and what it does is it goes in and it will begin to excise from you all of the cancerous lesions that sin and iniquity has a left on the all soul but it isn't just the scalpel it is also the our eyes of the surgeon it is what allows you to see where sin has had its effect it is the Word of God that does that if you see if you are reluctant or or sheepish in your study of the Word of God you will allow sin to grow on checked like weeds in a garden it is like a sword it will separate the foolishness in your life from that which should remain. And why says the transforming power of the word the word makes the proud humble. The perverse meek and contrite the disobedient obedient the sinful habits natural natural to man are interurban with the daily practice but the word cuts away the fleshly lusts it is a discerner of the thoughts and intends of the mind it divides the joints and marrow cutting away the lusts of the flesh making men willing to suffer for their Lord I hope you got that India what the Bible does it takes like a scalpel again it begins to cut away the fleshly lust it becomes away the terrible thoughts it begins it gets in and it cuts away the lust of the flesh and it makes you not just free from sin it allows you to move to a place where you are willing to suffer for your god because when you understand the Bible and its promises you understand that the suffering in this world is temporary and so you are willing to go all the way in the Word of God. And I goes on cutting away the surplus of self practical truth must be brought into the life and the word like a sharp 2 edged sword must cut away the surplus of self that there is in our characters the Scriptures that the Spirit of Prophecy and she's quoting the scripture he was for 12 but that's what the Spirit of Prophecy is telling us it will cut away the surplus of self on. The surface of self cannot remain and you be a follower of Jesus Christ you must be studying the Bible the Word of God to see where you are selfish where you are are are leaning on the arm of flesh where you are moving in the direction of self so that you can move away from self and toward Christ leaning on the everlasting arms rather than on the arm of foolish. 2nd Timothy 215 gives a little bit of the how it's a study to show yourself study to show yourself approved unto God a workman that needed not be ashamed rightly dividing the Word of Truth study to show yourself approved and to God a workman that need not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth and he actually goes on and in verse 16 and says but shun profane and vain babblings for they will lead until more on godliness Why is the Bible so important the Bible is one the way that you study to show got yourself approved to God and I know many are studying engineering they're studying medicine they're studying nursing they're studying physics they're studying philosophy and history even theology and many times just studying so that you can please in a prove yourself to to man what Paul is telling tell of the here is and he's telling us that you ought to study so that God is approved because everything we do we are studying something called the leaky bucket theory and this is a theory I used to tell students to help them do better in school but it works spiritually as well the leaky bucket there he basically says that your mind your conscious mind is like a leaky bucket when you take in information and class when you go to school and you hear the lecture it fills up the leaky bucket if you're paying attention and if the test is in 2 weeks and you never study again all of that information slowly leaks in the a subconscious mind and it's difficult for you to retrieve and you will fail the exam that's the leaky bucket there but if every day you take notes in class and at night every night you review the notes from the 1st class on the 1st night the 1st class and the 2nd class on the 2nd night and all the way through to you until on the 4th night you do in the class 1234 and you review like that all the way through to your exam you keep the information in the leaky bucket you keep filling up the leaky bucket and you'll do good on the exam. The problem is if you don't it goes deep into your subconscious and because you are always studying other things come into your mind that block your ability to get to the information you want and so you can't remember it for the exam and you fail so if you want to do good in school you want to take notes you want to read the textbook you want to make notes on what the textbook says you want to compile all those notes into one set of notes and you want to review those notes because what the teacher says is most important you want to review those notes every night until your exam if you do that the information stays quick on your head and you will not have to you will not have to do what we call. Cramming the for the exam but I want to tell you church the same thing applies to the Word of God The reason so many Christians are poultry and Laodicean way because they have no spiritual power is because the only time they fill up the leaky bucket of their spiritual mind is on Sabbath they come to church for an hour or 2 maybe 3 or 4 and they get filled up but they don't study God's Word the rest of the week and all that spiritual power gets leaked out and I'm going to come back to church wanted to be filled up and that's what I like the church to be exciting and and all of this kind of thing because they need that in order to make it feel like they've been energized let me tell you something you should not come to church to be filled with the Word of God you should bring yourself to church already filled with God's word so that what is so that you bring the spirit of the worship and the study of that all week into the house of God you enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts would praise because you've already filled up on his word so that when you come into church you are not in church so that some preacher can convince you to remain a Christian you are in church because you are a Christian and you're able to help others see that Christ is the way don't fulfill the leaky bucket theory when it comes to your spiritual walk. Don't waste your time in the entertainment and things of this world and not take time to study God's word Paul goes on to tell Timothy in 2nd time in the chapter 316 and 17 all scripture is given by inspiration of God and it's profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished on to all good works if you are going to be a Christian and you are not studying God's Word you will miss Duff was here's the thing the reason so many people don't know what doctrine is because they get it 2nd hand them to say it again a lot of different a lot of people don't notice 7 days of the Sabbath they don't know that the dead are asleep and will not be awake until the 2nd coming of the Lord is because someone told them a different doctrine and they've believed it if they were to take the Bible and use a can cordons and look up the word Sabbath and read every time the Sabbath is mentioned in the Bible and every time the 1st day of the week is mentioned in the Bible what you would find is they would come to their own conclusion that the 7th day is God's holy day to worship but if you are getting your spiritual nutrition 2nd hand you are losing out on what God has for you is like those who eat meat you get you eat meat you get nutrition but you're getting it secondhand because really you can get it directly from the vegetables and the green things that grow as good as the meat you're eating and you get it pure form if you get it directly from the source this is the pure source. And is good for doctrine you need to be reproved it will give you reproof it will give you correction and it will instruct you in righteousness so that you can be perfect in your sphere as God is perfect in his it can move you towards the righteousness of Christ what he covers you in His righteousness to cover his sins but that he sanctifies you by working through and perfecting your character. But also give you guidance to where you ought to be going in life Psalm 1100105 says I work as a lamp unto my feet and as a light on to my path I have found that the Word of God If you study it will help to direct you as to which way in life to go it is how God speaks back to you when you pray you pray and you give words to God It is through his study of His Word and the Holy Spirit and it is the Holy Spirit the Bible says that lead you into all truth the Holy Spirit lead you into truth and when it does and you read the Word of God the Holy Spirit will whisper in your ears to the words of the scripture the direction and way that you should go in your life Firstly the 315 says but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that ask if you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear you see you also it's not just. Your own direction you need to be able to give other people an answer when other folks ask you why do you believe what you believe you need to know how to answer and you need to be able to give a defense of what you believe you will not withstand the time of trouble if you don't know what you believe because of who is going to be persecuted for the for something they don't understand nobody those folks who have not studied the word and not anchored and grounded in the truth when the time of trouble comes they will pick up and run. And that's why I was spared a problem tells they wish there was an to be a shaking and many times people are going to be shaken out of the church John 1717 says it like this sanctify them through the truth Jesus says die word is truth you will not know truth if you don't study the word why because Jesus is the word John 1st John the gospel according to John chapter one in verse one says in the beginning was the word in the Word was with God and the Word was God in verse 14 says and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us this is the Word of God When you study the Bible it connects you to Christ who is the word the Greek word for word in John is Logos he is the Logos if you're not studying the logos you will know truth you will know redemption you won't know which way to turn Jesus is in the wilderness and he was tempted and he was hungry where did he turn it is written it is written 3 times it is written I challenge you that that's the way you ought to face this world and the temptations of this world and the Wise says it like this in manuscript 13 he $1888.00 he is to take the word of God as it reads and then to appreciate it at it as it is and to bring it into the life and to weave it into the character there is everything plainly revealed in God's Word which concerns the salvation of men and if we will take the word and comprehend it to the very best of our ability God will help us in its comprehension let me taste something I've been grieved by what's going on in the United States and for those listening watching this in India. America has come to a time here where they did the sin or original sin of prejudice and bigotry something a America started way back with slavery if you study the Bible Revelation Chapter 13 describes America as a beast with 2 horns like a lamb that speaks like a dragon there would always be a dichotomy in this country the Word of God If you study the Word of God the things going on will shock you so much but what is worrisome is that many in the church who have not studied the word or don't understand how Jesus functions there are many who are crying for retaliation and revenge they want they want others to suffer as they suffered let me taste something if that's yours to how you look at it your Christianity is in trouble my Bible tells me that vengeance is mine saith the Lord I shall repeat it's not your job to go on repay it's your job to forgive and to heal Christianity teaches that it teaches that even our enemies we are to love what a pray for those who even despitefully misuse us with that is what Christianity teaches if you understand the Word of God You will not be deceived or caught up in the emotions of what is going on in the world at the time the Word of God will be like an anchor that allows you to stay firm when your emotions would carry you away or when the storms of trial would bring you under it is an anchor if you're not studying the Word of God you're not anchoring yourself and it will just be a matter of time before the right storm or circumstance comes and takes you away so David says in Psalm 119 and verse 11 by word have a hit in mind heart that I might not sin against. You not studying God's word especially when I you have time there and is locked down you are not fortifying yourself. With the vaccine against sin the whole world right now is waiting for a vaccine I know Oxford University is looking to put one out there is the Chinese are looking to put one out there probably dozens of companies all over Europe an American even in India looking for to be the one who breaks the code and creates the Cove in $1000.00 vaccine and saves the world from this pandemic it will go down in history like like Louis Pass Jordan go down in history like all of the great Einstein and other great scientists that is world has known but I tell you they are looking for a vaccine to this virus the scripture is the vaccine to the greatest contagion the world has ever know and that contagion is seen but the Word of God will protect you from the virus the deadly virus of sin if you hide God's word in your heart you won't sin against him that's a promise in Psalms $11000.00 and verse 11 if Eason 6 says it like this and take the helmet of salvation the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God in the feet in 6 The Bible describes. The. Armor of God breastplate of righteousness the shield of faith the shoes tried to go to do the work of the gospel. As a whole armor but I want you to get one of the reason so important study the Bible is that there is only one offensive weapon in the armor of God and that is the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God let me say something easy out when Jesus had to deal with the devil it is written it is written is written He took that sort of started swinging and the devil couldn't keep up let me tell you something if you don't know God's word you are unarmed It's like you're bringing a spoon to a gun fight you've got to know God's word. Because you are in a spiritual battle all around you every day the evil angels and the good angels are fighting over your soul the enemy is whispering things in your ears playing on your defects of character trying to lead you into sin so that you will be lost if you don't know God's word you have no sword with which to swing at the enemy force that is not a lightsaber from Star Wars This is not the swashbuckling tales of the Pirates Of The Caribbean this is the word of the Living God and it is a powerful sword when you understand it not only does it work like a scalpel on yourself it will separate the devil away from you you're not studying the Word of God You leave yourself vulnerable to the workings of the devil against you if some is going on in your life and your being troubled the promises are powerful go to the Bible where it says many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of the mall where Jesus says I will never leave you nor forsake you where Jesus says you have not because you ask not use those promises like weapons against the enemy when doubt creeps in pull out the sort of the word the whites as a like this if you study the Bible diligently and prayerfully every day we should every day see some beautiful truth in a new clear and forcible light counsels on Sabbath school work page 23 every day you see something. The last code says this of all the books that have flooded the world be they ever so valuable the Bible is the Book of Books and is most deserving of the closest study and attention it gives not only the history of the creation of this world but his description of the world to come. It contains instruction concerning the wonders of the universe and it reveals to our understanding the author of the heavens and earth and the earth it unfolds a simple and complete system of the ology and philosophy those who are close to dence of the Word of God and who obey its instructions and love its plain truth will improve in mind and manners it is an endowment of God that should should that should awaken in every heart the most sincere gratitude for it is the revelation of God to man why do you need to study God's word especially during this time of lockdowns and pandemics chaos and war because God will speak to you through it he will reveal his will his way you protect you from the wiles of the enemy and he will stabilize you in his truth I don't know how people live without studying God's word in my darkest hours of life I have turned to the Bible and read from the Psalms and of word and I have gotten words of encouragement as if the angels of God had their arm around my shoulder and my head it was a lean on their eyes I've gotten from the Word of God a feeling that as if the the word the God of heaven and wrapped his arms around me in a hug and was giving me his support from the Word of God I have gotten the courage to go and fight against what seemed him movable it is to the Word of God that when depression took me over I was able to read in his words and understand that this world is not my home. I don't know how folks get along without studying God's word but I want to challenge you tonight no matter what's going on in your life the Word of God has an answer study to show yourself approved to God Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word. And Lord we are encouraged to study a word even more Lord bless the Salvos very well Morial English Church in India and Father God I pray that they would be a mighty light for you and the Lord day they wrestle against some serious. Spiritual issues there I'm sure being Christians may not be easy where they are but I am asking for an outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon them tonight fill them with your truth and with your words sending jewels to protect the. Lord let them finish this. Prayer in Jesus presence. 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