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To Be Shaken or Not to Be

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • June 27, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Thank you Nicole and thank you admin hope for giving me this opportunity to spend this time with you and this special thanks to Ryan for giving me the invitation to share a study and hope in the Word of God I know that that's what I've been hope is all about gathering together around the word of God and laying the Word of God speak to our hearts so as we get started why don't we cause we would a prayer and that's the Holy Spirit to be here with us today let's pray Father in heaven thank you so much for the time and opportunity to be able to search the scriptures and to study and to meditate on your word and we pray Lord that the Holy Spirit would now be active in our hearts and minds give us understanding and give us conviction and we thank you for answering this prayer in Jesus' name amen amen I want to share with you a Power Point as we go along in our study this will be a good time to grab your Bibles have it on hand as we open the Word of God and we flagged on a message that he has for our time it was January 28986 when 7 astronauts boarded the Challenger space shuttle but it would be gan with cheers and it in tragedy as many Americans watched the takeoff live on television from Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral Florida as many of you may recall. The space shuttle exploded just 74 seconds into the flight it was later reported that the NASA managers had disregarded warnings from engineers about the dangers of launching in such cold temperatures and they had failed to adequately report these technical concerns to their supervisors team agence 7 astronauts they believed that they were fully prepared to make history in space but sadly they were not prepared to close their history on Earth and invoking an equally if not more sobering thought is an impactful sentence that is found in the book Christian service page $41.00 written by Ellen g. white a prolific inspired writer in the 1900 century she wrote It is a solemn statement that I made to the church that out of one in 20 use names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close their earthly history it would be as verily without God and without hope in the world as the common center. Not surprisingly this inspired statement written several decades ago corresponds with the recent findings by well known researcher George barn he basically said the same thing he discovered the disturbing fact that people who call themselves Christians bear not born again are and I quote a group that constitutes a majority of churchgoers barn a church group uses the term last church goers to describe is majority group people who may have been going to church for years but they remain spiritually loss. Because they basically either base their salvation on all good good wrong reasons or they just simply are going through the motions and they neglect to spend time with Cheesus who is this our salvation they'll say you know are I know I'll be saved because while I'm healthy that's outstanding but there's no such thing as rights a says by Reaganism or they'll say well I know all the obvious save because I've been baptized and that's grete there's very very little difference between being dry and wet and being wet or rather dry and lost and being wet and lost if we go through the motions some will say I was I know I'll be saved because I'm a member in the church My name is in the books that's fine but membership doesn't save anyone or I pray every day and I read the Bible every day and that's good that's had my rable but the Word of God actually describes prayer as an abomination if we pray for our own desires when we do not engage with God When we regard sin in our hearts our prayers the Bible says are an abomination and if we go to the Bible and we read the Bible but do not mingle it with the faith that is in our hearts and we don't apply it in our lives Bible says it profits nothing it's of little value. So bringing it a little closer to home far too many professed Atlantis believe they are ready for the At been when in actuality they are not but wait a minute some will say wait a minute. I've been a Christian for many generations I've been a Christian for a long time. It reminds me when I was a student missionary to India would have been to us from Tir missions and I would walk on the streets and mingle with people in and I would be asked What is your name in Hindi that's up going to get a head they would ask and I would say Christian Christian and their response was Navy Navy No no I've got a head that is to say we know you're a Christian but what is your name I've got not. You know would say Christian no no they he may he and so on and so forth sometimes I would conversation would go a little longer than what I wanted but finally they would understand that that was my actual name but I learned a lesson from medics periods being a Christian must be more than just. A survey was conducted in the Nabonidus academy before we could prayer the question was asked of the students what is a Christian what is a Christian writer responses on 3 by 5 card in our responses were gathered in and they discovered that 98 percent of responses included things like someone who does what is right someone who stays out of trouble someone who goes to church someone who dresses modestly someone who fast and prays and so on and so forth did you notice something what do you notice. That the answers are focus on what you do or don't do on a list of a checklist of do's and don'ts. It's the most common definition for Christianity in America if we were to ask that same questions in the streets of our community in our campuses I'm almost certain that 90 to 95 percent of answers would be what you do or don't do and so if we merely define Christianity by what we do or don't do we have a big problem big problem and here's why because it's possible to be a nice and good well behaved law abiding atheist. Such as he meant met soft Have you heard of this man he's known as America's friendly atheist he seems like pretty nice guy and then on the other hand you have bags stabbing unfriendly mean rude people who are at times the very ones that go to church with us what is going on if we merely define Christianity as a set of behaviors then we have a problem because that's not reflected in those that are out of the church church and those who are in the church so it's the church in bad shape. Andy Nash who's a friend of mine in Denver Colorado wrote an article. That of appeared in the administrate view back in 2015 it was untitled the church appears about to fall he wrote as anyone else been concerned about the evidence church in North America too many of us are apathetic secular Sabbath schools are sparsely attended half of our members don't see the scriptures on their own worst of all Worst of all is the troubling mindset that being correct about the Sabbath automatically means they were Christian the Sabbath means nothing outside of a personal relationship with Christ nothing nothing nothing he wrote and sadly George Barna conclusions are accurate no doubt there are several consecrated people in the church there's no doubt about that Godly people but I'm afraid that there's many many more that lack consecration Why do I say many more will Jesus' teaching of the narrow way in Matthew chapter 7 indicates that there is more there are some more who choose the the rod an easy path that leads to destruction and there are very few who find the way that lead to life that leads to life. And in the parable of the 10 virgins well at least it's $5050.00. Indeed there are the why he's in there the foolish The There are those that are consecrated and those that lack consecration the reality is that in every church in every gathering in every congregation there are just 2 classes of people so we can come up with a list of 5 or 7 different classes but but really at the end of the day there's only 2 converted and unconverted have consecrated is not consecrated at all there's only 2 groups of people and she sees us Jesus Himself calls them wheat and tares 2 classes of people in a parable that he once poked a great multitude by the see come with me to Matthew Matthew chapter 13 Matthew chapter 13 there Matthew 13 we find the parable of the Sower the parable of rather the wheat and the tears Matthew chapter 13 Matthew chapter 13 and now be reading beginning with Verse 24 to 30 and the Bible says another parable he put forth to them saying the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in the field but while men slept his enemy came and so tares among the wheat and went his way the grain had sprouted and produce a crop then the tears also appeared so the servants of the the servants of the owner came and said to him Sir you do not so good seed in your field how then does it have tares so he said to them and to me has done this the servant said to him Do you want us them to go and gather them up but he said no less while you gather up the tears he also approved the we took with them. Chris 30 led both grow together until the harvest and that the time of harvest I will say to the reapers 1st gather together the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them but gather the wheat into my barn notice carefully would Jesus said in verse 30 if you notice he said Let both grow together that those words saying again in other words let them exist at the same time and in the same place together that is to say let those who are loyal to God grow together with those who are disloyal to God while we would expect the righteous to increase in number or the unrighteous in the church will grow to and increase a number as well this can be traced back to the very beginning to the early Church in fact the Apostle Paul encountered both groups of people all the time as he went in his travels from church to church he saw both groups both classes of people and believe me he wrote about it for example it describes in 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 in that chapter he mentioned several dangers that he faced and he in his travels he recalled among others perils in the city perils in the wilderness perils in the sea in doubt don't miss this now he also mentions perils among false brethren false brethren he did merely say False False bullies or false people even he he said follows brother in. Meaning those who are within the body within the family of God foster brother and Jesus did say he led both grow together and it's a puzzle to the glacis Paul wrote of how some false believe verse have infiltrated their ranks again Jesus said Let both grow together in that same chapter going back to 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 Paul Ward of false apostles and ministers of Satan Well Jesus did say led both grow together in his a pistol to the Galatians Paul wrote of how some false believers infiltrate their ranks so he can see see can see several instances in the epistles Paul made references to falls brother in false apostles falls believe. And this is why transformed consecrated men and women yes troop Apostles and spirit filled believers were added to the church daily as well all at the same time growing together growing together in the White made a statement I want to share with you found in her book the faith by which I live and she wrote there in Page 305 the following lines why all the Lord brings into the church those who are truly converted. True the converted Satan at the same time brings persons who are not converted into it's fellowship while Christ is sowing the good seed Satan is sowing the terrors Did you notice that she repeats the word why twice as if to add emphasis while and you know what the word while means don't you that's right it means at the same time again Jesus said let them grow together and saw the church is growing in numbers of men and women who are truly converted they have been transformed by the power of God at the same time there are those who are stepping into the church who are walking into its fellowship who are not consecrated yet apparently they go through the motions they've been profound us to believe the Bible says while crisis so in the good seed Satan is sowing the terrorists because the converted and the unconverted co-exist we're going to see 2 things happen in the church more and more as we approach the return of Christ as we draw nearer to the end of the age or to the time of the harvest what can we expect as we co-exist to see more and more of well we can expect that we're going to see both unity in the church as men and women filled with the Holy Spirit are united together. And at the same time we're going to see re belly in in the church why because we're coexisting with the converted and the unconverted all at the same time so that's that's the context that's the context as we launch into our study today and the question is this since we co-exist since these are things are happening at the same time how will this play out especially as we come closer and closer to that time the harvest or to the end of b.h. How does it play out are we just going to continue co-existing or will the bill be something that takes place then we must be aware of there is in Hebrews Chapter 12 come with me to Hebrews Chapter 12 and we can take a look at verses 25 to 29 d. Bruce Chapter 12 versus 2529 notice what Paul writes in this passage he says in verse 25 see that you do not refuse him who speaks for if they did not escape who refused him who spoke on earth how much more shall we not escape if we turn away from him who speaks from heaven. Whose voice then should be Earth but now he has promised saying yet once more I say not only the Earth but also heaven now this yet once more in the case the remove all of those things that are being shaken the removal of those things where which are being shaken as of things that are made that the things which cannot be shaken may what remain may remain Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken let us have grace by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear 1st 29 for God is a consuming fire. In this short passage Paul refers multiple times to a shaking a saken that will cause many as Paul mentions to be removed while the rest of them will what remain. Some will be removed others will remain why because they will be shaken the word the Greek word translated shaken in this passage means disturb stirred. In other words the shake up will provoke a reaction it will shake people up they will it will provoke a reaction they were going to they're going to respond to it and everyone yes everyone and everything will be shaken individuals will be sake and families will be sick in local churches conferences schools self-supporting ministries everything will go through this time of great shaken ng That's right. And that which remains that which remains will be encountered by what verse $29.00 by a consuming fire the consuming fire of who of our God whose God our guy namely the Holy Spirit you see God is on our side he is for us not against us is a consuming fire that doesn't destroy On the contrary it in power says to proclaim a message with great power for you see it is the consuming fire the Holy Spirit which is poured out upon those who remain and gives them power to proclaim the final loud cry message of the 4th Angel in Revelation as the Earth is a little when they did with his glory the Bible tells us that those who remain are consumed with fire to proclaim a message with our There's a shaking there's a seeking that takes place 2 classes of people some are shaken are others remain and one of my favorite quotes from elenchi white is found in great controversy page 530 percent of this Satan is well aware that the weakest Solo who are bytes increase is more than a match for the host of darkness lujah I love that verse or that statement Satan is well aware you better believe it. You better believe it he's well aware moment by moment he knows he is he is fully aware of the weakest saw not just the strongest story this is about the the the survival of the fittest no this is even the weakest saw who abides in Christ is more than a match for the host of darkness Amen those who remain are not those who are strong and mighty in faith no even the weakest among us the weakest so who abides and cry is will not be shaken and he who abides in Christ will declare like the psalmist in some 62 burst 6 truthy God is my rock and my salvation he is my fortress I will not be shaken Amen I will not be safe in some 6 to 6 I will not be seeking 2 classes of people we co-exist Yes we do all at the same time in the same place those who are added to the to the Lord are Arabs to the turds daily truly converted consecrated men and women but at the same time many others and concentrate on consecrated on godly walk into its fellowship and also increase in number and so what specific circumstances will cause many within the church to be shaken out of the church before Christ returns. What are the circumstances surrounding these events Well Ellen g. white gives a very graphic description of of the Sake in an early writings paints to 70 Listen to this I was asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen and was shown that it would be caused by the street testimony called for by the counsel of the true witness to the Lotus scenes. This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver and will lead them to exalt the standard import for the straight truth but he continues some will not bear the straight testimony they will rise up against it and this is what will cause a shaking among God's people so what do we have here 2 classes of people who co-exist but the time will come when the straight testimony is put forth its proclaim its priest some will receive it wholeheartedly and they would lead it would lead to a deeper consecrated life but others will recessed that message in fact they're going to rise up against it and she says that this testimony comes forth by the counsel of the true witness to the Lotus Sian's Let's go to that passage specifically founded Revelation Chapter 3 come with me to take a look at the message at the Council of the true witness that will cause many to be shaken out of the church while others remain within notice Revelation $318.00 and what it says. I counsel you speaks the true witness I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire that you may be rich and white garments that you may be clothed that that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and annoying to your eyes with I solve that you may see this as a people who have a faith that is solid of faith has been tried in the fire of faith there's able to trust God regardless of the circumstances all around us no matter if a 1000 a fine or right hand in temp 1000 are left with it will not come near us and we hold onto those promises and our faith is refined it is precious as gold it is a people who are covered in the right says of Christ with the his robe of righteousness there's a people who are annoying to by the fire the Holy Spirit who have come to their senses and they have eyes of understanding you see the great testimony exposed to Satan's lies and reveals God's truth and that is at the very heart of the great controversy that is at the very heart of the great controversy you see the great controversy is not merely between 22 entities or 2 powers it's not a display of brute strength to see who is the strongest and mightiest No not at all the contest is between God and the Creator God the One True God and the fallen created being it's no man so the great controversy is focused on truth and deception that's where it's at and the battlefield is the mind. And we've been given the ability to discern by the through the study of God's word and to be able to make a choice to choose truth to announce the lies and the straight testimony is what exposes Satan's lies the true testimony causes a work of deep repentance and soul searching it causes us causes us to recognize our true condition to fall down on our knees and pray Lord I needed the All I need to be the straight testimony purifies our hearts prayer consumed with that cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit that purifying fire the Holy Spirit and on the other hand many within the church will reach back to the straight testimony in fact many members in the church are described by Hall the Apostle Paul in 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 Paul describes many within the church as being lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasts mirrors disobedience to parents unthankful unholy unloving unforgiving slanderous without self-control brutal despised a good traitors headstrong hante lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God and this whole is the we just read are a people imagine this having a forum or of godliness but the 9 it's power you see you and I we see the form and so does God We see outward appearance and so does God. But he also unlike c. also sees the heart which he masterfully describes in a parable as being one of 4 conditions Matthew chapter 13 I want to take you to that passage it's a parable that Jesus spoke in Matthew chapter 13 there Jesus spoke of the parable of the Sower which you come with me to Matthew 13 where Jesus describes the condition of the heart that which he sees us we see the form but God sees the heart and in Matthew Chapter 3 verses 3 to 9 Jesus spoke this parable behold a saw or went out to sow and as he saw it some fell by the wayside and the birds came and devoured them something on stony places where they did not have much earth and the e. meter at least sprang up because they had no depth of earth but when the sun was up they were scorched and because they had no root they wither away and some fall among thorns in the thorns sprung up and choked them but others fell on good ground and yielded a crop some 100 for some 60 some 30 he who has a year ears to hear let him hear. God sees the heart he sees the heart the heart that never internalizes the gospel the everlasting Gospel and Satan snatches the truth away before they can make any decision on whether they believe or not. God sees the heart he sees the heart that never develops those roots in Christ Jesus God sees the heart that is distracted by the cares and worries of the world and while God sees the heart responding in these in these unfortunate ways he also sees the hearts of those who hear the Gospel and allow it to take root in their life praise God but he sees the condition of the heart but it's the rocky soil that I want to pay particular attention particular attention to notice how he explains the seed that fell on stony places back to Matthew 13 versus 20 and 21 Matthew 13 Rissa 20 and 21 but he received the seed on stony places this is he who hears the word any media he receives it with Joy let's read Andras 21 if only it would stop there reste 21 yet he has no root in himself but endures only for a while. For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word immediately he stumbles. Notice that Jesus didn't say if persecution arises No he said when it does as did Paul Paul unequivocally wrote in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse 12 all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution will suffer persecution when my sister and I were kids we were Piquet's pastors kids and we would go to summer camp there in Texas and it was called name is Valley Ranch and during the hot summers we would we would play games then and we would make up games one of the games we played often was called persecution. We would build these stone shelters and keep lunch in sack lunches and and and we would hide while pretending that that we were being persecuted or hunted down for our faith and those were good days I have fun precious memories of playing with my sister and playing these games with our friends but Joke aside one day it won't be our imagination it will come it already has but it will come again it will come to United States of America and around the world on a large scale as prophesied and Revelation Chapter 13 percent Q sin will come not merely in the ways that it may be coming now isolated situations that we hear about at times but no at this time it will come at a large scale and when it comes in full force as in the parable of Jesus it will find many with a no roots with no roots what is meant by Roots I'll tell you what that means roots roots are convictions to have no roots is to have no convictions I grew up as a pastor's kid I grew up going through the Pastore emotions we were the picture perfect family but it wasn't until I was in college that I cried out to God as a freshman there on the on the campus of Southern University on the biology trails on the back side of campus I would go and I was I was with my Bible and I cried out to God a prayer I had never prayed before until that time I said lord. Come here to me committed to me Lord convict me I knew I knew the teachings in the Bible if only because I had heard them all my life but I was convicted that I had no I had not taken ownership of my faith why did I believe what I believe and so I prayed Lord convict me so me by truth in your word convict me and as I as I prayed that prayer Beloit answered my prayers you see no roots means no loyalty and it wasn't until I was convicted that I was willing to die for my faith no roots means no devotion to Lord Jesus no absolute surrender to him but when I was convicted I took ownership of my faith and now I was willing to face whatever may come my way and when persecution comes it will cause many to fall away I don't see why it makes this sobering statement to the church I'd like to share it with you this statement is found in testimony to the church following 5 page 21 she wrote those who have step by step yielded to worldly demand and conform to worldly customs will find it hard will find will not rather find it a hard matter to yield to the power that be rather than subject themselves to derision insult threatened imprisonment and death. In other words as we step by step find ourselves walking in the path that leads to death walk in the path of war the word Lee customs step by step will find ourselves in a place where we would rather join those there are a majority walking down the the broad path rather then joining those that walk in the difficult and narrow path and she white in the book great controversy adds even more there in page 608 notice which he says as the storm approaches a large class who have professed faith in the 3rd angels message but have not been consecrated accent sent to fight through obedience to the truth abandon their position in join the ranks of the opposition by uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit they have come to view matters in nearly the same light and when the test is brought they are prepared to choose the easy popular side. Here of people within the church co-existing with those have been sent to fight by God's truth through obedience to His truth these are people who merely pro fast faith in that the range Will Smith suits have a form of godliness inwardly they partake of the spirit of the world though conforming outwardly to the church and to the ways of the Lord. But and weirdly they are far removed from a relationship with Jesus you know and this is why the church much he must be shaken why because many who profess faith are not sanctified and they're in the body of Christ and God in His grace and mercy he he he he permits both the converted and unconverted to co-exist all the while through the Holy Spirit reaching out to Hearts longing to bring them into a genuine relationship intimate relationship with Christ but as the storm approaches those who don't have deep roots those who are not don't have convictions those who are not consecrated those who are not sanctified through obedience to the truth the Bible says that they will be shaken by what is to come they will be shaken because they have been the Body of Christ and their ongoing hypocrisy having a form of godliness makes God sick in fact and makes him want to puke Once they want to vomit and that's not my wording it's his wording revelations faith one truth witness cost them luke warm they're neither cold nor hot it's their Revelation Chapter 16 chapter 3 verse 16 where he says because you are lukewarm I will bomb it you out of my mouth strong language and turn the shaking when the luke warm. Will be bombing today out of his mouth that is to say shaken out of his church that's right this is coming from the Gospel of Matthew Cheesus alluded to the notion of of why a shaking in the church will happen when he sent out the 12 disciples to go from to city and village preaching the kingdom of heaven is at hand there in chapter 10 she says send out his disciples 2 by 2 into every city in place and and he sent them out to preach but he added in verse 14 and that's what I want to focus on just now Matthew Chapter 10 verse 14 he said and whoever will not receive you nor hear your words whose words their words but whose words have they been given to share Well the words of Jesus the straight message he says whoever will not receive you nor hear your words when you depart from that house or city shake off the dust from your feet shake off the dust from your feet if they do not we see nor hear your straight testimony shake up the dust from your feet and know this one thing that cheeses students does not give commands of things that he himself would not do and in this case it's a prophecy of greater things to come but in a global scale for God Himself will also shake off the dust from his feet his feet what do I mean by that. Well remember that according to the Genesis account of creation we all came from what came from dust that's right we are to us and the same creator who spoke through the prophet Isaiah is the one who formed man from the dust of the ground and through the prophet Isaiah he wrote in Chapter $66.00 1st one heaven is microphone and the earth is the footstool of my feet of his what of his feet his feet are upon the earth listen those who do not receive Him nor hear is straight message or straight testimony yet come to church with the form of godliness as hypocrites as actors they will they will be shaken out the church will be shaken and it will cost some some to be grounded and rooted in his church but it will cost others those who reject his straight testimony to be as dust shaken off from his feet or his church upon the earth yes while the persecution will cost many to be shaken off there are $3.00 elements that will shake the church 3 elements that will take the church. And costs some to be shaken out and some to be even more grounded and rooted in the church yes $3.00 elements that will bring about the shaking and those 3 elements are happening even now one of them is the Word of God Listen Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and the life. And Pawar described the Word of God as living and power for a discerner of the thoughts and intent of the heart now follow close need closely now a form of godliness gives an hour appearance. Of righteous living because we're keeping up with that Texas of Dusun don't we're doing all the right things were avoiding all the wrong things while all the while our hearts are empty of the presence of God Christ does not abide in us but we show our wordly that we profess a relationship with him but the Bible says the Word of God is a discerner of the intent of the heart in other words the Word of God exposes the heart it exposes that which is within a revelation of truth from the Word of God will do one of 2 things will either lead men and women to harden their hearts against it or be transformed by it and as we preach the word when combined with the presence the Holy Spirit each and every time the Word of God is preached it will have an effect upon the heart of the receiver know this one thing some will not tolerate it. They won't tolerate it and they will even in fact rise up against it and this will cause a shaking among God's people but in the midst of the say King caused by the Word of God as we yielded to his word as Ray said with faith as we dedicate time internalizing God's Word we will not be shaken off we will not be seeking another attribute is prayer Luke recorded in Acts Chapter 4 that Peter and John gathered together with their companions and they prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and in Acts Chapter 4 percent 81 it says that the place in which they were prayed was saken in another similar instance Luke records in Acts Chapter 16 percent when he sex that at midnight Paul and Silas were praying to God when suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundations of the prison were shaken prayer sakes things up prayer shakes the church and prayer elevates the church near and yet near to God's holiness listen and as it does that prayer lifts us up to the holiness of God one of 2 reactions will take place one some will cry out save us from the face of him who sits on the throne because they cannot endure being in the press and so in the convicting presence in the convicting holiness of God they cannot endure they cannot stand the holiness of a God who welcomes sauce to draw near. And s. are we salt as a resold. They are shaken up but in the midst of the shaking caused by prayer as we earnestly cried to be Merced in God's presence as we seek His face my friends we will not be shaken we will not be shaken our. 3rd attribute is being immersed in the holiness of God through the back to the Holy Spirit Exodus Chapter 20 records a solemn moment when the holiness of God cos thunderings and light needs to flash across the sky and the mountain was up in smoke and in verse 18 it says and the people saw it and they were shaken when the prophet Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on his throne he heard Sheriff and who cried cried out holy holy holy is all of hosts the whole earth is filled with His glory and I say is Chapter 6 years for says that at that very moment the post of the door or seat in the church will be immersed in the holiness of God and when it is as we pray for the baptism the Holy Spirit the church will be shaken some will deny his center find power will be 2nd and literally consumed in the last day but in the midst of the shaking as we choose to yield to God's consuming work in us and let it purify us as we cry out whole the holy holy We will not be saken our oh my friends I want to I want to close the verse found in the Bible it's both a promise as and with the promise but it's also a warning and Isaiah Chapter $55.00. Versus 6 and 7 the Bible Sest seek the Lord why a while he may be found call upon him while he is near Let the way get for sake his way and the unrighteous man his starts let him return to the Lord and He will have mercy on him and to our God and He will abundantly pardon the promises that he can be found praise God the promises that he is need or we can claim that promise but the warning is why. While he is near implying that there will be a time where he will not be found why because he will have to cleared it is finished Let him who is filthy let him continue to be filthy he who is holy let him continue to be hold we make friends by the grace of God I will seek to honor his commandments by the grace of God I want to rest on him by the grace of God I want to fix my eyes on Jesus this is my declaration this is my prayer as Joshua once declared as for me in my house we will serve the Lord whether you have known Christ for decades or whether you are just now taking a leap of faith will you right now make a choice to pledge your allegiance to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to accept Jesus Christ asks the Lord of your life the one who governs your life the one who calls the shots in your life will you do that today will you I do praise God Praise God you know some 62 for 6. Read earlier today and now read it once more as we close with prayer those who remain those who stand among those who are going to look up towards heaven with great anticipation are those who will say truly God is my rock and myself they said Here is my fortress let's say together I will not be shaken some 626 my friends that's come before God let's go all out let's give him everything let's devote ourselves entirely to him they say Lord Jesus you are my all in awe let's pray Father in heaven right here right now we make a choice as we stand in the midst of your people in the midst of the church in the midst of your body we stand right now to declare our allegiance to Jesus Christ we stand with him and Lord by your grace alone we devote ourselves to the study of the Scriptures to be grounded in your teachings to take ownership of it of our faith by the grace of God we devote ourselves to prayer teaches how to pray more earnestly we devote ourselves to you Laura. And by your grace we commit to praying daily for the baptism the Holy Spirit that ass these things happen as as they shake the church that we will not be shaken out but instead we will be grounded even deeper more than ever before May this be our commitment right now right here we thank you for your grace that allows us to do so. Jesus' name. In. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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