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Nothing Shall Offend Them

Alistair Huong
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Jesus warns in Matthew 24 that one of the signs of the times is that "many will be offended", and that it is within this climate of heightened sensitivity and outrage that God's people are to fulfill the gospel commission. This message investigates the current societal issues that fulfill this prediction, and looks to the promise of Psalm 119:165 to see how God's Word offers a solution to these challenges.


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • July 11, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for bringing us safely together the Sabbath morning I pray for all of the rest of our church family wherever they may be we pray for physical safety we pray for health and we pray that our spirits might be strong and holding firmly to Jesus because we believe Truly you are coming soon and I pray Lord today as we open your word help us to know how best to be ready to do our part to hasten that day we ask these things now in Jesus' name amen. You see the title on the screen while it was on the screen nothing shall offend them and we are going to begin by taking a look at Matthew chapter $24.00 this is actually the foundation the premise of our study today can be looking at the signs of the times and so 1st of all we're going to look at we're going to begin reading in verse 3 I'm going to look at a number of verses together and then talk about them so verse 3 of Matthew chapter 24 I think we've all heard these words before but let's review together now as he sat on the Mount of Olives the disciples came to Him privately saying Tell us when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming in of the end of the Age clearly Jesus is being prompted with a question about the end of time and the 2nd coming verse for n. G.'s us answered and said to them take heed that no one deceives you for many will come in my name saying I am the Christ and will deceive many and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation shelled rise against a nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places all these are the beginning of sorrows and let's just skip down to verse 11 Real briefly it says there that many false prophets will rise and deceive many so I want to just quickly take a look at the overview of what we just read and I think a lot of these statements we've we've seen before we've heard about them in evangelist It series of Bible studies before wars and rumors of wars are we not always bombarded with the possibility of war in this day and age of course there is always North Korea of course we don't really know whether Jomon is alive or dead we don't know what's going on it seems like there's always some question and there's always some saber rattling and some threat of some nuclear warhead that they might have gotten access to there's always on the precipice it seems. With North Korea there's a conflict in China with India there's a trade war between China and the us and one thing that's quite specific is that if you can remember where back in January of 2020 you remember when there was a military strike upon. General solo money of the Iranian army there was a headline news you remember that and there was all this talk he was the leading general of the Iranian army and he was in Iraq and the u.s. drone strike took him out and everyone was saying this is going to be World War 3 we're going to go into war with Iran red alert red alert Well fortunately it ended up merely being a rumor of war it never blew up into a full scale war but that seems like ancient history that was like 6 months ago well what happened since then well nation shall rise against nation what's interesting is that the word nation is actually derived the Greek word is ethnos the word from which we derived the word ethnicity so Jesus says in the end times ethnicity will rise against ethnicity do we not see racial tension today particularly in our country and of course a lot of this was sparked you know the the unrest underneath the disks satisfaction has been there for decades but the spark that light this latest fire was the death of George Ford which happened on May 23 not that long ago and how the world has changed our country has changed nation shall rise against nation we read about pestilences I don't think I need to talk about this do I cope at 19 we're all wearing masks now because of covert 19 the worst pestilence in our lifetime and probably in over a 100 years and a lot of news articles you can Google this if you don't believe me. World Health Organization and other international organization are same because of the economical lockdown and the transportation restrictions we are entering a period of severe famine in great swaths of the world and if you look up the term biblical proportion or famines of biblical proportion the b.b.c. the Guardian the c.n.n. I mean all of these news articles they have been reporting on this famines Jesus predicted will happen before the end about earthquakes in diverse places or various places some of you may know whom I speak of whom I speak but we have I had some friends who got stuck in Salt Lake City they were unable to leave the airport because the airport got shut down from an earthquake and this was just in March a team not too long ago and then of course is lost in all the hubbub with the news now but there was a major earthquake in southern Mexico it was a $7.00 on the Richter scale that was just in June 23 so earthquakes continue to occur in various places and then false prophets that's another sign that we just read in Matthew $24.00 and just a couple weeks ago this strikes close to home as far as avid tism goes and also because we live in Tennessee there was a guy named Jeff pivot Ger over Father's Day weekend June 21 point 2 actually I have a picture of the article you can see he took out a $14000.00 ad in the Tennessee and largest newspaper here in Tennessee basically giving a prophecy that on July 18th that's exactly one week from today proponents of Islam is going to detonate a nuclear bomb in Nashville. And because of this we're going to be entering World War 3 instigated by Islam and Donald Trump is going to become the last president of the United States and we're going to enter into a period where the United Nations takes over the world or something to that effect and he of course being a former 7th Day Adventists he implicates Agnes Turk for not preaching this message in the backslidden and all of these things can be proven from Ellen White. Well let's just say Jeff Toobin juror has a complex and he is not a true prophet as we shall see once we passed July 18th next week and will know that his prophecy did not come to pass but all of this to say. All of these signs that we have seen spoken of by Jesus in Matthew chapter 24 of which he says these are just the beginning of sorrows right we've seen a lot of these things happening more recently and when we think about the signs of the times we need to remember that Jesus makes it clear that this is these signs by themselves do not say that Jesus is imminently at the door he says these are the beginning of sorrows but the knowledge is birth pains contractions before a child is born Jesus gives these signs and he says look these signs are going to happen more frequently with greater intensity just like the contractions before a child is born it becomes closer together and more intense right up until the time of delivery and one of my same by lifting up all of these signs Well guess what every single sign I just mention occurred in just the 1st half of 2020 every single one of the things I just mentioned happened in the last 6 months so are we seeing the signs of contraction becoming more frequent and more greater intensity Well I think so. But that's actually not the focus of our study today I want to focus on the next series of verses in Matthew 24 So let's go back there let's read verses 9 to 14 and this is really where I'm going to focus because I think we don't look at this as often as the 1st part that we just read so Jesus continues in verse 9 then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you and you will be hated by all nations for my name's sake and then many will be offended will be tray one another and will hate one another then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many and because the law listeners will abound the love of many will grow cold but he who endures to the end shall be saved and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and then the end will come. So I'm going to outline these points that we just read in Matthew chapter 24 verses 914 What did Jesus just say just point by point number one persecution is coming I think we all know that we've heard all heard it but Jesus now that expounds and give somewhat of a context as to what leaves to the persecution All right is and many will be offended that's the key word there many will be offended and as a result they will be tray and hate one another and in the midst of this false prophets will arise it will deceive many and further stoke this division and lawlessness will about lawlessness in the Old King James It talks about iniquity and as iniquity abounds the love many will grow cold. Now it's interesting that when we read verse $13.14 what context those verses follow because Jesus then says those who endure to the end will be saved now within context what are these people enduring while they're enduring what Jesus just talked about tribulation being delivered up to be killed hated being betrayed the love of many waxing cold lawlessness abounding people being offended at them this is the context that Jesus is speaking about and then verse 14 which is the part we usually skip to and we say this gospel of the kingdom must be preached in all the world as a witness and we say yes that's the work let's go finish the work we don't preach the gospel to Jesus can come but Jesus says hold on let me make sure you understand the context in which the gospel must be preached you get the picture Jesus is saying for you to preach the Gospel to the world I must warn you that it's going to be difficult because people will hate you there will be false prophets like the one we just talked about who will undermine your credibility there will be people who are offended at what you stand for what you believe what you say what you look like perhaps and then there will be lawlessness on top of that and the love of many will last but nevertheless Jesus says endured and preached the Gospel that's our work Matthew 249014 and it's interesting I'll just interject this because we're going to come back to this later the word endure that Jesus uses here it means to remain under pressure. To be able to continue pressing forward even under great pressure and sometimes that word is translated patience patience so looking at this list or this outline of these passages I think we can 0 in on sort of a core issue that sort of triggers this cascade of events and if we can just show the slide before we move on there is as many will be offended many will be offended it gives us this picture that we're going at the end of time there's going to be a scenario in which everyone is upset about everything and as a result of being upset about everything they do irrational things and so I want to 0 in on this idea about many will be offended is this being reflected in our society today well. We have such a thing called Outrage culture nowadays where it's become fashionable to be angry in fact it is virtuous now to be outraged at something how do I know that someone is holy or someone is moral or someone is standing for justice just see what they're railing against right that's just sort of the cultural norm nowadays it's become fashionable I'm virtuous because I'm mad at something I use this as an example I think you'll understand what I'm getting at Imagine a couple months ago if I had told you that one of the biggest trigger words to get people upset at you is the word masks would you believe me I mean a lot of Korean church everyone wears a mask if they're all doctors right so probably in this congregation that you just understand you know where you were both because I wanted to stick. But nowadays you understand you go on social media and you just type in the word ask and just duck for cover because everyone has an opinion on mass now and everyone is offended you're not wearing masks I'm offended at you you're wearing a mask I'm offended I do you understand this is the climate in which something as benign as a mask has no symbolized obviously it represents something far more I understand that but I'm just simply describing the mentality that society is in and we can go down the list oh don't even go into vaccines then that's like a nuclear warhead about to be set off on your Facebook page and then there's over what is a friend of the president oh no it's the other party oh it's the mainstream media Oh I'm offended because we're locked out no I'm offended because we're not locked up long enough you understand every little thing now triggers someone so the point is many will be offended Jesus said and we're now in a position where we see it clearly even something very minute and seemingly harmless and innocuous can blow up into the next greatest scandal but that's not where it ends we're leading now into a culture of censorship censor culture where people say because what you say and what you believe and what you stand for offends me you must be silenced you can't post your videos on You Tube anymore or whatever the circumstances may be many will be offended we're beginning to see a trend of what Jesus is talking about many will be offended will betray one another and hate one another the love of many waxing cold we're seeing the trend of this happening in society because that's not where it ends not only is there a sense of culture now there's a thing called cancel a culture and I don't even need to point out in the world because there have been Adventists preachers. Who have lost their jobs because of You Tube videos of them preaching the gospel some of you know of whom I speak personal friends of mine this is not something that's just happening out there in the world in some non-descript it's affected some of our own the idea that because we say something unpalatable that's offensive to someone else we must lose our jobs our position our credibility our good on her and all the rest and it's getting to the point where it's not even what we say recently like what I said on You Tube last week in a video posted it's stuff that happened decades ago in a high school yearbook or some article I wrote when I was you know an ignorant college student things like that can come back and causes people to be canceled this is all outgrowth of this issue of many being offended and this is actually couched now within the term political correctness and what is really political correctness political correctness you know in some ways you know you're trying not to be offensive I understand that but on the flip side is becoming a thing where it is merely the subjective moral standard of the day whatever the moral standard is of society that sort of blows in the wind it might be one thing today another thing next week certainly by next year is going to be something else political correctness is sort of the euphemistic term over this new moral standard in society and there's a problem because you're thinking Well there are legitimate things to be upset about aren't there well yes of course the reality is as we approach the end of time and the the restraining Spirit of God is being let loose and the 4 winds begin to blow lawlessness and iniquity abounding the love of many waxing cold all of these things occurring there is going to be greater sin and greater injustices that we as Christians ought to be upset about but here is the problem when we're upset about everything we're upset about nothing. Because when everyone is upset about everything there becomes this false moral equivalency over everything that everyone's shouting about I'll give you an example we mentioned masks on using that because I think it's a safe one for me to use in this. Everyone has an opinion on masks it's what everyone shouting right now at volume 10 right on their Facebook page but I was born in Hong Kong and some of you may have heard some of you may not have heard that recently there has been some severe legal restrictions on the city state of Hong Kong a national security law from the People's Republic of China that has violated a lot of the principles of the One Nation to state freedom of you know the pocker sea and freedom of press and freedom of speech now is largely curtailed of course the laws nebulous enough that nobody fully understands the consequences but most commentators who are looking in see a severe cause for concern about freedoms in Hong Kong I know people will probably get upset at this too but to me whether or not someone wears a mask and the freedom of speech of a city of millions of people to me they are not morally equivalent but because we're shouting at everything. To us we lose the gravity we lose the relative moral weight of issues that are occurring and I understand and understand I'm not degrading other issues I'm sure there are many other instances of injustice and things that could certainly be legitimate I'm using that just as one example just one example of what happens when we have this culture of constantly being upset about everything because when where offended about everything we lose the capacity to be offended about anything and we're also now in this day and age I've been alluding to this where the social media ample fied everything so we're not just angry we're angry 24 seventh's I mean. Whenever I go on Facebook now afterwards I feel like I need to take a bath seriously. So good idea to stay off of social media as much as you can now a days but you might be thinking what. What about what about that actually before before we go though I found this statement this week when I was reading in my devotions this is an interesting statement in light of the political correctness this is help in daily living I think Page 32 Christianity will make a man a gentleman Christ was courteous even to his persecutors and his true followers will manifest the same spirit the Gospel does not encourage the formal poll lightness current with the world notice that we can assert the word political correctness there but the courtesy that springs from real kindness of heart I love the balance of the spirit of prophecy because Ellen White here she doesn't merely say it we need to denounce political correctness and we need to stand up for free speech and pound our fists and shout and protest she's not saying that she says no she's saying you need to be courteous like Jesus was courteous be polite and be a gentleman like he was don't just become formal about it in the way the society dictates be genuinely polite be genuinely loving be genuinely charitable in how you deal with other people they met. That's what Jesus wants us to be like All right so that transitions to the next point and that is some of us we are thinking well you know yob everyone's being offended but doesn't Jesus say for us to avoid offending other people in fact actually he does let's take a look at this statement here this is Matthew 1016 behold I send you for the sheep in the midst of wolves be therefore wise as serpents and harmless as does the speaking specifically of evangelism Jesus says you need to be smart you need to plan need to be cunning and strategic like a serpent but be harmless as dogs be as loving and charitable come as close to the people as possible be as win some and loving and lovable as you can possibly be for the sake of the gospel and then the next statement here Romans Chapter 12 years 18 if it be possible as much as live in you live peaceably with all men that's the principle for Christians we ought to come as close as possible to avoid offense as as much as possible to not create conflict where it can be avoided and if it be possible let us leave live peaceably with all men that's what Jesus says that's what Paul says in Romans however however we must remember that avoiding offense is not the end goal for the Christian how often we can we can rationalize Oh I don't want to share my faith I don't want to give literature to that person I don't want to buy that person a church I don't want to tell them that I'm a Christian because I might offend them you have to think that I think that. It's like the 1st gut instinct when it comes to sharing the gospel but I don't want to offend them well look at Jesus's Jesus actually says this in Matthew $1034.00 the same Jesus that says be as harmless as does he also says this Think not that I am come to send peace on earth I came not to send peace by the sword because Jesus understands when we preach the truth as it is in Jesus we can't help but offend some people because the truth. You know the darkness comprehended not the light that's the fact that people are living in sin and we come with the light of the gospel to dispel their sin they're going to hate us and let's take a look at this list real quickly Cain was offended by Abel just about was offended by Elijah rodeos was offended by John the Baptist the princes of meat of Persia were offended by Daniel and the fairies these were offended by Jesus we know all of these stories and in each of these cases what do we see they were offended they persecuted the Saints and in the end they either attempted to and in some cases successfully killed the Saints this is exactly what's going to take place again at the end of time that's what Jesus was talking about in Matthew chapter $24.00 so the point is we are to preach the gospel with clarity but with charity and when we do so we need to recognize someone is still going to be offended and even if they are offended that is not our problem in that case if in the spirit of Christ we have done our part to present it in a loving way so try not to offend others but don't make it our end goal because our mission ultimately is Matthew 2414 to preach the Gospel to the world our so now. Is there a remedy to this seemingly intractable problem where we've got the Gospels. And the Gospels going to offend some people and we see that the world right now is in a perpetual state of being offended. What are we going to do are we just going to talk to are we talking to a brick wall are we just walking into like you know the chainsaw like what's what's the solution what is God's remedy Welp this is our scripture reading for the day and I like how it stated in the Old King James says this is Psalm 1165 great peace have they which love thy law and what does it say nothing shall offend them can you say man to that you have no idea how much I claim this promise is like scrolling through Facebook great piece of the law does not drink offend them. That's kind of the feeling you get sometimes when you read some of the stuff that's being spouted But the point is this the law of God the love of the law of God somehow can neutralize this feeling this this tendency to be offended and be upset about everything well how can that be how can this be and how can this be looking at it from both sides one side is how can we be in a position of having such peace in our hearts to not become easily offended by everything and then on the other hand what our society is there any hope for society. Well how can the law of god help so I'm going to for the remainder of our time together we're going to look at 3 reasons 3 reasons how or why the laws of God give such great peace that we shall not be offended so the 1st point here is that the law is based on selfless love the law of God is based on selfless love Galatians $514.00 says for all the laws fulfilled in one word even in this valley shalt love the neighbor as thyself we all know the golden rule in Galatians I was merely quoting what Jesus said in Matthew Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all their heart mind soul and strength and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself but Jesus Himself just quoting from Moses in the Old Testament It's all throughout Scripture is the foundation of the Christian religion love to God love to man but Matthew 5 Jesus takes it one step further Jesus says you have heard that you shall love those who do good to you No I tell you love your enemies bless those who curse you do good to those that hate you and pray for those who despite fully use you and persecute you Jesus says loving your neighbor is not just loving those people who do nice things to you but those who don't in fact those who hate you and it is terribly difficult to be offended at the enemy whom you have chosen by the grace of God to love Jesus tells the story illustrating this point in the Good Samaritan the lawyer comes them master who is our neighbor thinking to entrap him right and Jesus tells the story and if you can't understand the story of the great good Samaritan is offensive on so many levels to his audience I mean he was taught he was putting his thumb right on the racial tension of the day so not only does he tell a story about the racial in equities you know that talks about you know Jew and Samaritan he makes the Samaritan the hero in the story how dare you. And then Jesus within the story itself illustrates how the Samaritan does what is right even though he knew that it could lead to severe offense he knew that the person who hate that who was helping could turn around and sue him in the court of law or cause some of the harm to him he knew that but nevertheless the story shows us Jesus is telling us love your enemy that's what it looks like the Good Samaritan loving his enemy that's what it means to follow the law of God and if the Christian believer today lives in accordance to the spirit of the Good Samaritan the spirit of the law love the God of love to man can you understand now how great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them that's the picture that we see because the laws based on selfless love so let's go to point over to this one will take a little bit of explanation the law is a moral basis for society we live in 80 Republic where the government derives its power from the consent of the Governed you understand what what I mean when I say that we elect our officials they work for us we don't work for them that however self-government which is the type of government that the United States is built upon requires a morally and virtuous people meaning the government cannot. Institute or cannot inject more relative into the population the government simply reflects the morality and the virtue that's already in existence in the population that by nature is what self-government means and so here we understand that moral education occurs primarily in the home and in the church and to a lesser degree in the school that's where people children that's where we were taught what is right and wrong our parents teach us in the home we learn about it in the church and then particularly if we went to church school it is taught to us in school but here's the problem in western society more WRAL a-T. as well as all of these institutions of the home the church and the school have been eroded in recent history and in its place has been a secular philosophy and a secular way of thinking a series of morals that is no longer based on the timeless law of God And so what happens this is actually what we're seeing what what's actually sparking all of this outrage in all of this offense is that there is no moral standard anymore and people are offended because their moral standard internally is what's driving them to find fault in what other people say do or whatever what have you but it's difficult for the side it's actually module 8 this because there is no longer any objective standard that every man is doing that which is right in their own eyes. And a lot of this is because we have moved away as a society from the law of God being the moral basis of society now in the spirit of in the spirit of Independence Day which we just celebrated last week I want to share with you a few statements from. Founding fathers of the United States All right this is George Washington he says virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government and he also says human rights can only be assured among a virtuous people. Benjamin Franklin says only a virtuous people are capable of freedom James Madison says to suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people is a kind miracle or imaginary idea and the most famous statement I think that of this effect is from John Adams he says we have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion avarice ambition revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our constitution as they wail goes through a net our Constitution was only was made only for a moral and religious people it is holy in adequate to the government of any other notice the us founding fathers make it very clear that the Constitution and the u.s. government is not there to enforce morality in in the terms of injecting it into the population it requires that from the population because the government rests on the people the people is what gives the power the consent of the governed is what gives power to the government and so what happens when society decides to untether itself from an objective moral standard like God's Law Well we don't have to look we don't have to guess because we actually have an example in history we have an example of a period in history where there was a nation the only nation. In the history of mankind who through its legislative bodies officially made a decree that we don't need God anymore. It was a fee a stick France during the French Revolution and this is what we read in the book great controversy pitch $282.00 this is what was occurring in the time of the French Revolution after a period jettisoning the Bible the saints the law of God they kicked all of these things out of their country and this is the result at the opening of the revolution by concession of the king the people were granted a representation exceeding that of the nobles and the clergy combined so that was the ruling class and now the population now have been given power thus the balance of power was in their hands but they were not prepared to use it with wisdom in moderation what does it mean with the moderation that's simply another way of saying virtue and morality Wisdom is knowing the difference between right and wrong and moderation that's temperance or self-control which is a virtue the people in France the population of France did not have that moral fiber that was grounded in the moral law so eager to redress the wrongs they had suffered they determined to undertake the reconstruction of society and if you listen carefully you'll hear echoes of these sentiments today French Revolution is echoing today let's take a look at the next statement actually it's the same paragraph continuing same page and outraged populace notice. It was a population that was consumed with being offended of being angry being outraged at their injustice that they they witnessed I says whose minds were filled with bitter and long treasured memories of wrong resolved to revolutionize the state of misery that a grown unbearable and to avenge themselves upon those whom they regarded as the authors of their sufferings the or pressed wrought out the lesson they had learned of their tyranny and became the old pressers of those who had oppressed them and this launched France into appeared called the reign of terror in which there were blood in the streets the guillotine were chopping heads off all day long there was an arche and rioting this was the result of people discarding the law of God when morality society no longer was incurred on the timeless principles of the Word of God and His law and we said we don't need that anymore we've got human reason friend they deified reason to the point where they worship the goddess of reason. They said we don't need God anymore we're fine the way we are and that was the result of an attempt to revolutionize reconstruct society tear everything down kill everyone who does this agrees with us because we're so angry and why you're angry because I'm angry Well why are you angry because I'm mad or why are you mad I just am. Because they're no longer based on in timeless extrinsic eternal moral standard Now I want to contrast this with what happened in America because the United States of America was founded on different principles in great controversy ph to 96 talking about the early Pilgrim Fathers came to this country notice how it's described the Bible is held as the foundation of faith the source of wisdom and the charter of liberty its principles were diligently taught in the home in the school and in the church the 3 institutions we talked about being eroded earlier and notice carefully it wasn't enforced by the state the state did not mandate a religion it did not mandate any type of religious exercise it was all within society in the fabric of our daily life our homes our families the school in the church and its fruits were manifest in thrift intelligence purity and temperance Those are all virtues I think we universally believe should be inculcated in a population one might be for years a dweller in a Puritan settlement and not see a drunkard or hear in oath or meet a beggar it was demonstrated that the principles of the Bible are the surest safeguards of national greatness that boldest and sentence right there is exactly what I'm saying at the top the law of God is the moral basis for society the feeble and isolated colonies grew to Confederation of powerful states and the world marked with wonder the peace and prosperity of a church without a pope and a state without a king. That's the testimony of the United States upon a nation that was raised up with the principles of a population that had a moral fiber to it based on the Bible so what every read or what have we learned so far we learned the history shows us that political answers alone will never suffice the solution is the law of God being written in our hearts and in our minds it also shows us that the state should never be allowed to dictate individual conscience more relative and virtue is a responsibility of the home and of the church the church and state must remain separate but the church must do its part to educate the people in what it means to live in moral life as according to the Bible the principles of morality must permit the fabric of society which undergirds the government of the people this is how the law how they who love the law will have great peace and nothing shall offend them it because they will have a moral objective standard by which is determined what is right and what is wrong so moving ahead now point to 3. The 3rd reason why the law of God can give us hope the law gives assurance of a righteous judge what I mean by that because there is a moral law that means there's a moral law giver and if there's a moral law giver that means the emblem or all will be held to account that means true justice will ultimately prevail one day that means I don't have to take it into my own hands to exact the justice that I believe I am due right now. So even if we can't solve all of the world's problems even if injustice still exists when I exit the world we can know we can have the assurance that God will make it right someday and he will make a right eternally meaning it will never revert back to injustice so a couple of passages of Scripture I want to share with you some 1964 this verse is interesting because it is exactly one verse before scripture reading a great piece of they were by law all right before that this is what the sourness writes 7 times a day do I praise the because I write just judgments. The law of God gives us the promise of God's righteous judgment Psalm $9610.00 say among the heathen that the that the Lord reign if the world also shall be established that is Shall Not Be Moved he shall judge the people righteously and here's one of my favorites Romans 1219 dearly beloved of Benj not yourselves but rather give place unto rap for it is written Vengeance is mine I will repay say with the Lord I did I need to be worried about gaining vengeance seeking retribution for wrongs that have been done against me because there is a God in heaven who will do it for me and his righteous judgment is right every time and he will never miss a case and when he says something right it will be right for ever and when we have that understanding no wonder the Psalmist can say great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them so what does it say here a great piece of they were of the law why because the law is based on selfless love and also because the law is the moral basis for society and because the law gives assurance of a righteous judge and that's why nothing shout offend them. Now I want to tie this back into Matthew chapter 24 as we get ready to wrap this up. Remember we talked about the mission right people be offended or lead to persecution to lead to lawlessness there will be iniquity you know we see all of these things that the mission is the Gospel still must go to the world despite that state of affairs and so the lesson we ought to draw from this are several fold number one we have to remember not to become easily distracted by becoming easily offended even though the culture around us is outraged at everything maybe we exhibit the peace. That the Christian can have when we are abiding in Jesus but then the next point is we ought to avoid offending others as far as possible but nevertheless not allow that to shut down our witness we must preach the truth but still be willing to stand for the right though the heavens form so we ought to keep the law and trust in the law giver because he will ultimately grant us justice so Matthew 2413 and 14 but he that endure unto the end the same shall be saved and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness and all nations and then shall the end come notice this is the mission statement that we have been you know sort of mining and talking about reflecting on this morning but notice it's all in the future tense it's all the Future Tense he that shall endure he shall be see this gospel the kingdom shall be preached and then shall be encompass all future tense. But this passage has a sister passage in Revelation Chapter 14 and this is our last statement for the day but I want to show you this Revelation Chapter 14 the 3 engines messages we're going to look at the very beginning verse 6 in verse 12 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach into them that while the earth and every nation can talk and people all of a sudden were talking in present tense now the gospel is being preached to every nation kindred tongue and people now at the time of the 3 angels and at the end of the 3 angels messages look how God's people are described here is the patience of the saints Well guess what the word patience there same Greek word same root Greek word as he that endures and to the end so Jesus says they that shall endure in Revelation 14 Jesus says here are they who do endure or here is the patience of the saints its present tense now the people are here and how are they described further here are they that keep the commandments of got and the faith of Jesus if I can put it this way those who endure unto the end the saints they keep the commandments of God meaning they love the law of God. Great Peace have they which love via law and nothing shall offend them and what is the faith of Jesus the faith of Jesus is being nailed to a cross and saying Father into the hands I commend my spirit committing his case to the righteous Judge and at the same time not being offended at those who are crucifying him but saying Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Those who preach the 3 messages with power at the end of time they will endure and to the end they will endure the persecution being offended by those being betraying them and hating them but how how they can have peace because they keep the Law of God great piece of they which love dialogue and they have the faith of Jesus and because they have the faith of Jesus nothing shall offend them so today Jesus tells us he were indoors and at the end the same shall be saved this gospel will be preached for a witness and to all nations and he says here is the patience of the saints he will have a group of people who will be faithful and to the end he will have a group of people who will not be offended by every latest thing that pops up on Facebook or Twitter Instagram he will have a group of people who will be laser focused on accomplishing the mission of taking the gospel to the world for a witness regardless of the cost regardless of the consequence the simple question is is that going to be you and if that can be me so how many of us today want to say Lord I want to have that piece of my. Lord give me the love for your law that nothing may offend me so I can accomplish the work you called me to do God bless you let's pray together Father in heaven we thank you for your law that's based on love we thank you for Jesus who is the living demonstration of the law being lived out in flesh and blood and Lord no one was mistreated as much as him and so may we look to him May we have the faith of Jesus as we interact with the world around us a world that is upset a world that is unhinged a world that is hurting and broken May we speak truth with love with charity but with clarity. And truly Lord may we not lose heart that we might accomplish your work and your mission despite the 4 bidding for the foreboding circumstances and that we will be faithful until you can bless us today the remainder of the Sabbath and the week ahead I may really ever remember a great piece of a. Shell of grant this promise to us today Jesus. 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