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The Peril of Adventist Education

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • June 27, 2020
    8:30 AM
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Border lives are yours we're offering them up to you again this morning. Whether we're watching in our own homes or here in your house I'm praying that our hearts will be sensitive to your spirit. Blasts us now guidance I pray in Jesus' name amen. And I welcome you all on this June morning whether you're watching. From your living room bedroom wherever it may be or whether you're here in the sinks wearing. It's more of an title my message the peril of admin acidification. And I want to address the subject matter across the generations because this is a community effort it is a faith communion focus and it's important for us to stand where we are at. When covert 19 affected world cultures and societies it put many things on hold not the least of which was the typical delivery system for education you'd be proud to know that so many of our advent of schools were actually succeeding where many public schools were falling down. Not only because of the quality and effort dedication of the teachers but because in the homes from which our children back and there is enough structure and enough discipline for there to still be academic learning. There are many places across this nation and probably across the world where such things were not in place and the last 2 months of the academic calendar were a total washout but many of our young people continue to receive the blessing of a quality instructional moment. Now unfortunately the very best efforts of a teacher via Xoom or whatever other internet meeting place was used limits the kind of shape in the culture development the community the ambience the environment of the classroom these things are a large part of who we are as we come into them what is approaching soon to be the middle of the summer many people are considering what Adventist education and education at large will look like most places are planning to send their kids back to school of course the tide could turn in regards to which way this virus is affecting our society and that could all be reversed if this morning we have good news here in Michigan and in this county that God is blessing us with a limited and a win in battle in the sense of this disease now I've identified 5 things this morning the place adversity cation in a perilous moment you need to understand that the delivery system of online education is not a sustainable delivery system for the ongoing ministry of education it has been slowly under siege it's like a big boa constrictor called secular culture has wrapped itself around our homes our churches in our schools and every time we exhale it tightens down and slowly over the last 20 to 30 years we've watched a loss a a steady bleeding in of students and commitment to our schools. I know because of my involvement in education in this community my connection with different individuals and boards I know that there were many parents in this community that were saying in effect if we did all of this virtually and so much more of it fell to our laps why are we still being charged $500.00 a month to send our kids to a Christian school oh well the truth of the matter is every parent probably has a new appreciation for what the teachers are doing day in and day out and that's good but the real fact of the matter is is that a hybrid system where the parent is the will call the creator of structure the designer of order in the home. The educational coach for all of that that was received through the Internet download system whether it was live or whether it was a paper or a packet that was dropped off changes the calculus of how we look at Christian education and in a culture where people are consumers not covenant partners in the educational product there's this idea that since I did more and you did less I should pay less now this morning I want to totally debunk this because I believe at the end of the day what's at stake is whether or not we still have the structure on the other side when Cove it is no more. And if we go to a place where a fraction of revenues are received that means we will have a fraction of the teaching staff dedicated professionals because their lives will have to move on to other commitments and we could find ourselves in an even even greater crisis of personnel and professional commitment to Christian education. So I'm going to take a moment here and I'm going to do something that's going to be a little bit of a challenge for some it's depending on where you are on all of this wouldn't be nice if we could get our news without filtering I want you to think about this for a moment wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to go from this end of the spectrum over to this end of the spectrum to regulate really figure out what is true and the problem why I'm setting this up like this is because I'm about to do something to challenge some people I went into a grocery store the other day and when I made my way past the produce segment I was back near the dairy and somebody had very inconveniently parked their cart in front of the eggs section you know I wasn't there to buy eggs so it didn't really affect me but as I rounded the corner around the organic produce I looked just in time to see somebody taking their toe reaching out to a cart and moving it out of the way I thought Ok there's a relevant Tory dynamic going on here that was an action that that explains a lot about how that person feels a little later in the store I have been to be right in an encounter with the same person in the frozen food section and that same person who had so delicately distanced himself from what we might call the more untouchable parts of the grocery cart grabbed on to the same handle that doesn't fit grabbed onto before and that I was about to grab onto and open the frozen food section and got his stuff pastor why are you doing this I have 5 points I'm going to make this morning and one of them is destined to make anybody here uncomfortable. This is the prelim. Now if I didn't have to filter all my news I wouldn't have to be over on this side thumbing my nose at all good hygiene in the midst of the pandemic and I wouldn't have to be over here in a cave where I never come out and somebody drops my food off on the porch and I don't touch it for 24 hours and I'm going to read you something that's very important as far as I can tell it's not flown through it's not cycled through it hasn't been delivered through the left or the right it actually comes from the New England Journal of Medicine and I'm doing this for a reason and I'm going to tell you the reason before I read it because I do think we're going to have to learn how to live with this disease and everybody has a right way of approaching it your way I respect your way at the same time it's my job to make sure that the contagion of paranoia does not run over all the other considerations that a society must embrace in order to be a functioning focused successful group of people. In other words I've watched heard or seen whatever across the spectrum of people who are relating to their children like this is the Bluebonnet plague of the 16 hundreds and the fear is dominating the directives now I think we need to think about the long term psychological and emotional consequences of relating to this like this. Because if a generation from now we have a nation of completely traumatized developing individuals. Where will the substance be the says we will utilize our right minds and we will make decisions based on what we understand to be fact and truth. Now I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that we should be wise and careful the doors in this church are opened by deacons are left open your dismissed from the back you don't even filed by each other you don't need to touch anything in the public spaces of this church you're sitting 6 feet apart from each other and for whatever other dynamics of protection you put in place those are both strategized and carefully designed to make sure that we're not thumbing our nose and we're also not acting like we won't be able to come out and interact Why am I associated this with Christian education because statistically the safest group of people in America are the ones that will need to be sitting in a classroom and how we train our children either gives them confidence to face what's coming with intelligent reasoned prudent perspective or it's psychologically reduces and prepares them for the mark of the beast which the lever will be fear. Now my Bible says For God has not given us a spirit of what fear but a power of love and of the sell mine in the same past you're taking a long time to get your point I'm going to read it study by about 5 people lead author is a professor at Harvard University New England Journal of Medicine dated June 3. Now these folks had written an article about the universal masking in hospitals in the covert area and people were using it to basically say mask are worthless that's not my point I don't believe that but there are a few sentences in the follow up to the original article that I want to read to you a growing body of research shows that the risk of SARS cove to transmission is strongly correlated with the duration and intensity of contact the risk of transmission among household members can be as high as get your number what do you think the risk of transmission in your own house is 40 percent whereas the risk of transmission from less intense and less sustained encounters is below get your number their number is 5 percent. This finding is also borne out by recent research associate a mask wearing with less transmission of SARS code to particularly in close settings and here's the last sentence of the article we therefore strongly support the calls of public health agencies for all people to wear masks when circumstances compel them to be within 6 feet of others for sustained periods now if we can undo the subject line from the radical right and from the liberal left we can come to a place where we actually engage society knowing that the overall transmission rate for this is a function of intensity frequency and duration of contact with someone what is my point. Is that I'm never going to find a person here who tells me I'm afraid. The reason I'm doing this is because I'm afraid we should be afraid of some things at the same time you are going to find some people who suggest there's nothing to be concerned about what my hope is when this is all said and done is that there is a group of people who are careful that they're not mere reflectors of what we all know to be compromise new sources that data can still direct and that we can actually make a forward progress without fear dogging every step so the statistically least likely people to succumb to this virus are 17 years old and under we need them to be more careful about how they're conducting themselves this is clearly a fact but we also need to be exceptionally careful that we are not perv Ayers of paranoia in such a way that little kids as as was brought to me attention have to ask their parents permission to give a middle aged relative a hug if that level of concern exists then probably putting them in positions where the natural expression of a young and affectionate heart ought to be received and given probably we ought to avoid the environment completely lest we constantly reinforce the idea that death is waiting to drop upon a surround every corner I've had a book on my shelf for a long time called the denial of death by Ernest Becker and you know it's one of those books where you know you should read it you pick it ever up every once in a while and you read just a little bit more of it. The premise of the book is that human civilization is ultimately an elaborate symbolic defense mechanism against the knowledge of our mortality which in turn acts as the emotional and intellectual response to our basic survival mechanism I need to remind everyone at the risk of being greatly misunderstood depending on where you are on the spectrum but not willing. To announce inside my faith community what I believe is a proper respect for Disease Control without the idea that the world has to come to a premature end by our own decisions we are not the masters of our own mortality nor should we snub the interest of public health somewhere in that spectrum we're going to after all come to grips with the fact that the number of our days were written in a book before any of them came to be so without stepping out in front of oncoming traffic we are going to have to still cross the street so I'm appealing to everyone listening to me that you pass no judgments on anyone but each listening to me whether it's online or in physical presence here today is very certain that they are moving according to a confident love and informed understanding a respectable consideration for others but not on the basis of fear. For indeed the last lever will be fear and that's why in Revelation chapter 21 the 1st group that's not in the New Kingdom is the cowardly. So the 1st peril of Christian education are the cowardly The proud. The half hearted and the dishonest preachers Oh it's an easy way to start a sermon isn't it the cowardly the proud the have hearted and the dishonest preachers if there's a reason the Christian education is struggling it's not Christian educators and administrators and right along with this point I'll move on to some others that might be a little bit harder to swallow but if there's a reason that Chris said years cation is struggling it's a function of pastors who are without proper understanding of its primacy in the regimen of the sustainability of this movement I did not say this church they are uncommitted to the dynamics of raising the money challenging the parents dealing with the focus of what the curriculum and the mission in the culture should be and as Jesus said He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd who is not the owner of the sheep sees the wolf coming leaves the sheep and flees and the wolf snatches them and scatters them he flees because he's a hired man and he's not concerned about the sheep I'm the good shepherd Jesus said and if anybody made enemies in the 1st well I should say in that little spectrum of years between 827 and 831 if there was an enemy maker at the end of the 3rd decade of the 1st century it was Jesus he had the penchant for loving people enough to find the right time in the right place to tell people the truth so it could be the fairest sees one day and his own apostles the next it could be the crowds leaving him in the masses it could be is own family thinking that he had gone Man Yes Jesus had a penchant for loving a world that would snuff out his life. And yet he would love them and to the death what is it about Christian education it does not stand in the way of your education goals your your evangelist and goals preachers it's not the reason your budget is suffering pastors it's not what is dragging the church down that is such a short sighted approach to this Christian education is the hope that when you're no longer standing behind a pulpit somebody else will be and they will have made their way through the ranks of disciple in teachers and administrators Yes indeed I still remember where I was as I stood in the Indian Academy parking lot being cussed out by a man whose wife wanted their kids in school and he didn't but he had all the big boy toys and it just so happened to be that when he when he had to face somebody it needed to be another man who needed to tell him you're making the wrong decision. You push somebodies button the wrong way at the wrong time until you they'll come uncorked This is why you should pray for your pastors because the emotional duress of some of the things they bear requires a stiffness that comes only from God and the encouragement comes only from the larger family circle when you shove somebody out to the front to fight Goliath they need to know that there's people back there saying well if they get you I'm coming right behind or God's with you or whatever you need to say I don't know that metaphor breaks down at some moment. When you have to talk to teachers who are not being professional on or administrators who are making poor judgments you can be everybody's friend and almost as many people's enemy in a few short moments a true hearted pastor will lay down his life for the sheep the little sheep and their parents. As well as all the older sheep who have sacrificed throughout all the the decades in the years to keep this thing going Christian education stands at a crossroads and I'm here to tell you today we find ourselves closer to the implosion of a system that's lasted 150 years than we've ever been before and it's time for the pastors to go back to the seminal documents to make themselves as familiar with the book education as any teacher even more so and to hold parents accountable teachers accountable themselves accountable their church is accountable that this is no casual and convenient work and it is not to simply stagger across the finish line when Christian education is done in a formal setting and has to go all into the homes and the orchards in the Grose may it have finished strong and May the rest of the world be afraid that what they're producing is going to change things. When I think about pastors I come to the unfortunate reality that the worst parent for a pastor for a teacher to deal with is a dishonest pastor. Now my kids are through I still have one in college but 4 of them had to make their way through these ranks and the truth of the matter is is that it was exceptionally important to me that I be the kind of parent that I would want if I was 6 hours 7 hours a day effectively the stand in parent I would want to be the kind of parent that understood my teacher had the best interest of my little boy or my little girl and by the way I raised 4 respectable young men and women. But they were not without their problems some of them were inherited from their father some of them were trained by their father and once we got past the mistakes their father made we could actually be in an honest dialogue about how the teacher might help. The worst parent for a teacher to deal with is a dishonest preacher. Who cannot accept the fact that their children are not only capable of wrong doing and wrong influencing. But they've actually got some other dynamics that are going to need to have another adult hand shaping and guiding what is a proud preacher it's a preacher who works without the wisdom of prayer and in their own strength and at the wrong time it's a preacher who sees the church school as an obstacle to church growth what is half hearted it's somebody who won't take the extra effort to listen to talk to work to challenge to go the extra mile to be on their knees a little bit longer to get the extra wisdom to take the extra risks to make the extra invitation nobody is more significant to the public relations of the church school than the preacher. And if the preacher does not do his job properly he is the greatest peril to administrate education and by the way when the preacher does not hold the system accountable for its general trends and Mission Drift he's just Or she's just as guilty more for that later but I have to keep rolling. The 2nd most significant peril to administrate education today is nominal and secular home environments take your Bibles and go to the Book of Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy Chapter 6 nominal and secular What does nominal mean it means in name only what does secular mean it means reflecting the young godless value systems of our society you know folks your kids should not be watching Frozen your kids should not be watching the Lion King Disney is not what it used to be we're a long ways from where the word red firm grows and Old Yeller most of this world fodder for your kids is designed to common to make your children's mind common and cheap right on the cusp of eternity when Noble and heavenly aspirations ought to be a hold of what's going on Deuteronomy Chapter 6 pairs 5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul of all your might these words which I'm command you today show be on your heart. Verse 7 but that's not enough you teach them diligently do your sons diligently you starting up a business you have to be diligent you trying to get back in shape you have to be diligent you want to go from being in debt owing all your creditors to being a person of some savings and a little frugality you have to be diligent. Your to teach them diligently do your sons and not allow the world to have access that that's not in the script you're right it's not but it's intended there weren't T.V.'s and devices in this day you shall teach them diligently the 1st pastor and the 1st teacher is the parent why is there access to your children's mind unfettered from the world and some of the things that we think are so so common and benign are simply stepping stones to something else nominal and secular home environments are difficult to overcome in a school setting some do I'm standing before you as one that God delivered from such a place. But it's an exception not the norm and as I was thinking about my class of I think 6 people I was the only boy in an 8th grade class back in 1978. I don't think there's another one of those women that are in the church today. Strangely enough most of them all came from 7th Day Adventists homes I'm the only one that comes from a non 7 day admin is home when my mother's name was on the books I'm the only one that came from a non 7th Day Adventists home and I think this is what the difference is when you're a in a nominal home as an Adventist your appetites are colored break calibrated to think this is normal when you raise an anon the admin is home and you get to see the distinct difference between that and something else you all the sudden realize they're supposed to be aware old of difference and you want to leave that world behind and you want to embrace this one which is what I did and amazingly enough all 4 of my mother's childrens made that decision but when it's a nominal 7 Davenant's home when Dad love Sunday sports more than he loves daily worse than when mom wants to be on the shopping channel or Facebook live in a vicarious experience when there's not time for the things that matter and the kids are entertained with devices you can be certain that peril danger lingers in the base for their eternal destiny and you put enough of them together and you have a culture that's in danger. Yes mom and dad are the 1st pastor mom and dad are the 1st teacher if you want your little children to be held in your arms on the other side of that spiritual Jordan but I'm appealing to you today as we look as we stare down the barrel of something that actually has the ability undo all of the generations the over century long commitment and consecration of people for the school system we are staring down the barrel of the 1st circumstances around the globe that has the ability to financially undo our system it's called Covert 19 What is it worth to us parents this is not something that's for sale this is not a paid for commodity this is something you have covered with not only are you paying a school bill which is one 3rd of what it cost to put your kids through this school but you're returning your ties and offering which is where the other 2 thirds are coming from part of it through the conference and part of it directly from this church that's how it works wherever you go and in some churches the last church I left 50 $0.06 of every combined budget dollar went to the church school and it was a great investment yes parenting today so much of it is a protracted form of adolescence and too many people are looking back over their shoulder to see how they're doing how many people approve without a deep walk with God they've got this glaring insecurity and they need to be affirmed and they can do what their kids need because the kids won't like it in public opinion will be against it which leaves them as a manipulable malleable substance in the hands of a society gone wrong by the way friends parents that are manipulable are parentally practicing. It has never been your job to find the accolades and the affirmation of other people in what you're doing the ones you respect that are your peers and especially the ones they respect that are your parent to jizz age you better take a thoughtful humble prayer for listen but the idea that your kids will be the only kids not doing this and everybody else is you're going to have to decide who each audience matters more God and that cloud of witnesses that Paul talks about in Hebrews Chapter 12 verse $1.00 and $2.00 or whether or not it's the temporary affirmation of the people around us and moving on to the 3rd now the 3rd thing that puts our admin said occasion system in peril is nominal they passed me like that word No I don't like that word but it fits nominal and formal educators. We don't have a 180 day evangelist Dick campaign going on over at that school unless the teachers are classroom evangelists and by God's grace this is what we see happening and so many ways over at the village school but it ought to be happening in every school teacher you're too busy to kneel before Jesus day by day hold up your students hold up your family find that connection then you're too busy to be standing before our children because it's only white will state the great work of life is character building and a knowledge of God is the foundation of all true education your too busy to get a knowledge of God daily then you cannot impart this knowledge and mold their character which I'm just I'm just summarizing the next sentence so that it can be in harmony with the object of what God wants that teachers work to be. It's absolutely imperative if we don't want to be swallowed up by this culture that the pastors are true to their call the parents are true to their call the teachers are true to their call otherwise this thing's going to fold even and fold under how many of you want to nominate a romance how many of you want to nominal marriage how many of you want a nominal mechanic or a nominal surgeon or a nominal c.p.a. or a nominal lawyer I want to know how many of you want a nominal dishwasher at your favorite restaurant. So why is it Ok to have nominal anything in regards to God You're to love Him with all your heart your mind and your social. So what's in the way I move it gotta give you the strength to move it don't deny it don't fight it you end up at the doctor's office he says you've got cancer what are you supposed to say no I don't I've thought about this lately you end up in the past or study you have an encounter with a teacher an elder somewhere you've got this spiritual problem no I don't you've got this spiritual tumor growing in your No I don't it's hard nobody wants to hear the words cancer associated with their person I'll tell you the next best thing you need after you hear those words is a good doctor praise God We got Jesus right. We've got some tumors unchecked they will choke out our lives that's what tumours do unchecked they were overrun our religious experience nobody can tell you that's not good Jesus said I would rather that you were hot or cold the 4th thing that puts our church schools in peril are Laodicean and luke warm churches now we're sitting today in what is a large church for this denomination. But I want to say some to all those little churches where people are listening sophistication and the ability to have a higher level of delivery system is not to be confused with spiritual vitality I'm here to tell you there are hundreds of little churches who have a vibrancy a strength a true spiritual humility which leads to a true spiritual confidence that allows them to succeed where larger churches can be failing for decades before it's visible God is calling our churches to step away from the imploding and a pasta sizing Protestant movement we don't need their kids' programs we don't need their praise band programs we don't need their preacher paradigms we don't need their metrics of measurement for success they have never had most of them a primacy for Christian education and if they have the revenues that we have much of which goes to Christian education as one of our best investments they could look like they were really alive and vibrant for a while because they could buy everything that they can't get from the commitment of their members you've got a little church you've got a big church it doesn't matter whether it's bigger little if the commitment levels to Christ are what he's asking for and mirror in small fraction what he gave to us we will find the presence the nobility the provision of Christ in our midst and he will keep knocking down the obstacles as we go for because Christian education is not a man's idea it's God's idea and when it's in done in God's way it will work as long as God wants it to work. Laws a fair church is. Can allow their schools to become something less than the crown jewel of their ministries which is what Christian education is. Lastly the last peril of Christian education and I've put these in order by the way of importance in my mind and I didn't look up Revelation Chapter 3. Were Jesus says I wish you could be hot and cold. Not nominal. The last one is an indistinct curriculum culture and mission it's time for us to understand that we need not the affirmation of bodies that hold not our values understand not the originating sources from which our principles spring and while it's nice to have them at some level we all know or we will know in a moment that Harvard and Yale and Princeton they operate as the standard not as the accredited Ohp Aster Yes I believe in accreditation but no accreditation has the prerogative to rob us of a distinct curriculum culture and mission and by God's grace the excellence that should be in our activities in the classroom and in the planning stages should be able to show the superiority of inspiration inside the halls of education. The chief subjects of study in these schools reading down from the chapter the schools of the prophets were the law of God with the instruction given to Moses sacred history I want you to notice the descriptor sacred history it's time for us to start teaching sacred history. It's time for us to start going over how the great conversely has played its way out through world history that's sacred history it's time for us to understand that when Daniel said they shall not all cleave together partly strong and partly weak iron mixed with clay we need to start showing in our history curriculum sacred music I want you to catch the descriptor sacred music distinctly uniquely sacred music here's one poetry the manner of instruction was far different from that in theological schools of the present day from which many students graduate with less real knowledge of God and religious truth than when they entered her that's a sober statement. She goes on to write music was made to serve a holy purpose I don't have time for everything I want to say a love for music leads the unwary away to unite with world lovers and pleasure gatherings where God is forbidden is children to go. She goes on to write it's the law of the mind that it gradually adapts itself to the subjects upon which it is trained to dwell Yes by beholding we become change. Now as in the days of Israel every youth should be instructed in the duties of practical life you say Well that was an agrarian society middle of the Industrial Age No that's not why each should acquire knowledge of some branch of manual labor by which if need be maintain a livelihood see you up past where there is no listen this is essential not only as a safeguard against the vicissitudes of life but from its Berry upon here we go the mental No the physical the mental and the moral development. So you think learning how to swing a hammer or hold a pipe wrench in your hand or wire something up or cook a good meal or so a piece of cloth you think these things are simply so you can make money no it's for mental and moral development as well have you ever met a successful lazy Christian say oxymoron pastor oxymoron don't go together you're right slaw has nothing to do with the journey Peter's journey of the golden ladder to add to you don't knowledge goodness and goodness virtue and it's cetera et cetera et cetera we don't work our way to heaven but there's work to do in dealing with the issues we have. Laziness is a diabolical San one of the original sins of we want to start looking back at what we'll call the classic theologians but what society what church in America is talking about it these days our children should be taught how to work they should be taught how to be servants serving out of a heart of love as a ministry not as a drudgery to get it done and not nominal jobs are could should stand out wherever they go because they don't have to be told everything to do and they've been they've got practice and knowing what what causes all relationships look like if you don't do this this is going to happen and if you do do this this will happen training somebody to work is a mental and moral activity as well and I want to assure you at Village admin a cell of elementary this is a new part of our emphasis our young people are going to be learning different trades. It was considered a crime and the white will right not to teach your children how to work so what do we need. Well I'll tell you say a pastor looking at all those perils is kind of overwhelming you're right so let's go back and reframe it in just a minute or 2. We need courageous humble true hearted and honest preachers and leaders all through the elders and the deacons and the deaconesses in there we need dedicated spiritual home environments we need vibrant spirit filled teachers. We need churches that are fully committed to the work of disciple in their young at home at school and in extracurriculars and we need a curriculum that stands apart based on an understanding of the full person and the heavenly goal. I'm here to tell you today your preacher would not be here if it wasn't for a church school and if there is one thing I want to give back at the risk of frustrating administrators parents teachers fellow coworkers church members here's the deal our institutions are going forward because there are still generations around who understand it's not a pay for services in Gage mn but if we don't really buy the way somebody may listen to the sermon said My church has got no problems oh oh oh let me assure you that demographics can make it look like your church schools a Ok when really it's rotting on the inside and you give it a generation and let the demographic shift and you'll see that it's it can be on the brink of be no more this is not a pay for services experience every prayer every word of encouragement every dollar every direct conversation every fears come for sation like the one I had in that Indian Cademy parking lot no you need to put your kids in school and you quit need to quit making it hard for your wife. Every journey that leads our children higher on the path to Heaven has got to be to every honest parent and grandparent what they really want most of all out of this were hope. It's not easy but it's worth it I want to tell you at this present moment in time God is working to recalibrate redefine and refocus all of us the children are not yours mine are not mine they're god's he gave you a part in bringing them to life and he's expecting a bigger part in leading them to eternal life may God help each one of us to give our best to the master to refocus our efforts on his stablish ing that which is the single largest outreach of this church time prayers and money and may every person be honest enough and a heart to say the yes there are some things that need to change this is my appeal this morning I affirm this village church for its support you'll be asked being asked for more in the coming weeks I'm asking you to pray for every church that's listening in or will listen to this service I'm appealing to the pastors the parents the teachers the churches and those arranging a more administers focus on classroom education I'm appealing to us we must bend the curve we must be out in front of what's happening we cannot be motivated by fear we're going to have to learn to live with this disease and we're going to have to remember that God before us. Nobody can stand in our way but if our commitments are half hearted and our commitments are low level should we expect anything then to stumble and fall and feel somewhat chagrined about the whole experience Jesus will help us Jesus has helped us and by God's grace we will see a stronger education more focused education cycle on the other side of this journey God be with you parents God be with you grandparents God be with you teachers God be with you preachers God be with you administrators who are refocused back to the excellence and add this education. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons later visit w w w audio verse or.


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