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The Book of Blood

Steve Wohlberg


In the past, millions of faithful martyrs have shed their blood “for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God” (see Revelation 20:4). Above all, Jesus Christ Himself bled for us. Watch Pastor Steve Wohlberg summarize the facts to help you gain a deeper appreciation for the Holy Bible, and for our precious Savior.


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker


  • July 11, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Right good morning everybody. It's good to be here Happy 7th it's nice to be in a. In a beautiful part of the world that we can drive to church and we can see the sunshine and we don't have to worry about. At least not about right now about. Possibly being martyred because we believe in Jesus Christ. Less Sabbath I was here and I shared some thoughts about July 4 and about American about the freedoms that we enjoy and I was thinking this week since I knew that I was going to be speaking again today Monday Tuesday Wednesday I was praying Lord what do you want me to talk about when I go back to Spirit Lake and I've been reading about the history of the persecution this and what has happened in the past to believers in Jesus who have decided to follow the Bible above the traditions of men and as I was taken my walk the thought just came to me talk about the book of blood the book of blood so I thought that sounds like a very intriguing title so I said Ok Lord that's what I'll do I'll share some of the history make it short there's a lot of history behind what I'm going to share with you but we're going to talk about the blood that has been shed in history the blood of believers. Who chose to stand for Jesus no matter what. We're going to talk about the Bible how this book is more valuable than we realize this book has come down to us at the cost of blood and then I want to focus on Jesus himself was the center of the Bible and how he shed his blood for us so why don't we pray another prayer that some technological issues that I had said yesterday we've had some this morning I'm sure that there are forces of darkness that do not want this talk to be given so let's pray that God will bless us and bless you bless me and that he'll inspire a Saul Let's pray. To your Father in Heaven Father thank you so much for a beautiful day thinking that we can come here and worship in freedom thank you that we don't have. Armies that are chasing us and different people that are trying to kill us at least not right now and we pray for your blessing bless the recording bless those that are watching this online and those who will be watching in the days ahead may we all be impressed and in the inspired to stand for Jesus and to follow the Bible no matter what it costs please send your holy spirit here we pray in Jesus' name. Ok well we read for scripture reading Revelation chapter 20 verse 4 and I'd like to put part of that verse again up on the screen and just draw your attention to it Revelation chapter 20 verse 4 John was looking into the future he had a vision he actually saw what would be happening down at the very end of time. And verse 4 says John says I saw thrones and they sat upon them so here are people that are now sitting on thrones and it says judgment was given to them and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God 2 things they lost their lives because they stood for Jesus and also for what else says for the Word of God which is the Bible they stood up for the Word of God they did not worship the beast neither his image neither had received his mark in their foreheads or upon their hands and they lived now they are resurrected they live 1st they died but now they live and they are reigning with Christ for a 1000 years so they went from the from the guillotine to the throne and if you look at Christian history for the last 2000 years it is a it is a fact that there have been hundreds and thousands and even millions of people that have been beheaded who have been burned who have been butchered who have been tortured who have lost their lives because they stood up for Jesus and for the Bible and at the very end God's going to reverse the situation and those who were martyred and killed are going to be sitting upon throngs and that powerful thrones with the Lord Jesus Christ Here's a picture of a building come on clicker work. And there we go which I actually had the privilege of walking inside of a number of years ago I was had had a meeting in Russia and on the way back I had the privilege of spending a little time in Europe so I wanted to see some of the sights and I traveled around and I was in Rome and I went to the Roman Coliseum at this building is there today you can go there and when you walk around when I walked around inside that building I was just imagining what it was like hundreds of years ago when inside that same structure when it was up and running there were Christians inside of that building Christians who were had become the entertainment of the Roman Empire you know we have a lot of ways to to find entertainment today but it's hard to imagine that you know back in the 1st century 2nd century 3rd century. That the Romans found entertainment watching the Christians get torn apart by wild animals by lions and dogs and. They were burnt sometimes right inside the coliseum Can you imagine and there and the people in the crowds you know they cheered they thought wow this is great you know this is. This is our entertainment and the Christians were willing to do it. They were willing to suffer they were willing to die they were willing to be eaten by wild animals because they love Jesus and they love the Bible they love the Word of God that was so powerful in their lives that nothing could stop them nothing would turn them away from their decision to follow Jesus now when the Roman empire eventually got weaker and eventually collapsed and I think one of the reasons why the Empire collapsed was because it had pursed tooted the children of God The children of Jesus and so it was invaded by all these different tribal groups in the Empire got weaker and weaker and finally it collapsed it fell apart but in the midst of that collapse there was a church that was in Rome in the city of Rome that was rising into power that strayed away from the simple truths of the Bible and the simple truths of faith in Jesus and that church eventually became the real Catholic Church and what happened shockingly in history was that the persecution continued 1st it was persecution from the the Roman Empire and then it was persecution from the Roman Catholic religion that had its authority centered in the Pope and there were a lot of Christians back then that said we follow all the Bible we follow the Word of God we're not going to follow the pope above Scripture we believe God speaks through this book not through a man who is sitting in a row Here's a another picture. You know why this clickers and into lame I mean there we go this is a picture north of Rome in a in a place in Italy 28 police. And this is where a group called the wall benzenes made their home and this is a monument that you can go to today I actually when I traveled around it went to 20 police went up into the northern parts of Italy I wanted to see where the Walton sees lived and so I saw some of their ancient monuments and I saw this one and you can see this monument there it's there today you can go see it and right in the middle of it is a Bible. And here with this is a group of people. Thousands of them that suffered because they follow Jesus and the Word of God This is actually a picture from going into a cave and I actually had the privilege of privilege of going inside that cave I don't have a picture of that I took but this is a picture that somebody else took and you can go and you can see that cave today you can go right in there and history tells us that there were times when Roman Catholic armies would chase the wall dens eons up into the mouth deeper and deeper and one time a whole group of them were hiding in the back of this cave and they went in with with with canes and that torch is and they set fire so that nobody could get out and the people that were on the inside they all died they were all. Brutally murdered for their faith in Jesus and the Word of God for the Bible here is a picture of the statue come on clicker clik. Here we go this is the picture of a statue where you can go and you can see this today they call it the John Huss Monument it's in the city of prok which used to be the center of Bohemia now it's the Czech Republic. And this is a statue of John Huston or Sean Huss and there's a picture next to that of a. Front front of a movie and they've made a number of movies about China you can actually go to Youtube with all the technology we have these days and you could just type in movie of John Huston and you can find and you can watch the movie and you can get a sense of what happened in the past and some of the history behind what happened to this man John Huston lived in the 13 hundreds and the early 14 hundreds he was born they say right around $1380.00 he went to school he was a poor man went to school at the University of Prague graduated and then as he began to study the Bible and began to teach He was such a remarkable man that they actually made him a professor at the same university that he graduated from and as he began to teach he began to get a hold of the writings of a man by the name of John why Cliff why cliff was from England and in the 1300s why Cliff was the 1st person ever to translate the Bible into English the wall benzenes had Bibles but they were in Latin there weren't very many copies of the Bible the Bible is called the I talent or I Talia but the. The book The Bohemian people and Huss and others began to get a hold of the 1st time. Copies of Bibles that have been translated into English and this was the 1st time that this is ever and had never happened why Cliff was the 1st one to do it in England and those Bibles began to trickle trickle into Bohemia and one day Sean Sean Haas got a hold of a Bible and began to read it and began to read the writings of white cliff. And he realized he went through quite a struggle but he realized that the Word of God is more powerful than the traditions of men that people have lost their lives for the Word of God they've lost their lives for following Jesus and. Huss just decided Lord I'm going to do it no matter what happens to me I'm going to stick with your word and I'm going to teach it so he began to teach at the University of Prague and he became known all over Europe he became a very well known he actually became a he was a priest in the new became a pastor Eddie he t. was a pastor of a of a chapel and he continued to teach and preach but word got to Rome about this man and they weren't happy that here was a man that was not believing in the authority of the pope he was believing in the authority of the bible of the Word of God above the traditions of men and so eventually the persecution came down on him and he was summoned to appear at a council called the Council of Constance which took place in Germany from 14 or 141421418. And so Huss was summoned to the council he was promised by the Emperor to get safe conduct that he wouldn't be harmed but when he got to this Council in Germany he got to the city of Constance It wasn't long until word word got out Haas is in the city and what happened was the Emperor safe conduct was not. It was not honored and in a very short time he was arrested and he was put into a dark dungeon. And this is a picture of the exact place where John Haas was put in prison in December of 1414 Constance Germany I have a friend named Dr Fleck maybe some of you know him and he just sent me these pictures he said Steve I went to Germany I was in that very city and he was on a reformation tour and he took a picture of the very building where Huss was imprisoned if you can see that that circular little section there that actually this is now actually a hotel they've made it into a hotel but it used to be a monastery and that circular part of the hotel that you see right there that is exactly where John Huss was put into prison in that very place and Dr flex sent me some more pictures like this one when you go inside that hotel and you walk. Into a kitchen right next to it is where Huss was. Was in prison right above the door where you go into the kitchen you'll see this this fresco today it's a it's like a little painting and you'll see a painting there of Huss right there 1414 it's not a big part of history and there he is with a chain around his foot and he's inside a dark dark cell and why was he there why was he imprisoned Why did he spend so many days and weeks in this dark place well the reason is because of Jesus and because of the Word of God That's why he was willing to suffer just like the people of Revelation 24 willing to suffer for Christ and for his book The Book of Books. Well he was transferred to a number of different places actually let me show you forgot I got another picture here of the very cell this is if you go through that door into the kitchen and then you go into another room there it is and Dr Fleck took that picture when he was there a few years ago that is the actual room where John Haas sat in his dark cell and now they've turned it into a into a wine a white room it's like a wine cellar that's got all these bottles of wine but that's where that's where Huss was right inside that room and then amazing and you can go right to that room today if you want and you can see it this is a picture from one of the movies after being transferred from place to place he was finally brought before the Council of Constance to answer for his faith and there is that just a description or picture there of John Huss and this was the last day before the Council of Constance July 6 1415 so same month that we're going to go back you know hundreds of years ago you can go to July 6. And that's where he was and he came out and he was brought before a vast assembly of priests and cardinals and leaders of the Empire and all kinds of political people and here comes this poor man who had been in chain chained to a cell and now he's there to answer for his faith I don't know how many of you have ever read this book Fox's Book of Martyrs this is the amazing book I don't recommend that you read this book unless you have a very strong stomach because this book is pretty gory and it's got all kinds of accounts of people that have suffered for Jesus and for the Bible it has a whole section on the Walden c.s. and it has a whole section here on the martyrdom of John Huss. It says he was brought before the council. And articles were read against him there were 40 articles that were extracted mostly from his writings and his interrogator said Are you willing to give up these writings are you willing to give up your belief in the Bible in the Word of God above the pope. They said the pope is God's representative and you're a heretic you're doing wrong you're going against the church you're growing you're going against God you're going gets his leader which is the pope. And Huss was calm he stood firm and he said I cannot go against these writings because these writings are based on the Bible based on the Bible and then in the midst of all these leaders of of Germany and of Europe he said I appeal to the highest judge of all. There he was in chains and I'm appealing to someone higher than you. The highest judge of all who is Jesus Christ who is then a higher judge then Christ he declared and when he pronounced those words he was derided and he was mocked by the whole council hears all these people laughing at him sneering at him mocking at him making fun of him because he was willing to stand for Jesus and for the Word of God and then amazing it just reminds me of what happened to Christ here Jesus was surrounded by the leaders of the Senate he had written surrounded by King Herod and his warriors and then ponchos pilot and the Roman soldiers and this huge crowd of people and they mocked him they laughed at him they spit on him they whipped him they beat him they made fun of him and there Jesus stood in the midst of all of this call. Trusting his Heavenly Father that one day circumstances would change one day he would sit upon the throne and this is something similar that happened to to John Huss then it says that in Fox's book a martyrs This is page 143 of this particular edition that I've got it says the Council condemned him and they stripped him of his priestly garments and they degraded him and they put a paper miter upon his head they put this had on him and on the hat was painted pictures of devils and demons and there was an inscription on the on the hat. That said this is an ark heretic this is a ringleader of heretics but when he looked at that hat and knew what was happening he prayed a prayer and he said My Lord Jesus Christ for my sake you wore a crown of thorns Why should I then for your sake why should not I then for your sake again where this crown no matter how wicked it looks and he said Truly I will do it and I will do it willingly I'm going to do it for you lord you went through so much for me I'm willing to do this I'm willing to do this for you when it was set upon his head the bishop said he looked at him and he said Now we commit your soul to the devil so you know he's got this have been with all these demons and they were expecting that when he dies he's gone straight to hell and he's going to be with all the devils now we commit your soul to the devil and then hust said but I said hustling up his eyes toward heaven he said I do commit into your hands oh Lord Jesus Christ my spirit which you have revealed to and then they took him out to the place of execution it was quite a crowd that went out to that place and there's one little picture from the movie and then there's another picture showing the fire. Beginning to grow they took him out to a spot it was quite a crowd surrounding this spot and history tells us that somebody wrote that John Huston looked like he was going to a wedding. And he was he was dignified he was combed he had accepted his fate he was that piece and no matter what was going on around him he knew he was getting closer and closer to the moment that he would sacrifice his a life for his Lord and he felt that this was an awesome privilege this was an incredible privilege and so they tied him up and they put all this wood around him all this wood and then the executioner came up with a torch and he lit the wood and that and the flames began to rise all around this man and as they got higher and higher you know what he did he didn't scream he didn't cry he didn't complain he began to sing he began to sing about Jesus and His voice was very strong very loud very powerful and everybody could hear the the this myth then surrounded by fire singing a song singing a hymn about Jesus you know I just wonder whatever happens in the days ahead who knows what's going to happen in the final days when persecution is really lit and the storm really hits us and once again. We are under pressure as followers of Jesus and followers of the Bible you know what will we do I've thought about that many times and have the Lord if that ever happens to me for being a preacher and for teaching truth which for white horse media is doing the best we can online these days we're doing all kinds of programs even in this Corona crisis we're putting out programs about the Bible about Jesus about history about prophecy about the end times and let's say they come after me one of these days or if they come after you you know would we are we willing to say Lord. I appeal to you as the highest judge of all I mean I mean your hands I commit my spirit to you and no matter what happens even if we have to die are we willing to to sing to sing praises to the Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of our final our final hour so the flames continue to rise and eventually. He died he gave his life on July 614151 of the many martyrs who have sacrificed everything for Jesus and I have no doubt that one of these days John Huss will be sitting upon the throne just like it says in Revelation chapter 20 verse for brothers and sisters the Bible is a book of blood it's a book that millions down throughout history have been willing to give their lives for. They're willing to give everything they're willing to be tortured beheaded burned strangled tormented all kinds of things that we can't even imagine happened to people just like you and just like me who were willing to give their lives for Jesus. And for his word Revelation 20 verse 4 says they died for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God I was talking to my wife recently and she was just saying how appalling it is that in many schools these days they don't teach history anymore in our kids are going to school and they don't understand they don't understand what has gone on before us they don't understand and very few have ever read Fox's Book of Martyrs they don't know what has happened in Europe and in England and in colonial America they don't know about how this country has become a great country and how one of the one of the big blessings of this country is that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave where the persecution that happened in Europe and in England hasn't happened here at least not like it has in the past we've made a lot of mistakes as a country there's been a lot of wrongs that have been done but nothing like what has happened in Europe. Happened. To the Protestants and to the reformers who were willing to give everything for Jesus ever since sin 1st entered this world. All the way back in the days of Adam many lambs have been sacrificed one by one animal by animal sacrifice by sacrifice it would be a horrible thing you know if if I had a little pet a little lamb and I had to sacrifice it you know those of you that are attached to your pets can you imagine sacrificing your animal but animals were sacrificed they were sacrificed for a long long time for thousands of years animals were sacrificed at the heart of the of the Passover in the Book of Exodus in chapter 12 is where the blood of the Lambs was placed on the doors of the Israelites so that they would be protected when the angel of death passed over it was the blood of lambs that protected the people the 1st born from losing their lives by the angel of death and if you go down we know that all of those lambs and all of that blood ultimately pointed forward to who that's right it pointed for all those sacrifices pointed forward to Jesus pointed forward to the final day you've probably heard the song the Via Dolorosa you know that song and it talks about the blood that would cleanse the soul of all man made its way through the heart of Jerusalem. Down the Via Dolorosa down the way of suffering all the way all the way to the cross a huge crowd surrounded Jesus as he made his way as he had been condemned by the Sanhedrin before Herod before ponchos pilot and how he had been whipped and beaten and then a cross was put upon his his back and he carried that cross through the streets of Jerusalem out to a hill and there you can see a little bit of that picture there's a crown of thorns there's a Roman mallet and there's a nail with with blood on it the next picture is rather gruesome and I think a lot of times we sanitize what really happened to Jesus on the cross you know we make it look so kind of clean and neat and politically correct but the reality was it was a bloody scene Jesus was bleeding all over he had been beaten and whipped thorns on his head and. That precious blood which is the life of the soul the life of humanity dripped out of him and why did he do that. Why was God's own Son willing to come down and to endure such suffering he did that for you and he did that for me it's there it's a reflection of love that we can never comprehend that we can't even understand that we can just get glimmers glimmers of that love what Jesus was willing to do for you and for me and the ultimate reason why he suffered and died was because of sin he was willing to take your sin and mice. I've got plenty in my background. And he was willing to carry that into his mind and it was heart and he was willing to shed his blood for me and for you how the here's another slide I found slain lamb and look at you can see the blood stretching out and you can see different countries different continents and this slide the point of this slide is that Jesus shed his blood for the sins of the whole world whoever we are wherever we live whatever our background however much money we have in our bank account whatever the color of our skin wherever we live Jesus was willing to do that he was willing to do it for you and for me Hebrews $922.00 says without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins the Bible is a book of blood it's a book that people have shed their blood in order to give us this book in order for us to have Bibles today it has come these Bibles have come down to us at the cost of blood. And at the heart of the Bible is the story. The truth about sin the sacrificing of animals and how they all pointed forward to Jesus who shed his blood on the cross without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins we cannot be forgiven we cannot be redeemed we cannot go to heaven we cannot enjoy eternal eternal life. Without the blood of Jesus. Praise God for what he was willing to do for you and for me Dr Fleck also sent me this slide I thought this was interesting and this is part of the another presentation that he he has and he talked about the the composition of blood and it's very interesting that the blood has red blood cells which carry oxygen to the rest of the body 2 cells all of our trillions and trillions of cells when we breathe we take in oxygen and then it goes into our through our lungs it goes into our our bloodstream and it's the red blood cells that bring that oxygen to the whole body and then there's also not only red blood cells but there's white blood cells and Dr flecks just made that point that the the red cells bring a life to the body but the white blood cells protect the body from enemies from invaders from diseases from pathogens from viruses the the white blood cells are part of the immune system that help protect the body from invaders and isn't that isn't their powerful lesson in that that the blood of Jesus brings a life to our our lives it brings life to our souls it gives that the gift of eternal life bet the white the white who robe of his righteousness because of the blood that he was shed that white robe protects us from the devil. It Print protects us from having to reap someday the consequences of our sins so all the sins that we've committed we don't have to reap the consequences of of those sins because we are protected we're protected by the white robe of his righteousness red blood cells white blood cells there are lessons for us in blood there's lessons for us in history lessons for us in the Bible Revelation Chapter 12 versa Levon Revelation $1211.00 it's another one of those bloody versus. Chapter 12 or so leaven Chapter 12 talks all about the great controversy in the past and in the future and the battle that's going on right now for all of our souls for every single one of us we're all in a battle we're in a war that's happening inside of our heads and into our heart in our hearts and Revelation 12 versa Levon talks about the people of God and it says they overcame him they overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by what else by the word of their testimony they overcame through blood through the blood of Jesus they were willing to shed their own blood and they overcame by the word and then it says the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives it says to the debt just like us just like the Waltons these just like countless other. Christians in different countries around the world. They did not they they loved Jesus and His Word even more than their own lives they did not love their lives to the death they appreciated this book. They appreciated what Jesus did for them you know it's just amazing to me in these in these what I consider what I believe to be the last days of this world's history there's never been a time in history where we have more easy access to the Bible then now I've got I've got the Bible on my phone I've got the app I've got it another app that can search the Bible I can look at the Hebrew words the Greek words I can look at the commentaries I can look at what other people have said you can go online on the Internet you can go down to just about you know. Any any Christian bookstore you can go on Amazon and we have very easy access to the Bible that we more than any other time in history the wall benzenes only had a few copies of the Bible when the Bible was 1st translate into English by white cliff and then later by 10 to hell and there's a whole history behind this. People cherish the Bible because they didn't say they had never seen Bibles they've never had a chance to read Bibles but now these days they're there they're all around the world in languages everywhere and we've got all these different things that are available to us through technology. And it's just so easy for us to become so distracted. By all the things of this life and I'm not saying you know that all the things of this life are wrong I'm not saying that but what I am saying is that in the midst of all the technology and all the distractions and all the things that are available in this final time that we're living in we need to realize the value of this book are you with me the value of the Bible you can hear sermon after sermon after sermon after sermon all your life but if you don't get into a habit of actually picking up your own Bible and reading your own Bible you're not going to be able to have a strong relationship with Jesus we need to make our own effort to read the book. And read the book The Book of Books the book the book of blood. How this is my last slide Hopefully you've been impressed you know I thought as I was taking my walk and thinking about this topic I thought Lord what do you want me to say in Spirit Lake on July 11th when I give my 2nd talk and the thought just came to me. Impress the people do your best to impress the people to realize the value of this book the value of the Bible that this book has come down to us at the cost of blood. And the heart of this book is a Savior who shed his blood. In the Bible says that God's going to have a people that overcome through the blood of the Lamb and through the word of their testimony so if this talk has inspired you to spend more time in this book then I think I've accomplished my mission if it's inspired you to put Jesus 1st above everyone I've accomplished my mission. And if in the days ahead when things get really tough we think this coronaviruses tough I tell you we've seen nothing yet when things really get tough May God inspired Saul to have a strong relationship with Jesus by that time so we can be like Huss if we're persecuted or martyred if we suffer for our faith that we'll will show the world that we're going to a wedding we're get ready for a marriage. We can sing hymns. We can praise God no matter what happens because it won't be long on the other side of dying for Jesus that we will then be resurrected. And we will sit on throw us and the situation on Earth will be reversed and those who follow Jesus and the Word of God will live for ever. May God help us to be in that number. Let's let's close with prayer Dear Father in heaven to your god thank you. For being with us today thank you I think you know that we've had some technical problems to get here to this point but you have you have over ruled and I was able to show the pictures the slides that hopefully can. Add visual imagery to the truth that is in your book and Lord I just pray for myself Lord forgive me for my sins I trust in you I trust in Jesus and in the blood that he shed on the cross and Lord I just pray for everybody here that we will all realize the value of the precious word of God and that you will help us to realize how powerful it is and how wonderful it is and help life changing it is and Lord teach us to to have a real relationship with you in these last days to join the Christians of the past so that we can join them on thrones that we can join them around the Great White Throne and we could meet John Huston and so many other people we can be with them forever around your great white throne as we all look at Jesus our living Savior our key forever who gave his life on a cruel cross so long ago Lord bless us and get us ready for what's coming and it's ready for the coming storm help us not to be afraid forgive us again for our sins and be with us all we pray in Jesus name. 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