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Time No More

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, talks about what does the Bible mean, time no more. When is time no more? He explains through the scriptures, why we have so much chaos, no much protest and so many plagues. The Bible has all the answers.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • June 27, 2020
    8:00 AM
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Father in Heaven Lord we're so thankful today that we come at this early hour to worship you and we ask your blessing on our time together and we also asked that your spirit would draw near to help us understand as we open your word and we come in Christ's name. All right today. We are going to look at a subject time no more time no more and in our Him This morning we talked about the 7th Trump sounding Did you remember that verse comedy trumpets are there by the way 7 which means they were singing about the seventh's trumpets sounding at the time when that Jim was written in the early Advent movement and the early Advent movement now 7th Day Adventists are a prophetic movement and. They are Notice students of Bible prophecy but what I want to talk about today is. Time setting and. Having folks within the admin movement that even though we sang about the 7th trumpet sounding and we sang about and we we talk about the fulfillment of time prophecies are still setting additional time prophecies and in fact in Tennessee this last week there was a major newspaper that put out a picture of Donald Trump and the Pope and Islam and tied all these together in some fashion and actually had a number of quotes from Ellen White which is an early Edmond play near but also a prophetic voice in the Advent movement. And also named to some of the admin to search in this ad which was in polled cost a lot of money to put that ad it was about $14000.00 but this individual who was talking about this has a lot of followers in fact when they out of that his bank statement last year he had about $750000.00 come in so a lot of people listen to him. And so he was using his money to warn Nashville that it was going to be. Hit with a nuclear attack in July 18 and. And he had all kinds of reasonings for that time setting that's not the 1st time this individual has set a date. It's not the 1st time he's done that and it's not the 1st time other individuals even in the have been movement even currently have actually fallen into that some kind of do soft sell things like well it's been 7000 years you know in the year 2000 I started hearing about that and then that sermon will be preached again and again by various people it's kind of a soft time setting but then others kind of get radical maybe their money is down in their ministry I don't know what happens exactly it may be true conviction and they'll say wait a minute. We think one on individual said we think that one of the statements of the evidence church was not really accurate and we think that this means the church is now in apostasy and that started around this time which means the time prophecies now are going to start again in Daniel 12 and then they set dates as to when the Lord would come or when probation would calls how many people ever heard of these things so what I thought we would talk about today was 1st of all the End Time elements that I think. Sometimes come together to wake us up again I think there's many in time elements coming together again but I want to also now look at this time element that actually came up since I preach the last time which was this all these ads came out in this paper So what are these end time elements you know in Luke Well let's look at Matthew chapter 24 again and let's just look at our Bibles and we'll look at these in time elements that are mentioned in Matthew 24 before the coming of the Lord and in verse 7 says for nation will rise against nation we talked about that last several weeks we talked about how ethnic group would rise against ethnic group there would be racial tension has there been any racial tension recently. Yeah that has been and then also pandemics and pestilences would come Matthew 247 nation will rise against nation kingdom against kingdom they'll be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places in fact last week here we had an earthquake as well so. Pan Pan dead pandemic type pestilences as well this is this is the beginning of sorrows and by the way this these kind of things actually did happen with the fall of Jerusalem around that time. There's documented cases of pestilences at that time and what not but then it says this is the beginning of sorrows and this chapter is written in a way that it applies both to the time. At the end of Jerusalem's history or Israel's history but also alluding to the end times and the reason that is we're told by the pennant inspiration is because if if if Jesus had revealed that to them right then they would have been overwhelmed by it. So it gives the element of the end of time and then the end of Jerusalem right and now let me just say something it's a principle the only person that can make dual applications and prophecy is a profit or God nobody else can do that Ok so you can try to do that but you're going to get probably embarrassed by that. So anyway. So this is the Beginning of Sorrows it says next Matthew 249 many show be offended to we live in a time when people are offended by many things I'm offended by what you say I am offended about how you said that I'm offended about. The way you looked at me when you said it I'm offended that you said it being your skin color and I my skin color I'm offended I'm just offended I'm just offended and. So this can happen right and especially during a time of pandemic where people are kind of locked up for a while and and everything seems to come up again and they have you know things that way they work that maybe they've been concerned about that they just come up again. And come up into their mind they're offended next time a betrayal verse 10 it says and many will be offended and betray one another and hate one another now this is interesting you know you would never think that people would you know turn on one another but with all the rules and regulations and different things you know I was I was in a store yesterday and I I had my mask on but somehow it slipped off and I don't know exactly what happened if he was a wind in the grocery aisle I'm not sure and it's looked off and this lady said well I guess you don't care about me or anyone else do you and just kind of you know really yelled at me and I said Oh I beg your pardon and I put my mask back on and. But just kind of on edge right. Maybe calling. You know in calling you and saying hey look I'm a call the government on you and you never would have thought that right and then lawlessness it says Matthew 24 and verse 12 and because a lot of this will about the love of many will grow cold and I'm going to talk about lawlessness again a 2nd sermon today but let me just say Law listening this is being sophisticated in fact. Now constitutional scholars are accusing Supreme Court Justices of being a law lists because of how they have related to. Reinterpret in the law they say that's a lot less it's not following the Constitution and you should not be changing the definition of words. In the Constitution or in the air or rather in the titles that were written back in 1964 and so there's a big debate and people are kind of honest now I have this happened say this I would say I'm very happy to live in America and I think it has the most religious freedoms of anywhere but I'm just saying there's that debate going on is that maybe you've heard it those of you who have been following the news and reading closely and then this last one this one verse 20 verse 1124 in Matthew 24 says many false prophets will rise up and deceive many so what you would expect are all of these elements in time elements to come together and that we can see that all those elements are here right now I just they're all right here right now and it's in that setting where you know. We're Jesus talks about. Time setting is well versed $36.00 but of that day or hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven but my father only so. You know time setting verse 42 Watch therefore for you do not know the hour your Lord is coming so in Matthew 20 four's scenario this is you might have these elements but you really can't set the time or know the time that Christ is coming or many other things and we think this is kind of interesting. So now it says false prophets will arise now there are many valid proven prophecies that that we have right Daniel Chapter 2 we had Babel and we had to meet a person we had Greece we had a Rome right we had in the days of those kings God will set up a kingdom and then we had the stone that came and the stone represented the rock that rockets Christ and Christ coming right valid prophecies any believe as a valid prophecy nobody nobody argues with that can see that Daniel 7 adds the same elements but we had beasts of this time and then we had you know we had a lion and we had a leopard we had a bear then we had a. Ram away lion leopard bear no way a lion bear Leopard and then this nondescript beast and we had this little horn the came up and this little horn that came up ruled for a certain amount of time and then that's a that would be the judgment valid valid you can see that right and then Daniel 8 in the 9th we had other elements other beast that came up more explanation of that judgment our message I remember that. And that's valid Daniel mine and without Daniel 9 would be no Christians that nobody know Christianity because it points out when Christ would come in and when he would be baptized or when he would die and when the Gospel would go to the Gentiles and all those different things in Daniel Chapter 9 and then I want to the notice something in Daniel Chapter 10 through 12 you know that last final magisterial prophecy of Daniel 11 we're going to come back to that and that couple weeks because that also is kind of being manipulated in different ways and we want to talk about that we will do that today but there are valid prophecies and then there is this connection between the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation so look here Daniel just for a minute I want to show you those connections and then I want to bring out what words we're going to really talk about today this is all preliminary This is all introduction. So Daniel Chapter 12 look at dance you have to it's well and you have here verse 4 for you Daniel set up the words and seal the book until the time of the end so in other words there's there's as time of Daniel's dance going to go down to the time of the end. Many still run to and fro and knowledge shall increase literally their eyes will go back and forth across the pages of Daniel at the time of the end then I looked and there stood 2 others on this bridge or bank on the other in that river bank and one said to the man clothed in London. It was about the waters of the river how long so the fulfillment of these wonders be then I heard the man clothed in linen who was above the waters of the river and he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven and swore by him who lives forever and ever that it shall be for a time times and a half of times that's not the mill year at all that's from Daniel 7 time times and half a time being repeated there when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered all these things will be finished so the time of the End Time times and half a time things will be finished and although I heard I did not understand then I said My lord what shall the end of these things be and he said Daniel go your way for the words are closed up and sealed until the what time of the end many shall be at that time purified at the time of the end made white and refined but the wicked shall do wickedly and none of the wicked still understand but the Weisel understand they'll understand the time elements they'll know what Jesus is doing they'll know what they're supposed to be doing. That's the picture right and then it actually talks about verse 11 and from that time that from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away and the abomination of desolation the set up there will be 1000 $290.00 days blessed of these he awaits of comes to the $1335.00 days but you go your way and to the time of the end you shall rest and rise to the inheritance the end of their days so this is Daniel 12 and it talks about all these things these elements you have a closed book. You have a witness standing by a body of water you have that witness holding up his hands and swearing right and then you have a time times and a half at times and then you have a picture of a people who are going to be purified you have mention of the abomination of desolation and by the way that's also mentioned in Dan and Matthew chapter 24 the abomination that causes desolation maybe we'll talk about that coming up but all of these elements are there now go with me in your Bibles to Revelation Chapter 10 and we're going to see something interesting here in Revelation Chapter 10. We have something that really struck early evident believers when they found it because they had studied these prophecies and they thought that Jesus was coming in the mid eighty's hundreds and he didn't come so they started studying their Bibles again and they found this chapter and let's look at Chapter 10 I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven clothed clout and a rainbow was on his head and his face was like the sun it is feed like pillars of fire and he had a little book open in his hand and he said his right foot on the sea in his left foot on the land and cried with a loud voice as with a lion roars when he cried 7 thunders over their voices now in the southern thunders of their voices I was about to write but I heard a voice say no don't write about that now some people try to write books about that now when it says don't write about it don't think about it too much they just write books. But anyway so I've never I never read any of those books because I know they weren't even supposed to write them but anyway. Then verse 4 now when the 7th owner said under their voices about to write he said Don't write then verse 5 I want to really look at this closely then the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land raised up his right hand to have a. And swore by him who lives forever who created heaven and earth the things are in the earth and the things are in it and the sea in the things that are and it that there should be what Delay no more Actually the King James version it says there would be time no more and that 2nd better translation of the word because the word there is chrono us or Krown us or chronology where we get the word chronology right so Krohn us there would be time no more now the interesting thing is there is a direct connection between Revelation 12 with a bunch of time prophecies and Daniel I mean. Daniel 12 or rather how he said it backwards Daniel 12 and Revelation 10 as you know that so in Daniel 12 it has all these time prophecies pointing to the time of the end the time times and a half of times or the 1260 day prophecy of Daniel 7 then the 12901290 going all the way down to 843 and then the 13th 35843844 all of those prophecies were understood as points of the time of the end by many people not just the advent movement but many people and when the advent of Cooma came about they saw this connection between Revelation Chapter 10 and Daniel Chapter 12 Well I mean you're already heard the connection but let me just make it explicit closed the book in chapter 10 I mean in Chapter 12 of Daniel open book in Revelation Chapter 10 man standing by a body of water in chapter 12 and in Revelation 10 right hand lifted up in an oath. Hand lifted up in an oath swearing that there would be one time time prophecies in chapter 12 no more time prophecies but alluded to in Revelation 10 can we see that. So you had this connected and then with that connection there is another connection and Chapter 12 Daniel said many would be purified be refined and made white write another we could well understand but the wise will not stand remember that right was there a group of people that when reading Revelation Chapter 10 put it together with well and did they go through a time of disappointment where they were they it was a time of trial and testing look with being down there in Revelation Chapter 10 then verse say the voice I heard from heaven spoke to me again saying Go take that little bit blue really on a little book in English all right like there were deliberately on anyway. And which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the land I said the Angel I went to the angel said give it a little look he said take in eat it it will make your stomach bitter but be sweet as honey your bile I'm ever had that happen sweet your mouth but not so good your stomach you resent it eating it later on. It's happened to me many times cursed and that come causeless so. Take it needed it'll make your stomach better but sweetest on your mouth so I took the book The Angelus and I ate it and it was sweet as honey in my mouth when I'd eaten it it made my stomach bitter So what happened what was a book that was closed and that was open it was the book of what it was a book of Daniel and when they wrote when they read it through they realize what this has all these prophecies Daniel to Daniel 7 Daniel 8 and 9 Daniel 10 to 12 that all point to the coming of Christ his coming again left up the trumpet and loud let it ring saves us it's going to get and they were excited it was sweet 50000 people joined the Baptist search 35000 people joined the Methodist church I don't know how many join the press the turns but every church had an up tick as everyone was studying that Jesus was coming in all the nominations everywhere around the world and even in places where there were no denominations and that was sweet. But did he. Know he did not count he did not come why because of this chapter it was foretold. And that's what they're used to this it wait just like the disciples in Matthew chapter 20 or Luke Chapter 24 were disappointed because they kind of got the event wrong they had the time wrong but they had the event wrong just because that same thing happened to them and now it's happening to us and then they understood Wojo. So now that is the background to what I want to point out right. And that is going back to verse 5 through 7 that Angel was standing on the sea in the land raised his hand to Heaven His were by Amaryllis forever who created the heaven and the things that are in the earth and the things that are in it and the seen the things that are in it that there should be a lay or time no longer Now let me just let me just say what this means what the Bible is saying here is that at that time. I'm going to have you repeat the 7 because it's the major point of the message at the vet time 843840 4 actually that was the end of time prophecies in the Bible no more time prophecies after that that is the time of the end which started something $98.00 but that prophecy that last prophecy was $1844.00. That was the last time prophecy even George Bush agrees with that you're saying George Bush Yeah he was the he was a he brightest and a who was prominent at that time in on the East Coast in fact he said the middle right movement you're correct in everything you've said about the time you just are not correct about what's happening it's obvious Jesus didn't come but your impeccable and that is the last time prophecy Ok no more time after that they have come to an end that's what the administration teaches did you know that. Anybody in the evidence years that's not teaching that's not teaching what the advent movement taught. So we're living in the time of the end now our dear brother and were not given to attack personalities is probably a very dear brother who took out this ad in the Tennessee papers last week or the others that are writing books they seem to think that I'm no longer doesn't mean that maybe they're getting nervous I don't know what happens but it's not good enough for them to be living in the time of the end they want to have some more excitement with actually prophetic dates. I'm excited just to be living in a time within you know this is the best time ever to be at some of the ads when I'm talking to people I was counseling this last week and this this person had an option of talking to various counselors and they said no I want to talk to you so what you want to talk to me he said the person said because you know the Bible and I think I need God's help at this time in earth's history I don't need just psychological ways of talking to me I don't need c b t l n o p cure s. or v i want something from God and I was like well God does c.v.t. to look 24 coming you know I showed her that but you know so he does that too he understands those principles where they would even work but having said that let's look at what the word says about your situation and then I was on a trail with someone else we walked for. 10 miles before we realized it and or walking and the person says to me someone I had met on t.c.m. I and. Now they're studying the book of Daniel with me and really you know they said to me I just got to tell you I am thankful I met you so why is that do I smell good do I look at no and nothing to do with what I was hoping but he said Moll I don't that's not it has nothing to do with it I knew it that didn't have what is it he says you have so many from the Bible things that help me understand what's going on in the world I would be overwhelmed if I didn't understand what's going on. Now I think there's a lot of people out there like that. And then. So just living in the time of the end is enough. Setting dates is not what we're asked to do and we do this this time with the age of the Clarence with the solemn oath and we just read about it is not the end of this world's history neither of probationary time but of prophetic time which should precede the advent of our Lord that is the people will not have another message upon definite time after this time period reaching from 842-2844 there can be no definite teaching or tracing a prophetic time the longest reckoning reaches to the out of $844.00 now that's pretty clear this is written by a prophet who probably knows stuff about prophecy and this prophet is the in the ad that movement and saying there is no more time prophecies don't do all at Playa I don't triple apply don't double dip don't do what don't do any of that. And I think that's kind interesting another one of those who have tried to set Well this is me so it's not prophetic but I was making a sound I was too authoritative. You know when you try and do this it just discourages you and other people. Have you ever like set a date and then gone there when nobody was there or asked someone I was dating they weren't there it's not it's not fun I'm Or once I was working to these people Mossville online and buy them all to come because I thought and they all thought I was nice you know I was whatever I was working as a hoss in the hospital I was a nurse and I was I was I thought very popular I mean I think I was I mean I read a newspaper and I was the nurse of the year and everything a back then you know I don't know what happened they've they ran out of other people and so I'm the nurse of the year and I think so I decide I'm going to have this you know I have a party but I can have it up when they want on Friday night because I'm a Sabbath keeper and they knew me and all that so I had it you know on Saturday night after sundown I rented an entire restaurant to look at all my friends for company and. For people came for people. And I set the date and I was very disappointed so when people set dates though with religion involved it's even more disappointing because it's representing our misrepresenting God Yes Lou is there always be false and fanatical movements made by persons and search who claim to be a lot of got those who will be run. Before they are sat those who will run before they are sent and will give day and date for the occurrence of unfulfilled prophecies so they're running they're out there running no one told me to run they're out there a riving to talk to you about it no one told them to be sent and. They're going to give day and date for the occurrence of until prophecy Now this is exactly what happened in Tennessee it last week and this whole paper came out it's not the 1st time that's happened but what excites me about it is it's actually a sign of the end I'm not that upset about it I'm like Yeah right exactly. Sign of the end right it's like when people say I thought a lot of bad stuff on the internet about your church that's great that's the moment of Revelation Chapter 12 or 17 The dragon was robbed with the woman and went to make war with the reverse seed who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus great legend how mad that if it every prophet was criticized every single wide sometimes they were sought in 2 different things and so because you found that that's an identifying mark good Anya way to go let's look at those websites together doesn't take me too long I look at one website with them and I say that not correct so there is one lie we don't have to look at the rest of it so I disown one lie and the website goes bye bye. So false profits I mean I saw a social media and how many could have been on social media or do you have blood pressure problems like me but it was social media on that a lot of this terrible thing I was like yeah it's terrible but it's actually a sign of the end so don't get too concerned. I meant. Actually it's shaking people up. Right the enemy is pleased to have them do this for their successful failures. Leading them into false lines cause confusion and belief so some people get confused that I'm believing that's why we're studying what we're studying to then I don't want to confuse and I'm believing right also going to the one I plainly stated at the Jackson camp meeting to these fanatical parties that they were doing the work of the adversary of souls they were in darkness they claim to have great light that probation would close in October 1900 for their stated in public that the Lord had been pleased to show me that there would be no definite time in the message given of God since 844 what I mean think that sounds pretty plain so no definite tot. Wow or to use the Bible text time no longer. No longer time time no longer have you want to say it that's what it's saying. So another one there have been many then one or another who in studying their Bibles thought they had discovered a great light the new theories but these have not been correct the scripture is all true but by misapplying the scripture men arrive at wrong conclusions we're engaged in a mighty conflict and it will become more and more close in the term and as we near the final struggle we have a sleepless adversary and he's constantly at work upon human minds that have not had a personal experience in the teachings of the people of God for the past 50 years some will take it through the political to their time and place it in the future so the futurism events and the train of prophecy that had their fulfillment way in the past are made future and thus these theories by these theories the faith of some is undermined we see this happening a lot with the prophecies of Daniel 12 the 1290 the 1216 the 1335 some people say wait on the sun the law comes then that will kick in and that will kick in and they will know this and that no just stop doing that Ok are you going to deny what the Bible says and what the Spirit of Prophecy says so you can have your theory some of them they will go on for pages showing you why they can deny those statements how many think these are fairly plain statements Ok so you either are going to have to deny. The Bible and Ellen why. You're going to have to die there to go with these folks. So kind of a serious thing I would say and that's why I think l.-y. called this the hellish torch of false prophecy will be preached from our pulpit did you know he says that because false prophecy is from hell. It tries to get you go wrong place. The world how we think the devil is pretty good a false prophecy you will not surely die I said to you how that work at everybody's dead dead ever since there's a couple people on false prophet Yeah so now I found this interesting I was reading the book. Final events. Or last event by the way I recommend this book to you. I read 187 pages on the plane the other day when I was going up to Bailey's wedding since it was going to be the final event or an entire event in his life I thought I'd read this on the web so. It was a beautiful way by the way. And you know there would be time no longer for Bailey in terms of having to wait for charisma but there also be no other women in his life Amen so what I'm reading is a read 187 pages and then I found this definition of false prophet Matthew 2411 says of the many false prophets notice the following definition of a false prophet in this book in time events some of set a time and when that has passed their presumption spirits have not accepted rebuke but they've set another and another time but many 6 2nd failures have stamped them as would false prophets you know this guy that took out the ad in Tennessee paper today he has said numerous times before numerous times he is a false prophet. And there are many such false prophets today how many don't want to follow a false prophet. Now at times of unrest people try and do anything look this is so you get really coronavirus had one guy selling this aerosol spray you spray to run yourself as a clout because the aerosol fights the other aerosol and he's making a lot of money until he didn't make money because you know they come down kind of hard on that. But people are trying to get rich you take this supplement and this set of this or that or whatever you're with me now there's valid things to do I'm not saying there's not but I think people take advantage of others in times of crisis all kinds of phone calls. You want to refinance your house do you call 10 minutes ago yeah I just thought I had the wrong number because because you didn't seem that excited as and I'm still not excited about it. Take me off your list but they're preying on people yes and so do false profits the same thing do the same thing and then make a lot of money false teachers may appear to be very zealous for the work of God and may expend means to bring their theories before the world and the church exactly what happened $14000.00 for that ad but it was supposed to go on all week guys had almost a 1000000 dollars come in last year because people are funding his false prophecies and but as they mingle air with truth their message is one of the steps in and will lead souls into false paths their to be met and opposed not because they're bad men but because they're teachers of false or good and endeavoring to put upon false it the stamp of truth so that bad men there might be very nice you know he was a quiet man he was kind to his family but he's a false prophet too so what should the focus be. Go back with me to Matthew chapter 24. Thank you Matthew 24 doesn't end with false prophets have you noticed that this is not the end of it Matthew chapter 24 we looked at the mill you that will develop and has several times throughout Earth's history some of these signs of the end have come together at various points in earth's history but look at what is going to happen also at the time of the end. Matthew Chapter 24 in verse. $13.14 so we had a false prophets and we have allows us to verse 12 then verse 13 but he who endures to the end shall be saved. I mean that's good news so you can endure the false prophets you can endure the lawlessness you can endure the pandemic you can endure the pastureland you can endure the betrayal you can endure I say hallelujah you can with God's help endure the test of us could do and that should be our focus as we live in the end of time so the character of Christ is going to be. The thing that shows people that God is still acting in the world go back to relationships attend just for a minute ago show you something even though there is false prophecy there is a true prophecy that will happen and a different kind of prophecy it's not a time prophecy I'll show you what I'm saying that look at the last verse and Revelation Chapter 10 after we see that picture of the people that had the bitter experience has sweet and bitter experience yet even movement then. In verse 11 a says and he said to me you must prophesied again about many peoples and nations tongues and King So in other words the word prophecy there is to speak as it's speaking it's it's letting people know about what about many people's So it's not racially biased. Many tongues nations and kingdoms law it's going to be a world wide movement that is talking to people of every race. I lose. And it's going to be serious what's going to be sharing Well actually that's a that's a key code word remind yourself verse 6 swear by him who lives forever and ever who created heaven and the things are in it and the earth and things are in it and the seen the things are in it that there should be to delay no more so it's going to be have a worldwide focus that also deals with creation in some way deals with the coming of Christ and some I guess where this is found Revelation Chapter 14 split with me over there this should be the focus this should be the focus of God's in time people not setting new dates but here it is Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 I saw another angel fly in the midst of Haven't having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people and the same thing same thing as revelation to her 10 verse. Revelation Chapter 10 verse 11 cattle excited there. It's the same think I'm going to set every nation kindred tongue and people and then notice remember we said they're going to talk about creation does it say that. Or 7 saying a loud voice Fear God glory to Him for the out of his judgment is come and worship Him who made heaven and earth and the sea and the springs of water so this ad that movement what actually be following Jesus lead and telling people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ lot of people fall under the devil's spell right of the hellish torch of false prophecy. But there's another spell out there those Godspell who got spell and that gospel message is the thing at the end of time that will draw people to the message that's not going to be Ok I've got a new prophecy that might drop people for a time but once they said the Bible now it's more than just a prophecy it's a people. And those people well what are they like look at verse 4 these are the ones who were not defiled with women as 2 women in the Book of Revelation as a bad woman and she has all kinds of harlot daughters that's why it's talking about not defiled with false doctrine of false women false teachings Falls Church there's a true church to write beautiful pure church and Revelation Chapter 12 so there are only connected with that but notice what it says next These are the ones for their virgins and these are the ones who follow the lamb wherever he goes and the redeemed from among men being firstfruits to God into the land well how do you know what's different about them and in their mouth verse 5 was found no to see further without fault before the throne of God I've faultless people not because they were perfect it says they were redeemed if you're redeemed was that mean you were lost you need to be bought back. And you know he says they're virgins and you're saying was that me well in James for verse 4 it says adulterers and adulteresses and likens that to being friends with the world so if you're a friend with the world you're an adulterer adulterous but when you become a friend of God you be become seen as a virgin and you're redeemed and you're simply doing what following the lamb wherever he goes and you're simply saying what I've overcome by the blood of the Lamb not my blood but his blood and the word of their testimony testifying to what he did. So not proud hati people there are people that are humbly saying I was lost but now in 5 I Was Blind But Now I see and that's the compelling evidence that the end of time not some new prophecy in the newspaper. And you are to be for signs and portents that says I'm in the eyes if you're a you are the prophecy I'm going to be the prophecy. So this Gospel is preached as a witness. Relations $146.00 through 16 the 3 angels messages we need to go through those the everlasting Gospel the our judgment is come and all those time prophecies and it's the gospel that changes people's mind the Lord has shown me that the message of the 3rd angel must go and be proclaimed to the scattered children of the Lord but it must not be hung on time the 3rd angel's message which is righteousness by faith. Right here is the patience of the saints here they keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus now there is a have faith in Jesus that he can live out his life within them through obedience that's a gift that he gives them in the context of patient and Durrance. And this is the message is not agitating of a new time scenario that must go to work it must not be hung on time I saw the somewhere getting a false excitement arising from preaching time but the 3rd angel's message is stronger of them time can be say that with me the 3rd Angel's masses is stronger then time can be and I saw that this message can stand on its own foundation and needs not time to strengthen it and it will go in mighty power and do its work and will be cut short and writes in this so there's going to be a people at the end of time that are proclaiming the faith of Jesus they're going to be proclaiming writes Is this by faith and so here's the point the time of the end is not near it's here and it's been here for over 150 years and God is waiting for a people that will say you're enough. You're enough what you've done is enough you've justified me you've justified me you've been putin your rights to me in other words I look as if I've never sent not because I didn't because you didn't and I've accepted what you've done and not only that you've sanctified me all my sanctification is from you I didn't earn it on my own you actually lived out your life within me. As you have received Christ Jesus the Lord justification so walking in him sanctification rooted and grounded and built up in the faith of faith of who faith of Jesus as you have been taught about ending it with Thanksgiving so justified sanctified and when you're doing that people see you and they glorify your Father which is and have been justified sanctified glorified This is the message for this time it is not a time message the time of the end is not near it's here. And it's been here. All right that's what I want to say. Let's pray. Father Neven thank you for the clarity of Revelation Chapter 10 and thank you for the Advent movement that you've raised up and help us not to be characterized by time setting. Help us to be characterized by revealing your character. Everyone knows that from you then because they know us but as we surrender our lives to you we will demonstrate that the time of the end is not near its here and there will be a group of people who can pray the prayer of Daniel 7. I will be done On earth as it is in heaven. And actually see it realized as a surrender moment by moment. To you. Thank you Thomas price Amen and. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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