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Salvation and the Sanctuary #6

Jorge Baute
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Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.


  • April 17, 2016
    9:30 AM
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A good morning. To each one and their name on them and. You are troopers. We have been truly through a marathon and the thing is we have covered a lot of information. A lot of information in very fast. I think of a comment that Edward Reed made once in regards to his presentations he said it was kind of like trying to take a drink of water out of a fire hydrant and I know it's been like that so I encourage you to continue your studies I hope that this has weathered your appetite. For a deeper understanding of the sanctuary. Because it leads to a deeper understanding and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and I hope that through this weekend it has become very apparent that that we need to see the sanctuary and its message we need it and that the sanctuary reveals to us who we are and what our message is to the world the world needs to hear this it's the everlasting gospel it's God's answer to the sin problem this is who we are and this is our message and the world is dying to hear it literally. This is what makes us uniquely at and. This is what makes us yet so I'd like to do is to present my last presentation and I've been titled it lessons from the end. We're going to take a closer look at Face 3 of the judgment the executive portion and what can we learn from the final moments of the last that would benefit you in the night to day. So with that I'm going to have a word a prayer I'm going to ask if you would bow your heads to join me and I will you gracious Father we are so thankful truly for what has been a divine appointment. This is it this is what the end looks like and we are told that the final movements will be rapid and is as rapidly as we're seeing things deteriorate around the world we know that a tipping point is coming in which this thing will spin off into all kinds of craziness but with it but we know that behind a crisis is the coming Christ and so we can look at what is approaching the Lord with courage and with hope because we know that the end is near and soon we will go home that's the Lord as we do gather here you know the burden upon my own heart is I wish to share the things that I have learned in my work with young people and I pray Lord I know that your burden is far greater but I pray that your will will be done truly Savior I pray that you will give me my mind your mind rather that your presence will be both marked and felt I pray that the Holy Spirit be poured out in full measure as has already been prayed that that Lord all recognize your voice and not the voice of a feeble mortal I pray that you will hide this instrument behind the cross and I think you Lord now see your plea once more have mercy upon us and enter into these precincts more make this this room truly a sanctuary and help us to recognize your presence I create your keep the evil one away and I thank you Lord bring to my mind and to my mouth now in your thoughts in words I ask in Jesus name on it. Lessons from the end. We have learned that the goal of the judgement as far as you and I are concerned is to purify a separate Paris for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to prepare us so that it is safe to save us and take us to heaven that's also the vindicate the decision that we made to follow Jesus but there is another aspect to the judgment that we have to consider in in Revelation Chapter 14 versus It says to us that the hour of his judgment is come there's 2 ways to look at that it's not only that God is presiding over the judgment but also that he is being judged this whole mess began with accusations that were levied against God And so the judgment is is not only about purifying us it's also about vindicating him and his dealing with the rebellion and so you should have your hand outs with you and in the little box on the upper corner there you do a quick overview and then. It's introduction to what we're going to look at we're going to do then a quick overview of phase $1.00 and $2.00 of the judgment and that we're going to focus in on 3 there was remained there for the remainder of my time so the 3 phases of the judgment phase one we've talked about is the investigative portion of the judgement who are judged quotes Christians those who have claimed Christ as their Savior who are their participants it's Jesus and the heavenly family and the result will be that God is vindicated before the heavenly family face to the sentencing stage which takes place during the 1000 years who are judged there the last who are the main participants this time it's Jesus and the saved and in the end God will be vindicated before the saved. The 3rd one is the executive who are just here the last who are the main participants it's Jesus and the last and God is indicated before the law so let's take a look right quickly here phase one of the judgment the Phase one takes place after the 1st coming takes place when Daniel the 14th says and he said unto me for $2300.00 days then shall the chunks where he be cleansed and that of course is sanctuary terminology for the Day of Atonement which is the day and judgment and we know that the end to type began the Torah $22.24 who is judge we've learned this already 1st Peter $417.00 for the time has come for judgment to begin where in the house of God and if he begins with us 1st what will be the end of those who do not obey the Gospel who participant who participates Daniel 71101314 gives us the view here of the heaven the family here more specifically the angels I watched till throngs were put in place in the Ancient of Days was seeded his garments were white his snow and the hair of his head was like pure will the strong was a fiery flame its wheels a burning fire a fiery stream issued in came forth from before him a 1000 thousands minister to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the court was seated the books were opened I was watching in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him we covered Yes All right did you know did you know that in the judgment only one question is asked that might stun you you may have wondered that you may not have been aware of the fact that we were actually given that data only one question and that was found in gospel workers page 215 The only question asked in the judgment will be had they been obedient to my command the film of course now. But we have to understand that the 10 Commandments are 10 principles that govern every area of life every area of life is governed by those 10 basic principles. For example if I am not taking care of my health and I end my life sooner we all remember God is no more pleased with the quick suicide than he is of the slow one and if I end my life so that he comes under the burden on that tail section that you know that the to give you an idea. Thinking perverse thought comes under adultery are you with me there principles that govern every area of life G.'s us came as I say a said to magnify the law and he came to show it in the life right to show the principles what they look like that are there it's more than just outward behavior it involves also. The thought life as well. The law is a transcript of who God is so let's think about this for a moment I'm going to share something with you that might might surprise you a little bit but were you aware were you aware that God. Does not have love. There's a difference God is Love You have to really sink your teeth into this he is the personification of it he doesn't have it he is it this has very interesting ramifications what this means is that God has limitations got his limitations God is incapable of doing anything that is not motivated by love let that sink in God is incapable. Doing anything that is not motivated by law you know what this means don't you This means that every come Mand of God. Is an appeal to come into harmony with love every command of God is an appeal to come into harmony with love you and I because of our fallen condition our selfish and self-centered that is the antithesis of law Love is self and that sin is sell fish they're the opposite so every command of God is an appeal who does not want to come into harmony with love love I don't want love that is insanity it is insanity so so the law the question are they are beauty and to my law he is basically asking are they in harmony with the law does that make sense are acts are they by choice have they been obedient to by law now we have learned that the only way to keep God's law is through the inner working of the Holy Spirit surrendering to the Holy Spirit connecting with God through that daily experience with him we learn that in the daily didn't we didn't do very important let's take a look at number 5 or the next question patriarchs and prophets number 55 page of the 5 rather in the judgment men this is amazing statement in the judgment men will not be condemned because they conscientiously believe the lie and that amazing what a wonderful God we serve no one is going to be lost because they conscientiously believe the lie because they really thought that the lie was true honest and honest heartedly and so they adhere to it brothers and sisters are we going to find precious Sunday keepers in heaven who thought that Sunday really was God's Sabbath. He better believe it absolutely will because they didn't know any different no advantage would not on their door are you with me let's continue people that will not be lost because they conscientiously believe a lie because they did not believe the truth but more than that because they neglected the opportunity of learning what is true you know so in other words it's when the Lord revealed the truth that they said no to the invitation to come into harmony with law and then they said well you know I've been how to treat anymore because I might be held accountable for what I learned. That is the same that's called willful ignorance when we have the opportunity there's something we have to understand about the teachings of Scripture you know there's a big today in all kinds of Christian circles people are knocking doctrine they're saying no we don't need doctrine let's do away with doctrine Let's stop for a moment what is doctrine doctrine are that we're just basically means teaching Ok teaching of what it's teaching about God it's teaching who we as Jesus said and this is eternal light that they might know these and Jesus Christ who that is sent right that we might know God It's knowing him and so when we say we don't need doctrine what are we really saying in that crazy but let me share more about this when God introduces to us as a teaching and he calls us to respond to it what it actually is is an invitation to get to know him better when we read about the Shah not commit adultery what does that tell us about God that he values relationship when we read about the shall not steal God values boundaries when we read. You know the one here. Ah the father to God Bal use order in authority I mean every command you know the 4 this 4th commandment of the Sabbath introduces us to our Creator you remove that from Scripture and we how did we get here anyway he is our creator so every command is an insult Tahsin to come to know Christ better it's an invitation for a deeper relationship with Christ when we say no to doctrine we are saying no to Jesus because truth is more than a concept it's a person Jesus says I am the way and true when we say no to a teaching of Scripture we are seeing no to the invitation to know God that or that So those will be condemned where those who did not want to come into harmony with Will and sin no good does that make sense great controversy for aiding in the typical service only those who have come before God with confession and repentance who since through the blood of the sin offering were transferred to the sanctuary had a part in the service of the Day of Atonement So in the great day a final judgment an investigative judgment the only cases considered are those of the professed people of God the judgment of the wicked is a distinct and separate work and takes place when at a later period the result of this judgment investigative Daniel 718 but the saints of the most High shall receive the kingdom and possess the kingdom how long forever and ever are you looking forward to that. By the way we receive the kingdom This is craziness Do you realize the implications of that brothers and sisters my own friends there's a crown waiting for you what is the crown implied. Runty you have been adopted by the king of the universe you are now his child you know that means that means that you are an heir to the kingdom What is that do you realize that God is going to share the throne with you if you spend any time even meditating on that ramifications of that you realize you may not believe it but the demons who are sent to destroy you do they do believe they know it God has assigned his mighty sentinels to stand watch over his children his royal children to bring them home safe absolutely the trip Revelation $221112.00 he that is unjust let him be unjust ill he that is filthy let him be filthy still he that is right just wanna be right a still he that is holy let him be holy still and behold I come quickly my reward is with me to give every man according to his word shall be so this mark the close of probation everybody's character now has been fully developed so I want to know in the investigative judgment is revealed through the books who have truly accepted Christ and is safe to say the family of heaven are satisfied it is now safe to proceed to face too so at the end of Phase one the Lord looks at the Angelic Host and says I have revealed to you all the decisions everyone has made it is very clear who has made a decision he wants to be in harmony with law and so are there any questions Are you satisfied the angels with each other and with them and with each other the question or sense everyone's gut Ok let's go go all right now let's proceed to phase 2. Phase 2 takes place after the 2nd coming takes takes place and we see it here Revelation 20 verse 4 and I saw thrones and they that sat on them and judgment was given unto them and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God which had which had not worship the beast neither his image neither had received the mark up on the foreheads or in their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ for how long a 1000 years Ok who was judged as amazing 1st Corinthians 62 do you not know that the same shall judge was the world and 1st Corinthians 63 do you not know that they shall judge age we will judge the age as well we by the time this is done we will know them all by name when they were created what their work was and how they would. Will Know it all who participates Revelation 24 we read this judgment was committed to them and they live and reign with Christ a 1000 years it was those were faithful. Let's take a look here the same the Saints are the saved review and herald $1850.00 Let's take a closer look at this this portion and of course what we're talking about here this time period is the 1000 years as what's going on during the 1000 year period. This amazing quote we're going Harold $1850.00 after the Saints are changed to immortality and are caught up together receive the hearts crowns and sat around and enter the holy city Jesus and the sinks set in judgment the books are opened the book of life in the book of death which is the book of iniquity the Book of Life contains the good deeds of the saints the book of death contains the evil deeds of the wicked these books are compared with the statute book the Bible and according to that they are judged the saints in unison with Jesus pass their judgement upon the wicked dead behold he says the angel the Saints sit in judgment in unison with Jesus and met out to each of the wicked according to the deeds done in the body and it is set off against earnings what they must receive act the executive execution of the judgment this I saw was the work of the sayings with Jesus in the holy city before it descends to Earth so this very amazing is that now we are working together with Jesus asked now determining what the punishment will be for each one but let me tweak that a little bit do you know who really does decide the punishment for each one the last do what we do in unison with Jesus as a mate we are auditing the books to make sure that everything is correct but but the wicked the last determine their own punishment Jesus said as you did it to the he said do unto others as you have done unto you what it what what we mete out to others will be made out against us you remember when Nathan approached King David David didn't realize what was coming Dave it disguises historicist under the the guise of a story of a poor man with a lamb and a rich man with all these flock and take the poor man's land you remember that whole spiel and David of course his sense of justice was roused and he said that man will pay for the he will pay for it how many fold how many kids that he live. So the punishment Kate from whose mouth Dave and Dave what we do is we are out of the book and we recognize the decisions that everyone made and then we validate the choices the set make sense let's take a look at the note here why are we working with Jesus somewhere might ask the question What is the saints the right to sit in unison with Jesus in the 2nd phase of the judgement the answer has to do with these facts because like Jesus the Saints were tempted like as those who are being judged because the Saints have experienced victory over the sayings since that controlled those who are lost because the Saints have by faith walk in Jesus as footsteps and in spite of the painful struggle against self they have to face and the power of the grace of God in cooperation with all the spirits work a bit chilly remained in the process of developing Christ character of love in their lives and so after being translated and given God's understanding about each individual case of the last they have the experience show right to participate in union with Jesus in the judgment does that make sense the reason why we have the right to do this is the same Jesus right that Jesus had because we've been there and done dat and were victorious does that make sense are the result Jews $1415.00 behold the Lord comes with 10 thousands of his saints to execute judgement on all to convict Auberon godly among them of their own godly deeds with they have committed in an ungodly way and of all the harsh things which on godly sinners have spoken against him. Look at the no pillow that during the sentencing stage the saved will audit the activities of the investigative judgment and examine the books to understand the level of punishment required to each. Case of the wicked the saved are now what satisfied it is now safe to proceed to Phase 3 So during this time period when we arrive in the New Jerusalem they won't that be a glorious day. Just walking in I try to picture those pearly gates was walking and I have this picture in my mind holding my wife's hand in the hands of my children walk through those gates that's what I preach and once we get there and it's you know it's not time to be building houses we get to work and and while we're there you know we have a recording angel that has that that's been with us our friend and and while we're there we start looking around and we may say hey you know. I don't see past your saw and so here he was such a great guy or elder so and so why aren't they here they were such wonderful people I don't understand in the age of says Come let me show you what was happening behind the scenes look at all the times that Jesus appealed to our Deborah time and time again but he resisted does it make sense now oh yes now I see there really wasn't anything more Jesus can do I understand that these will be the kinds of things we're doing and then I also hate that was my neighbor there's been a mistake. You don't you don't know this guy. This guy gave me all kinds of grief there really is USA. And the angel says Come let me show you something and the angel begins to show you what he was born into what his home life had been like why he was so filled with rage why he was so angry at the world but then he shows the day the counter Jesus and how little by little he began to respond to Jesus and he began to live up to the things that Jesus was showing him and that he died in the process and he didn't have a chance to live longer he would have continued to respond so he turns to you and says You think it's safe to bring him here. Why yes I understand why this makes sense and so when it when all the questions have been answered Jesus loves in all the seeds and says Does it make sense to you now why those who are here here and why those who aren't are not here are you satisfied that the punishment that you each get is just and right in the scenes going Lord what else could be done it it's so so it's so self evident Yeah we're satisfied all the questions are answered and then Jesus says Ok it's time to finish this and so we enter into Phase 3 and phase 3 takes place after the 3rd coming of Jesus we never talk about that. But it takes place after the millennium after the 1000 years when Christ returns this time with the same and let's take a look Phase 3 takes place when violation 20 verse 5 says but the rest of the dead lived not again until the 1000 years were finished to his judge Revelation 2011 to 13 says I saw a great white throne and and him that sat on it from whose face the earth and the heavens fled away and there was found no place for them and I saw the dead small and great stand before God in the books were opened in another book was open which is the Book of Life and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their works and the sea gave up the dead which are in it and death and hell delivered up the dead which are in it and them and they were judged every man according to the works who participates Revelation 201113 told us and I thought it was there and I saw the dead small and great stand before God in the book who opened this is really this is really a weird moment a unique moment in earth's history for the very 1st time and for the very last time all of humanity will be alive at the same time the whole human family will be alive at the same time very unusual will happen and we know what happened if we've if you done your reading is that. The the the wicked and circle the city Satan cites them 2 for one desperate last attack to take the city and as they launch their attack and they're about to destroy the city and attempt to do it anyway suddenly above the city. Christ appears. In his glory and arrest everyone right in the trap and there Jesus the final coronation takes place the King of King The Lord of lords and then an interesting description Alawite who was not aware of our technology he uses this wording suddenly a panoramic view Piers like like the sky becomes one large movie scene and everybody watches the creation of the world but actually the 1st begins with the rebellion and have the creation of the world the fall of and we're going to be there in the garden. We're going to watch this and then we're going to watch the Cain the murderer the 1st murderer kill his brother and then the development of the human race we're going to see God's appeal to know what to build an ark we're going to see the destruction of the world by flood we're going to see the Tower of Babel we're going to see Abraham we're going to go all the way to the birth in battle hammer going to see the ministration of Jesus we're going to be there at the trial the crucifixion of Christ we're going to see the whole thing and it's going to go all through history to the very end and every human being is going to see the part they played in the great controversy which I want to share one thing with you that you will not see you will not see myself there are things back there I'm ashamed. It's all washed away the blood of. That you will not see you will not see. But everyone will see the part that they play result Philippians $210.11 at the name of Jesus every nation what shall bow and what it means everybody I love all the Bible hits this those in heaven those on the earth and those under the earth that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father and then Revelation 21st 11 some some of the saddest words of scripture and there was found no place for them of election 21st 9 a fire came down from God out of heaven devoured them every relation 20 for verse 15 and whosoever was not found written the book of life was cast into the lake of fire what I'd like to do now is the back track the Bible the Bible the prophetic section are written in that manner repetition and expansion and so now let's repeat and expand let's take a look at the final moments of great controversy 668 it is now evident to all that the wages of sin is not noble independence and eternal life but slavery ruin and death let's just stop and think about that for a moment because now the last have come to the realization that the wages of sin is not noble independence and that's what Satan whispers in our year young people I hope you're listening because you're the one getting hammered on this the worst right now this is your this period in your life the devil is telling you hey you know God stop his big slavery no it isn't his actually freedom it actually is it's an appeal to come into harmony with love that's all that is there really. And so mad oh Mel they realize that it was not noble independence you know I did it my way those were Elvis's last words before he overdosed on drugs yeah he did it his way let's applaud it's not noble independent from a very windy. This is very interesting the wicked look at the next word. What's next were very significant that word and what we're about to read the wicked see what they have forfeited by a life of rebellion the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory was what I despised when offered them but how desirable it now appears he just pitiful you know what what's recorded for us are there words listen to what they say all this cries the lost soul I might have had but I chose to put these things far from me Oh strange infatuation I have changed peace happiness and honor for wretchedness infamy and despair she says it again all what I see there there exclusion from heaven is what just by their lies they have declared we will not have this man Jesus reign over us you know when I was. A young man about 18 years old I would drive home from Glendale Academy and and I had. You know it was quite a drugs to my house driving through the city and in those times and then that time I really wasn't a Christian I went to another than a school I wasn't a Christian by any stretch of the imagination. I I was but there was this church the Marquis was fascinating I'm in the habit of reading church marquees I think that most of them should just basically put what their worship service times are and leave it alone because a lot of the stuff they put there just isn't worth reading but this particular church was consistent it was like whoever was putting the stuff up really put their heart soul and prayer into it because they always had thought provoking stuff it was just amazing and on this particular day I was at the stoplight and I looked over to see what they had up there and they had a very interesting definition of hell this is what they sand hell is true seeing tonight hell is true seem to like now. Now what in the sea before sin is deceptive. The only way to see truth is through the Holy Spirit spiritual things or spiritual Cern So what was happening is is that they were deceived. But the sad reality is is that they chose the deception they didn't want to see and so God brought people into their lives with appeals my friend. This is what God was saying through the appeal to a child you don't realize what you're doing. You really do want what I'm offering you you really do this is going to make you so happy you really do I want it no I don't want it from another heart a little more heart so God bring someone else it will know my child honestly you really do love this you're going to be so happy when you see this you can love it you really will I think I created you for this this is going to seal your heart your mind your desire for joy lasting joy and lasting peace and lasting fulfillment and meaning in true love I have all of that for you know I don't want the house closed a little more and God was was racing against the clock it's very similar to what's happening with with the big struggle between the u.s. government and Apple with that i Phone The government needs to get in there and they know they only have so many shots at it before the thing closed down and it's lost forever and so God only has so many shots before we shut ourselves down and are close from him forever and is called him particles but the sad reality is that in the end everyone is going to see it anyway what does one risk by just taking a look now what is risk you can always go back to well the simulator can show you what do you risk God says hey I'm not forcing you just taste and see you risk nothing I try here is nothing but in the end everyone will see but you know something else that really blew my mind when I read this is what was not said Let me share with you what was not sent this is not what the law said the last did not say this wow that's haven't it's nice but you know I enjoyed my day in the sun I enjoyed my life of sin it was worth it not even the devil says that. Nobody says that and yet instead what they say is recorded for us. All of this. I might have had but I chose to put these things far from. Strange infatuation in other words they're saying what was I thinking I have changed peace happiness and honor for wretchedness into me and despair and pitiful Let's continue signs of the Times page 18 I mean sometimes 8090 sin is a missed this is this answer the question somebody asked me here this week sin is a mysterious unexplainable thing there is no reason for its existence to seek to explain it is to seek to give a reason for it and that would be to justify it sin appeared in a perfect universe a thing that was shown to be inexcusable and exceedingly simple the reason of its inception or development was never explained and never can be even at the last great day with the judgment shall sit in the book be open when every man shall be judged according to the deeds done in the body when the sins of God's repentance sanctified people shall be heaped upon the scapegoat the originator of sin at that day it will be evident to all that there is not and never was any excuse for sin. At the final no condemnation of saying that his angels and of all men who have finally a den of 5 themselves with him as transgressors of God's law every mouth will be stopped when the hosts of rebellion from the 1st great rebel to the last transgressor are asked why they have broken the law of God they will be speechless there will be no answer to give no reason to assign that will carry the least weight excuses will not work then we may be making them now but in the face of the data it will not work why because there was no reason to go against love there was no reason the universe was perfectly happy. Until somebody said no you're really not happy no I'm not yes they were there was no reason to go and smile it was a lie revealing Harold 850 when the wicked saw that they had lost and fire was brief from God upon them and consumed him this was the execution of the judgment the wicked and receive according to the sayings in unison with Jesus had made it up to them during the 1000 years that here's a question but Pastor couldn't we just take him to heaven anyway wouldn't you be happy that. The treat great controversy 542 could those whose lives have been spent in rebellion against God be suddenly transported to heaven and witness the high the holy state of perfection that ever exist there every soul filled with love every countenance beaming with joy and rapturing music and melodious strings rising in honor of God in the lamb and see Fla streams of light flowing upon the reading from the face of him who sit at the pond the throne to those whose hearts are filled with hatred of God of truth and holiness mingle with the heavenly throng and joy in their songs of praise could they endure the glory of God in the Lamb No no years of probation were granted them that they might form characters for heaven and this is interesting but they have never was in its word trained the mind to love purity they have never learned the language of heaven and now it is too late this is an amazing statement here but feel magine a place filled with love and joy they couldn't stand it that is amazing Why because they train their minds to not love purity How do you train your mind let me share with you how to wait at least to wait I'm sure there are more there leads to it when the Holy Spirit prompts me don't do that and I see Ok. And the Holy Spirit says will you do this Ok I am training my mind to respond to purity and holy the something but when I say to the Lord who the Holy Spirit know I want to know I want to I am training my mind to reject the Zen They sent me share with you another way to train our minds. You know that when a person begins smoking or drinking alcohol and I'm sure you've talked to people have said this to you that at 1st they they didn't like it at 1st right but after continuing doing it then they finally ended up liking it they act acclimated to it right if we expose ourselves to evil to films if we in the in the things we watch in the things we read in the things we listen to we are training our minds to love self and to hate purity we would never be happy and have does that make sense so we have a part to play here you know you know what the judgment reveals to me about God 2 things God is extremely transparent he's not hiding anything from us he's not being arbitrary he's not being controlling he is not being manipulative like Satan said the other thing that really what reveals to me about God in the judgement is that God is incredibly respectful of our freedom to choose in the end those who are say are the ones who chose to be and those who are lost are the ones that chose to be that makes sense doesn't it really does and it has to be that way because love cannot exist in an environment where there is no freedom I love my wife and I know my wife loves me she has the freedom to walk away and choose someone else at any time. The fact that she doesn't seals my heart with gratitude and affection towards her love cannot exist in an environment of control it can't and God knows that so he gives everyone freedom so that love can exist that I think says if you're with me same it let's continue let's continue with that statement a life of rebellion against God has unfitted them for heaven its purity holiness and peace would be what to them Can you imagine it would be torture to them the glory of God would be a consuming fire they would what's next where Will mom to for leave from that holy place they wouldn't want to welcome destruction that they might hide from the face of Him who died to redeem. The destiny of the wicked is fixed by their own choice their exclusion from heaven is voluntary with themselves and just and merciful on the part of God Life the merciful What can you do with them now put them on their own planet with Satan you know what that kind of existence would be they would but they but even with that he was still controlled and held back by got amazing and so the record in Revelation 20 says and no play. And so what can you do you know how many of you have ever had a pet that you really love and you cared for and then something happened and you had no choice but to put it down how many you've been there now friend if you loved your pet Why did you put it down because you loved your pet and there was nothing else that you could do it was the last loving thing to do and I remember having to take you know that usually tends to be Dad's job. When the pet is time usually it's dead and I write typically a day that has to take the last long trip to the humane society or what have you and I remember our a dog we had named named Brandy and we had to do that and I remember taking her there to the Humane Society and my heart was broken she had broken her back and it was obvious or going to have to happen next and I remember taking her into the in my heart was breaking it still makes me sad as I would look into the backseat and then she goes on I still remember the song it was playing on the radio actually my cassette and I went in and I and I you know it was obvious what had to happen next and this girl came in and just kind of gathered her up and I began walking with her she was one of the assistance as she said I'll be right back. When it's over and I said no I want to be there she said no no. You need to stay here I'm going and I go No no I need to go and she looked at me kind of authoritatively and said No I'll bring her back when I'm done and I looked at her authoritatively and I said wherever you take that dog I'm going I'm going to be there so you do it here you do it there don't matter where you do it but I'm going to be there so that she left and someone else game. Yeah. And I remember when they gave her the injection I just held her little thing and I just talk with her life at the way and I can imagine what it's going to be for God when it will be he who has to put down his own shit but he will be there he will leave that work for anyone else to do he will be the note below that during the 3rd and final phase the wicked are shown why they are lost and soon punished the wicked are what. The convinced it is now safe to execute the sentence and bring an end to the rebellion and at that point every knee bows and says you know God you are right even Satan does that and says there was nothing left for you to do you arrive if you go 3311 as I live says the Lord God I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked The Nope you know that the judgment is to ensure that everyone will be fully satisfied with the way that God has dealt with the rebellion now all are satisfied and God is indicated in the destruction of sin and sadly sinners the great controversy is over you know when when the controversy broke out in Heaven God knew God knew where this thing was leading he knew the price that this was going to cost heaven himself he knew he knew that the right thing to do was to destroy Lucifer but if he had done it then the universe would not have understood what sin was God had no choice he had to let it run its course so that the universe would be satisfied when he finally dealt with it where at the place now that we're crying out for justice are we God please bring an end to this are we we are satisfied great controversy $6.00 to $70.00 God's wisdom and justice and his goodness stand fully what vindicated know what that means it is true God is Love God is not in the result naman mayhem 19 affliction shall not arise the 2nd time the universe is now inoculated it will never happen again people look at sin and they say I'll Dom is that how dumb is that who doesn't want to be in harmony with love conclusion desire they just 5758 the worshippers of self the longed to Satan's kingdom. In their attitude toward Christ all will show on which side they stood here's the key and thus everyone passes judgment on themselves you see brothers and sisters my young friends it was never God's decision that we had to see here it was not God that we were to be afraid that it was ourselves all along that we had to fear I don't know about you but I've come to the place in my life I no longer trust me I realize if not before the grace of God I am capable of any and every sin known to humanity it is only by the grace of Christ that that I have done worse in my life in the me at the prayers of my mom in the day a final judgment every lost soul will understand the nature of his own rejection of what a truth by the way is truth just a confident person so let's read the sense again in the day of final judgment every last soul will understand the nature of his own rejection of Christ the cross will be presented and it's real bearing will be seen by every mind that has been blinded by transgression in other words now they see before the vision of Calvary and its mysterious victim Stinnett sinners will stand condemned every lying excuse will be swept away Shimon apostasy will appear in its heinous character men will see what their choice has been every question of truth and ever in the long standing controversy will then have been made play. In the judgment of the universe God will stand clear of blame for the existence or the continuance of evil it will be demonstrated that the divine decree are not excess or eat to sin there was no defect in God's government no cause for disaffection when the thoughts of all hearts shall be revealed both the loyal and the rebellious will unite in declaring just and true are they waiting the king of saying who shall not see your own yard and glorify the name for the judgment are made. And you notice how my final thoughts there are not the end of the beginning but friends I want to share with you that what happens then is eternity but did you know that eternity can begin for you today if we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord in the savior of our lives if we make the decision to follow the king of love and to look at his commands in our lives not as a restriction but as an appeal to come into harmony with love then eternity begins for you and me our walk with Jesus. Do you realize that heaven all heaven is isn't a place it's a person do you realize that the Jesus is the fountain of joy I you want to know what the source of joy is and of happiness and of peace it all flows from him. Heaven as far as New Jerusalem and all that wouldn't be anything if Christ wasn't there. And you can have him now. And begin that walk with him and we learned that in the sanctuary we learn how by every day coming to Jesus who says Come unto me all you that are burdened heavy laden and I will rest if casting our sins upon our Savior asking for forgiveness and making sure that nothing exists between ourselves and our Savior it's each day rededicate in our lives to Jesus and to a servant it's each day asking for the Holy Spirit be poured into our lives the holy oil its every day spending time in the bread of life realizing that mansion that lives will the bread not only physical but by spiritual bread which is Christ Jesus and spending time in prayer talking to our Savior as well as initiating for others and entering by faith into the most holy place where Jesus is purifying us from seeing are you willing to walk with Jesus in that eternity to begin now let's close with a word of prayer oh lord you have taught us a lot here today that a lot to contemplate but we are so grateful father that you are so loving that you you present to us all the data so that we can make an intelligent design decision help us to remember father Satan really isn't interested in our happiness and freedom he is a psychopathic serial killer that hates us and he seeking every opportunity possible to wipe us out of existence help us to understand or to use our thinker that you gave us to look back in our lives and see that every good thing we've ever had was given to us by you Lord Jesus I pray that you remind us each day of the things that we learned here this week that you do not Calvary's cross speaks of that most eloquently when you risked everything to bring us home Help us Lord to avail ourselves of that love and to realize that that cross. And that experience that you went through defined our worth and nothing can take it away and we can do nothing to add to. Our salvation. Is our prayer. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w w w audio verse or.


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