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Salvation and the Sanctuary #2

Jorge Baute
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Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.


  • April 16, 2016
    9:30 AM
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Happy 72 each one this weekend is untitled uniquely Adventist and we learned last night that what makes Adventists unique is the sanctuary message it is our contribution to the Reformation ours is the last church and this is the final contribution it is the sanctuary and in the sanctuary we not only find our identity as a people but we also find our message. And simply put no sanctuary no advantage church it is that simple we are a people born out of the sanctuary so it is my privilege to speak on it and I will share more as to why but the sanctuary. Was given to Israel as a mechanism of instruction to teach Israel how God was going to deal with the sin problem it was to help them understand that sin would be destroyed in the end but a way had been made to save the sinner today the sanctuary points us to what Jesus has done for us in the past what he's doing for us today and what he is about to do for us. Now for this series there may be some here that perhaps are not well versed in the sanctuary I'm hoping that today's presentation will lay a foundation that we are going to build on in the remaining meetings that we will have together and for those who already are familiar with the sanctuary of the grace of God This will be a refresher for you and so what I decided to do is to present this meeting in a practical way and I shared last night that I am practical by a fault. I need to understand how things work and why they work and that's just the way I think and so this presentation that I'll be giving this weekend is not blooming this and gold means that as important as that is but rather a practical approach an experience with God That's what today for this presentation I'll be sharing how the sanctuary is a model for prayer and I like praying through the sanctuary for 2 reasons. One of the reasons is that I am like the a.d.d. poster child I have the attention span of a gnat. With a.d.d. and when I when I'm praying my mind wanders this way and that way and I don't know if you have that problem where you start out praying and he end up filling out your walmart list in your mind. But that's me also you may have experience praying and maybe even falling asleep and then trying to remember where you left off but the sanctuary has helped me to maintain my focus as I am talking to the Lord there is another reason why praying to the sanctuary has been a blessing to me is that the sanctuary prepares my heart to approach a holy God. There are cues there are reminders to me of who it is that I am speaking to but not only that but the sanctuary actually prompts me on what I need to be praying for and so these are these are 2 reasons why I like praying to the Century Now I want to say that it's not the only way to pray and I'm not advocating that it is interesting to note however that if you look on in Daniel's prayer and Daniel 9 as well as Christ prayer that he taught the disciples you will find very similar elements in the sanctuary and I don't believe that that is coincidental at all now you should have handouts given to you 2 of them as a matter of fact one is my sermon notes and the other is a little flyer that you might want to use during your devotional time just as a reminder now what I'm going to do this morning. And I shared last night why I use handouts there are 3 reasons Number one I want you to be able to to be able to focus and you can write notes on there as we go along. The other is I want you to be able to go home and check out the preacher and make sure that what he's telling lines up with Scripture and the 3rd reason is that once you've studied it God has given you an opportunity now to share it to share with others and so these these are the reasons for the handout So this morning we're going to look at the sanctuary from prefer 3 perspectives number one we're going to look at it as to how. How it related to the Ministry of the priest the priest of course his whole life in his work in the sanctuary was a play out of the plan of salvation so we're going to take a look at the work of the priest and his role at the various furnishings of the sanctuary What was he to do there and then we're going to take a look at how that role of the priest was to point us to Christ. Because the sanctuary is all about Jesus by the way knowing that isn't that sufficient reason to study it's all about Jesus so how does the role of the priest point us to Christ and then the 3rd. Perspective is how that prompts me to pray so with that introduction when you have already knelt before the master I'd like to do that but if you bought your heads with me and as I pray. I would encourage you also to be praying for me I'm going to kneel now Father in heaven I am so excited for this opportunity but more than that I am deeply honored you are the great High Holy One who inhabits eternity and you have given this lump of clay animated clay an opportunity to be your representative an honor that is far too great for me and I thank you Lord for this really this privilege of which I could never ever deserve or or earn and Savior as we gather here really dear god you are going to be presenting to us a message that not only going to prepare us for your coming but through us Lord to prepare a world that so we are asking for the forgiveness of our sins we are not worthy dear god of your presence but the blood of Jesus makes us such and May the blood of Jesus wash away our sin that is right just miss may cover us and that this place will truly be your sanctuary we pray savior that your inches of light will be here to impress our hearts and minds that the Lord you will communicate to each of us right where we're at and write what we need to hear and so save you now as your instrument I pray that I will be completely yielded to you may your mind be given to me I pray Lord that you will bring to me the illustrations that are needed now in me this hour be yours we ask in Christ's name Amen Ok I'm going to dance and slide here we went over that last night. And so we're going to begin to begin with a quote here from great controversy by 18 and it says Satan well know that all whom he can lead to neglect prayer and the searching of the scriptures will be overcome by his attack therefore he invents every possible device to engross the mind of the devil has to do is distract us and he when it's amazing and so here we find an appeal to spend time in the word but also a call for prayer so as we look to the sanctuary one of the 1st things that we learn. Is that the sanctuary is also a model for when to pray at the beginning of each day the sanctuary began with a service known as The Daily and The Daily began when the the sun broke the horizon in the morning the priest would be a priest stationed looking at the horizon waiting for the sun to break the horizon and when it did he would grab a show far and he would blow it up a room and that was the call for all Israel to turn to the sanctuary to focus their attention there and to pray and while they were doing that there was an offering that was made upon the brazen altar it was a burnt offering and that offering a burnt offering was a dedicate Tory offering it was an offering of dedication and while Israel was turning to the sanctuary and praying it was an appeal for them to dedicate their lives that day to God That's how they started their day and that is also how they ended their day. So and of course the daily consisted of the activities at the brazen altar at the labor of water the menorah the table of showbread and the golden hour altar of incense the activities here was referred to as the daily we're going to be taking a look at that this morning so how does the morning sacrifice bring my attention to the Lord Jesus Christ Well that's what Jesus did each day as he started his day as a the prophet recorded this for us as a 54 verse 4 and 5 referring to Messiah it says the Lord God has given me the time of what the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary he awakens me morning by morning he awakens my ears to hear as the learned and so the sanctuary and the example of Christ remind me that I start my day in prayer why start today that way when does a soldier put on his armor before or after the battle before it so before I go out into the battle that awaits me that day I go before the Lord and I ask him to give me the armor of light I ask for his watch care over me as I begin my day it begins with prayer it's very interesting too by the way. I used to wake up with alarm clock and I do not do that anymore I have since asked God to wake me up in the morning and if you ask him to do that he will wake you up in the morning but you still have to get out of it amen. And then and he may wake you up at times that you may look at the clock consider board decided a little. To day in the Lord may whisper back I know what's waiting for you today you need extra time Me That's right and so the Lord will wake us so that let's take a look at the sanctuary as a model for prayer entering into the sanctuary as we approach it we we come to the gate you see a picture there and the gate the entrance way into the sanctuary there was only one and that's extremely significant everything in the sanctuary you significant there is a lesson in all of it and there was only one entrance into. The sanctuary and that entrance always had to face East always God gave to Moses and the chill of Israel specific instructions that when you set up the sanctuary make sure that that gate is facing east and there are reasons for that the good Adventist reason for that is that the competing religion of the day was Bayle worship which is Sun worship by the way that continues to be the competitive religion or worship of the true God is not true still as it was sun worship and so by facing it of course sun worshippers always face the east by by putting the entranceway at the east the children of Israel coming in had to turn their backs to the east as they were heading west is that right and so what it was is that acted as a safeguard to the children of Israel not to fall into Bill worship but there is another reason. And it is the primary reason that is a secondary reason if you will open your Bibles with me to the Book of Genesis my friend brother Neblett today was Paul bringing us to to Genesis I want to continue what he started today let's take a look Genesis Chapter 3 and what we're looking at here of course is the fall we're going to pick up on a conversation that the Godhead is having here and the fall has already taken place and the Lord has already shared with all parties what will be the result in then in verse $22.00 of Genesis 3 a conversation then takes place that we want to pick up on verse 22 it says then the Lord God said Behold man has become like one of us to know good and evil and now least he put out his hand and take also the Tree of Life and eat and live forever by the way aren't you glad that God did not allow that what a nightmare to live in this condition forever how gracious and merciful and why is our God the same one to that so thankful to let's continue there for the Lord God sent him out of the Garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken so he drove out the man any place chair a bomb at the east of the gate of Eden and a flaming sword which turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life very interesting here that when man left which direction did he go when he he went out to the east gate. Each East comes to symbolize walking away from God When Cain killed his brother Abel which direction did he go after that he went with for a way very interesting that the angels are placed there to guard the way by the way that's kind of a dual meaning because in one sense man was not to come and to eat the fruit in a fallen state yet in another way it was the assurance that a way would be made open that one day they could come back and so what we find is that man left East but to come back to God which direction would he have to walk he would have to come West and so what we find is that everything here reveals a process back to God. Everything from this gate to that throne is a process there is in message that leads us back and we will find that the 2nd to the last festival is known as The Day of Atonement the day at one minute when the Creator and his precious creature are once again reunited that is the goal so the gate it was here at the gate where the priest would meet the repented sinner and would explain to him the role he was about to play the gate was an important place but how does the gate point to Jesus well in John 19 and 146 it says I am the door if anyone enters by me he will be what I say Jesus said to him I am the Way the Truth and the light no one comes to the Father except what through me Jesus is the door the only way to the Father and so how does this Prop me to pray. We're going to find this weekend at King David had a very good understanding of the sanctuary and its operation and David wrote for us the attitude and the spirit we wish to have when we enter into the presence of God he says make a joyful shout to the Lord all your lands serve the Lord how with gladness come before his presence with singing know that the Lord He is God It is He who has made us and not we ourselves we are his people and the sheep of his pastor therefore enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise be thankful to him and bless this name for the Lord is good his mercy is everlasting and this truth endures to all generations and so as I begin my morning devotions I begin by thinking by thanking and praising God and as I do I have to remember that there is a difference between praising and thanking that you know that there really is Oher about 3 of you that's about right. Many people do not understand there's a difference when we talk about praising we're acknowledging the wonderful and mighty attributes of God of His purity His Holiness His glory His love His gentleness his faithfulness his patience his self-control we're acknowledging that incredible character that summed up means one thing and that is law. But when we thank God we're acknowledging the things that he does for us every day and you know if anything happens when we begin to praise God into Thank God you know what happen our problems begin to shrink and our God begins to get bigger in our mind of course when we remember and complain the opposite happens our God shrinks and our problems get bigger and we have counsel here from the Spirit of Prophecy if more praising of God we're engaged in now hope and courage and faith with steadily what. How many need there hope and courage and faith increased right here is where it begins it's by focusing not on the problem but on the one who can resolve it by focusing on the Lord our God and you know sometimes we can be in such a funk we can be in such our negative thinking can put us in such in the gutter that we need help to get out and when you find yourself there if you do just start praising God through the alphabet start thanking him for the Alpha that Lord I thank you for apples Yeah Ok it might be a little contrived up 1st but you know what got those are good for you and so praise the Lord for apples Lord thank you for being as if you didn't have these you would have flowers and you would have fruit you with me start going through the alphabet and start thinking you know we really take a lot of stuff for granted we really don't thank God for that for this much of what he gives us every hour of our lives and as we do that it will strengthen our courage our faith and also give us hope but there's more. Let's continue now as we approach the outer court in the outer court we find 2 items are there of 2 pieces of furniture One is the the burned altar to meet the altar of burnt offering as well as the Laver and so our 1st stop is going to be at the brazen altar. The brazen altar This is where the animals were sacrificed and the brazen altar is very interesting you know when you ever you look at a photo or a drawing a picture of the sanctuary sometimes you've seen the pictures where the the tents are leaning right up against the tabernacle in reality that wasn't the case the tat the tents were very far from the tabernacle scholars often refer to. Joshua chapter 3 verse 4 as the distance that must have existed between the tent and also the tabernacle the the distance was about 2000 cubits which if we were to bring that into what we can understand will better it's about 2 thirds of a mile once it was set up Israel was set up all around the tabernacle in perfect symmetry it was beautiful order in organization why because our God is a got a border that's why it reflected by the way when ban them went to curse Israel it was that order that blew him away and convince them him that they were blessed of God that ordered it amazing and so anyway so here we have this tabernacle and there was this distance about 2 thirds of a mile this plaza that surrounded it so try to picture if you will. The you know maybe a man named Caleb on the far end of the of the encampment and while he's working there perhaps mending his tent he remembers something he did the Holy Spirit bring something as mighty and he realizes that he had dishonored his Maker and had done something wrong to violate his the law you know the role he needs the play next he goes and gig picks up his little lamb and begins the journey to the tabernacle as he gets to the very edge of nobody really knows it notices him until he gets to the edge a camp and there's that plaza and over yonder in the sanctuary is waiting and as he begins that walk don't you know that people must've been looking and thinking. I wonder what Caleb did you know in every generation there has been pressure has been there how important it is to be faithful brothers and sisters that every generation has faith that pressure peer pressure it's not just young people it's adults too can I hear in a minute that's right the faithful and so when Joshua gets to the the gate the priest meets him there he comes in and now he is shut in by that curtain and now no one can see him just him he and the priest and the priest then tells him the role that he now needs to play but so the Joshua goes or Caleb goes and he he lays his hand on the lamb this is vitally important if we're going to understand this message you've got to follow what happens now Caleb confesses his sin and symbolically that sin now is transferred on to the Lamb now the sin belongs to the Lamb and now Caleb has to take the life of that now and so he does. And as the blood begins to flow as the life begins to flow out of the Lamb now the priest catches the blood so the blood the sin that belonged to Caleb now be longs to the Lamb is now transferred into the bowls of the blood the blood becomes a a mechanism of transfer then the priest what he does is he walks into the tabernacle and he sprinkles that blood before the curtain so that now the blood the sin that belonged to Caleb went to the Lamb went to the blood is now transferred into the tabernacle and we're going to talk about what happens next but it's important to remember that the blood is a is a man is a vehicle by which to transfer that sin so now we're going to leave the sin in the Tabernacle and we're going to visit it in a moment but how does this lamb How does this experience remind me of my savior John 129 says the next day Johnson all Jesus coming toward him and said Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world that is a beautiful statement. That is hope right there friend that lamb gave his life to transfer the sin The belong to you and me what joy we have what hope we have and so this reminds me during my prayer time in my mind now I just finished praising and thanking God I come to the brazen altar my mind and what I do here is I ask God I begin to do a review over the last 24 hours of my life and I ask God to reveal to me if there's anything there that stands between my soul in my Savior are you with me every day I ask God Lord is there anything there and and this is very important to be specific because since separates us from God in the right and that brazen alter what its goal what its job is to separates them from the center through the blood of the Lamb and so I have to be specific have you ever had anyone do this to you let me ask you Have you ever had anyone who's really done something to hurt you I mean they knew it too you know what I'm saying and then they come to you and they say something like this you know I'm sorry if I have done anything to hurt you have you ever had that I don't know about you but that's like the hurt happening all over again because they're not acknowledging what they did a minute they're not acknowledging it so just starting out the morning saying Lord if I committed any sin forgive me the Lord is asking us to be specific why because the whole plan of salvation is based on personal account debility I have to be responsible for what I have done that's why we don't win when a lion kills a man we don't send him to court because lions can't reason right that's what lines do the eating and so we don't take them to court but when we do something wrong God wants us to be specific you know why because otherwise there's no hope of under wing it. There's no hope of it ever changing if I don't acknowledge that what I did was wrong so the 1st step in healing is diagnosis if you don't know you're sick you're never going to go to the Dr Amen we go when we know there's a problem and so for for the brazen altar to really be profitable to me I have to be very specific and come to the Lord and say Lord I was in patient with my wife yesterday Will you forgive. You know Lord I kind of came down hard on Mike Yet you're right Will you please forgive me then by the way when I get up off the ground I got to go and apologize and not by saying if I've done anything wrong it's when I did that that makes it all right and so this is how I start my day is I go to the Lord in prayer the next thing now we approach is the labor of water the labor of water. Before the priest would minister at the brazen altar or in or in the tabernacle what he would do is you would wash his hands and his feet and so he had a water experience and that water experience actually prepared him for ministry that was his call to ministry washing hands feet the water experience ministry Ok how does this point us to Jesus Luke $321.23 and I love reading Luke when you study the sanctuary because Luke was a or prophesy he was a melancholy and so he's really big into detail and he it's really important to him to get that in and so I really like picking up stuff from his writing and this is what Dr Luke had to say it came to pass that Jesus also was what. That tie and while he prayed the heaven was open and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a double upon him and a voice came from heaven which said You are my beloved Son and in you I am well pleased now Jesus himself began his at about 30 years of age so Jesus begins his ministry after a water experience that I make sense and very interesting here he's mentioned how old he was that's why I'm so appreciative so much why is that important when you study the sanctuary when God gave instruction to Moses the Levite that minister in a sanctuary had to be a certain age before he can begin he had to be very Another evidence of our dear Savior our Messiah and so how does this then prompt me to pray as after I have asked the Lord. To to forgive me I then go to the labor and in my mind what I do now as I read dedicate my life to Christ the what the labor is about dedication that then leads to ministry by the way water experience anybody who's been baptized has had a water experience and it's an appeal now you are ready to do what be involved in ministry. The labor is a is a call to ministry it's a rededication and so what I do is I really commit my life to the Lord Jesus every single day not just once but every day I recommit my life to him I ask him to write his laws upon my heart in mind I ask I pray to God every day say Lord please let your will be my will each day as I pray to the Lord I ask God to take. To take my heart because I can't give it to him you know I brothers and sisters I can't tell you how many times as I'm appealing to God is a lot of there was a little door here I would open it and give you my heart what I want you to have it forever my heart in my mind what I want you to keep it then Lord I ask you please to keep my heart pure and my mind pure for you I continually ask him to to do that work in my life of making his will mine every day I recommit my like to Lord by the way every day I renew my vows to my wife in my mind every day I want to be faithful to my wife is a true and it's no different to recommitting ourselves to the Lord Jesus it's not just one day it's not just on my wedding day I tell my wife I love her and I never tell her that again but every day she has a right to know that I do it so God I want to know every day that I'm recommitting my life to him every day are you with me if you are please a man so I have recommitted my life to him and now as I continue in my mind during my worship time I enter into the tabernacle. And the cabinet you see 3 items of furniture you see the lamp stand the table showbread and the altar of incense. Let's begin 1st at the menorah the lamp stand the work of the priests here was to make sure that the lamps that was always filled with oil the oil was the source by which the fire burned the light source that came from the menorah the fuel was the oil and in the tabernacle it was the only light source that originated from the tabernacle from the Holy Place was found there in the menorah and so how does the menorah point us to Jesus will Jesus and self said I am the light of the world he who follows me shall not walk in darkness but what but have the light of life and so Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit we read about that in his baptism how he was filled that became the source of the light that shone from him and so as I come before the Lord here I ask also to be still with the Holy Spirit Jesus called the church today to be the light of the world and for that to happen brothers and sisters you and I have to be filled with all the Spirit God is a gentleman he won't force anything on anyone we must ask what is go by in 6 testimonies 117 we need and must have fresh in that interesting fresh not stagnant not yesterday's but fresh supplies how often every day all heaven is doing what how much of heaven all heaven is waiting for channels through which can be poured the holy oil to be a joy and a blessing to others you realize heaven is waiting to the stone can you just see the angel you know some of your going or maybe. They are not asking but there's one. They're not that want to ask they're waiting they're anxious for somebody to ask and so I pray each day I ask where the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my own life because I cannot reflect Christ without it brothers and sisters we need to remember something knowing truth will not save me a lesson the truth is placed in here and shines out of the life there to be a lot of 70 otherness outside of the New Jerusalem at the end we're in for a big surprise are you with me that Holy Spirit that oil that transforming power has to be able to come into life and so I pray for it and were told in scriptures that there's an early rain and there's a ladder a not right and I run into a lot of bad that is very sincere who are just praying for the latter rain and I tell them dear friend if there's no early rain experience the latter rain will not do anything for you the early rain is about character development and we're living in the era of the early rains it is the early rain that prepares us to receive the latter effect but even worry about the latter be focused on the early and at the oh if we allow the early to do its work we're going to be ready for the latter this makes sense it's vitally important to remember that we're living in that time it's about character development truth however beautiful and in eloquently it may be spoken if the Holy Spirit doesn't accompany it will not change a single heart we need the presence of the Holy Spirit working in our lives I ask him also to fill me because of the duties that I have for that day and to give me power to witness for him as well and I ask Him to guide and direct my life I ask for the oil in every single day by the way there's no sense in asking something we already have is not right we need to ask. Because we need fresh supplies every day well now we come to the table of showbread and table show bread had 2 stacks of bread 6 each and each each stack each each loaf represented one of the tribes of Israel and it was the job of the priest to see to it that every Sabbath there was a fresh supply of bread placed there it was known as the bread of presence the table of showbread it was to remind Israel that it was God who supplied their need every day physically as well as spiritually but how does this point us to the Lord Jesus Christ Well the Bible says Jesus says I am what the bread of life it is G.'s us who supplied this I'm John and the Apostle Paul Paul brings this out and my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus and during my prayer time. What I like to do here is I will get my day planner I still do day planners there's a story behind that but I still do my day planner and I will get my day planner and every appointment at this point I bring before God any any appointment any counseling that I have any Bible studies that I'm involved in any meetings that I have any of my activities I have it laid out and I pray to God over it in a very interesting during that quiet time a number of things will happen I'll usually have a piece of paper with me and I encourage you to do this because God will start getting the idea. There are times where the Lord is oppressed upon me to change an appointment there are times that the Lord has impressed upon me that I forgot an appointment. God gives me ideas as I'm saying Lord I have this problem I'm working with this couple I don't know what to do with in the Lord will begin to give me ideas and it's important to write it down why because I used to do this I won't forget that. I don't do that anymore. Because I know myself very well and so the Lord actually begins bringing thoughts to my mind and getting the ready to face the day and so I present everything and if I'm if I'm you know when I was teaching I would I would bring up the subject for the very day let's take a look now as we move on and we go to the golden altar the golden altar actually stood right in front of the curtain that divided the holy place from the most holy the presence of God The Chicago glory was between the angels in the most holy place and this is very interesting did you know that is when the priest came to the golden altar it was his ministrations there that brought him closer to the in the presence of God than any other of his activity lesson there it's very interesting that. I've often wondered what what that must have been like to be the priest and walk in and you know that the presence of God The Chicago and the glory would be radiating over the top of that and knowing that your creator was only a few feet away that must have been an amazing experience amazing experience and of course the incense King David tells us in Psalms $14012.00 was a symbol of the prayers of the Saints as they were all facing it in the morning and facing the tabernacle during the morning and evening sacrifice but how does the priest playing this role remind me of Jesus persimmons 85 says to us for there is one God and one mediator between God and man Jesus the Man Christ Jesus Now listen how many of your ex Catholic. You know this has special meaning doesn't it one Mediator between God and man we used to have all those little idols that were those little figures that we had to pray to know there's only one that we need to pray to I love this text that's very meaningful to me and we have one mediator not only do we have this mediator but look at this text therefore he is also able to say the 2 the only place I can image what other does therefore he is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through him since he always lives to make intercession for them this is what Jesus lives for is to make intercession. That's what he leads for not only that but you know the touch could have said therefore he is also able to save those who come to God through him it could have said that but it says able to say to the uttermost you know that means friend that means it doesn't matter how far you have fallen Jesus can pick you up it doesn't matter how big a sinner you are he's a bigger savior that's what that means that's what that means to the uttermost he hasn't met a case he can't help except for the case that one asked for that's the only one that any of the cry out to Hell the Lord is there I want to look at this quote This is amazing quote 1st Timothy 3 years me Volume one testimony 346 and it says at the sound of fervent prayer say in whole host does what you know we need to meditate on that quote at the sound of fervent prayer say in holes from it doesn't matter how big and strong you are or how small and weak when you pray fervently the demons tremble What does the devil know that you and I do not what is a devil know that when you go to your knees and you begin to cry out to the Lord that he is scared by the way I like the fact that he gets scared he doesn't mind scaring me. It's nice to know we can give a little back. But what is it that frightens him let me tell you what frightens him he knows that you are appealing to his great rival he know that when you go to your knees and you cry to help there is one who hears and answers he knows that when you pray that you are activating God's Strategic Air Command and they're about to get involved and he knows that he does not want that prayer you know it's very interesting during World War 2 when the allies were fighting the the the Axis forces in Europe in particular the Nazi army was the most well trained it was the best it was the best soldier in the world and they had the best equipment and the allies came up with a strategy by which to defeat the Nazi armies and what they would do they realize they came to a realization that whoever controlled the air controlled the ground and so it was an incredible struggle to take mastery of the air and so you hear of the bombardments of the in the aircraft become a very important factor in who wins because whoever controls the air control the activities on the ground as it is in the physical brothers and sisters it is in the spiritual the Bible refers to the devil as the prince of the power of the air his air superiority has to be challenged and there's only one who can and that's heaven strategic air command led by God And when we pray and continue to pray that is what gives victory to our forces on the ground are you with me all the efforts be they radio literature call quartering Bible study evangelistic series every effort of the ground troops moving forward has got to be covered by air cover. There has to be prayer we can get we are foolish we are deceived if we think that we can bring this work to a close in our own efforts without the help of Heaven Strategic Air Command we have to bathe in everything we do in prayer what you know that even me being here and having my my church and family praying for this very gathering right now because because the data however correct or powerful without the presence of God with it will not touch the heart and parents we've got to remember that as we're seeking to lead our kids of the right path that if we're not baiting our efforts with prayer it's foolishness all we're controlling is outward behavior and not the heart and that's what has to change and only the Holy Spirit can do it does that make sense we have to bathe what we do in prayer if there's going to be success look at this next quote Volume 2 selected messages $377.00 ministering angels are waiting about the throne for to instantly obey the mandate of Jesus Christ to answer every per air offered in earnest living faith I'm gonna read it again you gotta hang on the words remember what I said about Spirit of Prophecy exaggeration was counted to her as a sin she struggled for precision always in her writing in her words there's no exaggeration now knowing that read this again ministering angel are. Waiting about the throne to instantly obey the mandate of Jesus Christ to answer every prayer offered an earnest living faith and I have an overactive imagination and I'm just picturing and fact Pastor Lambert I like there's a little plaque there with Jesus by the. The Ark of the Covenant and there's a little family praying and that's the picture I get where Jesus is just sitting there on his throne and there's a family pouring out their heart a man praying or a while a mother for their kids just pouring their hearts out in prayer for their children and Jesus is listening and all around the throne are these angels and they're watching the family they're watching Jesus and they know something's going to happen the muscles are twitching in their waiting and Jesus is watching and he turns to an angel. I picture that I picture there are times you know the sad thing is how often do those angels waiting game because we don't pray because we feel that the situation we're dealing with is hopeless and there's no way out that we've got. Off things are possible with him let's not let those angels wait Ok now we enter the multi place the Ark of the testimony is found there this is the place where the visible presence of God was and once a year the the priest the high priest would walk into the most holy place and there through the service he would remove all of the sins that had accumulated there through the daily activity of the sins of Israel that accumulated the high priest would come in and with the blood would cleanse and in symbol would take those sins and would go to an animal called it was a go as a result the scapegoat which represented Satan and now all those sins were on him signifying that at the very end of this deal all of the sins of the forgiven people of God are going to be transferred to him and he's the one that's going to pay for thank you you're a man's eye you know it's time for him to get his you know and the thing is though he doesn't want to he wants you to pay for it he wants you to pay for your own sins he does want to pay for it but at the very end God is showing at the very end he will destroy those sins and the originator of the sins but how does that remind me of Jesus well in Daniel 713 a tells us the day that the that this process began the Jews actually refer to a Day of Atonement as a day of judgment and here in finding in Daniel Chapter 713 we see this written for us I was watching in the night vision and behold one like the Son of Man coming at the clouds of heaven he came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near what before him and so what's happening here is that October 22 1844 that event took place so if we had been Miller right and we were there on William Miller farm on the on on October 22 at the age of 44 and had read that we would have been reading what was actually happening in heaven at that moment. Which is actually absolutely amazing and so what does this do for me when I pray will 1st of all remember the hour in which we're living and I ask God to to reveal to me the hidden things in my own heart and David again we're going to be we're going to be drawing ideas from some 112 who can understand his heirs cleanse me from my secret faults that cries out Jeremiah 17910 explains why that prayers important the heart is deceitful above all things that's amazing there's nothing more deceitful than the human heart that's what that just said and desperately wicked it's not just wicked it's wicked brothers and sisters until you and I come to the place to believe that there isn't much got to do for us the biggest problem we have is that we think we're a lot better than we actually are that's our biggest problem nobody goes to the doctor they don't think they're sick that's only people that are sick they go to the doctor and so here David is saying even though I'm not aware of it doesn't mean that there isn't there that's what David is saying and so and then of course it has got answers I the Lord search the heart and test the mind good even to give every man according to his ways according to food of his doing sums 139-2324 again the appeal by David search meal gotta know my heart try me in all my anxieties and see if there's any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting and so I ask the Lord to up to guide me and to to direct but also ask him to show me what's going on in my own heart and I ask him that I said Lord you know I'm pretty good at lying to myself and the congregation set. Pretty good that it's really funny how if somebody else does it it's a sin if I do it is justified in the funny how that works so amazing but I ask God Lord give me that I savage you promised Laodicea help me to see myself no no help me see Jesus in the light of Jesus help me to see my. Because of hope in Jesus and so I not only that but this part of the of my time with Christ is also the most intimate because it is here that I open my heart to my best friend I have just prayed for everybody I pray for my family I I have lifted others up in prayer intercessory prayer but now is the time that I stand with God and here I lift up to my dream job dreams brothers and sisters I have a dream one day of of owning my own piece of property which God has really given us counsel to live out into the country and that's something we would love to do and I pray take that prayer before my master and I talk to him about it I have dreams for my children I talk to the Lord about that there are concerns in my life that are a private thing I take those things to the Lord it's an intimate time with my savior one on one with Him This is a sanctuary prayer I pray this as I start my day each day the sanctuary helps me to focus while I am praying and it reminds me of what to pray for but also who I am praying to it also reminds me what Jesus is doing and has done is about to do it so the sanctuary actually keeps me connected to present truth every day and helps me to stay connected to my Lord in savior and one thing I do want to say before I close out you know when I pray during the golden altar forgot to mention this I make sure that I prefer spare my family I am to preserve my house that's my job and I am so thankful for the beautiful wife that I have you know it's amazing I've noticed that as the years have passed no she is more beautiful to me now than she was then they were married. And I believe that a huge part of that is because as she is drawing closer to Jesus it is shining through her face in her life and that a Christian woman is an extremely attractive woman very beautiful and my wife is beautiful is becoming more so I also pray for my children each day and parents I don't it doesn't matter how how small your kids maybe it's not too early to start praying for their spouse I pray for the spouses of my children wherever they may be I don't know where they are they have met them I don't know but I pray for them and I pray for their parents that the Lord will keep them godly thank them focus I pray for them but I pray for my children the Lord will spill them to with the Holy Spirit or to bless them and so this is the sanctuary prayer keeps me focused on the Lord and I keep the focus on his message brothers and sisters Jesus is coming soon in the whole activity of the sanctuary it is our time with God in prayer that brings us closer to him than any other activity prayer is opening the heart as and to a friend our best friend our friend who gave to us our value and saw so valuable that he was willing to risk eternal loss he was willing to risk the universe the throne of the universe to save you and to save me and so at this time I would like to close with prayer as we ended section Father in heaven I thank you so much for the sanctuary that teaches us so many things including how to pray it teaches us Lord that we are approaching the high and holy one who can tell who inhabits eternity to the one who is pure and holy and righteous and as we view you that way by beholding. We become j. I thank you father that the sanctuary reminds us of the important things that we need to be praying for every day the things that you are ready able and willing to give to us but you're too much of a gentleman to force love never force the Lord heaven is waiting to the still upon us the blessed that you are eager and anxious and waiting to give Father help us to remember that even though we're facing a situation that may appear impossible to us nothing is impossible with you that you have a way to disentangle us from situations Lord that we get ourselves into that you can bring light out of darkness and hope out of despair that you can bring good out of a bad situation if we will but trust you and hang on to allow that. We thank you. Precious. 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