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Salvation and the Sanctuary #3

Jorge Baute
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Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.


  • April 16, 2016
    11:00 AM
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What we're going to continue this is session 3 on our talk on the sanctuary and in our last presentation we went through the sanctuary and we saw it as a model for prayer and in the process we were introduced to what was called the De Lay in the daily were those activities that took place day after day in Israel. That was part of God's plan in bringing Israel to faith to understand the plan of salvation and we're going to do is we're going to bring that experience into our every day life because I am a firm believer in being very practical our walk with Jesus is. Is is something that is very practical and what the daily teaches us is how to have victory over the power of sand does that topic interest you know how to have victory over the power of sand in it's done with a walk with Jesus you know when we when we're if we're going to look at the as we look at the sanctuary services if we're going to understand this is very important if we're really going to understand the plan of salvation there is something that we have to come to grips with and that is that God is serious about sent he is deadly serious it cost the life of His Son to save us there was no other way if there was another way he would have taken that way there was no other way to save us but the sacrifices son to save you and me that tells me that he is very serious about his dealings with sin because sin destroys and in Matthew and in the hand of every hand out there in Matthew Chapter one Verse $21.00. The angel there when talking to Joseph revealed. In a sentence the mission of Christ he said and she shall bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sin Ok not in it this is extremely significant and there's a lot of confusion in the Christian world over this right now even many within our own ranks Jesus did not come to save us in our sin He came to save us from our San we have to remember that the angels of heaven sand and they were kicked and they were they were kicked out of heaven for it no one is going in that way does that make sense it's vitally important to understand that and if so this is actually the focus of Christ's mission and the theme of the sanctuary of how God deals with this problem not only in the world but more specifically even within our own lives and so the Center reveals in the end is that the Lord will actually be able to finally destroy San can you say amen to that but the sad thing is that many many will also be lost in that destruction who refused to give it up and we certainly do not wish to be part of that and so the daily actually shows us how to have victory and I can't wait to share this with you. How to have victory over the power. Sin I'd like to begin once more with a word or prayer really appreciate a prayer that was sent up earlier that touched my heart I just want to one more if you're by heads with me please. Father in heaven I so thank you so much for the prayer that my dear brother sent up to you already and I want to 2nd echo what he said Lord we need your presence however wonderful our eloquently the presentation may be now if you're not in it we wasted our time we might as well gone home take a nap Lord I pray for your presence I pray you sustain me I am fearful or that I will be in the way Lord of what you're trying to do here please Lord May Jesus be seen heard and felt I do pray have the final own way today at this hour and we are here because we are hungering we want to deeper experience with you we realize within ourselves a lack we need more and so I pray Lord you have promised that those that hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled and so we are asking for that right now we thank you because you promised and you said that your word will not return to you boys but it will accomplish the thing for which you Senate as well based on your word not on our feelings not on looking to ourselves but looking to Jesus We are trusting that you will provide now that which we so desperately need and thank you as we ask in Christ me. Ok. I am using a q. and a method question and answer because I just feel it's the easiest way to get to get through things and to learn as well as to teach So let's take a look at question number one let's take a look at the Daily today what is God's will concerning his people 1st the Simonian for 3 and 4 says for this is the will of God you know what your sanctification that each should know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and what and honor it so the gospel is about change and transformation that's what it's about it's about change and so what happens when we're born in this world is that we sit upon the throne of our own hearts we decide what we're going to do and we're going to do it how we're going to do it that's what we decide we decide. We're direction who we're going to marry we're going to live what our occupations go these are all the things we decide but when we ask Jesus into our hearts we've got to get off that throne and that calls for something called surrender we asked Jesus to sit up on the throne of our hearts and now Jesus is the one who is allowed to lead us in guiding us and the human heart resists that don't resist any more Jesus always knows what he's doing Jesus loves us he knows the end from the beginning and he does what's best the most intelligent thing that a fall in mortal can do is allow Jesus Christ to lead his life most intelligent thing so when we're talking about conversion we're talk about sanctification we're talking about surrendering the control of our lives over to Jesus now mind you Jesus doesn't control us in the way that Satan would if he was given half a chance. Satan's can all Jesus can do is guide us as we allow him to he is a gentleman he will never force us against our will can you love someone like that have Salut Les And so what God is after is restoring in us what was lost in the garden when humanity fell the image of God fell love was lost you see God God is love Ok And so what we lost was that what we have now is selfish nests and self that's what's in control and by the way that never leads to happiness it never does you know it's funny those of us who have some of these great things are the ones that are not ink because we've been there we've done that we've seen them yet but if you can learn these before you have these great things your life will be a whole lot more pleasant if we learn this early you know I want to share with you right here and know a pet peeve that I have if you will indulge me if you will just forgive me for this pet peeve there are those that say that Jesus excess me just the way I am and I respectfully disagree he does not Jesus receives us just the way we are but loves us too much to leave us that way Lou think of think of the Gospel as a shower how many are going to ever get cleaned up before you went into the shower right that's the job of the shower the shower receives you just the way you are but its job is to cleanse and that's what the gospel is about it's a cleansing transform ation process look at the note here right below number one. Sanctification is a total surrender of the will to the will of God It is something God does in the repentant sinner who cooperates with God Bible sanctification is motivated and empowered all the way by the Holy Spirit and directed to the honor in the glory of God without his power working in us we are totally helpless hope helpless and hopeless Jesus said For without me you can do how much it is God who transforms the believer in all aspects of his daily existence in his thinking and acting desires in short completely This effect is seen in the home the work the school the church and in the community and let me dare say here that if it isn't happening in the home it isn't happening it is very easy to fool the people at church and it's very easy to fool the people at work but nobody at home it's fooled are you with me the acid test is home do you realize what that saying the gospel is about healing the gospel is about wholeness Isn't it beautiful God is wanting to restore us and it begins in our homes so beautiful well let's take a look and let's unpack this number 2 in order to enjoy sanctification what attitude must one have towards Jesus and Sant 1st John 33 says everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself just what as he is pure the goal is Christ it's to be like Jesus that is the goal. And failure is not an option are you with me the goal is Christ to reflect Jesus let's look at the Exodus 3313 now therefore I pray if I have found grace in your sight this is the prayer of somebody who wants this show me now your way that I may know you and that I may find grace in your sight and this reflects a teachable spirit brothers and sisters. We have to come to the 2 grips that nothing short of reflecting Jesus is acceptable and when we ask God to reveal in our lives that which does not perfectly represent Him God will begin the work of showing us and let me add right here it is not a fun experience but it's so worth it when I began to understand the work of the sanctuary I began to realize that God wants a transformer us and so I remember the day that I began praying Lord please show me where I'm not reflecting you now let me tell you something about the current heart the carnal heart would like this scenario after we pray that prayer Lord show me I sent in all of us and we would love to hear it when we open the door there is a beautiful angel with a clipboard George about this habit of yours we've got to change that my friend also we need to start working on this he would be really good with that but God doesn't send in jewels when we ask God to show us the defects in our the law and our lives you know he's going to use your spouse. He's going to she's easy is going to tell you through your wife you're going to tell you through your husband he's going to through your children and you know what we can take it from an angel it's only a humble heart that really wants it that's going to get it and I when I prayed that prayer it was a Sunday afternoon and I was watching t.v.. My wife was in the kitchen doing something I can hear banging around in there and it was a peaceful afternoon we had we were newly married I guess was our 2nd or 3rd year of marriage 2nd year of marriage but in a kid and all of a sudden my wife came from around the corner and she got right in my face and pointed her finger right in my thing like that and she said George I need you to be the priest of this house and then she will start up down the hallway and disappeared into the bedroom and I was like blindsided I was just what I was watching the t.v. and they had been no argument I hadn't I hadn't done anything wrong and all of a sudden the fingers in my face and and so totally ruined what I was watching it I just couldn't even concentrate anymore and I didn't know what to do you know she was gone now and and so I remember I was talking to God I said What was that I wasn't doing anything and so I got my Bible because I figured I needed my bible for this and and I went for a walk and I started talking to the Lord and I was actually what I was doing as I was whining I said what I didn't do anything you saw that I didn't start that I didn't do anything and I got to thinking about what she said about being the priest of the home and I had heard that expression but I really didn't know what that meant as I read as I start to squeeze it I had to honestly say you know I really don't know what that means what does it mean to be the priest of your home I hear it a lot on the radio or people say it but what does that mean I mean obviously we're not sacrificing anything anymore so what does that mean and and so I I began I remember looking at my Bible it was a sunny day there in North Carolina and I remember looking at my Bible and and I thought to myself Is it possible that this book will teach me how to be a husband and a father I never was a new Christian just come back to the Lord and I thought with this book teach me how to be a husband the answer's yes. It does and so I started reading my Bible and looking at Tex I got my concordance and anything and everything I had to do with husband or father I started reading it and then I found a very important text if you open your Bible turn with me to see John's chapter 5 and this is where the story starts getting really bad. Ok. And so I went to Egypt chapter 5 I was in my research on and I found this text. Effusion chapter 5 into reverse 22 it says Wives submit to your own husbands as to the Lord in the course I stop there and I thought wow there's a problem. If if my wife would only do what I would tell her to do everything would be great is that pathetic is like this is like I'm 3 b. in the world going to know this this is terrible but that's what I was thinking I thought there's a problem my wife would only and then all of a sudden I started to like this priest of the whole thing and know it gets worse it gets worse so now armed with the word I was looking for my wife. And I said honey remember this priest of the home thing in the finger and all that. Look at this text and so I read it to her and I said See if you the problem is that you're not doing what I ask and then everything will work out great Well now imagine my surprise when my wife now will not cooperate with me on anything in fact he's not even talking to me now so to me this is like you know rebellion because the word says it right there and and so I remember thinking well who can I talk to and it was a very godly man in my church Mind you this doesn't happen last week I was in my twenty's Ok. I see you're staring at me but anyway and. And so there was a very godly man in my church and his name was Daniel McClellan and I learned about Jesus at His feet and so I thought Daniel feel sorry for me I'll call Dan So I call Dan and and I cuss at Dan and you talk to my wife's in full blown rebellion with the top Ok so we go to the church and we sit down and and and I share with him my very sad story and I expected him you know maybe to cry but his arm around me and but he didn't he just looked I mean he said George I don't think your wife is the one with the problem. He said George let me ask you a question do you think you know your wife pretty well I said you know I think I do he said Ok you know well enough to say that if your wife was married to Jesus that she would submit to him and so I got to thinking about that I thought about Jesus I thought about my wife and I said Yeah I think you're right I think yeah I'd have to say yes if she was married to Jesus she would submit to him and he said to me George that's your problem you're not like he said George the truth of the matter is when your wife stuck her finger in your face more than likely shooting the note she was doing it was the Holy Spirit that was prompting George let's look at the rest of the text. And so then he led me down here to. He continued on for the husband is the head the wife as also Christ is the head of the church he is the savior of the body therefore just as the church is subject to Christ so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything 25 is the key Husbands love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it in it was at that moment for the 1st time in my life that I realized that being like Christ wasn't some wish upon a star thing it wasn't some piety the sky Let's see how close we can get thing is actually God's goal for my life and yours is to reflect Jesus and Dan he said to me George Jesus is the model husband he had members of his family that were rebellious How did he deal with them and he pointed out Judas and it's really amazing that when you look at how Jesus dealt with Judas it was with incredible love even though he knew the Judas was going to rebel and cause him to be executed Jesus is the model that he you and I are called to reflect so it was at that moment that I realized that being like Christ isn't some pine the sky wish upon a star let's see how close we can get it is the goals of the big question is Pastor how do you get there from here let's take a. Number 3 how is this work accomplished John 154 through 6. Every word the word abide appears I would like the congregation to say it Ok there's the 1st word. Before we go any further hang carefully what Christ the saying The key is here Ok here we go here ready abide in me and I and you watch this as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me I am the vine you are the branches he who abides in me and I in him there's much fruit for without me you can do nothing if anyone does not abide in me he is cast out as a branch and is withered and they gather them up and throw him into the fire and they are what they're burnt when we're talking about the fruit what food are we talking about we're talking of the food of the spirit right love joy peace goodness kindness gentleness faithfulness and what So control with Jesus a saying here is that fruit is not the fruit of the branch it's not your fruit it's not my fruit it's the fruit of the spirit it's something he does in us but how by abiding and you know I am not a. I grew up in a city I'm a city slicker So you have to forgive me here for my drawing but Jesus used the illustration of a vine and in the fruit of the vine right that's what he says is that the branch cannot produce fruit unless it's connected to the vine is that right so if we came if I came up to a vine it was lost a lot of there's a lot of in yours at your house is a great illustration so and I and I held the microphone up to a bunch of grapes this is not what you would hear. Great. Grip. Grip you can hear that branches don't produce grapes by trying they produce grapes by being connected to. What produces fruit comes from the line into them. And that's what produces is this ringing the key is our connection with Christ well k. pastor that makes sense but how do we accomplish that how do we get connected well it's found in the daily. Number 4 through what medium is the abiding change rot is through the daily experience my work in cooperating with Jesus is to meet with him each day and submit to his work and my cleaning so each day I come to drink Jesus who is the gate who said Come unto Me Are you there burn heavy laden I'll give you rest we come to Jesus then we make sure there's no sin between my soul in my savior each day I commit my life to Christ this outer experience is what we call justification coming to Christ asking forgiveness of our sins or committing our lives to him as justification Jesus gives us victory over the record of sin in our past he gives us a new past he gives us the life of Christ as our past can you say men do that. He gives us a new path that's justification Jesus now treats us just if I have never sinned. But in here what we learn is sanctification So we come to Christ every day here we ask Jesus to forgive us our sins we recommit are like him every day we come to Jesus asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit we get into the word where the Holy Spirit's power comes into the life and we learn how to follow Jesus in every day we come to the Lord and we pray we communicate to him with Him This is called the daily experience that's how we get connected with Jesus and that is how we remain connected with Jesus out here we learn how to become a Christian here we learn how to remain one. Here God gives us victory over the past here he gives us victory over the power of sin in our daily lives justification sanctification We'll talk about glorification later on but that is how God does it and the reason so is because God is cooperating with the natural law if you open your Bibles turn with me. To 2nd Corinthians 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3. Now. Which lies this reading that's grabbing Ok I don't believe in gravity that something somebody made up didn't really matter did it whether I believe it or not gravity still works in that right so what I'm going to share with you is a natural law that that works in the brain and it's found 2nd Corinthian other words whether you believe it or not it's working 2nd Corinthians 318 Paul says but we all with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord our being what transformed in the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord what is the glory of the Lord his character of what of love. As we behold Christ there is a law on the mind that we become like Christ my young friends I want you to make your very carefully this is that wheezing why Satan works so hard in the media business you see the world right now is on a race for character development either like Jesus or like Satan and you and I are deciding who wins and so as we listen to the music that emphasizes the principles of heaven and it's not just the words it's the music as well anybody in the movie industry or in the marketing will laugh if you tell them that the music doesn't impact you they will laugh you right out of the room the children of darkness are wiser than that you know. They most certainly do know the difference you better believe it and so what happens is that whatever I concentrate on I become like I choose so the music the movies please understand that God never called evil intertainment he never viewed it as entertaining it's revolting to. Its revolting because it destroys the people he loves he knows what's happening we need to be aware and so what's happening is there is the love the mind and so as we spend time with Jesus as we spend time focusing on the life of Christ in perceptively our lives are being transformed to be that like Jesus and the way Solomon pick this up and he said it a different a little different if you want to write this notation down in progress 237 he said as a man thinketh in his heart so is he I want to share with you an illustration I don't know if it's possible the dinies lights I think the camera people will be frightened by that experience but I'm going to ask if you can come up here we're going to do the best we can with what we've got to work with here and this illustration really helped me to see how things work right. I want to pretend that this room is completely dark and Seth if you will shine a flashlight right here in my chest that's going it works all right this is me I am filled with darkness. And so you are my friends and you say George you know there's there's a lot of darkness in your life and then used to be taken out of you have any hope of being saved Oh so then I say Ok then I better get after getting rid of the darkness right. Oh I know I must not be trying hard enough. You know maybe salvation is for other people maybe maybe it wasn't meant for me this is something 1000000 it works for others it just doesn't work for me but I run into my friend Seth and I said Seth I can't get the darkness out of my car what do I do it's assess says Turn your car to life oh you know there's some light in there now amazing but you know there are still some shadows What do I do to get rid of those shadows you see my job is to respond to Jesus to draw closer it is Jesus is job to get rid of the darkness I can't do it and so as I turn to Christ and ask him into my life is I begin to read the Bible and as I make the choice to submit my life is I submit I am drawn closer and closer and closer until Christ is formed within Christ in you the hope of glory My job is to deal with the distance issue his job is to deal with the dark. The make sense. By beholding we become changed and you know what's so amazing as I as I look at this is that I come to realize that the things I used to love and I hate. That's something only God can do let's keep going. Let's look at the note right below there below 5 it says this is the day the day daily Holy Place experience it was for Israel of all that it is for us today while with pen and humble trust we meditate upon Jesus through his word whom our sins have pierced and our sorrows have burdened we may learn to walk in his footsteps by beholding him we become changed into his divine likeness and when this work is produced in us we will claim no right justice of our own but will exult Jesus while hanging our helpless souls upon his merits and you know the thing that's amazing is that I used to always be a morning person you know one of those annoying people if you're on roommate in college that the wee hours of the morning that were up and making all this noise and to wake you up is it a want to be along they want to talk to somebody and. That was me and I was a morning person until I made the decision to have morning devotions. And then the devil did everything he could to glue me to that bad you see he don't the devil really doesn't care that you and I go to church once a week on Shabbat he can care less that doesn't frighten him at all we cannot forget brothers and sisters that the people that crucified Christ went to church on Saturday. All right they were very conscious of the hell that's it and they return tied every Sat and they crucified the Lord of glory because they spent no time with him they didn't know who he was could that happen to us. Read carefully the warnings to our denomination yet most assuredly we have to be careful that we don't walk in the path of the people of God at the time. That's so the key is to spend that time the devotional life the devotional life is where the battle begins remember that just showing up to church doesn't make me a Christian any more than me standing in my garage makes me a car. What makes me a Christian is Christ in time with him take a look at him or 5 where does the power to obey come from Philippines to 13 for it is God who works in you both to will that's the desire and to do with us to perform His good pleasure and so as we spend time with Jesus he begins to do something in us when I 1st you all don't know what I was like before I knew Jesus but when I 1st came alive to Christ I had a foul mouth I gave my youth sadly to the Prince of Darkness how I wish I had given it to Jesus instead but I had a terrible mouth and when I went it mean I'm telling you if you took away my 4 letter words I it would have been I would our time communicating it was just awful and I was reading my Bible one day and inherit said that let no corrupt communication Xscape your lips whoa so those who follow Jesus aren't to use foul language by the way that's what Peter did to throw off suspicion that he was a follower of Christ. And so when I realized that I said Oh Lord no worries if you don't want me to cuss anymore I will not and so it just happens it was near New Years and that was my New Year's resolution for 2 years. I kept I just kept right on her I didn't want to curse anymore but I kept right on cursing and if you scared me i cursed if you I drop something on my foot and hurt I cursed if I hit my finger it wasn't even something premeditated it was just so ingrained in me and then about the 2nd about a year and a half into this miserable experience I finally went to the Lord one day and I said Lord and by the way this whole time I'm continuing my devotional I and I said to Lord Lord there is no argument between you and me I don't want to curse anymore you don't want me to curse anymore but I can't stop so Lord I'm giving you permission I tried I failed what ever you need to do to make it happen. I was so I was I was so discouraged that was my prayer and a few months later a friend of mine called he's the only person I knew had a worse mouth than I did and and when we were talking usually the metaphors would fly it was really colorful and so we're on the phone and the whole time everything it was saying was so painful to me I was like oh that's unfair Oh yeah really that happened. No kidding Ok Well listen I got to go see about and when I hung up I thought oh that was terrible and then it done to me I had cursed they got to thinking I could remember the last time I did and you know now you can scare me you're safe. I can hit my finger with a hammer brothers and sisters it wasn't anything idea it was which Jesus did in me as I continue to draw closer to the light and respond does this make sense it is God who wants to work in us both to will and to do His good pleasure let's keep going here number 5 what does God do how does God do this if he could 3626 and 27 I watch as watch the eyes here I will give you a new heart. And put a new spirit within you I will take a heart of stone out of your flesh and give you out of flesh I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them and then again and Hebrews 1016 this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them isn't that beautiful it's what God has promised to do if one will believe him and 2 will allow it you know is it very interesting I was. Looking at my time I was at a I was I was in Kansas Nebraska passing out there on my way to a camp meeting and there was a a a sales what you call a used car place we were looking at getting a motor home and you know the only thing we can afford was an old elaborated one there was 100 on this lot and so I thought I'd look go check it out on my way to camp meeting that so we stopped and I looked around I didn't see the sales agent cause I just want to look at real quick and Xscape you know before they find me and so I went in I'm looking up and the guy comes out like I got caught and so he's talking to me and I'm trying to you know I'm one of these passive aggressive type to try to find a way to get out so I get back in my car and in the car in the conversation turns religious and I thought well maybe it's a divine appointment so I start talking to the fella and as we begin to share back and forth he suddenly turns to me he says you're a 7th Day Adventist aren't you and I thought that you know the scene he was able to figure that out that's good and it turns out he was a he was I don't say with a nomination he was from doesn't matter and I said yes I am and he said you know I would be a 7th Day Adventist if it wasn't for the law and I said What's wrong with the law and he says it can't be kept and so I just did then I looked at him and I looked at my watch as I didn't have a lot of time and I said Lord I don't have time for this where you just give me something quick so I looked at him and I said sir it is the only person I've ever done this with you know want to say something I am thankful for the blood of Jesus that washes away or said there's a lot of stuff in my path and I'm ashamed. I am ashamed I don't like talking about it I don't bring it up I leave it back there and but this is the one I brought it up and I said I used to be bound by this and this and used to be involved in this and I went to the whole litany then I looked at him and I said none of that is part of my life anymore that they hate it I don't like knuckle it I don't miss it it is gone from my life completely dear brother explain to me why I just did their silent and I said to you why because my God sent me free Have a nice day. It is God who gives us the power to obey God is the one who gives us the power to obey I want you to look at this quote I want you to meditate on it my brothers and sisters very carefully cut from desire they just basic 6 say that you're ready it says this all true obedience comes from the heart this is the most. Credible quote not a spitter prophecy it was hard work with Christ if we what's next word consent that means we give him permission if we consent he will sew a dent if I himself with our thoughts and aims so blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obeying Him we will be but carrying out our own impulses when even though we're doing it keep going the Will resigned unsanctified will find its highest delight in doing is service when we know God as it is our privilege to know him our life will be a life of continual obedience through an appreciation of this character of Christ through Communion with God Sin will become hateful. It's something God does in the light in our hearts so now the things I used to love I now hate and the things I used to hate I know why because now friends you know this tells us that if I'm still struggling with sin my problem is that I don't know God well enough I gotta get closer in my walk with you this is make sense praise the Lord number 7 when United to Jesus what is our duty cautions 31 and 2 if you need a then be risen with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ said if on the right hand of God set your affection on those things not on things of the earth and so we've got to be careful of what's absorbing our attention we're living in a day and age where the latest gives mall is getting everybody's attention be careful because we could very well discover in the end that we entertain ourselves to death we have to be careful in the same thing about daydreaming even about relationships trust Jesus to guide your future let him select for you trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and all your ways acknowledge Him He will direct your path he's probably just in His promises never fail let him lead focus on him Matthew 633 But seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things what will be added unto you know the needs will be met. Focus on Jesus by beholding we become changed number 8 sadly Paul warned that in the last days much of Christianity would become like the world 2nd Timothy 31 through 5 but knowing this that in the last days perilous times will come for men will be lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents thankful unholy unloving unforgiving slanders without self-control brutal despisers of good traitors headstrong haughty lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God Let me stop right there fast about it weren't the bad guys always that way yes they were we're not talking about the bad guys keep reading having a form of godliness but denying its power from such people turn away this is describing the church in the last days in the very end what Paul was telling us you will not be able to tell the difference between those who serve God and those who serve and those who claim to serve I should say and those who serve him not to have a form but they deny the power the power of the gospel is to change the life does that make sense worldlings are not idiots when they see that we're just like them and we come to them telling them they need something else they can look at us and say you are no different from me you have nothing that I need you know that means that means if we're going to win the World we're not going to win a mighty being like them we're going to win them by being different we have to provide something different they world the world knows it needs something but they're going to look for somebody that's different from them. Not who's just like them that has never come can converted the world that it has always converted church to the world not by being like them but by diff being different from. All right let's take a look here and number 9 as Jesus work to transform me what is to be my response look 20 to 42 saying Father thought be willing remove this cup from me never the less not my will be done but what but Dein So as you draw closer to Jesus Jesus is going to begin revealing problem areas in your life don't argue don't argue don't justify because then God can't touch it he has no right to touch it the only way you can touch it is if I say Lord is true we please help me what does Jesus always say have Salut Les I will help you by the way how many of you noticed that as you draw closer to Jesus you actually look worse do you know if you look really good in your eyes you're in big trouble because that's a description of Laodicea rich creasing get in need of nothing that's a lot condition but when we look to Christ we will always be aware of our unworthiness in our continual need of him that that makes sense always but the focus don't focus on yourself and your failures focus on Jesus and His promises Let's take a look here at Number 10 how is the state of things brought about Romans 12 to be not conformed to this world but be you what transformed by the renewing of your mind that you might prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God Our minds are renewed by studying the Word of God That's where the transforming power is found Hebrews 1129 take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your soul and you know I'll tell you something there are times there in times my walk with Christ that things that Christ was offering did not look at attractive anybody else than but what's the alternative I remember when Jesus looked at Peter and his disciples when all of his followers are leaving and he said to them Are you going to leave me to remember to Peter's answer where would we go friends I've already tried a life of sin it isn't worth it. What Jesus offers is so much better so there are times that I do struggle but I am honest with God and I say Lord I am having a real hard time with this but then I end by saying Will you please help me help me Lord the answer is always yes just keep meeting with him daily daily and one thing that's so critical what the devil tries to do is to get our eyes off of Jesus and onto our sin problem all going to quit the sin I'm going to I'm going to war against the sin I'm going to quit this and either try that when you woke up in the middle tonight or I'm going to get back to sleep I'm just going to concentrate on sleeping I'm going back to sleep what happened here why don't wake up and by focusing on the sin you entrench it in the light focus on Jesus focus on Jesus and his life where are we now number 11 in all things what should be our mindset Libyans to 5 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and we get that through the mind of Christ by studying the Word of Christ getting his word in our mind we get the mind of Christ does that make sense the power of transformation is found in His Word we learn about Jesus and we going to realize what in our lives are not pleasing to him and we change that image well through his by our number 212 to what extent must our deeds be done in reference to God's glory 1st Corinthians $1031.00 wherefore therefore questioning whether therefore you eat or drink or whatever you do do it what. You realize with the saying that even the food I eat affects my character to people that emit listen you eat food that that irritate your system and you're going to be irritated and it's going to come out so what I eat and what I don't eat is not based on what I want but what reflects the some extent in it becomes a very serious issue God does that approach you know that includes which. Alcohol we can all same into my advantage friend that includes Kathy no games because see this the battle between crisis Satan is being waged right here we need this is clear as crystal and the devil knows that so he does everything he possibly can to mess this up for you it's not about what I like what I don't like it's what's getting in the way between me and Jesus Christ and so that that becomes expendable at that point please if those of you who knew me anything the crawled across my plate I ate. What changed my diet is when I began to realize it is interfering in their relationship with Jesus Christ it's not that I didn't like you know if I mean on anymore that's not true but of course now I don't the thought of eating that I think would make me throw up you know using the the dead carcass of an animal right now sounds really gross to me it didn't then I was like Bring him on but that's changed Jesus is change that in my life but let's keep going anything that interferes and I'm just being very honest with you it's certainly not condemning you know I think I've done just about it all sad to say so I'm not here to condemn any bouncing with uses then my light he changed me he can change you there in a harder case here I'm sure that the Lord since changes all take a look at our 13. How much must we give up to become true disciples of Jesus look 1433 so likewise whatsoever you be a he be of you that for sake of not all that he had he cannot be My disciple and so the only things that Jesus asked me to give up is anything that will destroy me is not nice which we argue because we don't see it but if we come to trust Jesus we ask Him Lord I'm really having a hard time with this Will you please help me and keep going to him every day and keep asking for that help talk give up you know the story of the rich young ruler. I remember how he was very sincere and he wanted a closer walk with God but he recognized something was missing in his light never been there and so he goes to the Lord Ah he was an investigation by the way there it is in a nutshell Lord what lack I yet he was asking Christ to investigate his life right there Ok and then you 228 tells us the Jesus of the revealer up secret so he revealed to him right then and there what was the idol of his life and it was his money that's what it was he loved his money more than God So he said all that's too bad I can't give it up and he was away any and he was lost but what if he had said this instead what if he had turned to Christ and he said what he would have said Lord what you said is true I do love my money more than you and I don't want to give it up would you please help me please help me do whatever it takes you think Jesus would help you that there were 14 if we thus follow Jesus how will say in response John 1520 Remember the word that I said unto you the servant is a greater than his lord if they had persecuted me they will also persecute you if they had kept my saying they will also keep yours and so the devil really harass us and one of the biggest ways is to peer pressure but just understand that the peer pressure is not coming from your friend it's from another source the devil is using that person your child of God They focus on Jesus be loyal to him be more concerned about what Jesus thinks they're what your friends think and then there are 15 will the devil allow God to do this wonderful work in our lives unopposed Revelation 136 then he opened his mouth the blessed theme against God to bust the same his what his tabernacle and those that what that well in heaven Satan hates this because it reveals how God separates us from sin. It's where the walk with Jesus the power of God to get help us overcome anything that has us bound sane does not want to see us to see this so we hate century so we did is he set up a zome called the Catholic Church it has its own high priest its own priesthood and it has its own atonement and it got the world the cold Christian world focus down here and no one is looking up there. Now when is a guess what Revelation 10 God raises up a movement to get the Christian world to look. That's us that's us let's take a look number 16 when Chris when Christians allow Jesus to finish the work in them what will be the result Matthew 2414 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations and then the end will come it's not just giving the message brothers and sisters it's living it that's what gives power the world is dying for a demonstration and when the demonstration is given we go home there waiting for a demonstration by the way if I can live a comfortable life knowing that my neighbors and people around the world are being lost that's the evidence I need Jesus in the hour when we gave our lives to Christ at that moment we were commissioned missionaries and so as we come to know Jesus Romans $55.00 says that that is the Holy Spirit the pours his love into our hearts I can't make myself love something can you but God has promised to put that love into our hearts in the park Holy Spirit and I pray every day that the Lord gives me a burden on my heart for souls around me and opportunities to share in it and of course that begins in our home number 17 in the struggle who is more powerful the devil or Jesus. Yeah I didn't wait for me to read a digit John 6033 these things I've spoken to you that in me you may have peace in the world you will have tribulation I'm so glad that God is upfront with us and you know he don't play games it's going to be tough out there but then he finishes by saying the be a good cheer I've overcome the world you're not going to face anything that I haven't already faced and one when you go out there you're facing I defeated. Amen John for 4 1st John 44 you are of God Little children and have overcome them because he who is in you is greater than he is and that he that is in the world in that row in that world I remember one day there was a a girl who was. Dating. A young man whose mother was a witch and I still never got to the bottom of the story but the girl became the possessed and I was called into the situation. To try to set the girl free of course I can't God can but you know it's a little unnerving coming into the room with somebody that's possessed by the devil. And and as I was as I was on my way there 1st thing I did was make sure there are things right between myself and my Savior. And as I was on my way there this is the text that kept going through my mind Greater is He and his there was nothing to feel and I watched the Lord center free number 181 of my favorite quotes therefore how confident can I be that Jesus will be successful in my life now I used. A paraphrase please forgive me. Why must New Testament but I just love the way they Senate wives for of this I am confident that he who began a good work within you will go on to perfect it in preparation for the day. You believe that friend you believe that God could finish the work the biggest problem that we have is number one we really don't believe we're as bad as we think we are we are and as we draw closer to Jesus we're going to become painfully aware of that but then we got to remember the 2nd thing that God is well able to set you in the free we have to believe in we got to come to him every day the daily experience teaches us that as we come to Christ ask for forgiveness making sure there's nothing between our soul and our Savior giving our life to Him recommitting it every day asking to be filled the Holy Spirit reading his words so that what we're reading becomes part of us and we choose to respond to God's promptings by using our life damn and then going and praying to our Savior and interceding for others that is the daily experience that draws us into the very presence of Christ and keeps us there and there we are safe now in our next presentation we're going to talk about the good news of the judgment let's close with a word of prayer Father I am so thankful for what you have taught us here. You have taught us Lord that the key to victory is an abiding relationship with you it's not about me producing the fruits of the spirit it's about connecting focusing and responding to you that's another word for obedience that whatever you command the Lord you give the power to perform that as we choose to yield and to surrender to your leading in our lives that gives you the right to work in our lives and to transform us you have promised to finish the work you have begun in us if we were a bit focused on you respond to you and let you have your way in leading us thank you for your goodness Lord we know that you have much more yet to show us and we thank you but help us nor to remember. That we are to. Be home. Just as precious. 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