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01-Why Witness?

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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Pastors Kameron DeVasher and Mark Howard share study and teaching tips for Quarter 3, July 4 lesson 1 “Why Witness?”

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  • June 29, 2020
    9:00 AM
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More. Or less in $1020.00 we're talking about why witness and we're in a new quarter making friends for God The joy of sharing in his mission now it's going to be hard for us Carol because up to this time as many of our viewers know we did a full lesson study and now we've got it we've outlined the lessons study and we're going to go through what we outlined without necessarily doing as much comment on it as right and so it would be a challenge for us it's a new format for you and again this is a resource not just for teachers but for members of the class alike this is not to take the place of your local Sabbath school study but to prepare for the Sabbath school class that all of you are going to be part of each and every week that's right and if you haven't watched it we did a video that went over some teaching tips that we're going to employ in this and subsequent. Talking points yes lessons so let's take a look at this week's lesson Oh I we're coming to you from Cameron's office actually we have moved in the conference office we're still in Michigan converse office Cameron's office where we're going to have our talking points and in the future we're going to have something that you know in the background that says this will be a developing system of working here but we believe that the Lord will bless us and what we want to do is again not you're going to see that we're not going over latex and quotes and stuff when I can have multiple camera angles when I can be in full service I could be long but what we want to do is boil down the lesson study part of the most essential element so that everyone can be prepared to have an enriching and blessed time in their 7 that's right and we will be providing the outlines and you know everything in referring to those and maybe showing some things like that on the screen and some links to. Helpful tools and all of that will be available on Michigan s s p m g That's right so let's dive into this weeks we only have so much time and we. Got a lot to cover well so again the I say again we talked about this in our teaching tips video but if we take the 1st lesson here why witness one of things we mention a teaching to video was to go through the entire lesson 1st read all the scriptures highlight the high points which we have done from our perspective and then draw out what the key points are of the lesson now if you look at the headings for each lesson. Usually Sabbath is an introduction and on Sundays lesson providing opportunities for salvation Mondays lesson making Jesus glad to see his lesson growing by giving that to says that we grow spiritually from witnessing Wednesday's lesson talks about faithfulness to Christ's command and Thursday talks about a love motivation Well there's some we drew some key points out of that but we rearrange them in a different manner so before we highlight the key points the 1st thing we do in our lesson and I often do this in. An outline is some type of introductory thought in the introductory thought here is what is witnessing what is it that we're trying to talk about here in this particular lesson and launching into this quarter right well implies when the lesson starts with why witness it assumes that we all know what a witness answer it so we it might be a good idea in every way locals have a school class to have a discussion about what is this even is that's right and it was interesting I went to the dictionary as one would to find their definition and said having knowledge of any well is interesting and I told you this. There was the noun in the verb and we're talking about witness seeing as also a witness Well what this is somebody who's witnessed something or seen something and has firsthand experience but. Then one of the definitions given was a member of the Jehovah's Witness church. We should have been the 7th. So you couldn't be whatever you can be and have been is and just leave the 2nd Coming but you have to witness is not in the name so cording to the dictionary from the verb standpoint witnessing is have to have a knowledge of an event from personal observation or experience to give or serve as evidence of such an event so you're a witness to something that happened because you were there you saw it cetera and in our discussion we talked about how. You know the good the good the great event that we're witnessing to is the salvation that God's provided through Jesus Christ in so. We're my own personal testimony is not the sum and substance of what I'm witnessing too it's only my affirmation in personal experience to the reality of salvation through Jesus Christ right so we're not just just conveying like you said can personally testimony is great but just what I've seen and heard is only a piece of what we're trying to share because it's plenty about God that I haven't personally seen by still trust that you know I want a firm Gratian in the different all those things so we're witnessing about the totality of the message that God has given us to bear and our personal testimony is a piece of that that's right in essence when we're talking about witnessing making friends for God and what have you it's all for from the standpoint of wanting others to come to that same knowledge of salvation through Jesus Christ but my interactive part in that being one who has tasted and seen the Lord is good I have an experience that I can testify to so that when a person says all that's crazy how could anybody be saved I can tell you how because I've had that experience in and who would want you to have an expensive Well let's talk about that because that's the kind of essence of the 1st days question leaves us why witness because praise the Lord that we have the opportunity for salvation and I would hope that each of us has afforded. You know that what God has offered We've taken him up on personally but why is it incumbent upon me now to share that same opportunity with somebody else that's the core Why witness Well and again for sake of the discussion in our time limitations here are just more as giving a teaching explanation of our outline Yes we're not going to go through and look all of these up but the lesson cites Romans Chapter 10 where Paul says you know that people whoever calls on the name of Lord is going to be saved but how are they going to call on Him whom they haven't heard of and how they got here in this one his one is sent and how they're going to be sent unless. There's a preacher has a preacher left want to say yes I'm going to make but the idea there is Paul is speaking to the fact that there needs to be a preacher sent in order to give that opportunity and it's interesting that in the very context of Romans 10 and we look at this last quarter Paul says but have they not all heard and then he goes back to the Psalms new refers to how the creative works of God testify Yes So Paul isn't trying to overthrow his own arguing the point to make here is somebody may say well why do we have to witness I mean there are lots of ways God reveals Himself true. In poll was admitting to that that create his creative works testify of him but nothing is so great a revelation as the revelation of God in Jesus Christ His Son him and we can give testimony to that what we're doing is increasing the opportunity of somebody to embrace the gospel message well before we get specifically into that what I was thinking was as we went through this that basically like with the perspective we just address that you just spoke yes is about how it's a benefit to that other person it gives them their best opportunity but that doesn't start off with it it starts about how participating like at the bottom of her face while participating with him we enter into His joy of seeing people reading him right so it's actually benefit to me by having their voice but it's also in the lesson to talk about how it's a benefit to heaven how heaven rejoices God it's felt as glad so as I look through this lesson I'm thinking this breaks down into well it's been official for at least 3 parties Number one the person being witness to so they have the opportunity for salvation through me because I get the joy of witnessing their salvation experience and it brings joy to the heart of God and has a very choices so this is a multifaceted benefit it's not just duty that we have to or a blessing to the other person but were it actually it's a win win win for everybody that's right witnessing is good for the whole. Universe re So what you find we didn't are outlined as we took those 3 points as key points and we added a 4th number one to give opportunity for salvation as for the rest of the other guy number 2 for personal spiritual growth as for me and number 3 to make Jesus glad and so those are the 3 you talked about and then the last one is because we're Christians in other words and we can probably save into why that's different than you know but go yes but the question is why witness and so what we're trying to convey in teaching the class is these are key reasons for witnessing one is to give opportunity for others to have salvation 2 is for own personal spiritual growth 3 is to make Jesus glad and finally because we're Christians which will break down a little bit before I begin if I were teaching this in the local class I would want to make sure my goal this week is to answer that question why it's a quick mover and the answer is multi-faceted because it's good for me it's good for the other guy it's good for God and it's my Christian duty regardless of the benefits that we might happen to see so I would and that's what we're going to see in this lesson now and we're going to walk through those for reasons to why we should witness that's right and so we touched on a Reason number one a little bit was Romans Chapter 10. And I have a sub point there that you will Romans 10 basically God sends witnesses so people can believe but as disappoint I have Verse 18 tells us all have opportunity or have had opportunity to know God through His created works but this is not intended to contradict the Apostles point verses 1415 it's somebody needs to be sent with the message right and I like what Mark Finley says at the very bottom of the page there in the Sunday we do not witness to give people their only chance to be saved we witness to give them their best chance one of the other words yeah there may be other ways that God reaches people but why in the world if you have a loved one would you just say well I hope they get caught by one of those a you want to make sure they have. Every opportunity that is available to them why would you not witness Well he makes that same point essentially at the bottom because in the nose we talk about maybe emphasizing the 1st 2 paragraphs but the 2nd the last sentence of that 2nd paragraph in the same lesson says when we share Jesus with others we provide them with their best opportunity say that's right because the question comes well what would happen if I didn't witness I mean nature speaks to God there's a conscience a measure of faith he's given to every man so you know and honestly doesn't the Bible still say that the more you know the more you're accountable for your only accountable for what you know so there could be a very kind of cynical and self-serving simplicity to say well just don't tell anybody anything and good luck you know when I like hello differently doesn't deny that there's a real there are some people who are going to be looking and who have never heard the name of God never read the Bible never met a Christian Having said that the more you know about God the more drawn you are to him the clear of the revelation of His will and therefore we have the best opportunity to make a well informed thinking about what you're saying there and I've heard people say that I've had church members say well why am I going to tell me about the Sabbath and wreck their lives you know where did we come up with this idea that the truth wrecks a person's life right so let's insert then what happens is my witness by not witnessing becomes a. The reason underlying it why I don't want to witness because I don't want to wreck your life with the truth I'm actually speaking against the truth but not when a sin for that you're going to say you know the reason that well you know I don't want to make is miserable as I am I mean that's kind of the where as you're counting opposite I witness because I want you to know the joy that I have our joy may be full so again elder Philly's point whereas it's not the only way people going to say but the Lord has given this to us as a benefit to the other people as their best opportunity for salvation and we get the joy of doing it as well we want to give every opportunity that a. Person has to know why in the world when I How selfish is it for us to have to know of eternal life through Jesus Christ and not share that with somebody that's opportunity for others number one number 2 is our personal spiritual growth right and I highlighted Wednesdays I'm sorry Tuesday's lesson paragraph 3 just pours I guess that your graph. Of 3 or 4 you know I have I have a paragraph 3 because he makes the point that in our Christian lives if the grace of God that flows into our lives does not flow out to others who become stagnant and all but lifeless like the Dead Sea He gives the example of the Dead Sea just being the stagnant water flows into nothing flows out and makes this application that likewise as a Christian if nothing flows out of us we become stagnant in our experience. You're going to add to that well that's the statement right below that the quote from desire of ages God could have reached his object in saving sinners without our aid so there is great clear he could have done it otherwise but in order for us to develop a character like Christ's we must and as they should or could very must share in his work in order to enter his joy the joy of seeing souls redeemed by his sacrifice we must participate in his labors for their redemption so it's just as to the same degree that it's a necessity for them to have the opportunity how patient it is a necessity for us to have the joy and character that would fit for heaven become like Christ through His partnership and his service yes and he has that in the lesson and I put that in our outline too if I was teaching the class I wouldn't I want real handy you get it in both places and you could ask somebody in a class to read it whatever but he also has that next statement from fundamentals of education page to 7 and it says those who would be overcomers must be drawn out of themselves and the only thing which will accomplish this great work is to become intensely interested in the salvation of others which is a fascinating idea to build on. You've got to be drawn out of yourself but the only way that's going to happen is to become intensely interested. You do that there's a there's a pretty there has to be personal sacrifice to start spending time. Thinking about and in ministering to other people and their needs so in fact in the outline I've followed I've actually followed that what I would do in teaching the class is the lesson brings up a few passages of Scripture John 737 and 38 is where Jesus says that the one who believes madness believes in him out of his heart will flow rivers of living water so you have that you know Mark Finn is given the illustration of the Dead Sea and then you have that were Jesus is speaking of if you receive this and we go to John and the woman at the well that was there well where thing same idea but when you receive salvation it flows back out of you and that's the way it's designed to do so I would use a scripture basis to show how you know in the language of Jesus it's going to benefit you and others through you and then I go to that desire of ages and fundamentals of education as supporting texts that you know lead into that discussion so moving along we started with the overview of the question we're asking we want to make sure that everyone understands the question we're addressing is why witness and answer number one is to give salvation opportunity to other people Number 2 is for our own spiritual growth and benefit for our own blessing and it might in the class direct a question specifically and there's one of the bottom of page have what have been your own experiences in witnessing to others praying with others and cetera and you can just ask your class is there somebody here who's had an experience witnessing recently that has impacted your life spiritually and just you know you talk about unless you have or the right that they've experienced or you know because you want to steer your questions to the lesson you want to keep people on the the lesson and you know sometimes you ask a question like that you might say as the teacher something you could share in about 2 minutes you know you will to do. Timeframe and or ask very specifically how like you I noticed in your even framing of the question What is something you've done recently where you've experienced the joy like make it such a tight framework that needs to fit with where you're going not just like how many of you have ever witnessed before otherwise you're just barely over the board Yeah exactly so it's not a bad question asked but you're trying to move the data so we do keep it flowing. So we talk about personal spiritual growth and then our 3rd point that we're going to transition into is the 3rd reason that we witness is to make Jesus clad in the lesson refers to the 15 the last parables of the last coin of the law sheep in the Last Son and the verses that I would highlight there specially are Luke 15th $5.00 and $6.00 in verse 10 were talks about the rejoicing when the coin is found the rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repents So the picture is conveyed you think about rejoicing you think about events in our life where we rejoice and what all that entails Well there's some it's making somebodies heart glad whose hearts are being made glad to hear it's the Lord and so this is conveying that when one sinner repents brings joy well for servants of God in Jesus Christ isn't that ultimately what we want to do is bring joy in this Is there anything else that brings as much joy to God's heart and we often talk about the relationship with God that we have or so faithful for his blessings to us and we want it returned So how is it offerings but you know there's something else the Lord would really love to get as a gift and then a soul one to him a message shared and so if you want to give God a gift give make him something give him something of your get really make him glad it's sharing and being a witness that's what he wants that's right and you could interject here a story about an illustration about a child who was lost I think of years ago a child fell down a well the whole community got together to save the life of that child how much more the spiritual life of somebody for eternity and if if human hearts are drawn out that way have you know so or you could ask if you know your children if your child was missing and you didn't know where your child was not been missing for several days and your you know your friends are coming over and over but your greatest burden in Desire is going to be finding your child they could come and see. Songs to you give you money right now is not for everybody but you want to find you go get my kid how much more that's the heart of God. So bringing joy to God's heart is is an excellent quote that is in the outline from the book education that just tells us and in so many words that that that is the greatest burden on God's heart and when we're talking about even the 2nd coming of Christ yes it's to relieve God's heart from the pain that he felt because of the problem of sin and his wayward children and we kind of touched on this and you don't have to get too much into it because it wasn't actually explicitly brought out but in 2nd Peter 3 it refers to hastening the coming of God Yes and how you know if we're truly living the Christian life yes there's an element that we want to be good ourselves and thus be prepared for you know the Kingdom of God but at the same time in that preparation if we're going to truly become Christians then we become a like Christ who came to see can save the lost that's exactly what we become the thing that we admire you know be beholding we become chainmail you're transitioning in the point for a little bit Amen while it's right there right before point for them we're still in that context of bringing joy to the heart of God That means 2nd Peter takes a lesson does bring it out on Wednesday and it makes a great statement because you know Peter says that God is not willing that any should. Perish but that all should come to repentance and the lesson points out the 7 they have in us quarterly on this where they make the point and it's midway through the paragraph 2nd paragraph there were a says the word but is used here in 2nd Peter 39 to emphasize the contrast between the misinterpretation of God's nature namely that he might be willing for some to perish in the truth that he wishes all to be saved so Peter saying was not willing to any to perish and you are coming that you know when something doesn't happen or you know they've experienced. It in the context they're expecting the Lord to come in where is he and then you start conjecturing as to why he has yes like if somebody was a bitch really late to work forgetful you would ascribe to the motive well like I just said well they're forgetful or they're lazy or they just don't care but the reason Christ has not come is because he's late but there is a grinding motive here and writers countering that easily and I do not do that it is not that he has slack concerning his promise but it's that he wants all to come to repentance in the greater context he says further in verse 12 that we are looking for and hastening the coming of Jesus and this is a huge point and then people do miss that one of the reasons the Lord hasn't come is because the gospel has to be given to all the world as a witness on to all the nations and then the end will come and so this work of witnessing. It part of the bringing joy to the heart of God is to finish up the gospel preaching in the work of God in this earth and put it into the dissin in this great reunion that's going to come at the coming of Jesus and this is in fact in the book education is 2 quotes There's a quote about when the character of Christ will be perfectly reproduced in his people from Christ on a glass and he brought this up but many missed the very next sentence Yes So when the character crisis produces people then he's going to come clean then his own but then it says we're all who professes name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be sown with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripening Christ would come together the precious grain and you know I look at that quote which is like the 3rd rail and Adam is the ology went on and that's the quote but it can easily get divided up and you focus on what I need to have a perfectly developed character reproduce care price my life that means that I'm not going to is not going to praise the Lord for those things are going to cut out but in this passage the obvious extension of that is those who are Christ like will be about his mission and they will quickly do that which will hasten the coming of Christ which is the spreading of the Gospel to the world so it's a work in us yes but it's a work through us that God wants to see happen to that's right which now I believe segues nicely into point for there yes and the 4th reason that we can come up with some writing here and most obvious kind of and this superimpose this because we're Christians that's just what we do and what we mean by that is we are Christ Ians In other words you're a Christian is a follower of Christ the whole essence of Christ was leaving heaven and forsaking all and coming to this earth to save lost humanity so how could it be that any one of us you know Luke $910.00 that put in the outline is the Son of Man is come to see can save that which is lost how can I be now his follower and have no interest in seeing is right in the last so it's because we're followers of Christ that we share. And his mission in the lesson also brought out 2nd Corinthians $514.00 and for the love of Christ compels us to constrains us and even the lesson he kind of goes towards listen carefully the difference here our love for Christ but then is not what the apostle says he says it is that love all of Christ that compels us it's the love of Christ for the last yes my love for Christ is a motivator but in the context the Apostle Paul is pointing out that it's Christ's love for the last and again to the point that we're inventions being a Christian means as it says in Romans Chapter 5 in the 1st few verses that the love of God the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit the words we begin to love others like God Love does and we can't help but want them say well too many times I think we forget the fact that you know repeatedly in the New Testament Jesus Himself say all the law all the prophets assistant love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as yourself there has to be the 2 love the love for God The love for others but nowadays it seems we don't explicitly say it but it would be like I love God so much and going to endure these other people I'm going to tolerate that sort of put up with when the reality is we should from that and it's not a natural thing and it only comes from the Holy Spirit changing heart make me like Jesus that not only do I love the Lord but I love my neighbor as myself that I become like Jesus. And so it's a love of Christ and one of the thing I've come to a close with here in the outline is the lesson brings out a compares Isaiah Chapter $49.00 verse 6 with Acts 13 Yeah and I'm just looking for where that was oh it's it's in Wednesday's lesson but I put it here I say $4096.00 is a messianic prophecy that says that Jesus the Messiah coming Messiah would be a light to the Gentiles but then in Acts 13 the Apostle Paul tells us. That lead are called by God and he quotes the same verse and that's the universe to be a light to the Gentiles wait a minute I thought I was it was talking about the messiah now he's making us the Messiah No this is the whole point is Paul's in essence saying if you have received Christ His mission has become your mission that's the whole idea and this is this is what the church was founded on right well they talk about that famous passage from Acts Apostles page 9 the church is God's appointed agency for the salvation of Minnesota where there is such as Christ was and we are to witness that and sing praises about all the stuff he did if we are to continue that ministry and extend it to our day it was organized for service and its mission is to carry the gospel to the world so for a member of the church if we were a follower of Christ and we are not about our father's business we are neither of the other 2 that's right in the course. Christ commission. Because they were careens he commanded his followers to go and preach the gospel to go in and make disciples etc There's a somewhere in the closing in the I say closing discussion but I want this to be a point that's made in the class in the context of because we're Christians is at the bottom of Wednesday's page asked this lesson and asked this question What are the dangers to the church even a local church if it becomes so im really focused that it forgets what its purpose is to begin with I would think that is going to be a lot of discussion there and I would want this lesson as it is conveying why witness to make it very clear that witnessing is part of what we are as Christians any church that does not witness has forgotten its calling and there are severe implications and we see them across the you know the churches and that's what this lesson is designed to just get us thinking about well in a very simple appeal you could do 2 things number one just review the main points friends today we look at why we should witness we saw it's good for other people it's good for us it's good for God It brings joy it was hard to raise Lord and it's a duty of the Christian to be like Christ and to do that missionary work so you could take that review and then turn it into a at appeal and say friends I don't know about you but I want to be about my father's business how many of us today one of you the work of God is not just a thing he did but something on to continue today that we want to be witnesses for Jesus that's great and there's a statement that maybe l l add in here where Ellen what makes the point that if we don't have that burden for others she says Let us pray for the spirit of service and so that could go along with that appeal you know look we don't always have the same passion for the last we should or the we don't always witness as much as we should you know and I'm not trying to get us to beat up on ourselves but to say let's go to the Lord and pray for that spirit of service to revive that missionary spirit again in his church and man I think we're sliding just inside our time but again there's a lot more we can cover but these were just. Talking Points for this week's lesson anyway because of her Absolutely and we Father thank you so much that you give us the joy of not only receiving salvation but transmitting it to others through our witness please help us to be faithful in all that we do so we can hasten the coming of Jesus for prayer in Jesus' name.


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