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Global Slavery

Steve Wohlberg


On July 4, Americans celebrate freedom. But are they really free? Due to COVID-19, millions don’t feel free at all. Racism still plagues humanity, plus countless other problems. In his July 4, 2020 message, Pastor Steve Wohlberg reveals where true freedom can be found.


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • July 4, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Good morning good to be here today good to be alive I heard a minister once say he said today is a good day and then he said every day above ground is a good day and is that true Senator shining it's a big day in America happy to be here. Joy listening to some of the testimony and I certainly agree with my mother in law that it's great to be out of the city I grew up in the north Hollywood area and I tell you being up here it's just fantastic to be out of Los Angeles and that it's Joel right freesheet your little short comment. That you just said about would get married it wasn't quite so is it for me. But I'm glad I made that choice at 20 good years 20 wonderful years my wife is here Kristin and her parents and our children Seth and happy. Sorry about your cat we know what that's like to lose an animal and it's definitely painful and that the Lord loves the birds and he loves our cats and dogs and he loves that so me he comfort your heart in this time of of your loss Ok if you have your Bibles I know vite you to open up to the Book of John we actually just heard verses 3435 and 36 and I'd like to read 1st 32 and then have a prayer as we get into a big subject my title is called Global Slavery global slavery John Chapter 8 verse 32 these are the words of Jesus Jesus said and you shall know the truth and the truth shall do what for you. The truth shall make you free right Ok let's let's pray together dear Father in heaven thank you that we can be here today in this church in Spirit Lake thank you for your love for us. And your goodness so you've just been so good and we know that our country and our world is in a state of crisis in many many places in many ways we pray for your blessing in that you will help us to turn our eyes upon Jesus we do pray for the Holy Spirit somebody mentioned a little while ago that his hope is that the Holy Spirit will be in this service and that is my hope as well that is our prayer the prayer of our hearts please father send the Holy Spirit from heaven to touch our hearts to help me as I lead out pray for your blessing upon all of us in Jesus Christ's name we ask man. And Ok global slavery we all know what today is great Today is July what July for 2020 the 4th of July this is a an American national holiday. It has a lot of lot of history behind it a lot of memories connected to this day if you go back 244 years from today if you go back to July for 1776 that was a really really big day actually you could call it the birthday of America really. Let me just give you a couple a quiz questions a little bit of refreshing of our history I've been doing this recently getting ready for this talk and so I think this would be good for all of us. It was the well maybe I'll just ask you what happened on July for 776 that's so important there was a document that was drafted Yes yes declaration of it and it's right there actually been drafted and worked on prior to July for but then it was officially voted that's right they the document called the Declaration of Independence it was voted by what was called the Continental Congress the representatives of the 13 colonies 13 colonies and who knows where they gathered together what state were they in it but you know we should all know that. It was it was yes it was in the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania correct and somebody was the lead writer that drafted. This document there were other people that had their hand in it but who was the main writer anybody no Thomas Jefferson good very good Ok here's another question what's the Declaration of Independence actually signed on July for or not no it wasn't who knows the date were most historians say the actual sign or signed it it was it was it was in August August the 2nd August 2nd that's what I read that's what they say at most a story and say it was actually signed how many people signed it who remember 5056 there were 56 signers of that duck that declaration and the room that they met in later they change the name and who knows now what we call that room Independence Hall That's right Independence Hall in Philadelphia 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. 13 colonies to claim their declaring their independence from who from England that's right in England and who was the who was the the big bad king of England at that time King George the 3rd good yeah the tyrant That's right that's what they called him a tyrant if you google America's most important documents most famous documents in fact if you Google the world's most famous document this one many times is right up there high on the list and the document is the the Declaration of Independence when the colonies declared their independence from England and from King George and they declared themselves to be now the United States instead of colonies they were now the states United States of America chill life for 776 the 2nd most important document least in American history is United States Constitution 1787 and the 3rd most important document is who knows what Bill of Rights that's right that was 1791 I've got a little book here which has the Declaration of Independence in it it's got the Constitution in it it's got the Bill of Rights in it it's called Citizens rule book now it's a little handy copy and it shows these documents plus it also has another document listed and I think this is probably the most important document ever written in the history of the world and you can guess what that document is. Right it was the 10 Commandments with the thinker of God It's more than a document it's a law and so the 10 Commandments is written here the Declaration of Independence the Constitution the Bill of Rights now there is one sentence at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence the full title is the unanimous declaration of the 13 United States of America in Congress July for $1776.00 and here's one sentence which if you if you were to I'm assuming if you Google the some of the most important sentences in the history of the world I think this one classifies as one of them so listen to this this is the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence it says We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created how created equal all men are created equal whatever the color of our skin whatever our economic status wherever we're from whoever we are how short how tall and whether you know skinny or however we may go in the other direction. We are all created equal it says and that they are in doubt by their Creator with certain in Alien the bull writes. That among these are 3 things what's the 1st one lie number 2 liberty and number 3 the pursuit of happiness right now this is actually very profound it tells us that we have in Alien a bill rights that are not conferred upon us by any organization they're not given to us by government they are rights that we all have naturally inalienable and they come from from our Creator the the the Psion hers of the declaration the author of the declaration the declaration itself does not support evolution it does not support that we originated billions of years ago from some cosmic slime It says that we have a creator we have a creator God who made that it's and that's really a wonderful thought isn't it to realize that we are not here by chance we're not here just by by accident that we have a Maker and if you look in the mirror and look at your sepo and realize somebody made me that's quite thought it really is we have a creator and not only that not only is that a precious thought but this Creator has given us a lie. The law that we have has been given to us by Him we have a right to life and in a legal right and the next one is liberty and freedom and that tells me that God's than our Creator and the Bible surely tells us this that he not only created us but his plan for us is that we should be free in that beautiful thought we do not have a Maker up in up in heaven that once has to be in bondage he wants us to be free it gives us the life he wants us free and the 3rd thing there is the pursuit of happiness I mean that tells me and we know this is true from the Bible that that our Creator also he wants us to be happy and really isn't that a beautiful thought I mean in this world of sin and chaos and confusion and all the different religions and ideas and problems it's really it's just a foundation for us to realize that we have a maker who loves us who has given us life who wants us to be free and who want sets to be happy he likes to see aisles on our. To see children playing outside he likes to see when we when we all get along you know doesn't he that's the way he is that's the way God is system it's just really precious to realise that not a lot of people in this world today even know that wouldn't you agree lot of people don't believe in their creed in their Creator they don't believe he gave them life they don't know that he one says to be free and that he wants us to be happy. That's what Jesus came to show us to reveal to us when he was here now back to the Declaration of Independence as you keep reading this document it talks about the absolute Despotism. Of the King of Great Britain it talks about absolute his absolute tyranny over the states and how he has abused his authority and then it lists Does anybody remember the number of how many abuses are listed in the Declaration of Independence abuses by the king of England but I remember you know that's kind of a hard question there's a 2727 abuses listed and because of all these abuses showing that tyranny of King George against the colonies they decided We don't want to be colonies of England anymore now we want to be free United States and they declared that on July for and this is what they said We therefore the representatives of the United States of America in general Congress assembled appealing to the judge of the world and by the authority of the good people of these colonies solemnly publish and declare that these united colonies are and of right ought to be free and independent states and that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British crown and all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain is and ought to be totally dissolved. So they asserted their freedom against tyranny and said we are now here by dissolving our allegiance to King George the 3rd noble truths in this document when you say very noble very powerful trues that really gave birth to America birth United States now it's a sad fact that Americans have not always followed these powerful true this is not right. I was rather shocked to discover as I did a little research on this that a 3rd approximately a 3rd of those who signed the decorate Declaration of Independence had slaves they were slave owners. Slavery was practiced in America before and after July for 776 and of course we know that it really came to a head during the time of the civil war in the 18 sixty's which was fought largely over slavery and it's also a fact that even though slavery was officially abolished in $963.00 through the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln it's also a fact that prejudice and racism still exist today all the way down in 2020 is that right anybody disagree with that. Within the last few months this whole issue has once again come on to the front burner of the national and global conversation people are discussing this all around the world. Prejudice and racism it is a sad truth that. Racism does exist and you know prejudice is more than a one way street as well prejudice can go from one skin to another skin and from the other skin back to the skin it goes back and forth black against white white against black black against or white against. Brown there's all kinds of racism and prejudice that still exists in our world right now and not only that but slavery exists still today far beyond the Emancipation Proclamation there's a lot of slavery in this world if you Google this just type in on your phone or in your computer does slavery still exist you'll find that it surely does it exists in many different forms it exists in many different countries around the world most of us I think we all probably know about what's happening in this country it's an awful thing I'm not going to talk about it for long but you know you see pictures in markets in grocery stores pictures of children who have disappeared and many of these children are abducted they're kidnapped and then they are sold into slavery sex slavery it's called child trafficking it's just it's a nightmare it's a nightmare so horror to even think of that there are other places where people are little children are forced to get married which is a form of slavery they're forced into marriage it's forced into labor other kinds of labor as we all know where we've been struggling as a country and as a world with the corona buyers pandemic. That's been going on for for many many months and there is Squad a controversy going on between well on the one hand we need to safeguard our health but on the other hand shouldn't businesses have the freedom to choose whether they should be open to whether they should so that they can have an income and they can pay their bills and there are many that are just wrestling with these issues in America and I think it's safe to say when you look at the big picture in a lot of different ways that slowly but surely most of us are aware that our freedoms are disappearing freedoms are disappearing in this country and we ultimately know where this is going to lead the Book of Revelation talks about the mark of the beast when nobody can buy or sell unless he has the mark there are other forms of slavery that are more personal slavery issues such as slavery to 2 bad habits you ever been a slave to a habit that you you just couldn't break on your own I think many of us if not all of us slavery to bad habits things like alcohol tobacco there is such a thing as as addiction to certain kinds of foods you heard of that had just you know can't stop eating something that you know it's not good for you there's another that's another form of addiction entertainment people can be addicted to entertainment certain kinds of entertainment and it's social media it's another form of addiction social media can be used for good. But it can also become addicting is not right a lot of people are talking about that addictions to slavery or to have social media there's all kinds of addictions that people have that we struggle with that human beings struggle with that humanity struggles with just like all men were created equal so all of us now that we're in a fallen world we all struggle with different different things that are pulling us into slavery into bondage and this is not just happening here in Spirit Lake or North Idaho or eastern Washington but it's happening all over the world. Because of because of Adam and Eve's choice to eat the forbidden fruit humanity as a whole the whole human race struggles with Global Slavery pulling these forces that are that are trying to pull us down they're trying to. Take our lives and trying to lead us away from our creator who loves us who's given us life who wants us to be free and who his greatest desire is press to be happy there are forces that work and who is the ultimate tyrant behind the scenes in 1776 it was King George the 3rd but who is the tyrant of tyrants. That's right it's the devil the in this the bull devil who is working behind the scenes behind the king of England George the 3rd and he's been working through tyrants down throughout history and he his ultimate goal is to bring all of us into bondage I'd like you to open your Bibles turn with me to 2nd Timothy 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 2nd Timothy 2 verses 24 to 26 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 verses 24 $26.00 Paul is writing and he says that this he wrote that the servant of the Lord must not strive and in my Bible in the margin it says quarrel the servant of God must not be involved in continual quarrelling and fighting that's not God's plan but he wants us to be Gentle gentle to all apt to teach patient in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves if God perhaps will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil who are taken captive by him and my Bible says at the end taken captive by him at will and the other translations to that to do His Will some of your Bibles may say that who are taken captive by the devil to do is will that is ultimately Satan's goal is to capture us so that we do His will. So that instead of doing what's right and following God and being free and being happy that we are. In snared by him captured by him the worst tyrant of all Satan does not desire our happiness Satan does not want us to be free he does not want to us to know our Creator he wants to bring us in to bondage and he's much worse than King George now turn to Mark Chapter 5 want to just take a look at a few verses here and Mark. This is probably one of the most graphic chapters in the Bible that deals with slavery and bondage Mark Chapter 5 the scene in the life of Jesus Mark 5 verse what says they they came over to the other side of the sea Jesus and His disciples were in a little boat they had crossed the sea into the country of the Gadarene and when he was come out of the ship their little ship docked on the shore and Jesus got out of the boat the disciples got out of the boat it says immediately there met him out of the tombs aimé and with an clean spirit who had his dwelling among the tombs and no man could bind him no not with chains because he had often been bound with fetters and chains and the chains have been had been torn apart plucked asunder by him and the fetters broken in pieces neither could any man tame him the sky was untamable and it says always night and day he was in the mountains and in the Tombs he was crying and having himself with stones. Now you could say a lot about these words here's a man that his compound has passed completely under the control of the devil he is a possessed man he now has an unclean spirit instead of the Holy Spirit inside of him the spirit is unclean and it's it's driving him to do things that he wouldn't normally do the spirit was very strong it broke the chains that he was bound by he was drawn and pushed into the tools into a cemetery where he was hanging out which tells me that the devil you know he just loves death and he's just moves this man to hang out among the dead some time ago I was in this is actually quite a while ago I was happened to be in a in a record store is they don't have records anymore so much but I looked at the albums on the records and I saw all these gas leads rock and roll just ghastly pictures of death that are all over them a lot of the rock and roll industry it's that it's just you know captivated by the to the grave dead people things like this and it just shows you where the devil wants to take people that's where he wants to take the whole world and it also says that this man was that cutting himself cutting himself with stones have ever heard of cutting and so it's a sad thing it's sometimes. Teenagers and others they they just for whatever reason they just start slicing themselves and they cannot stop cutting themselves it becomes an addiction people are cutting themselves today and if you look at verse 5 it says that this man was he was. He was crying crying out and putting himself with stone do you think this man looks happy and you know his soul was just he was just crying and weeping and he was so so sad that he was in this condition this is not God's plan for human beings he doesn't want us to be in this state and this man was ultimately he was miserable there wasn't. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness going on to this guy he was absolutely miserable and this tells me that that's where you know that's where Satan wants to take us he wants he wants you would need to be miserable he doesn't want to be happy and so on has to be free he wants to be to behind us and take us captive to do His will and to destroy us now in the next verse or actually before I read the next verse Let me just read a. Little bit from the book the desire of ages this is a chapter talking about these demoniacs that listen to this this is page 341 of the book desire pages it says the encounter with the demoniacs of Girl Gets had a lesson for the disciples it showed the depths of degradation to which Satan is seeking to drag the whole human race that is global slavery that's what Satan's goal is it's just to rag us all down and just make us absolutely miserable and one of these days in the final final days when people continue to reject their Creator God is going to give the world over to the tyrant that the world has chosen we call that the time of trouble. Daniel Chapter 12 there will be a time of trouble such as never was and when that time comes Satan will have full control of the human race that will be total global slavery this shows what Satan is seeking to do to drag the whole human race and it also shows the mission of Christ to set men free from his power so we get the bad guys and the good guys we have the debt we have the tyrant but we have we have Jesus the mission of Christ is to set men free from his power I'll say that again the mission of Christ is to set men and women free from Satan's power that's why Jesus Cain in the next verse there's only one of them described in this in March after $51.00 of the demoniacs other. Sections talk about 2 of them this one just zeroes in on one of them and it says in verse 6 that when he saw that Jesus a far off he ran and he worshiped him he saw Jesus he was in the cemetery and just didn't really he sighed Jesus get off this boat and something inside of him said this person can help me and he ran over to him and he got down on his knees and he opened his mouth and he wanted to say he wanted to say Help me help me but as he opened his mouth to say help me there was another will that was in control of his. And he was not allowed to say what he really wanted to say and so what were the words that came out verse 7 says he cried with a loud voice and he said What have I to do with you Jesus you son of the most God I a juror you by God that you torment me not how did that voice know who he really was the reason was because that voice and those beings that were inside of this man have been around for a long long time they knew who Jesus was they knew he was the Son of God They recognized him you are the one that kicked us out of heaven and that's the voice that spoke through this through this man in verse 9 Jesus asked this man he said What is your name what is your name Jesus did run away from him he just stood right there in desire bade the Says the disciples bolted back to the boat but not Jesus he just stood right there he wasn't afraid at all and he said what's your name and the man didn't say My name's Bob or Bill or Jeremiah are any other common Hugh Brewer Jewish names back then he didn't say that when did he say yeah verse 9 he answered and he said My name is a legion for we are. Now a legion consisted of between 3 to 5000 Roman troops and they they said my name is legion for we are many in other words there's a lot of us in here. There's thousands of us in here and we've taken over we've taken control of this human be and we have brought this human being into bondage. Jesus just looked and he knew what he was about to do drive them out and they knew that too because they knew that even though that human was no match for them they knew that they were no match for the other human that was standing in front of them the person that they were in inhabiting had no ability to overcome the spirits but geez that's another matter they were now in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ the King of Kings Lord of Lords the supreme judge of the world was now in human form and so the demons be sought him much that he would not send them away out of the country for whatever reason they wanted to stay local verse 11 says there was near near to the mountains a great herd of swine eating pigs feeding and all the devils all the devils be sought him and they said send us into the pigs that we may enter them and Jesus gave them leave and he said go and the unclaimed spirits went out and they entered into the swine and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea where and there was about 2000 of these pigs and they were all choked in the sea they ever heard the expression deviled Ham I think this is where it comes from these were pigs that now were inhabited by demons so the demon This went out of the band. And then they went into the pigs and then the pigs they pushed the pigs off the cliff and into the water and they died now there is no way if you accept the Bible that you can you can conclude that this man simply had psychological problems you know this was not just a man that had mental issues he did have mental issues he did have psychological problems but there was a there was a power behind those issues and we know that because all the spirits went out and then they went into the pigs and then the pigs went into the water and if there would have been 3000 pigs that they had probably all would have gone in 4000 pig because remember a Roman legion is between 3 and 5000 so maybe even if there were 5000 pigs up there maybe there would have been one demon for every pig and they all would have gone into the water it's a lot of demons it's a lot of devils and it just shows you know that I've used a term Sometimes I'll use it again that humans were created to be in dwell a ball we are indelible be when our Creator made us He made us. So that someone else can come in and live inside of us we can become a house we can become a home Bible calls us a temple a temple for the Holy Spirit and somebody is going to live in a us we have a choice who do we want to live in us do we want the Holy Spirit do we want God do we want the one who loves us to do well within us or if we don't then what option do we have that's left what's left is is the Legion. The legion of of demons Now notice the next 2 verses it says they that fed the swine or the pigs those were the keepers of the pigs they they ran away when they saw their all their pigs going into the water and dying and they told it in the city and in the country they told the people you're not going to believe what just happened to all of our pigs there were those guys in the cemetery those guys hanging out there that were crying out night and day cutting themselves that had chains that broke their change member those 2 guys well they they ran over to a boat where there was a man in the boat that got out of the boat and he he drove them all out and they all went out of the. Out of these crazy people they went into are pigs and then are pigs went off the cliff and they died you gotta come out and see this so a crowd came out it says they had that fed the swine fled told it in the city and in the country and they went out to see what it was that was done. They want to wow want to see this wife see this man and then notice what happened verse 15 it says they came they came to Jesus and they saw him that was possessed with the devil and the Legion and now how did they look take a look this is a beautiful verse it says he was sitting it wasn't running around anymore he was call see the theatre of Jesus and he was he was clothed because before he was unclothed that's one of the things that devil likes to do he knows get people to take off their clothes when the shouldn't be doing that but now that the Devils were out and the Holy Spirit was in now he was clothed he was modest dressed and then it says and what that last part. He was in his right mind to and that's powerful he was in his right mind what are the characteristics of a right mind the characteristics of a right mind is to know that you have a creator who loves you like the Declaration of Independence says we have a creator a creator who wants us to be free a creator who wants us to be happy it's one that's to be miserable and in bondage and captives a Creator who gave us a law which is also if this book The 10 Commandments and the 10 Commandments keep in keeping the 10 commandments we are protected from a whole host of evils God has given us his law because he knows that's what's best for us and if we put him 1st and if we don't have a title Zz we don't take his name in vain we keep the Sabbath we respect and honor our parents we don't hate or murder or we're not in slave to sex. Or stealing or lying or coveting of the principles or to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself those principles are good the 10 commensurate good God gave us to take a man it's because he wants to protect us he doesn't want us to go outside of that law because he knows that that's where the devil hits that's where the demons are that's where evil is this man was in his right mind and God wants us to be in our right minds today on this 4th of July he wants this to be in our right minds he wants what's best for us brothers and sisters we have an enemy that is too strong. For us to deal with on our own if we think we can just fight this battle in our own strength we can't we just can't do it if we don't have help we will end up a slave to do the will of the slave master and that is say to himself but we have a friend who loves us and who sent that man free and who wants to set us free a couple of sentences here in desire pages it says satans influence is constantly exerted upon men to distract their senses to control their minds for evil to incite to violence and crime we see that in our world right now he weakens the body he darkens the intellect he debases the soul when ever men reject the Saviors invitation they are yielding themselves to Satan in other words. A choice not to follow Jesus is really a choice to follow say there is no neutral ground we just the way life is and it says multitudes in every department of life in the whole in business even in the church are doing this today it is because of this that violence and crime have overspread the Earth that's the real the real reason and that's the reason for moral darkness like the Hall of death is enshrouding the inhabitants of men last couple sentences here it says the only safeguard against say tense power is the presence of Jesus. Before men and angels say 10 has been revealed as man's enemy and destroyer and Jesus has been revealed as man's friend and the liver that's what we see it Mark. We see Satan's desire to bring everybody into slavery and we see Jesus and His power to set people free and to put them back in their right minds praise God Well tonight when the sun goes down they'll be fireworks think we're planning on going to Priest regret or know if they're having any fireworks in Spirit Lake or not. I don't know but I think they're still going on in Priest River not far from where we live and when the sun goes down we typically go out there and we just watch the fireworks go off it's a nice it's just a nice moment we like doing that and. All around the country many Americans will still celebrate the Declaration of Independence and celebrate their freedom the sad fact is that even in America on the 4th of July watching fireworks so many are still in bondage so many are slaves slaves to sin slave to Satan to the greatest tyrant of all and it's not just in America but it's around the world global slavery still here it's very real. And there's only one path to freedom only one. And that is Jesus and God It's that famous line in the Declaration of Independence that famous sentence that says we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and that they are Daoud by their Creator with certain in unalienable rights and that among these are life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness we have a loving creator that is watching over us right now on this 4th of July 2020 he is the supreme judge of the world some day he will put an end to all of this evil he will put an end to it for ever he is our savior he wants us to be free and I tell you No as I was thinking about the Declaration of Independence and how they said in this declaration that we dissolve our connection with the tyrant where done we are declaring our independence we do not want to be slaves anymore and that is the choice that we need to make as well we need to assert our independence in the name of God and dissolve all connection with the tyrant with the devil himself and choose the Lord Jesus Christ I'll close with John Chapter 8 verse 343336 Jesus answered them and said Truly truly I say to you. Whoever commits sin is the servant or the slave of sin and the servant does not abide in the house for ever but the son abides forever if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be free indeed and sat let's bear heads and let's pray to your Father in heaven on this 4th of July we pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to know the truth the truth about the battle that we are all in there's just no way out of this battle as long as we're still down here in this world and we can see this battle all around we see it in the news we see it in the developments of what's happening we see it in the the riots and there are races and then there's the conflicts that are taking place in the immorality that's happening all around us and Lord I just pray that you will help us and put us into our right mind the right mind that you are creator that you have given us life that you want us to be free and that you want Tess to be happy that you love us and that's why you gave your life on the cross to pay a horrible price for all of our sins Lord please help us all to choose you and not Satan the tyrant in these last days so we can be with you for ever when the Judge of all the earth gets rid of sin in Jesus' name we pray on then. 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