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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2020: Making Friends for God

03-Seeing People Through Jesus' Eyes

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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Pastors Kameron DeVasher and Mark Howard share study and teaching tips for Quarter 3, July 18, lesson 3, “Seeing People Through Jesus' Eyes”



  • July 13, 2020
    9:00 AM
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I'm camera debate here and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points this week we're looking at quarter 3 less than 3 seeing people through Jesus in lives now before we get into the lesson study however we've talked a little bit before about reminding people about important Oh yes of their study what is the you know we have been emphasizing the importance of memorizing the memory verse and we're not going through the memory verse in our formats limited here we're spending you know less time and we're really wanting to focus on how to put together the lesson and present it but that doesn't mean we don't still want you to be encouraging your class members and Sabbath school and if you are class member to be memorizing the memory verse so so her potential is make sure to highlight that if you're sick sure you can continue to do that because it's an important part of the word in our hearts yes now to the topic at hand this week of course the entire quarter is making friends for God right it's about sharing our faith effectively in this week's title is seeing people through Jesus eyes yes he was our perspective all of those we're witnessing to one of you give us Marc a little overview of not only what this week's lesson said but how you viewed the lesson How do you see the lesson through your Ok and I'll walk through that and then we can have prayer and get into the. Outline But this is how I came up with the outline again well put it on the screen where you can go and get copies of these outlines this is not a straight jacket that you have to use just the way it is you can use it however you want to use it but it just is to give you an idea of how to draw things out of the lesson because when the lesson was written the author had to put it into this 7 day format and you'll see for example this week's lesson Sabbath afternoon is usually an overview of the lesson as to case this week as well talks. About just the whole idea just introduces us to seeing people like Jesus did something as a lesson goes into the friends who brought their blind friend to Jesus for healing and there's some other points in there that will highlight in the lesson Monday's lesson. Goes into the encounter with the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well and. Highlights again the main point of how Jesus saw people so. I'll come back to that Tuesday. Talks about where to begin when you are seeing people as Jesus saw them where do you begin witnessing in talks about getting rid of practical begin where you are Wednesday's lesson talks about dealing with difficult people well to say is lesson talks about beginning where you are right and and it brings up closest to home which is your family and so when you're talking about difficult people on Wednesday I don't know if I got today's Tuesday Wednesday on Wednesday your family members or some of the different most difficult legal so to me I just conflated it together mom why is it your decision of the other yes. There's days lesson talked about how to sense providential opportunities and Friday was just a summary and an appeal which I thought was very good so what I did what I took away from that that's the case and I came up with 3 key points in this week's lesson. Seeing people through Jesus eyes key point number one is after all it's a 1st we did it kind of an introduction of seeing people as winnable that was kind of the main theme this week and then we do 3 key points that one was the power of invitation and that drew out of Sunday's lesson and those friends inviting their friend or taking a friend actually to Jesus and then Point number 2 is start where you are and I brought Tuesday and Wednesday as lesson into that point because it really close. And then Point number 3 is be alert to God's providence is and of course he did that at Thursday's lesson so you'll see how that rolls up those 3 points again the power of imitation start where you are and be alert to God's providence those are key points you brought up something here that I want to mention because you notice that almost every week going to give us a nice Sabbath is usually an overview or introduction Fridays a summary summary and appeal so that content of most of these lessons not all of them but oftentimes it's the case that Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Ok right 5 out of 7 days but if you say 2 of those are like basically the same theme expanded Yes a different thread to this already you're down to 4 that's right so coming like I do you always take every week 7 days with the stuff to get up to 3 or 4 points Well the reality is there's usually only 3 or 4 that's right a full week's less that's exactly your kind of diet so you just kind of from your perspective what is it really trying to say if you can't say exactly or go so let's let's go ahead have a word of prayer and then we'll get into our lesson study introduction and what I did for my lesson study intro that was Sabbath in Monday's lesson Ok so in other words I'm taking a courtly but we're just putting it into anyway and you'll see as we walk through it hopefully Ok Ok money pray for us your Heavenly Father thank you so much for this opportunity thank you for the time we spent together in this room but also for the people who are studying right now even as we speak preparing for those Sabbath school discussions and classes that are coming up Lord help each individual to be edified and through the blessing of sadness who'll help the church body to be built up to become more like Jesus and more about our father's business as we look forward to Christ's return we prayed in Jesus' name amen amen Ok so. Just introducing the lesson if we look at Sabbath afternoons lesson. Mark from the next point in the 2nd paragraph Jesus saw all men and women as winnable for his kingdom so the whole concept of seeing people through Jesus' eyes is seeing people as winnable oftentimes when we look at people we quickly can judge oh that person wouldn't be interested or that person would never want to believe the Gospel sometimes it is especially I'll be honest with the camera we tend to do that with more of fluent people we say oh they have so much of this world's goods they wouldn't be happy you know and we say as a 7th heaven as we know what they got to give up right now is that they would never it would want that we're not seeing people as winnable and oftentimes in fact we're doing a disservice to the truth regularly the truth is a burden well not a blessing and you know this from years so we're in training. Affluent people who say well they're rich in this world because they're caught up in the business Ok but then you look at people of another faith Well they're tied to that you look at people who are worldly they. Come to find out we can end up looking at the entire world as a unwinnable That's right looks at the whole world as winnable you know it's exactly that we have to this is an important lesson for every one of us so the I've included a quote here in the introduction from Christ object lessons page 118 it says Christ to have a talk about the Pearl of Great Price is Christ the heavenly merchant and seeking goodly pearls saw in last humanity the pearl of price in man defiled and ruined by sin he saw the possibilities of redemption Ok this we're talking about seeing how Jesus sees people he saw the possibilities every dampen hearts that have been the battleground of the conflict with Satan and they have been rescued by the power of love are more precious to the Redeemer than are those who have never fallen. Out God looked upon humanity listened not as vile and worthless he looked upon it in Christ. I saw it as it might be come through redeeming that seeing souls as a result we don't need to see people as they are we see what they can what you could that were Person b. if and that's something to think about take the most degraded case and say but if that person were to fully accept Christ what would their life be like and it honestly it makes me think of a story Ellen White told of a man she spoke somewhere and there was this guy he was an alcoholic came into the meeting drunk he was disheveled in and I'm giving the short version and she made an appeal at the end of the message to 4 people to reform and give their lives to Christ and this man stood up and he said you've taken an interest in me I'm going to take an interest in myself well that's the last she thought she'd ever see of him until one day this very fine dressed man comes to her door and she said I didn't recognize him at 1st and he said You remember that meeting where you spoke and that man stood up I was that man and she said I was astonished he said he looked like an entirely different person well the power of God Yes there will for sure anyway so we need to see with confidence that Christ so that hope and expect that's right in the lesson adds a quote from Ellen White on the bottom of Monday's lesson it quotes from signs of the Times June 28th in 92 and says those who have the Spirit of Christ will see all men through the eyes of divine compassion so that's that's the theme this week what so what you talk about there was spoken about in Sunday and Monday I mean Sabbath at Monday's Yes but that serves as an introduction Yeah that's Are you seeing people who do Jesus I would use our lesson as we grow older so let's talk about then point number one the power of invitation Yes And the lesson takes us to Mark Chapter 8. And. Our outline say 18 I'll fix that the outline that you're going to be able to get online but there is no market like that. Oh I haven't you. Mark 18 you know that's my edition. Market 8 and just 22252225. When he came to the state and they brought a blind man to him and begged him to touch him so took a blood blind man by the hand and led him out of the town and when it's been his eyes and put his hands on him he asked if he saw anything and you looked up and said I see him in like trees walking and he put his hands on his eyes again and it made him look up and he was restored and saw every one clearly now there's a couple points a lesson draws out we're going to save one the 1st thing though is that you almost read past it because it doesn't give any identification it says then he came to Bethsaida and they who is they doesn't say anything else about day but they were the ones who brought this blind man to Jesus they evidently had enough faith in Jesus and believe in the power of Jesus out of there to bring a friend to Jesus and so again we're talking about seeing people if we saw people as winnable. We would bring more people to Jesus one of the reasons we don't bring people to G.'s like they would be interested have you invite him to church now they would want to come have you invited out of angels experience now they wouldn't so what you see them saying we can always get away with saying was not our lack of faith in Christ but I lack faith in their interest in Christ Yeah well Ok that's not so if it was but we can certainly get a lesson and if you know a couple I added a couple examples a lesson doesn't in Matthew Chapter 9 you have the paralytic who was let down through the roof by his friends and again in Matthew just says they they came and brought a man lying on a right but those they were people who believed enough to bring their friends who saw. The last enough like Jesus did to be able to see them as winnable and as the crisis of their faith that's right when Jesus solve their faith is what it says Matthew I mean so that's that's something you talked about just a 2nd ago what if you know I just I don't I believe in Christ and His power I just don't believe in their sincerity what was it just said. Jesus saw not his face their fair face right well he can't if I'm saying well I just don't believe there's a where's my faith in the fact that many day be interested in Jesus Well it kind of goes back to something we talked about last week in Ecclesiastes Yes we don't know which is going to be the one that works and that's exactly right up to us we're not supposed to like just get there because how many times you witness we're taught witnessing to someone who like what's the right time was the right approach and almost like this formulaic if you see the side then you'll know that it's the right approach that's your best chance what Christ just looked around and assumed everybody would be interested what he's offering and we should look at it that we do well one other example I have is in John 5 in the story of the man by the pool Bethesda and he read in John 5 now it doesn't say there and it's the man's paralyzed so he had to get there somehow besides himself imply he has no one and in desire of ages it says that he had friends that brought him there simply to get to get him out and let it but they didn't have any faith that he'd ever make it to the water and be healed whatever else Ok so here the friends just brought him because they felt sorry for but they did something it was an unfortunate they did more than some of us do for people we got to see part of seeing Jesus winnable winnable rather support part of seeing people as Jesus sees them as winnable is inviting them to Jesus and part of that you've got to go here unless this for men is released Yes 18 or read the power for you she says I want to say brothers and sisters that we must labor for the wondering where they are you need not expect those who have a chilling influence the world bonus to manifest anxiety for their own zone it's a good bet it was manifest in orbit and she goes on to explain about that because we must you need not expect those who have the chilling influence of the world upon them to manifest anxiety for their own souls I mean you think about that how does a worldly person supposed to even know where to go you like they don't. I'm interested interested in what they don't even know to be a show my friends point at all they don't even know that we're the ones is supposed to know who Jesus is well think about the nature of news that's something that you have it is news you have this right it's news that's news to me that's right I didn't build and then they say oh like I don't know about the news well you don't know you don't know there's news Nobel there right so there's of course those in darkness don't know about the light you got to bring it to them right so Christ didn't look at people that hopeless way. That they would be interested in this great news that's exactly right so this event that's a great statement there so key point number one deals with the power of invitation if you see people as Jesus saw them part of that is inviting them. Because you see them as winnable for the kingdom in the only way they're going to do that the one to the king is through Jesus Christ but they've got to get there and if you can help them get there an invitation is one the most powerful way is that is one of the ways above all is that people respond to to come to Jesus than invite so don't be afraid to ask Don't be afraid to ask me and maybe that should be how we point him or one don't be afraid to ask but either way that's what we're talking about that's we're talking about when I want to start where you are and this is a kind of a conglomeration of Tuesday and Wednesday the things that are there I'm going to change that if you're watching this and you pick up this out you're going to nowhere so that was good don't be afraid to ask like this they're going to get Cameron just keep on too late. Start where you are to use a reason now this shifts into enough of the other stuff wasn't practical but it was more setting the philosophical or theological background of why we should look at people as yes how we should look at people but this gets of that's both about what yes you about it and this will technically the question of where to even start and we discussed this before and it oftentimes we talk about winning souls or being a missionary for Jesus would have to have this big hue and waiting for this big moment of this big event or this foreign mission field opportunity when that's not how Jesus outlined now or in Acts Chapter one it was Jesus Himself gave the strategy versus 8 he says but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all Judea and some Mariya and to the ends of the earth and in case you don't know your geography they were living in Jerusalem and what he was saying is you start here where you are right and then you slowly begin to spread out from there and I thought the lesson made a good point Tuesday. Opes on page where it says right there at the. Off of the page someone has rightly said in life the only place to start from is where you are for there is no other place to begin which pretty plain straightforward and then the end of the next paragraph says this rather than dreaming of better opportunities start with those around you see with divine eyes the possibilities closest to you and I put a note that some people never do anything good because they're always waiting to do something great you know we have operatives around us Blake on thinking about reaching in oh I don't know some whole continent somewhere and we forget about my neighbor and you commented on that you came back on that with something there in fact that he was from Elder Finley himself even though it wasn't in this quarterly but he if I'm getting the phrasing right said God hasn't called you to be a missionary where you into your missionary where you are as this is the context of that conversation was people who take formation calls or even student mission years or a short term missionary trip Yeah it will be a lot of money to do this and there's nothing wrong with any of those things but he did bring up. The really hopeful question why are you going all the way over there to do something you don't even do right here right and so I think that the Lord outlined that on purpose and the idea being you've got to start here and you grow your missionary endeavor as you go in I think and I don't want to lose the context here in the lesson the point that we're bringing this in here the point of the lesson does starting where you are in the context of seeing people as winnable is too often we don't see the people closest to us as we know. They're more they're more difficult the lesson actually goes into difficult people. And if you start where you are and then how do you do a difficult yes like odds are. Together and you made a point as we were discussing this ahead of time that I don't know where everybody has their level of difficulty right well I mean if I think we've been through is that if. If you have friends you can say well they know me from way back they're going to be difficult to reach if you have family members you know there's a lot of dynamics that might make Yeah coworkers always the best church members and you don't like I don't know where is the fear is evolving you think you are just like walking to the truth like everybody you reach is going to have some sort of impediment maybe 3 or that makes it from our perspective oh there they are tough enough to play because the person who walked in the church from watching 3 b.n. a strong tower and we just didn't get to see all the difficulty right wire to get is a pastor have the experience where someone has come up to me and said By the way I write to go you know what I mean there's like over I read all of my books I've sort. Of like All right we just quit but you know how rare bird but even then when you dig into it it's like so what well 10 years ago I was right home and then I heard this and I was like oh those guys are nuts you know and then about a year later I did and you know so it didn't happen just like no it was a process for sure well let's talk more about the difficult thing but there's a there was a statement makes in Spirit of Prophecy Volume 3 page 240 commenting on the x. one verse 8 you know Jerusalem all Judea some areas center she says coming on that here is a lesson to all who have a message of truth to the of the world their own hearts must 1st be imbued with the Spirit of God and their labor should commence at home so in even here starting in Jerusalem doesn't just even start with your family and start with your with your own heart having Imbued and then their labor should commence at home their families should have the benefit of their influence and the transforming power of the Spirit should be demonstrated in their own homes by a well disciplined family then the circle should widen the whole neighborhood should perceive the interest felt for their salvation and that's important not just interest friendly interest or talk about him in. The interest felt for their salvation and the light of truth should be faithfully presented to them for their salvation is as much is Ok as much and. Horton as that of persons at a distance talking about foreign mission fields from the immediate neighborhood and adjoining cities and towns the circle of the labors for God's servants should widen to the message of truth is given to the uttermost parts of the earth while so powerful statement is power stations kind of outlines basically what I counted there is 5 different stop it was like starts with you in your household and your neighbors of your adjoining cities and yeah but that same method Christ outlines for oh how we should you people today that's right and so again the reason you start where you are and the reason we don't oftentimes because we think that people are difficult they're going to be hard to reach and so the lesson goes into difficult people we talked about we'll talk a little bit more but I there's 3 classes I came up with and that's family which lesson brings out and then I'm assuming they're talking about those who are hard to convince which is just about everybody. And then there are societal outcast people where you know for example Levi Matthew was a tax collector and they were looked down upon in the Harlettes in the publicans in Jesus' day where we might view them is difficult because it's beneath us or something or I don't know they're thinking like like they're steeped in sin and they're just you know they contain Yes but there's hope to hopeless cause or something like that. From a human perspective may very well be true you know that doesn't mean that God's Army shortly you know and I want to bring in Wednesday makes a great quote this piece of desire may just page 250 this is for Jesus this is not the quote so I'll start with a quote starts from the author of the lesson says for Jesus no one was beyond the reach of the Gospel Jesus certainly believe that quote None have fallen so low none are so vile but they can find deliverance in Christ so yeah. That should go across the board for everybody there did nobody should be excluded from our efforts to win their souls Well it kind of brings up the idea that get back to the blind man yes touch the idea that. Even if they even if the 1st contact doesn't seem to have that aha moment even for Jesus exactly he even went back inside and I obviously he could have done it with just a word yes but he was teaching us that's exactly right so the idea of if you don't one of the 1st winter don't have a pair at work please success don't give up as a failure keep working with that's right a Christ like way now I want to talk on something else that's in the study notes here we'll talk about making friends 1st well are we ready for that yet Yeah let's go ahead because one of the things that we have to emphasize but we want to be careful not to oh well before before you jump into that along the same lines you know the lesson highlights it we're talking about difficult people sometimes it would be less difficult if we were to focus on building friendships and course we taught that we did that and so that's one place where the lesson goes in fact they they they say on Tuesday at the bottom of the page. We make friends for God by sharing Jesus they become Christian friends and eventually as we share God's End Time Message of biblical truth they become 7th Day Adventist Christians as well so I love the fact that it says we make friends for God by sharing Jesus because there is a mentality in this what you are getting into a danger when you come in on that concern even in the statement you just read we make friends for God by showing Jews even notice that they become Christian friends and eventually as we sure got into this people they may become so there's a couple of qualifiers eventually they may become which is true yes I can in this talk about being tactful and we really are that absolutely but I think that there's been at least our contemporary appen a society now a lot of it possessed like now be clear will eventually where you really are prophetic time. Is here for your work so I don't have confidence that will work and it may not work and so we emphasize right all the way to when it is friendship and then you have this danger yeah no I don't want to ruin the friendship by introducing something controversial like the hassle so. Ironically you don't want you to go off because it might hurt you change right making friends but now that you've made friends you don't want intrusive gospel she might lose the pleasure the purpose of so we talk about this so much the purpose of tilling the soil of the heart is to make it more receptive for the Gospel That's right not just to make friends for the say well of making friends and what you're commenting on Actually your point here is to start where you are but oftentimes this is a starting at all in other words just making friends can be it's essential but some people use it as an excuse not to ever share the gospel and that's not the purpose you know you're making what is a lesson making friends for God or God And so there's that connection and that's what that that quote is bringing out so beware of developing a friendship that indefinitely postpones or even disallows the sharing of the Gospel right I've known him so long now I don't want to really offend them above about what do you it's all that was in the friendship actually in pieces because yes if that's not the case that's not worth as not why Christians make friends and you know what kind of friend are you if you won't share eternal life it's like well I knew about eternal life you know you see him through the glass walls of the city they're lost forever Hey friend what do you do you know. One. Well I just didn't want to upset you yes let's go to God's providence this point number 3. In this friendship in this is thing we have to be attuned to the opportunities that God affords this raise holy spirit every day God is in fact I wish I had included in the lesson but I can tell you where to find it evangelism page $127.00 it says there is more being done by the universe of heaven than we have any idea of so that soul should be converted it's awesome So in other words the universe of heaven not just God the Father not just the son not just the Holy Spirit all the heavenly angels all the into in Gelug and in the heavenly beings the universe of heaven all of them are engaged in seeing souls saved in the only place where souls beings. It is here prayer so so there's always efforts going on to save souls and so the idea of God's providence is it's not that we need to create these providences or opportunities or whatever they're happening all around us but we're often not in tune to them right and so we can't be a part of it and so the lesson is emphasizes for example Philip and Ethiopian eunuch is what it brought up and actually I don't know how I'm to actually read the whole thing but this story right here where if the Lord miraculously opens this door of opportunity but still Philip had to walk through it but I will read the quote from actually Apostles this is an angel guided Philip to the one who is seeking for light and who is ready to receive the gospel and today angels will guide the footsteps of those workers who allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify their tongues are fine and noble their hearts so in the same way for the Lord's leading you should have Xperia Xpert that there's not even might seem to us an inconvenience or frustration why do you get stuck in this line what has happened that's enough for you say oh wait the Lord was leading So we should be content in all things recognise that the Lord has a plan and when it's resurgence in his service and you can say well how can I be in tune with the providence of God Friday's lesson has a great book ends with this paragraph I want to share it why not pray this prayer and it gives a sample prayer Lord I am willing to be used for the Advancement of your Kingdom opened my eyes so that I can see the providential opportunities you are opening before me each day teach me to be sensitive to the people around me help me to speak words of hope and encouragement and share your love and truth with those I come in contact with each day what a great prayer to pray are you serious about making friends for God pray that prayer and God will to New him he will calibrate you on to his frequency so that you can see those opportunities in privilege so that you begin to see people like Jesus sees people as winnable let's pray Heavenly Father thank You for giving us this great read. Sponsibility and privilege enjoy sharing you with the world please help us to learn the lessons from the example of Jesus from the teaching of Scripture and from the lesson quarterly this week that we can apply in our lives to be more effective witnesses for you as we view people as you do confident that you love them and are working for their benefit even now we prayed in Jesus' name. Amen.


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