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Salvation and the Sanctuary #4

Jorge Baute
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Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.


  • April 16, 2016
    3:00 PM
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All right welcome once again this is session 4 and now each time we go forward we just are squeezing this thing a little tighter now in the Daily today we learned that we discovered that God's goal for us is our sanctification is to be set aside for holy use God's intent is to restore in humanity what was lost in the Garden of Eden that is the goal of the plan of salvation. His goal is for us to live above the power of sin how is that done we learn is through an abiding relationship with Jesus and we learned what this relationship looks like on a daily basis it's called The Daily the daily experience that we learned in the sanctuary it's coming to Christ every day right it's making sure that there's nothing between our soul in our Savior. It's recommitting our lives to Jesus it's asking for the Holy Spirit the transforming power of the Holy Spirit's reading the word where the Holy Spirit begins now that transformation with understanding as we see what God's will is for life and then it's communicating with God every day well now what we're going to do is we're going to move into the most holy place here we learn about justification God dealing with our past sanctification God dealing with the present and glorification God taking care of the future God has discovered France can use Amen to that and I would like once again to pray please by his with me. Father in heaven I am so thankful again for the opportunity to present the word. Your word Lord and Father as he said so eloquently it's not the words of a man that these folks have come to hear but the words of God And so I am requesting once again savior your mind Lord I pray that you will be rightly represented in this message I pray again Lord that you will shut us in the secret place of the most high and that your injures of light will present a ring of fire around us that every distraction will be kept out Lord you know there are those who need to be here and there and I pray let that want to be heard I pray you make them aware that they will come in father not miss this and Savior I pray now that you will enter into this room and into our experience that we may sit at your feet and learn the truth about the judgment we thank you for this and ask it in Jesus' name amen you know oftentimes when I hear people talk about the judgment it's with fear the Bible writers actually didn't have that perspective of the judgment you know that they did it you have your lessons with you your handouts I am going to read the introduction I'll read it aloud if you'll read along with me reading. In the study we will learn the truth about the judgment the truth of a final judgment is deeply rooted in the Bible it is mentioned scores of time Saul Miss prophets and apostles are very consistent testimony to it Jesus also made many pointed references to the judgment that marks the climax of some his greatest parables and is the focal point of much of his teaching the Bible writers had a unique perspective on the judgment they did not treat it as bad news but as what good news they did not view it as something outside the redemptive process but part of that process they saw the judgement as proof that God is a moral God that the universe has a moral base they saw that it was proof that history is not an aimless underactive process so the Bible writers history was going somewhere therefore they welcome the judgment with eagerness and hope because a promise the ultimate exposure and condemnation of evil and the ultimate vindication and triumph of righteousness and truth and it's interesting you know that many Christians today fear the whole idea of the judgment and it's interesting when you study the Old Testament you'll find people like David saying judge me Oh Lord he was not afraid of it he was calling for something has been missed and misunderstood somehow the devil got into the details and has confused this issue I pray that in the study when we're done we will no longer be afraid of our loving heavenly Father but. We will be afraid of something so let's get into our presentation number one can we be certain that there will be a judgement x. 1731 says God has appointed what day and which he will judge the world and so yes there is a judgment got appointed today and that day began on October 22 1844 according to the prophecy of Daniel 814 let's continue here let's take a look at some of that number 2 how does Daniel describe the judgment scene when Jesus moves from the Holy Place to the Most Holy Daniel 7 Chapter 79101314 please take note of the movement that is described here by the prophet Daniel the movement that he sees watch I watch till thrones were what they were put in place what were they before out of place right and the Ancient of Days was what was he before standing his garment was white as well as hair as the on his head was like pure wool the throne the fiery flame it's what wheels what it wheels imply movement a burning fire a fire stream issued and came forth from before him a 1000 thousands ministered to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated the books were opened I was watching in the night vision and behold one like the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven he came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him what we're seeing are the events that transpired on that day a cover to it in 44 what we're seeing is when the transition came from the Holy Place to the Most Holy This is where and when the final phase of the plan of salvation went into effect when Jesus is done here it's over. You seem into. Let's take a look there are 3 who will be brought into the judgment 2nd Corinthians 510 says for we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of God You know when I was growing up in Los Angeles it wasn't uncommon to see the police pull up in front of a house 2 police officers walk up and knock on the door and hand a subpoena to someone was an uncommon to witness that. And I would imagine that would be a pretty unnerving experience just imagine and one day that you're home watching 3 a.b.n. and all of a sudden there's a knock on the door you open the door and there are 2 burly police officers and they hand you a subpoena and they say this is are you so and so yes I am you have a day in court I would imagine that one of the 1st things you're going to do is find out what are the charges against you and I write the next thing I but I imagine you're going to do is you're going to go find yourself a good lawyer that right my brothers and sisters you have all been subpoenaed every one of us has a day in court no game it's the real deal it's time to get a good lawyer and I have one to recommend to you. I have one let's keep going that's the reality of where we are right now number 4 with which class will the judgment begin 1st Peter 417 says for the time has come for judgment to begin where at the house of God and if it begins with us vs a very interesting question well it will be the end of those who do not obey the Gospel of God So you remember as we are watching as we were following the the sin the the judgment begins with those who made a commitment to Christ. Are you with me so when I asked Jesus to be my Savior my sin was placed on Jesus Jesus died for my sin and that sin was transferred into the sanctuary in heaven so the record of that sin is in heaven it's no longer my sin it now became Jesus and in all my books in heaven and as it's opened that's the sin next that scene is the blood of Christ and it says the word pardoned Thank you my brother it says Brother it says part and now what takes place now is an investigation to see and to check genuineness of my commitment we see weddings take place all the time the way we hear beautiful vows that are exchanged how many of those marriages make they don't remain faithful to that. And so there is an investigation to see if we remain faithful to our commitment to Jesus Christ there is an investigation so the so the reality is you want to be in the investigative judgment because those who do not are not investigated there. Watch what happens to them 1st of all open your Bibles with me and we're going to turn to the Book of John chapter 3 was a beautiful chapter Christ explanation of how the plan of salvation works in the like Holy Spirits work in the light and let's pick up on one that we all know very well John 316 Ok judgment against in the house of God we're going to find the judgment of the wicked is a later time and John 318 is going to tell us why all right so let's pick up on Job 316 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him should up perish but have everlasting life for God did not send in says his son into the world to condemn the world can you say amen. But that the world through Him might be saved now watch 18 he who believes in the in is not condemned but he who does not believe is condemned how already because he has not believed in the name of the only be gotten Son of God So so here's the reality that the text is telling us all of us by default once we sin once we sin we're lost and the only way out of that condition is through Jesus there's no other way so if I don't choose Jesus us there's no hope for me my only way out is Christ does this make sense I need Jesus we don't understand the sin issue very well I want to illustrate our problem with this night we have medical people here medical people raise your hands Ok go I want you imagine that were in a surgical room and there's a little table here and there are instruments and the instruments are covered by cloth right and so I peel back the cloth and expose the instruments and what is that area called a sterile field right these instruments can be used for surgery right about now. Is it safe to use brothers and sisters think can't it still perform they can still perform but everything it touches is contaminated you see even though we can do good things all there are good things that is contaminated with sin selfishness. The knife that is now contaminated can it fix its problem no it needs a source outside of itself to cleanse it so that its performance is now except. Does that make sense so the issue is not whether or not I can perform the problem is I'm contaminated and I need a cleansing so that my works are acceptable unto the Lord so let's continue here and we're on number 5 who is the prosecuting attorney Revelation 129 and 10 the great dragon called The Devil and Satan who is he the accuser of our brother and brothers and sisters the accuser of the brother and he is not God. It's not God God has gotten this incredible Rabbi see the devil known as the devil knows that if you and I get a picture of what God is really like we're going to throw our arms wide and we're going to run to the devil knows this so he does everything to smear to smear the character of God so that we don't get a picture of it but God is beautiful let me share with you a message God has for you brothers and sisters whether Number one I already read one to you that God so loved the world that again I don't know if we've ever really stopped to think about this Ellen White uses a couple of expressions that when I will not understand till I get to heaven but she says that Christ risked eternal loss what is that what in the world is that then she says this he risked the throne for you what is that that's love that's what that is it's love God is not the accuser he is not open your Bible says turn to John 16 John 16 you are there same in. Ok John 16 and I am going to read verse 27 and it says this for the father himself what loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I come forth from God brothers and sisters the Father loves you that's the message he wants you to know and to understand and believe he does but more take a look at Luke turn with me to Luke Chapter 12 Luke Chapter 12 and I'm going to be read verse 3rd this is so precious these words I just love these words Luke 12 I'm going to read verse 32 it says this do not fear little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to well to give you the kingdom of God is doing the father is doing everything he can to save you and me we're doing everything we can to make it hard for are you with me the father is not the one to fear the father is not the one is accusing us the devil keeps his own records he's the one that is the accuser not the father but it gets better number 6 who is the defense attorney 1st John 21 my little children these things I write to you so that you may not sin but if anyone sins we have an advocate which is a what a lawyer with the father who is it Jesus Christ the right just so you just been subpoenaed you just learned that today Guess who's your attorney it's your savior the brother of our race is our attorney but it gets better number 7 Who's the judge John 522 while the father judges. Let that sink in the Father judges know but has committed judgment to this. So you've just been subpoenaed you just learned that the lawyer your lawyers Jesus. But now you've discovered he's also the judge if you trust your case to him he will not lose are you with me you will not lose the reason why the father has committed now the father is present he is what Sister why called the presiding judge he is present that he is not the acting job Jesus is and she explains why and I'll give you a reference in our next message the reference for In The reason being is because Jesus entered into our experience. And so he walked in our shoes he understands what we go through thus he is qualified are you with all judgement is turned over to him for that very reason so let's take a look at number 8 our study of the Bible will reveal 3 phases to the judgment phase one is the investigative as investigation of the righteous if found not guilty they are acquitted set free the word tells us there is now no condemnation and those who are in Christ Jesus can you say amen Ok but if it is found that guilty that we turn back from our commitment to Christ that we did not remain an abiding relationship with him and broke off that relationship then we default to phase 2 along with the wicked face to is the sentencing stage of the wicked and this take place during the 1000 years then face 3 is the executive portion of the sentence which is the destruction of sin and sin does that make sense but it is less just a little more in my last presentation tomorrow morning number 9 What are the books called talked about in Daniel 710 ribs we read the books are open the Bible references 3 books. That array the book of iniquity Jeremiah $22.00 reminds us your Yet your iniquity your sin is Mark before me says the Lord so anytime we step outside of God's will there is a recording angel that records that and it's not just the things we do it's the things we think about can you say amen to that that that's just the truth that's just the reality have to understand the nature of what we're up against here of what's happening let's take a look at Book Number 2 by the way do we need Jesus do we need a lot of Christ no gain in the truth all of us do this take a look at the letter be the Book of Remembrance Malakai $316.00 so a book of remembrance was written before him for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name so there's a book of remembrance and in this book Our record in all of our good deeds are you with me all right all the good I can revisit that but of a good these are record number 3 of the Book of Life Revelation 35 says He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life I will confess his name before my father and before what his angels and so there's that the thing is that I may have a year have given your life to Jesus Christ Ok all of your names are recording the life of every one of the key is keeping. The key is to keep it there and so there's an investigation to see if it can be kept there the sick look at him or 10 what is the standard by which all the judge Ecclesiastes is 121314 says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter fear God keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man for God will bring every work into judgment including every secret thing whether it is good or whether it is evil so the standard God wrote the standard on Mount Sinai he meant that's a center the law but Jesus came to show us what that standard looks like when it's written in the heart. So the standard of the judgment in written form is the 10 commandments but in living it's G.'s us brothers and sisters that is why it is so fatal to compare ourselves among ourselves you see all of us are contaminated while you get a can to carry yourself against someone else's contaminated to see if you're good or not that's crazy we can only safely compare ourselves to Jesus listen you may think Well Pastor bowtie does it it must be Ok yeah but in the end you and Pastor about to maybe law don't follow passed about to follow Christ follow Jesus he is the only safe example we have to follow on all points at all times don't young people do not focus on anyone other than Jesus there are so many hypocrites in the church Yeah well welcome to life look to Jesus are you will you with me Look to Jesus that's the key absolute key all right or am I here I'm a my number 1011 What will the judgment bring to light Ecclesiastes 121314 for God will bring every work into judgment including what every secret thing so it's not just that we do good things it's why why did we give that big offering you know we put the one dollar bill in we don't anybody see it. But it is something bigger than that. Is another carnal heart in the right can hear the man. Yet if a car the heart and so the Lord even the good things why do we do even the good thing not only that but every idle word and so the key is if we don't want to face it in the judgment and don't don't say it number 12 what is Jesus seeking to accomplish in his followers the church through the judgment process. Ecclesiastes $52527.00 Christ also love the church and gave Himself for it that he might sanctifying cleanse it with the washing of water by the word that he might presented to him self a glorious church not having what spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that it should be what holy and without what blemish to reflect Christ in every way you know during World War 2. I shared with you how the Axis forces and the and the allied forces were in this desperate struggle in Europe and many times those battles took place from city to city there was a lot of street fighting and that's a tough I mean it's bad enough when you're out in the jungle and stuff but when you're in the city it's easy to hide and get behind the lines of your enemy are you with me at so so as they were firing the thing that's very interesting is that the weapons the weapons that were used by you both sides made a different sound they made a different sound the Allied weapons you had things like the Thompson submachine gun you had the m one rifle the 2nd the Caribbean or you had the the Colt 45 not the call that you had the other pistol the 45 a k. and the German army had the luger they had the Mouser they had their submachine gun but every weapon made a different sound so as the enemy as these armies would collide in the city and they would be sweeping a street if they heard a weapon discharge behind them that sounded different from their own they knew that the enemy had gotten behind them in other words you can tell which side of the battle you're on but who's weapons you're using and in the spiritual warfare it's the same thing Paul talks about that with the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and if you go to the lessons 5 you will find the weapons of Christ Lyle joy peace goodness. Peace patience goodness kindness gentleness faithfulness and what self-control the fruits of the spirit those are the weapons of Jesus and you know that not in the upper room when Jesus Ellen why it just so touches my heart she says that he hungered for Jesus's hungered for he had already met with the Jewish leadership twice to be Trey cry did Jesus know that Algy Listen you remember you remember when they came for Jesus in the garden that Peter pulled out the sword and was ready to take on the whole Temple guard if they had known of the upper room with Judas was about to do do you really believe he would have made it to the door he never made it all Jesus would have had to do done was to expose him and he protected him he didn't expose him and if we understood Jewish culture we would come to understand that night in the upper room that Jesus was trying desperately to win that core lost soul he allowed him to sit to his left side By the way in the Jewish culture that was a position of honor he washed his feet 1st what was happening that night in the upper room is that Jesus had locked and loaded on Judas and opened fired with all of these weapons of love in full fury and the record says that he almost gave it but he resisted. Us saying has weapons to the top of our Bibles take a look at him collations chapter 5 collations chapter 5 I'm going to pick up here verse 19 if you there place Amen collations chapter 5 or 1000 $900.00 now the works of the flesh are evident they are adultery fornication that's a sexual relationship without a marriage on cleanliness the sensuousness idolatry sorcery hatred contention jealousy outbursts of raff. Selfishness and selfish ambition dissention heresy envy drunkenness murders revelries and the like of which I to be for had just as I told you in times past that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God Does that make sense both sides have weapons and we can tell which side of the battle we're on but whose weapons we are choosing to use that makes sense is a minute Ok which number we on that we're number 13 Ok what happens if a sin remains on the books I repented of and on for say can access to 3233 says whoever has sinned against me I will blot him out of my book. Is he kill 1824 but when I write just man look at a man when I write just man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity all the right justness which he has shot which he has done shall not be what remembered because of the unfaithfulness of which he is guilty and the sin which he has committed he shall what So his good deeds will no longer be remembered that he has lost his good deeds will be removed from the Book of Life Why Lord that is unfair Oh yes it is stop and remember in our condition all the good that we do is motivate and condemning advice in itself if we do anything that is selfless and motivated by love it is only because Jesus is working it out through there not our work there he is we only yielded to his power in our why does this make sense so what am I saying what do you think Pastor what I'm saying is this that when we really do finally do what is right for the right reasons you and I have nothing to brag about nothing we lay all the accolades at the feet of. All the praise goes to cry not to us it is appropriate for him to take back what he gave in the 1st place that makes sense the 2nd look at reporting but what if I have repented of my sins Ok brothers and sisters Listen to this now remember we're talking about sins that are unrepented up and none forsake and that's what the subject was about that I make that Ok now let's continue but what if I have repented of my sin and I turned from it and by faith had claimed the blood of Jesus as my atoning sacrifice will my sin be blotted out and my name rename in the remainder the Book of Life here is the answer Isaiah 4325 says I even I am he who blots out your transgressions from my name for my own sake and I will not remember your sin and then take a look at the next one relation to the 5 he overcome shall be clothed and white garment and I will not blot out his name from the book of life but I will confess his name before my father for the Angel can you say amen our name will not be blotted out if we repent and turn from it Amen number 15 while the investigative judge missed taking place what is my part 2nd Christine 135 Examine yourselves as to whether you're in the faith prove yourself do you not know yourself that Jesus Christ is in you unless indeed you are what disqualified brothers and sisters God is asking us to search our hearts to make sure that our lives are lining up with the love of Christ we're living in the day of atonement in the day of atonement in ancient Israel during that time the focus of Israel was just on that thing as the price priest was working in the most holy place they knew that while he was injured there was still hope for them and so they were making sure larders there is anything between my soul and my Savior and if God brought something to their mind they would repent of it right away because they knew that soon the high priest would leave. Brothers and sister soon the high priest is going to step out the events around the world are telling us that he is even at the doors it's almost over and so right now is the time that we need to be comparing our life that's Jesus searching our own heart now I want to share something right here if you ask Jesus to reveal to you if there's anything between your soul and your Savior and you give him permission and nothing comes to your mind please Don't borrow trouble are you with me don't sit there moping around worried if you asked him when you are ready and he is ready he will reveal it to you just keep giving him permission every day are you with me but oh good there might be something there he God is more concerned with you being saved than you and I are he won't he he emptied heaven of his greatest gift he's not going to let you slip through your food through his fingers when you're asking for help are you with me very important right now I'm going to read this through follow with me take a look at the no right after 15 we must search our own hearts and lies by comparing ourselves with Jesus and His law we are not your revokable e locked into salvation by one initial or isolated act of believing we are called to continue in Jesus there must be a sustained persevering commitment to him a continual personal union with Him and this is accomplished by choosing him as our Lord and Savior how often daily I met every day consider that I'm continuing if we can see if we understand the key importance of the power of choice in our day to day lives we will have no difficulty understanding the operation of the pre Advent judgment the key here that we must lock into the one variable has to do with our freedom. Actually let's continue and watch this emerge number one our initial choice to receive Christ by faith puts us in Christ at the moment our of our initial commitment Jesus gives us the league the legal right to live for ever with him can you say amen the moment the way I learned is there prophecy that when we give our life to Jesus that at that moment an angel is dispatched to make your crown reeson the book I have in the compilation there's an angel the spache to make your crown you give your life to lart there is a crown waiting for you but the Prince of Darkness is going to do everything you can to see to it you never Where are you with me but there is a crown and so the moment we give our lives to Jesus we have the legal right to be his child and to live with Him Ok we refer to that as justification that's the out according to spear it remember that's how we become Christians but now let's go on and let's study how to remain Christian number 12 and 3 this take a look at you 1st this is the Holy Place experience our sustained hub which will Faith choices to keep on receiving him keeps us in Christ in a state of perfect security all right and same in that number 3 consciously and deliberately We must renew our surrender to Jesus's control on a day by day moment by moment basis by the way that voluntary control this is what the Bible means by abiding in him continuing in the faith and during unto the end keeping ourselves in the love of God and holding fast the beginning of our confidence how long her unto the end you know. What we're seeing here is that victory comes by being connected to Jesus as you can. We need to remain in a continual connected relationship with Christ All right 72 up here again. We have another illustration here. If you will come over here all right let me use an illustration I have a sin problem of struggling with sin and the sin problem that I have. Is that this is just an illustration is that I mean the rain and I'm soaking wet and I need victory over rain I'm struggling with the sin of rain I need victory over rain and so I'm struggling thinking what do I do and then I I have a friend here is name is Jesus and Jesus says. Come unto me all you that are going to have a name. Jesus I'll take care of your of your rain problem so I go to G.'s us right and I stay with Jesus and soon I'm dry I have victory over rain praise the Lord Jesus thank you so much for the victory over a brothers and sisters. Victory. Victory is never something that Christ gives us apart from himself Jesus is our it is Jesus that is our victory and as long as I stay with Jesus each day I have victory to go and start walking now as Jesus moves I have to Lotus was holding the umbrella it's not me I have to make the decision to follow Christ wherever he leaves and my victory is Jesus as long as I stay with Jesus I have the power to see notice in does this make sense and the desire Jesus thank you so much victory is never something that is given to us apart from Him So if you remember the story of Lazarus. Do you remember when they came to Jesus and they told him that Lazarus was dying do remember that story and is are they just Ok. Jesus obviously didn't go the comment under that that Ellen White right is powerful she says that Jesus knew that in his presence death would have had no power over Lazarus he had to stay away Jesus is our victory you know I I work with people that are stuck on various addiction. Whether it's cigarettes alcohol or the big one now is pornography it is enormous if you do some research on what Pernod graphy does to the brain it is it is exactly the same damage that heroin does it actually destroys the brain the human brain and it actually Paul puts holes in the brain do the research and see if what I'm telling you is the truth it destroys the brain the Satan is a mastermind he knows exactly what to do and the odds are there are a whole bunch of men and women in this room right now that are addicted to pornography those That's the research brothers and sisters the answers in Jesus I remember a man when I was. In Hendersonville we were having a. Study at someone's house and we were talking about in time events I remember a man coming to me took me aside who was a member of my church but he took me aside and he said to me in their tears he said Pastor I I have been an ad this all my life that the last 12 years married had kids I have been addicted to pornography my my victory has been sporadic I cannot shake it so I had one question for my brother talk to me about you devotional life what is it like he says sporadic. Remember that illustration I showed you about the darkness and the life and the light it's a matter of physics brothers and sisters light and darkness cannot co-exist in the same space its physics. So this why don't they get the czar of ages and start reading it you're going to have to make some choices here get a block and put it on your phone on your on your computer at home it's not going to keep you you know how to get around it but it's going to buy the Holy Spirit time to get you when you're overwhelmed the temptation then I said you know your smartphone get a dumb one don't get easy access to the Internet. Because that is what's destroying us our people and so he did he took off and you and I didn't see him for over a year a random in a cat meeting and I saw him and I thought up let me see how things are going so I walk up to him and I put my arm around him as a brother how are things going and he looked at me and broke into the biggest momma gave me the thumbs up I want to share something with you know games if that's the addiction you are in for a battle royale you are but Jesus will set you free Jesus will set you free brothers and sisters don't give up keep meeting with Christ every day victory is never something that we get apart from Christ I want to share something with you here Ok we're talking about coming to Jesus every day Amen we're talking about. Making sure there's no sin recommitting our lives we're talking about going making sure we're the Holy Spirit we're Holy Spirit filled nowhere in the word and we are spending time we've got a prayer that's a daily experience what happens if when you're reading the word suddenly the Lord reveals to us in what you do is you come back out here you confess that sin you recommit that area of your life to Jesus you ask for Holy Spirit power to say no and you keep spending time in the word because that's where the power is diffused in the life to say no to sin are you with me why are you sharing this with us again pastor because I want to point something out what's out here what is that the this is the courtyard but what's this. It's the curtain or right what was that curtain made out of what did it represent. Christ right just ness when you when you give your life to Christ and you meet with him daily you are covered by the rights of Christ if God reveal sin to you at that moment if you go and ask for forgiveness your still cover but know this that if we don't ask for forgiveness the right just miss of Christ was never given to cover sin known sin and if we do not repent we knock ourselves out of that process that makes sense but when we realize something we ask God for help and forgiveness brothers and sisters we are still covered. Let's take a look at number $41.00 factor and one factor of alone jeopardizes our security and takes us and and take us out of Christ that is what our own Will our own decision to do things our way so one element of risk remains but that lies within ourselves while no man or demon or circumstance can destroy our security in Jesus we can destroy that security by carelessness or perversity or neglect right it's every day making sure I am allowing Jesus to sit on the throne of my heart number 5 accordingly when our individual cases are reviewed in the judgment before Jesus comes to bring his reward with him only one matter will need to be investigated this man and woman continue to abide in Jesus remembering that abiding relationship with Jesus is always manifested in a life of obedience to His commandment can you say Amen it's not church membership that's going to save me it was the church members that crucified Christ Church membership won't save me it is my yielded relationship to Christ that well let's take a look at number 6 in the end we passed judgment we do. By the consistent quality of our personal data say choices that are the choices we are now deciding or sealing our eternal destiny of godly character is made up of the thousands of individual choices which we are now making in response to the Holy Spirit's prompting it's not God's choices we need to be worrying about brothers and sisters it's our own and if you need a reference for that page $57.00 Ellen White sclera states that we are the ones that pass judgment upon ourselves we do very interesting by the way so it's our daily choices that we're making one of the things that I find very tragic is that at the very end the majority of our people are going to leave the avenues church the majority are going to walk out and light fact was shown a vision that so many leave that it will appear is no there is no longer a 7th Day Adventist Church how sad it at that very moment as our people are leaving who had all the truth and had the health message and had to return their tithes as they leave guess what the world the Sunday keepers come in and embrace the Knesset and I find the sat for several reasons Number one we were not it's apparent that many of our people were not taking advantage of the opportunity in a time of peace and the Sunday keepers accept our message when doing so is going to cost them their lives how did that how can that happen I'll tell you how because each day we were training our minds each day as the Holy Spirit prompts us as we say yes to him we are training our minds to always say yes to God So as we are saying yes to God yes to God yes to God we're training our minds but as we say no to God even though we have the truth that we're saying no to God we're training our minds to reject God so as many in the church who have the privileges are saying no no no when the crisis hits they have already trained themselves to say. But the Sunday keeper with the little bit of light that they had were saying yes yes yes yes and when the crisis hits and the truth is presented and accepting it means their lives they're going to gladly say yes because they had trained their minds to yield to the Savior and to his leading in their lives in the end based on what I just said Who is it that closes our probation in the end we do not God we close it as we continue to train our minds and say no will finally come to the place we can no longer hear his voice it's not God that shuts our provision down. Does that make sense number 7 at no point in time either at conversion during our Christian lives or at the judgment does God act arbitrarily to override or manipulate our power of choice the decisions of Heaven's court are not arbitrary it is our decisions that determine the verdict heaven simply recognizes that the judgment God takes note of the current quality of our commitment our current orientation of heart and will and places his seal of confirmation upon the lifestyle or character that we have consistently chosen God verdict in the judgment simply discloses and then to Kates the quality and direction of our head bitch will personal choices brothers and sisters is God the one to fear in the judgement who is that we're to fear ourselves. Summary as free moral agents we are the architects of our own destiny our decisions all along the way are what counts not just those at the beginning acceptance of Jesus does not make us into robots the salvation process is not automatic our initial commitment to him does not take away our power of choice we are always free to choose another master Accordingly it is not God's future decisions at the judgment that we need to fear it is our own decisions the ones that we're making now and they are under our control brothers and sisters as God's there is if they're a myth the cycle of the note these considerations should not rob us of the quiet assurance that all Christians may have the only protect us from the false assurance of resting comfortably in the relationship that has never existed or one that we have since lost number 16 when the investigative judgment is done what verdict is reached Revelation 2210 to 14 he who is unjust let him be unjust until he who has felt the filthy let him be filthy still he who is right just let him be righteous still he was holy let him be holy still and behold I am coming quickly and my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his what his works and so what's happening here what's this is the declaration the close of probation has anyone noticing that the world is getting worse. What is happening right now is that by the choices we're making every day we are actually developing character that he really either reflects Jesus more and more or say more and more in other words it is a very the reflex to love more and more or selfishness more and more and it's very interesting to me to watch the world is getting worse but there's a small group that's getting better. The crisis in the end only accelerates the process a crisis doesn't make or break a person only reveals them but right now is the decisions that we're making is that is is showing that's why it's so important that in in everything that we do we do things that direct our minds to Jesus Christ do you want to say are you with me in the music that I listen to you know if there's something you know with my kids every once in a while when they were little I'd say is there anything in the house that you feel the Holy Spirit of touching your heart that it doesn't belong here my kids were rushed to the house they bring in stuff doesn't belong here Daddy there's stuff that got under my radar screen are you with me if there is there are movies there is music of the question is if it's not helping me to to refer to to give me a picture of the character of Jesus do I really need it no because it's going to it's either going to pull me this way or that way and I don't know about you but I need all the help I can get I need all the help I can get it's not about do's and don'ts it's about wanting Jesus Christ it's about wanting Jesus Hebrews 928 So Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many to those who eagerly wait for him he will appear a 2nd time apart from sand what for salvation and when he comes when he leaves here it's glorification victory over the presence of sit out here victory over the record of sin victory over the power of sin victory over the presence of sin justification sanctification and glorification you know I remember a dear friend of mine who went through a lot in life he was like a modern day Joe he buried 2 kids. His wife struggled with cancer. He came upon a tragic accident one day and he started helping out only to learn that it was his brother that was in there and I can go on and I remember one day boy did he hold on to Jesus he just loved the savior how he wept over these losses but he knew that God would restore this would restore that which was taken from him and I remember one day in church he made this comment under his breath and I will never forget it he said The longer I live the better having lost Isn't that true the longer I live the better heaven. The Take a look at that final note the removal of sin from the sanctuary is the final act of the sanctuary service thus when Jesus is working the investigative judgment is done the destiny of all would have been decided for life or death probation is ended and Jesus returns for his children can't wait for that day number 17 is Jesus able to secure my case before the heavenly court says that we are thinking look away from self brothers and sisters there is no hope there you will never find it look to the one who is higher than I look to Jesus he who is able to finish the work that he has begun in your in my life he can do it he can do I Then what is the answer is he able to secure my case before the heavenly court Romans 81 says there is therefore now no condemnation in those who what are are in Christ Jesus how often daily daily brothers and sisters to Jesus is inviting you and me to turn our lives over to him to trust him fully and to allow him to be our lawyer our judge our Savior and our friend are you willing to let him do that amen I am to foreclose that with prayer which is what I remind you that our next presentation. Isn't titled Why Jesus waits the sanctuary explains the reason for the delay in the 2nd coming we're going to find out what it is when you join me and deal with me as we pray. Father in heaven we have read something that is very sobering it is encouraging to know that you love us and that you're not willing that any should perish that it is your desire to give us the kingdom there were so thankful for that you have opened the gates of heaven for us by sending your son to die for our sins but Lord we have come to a very sober realization that our choices do play a part and father when we look to ourselves we don't see any hope we see broken this we see sin but Lord I pray that you will help us to look above that to look to you you have promised to cleanse us of our sin you have promised the Lord to write your laws upon our hearts and minds that comes under the provision of the new covenant you promised that you would work in us both to will and to do of your good pleasure help us to remember that it's not about what I can do it never was it's about what you can do in the life of an individual who believes you and will yield their lie to you and that allowed you to finish what you have begun in them Help us Lord to turn away to our helpless selves to a hopeful savior help us to turn away from our weakness to your strength help us to remember that you will never leave us no for sync us and that none that come to you when you turn away you have promised Thank you Lord and you cannot live. It's a Lord I pray now for the up when your spirit upon us I pray Lord that the words that were spoken were filled with the Holy Spirit and that each has heard the clarion call not only that you love them but that you're calling us all to higher ground not in our strength but in yours and working they should have nothing more than cooperating with you in the work that you're desiring in our lives thank you for your goodness I pray Lord that you are with Russia is a long day and bring us back for that last presentation. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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