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13- Living by the Word of God

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • June 27, 2020
    9:30 AM
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20 this is the last Sabbath of this quarter and I've enjoyed it immensely going through the quarterly about how to interpret scripture and we're going to a fantastic study about how to apply the scriptures in our life coming up in just a few minutes but 1st we need to focus on mission our global mission feature today as one of our missions spotlight videos this time coming to us from Norway take a look. So we we spoke to some of the leaders and then Minister policies the mayor is and these things. Are representative and we asked them what are the real needs in the community and one area that really stuck out as a major need was was loading up. In certainly in Norway loneliness is a key challenge among both the elderly and the young about one 3rd of the teenagers here say they feel lonely so this is why we started thinking well what can we as a church and do to you to contribute and meet that needs. We're trying and failing. And seeing what works what doesn't work and through that learning and don't necessarily know that the name of God and Huey is. But a lot of people do believe there is a god. And so. A belief in God is quite typical at the same time as traditional church is seen as problematic in regard to the for cultural values this region was one of the. Areas for adding to the Norway We had areas here with the highest density of Atlantis and in all the Norway and now our churches are. So remote and dying. Similar to many places around the world the church has lost its foothold struggling to be known as an integral part of the community can the church still be relevant here in sorte land Pastor Kenneth believe so big he is forming connections where people are and meeting their most painful needs. The family structures is sort of something also this under attack in this region so the a lot of unstable family relationships. So we had a family retreat recently we wanted to place focus upon families spending time together so that was the overall goal strengthening family bonds over the 6 days of the retreat the 8 families focused on spending wholesome time together organized activities like crafts engagements provided opportunities for bonding and a lot of laughter and smiles it was a very positive it was a very encouraging they were so grateful because these families were also families that couldn't afford make ation themselves so this was part of it also we were offering them a vacation experience and they were just so grateful for that experience friendships building over that we respond together right so it was a very encouraging time it has been sort of. Touching also seeing how God has been opening doors that we did not expect when they see. We as a church really wanting the best for the community. So they've given access where we can to be quite bold and open about. And it's received quite well as well so I think this is not something. We've been doing but but it's seeing how God is working on the lives of people on the hearts of people and opening doors that seem very close. Please pray for church members and certainly and Norway pray that God uses them to overcome the challenges of loneliness broken families and skepticism in the community and that through this people can come to know Jesus personally. This quarter a portion of your 13 Sabbath offering will help build a center of influence for Pastor Kenneth and the church members to host programs and events geared toward the community the offering will also help construct an urban center of influence in Cypress and establish a church in Serbia please consider how you can support these projects through prayer and by giving to this offering. Great as it is to see things going on around the world in places like Norway we have a place right here in the Michigan conference where we're trying to win souls for the Lord and we want to highlight some of the mission things that are happening right now and coming up in the near future here in the Michigan conference and they Our guest is David Pollan yo who's actually not here with us in the office because technically the office is still closed but he is going to be able to join us via zoom in technology so let's get this set up real quick pull this forward open the screen brother David are you there listen here all right well welcome to Sabbath school so glad to have you here. You are right now what we're going to talk about today is not just mission work in a general sense but specifically here in the Michigan conference we have a territory the Lord has given us and he you work with the youth rush program which is uniquely suited to target this area for a mission how does youth Russia work what is youth rush to start there what is the youth rush program. It's a summer literature evangelism program actually many students come and they dedicate their lives you know for and stomach it summer to make sure that people are aware and deliberate in literature it's time to the people are out there you know and we have a lot of different nationalities every community in near Detroit but we go as much as we can work with local churches distribute in literature are the very core thing for this time now speaking of this time we're living in a particularly unique time in earth's history where we have some limitations on social and interpersonal interaction how is that going to impact this year's youth rush program. Well yes us everything you know has been active this summer we're going to have a shorter time as the beats and weeks as usual it's going to be 5 weeks and we will be conned raising over the phone for literature we're seeing that it's important for us to distribute litter in these time because if you google prophecy for example you going to find so many so many interpretations that you know it's incredible but how do the people know which one is the correct one how do they know so it's by us going where they are at sort this year fundraising over the phone but still going to go door to door just this time we might not be interacting with people indeed but we will leave the literature in their homes with a personal note personal touch so we will still reach them and give them that literature that specific criticism because we realize that. Bible sales has been creating a lot of people who are more or open to speech will material Ok so you're going to be doing the same type of work but you're going to have to adapt it to the current circumstance for safety reasons and I imagine even if it were safe people would think it was unsafe so you want to make sure to not offend and those kind of things that make sense that's correct and we believe that everything can be quarantined except the Gospel there's no lock down or an Amen amen I thought if someone is listening to this or watching this or learning about it for the 1st time and I can I'm guessing there's a lot of other summer alternatives that aren't happening whether it's work things or other experiences kids might have so you're providing not only a spiritual thing but actually a financial benefit for that for individuals who do it a spiritual growth in their own personal lives and it is at least happening at all is it for all or is there still space or opportunity for people to be part of it this year. We have a limit sitting you can say we can use that term sitting we have limited but it will still have some space soul we will encourage that if there's a young person that I want to dedicate I have weeks of my summer I want to do something mean that me for but we're also going to be receiving classes like Emanuel is. Helping us teaching the students how to study the Bible you know the critical supply etc So you're going to you're going to get a lot of combinations that I'm friends of one to the god want to do the way you can a. Bible training but also you going to do ministry so we have a space it's a pilot boat but I'll recommend to apply to us Russia origin and they can apply and will contact the most possible Ok so to be clear about this what age range are we looking to apply where 15 them on 15 initially good yes we usually go up to college age and those are the group of people that we're looking for looking for those young people roughly of a high school or college age range who want to spend 5 weeks not only gaining a blessing themselves of being a blessing to others through this youth rush program and in my eyes that in my youth is that correct say that website again it's I use rushed up or you are I suspect will apply and you can apply and will contact us and it's possible fantastic Well thank you so much for being here with us the brother punny Oh May the Lord bless and all that you're doing and about to do through this important literature program that you thrust can say thank you very much and keep us a prayer as well. Right we've seen our global mission feature highlighting the war going on in Norway we've talked to David Panu about the work going on right here in the Michigan conference for our local mission feature but there's still that personal work and you know sometimes we might share our faith or distribute literature or hand out a book and we might not know whatever happens to it but here's the story of Nathan Casper and what happened one of those discarded pieces of literature in a way probably the person who shared it never knew and watch what the Lord can do. My name's they think Hester I wasn't raised a Christian so I started fresh I think. I used to be a drug dealer I used to do a lot of fight and stuff and I was bad attitude I want to do for a robber a long time ago in 2009 there was a crazy guy there who's a conspiracy there is a wing guy and he was telling me by was talking about aliens you know you're going to see killers a spaceship you know in the Nephilim or their mission or do you know with humans and stuff so I said while we have to give this a look you know and check it off myself see what the Bible really says I say bring the Bible for myself. And by the time I got to the Gospels I believe you know I believe in Jesus and I had to accept that what he was saying. A mere man can say that you know as there's just no human has that much love in him to be able to say something like that so I became a Christian and I was a maximum security at that time so they had to handcuff me and take me to the gym for an hour a day and stuff and by the time I finished reading The By why I asked God I said in a prayer I said can you lead me to a book that help me understand this better and a week later they're taking me to Jim Rice's book in the trash can and it that in that God in kind of I mine you know I've seen a book and I was once on read so I asked the guard I said can you can I had a book and he said no so I waited till a shift change another guard came on I said can you go read the book for Miss in the hallway in the trash can and he went over and got a ride back to me was there a controversy you know it was a life changing world is best book I've ever read the Bible you know I've read 3 times now I was worried that sent me on a journey because some of the things I didn't rule with right away and I had to study on it so many years you know to study and about death and hell and it's only a fairly good to try to get a good understanding that because I was a bad one really controversy so I'm studying that out and. Finally they sent me to Bergen you know and I went for quite a while I went to the prison library and I found a book in there is called the Tomb of the cult written by Walter Martin and he's not a font of events I was reading is broken written by the Mormons a whole rudeness isn't you know and then finally there is a chapter about somebody Venice and it says they're not a cult but their beliefs are so much different from mainstream processes and that I'd put chapter in her bottle you know when I'm reading and he's not really giving good arguments for why they're wrong you know I'm seeing through it you know through the stuff and I realized I'm 70 Venice from reading a book called became the Colts from there and you know I've been on a journey I've you know I was at search some prisons where they don't have some they're going to services so I was sent to every every place that would send me free materials and I've studied up all the churches and try to understand what are my believes and I realize this is the truth of the truth is you know I don't believe I want you know I had to study every doctor because some of this on a strange you know but. I found I was out for a couple years later I got baptized at the Carson City prison by a pastor e.j. Wolf and I was I became you know I was the leader there for 2 years the last 2 years that I was there you know I was I was personally cesspool would get a lot of people in our church I would say a lot of time in Europe for 4 years there I would definitely encourage people to get involved in prison ministry because everybody there is looking for God Everybody has something and Britain earlier in a gang or they're a Christian or they're a Muslim or Hindu or are biased that's where people are studying and they're looking to find out you know who got it. All right so we've had our mission program highlighting the global local and personal work that the Lord and His people are doing around the world and right here at home but the focus of Sabbath school while it is. Mission the foundation always remain remains Bible study and prayer and Pastor Howard we are now at the final lesson of this quarter's study kind of sad in a way isn't is a little bittersweet isn't it's like it feels good to accomplish all the way through but man what quality information we've had yes and it's especially bittersweet because as we're transitioning now leaving told our viewers we would that's true let's talk about that for just a minute now to be clear the purpose of what the Sabbath school program has always been to provide an opportunity for a full Sabbath school program even during closed local churches right so from the compas perspective we can reach the churches here in our territory with this program and praise the Lord that that has happened we thank you for the feedback you've given in the appreciation that it's good I'm glad the Lord has blessed us to the Greeley has but what we don't want to do is have this become a substitute for the local church what we want our department to do is to build up and encourage the growth of the local Sabbath school so that every local sat was cool has a robust mission component to it and every locals have a school has a quality lesson studies and we want to foster that work but not take the place of that work going to what is what are we going to go outward is this happening one of the things that you know we've been doing this with it we have a 3 camera set up and there's quite a bit of editing and what have you and one of the things that we have talked about doing as we go forward is moving to a one camera set up we're not going to do a full Sabbath school class like this but we have been sharing with you and they are available in fact to have the link on the screen for the outlines that make each week so we're going to have probably a couple of introductory lessons that go through some teaching tips how we come up with the outlines we're going to continue to provide outlines Lord willing but the goal is not that you necessarily use our outlines if you want to you can but that you know how. Outline the lesson instead of just walking through Ok so it is less Monday's less than Tuesday's lesson which in some cases that may work so we want to go over some teaching tips how to organize the lesson plan for for you to teach your lesson and then each week we're going to take between 20 and 25 minutes to highlight what we have viewed as the high points of the lesson and you make take away something different from that and modify your lesson and that's fine because you know you're going to be the saddest a school teacher you know when you're setting but we want to provide that framework to help. Teachers and those students who may be studying the lesson who want to have a maybe a more concise. Overview Outline view of the lesson and some ideas on some things some helpful things to stuff and as Pastor Howard you just mentioned this is not going to be a full Sabbath school program we're not going include all the mission spotlights and mission interviews and all the mission programming part though we want to see every local church having that in their locality and even the Sabbath school discussion is going to be the full on 45 plus minutes of diving into every step tax and doing that multi-cam and having all the overladen for but what we want to do is provide a resource that can be a supplement to this the paper that you have your hands so that maybe we can release those earlier in the week and there particularly for teachers but also for other leaders or even just class participants the average lay person can tune in and be thinking along those lines during the week so that when you get to your local Sabbath school class it's going to be rich it's going to be full and it helps prepare people for the Sabbath day and the Sabbath school class experience that their local church will provide and hopefully by God's grace it will be a benefit and raise the quality of all aspects of every Sabbath school across the entire conference that's the goal absolutely So with that in mind we do have this lesson to cover and if I'm not mistaken before we do the lesson we want to talk about the memory verse right. Well even before that maybe we should highlight and then you can make order for the next one that's right we have our new cruelly for God It is our next quarter's lesson and the principal contributor is Elder Mark Finley and this is all about soul winning sharing your faith and more effectively which I'm just thrilled with it would be hard pressed to come up with someone with more with more experience in soul winning in a very lism and sharing in the subtitle The joy of sharing in his mission so it seems to me that what we've been talking about the message from the Bible that we've been discussing and how to read it and apply it and interpret it now we're going to transition to how to share that message with other people and so an entire quarter on that I'm a little bit bummed that we won't be leaving out because I really want it but tune into those teaching tips either be 0.8 or 25 will be 3030 but it will be auto with our time but it's going to be quality stuff and our mission focus is the West Central Africa division this next quarter is a minute a huge portion of our churches in Africa there's a lot of activity going on there so there will be a lot of share there too so it's very excited about this all right so here we are at less than 13 a quarter to closing up the holes how to interpret scripture quarterly So we want to start with prayer when to start with a memory that's to prayer Ok and then you know I was going to say and then of course the memory verse we have is that it into the memory verse I can pray for us absolutely. Heavenly father we are just thankful for another Sabbath day and another opportunity to meditate upon your word and the impact it can and should have in our lives we do pray today that the Spirit the Holy Spirit of Truth that inspired the writers of Scripture would guide us through our study in a in a very practical way today that we may be transformed by your word not just now but daily Lord and we thank you for hearing in answering our prayer for we prayed in the name of Jesus Amen amen. Now the memory verse is in and for those who have been following along the last week's memory verse was a doozy it was quite a duet. And we go in I was talking in fact to we did our Sabbath school live at the village church and I was talking to another one of the pastors there and we were talking at the memory verse and admittedly from his standpoint as well as adults we just have not been memory memorizing the memory verses in which is like read the memory version or whatever so he's been taking that challenge and we were just talking about how there are some of the memory verses that for a pastor when you preach on something enough you just know it you know for he said unto me and in 2300 a vent you know that that was different than last week you know consider the long suffering of our Lord etc But this week's is one of those that just about I wouldn't just say the pastors but most 7th Day Adventists ought to know this one pretty close yes right right off the top are you going to give an attempt this week I'll get a shot all right did I look right in the camera yes I'll make an appeal of it friends but be doers of the word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves James $122.00. Met nice as I was with conviction it wasn't with a song which you can talk about a little bit but it was but it was and so it's Ok so you just it is right in and that is the theme of our lesson this right doing the Word not just hear it right and in fact and we've done this repeatedly through this 13 weeks and it we regularly made that appeal to actually applying the scripture Yes And and we've in fact made that that shameless promotion and haven't apologized for it and said This may sound like repetition it is but you have to be doers of the word in assets so here we come to the final lesson and how fitting that it's on right it will really be about me interpret scripture but in fact. You were going to say well it only makes sense that if you've got an entire quarter about how to read and understand and interpret Scripture and if at the end of it you said well do you understand it now good but that's not how Christ and we're going to get into that that's not how he delivered he was said Now go and do right there's always got to be the application of it or what's the point you know it's right and I was going to go to the 1st page of this week's lesson 7 afternoon right there at the end of the 1st paragraph it says if we are not willing to abide by the Word of God and are not willing to practice what we have studied we will not grow. You know so it's not. It's not enough for us just to know how to interpret scripture there's a numbers for that in fact Sunday's lesson the 1st paragraph says also similarly and I love the way they've worded this in the 1st paragraph middle the 1st paragraph it says this The goal is not about our mastering of the Word of God but about the Word of God mastering us changing our lives and our way of thinking well so that's really what we're dealing with it we're not we're not about trying to impress somebody with the way we can interpret scripture we want to rightly divide the word true so the Scripture has the right impact on us Ok so let's dive into this lesson and study it out now sometimes as we've gone through the lessons and you will have noticed over the 13 weeks we follow the flow of the quarterly and sometimes we change things up a little bit and this week you know getting into the week about Tuesday I think I'm not sure it gets into the you know Jesus position on scripture will I move that up 1st I think think that that's a good Ok foundation to start with because we're talking about scripture in the impact of scripture and some of this is going to be again reiterating points Sure but how did Jesus relate to scripture I mean the Christian religion is about Christ it's the Christ in religion and Jesus is our example Jesus is our model How did Jesus relate to scripture in the 1st thing that the lesson draws out and that I want to draw out is that Jesus personally studied the scripture Ok And he did the lesson takes us to Luke 4 and must go and look at Luke 41 through 4 Ok this is Luke's version of the Temptation of Christ in the wilderness. And Cameron could you read that Forrest leisure for one through 4 Ok then Jesus being filled with the Holy Spirit return from the Jordan was led by the Spirit into the wilderness being tempted for 40 days by the devil and in those days he ate nothing and afterward when they had ended he was hungry and the devil said to him if you are the Son of God command this stone to become bread but Jesus answered saying it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God. Ok so when we read that and most of our viewers are familiar variance is a very popular passage especially among 7 they have it as it is written we have a media ministry is written as it based off it but I think a lot of us are sometimes tempted to think that Jesus was born like how did he cite it is written any quote Scripture right now he must have been born because he's the son of God and he came from heaven any he must have already known that his whole life but that's not what Scripture tells us do you get the picture that you think and maybe there are many people have the picture that Jesus came pre-loaded you know he came with the software already installed that he had all that what we would have on an app now every quote everything you could and he just almost magically How did it his fingertips that there was no like growth in him there was no development right but Scripture seems to paint the picture otherwise does not from from a tip from the time you're you're little in the in the evidence church at any rate there's a memory verse that you get that says the child grew in wisdom and Satcher favor with God and man right very clearly the Bible teaches that Jesus learned he came and learned as we would learn he came and walked as we will walk and lived as we would live and so he himself had to study scripture he didn't say it is written in the wilderness because it was pre-loaded right it's because he studied the scripture. And I mean that's I think credible thought when you think about it sure that the author of Scripture Study himself and grew in it yeah well because the weight of that I mean the implication for us if he came preloaded and I didn't yeah you know but if Jesus himself it's right had the need to study scripture well we're going to get around to that Ok but in in addition to the fact there was a good point made on Monday's lesson I want to read. In the 1st paragraph there. Monday. Actually this a 2nd paragraph says Jesus knew the Scriptures Well he was so intimately familiar with the Word of God that he could quote it by heart this familiarity with God's written word must have resulted from precious quality time with God in studying the scriptures and so as we've mentioned Jesus studied Scripture himself but more than studying scripture the lesson goes on to say there Monday. It highlights. This is in the 3rd paragraph even the devil quoted scripture and used it for his own deceptive purposes now we are reading their Luke chapter 4 and in the chapter 4 in the wilderness of temptation the devil began quoting scripture to Jesus so to being able to quote Scripture isn't the the ultimate you know just could you know it it's interesting well let me continue with the with with the lesson says. Thus just being able to quote Scripture as the devil did is not enough One also needs to know what else a Scripture has to say on a subject and know its correct meaning which our whole Quarterly has been about Jesus didn't just know the scripture he knew the right in wrong application so when the devil came and said a.v. a bear the up if you cast yourself off the pinnacle the temple Jesus knew that was a wrong application right even though he got word for word that's Ok Don't quote he knew he was using it incorrectly right you know I think back to the time when Jesus encountered the demoniacs right and you know in 2 verses after the disciples say Who is this that can call him the way the demons come up and say what are we to do you Jesus you son of God Have you come here to torment us before the write a new time prophecy that is what I mean from the beginning they knew who they were talking there's no in quick but it didn't convert them not at all right you know so it's not just a knowledge of the word alone that's right so we see that Jesus personally study the scripture and self Jesus had an understanding a correct understanding of the Scripture and that there was a correct understanding which we've looked at we're going to get into again and also that the correct application of it and that's again what a lot of our lesson has been about this quarter now there's another thing I want to look at in Matthew chapter 5 Ok that the lesson draws out. Matthew 5 and let's go to verse I think it's 38 and look at my notes here yes 38. Matthew 5 verse. Yeah verses 38 I think what you're looking for and of course this whole passage is you let me just read 38 and 39 Matthew 538 says and sorry you have heard that it was said An eye for an eye and a tooth for 2 but I tell you not to resist an evil person whoever slaps you on your right cheek turn the other to him also now the lesson highlights that there are many people who look at passages like this and say oh well Jesus is contradicting the Old Testament he's introducing something new he said you've heard it said this but I'm coming to change the game. That's not what's happening here and what's fascinating and we're not going to take the time to delve deep into it but my Bible has a marginal reading for Exodus 21 that gives this saying eye for an eye for and a tooth for tooth but when you go back and read that you'll find that that was God's counsel given to the the magistrates if you will of Israel it was a civil law for how you're supposed to deal with problems when they come up among people and what Jesus was not Jesus wasn't saying you don't do that it's not you know the civil law is just saying there's got to be a fairness in delving out justice. But whereas the magistrates may deal out justice that's not my job personally and what Jesus was trying to say you had people who were taking to heart the idea like they were the job judge and jury and he said no no no for you turn the other cheek so he's not speaking to them in contradicting he's saying on a personal level you conduct yourself this way this. Makes me think of when Jesus was having you know the very closing in of his life and Peter was to take a sword and Jesus tells him to put your sort of way but he said if my kingdom were of this world I would operate in my my service would take up swords and they would in Roman but after 13 yes I was about saying a good citizen and how the you know the Lord allows that and in fact endorses the idea of good civil government for the right and the a problem of his uses that term they do not bear the sword in vain but to his own disciples that but you know you're sort of right so he understands there's a civil government that has its place and then there's the church life the personal character that we have to manifest and so what going back to your point with Matthew chapter 5 I think what we're trying to can say can say convey here yes is that Jesus isn't contradicting Moses he's saying it's for a different purpose and personally you need to be an example of Mercy your job is it to dole out justice right for our firm contradicting scripture he was amplifying scripture Ira he was making the right application in this this goes back to were saying a moment ago I mean Jesus understood the way the scriptures should be applied and then actually gave clarity and power to the scripture by showing how practical it is to the spiritual life and the same could be said today when a person if if somebody presents the scripture to you in a wrong way it can turn you off to the scripture and be like rather Bibles crazy but when you understand it put in the right light. It comes alive in you like wow that just makes perfect sense of what happens when Jesus far again from contradicting the scripture. He had an understanding of it and conveyed that understanding in what he was teaching thus it made of course you know it's when you get to the end of the Sermon on the Mount No wonder this because the people were Stalinist at his teaching right because he taught with one who had authority he understood it enough to convey it clearly in fact the lesson makes a great point at the bottom of Tuesday they say far from this is the last paragraph on the page far from weakening the authority of scripture Jesus consistently up held scripture as a reliable and trustworthy guide in fact and ambiguously states in the very same sermon on the Mount do not think that I came to abolish the Law of the prophets I did not come to abolish but to fulfill and he continues to say that whoever a No one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven so excellent point again the Jesus did not come in contradict Scripture we see that he personally studied it understood its proper meaning in application and finally Jesus understood scripture as Words to live by we just read it in Luke 4 for it is written man shall not live by bread alone by my every word of God I mean 1st of all. In the context where were the words of God He was referring to that we should live by know they were in the script Israel is risen and so for Jesus far from the Scripture being irrelevant to where we are today and. Maybe taking in piece meal every word of God I mean you don't get much clearer than that that's how we should live the Scriptures Jesus viewed the scriptures as a guideline and I'm sure we're going to touch on this later on but you know it makes me think it might be easy to think that of all the people in the world who could adlib Yes and shoot from the hip it would be Jesus right he is God He had no sin so he is the word right but he consistently referred back not just to the the known word that he had in his mind but to the written word that we have access to the throne so giving us that example of reliance on scripture so though he may have been able to spout it over but he goes back to the word that we have access to and. You know because I think a modern parallel to that is oftentimes you'll hear people say well the Spirit led me to this that as though if I have a connection with the with God or a relationship with God or an experience with God Whatever the language will put to and I'm led by the spirit that I mean scriptures good advice and all but I've got the leading of the spirit which supersedes in Jesus could of any was like I actually lived you know Major you school high school and college and so now I have the spirit I don't need the Bible anymore exactly I mean Jesus was the word and he relied on the written word that's what our people never see a day you'd never see a variance from that never and I'm thinking of the passage and we've looked at a number of times in Luke 10 where the young man came to him and said a you know what do I do to inherit eternal life right and Jesus said keep it well no and then you have that you take it case this is where the young man's like was the great commandment in the law Ok one thing and Jesus said you know what is written in the scripture How is your reading of it you know he didn't say what spirit impressed you with what's in your heart how do you feel about it you know you don't ask what is written in the scripture and then when the man he answers it he says you have answered rightly but it is not in there do this and live that's exactly right that's right so we see that again consistently Jesus studied Scripture believed in Scripture understood and properly upright applied its meaning and again that can be maybe I don't want to call it an excuse but at least an explanation for why some people maybe are standoffish about the Scripture and they maybe lean towards a higher critical viewpoint because maybe they've had the scripture. Applied in a wrong way in their life and it's turn them off Ok I don't know but the reality is. If that's the case who is the one who was behind that wrong application in the devil what was his purpose to get you to distrust scripture so if you distrust us we are pure who you listen to don't go down that road is the devil's objective is always there when you are thus saith the Lord for some Exactly right so and so Jesus understood the application of Scripture he magnified it and he believed they were words to live by every word so let's take that example of Jesus now and how do we the plight of that in our lives what does that look like well 1st and foremost if Jesus felt it was important for him to study the scriptures on a regular basis what does that say about us there's no comparison Yeah yeah well I mean I suppose maybe once a week you know you know in fact it's funny that. As I've worked with being the director of manual and student training people in you know personal soul winning We've gone around and talked to a lot of people about their spiritual lives knocked on doors and things like that and it's funny you ask the question Do you have a Bible in your home and it's funny how many people will almost arrogantly say I get several Bible. How often do you read it in the most common question answer to that question is once a week. You know what that means that means when I go to church and the pastor brings up a text and I say open your Bible I'm going to you know that's not study of the scripture and certainly not what Jesus did. In fact Wednesday's lesson brings out a couple points on this. And let's see Wednesday in this in the. Second paragraph right down at the very and it makes this point it says the special quiet time with God in reading His word and in the communication of prayer is the source of our spiritual life. And we're going to flesh that out a little bit more as we go on but then follow on past that little read 2nd to the very next paragraph and it starts out this way as if you love someone you enjoy spending time alone with that beloved person so the idea here is if you love God If you love Jesus then you're going to spend time with him and the way you spend time with him is in the word that's where we gain a view and understanding of Jesus. But I take I want to say a take issue necessarily but I do think it needs some explanation you know he says if you love someone you enjoy spending time alone with that someone I love my wife dearly but I wish I could say I have never gotten allowed myself to get too busy to not spend quality time understanding you have this where you went there because I was afraid or going to say like I mean I love my wife spending time I love spending time with the issue is not that you don't like spending the time but even in a relationship where you love someone that time can somehow get eaten and that's rolled up by other things and that can be discouraging sometimes for people I mean I think we can Ok Jesus studied scripture Jesus had devotional time we don't have devotional time I don't think it's a news flash to any of our viewers are devoted in fact recommend I don't know anything Hastur that this is probably one of the greatest struggles among 7th Day Adventists is having regular devotional time and we get all feeling guilty about it in this kind of thing because we know we do of Jesus we should be spending that we know we should be doing it and so when the lesson makes that point I just want to encourage those viewers who have maybe slipped into having regular devotional time to tell you I wish I could say it was uncommon but it's not as can be very common in the devil has a 1000 ways to distract us from having quality time with Jesus so. I guess we were talking about this earlier when it comes to having regular devotional time what's the 1st thing that needs to happen. Well you have to make it happen you have to schedule it I mean if we're being honest about it it's not like you have to discover your love and then let that motivate you to you have to sit down with a calendar you have to make a plan you have to look at your daily schedule and you have to factor in somehow and we talked about this that there's a phrase that frustrates me and we talk about this and people say well you need to just find some time. And the reason I say frustrating is because most of the people I know. Have plenty to do it's not and there's no finding time is like your schedule for me I have people say I just I don't have time you're not going to find time if you're looking for time. You need to and of course this is. Saying it's better with me yeah make time yeah well we can't really make time time exactly we had or we talked about this a little earlier as Mark alluded to and I like that phrase Make time because it's interesting we joke about it of course because we can manage time we can to revalue we can schedule our activities within time but time itself is not something you can make it to predetermine thing God has ordained the number of hours of the day and there were days in the week and that's just set the only being in the universe you can make time is God. Yet in his creation of the world he purposely made time to spend with us that's right he literally made time he made a day called The Sabbath day that we were to put everything else away and we have a Obviously we can't create time out of nothing and add a day to the calendar but we can manage time in such a way that it's really make time as it is we for us we prioritize right and the reality is in this is this is again this is true for anybody I have ever met in my entire life isn't is that explicit what broad statement People make time for what they want to make time for I don't care what it is a person can be like oh I'm so busy I'm going to you know if you have something come up that they want to do or b Yeah or whatever the way to make it happen they find a way and. And when it comes to the spiritual life you know we call the devotional life because it's something that you're technically at least by your profession devoted to and that implies you making that time prioritizing that time with the Lord so if a person wants to have a good time with the lord you've got to prioritize Well and let's stay on this for just a 2nd because I think sometimes we talk about spiritual things we talk about experiencing God a relationship with God or whatever it is that it almost even though we don't explicitly say so it lends towards that flight of feeling type of thing that when I feel so inclined I will be drawn to that and I will that time will appear when the reality is you take any other relationship I'm sure that you love your wife or I will pick on your wife and your optical Midway my wife and I love each other very much but it just it just naturally happened it's not organic and it just we just springs forth out of our pores you have to like Schedule some stuff if you want to make it you have to make it a priority you have to re-evaluate if it's money you have to spend money get a budget for relationships are an automatic right and that's the same thing why would we think. Otherwise when it came to our relationship with God there are things you do so you may not always feel this flight of fancy an ecstasy of. Exhilaration but you do it that's right it's a beautiful day this is all about you know we're going to touch on that in a moment that whether or not you feel a certain way. Scripture always has a positive impact and you don't always see it right away so making time to spend with the Lord you know the lesson brings out that text some 46 verse 10 Be still and know that I'm God I mean think about there for a minute the implication is you're not still and moving about here in there in the in the Lord is it to me that what he's saying in this passage is Be still and know if you want to know that I'm God you're going to have to stop. And the implication beyond that is that stopping is going to be a sacrifice for you yes it's not going to be easy to stop it's going to be like oh but I've got so much to do right it's going to take a work to stop that's right right and especially in this day and age I don't know about our viewers or yours you know but how much are we inundated by things that are vying for our attention little noises little lights little sounds little schedules emails text messages alerts news cycles you know it's in it and it doesn't have a shut off time ever but it is to go home at 6 every more you know it's 247365 and you could it's so easy to get caught up in that flow that you have to purposely put your foot down and say no I will stop here what makes me think of the statement in education to 60 want to have this in our outline but in education piece to 61 Ellen why in those the contrast here she says not a pause for a moment in his presence but personal contact with Christ to sit down in companionship with him this is our need and so you've got to pause for a moment or city and even the visual imagery of sitting down and companionship I think to myself again and I'm guilty of this it's it's a it's a custom almost for many people to when you see somebody in church you see somebody at work and you're passing by you say How's it going you're not expecting any conversation whatsoever you expecting somebody say it's going fine and you're going to be just fine just a bit odd and if somebody in the. This is happened to me sometimes and so he says well you know in other words it's not the pat response and right away you know this is hey how's it going well and they're going to own while they're going to talk about some stuff and I don't have time for this right and so you're passing you're not stopping even stopping in standing let alone sitting down you know engaging in a full on conversation so the pause for a moment is that passing by and saying it Lord morning I'm going to work no you need to stop and sit down in companionship with him this is our need and it's from a human standpoint that's going to cost me say for example it cost me an hour of devotion but I lose an hour during the day you know because the Lord has a way of multiplying right in making you more efficient and everything else but you've got to have faith that he can do that well you know it's quite you know it reminds me kind of a bit of the ties and offerings where the Lord says try me on this right because you can look at your budget because we all have a budget of time and a budget of money and you can look at it and think like I just don't have time for this right all money for this and Lord like test me this put me through or seek you 1st in those Bumbo but you've got to try it and there's only do it by doing it right that's it so in the Lord if we talk about this to the Lord gave a practical example of this in the manna exact right well you know the giving of the manna I mean of course later on Jesus applies that to you know I'm the bread that came down from heaven but you have you have physical bread and spiritual bread of course later on in that man a passage in John 6 where Jesus said I'm the bread that came am Heaven He says the words that I speak to you those are the words record in Scripture these are these are their spirit in their life so you have that parallel with the manna and it's interesting in that in the giving of the man at the gathering of the manna the manna had to be gathered daily it came daily and there was enough you couldn't gather and say look I'm going out Monday I'm just going to get a whole bunch of it and store it up so have to waste my time every morning you know so many to our devotion today so I can go without for the rest you had to be every day. Yeah the rain the manna if you wanted it and also you had to gather it early if you didn't gather early and you know I've had people say what does that mean I have to have devotion time in the morning I don't think early means morning early means priority it's the 1st thing you're making a priority of it and the reason is you gathered it early because if you didn't gather early what Apple with a man it would go away very radical really you know and a practical example just yesterday now we're recording this on a Monday Ok and just on Sunday I got up I had some project I was trying to do right away and I thought I'm going to do that and then I have my devotional time well you know how it is you get into a project and your mind starts going somewhere else and it was afternoon before I thought you know I never got back to having that devotional time right and it was everything I could do to stop at that point and if you've ever been there you know what I'm talking about it's like. Oh it's so hard to be still and know that he is God to have it emotional time so you know the man of the tendency and I wish I could say I always stop it there but you seem to have gone and we evaporate it out of the day and it's you know then you like whatever the Lord forgive me but that that practical lesson for man and then another one that I think is so important for us today is that there was no man on the Sabbath. That the only way they had man on the 7 other was a special double portion on Friday but the idea is that the Sabbath blessing was dependent upon the man to gather during the week and for a lot of sympathy Avon's always almost they would go to the Sabbath and hope to gather their man all the man that they need there and it's not there was like a brother I don't nobody got a jerk step sermon was drawing boring a blah blah blah it's because you're not gathered manager in the week well like the brother you're talking about we knock on the door you have a Bible in your house and then I write up and you read it once a week it's the exact opposite of what in fact that's the one day as you mentioned that he didn't offer it the expectation was you're building up to the week so that when you come into that you've got all that you're 80 can sell it's fascinating That's right anyway well so the lesson talks about the importance of our having that personal time with the lives in Scripture and also talks about the importance of memorizing scripture Yes Psalm 11911 they were to have a hit in my heart that I might not sin against the and the concept of. Hiding the word in your heart just you know having you know the Something about knowing scripture you know there are texts that you may know pieces but there's a difference when you know the scripture word for word let me rephrase it when you go to the task of memorizing scripture it has a way of becoming more 2nd nature I think that makes it makes it easier for the Holy Spirit to bring to mind when he needs to bring it to mind not that he can't bring to mind scripture in other ways but that concerted effort on our part gives the Holy Spirit more of an ability to to use that in our life. At least in one part because of our dedication to the Scripture I mean why would you memorize scripture if you didn't believe in the power of scripture so there's several things tied in there. Anyway there's a there's a statement in fact maybe you would read that Cameron from review and herald this is also in Friday's lesson is the 2nd paragraph Ok. So is the portions of Scripture even whole chapters may be committed to memory to be repeated when Satan comes in with his temptations when Satan would lead the mind to dwell upon earthly and sensual things he is most effectually resisted with it is written. Powerful Yes indeed so you know just speaking to that the power of memorizing scripture and then the lesson goes on in fact I want to read this Thursday's lesson the 3rd paragraph. Makes this point singing the words of the Bible also can be a powerful way to memorize the text of Scripture and singing the words of scripture are more easily remembered now. So some of our viewers are familiar with the fact that you have had a practice in your family but yes maybe not all of them want you to reiterate tell us about well I think the little video is still up on Michigan s.s. Michigan as s p m dot org You can see a little clip of our family doing a few sample memory verse songs but. We my wife and I do our. Little lesson with our kids each evening and part of their lesson weekly daily lesson is repeating and learning of the memory verse and it dawned on me several years back that one of the best ways they can learn them as if we have put these to a tune each week because just going through the rote memorisation can be really challenging and so I made it I didn't mean to make it a whole like production all the time but just to put each usually there little kid one so that really not that long maybe a couple of sentences or something basics and so I'd put a little jingle to it right and to go through it maybe 20 seconds longer something for each one but it's incredible how Number one how quickly they could learn those memory verses within maybe a couple of times hearing it then they're repeating it and they've got it locked in we were talking about the fact that I mean and I'm not going to repeat them but I've got songs in my head that are not scripture songs you know pieces of jingles and things like that car yeah that from then I haven't seen for write and 2nd we could actually mention brand names right here right now we have that single tune but automatically that little jingle would come back variables might you walk into certain stores and they've got to playing and add marketers whatever they make their money by getting that little stin 2nd window of jingle in your mind is it's going to deepen the impression they know that and we should do the same thing with scripture and now when I read through the Bible like the portions of Scripture like you go through 1st John or something as soon as I hit the hold what manner of law I can't even if I've been in. Sometimes in sermons had to stop myself from the 1st thing is I only know that now in the Congo you needed to sing it in the sermon you get out of jury hears they're exactly got to make up a different styles of learning but the point is that you know there are otherwise obscure passages you can put to and you can do it link the and it's incredible thing and I don't want to get off on the whole thing I set out a jury hears the auditory learners is what you meant but the people that are all tied auditory kind of it anyway yeah Dettori or verbal talkers know that they were here so that kind of thing. But you know it's. What was the point I was about I was about to make a point and then you talk about that So anyway all I know it was evolution Yes talk about that record what on earth why do we need music yes from an evolutionary perspective right but the Lord has written that in there not only for our enjoyment but a deep into the brush and we can take those ideas put them to song and here we have the Word of God implanted in the mind which is where we have to hide it in our hearts is so great and salute and so you know I actually moved toward the end of our study today with the Scripture or with the lesson had been brought out earlier and that is the role of the Holy Spirit in all of this and I think of the words of Jesus that we just cited from John 6 for 63 where Jesus said the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life in you had touched on it already Yes the Holy Spirit is not independent of the Bible he's not superseding he doesn't come in as the as the next graduate level but the Spirit of God the sort of the Spirit is the Word of God Yes the Spirit inspired the Word of God He doesn't work contrary to the Word of God He works through the Word of God And so even if in fact. You're talking about us one great passage why don't you read it for us yes see here the apostle Paul says but we all with unveiled face be holding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord will come back at him oh yes our being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord. Break that down let's talk about the law because 1st of all unveiled faces referring back to the time of Moses when he would have communion with God and and he would Moses would come down the mountain shining reflecting the glory and they back it was so bright they had to veil his face right. But I sometimes I would get jealous of you know Moses got to behold his glory and reflect right out the disciples got to see even clothed with humanity they got to see his actions and hear his words and witness his mirror. But Paul says we view exactly but somehow he says we behold now clearly it's isn't it it's in a mirror so it's still not directly things but but it's a reflected somehow How do we see Jesus now it's through the mirror of the Word of God When we meditate upon his ministry and his character and his works and his love for us we are looking at the character or the glory of Christ through the mirror of scripture and I don't think there's a point that that needs to be reiterated more than what you just said I've had people say no no no no I don't need to scripture God speaks to me directly God who how do you know him how do you know any He's a God of love and I mean you no matter what we say everything that we know about the judeo christian god is from the Bible because if you think we know about Jesus you can talk about the impression he spoke to me how do you know even though who Jesus was right because of scripture Yes you can't get away from that and so ultimately and that's what you're you're still going to notice it's not what I call saying yes Lawry we're beholding it initially is in the word but notice the ins it with just as by the spirit of the law right so it's not a contradiction to say that's right I read the Bible to learn about God and to get grow closer to Jesus and someone else is a no no I just follow the spirit No you don't because those 2 are built to work together as I wrote the friends of when Jesus said The Holy Spirit would come that would lead us into all truth the Spirit of Truth right it's not going to be starting here and then taking away from the Bible off to new truth it's taking the Bible and deepening it and applying it in our lives that's the role of the spirit that's right this is what the Bible means when it talks about spiritual things being spiritual Yes a cerned in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 in the lesson on Sunday makes this point it's in the 2nd paragraph right after the read section and it says at the end of the paragraph it's the last couple sentences without the Holy Spirit there is no affection for God's message there is no hope no trust no love in response. Through the Holy Spirit God indeed works in you both are willing to do for His good pleasure which we're going to look at in a moment so the Spirit of God is the only one that can give understanding and there's a statement also that the lesson brings out in the upward look page $155.00 that says the natural I can never be hold the comeliness and beauty of Christ. The inward illumination of the Holy Spirit revealing to the soul its true hopeless helpless condition without the mercy and pardon of a sin bear the also mentions of Christ can all lone enable man to discern His infinite mercy his unmeasurable benevolence in glory now there's a big parent that a portion of that song going to read without it the inward illumination of the Holy Spirit can alone enable man to discern His infinite mercy has a measurable of benevolence and glory the Spirit of God takes the words of Scripture in brings them to life in our mind and gives us that view that perspective that spiritual life so when the Bible says when Jesus says the words that I speak are spirit in their life I think of the text in 1st Timothy 516 where Paul says to Timothy that the woman who lives in pleasure is dead even while she lives well how is that possible well she's alive but not spiritually Otherwise we can go through the motions in life we can breathe and think and act and yet be dead to spiritual things and the Spirit of God through the Word of God begets in us a spiritual life and without that interaction with the Word of God we don't have spiritual life. Education to 60 kind of speaks to this kind of thing to us. Speaking of those who devote little time to study and prayer We're told that they can never attain the highest success until they learn the secret of strength and they must give themselves time to think time to pray time to wait because wait upon God for a new will of physical mental and spiritual power they need the uplifting influence of his spirit receiving this they will be quickened by fresh life the wearied frame and tryer brain will be refreshed and the burdened heart will be light and powerful state powerful statement so I think the take away is you know we looked at you know Jesus believed in the scripture study the scripture. Taught that the scripture was the means of spiritual life. We should be studying the scripture. Memorizing committing it to memory and what have you but in the overall theme of the lesson is we're talking about being doers of the word and when you come to terms with Scripture is very easy to get overwhelmed and say how could I ever be a doer of the word in this is why I wanted to move this part to the end the Spirit of God isn't given by God not just to give us understanding but to empower us to live out the words of scripture to transform our lives to be more like Christ in the lesson brings us to Libyans chapter 2 and I want to finish up with the Libyans chapter 2 and verses 12 to 16 and this is just an incredible passage Philippians to 12 to 16. The Bible says Therefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure do all things without complaining and disputing that you may become blameless and harmless children of God who without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among whom you shine as lights in the world holding fast the Word of Life so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain or labored in vain. It's a loaded passage you know the Apostles talking about working out your own salvation but he says God works in you and that's through the Holy Spirit this is what we've been talking about it is God who works in fact the Greek is God It is God who energizes you. To will and to do of His good pleasure and I like the fact that it brings out a couple things he says that. Verse 15 that you may become blameless and harmless In other words we're not that now but we don't have to be discouraged at what we aren't because by the grace of God in the power of God through the Spirit in the word we can become that to him and he does man there we become that. In the midst of a crooked and perverse generation you know we've said that we've heard it said that and I'm not discounting this when our young people have so hard I mean when I when they don't know when to go all in but the world today is so full of temptation whatever and I'm not discounting that but we were talking about this earlier and what does the Bible say that we're sin abounds grace abounds all the more that's right and that grace sometimes is seen as we kind of assume it well that means that the more you sin the there's more to forgive and so God will forgive even more but Grace is not just a pardoning influence it's a power to overcome and so the more there's temptation against something the more Christ empowers you to prevail against it so there should be in the same proportion in fact even greater proportion than the world is in this generation ever has before that means that we have more access and more power from God to overcome that than ever before so that shouldn't be an excuse for less obedience it's just saying we need to rely on Christ more and more for the power he's right on and he will work in a used will not do as Paul says even in the midst of a crooked and per generation and then he finishes up by saying holding fast the Word of Life is not what accords been about yes hold fast to the word believe the word trust the word what does he say then I may rejoice that I have not run in vain Also if you won't believe the word trust the word believe that God will empower you to live by the word in my ministry has been in vain all that the Lord would give us the confidence in Scripture and in the author of Scripture to help us to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God Amen What a fantastic p.-o. let's let's close with prayer and devote ourselves to him once again Heavenly Father thank you so much for your word thank you for being a God who loves us enough to communicate your will and empowers us to live according to it. So Lord as we close out this particular lesson and this entire quarter of lessons we thank you for having a knowledge of the word and we thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit to live out that word Lord forgive us where we fall pick us up again and help us as Scripture says to become more like Jesus just as by the spirit of the Lord for your great in Jesus name.


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