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The Fruit of the Spirit: The Christian Character

Jed Daniel Lee


Born and raised a Seventh-day Adventist, Jed Daniel Lee was blessed with godly parents and a Christian education. However, while attending a secular university, he did not live as Daniel did in Babylon. Jed virtually forsook God; yet God did not forsake him. Through a series of events, Jed was eventually re-baptized at the 2003 GYC. Jed (JD, MBA) serves part-time as the Administrative Partner at NEWSTART PMR Clinic PC. He is also earning his ND and MScN in the hopes to augment his ability for medical missionary work and integrative health clinics. Jed enjoys ministering to young people and sharing with others the truth about the Creator God. Jed is happily married to his wonderful wife Irene. They are proud parents to Theophilus, Helaine, Heliya and Jeriel.



  • March 27, 2010
    9:00 AM
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my father in heaven praise your name for this beautiful sound with the for waking us up in doing this lease on life wherein we can learn to be holy as you are holding a father we have a problem we're not wholly or sinful were spiritually dead we need the Holy Spirit made us saying inspiring Holy Spirit who inspired the writers of old may he come and dwell not only in this room but in our hearts may he quicken us may he give us life and may he be the instructing spirit father give us years to listen with and hearts to comprehend the great and the truths and mysteries that you have in store for us father hide me NT me and let the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in your sight O Lord our strength and Redeemer and all of God 's people said to have made it wilted license chapter five places chapter five and he does ask you very briefly what have we been studying all quarter long again hearing a smattering of responses I heard fruits of the spirit I heard someone say fruit of the spirit were to be clarifying that here's shortly but turn with me to Galatians Chapter five Oregon is starting actually from first eighteen Galatians Chapter five verse eighteen called a reading from the English standard version and follow along in your Bible Galatians chapter five verse eighteen through twenty three it says but if you are led by the Spirit you are not under the law now the works of the flesh are evident sexual immorality impurity sensuality idolatry sorcery enmity strife jealousy fits of anger rivalries dissensions divisions in the drunkenness orgies and things like these I warn you as I warned you before that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God box the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control against such thing there is no law the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace long-suffering patience kindness goodness faithfulness these are gentlemen what would you say neatness sake gentleness or temperance or self-control how many fruit of the spirit how many fruits of the spirit are there and how many believe it's legacies enhanced data Cecelia Ahern I heard a few more voices than hands I see why yes I guess having a hard time stretching how many believe there are nine fruits okay those of you who aren't raising her hands why watch raising their hands why were all there is only one hiding on always not floral it says fruits all the plural of fruit is the plural of fruit if you look in the English dictionary Excel this is what you are you sure what so do have a mistranslation here is plural in the English language is another finish is an example of the same kind award you can say fish to refer to one's fish we can say fish preferred all the fish is in the state right through his exact same thing in the Greek the word that's translated fruits in the great it's also singular and plural in that same word for it is another the syllables of you are saying though you're convinced because your county here right but there are some of you are saying there's only one and I'm asking again how do you know it's only one the fruit what was that word is an error hurt either you probably have the is entered it will talk later no doesn't make sense though grammatically is that all right no so in other words the word IAS is a what what singular verb that's right so we know contextually by looking here in Galatians chapter five verse twenty two but the fruit of the spirit is all is means one he is you say they you are a silly this was definitely nine fruits it would have said the fruits of the spirit of but yet the pen of inspiration here records that the fruit of the spirit is a honey for we talking about so then how do you account for the nine Elway they all brought a century sister I thought we said it was one of fruits açai craves I frenzy got I like structure mine out beyond the borders of Oregon like maybe sunny California when his forest floor now or age when you open up an horrendous what you have slices or sections with everyone Roy segments all right on good with that and this think of the fruit of the Spirit as an orange and when you peel the orange when you get nine sections sent us nine slices so here's the question how many of you have the fruit of the spirit and people are very tentative with their hands what because you know what you're thinking I do manifest joy love peace but man when it comes to long-suffering law especially knowing rush-hour traffic of a person puts you off or it's almost Sabbath and your kids are still not picking up new enemy weight so what would happen if I had eighties slices some of the same order and eight segments of but I was missing one what I have indeed the food of the spirit yes or no yes or no I am underhandedly and always say yes okay how many signal people can manifest certain segments of the orange but if you don't have the whole orange do you have an orange know powerful think about it but a bundle of bloodshed wait a minute I have a case if you offend in one point of the law you have transmissible friends the slices of the segments of the wall range is not something I produce myself whose fruit is it it says is the fruit of the spirit so is it my friends so how do I obtain this fruit that I need to have the Holy Spirit and if can I have eight ninths of the Holy Spirit either you have him or you don't that's why if you have them guess what you're going to bear in your life you get a bear its fruits if you don't have them in your life tries you and you might be able to go one two three now think any of us here can honestly claim we have all eight of the nine right houses using that as a extreme here but we might be able to get for five things in life the slices of yours but in fact we probably have something like tangelo or something see you have to understand that the fruit of the Spirit is singular and you either have it or you don't now some of that as well commentary echoes this thought it says the fruit of the Spirit is that which naturally develops in the life when the spirit has control the results of such controls stand in marked contrast with the works of the flesh why did we start reading from verse eighteen must go back there and look as is but if you're led by the Spirit you are not under the law and the numbers nineteen as is now law what is a singular or plural how do you know on SCSI S on the Internet that's right if you look at the birds is now the works of the flash all are you know by the verb that the works of art that means the work itself is plural so how many works of the flesh are listed in the town of it we know there are more than nine right okay let me ask you this how many of those who rust stains what must I do in order to do the works of the flesh only one see the contrast with the fruit of the Spirit do not have all the slices or iPhones but with the works of the flesh I can always knowing one him him and him filling the works of the flesh bottle commentary Dennis is the fruit of the Spirit is not the natural product of human nature but on the power holy outside of man attention may be called the fight for the fruit the word fruit is in the singular whereas the word works is plural there is but one fruit of the Spirit and that one fruit includes all the Christian graces enumerated in verses twenty two and twenty three in other words all of these graces are to be present in the life of the Christian enigma cannot be said that he is bearing the fruit of the spirit if one is missing we discover that right on the other hand there are many forms in which people may manifest itself and is necessary for only one of the evil traits listed in verses nineteen to twenty one to be present in the life for a man to be classified with those who produced the works of the flesh know when the last time any of us participated in any orgies was the last time any of us participated in drunkenness was the last time anyone of us participated in the sorcery or idolatry if they are on good I'm not only enables their of friends there are many things listed here fits of anger jealousy dissension division is unlike a church is a sunlight your home do any of these conditions sound like you so friends what this is actually teaching us is it anyhow the fruit of the Spirit or your manifesting the works of the flesh very stark contrast to a law school date T2 they promote this idea pluralism depending on your case your professor will tell you you are before you argue against this book with an know or what you are personal beliefs might be about the situation you have to represent your client and this whole world actually in fact is steeped in this thought that you can have many different ways to arrive at truth you can have me in fact there are many nowadays were saying there is not even just one truth there are many truths remember Jesus Christ himself said what I am the way through the right he never said a truth is that the truth to be the truth is mutually it's it's it's exclusive of all others so if he is not sure and he is far away coming other ways are there is that no one can come to the father except through him right okay we have been so conditioned to think that there are many different ways and avenues to arrive at truth but what this is teaching us here is actually it's not a bunch of grays out there the Bible gospel message is clearly yes or no black or why right or wrong life or death existent or nonexistent his very spark and work for most of us it's an affront to how we being culturally in doctrine it you and I we we prefer the colorful languages of political correctness but the Bible stands in stark contrast to the world because anyone went to love the father doesn't have a logo world but if you love the world below the father is not a new it's the same stark contrast really developing a terrible obit it takes all the Christian graces to make a man a true follower of Christ but only one of the works of the flesh to make a man a follower of the evil one I praise God for some patents on commentary it is an incredible incredible tool for Bible study and friends we just talked about just the theme of the quarter were in a stark lesson study now I ask you just a moment ago how many members of Congress and the leader is a hassle you just turn to the memory resident in Colossians chapter one verse twenty seven glossy chapter one verse twenty seven it says to them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentile which is Christ in you the hope of glory you know what I was going over this quarterly which incidentally was written a little over a year ago okay with our fame always been home who is this whole Jesus Christ where Daniel has Christ awakening inside of you and in order to talk about this really looking at the life of Moses and for those of you who were here for this morning 's devotions yes who was talked about Moses never find that to be peculiar did Boris know about all of this that I know about all of it as did the saddle school quarterly people know about this did it all why seeing all about how all of these things are talking about the same things is a beautiful how God can work in such a multifaceted way to the God willed to make known what the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory imaging exams it says that God would make known its actually better translated God filled to make no heap harpist for it to be known it is his desire for it to be known what does he want known okay but look at the text what did he desire the to be known the riches of glory what is the riches of glory what is gloried by the way okay someone from the back says Goss character for us to understand God over the word glory were going to have to yes look at God 's character Morgan be looking in Exodus before you turn their lending unit is thought where it was God 's plan last his people soon penetrating deeply into the mysteries of divine knowledge by the help of the Holy Spirit my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge friends we are where we are at in our point in history because we are not people of the work we are not studying deeply the word where surface readers to calendar me know how this was all to come together either in turn when we received the revelation of the Holy Spirit dog will transform our very dispositions so that saintly characters will result this is what this passage is talking about our memory verse so we're going to define what Gloria's and for us to do that we're going to have to turn to Exodus chapter thirty three Exodus chapter thirty three Exodus chapter thirty three verse eighteen Exodus chapter thirty three starting from birthday table read to twenty three and says Moses said please show me your glory how many it once was the last time you talk to God today right now I was the last time you asked him to show me your glory God last week will praise God don't you think him very impetuous requests do you know or did you think that mold Moses knew what he was asking for another reason I'm asking this question is because what did God say to him let's just skip down in verse twenty eight God is speaking to Moses after he gets that request is that you cannot see phase four man shall not see me and let most was basically say I haven't switched I want to see your glory about it James states of being was one where if God revealed his glory to the fullest he would expire are you and I like that and yet do we have the courage to ask like Moses did Lord show me your glory it'll sometimes I think where more like our parents Adam and Eve in Genesis three eight day hidden themselves it's interesting when you look at the book of Genesis in fact always maintain all the doctrines of our church all the doctrines of the Bible are contained in Genesis one to three if you have something that you believe in that you cannot find in Genesis one two and three bye-bye Florida your daughter and your foundational basis of your faith needs to be predicated on the foundational premise of Genesis one two and three and eleven we find that in there we find the very first picture of God we get is the odd as creator very next picture of God that we get is in chapter three and is gone presented as a dog presented as a staunch what was happening to Adam many they were going through the investigative judgments and day then what inversely they think themselves are we like many of our regular be like Moses because what was going out to do during the investigative judgment was he there to throw down thunderbolts and burn them dashes right then and there know he was trying to sound with them that message my friends is telling us that the investigative judgment is a reconciliation process and that you and I have nothing to fear but we badly wear the right clothes right dress reform found in Genesis one to three diet reform law you kidding me the Summit state of the new see how this going more or less felt that there would be a strength in him if he could just partake even a glimpse of God 's glory need to be as impetuous or bold as Moses we need to pray daily father reveal your glory to me even though I may expire at the side of your glory but father 's slaying me so that Christ and live this is the message of Moses here inverse eight eighteen over nineteen and he said I will make my goodness pass before you and will proclaim before you the name the Lord I have to give you a digression here in your Bible there look at the word Lord do you notice anything unusual about it their all half 's what does that signify it signifies Jehovah okay how many new that can give you for those of you who've never heard this before if you look in your English Bibles particularly the King 's inns and some of the translations that have this convention if it's not using the biblical names in the in the text it will use the word Lord would just L capitalized with o R&D or it will use all of us fell ORD is a difference in the Hebrew you have the work on July which is the word Lord L lowercase ORD you have the word Elohim which is then translated God or more accurately gods because the plural word in the English language but then you also have four letters known as a tetra graviton which people really don't know how to pronounce but most people guessing is probably an accurate guess that it's pronounced Yahweh K it's translated transliterated into English as Jehovah not enough how you get that putting was title like that okay the word Jehovah you'd be surprised to know occurs over sixty five hundred times in the Old Testament is another how may times more than six thousand five hundred times whereas the word God or Elohim only appears to thousands six hundred and five and yet we refer to God liberally as God and we don't actually call him by his name which is Jehovah or Yahweh why am I making this distinction the word Jehovah appears three times as much as the word Elohim is the reason why does anyone know what the word Jehovah means the self existent one you know this because of people in Exodus chapter three verse fourteen God is again speaking to our favorite character of the day Moses and he said to him God said to Moses I do now and he said say this to the people Israel and God has sent me to you toward high Ya literally means to exist to be in our substance and evidence class were talking about the existence of God and that all matter in this universe scientist and knowledge had to come from somewhere there is not any material thing in the universe that existed without a cause but yet here we know and discover who is the uncaused cause and that is Yahweh why because hi Ya I am ordered to exist literally means that job when a high guide Yahweh that what is wrong when self existent one realtor can you send him holy holy holy rep only hold a whole day Lord God Almighty one missing wife's gone holding does anyone know the word holy name by the way got okay God life what is it about God that makes unholy okay only literally means different separate and unique set apart it's like sanctified how is God different from you and me and all of you have parents that I will be doing parents writing was you got your life from someone else what about God he was self existent which means he has life on the rise his life itself this is why he is holy isn't it a wonderful call be holy like her father in heaven is holy God wants us to be like him going back to Exodus chapter thirty three I will make my goodness pass before you and will proclaim before name the Lord Moses asked God show me your glory and Jesus or God said to him I will show you my goodness and will tell you my name what is the glory of God is his name now how is this character will we lose that connection because in the what when you the word character name have kind of drifted apart but you've heard the expression goal and make a name for yourself right that's what name were talking about here the name of God when you go make a name for yourself you are building up your what reputation your reputation is based upon your character or your name who you are in other words it's literally who you are so when God says or when most essential mere glory God respondent says okay I will tell you my reputation I will tell you my name I will tell you who are at and that is how we understand that businesses character if you jump to the next chapter in chapter thirty four of Exodus in Exodus chapter thirty four starting from verse five you'll see that the Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there and proclaimed the name of the Lord and the Lord passed before him and proclaimed John away Yahweh Elohim merciful and gracious slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness keeping steadfast love for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin but who will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the father on the children and the children's children of the third and fourth generation and inversely most quickly bowed his head toward the earth and worship I try to do that in one breath because it almost seems like you can't have to with that passage right back is the description of God 's name or his character or his reputation are you I thought is a forgiving God are you glad that he demonstrates mercy to you and me are you glad that he has steadfast love and faithfulness what should our response be when Moses do it quickly bowed his head for their that literally means he did this need for Australians on his head hit the ground how may of us when we has we start standing up for the conversion of Saul where do you end up in the dust is a spiritual lesson when we come face-to-face with God 's character you will and I will recognize that we are but dust and we become dust this is the only way the Holy Spirit income quick innocent revivalists to allow his fruit to be demonstrated our lives now I give you little bit more etymology or you know the word humble and what I would comes from getting humble it comes from the old word unless not that they need to put it should but it's a meeting garden okay another dark fluffy rich soil we refer to that unless the word humility came from dirt truly biblical humility is to recognize that I am nothing but dirt and God is my creator why because as in Genesis two and told us on form man from the works of the ground and breathed into him through his nostrils the breath of life when I come face-to-face with that fact with the realization that God is the creator God who formed me from I will do as Moses did in my head with the graph so this is how we see Moses 's request being fulfilled our lesson for this week was talking about the Christian character the Christian character is nothing more than another word for God character because God wants his character we produced in your my life the question is are we letting him or am I trying to push those foods out it takes a person fully dead fully recognizing that he is thus in the ground near the express right resurrection power does not come to build does not come to anyone except those who are dead and you die to self today have I crucified myself in Christ today what it is what is it that is the character of Christ will for us to understand that we have to honestly would Jesus Christ tell me friends why did Jesus come to this planet okay why did he come for second time you can write these verses down on off we see all the verses if you want only been run down and out Matthew five seventeen Matthew nine thirteen Matthew ten thirty four Matthew ten thirty five Luke twelve forty nine Luke twelve fifty one Luke twenty two twenty seven John ten ten John fourteen eighty novel role more time Matthew five seventeen Matthew nine thirteen Matthew ten thirty four Matthew ten thirty five Luke twelve forty nine Luke twelve fifty one loop twenty two twenty seven John ten ten John fourteen eighteen and will cover those very briefly to Matthew five seven Jesus said I can't need to fulfill the law in Matthew nine thirteen is as I have come to call sinners to repentance in Matthew ten thirty four meters says I am come not to send peace but to bring a sword Matthew ten thirty five I am come to set and variance a person variance with his family members interesting Luke twelve forty nine I am come to send a flyer Luke twelve fifty one I've come to give you vision no twenty two twenty seven I have come to serve Lieutenant John ten ten I have come to give life more abundantly John fourteen eighteen I have come to comfort but if you look at the phrases that Jesus says in an and see what he says more often when he says I have icon icon he says I have come the Son of Man is come to seek and save the lost this phrase is repeated more often than those other phrases you'll find those saving the lost in Matthew eighteen eleven in nine fifty six new nineteen ten Matthew twenty twenty eight Mark ten forty five all of these talk about Christ's mission to calm and saved humanity so what was the primary purpose of Christ coming of this planet to save humanity what was the outgrowth of Christ's character that was demonstrated here on this planet he came to the same answer friends became to save others that was the outgrowth of his mission here that's what was demonstrated the people he showed that he wanted to save people why because that was his mission so his mission to save people was an outgrowth of his character he wanted to save people if that is the essence of Christ's character and we want to have Christlike character what you suppose the essence of our lives should be to answer the phone or what to save others Allawi tells us testimonies the church one three I confess I have not read all of them how many you have though day a few of you it's testimonies to the room in my part of that church whose testimonies are they successfully launches a strength so how alumni reveal Lord forgive me testimonies for certifying three page four sixty six you should get rid of your cold formal art site is not over you should get rid of your cold frozen formality as soon as possible sounds like astronomy you need to survey feelings of tenderness unfriendliness in your everyday life you should exhibit true courtesy and crystal politeness the heart that really loves Jesus loves the Oldsmar who he died nigh on ISAM and a man in your being convict about some things but I want to show you how far reaching the students in all the bomb that you pass by that's at the corner light with a little sign that Christ died for that person then counsel to love that person to what about the person that's beating up on my sister I heard less response said he saw the looks on her face it was pretty amusing honestly how radical this call is what did we as humanity what did we do to Christ do we just kill them friends that crucifix and process was an arts the Romans perfected the science of crucifixion but they learn from the Greeks crucifixion was not intended to kill it was intended to shoot nearly eight we have this pristine laundry clean picture of what Christ went through on that cross but in reality what really took place yes he was probably start naked on entry history tells us that the longest person on a cross was on the cross for nine days birds of prey will start coming in eating out your eyes they do it is because they want to humiliate you so was Jesus just killed no Philippians tells that he humbled himself to death but not just gave he died eight he died the disgusting that of the cross who did this to widget and yet she loved us and he loved us someone who was willing to humiliate him and crucify you still love me anyone see you and me to have that saying love the fans we don't have that kind of love do do you doing naturally intrinsically inherently have that kind of love for others how then can I get that kind a lot of what we talk about all quarter long I must manifest the food is for toddler manifesto for the spirit I must have the Holy Spirit who resurrected me from my death how can the Holy Spirit resurrect me from my desk I need to die for is the only way you and I will be able to demonstrate this kind of come passion for others is when I slowly die this is a vital sign school is is a time for discourse and learning and studying but we need to be inspired when even be inspired to be like Christ were too caught up in the lobby myself God knew this since I is a data logger whereas you do love yourself so is such a strong dictator in my life and yet I'd rather sometimes for some reason somehow I'd rather serve South when God says I'm going to set you free as well sung earlier I'm going to give you new life you don't have to struggle anymore I will sustain you so you will not fall do you believe what God said or are you like while you I know that's what I'm reading to blog Romans five tells us that God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us in our high calling page one ninety eight it tells us the character of the Christian is to be a reproduction of the character of Christ the same love the same grace as seen on himself it's been the lengths seen in Christ's life is to characterize the lives of his followers where in overtime the character of the Christian is to be a reproduction of the character of Christ the same love the same race the same on the selfish benevolence way Heidi become unselfish self needs to buy right the same unselfish benevolent scene of his life is to characterize the lives of his followers she also writes the converting power of God must work a transformation of character in many who claim to believe the president should or they cannot fulfill the purpose of God while they are hearers but not doers of the word cure on lovely benevolence will be developed in all developed and how many all in all who make Christ their personal savior there needs to be far less on South and more of Jesus will close with this quote were talking about this late last night and manuscript number twenty four nineteen hundred and three align rights we must be coworkers with Christ for memorable was Christ's work what was his mission what was his character to save others we must be coworkers with Christ if we would see our efforts crowned with success we must weep as he wept for those who would not wait for themselves and plead as he pled for those who will not lead for themselves there are many out there friends who are not weeping there many out there who are not even pleading they what do you know who simply but Hill and I when we them know the character Christ we see people and we have an actual or the natural inclination to go sing even to the point of losing my own salvation for Roland Moses sent them my name in the autonomic blood but these people Paul even said that may be a curse for the sake of my brother Jesus himself said I will die so that others may live this is the demonstration the perfect Academy of God 's character and this is the high calling that you and I have this morning we need to awaken Christ in us the hope of glory and so the message of the Oregon youth for Christ first conference oh wait in hope is challenging you this Sabbath school morning to completely die to Christ die in him so that is Holy Spirit can resurrect you that the fruits of that spirit how many fruit hobbies like this comment if you have on you have you all right so that fields will be manifest in my life and when that food is manifest in my life I will naturally hunger for souls I will naturally lead for those who will not weep I will naturally plea for those who will not think you want to make that kind of a commitment here this morning you want to dedicate your life your whole every fiber of your being to be like share Christ's and a and I want to ask you humble yourselves before God and our awesome Creator as we approach and in prayer father God mercy forgiveness we are so unworthy we realize this is your holy Sabbath day but the recognition of the fact that we are not an ounce of holiness looms over our heads so how as we know unholy people keep yourself a holy father to just to die teach us to ask for you to show us your glory help us to come to the point that Moses did to these sprawled on the ground and recognize that we are nothing but unless and that you are our Creator Jehovah God you are the one who can create in us a new life and you will be the one who will empower us to live this new life in Jesus Christ father we want to go home we want to be with you but yet we realize we have been irresponsible chastises convict us help us to recognize the the times when we don't let's solve thy coolness reef yes so that's truly unique character of Christ and blossoming in our lives as the fruit of the spirit may he inspire our words our thoughts our actions so that we may truly be about our father 's business father we thank you for the assurance that you will sustain us that you will in part to us we claim these promises and we ask again for the Holy Spirit to manifest his food in our lives fully asses in the most worthy name of Jesus Christ


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