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The Little Book, the Blank Book, and the Final Chapter

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • July 11, 2020
    8:30 AM
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Thank you one coast singers may we learn to trust Jesus more day by day want to welcome you on this beautiful July morning to church and let's not miss calibrate the pleasure the privilege and the opportunity to be here and for those watching on line we welcome you as well May God guide direct wherever you're at and may his spirit bless us this morning let's pray Father we're here in your house and for those that are in their own homes this morning all seeking the same blessing a word from you to edify to exhort to comfort to lead us on this journey to get to going home to helping us Lord discern your voice see your providential indications so this morning Lord I'm praying for your spirit annoyingness saw and they will come away from this time blessed thank you for hearing us Lord we humble ourselves before you in Jesus' name amen Well this is unique time of year during this time of year for many try to take a few moments and get away and experience a rhythm of the freshman and this morning I want to talk with you about some of the habits from the Kelly family when we break away from the regular routines of life. Now it's very important we do this and I'll tell you in an age of increasing superficial ality it's important that you find a real connection with God if you're breaking away in other words seek God in the quiet of both his created world and be still and know God in His Word because the journey is about knowing Jesus. And this morning I've been tired of my message the little book the blank book and the final chapter so as I thought about books I had to think about the most important books in my life I'm holding the oldest book that was ever given to me and it's a copy of a Bible that many of you probably received as well when you were children this Bible came to me from my dear grandmother I was received when I was 10 years old almost. From grandmother February 16th 1974 and this little book represents the 1st memory of any book given specifically to me Oh I shared some books with my siblings and those were family books but this book is the oldest book I have that was given to me it was given to me my grandma grandma's gone but her prayers long since answered I'm here before you this morning sharing the word of God Now probably the next most important book in my life is a book that you can still get used you won't find it new unless you find it well you might find a few copies unsold in some places but this is a book entitled gods minutes it was published by Southern publishing Association which no longer is operating but it was reprinted and this book was the book out of which my earliest chapters in devotional life were tutored by my teacher because he read this book every morning at church school to us and I still think of the stories and at the house with the golden windows the story of a poor boy that would sit every night looking across the valley and see that house with the golden windows and oh how he wished he could live in that house and then one day he had a chance to make a trip across the valley and when he got there he discovered it was an old broken down house with windows that actually had holes in them but it was the end of the day and as he turned around looked back across the valley he saw his own house and guess what it had gold in Windows the sun set in had alumina aided the windows of his home as well when I look at other books that have affected me through my life distinctly. I I had several devotional books the best devotional books well one of the best ones if they're not written by the pen of inspiration are the books written for the juniors and if if you can get your hands on these 3 devotional books you'll have true gold This one is by Robert l. Austin a son a title with God You wind fantastic stories of Gods missionaries and God's people and then this is another older one by Dorothy Eaton Watts stepping stones and fantastic stories of great men and women who serve God and then of course the classic of all time the one nobody wants to be without is Eric b. hairs make God 1st Don't miss out on these books you're not too old to read them it's matter of fact they will inspire you and of course I have some other books that are favorites I have one that would be a little bit on assuming not too terribly prestigious it's in title speaker Source Book Number 2 it's a cheap pick a paperback but but the compilation of quotes and stories is really wonderful and then I have probably the biggest book in my library is this one here which is a compendium a source book with 3700 pages of illustrations most of which I've never read but you know Jefferson had a large library and in his library one day he was asked if he had read all these books and he said I've read some of them twice so. We come down to other books that have had an impact in my life I love to tell stories and so at summer camp through the years I've told probably my 2 most favorite ones every kid should hear this one over and over again by Norma our younger taught by a tiger the story of a Nepa who hates the missionaries. And finds himself well I can't be a spoiler can I buy of course many of you have read it but it's time to read it again and how about this one I changed gods of story of Marie. And Hirshman this book is full of livin practical transformation interventions by God and then probably one of the best secular books I've ever read that had an impact on me not so much because well because in this book 5 principles were enunciated that without the author knowing that many of them simply illuminated the enhanced leadership dynamics of crisis a book called Good to Great I read that book realizing that these people that develop these fantastic companies actually created families with high levels of commitment and real purposeful living they were actually making a difference it was a in arresting secular exposé in the excellence of Christ and then I thought I should have a little book if the if the sermon isn't titled The Little Book the blank book and the final chapter so I've got a little book here. This is called Martin Luther's little instruction book I like quote books so I leave these sitting around occasionally and. I like to open them up all right so here's one high spirited ministers he must be of a high and great spirit that undertakes to serve the people in the body and soul or he must suffer the upmost danger and and thankfulness Now that's an interesting quote How about government in the home. If obedience is not rendered in the homes we shall never have a whole city country principality or kingdom well governed sounds timely doesn't it and when a man reads the word of God the Holy Spirit is speaking to him well enough on little books but then let's go to the most interesting book that I like to read of course the Bible is the chief of all books but when it comes to books other than the Bible now. These are my favorite books and if I were to open it up to you certain parts of it you'd see that it's a blank book. But the pages are not all blank as matter of fact if you go to the front of the book and I have several of these you might even say many if you go to the front of the book you can start to see that this is a journal now nobody has a more interesting job than a preacher The only people that would get close would be doctors and policeman and maybe teachers in my life I deal with a variety of situations very rarely is there a dog moment in my life and unfortunately I am so busy I don't make nearly as many entries into this book but when I really want to have an interesting moment I go to the shelves where my journals are kept and I pull it down and I start reading oh I forgot that I have in here quotes from the bible quotes in the spirit of prop prophecy I have comments on sermons I have things I've heard on the radio I have memories of interacting with God's people and there are things in my life the 1st entry in this book is the love in years old those are the books of the most interesting to me to read because I'm reading the chapters of my life now I want to take you want to journey this morning. And when we're all said and done I want you to have considered what are you writing in the chapters of The Book of Life about yourself or what is Jesus recording for you because I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is an absolutely abridged version of salvation and what do you mean by that pastor. What I mean is you cannot take 4000 years of history from creation to just pass the cross you can't put it between 2 cardboard or leather covers even if you use up 11 or 1200 pages what you're getting are the highlights of people's lives what you're getting are the little snippets in their life I'm completely convinced that the story line of the lives of the great men and women in this book are to be unfolded in greater detail and indeed are written down so this morning take your Bibles and open them up to the Gospel of Luke and let's examine the idea of the little book the blank book and the final chapter in the Gospel of Mark the story we're going to look at this morning is recorded in both Matthew and Luke I've chosen to use the narrative out of Mark because it appears to be the one that is the most in context Matthew tells the story in Matthew a Luke tells the story in Luke 8 but when we come to the story in Mark we're looking at a story that is not just part of a compendium or a a list of things that happened in Jesus' life it's actually recorded in the context of the day on which it happened Mark Chapter 4. When we look at the story of Mark 4 we find Jesus teaching by the lake as a matter of fact you could say Jesus is on the lake in the lake he's in a boat he's teaching parables he's trying to help them understand the kingdom of God He's giving them something to think about and it must have been an exceptionally full and busy day because when Jesus is done he's done in verse 35 it says on that day when evening came he said to them let us go over to the other side it's important for us to notice right at the beginning of the story Jesus has had a full day he's still giving directions though so they're going to make a journey and the journey is going to take them from the western side of Galilee to the eastern side of Galilee unfortunately on the eastern side of Galilee they'll be chapters far more scary than the one they're about to encounter but that's not today's subject matter on the other side of this trip will be an encounter with a man named Legion but this morning let's just look at how they got there they got there by the directive of God himself this is an important thing to know because the journey is going to be a difficult one so when it comes to examining the chapters of our life when it comes to thinking about what the records going to look look like is it going to be a little book with very little in it because God's not been in charge is it going to be a blank book because the only thing we really focused on was our own lives or is it going to be a book in which there are chapter after chapter written by God to grow our faith and to reach the lost. Writing to 2 positions in the same holiness sanitarium and White said this life is not made up of great sacrifices and wonderful achievements but of little things kindness and love and courtesy of the marks of the Christian you need to cherish the precious qualities that existed in the character of Jesus in our association with each other let it be ever remember that there are chapters in the experience of others that are sealed for more lives there are sad histories that are written in the books of heaven which are secretly guarded from prying eyes and I want to pause right there because most of you have never thought about the fact there's a biography being written of you in heaven and it's authored by the heavenly angels in the Lord Jesus Christ he's the chief editor there are chapters hidden from the prying eyes of people on this earth that written in the right way and received in the right time are there for people to remember their For the angels to understand what these people have gone through that's very very difficult their stand registered long hard battles with trying circumstances arising in the very homes the day by day sapped the courage the faith and the confidence until the very man who it or she might write womanhood seems to fall to ruins but Jesus knows it all and he never forgets to such words of kindness and affection are as welcome as the smile of Angels a strong helpful grasp of the hand of a true friend is worth more than gold or silver and helps him to regain the manhood of the man Jesus understands that there are things unseen by other human beings. And when we come along and free people with criticism and negativity and calloused hearts we're actually Wayne people down in ways we can understand kindness and compassion are to be a part of our Christian journey as a matter of fact a word fitly spoken Solomon will write is like an apple of gold sitting in a pitcher of silver that handshake that says I care about you she talks about here makes all the difference more valuable than gold or silver it's Jesus who's writing these chapters the angels are recording the stories of our lives and I believe that there will be volumes that are recorded in heaven telling the journey of salvation in our lives but what is being written are we sitting around numbing ourselves with what the Bible with what the world has to offer us are we investing ourselves in the development of the science and salvation of Christ offered us in such a way that our lives are blossoming and flowering and giving off a wonderful fragrance to where the angels have something to write about the causes them to rejoice there are many people who have traded off the sense of their mortality in the great gift of salvation for simply the superficial for the scintillating and the tentatively but God is calling us to go and come at his binning when the evening came he said to them let's go over to the other side they had made a decision to follow Jesus they had left behind family and friends they had no real eye while they hoped for important positions in the New Kingdom the journey with Jesus was one of poverty as a matter of fact Jesus will tell that Foxes have holes and birds have nest in the lead up in Matthew the account tells us this these men are letting Christ direct and their lives. And it's a good thing because troubles come but this night on the lake a different kind of trouble is coming and it will be important to know Jesus said that's where you're supposed to go you're going to have trouble the Bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous it goes on to say but the Lord delivers them out of them on how important is it to know you're working where you're supposed to work you've married who you're supposed to marry you're committed to the church the way you're supposed to be committed you're spending your money the way you're supposed to be spending it you're giving your time to the things that matter the most all of these things are being written down your life is being recorded not simply so you can be wrongly affirmed or wrongly kept out of heaven or rightly kept out of heaven records are being kept so that some day throughout the season is ages anybody that wants to come back and look at the life of that gal and look at the life of that man can can sit down and be awed by the work of Christ in their life but when we relegate Jesus to the sideline and we're holding the captain's chair there's not very much where the reading so the book might be more blank then it's desirous for it to be go to the other side Jesus said not knowing that the journey was going to be a fierce one verse or $36.00 leaving the crowd they took him along with them in the boat just as he was and other boats were there with it's time for Jesus to get away from everybody it's important that we understand limitations in our lives it's important that we recognize when it's time for a rhythm of refreshment time to change things up nobody was more press nobody was more consummate worker than Jesus but Jesus had come to the end take your Bibles and turn over to Hebrews Chapter 4 Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 15. Paul tells us that Jesus was made perfect through his sufferings and in this case he tells us that we have a high priest who understands and who sympathizes verse 15 for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but one who has been tempted in all things as we are yet without sin therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in our time of need when the Bible writer Mark tells us that they took him just as he was you get the sense that he was different than he normally is and we don't know if Jesus spent a night in prayer preceding this day of teaching or what but we do know this when Jesus steps into the boat they are taking him there is some kind of assistance is being offered him and when he gets into the boat there's only one thing he wants to do he wants to lie down and rest maybe you've been that tired maybe you're tired like that right now maybe there's something Carrie that sitting on your shoulders that nobody else knows about God knows though and because he suffered like we've suffered in face of the Teague we face and been up against the challenges of life in the flesh they took him along with him in the boat just as he was and other boats were with him it was difficult for Jesus to get away but those other boats are going to become we're witnesses verse 37 and there are rows of fierce gale of wind and the waves were breaking over the boat so much that the boat was already filling up when you look at this narrative and some of the other Bible stories the word for the turbulence of the sea is size most and other words something is causing those waves to roll back and forth and this boat probably not a large boat is now being tossed about like a bob or on a rough lake. The waves are breaking over the boat so much of the boat was already filling up now it's important friends to remember Jesus said this is direction to go this is what we're going to do and he's laid down and fallen asleep and these men a number of which were used to storms on the lake whose hands had ply the oars and understood how to point the boat into the waves and deal with the wind were working it as long as they could but eventually they start giving up it's important for us to remember Jesus told them where to go but eventually they start giving up and they start calling now for Jesus the problem is Jesus is not responding and maybe you've been in a chapter of your life maybe you're in one now where it seems like maybe Jesus is not responding we just read in our scripture this morning someone 21 He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps so there must have been someone else watching over Israel while our Lord and Savior was slumbering and sleeping and it's very important for us to know the desire of ages makes it very clear Jesus was not slumbering and sleeping because he was the commander of the wind in the waves Jesus was asleep because he knew he had a father that was looking out for him that he was in his will and that it was Ok to rest Jesus is asleep like Peter is asleep in his prison cell because he's committed all things to Christ and he has come to a knowledge that the God above not only knows the number of hairs on our heads when we wake when we sleep when we walk when we talk where we go what we think most of that straight from Psalm 139 Jesus is asleep in the back of the boat because he's in God's Will he's out of God's way and everything's going to be Ok but the rest of the men. I have not yet figured this out so let's just bring out this big book again of 3700 pages and it is 3700 pages enough to capture a life and what if this was 3700 pages of nonstop writing with no breaks no subtitles no chapters it wouldn't be worth very much but what it God gave to every person when they were born as it were a blank book and his goal is to write in the book the chapters of faith that he is seeking to develop in each of us faith in him but what you have with our educations and our money and our networking we regularly simply took things into our own hands and avoided that inconvenient little voice of conscience that said I'd really like for you not to do this. I'd really like for you to do this I'd really like for you not to spend your money that way I'd really like for you to respond this way I'd really like for you to offer this service or that kind word I'd really like for you to make a lane change in your career or a value change in your home what if along the way Jesus were to come and say to us I'd like to write something in your book I'd like to put another chapter in there I'd like for it to be a chapter of how you grew to trust me and know me but for that to happen you're going to have to obey me and give me a lordship not just save your prerogative getting you out of all your troubles perhaps much of American religion has bled over into the ambitions of James and John who want the position they want the prestige they want the blessings but they don't really want to find themselves in moments like this and they really don't want to be on the outs with the in crowd. There's no doubt that something is happening on this journey this is the only place in the Bible where we read that Jesus falls asleep so why does Jesus show choose to fall asleep when there's going to be a crisis where he'll be needed why did Jesus choose to lay down and ride out the rough storm on a on a pillow you mean you wonder how he could sleep with the water and the waves in the wind and it's absolutely important that we recognize God's will in our lives so when things don't work the way we thought they would work we know that God is with us in the middle of the challenge but when we do it our own way when we ignore the godly people the Godly advice the godly principles the godly places I judge read this week or last week in the story of patriarchs and prophets you know sought after he he went ahead and offered the sacrifice there and Samuel shows up just a little bit later that saw really felt like Samuel abused him he rebuked him for taking up a role that wasn't his he rebuked him for not waiting and doing what he was told and saw made a decision after that he made a decision to avoid Samuel. How many people do the same thing don't like what dad said don't like what mom said don't want their advice want to do it their own way woe be upon us when we do it our own way and then we're stuck in the tempest of life and we have nowhere to go we do we can return to Jesus but on that journey it's awfully painful to not have the confidence that I'm where I'm supposed to be doing what I'm supposed to do those chapters come you can't get out of them the only difference is with Jesus in the vessel you can smile at the store but they're not why. Because the journey of our life and the point of this passage is to come to know God in this case Jesus as complete Lord of everything he's not just a t. other teacher he's not just a healer we come to the end of this narrative and we find that Jesus is master of the elements he is conqueror of the storm he is the director of the clouds in the winds in the way but he's asleep in the back of the boat on a cushion there's a flash of lightning desire of ages tells us and after all they're crying out for him they see him and there's 2 things that are wrong in their mind I don't know who it is that reaches around and shakes them on the shoulder I don't know who it is who's the author of the narrative teacher do you not care that we are parish in the Bible doesn't tell us who a nun c.-h. the corporate thought of all 12 of them but we do know this they're astonished that Jesus is doing nothing to help and they can't believe that while their parish Cian he's sleeping Don't you care that we are going to die you may never faced a chapter like that yet you may be saying lean in the youth of your life sailing in the middle of your life say by the time you get towards the end you've been over a number of these moments but you may be in a place where you haven't really faced one quite this heavy quite this hard your life is calm placid serene the ship of life is sailing from one side of the lake of life as it were to the other there's not much being written in the book you know every child has a precious little book they they believe. They have a simplicity a sincerity and typically a kindness of heart which of nurtured a little bit allows precious chapters to be written somewhere in life we get to the place where many say no I'm done and the books closed and there's very little chapters written Oh I've still going to church I haven't quit praying although it sounds an awful lot like the same prayer every day it's not that I've abandoned the pain of my tither even the giving of a little offering but the truth of the matter is it's more a cultural experience it's not really the new culture of my heart it's not the new one skin there are lots of people that are associated there tag to a church including the 7 they have minister and they're making their way through life and they look upstanding and they can smile as good as the next person and happy Sabbath flows off their lips with as much fluid innocent maybe sweetness as anybody else but in the chapters of their book there's very few entries. Very little that's going to inspire anybody very little is going to convince any angelic host and unfortunately for those individuals because the little things where where where Christianity gets traction the little convictions of duty the little kindnesses of life the little sacrifices because those really never take root in their life in other words Christian doesn't invade infuse all portions of their life their life goes on and when they come to a moment when there's a crisis they want to know where's God. How come he's not listening how come I'm in this star how come I'm not I'll come on the way down with this worry the truth of the matter is God is looking to right chapters in the book for us architect in our days so that something happens but some of us have life so good we are refusing. Don't you care don't you care what's wrong with you Jesus when I had another pastor in this district who was talking to me about this portion of the. If there is an ironic portion of Scripture where where the words coming out of their mouth show such an extreme amount of ignorance and so focus it has to be this chapter this Jesus who's given himself so to the human race that he will never ever again fully. Have the same fluidness of presence his omnipresence surrendered for his identity with the human race. This Jesus who left Rich's praise honor and glory to become derided scorned. This Jesus who was rich beyond understanding who could speak wealth into existence poverty ridden if you read the narrative in Matthew he has 2 people that want to follow him before Matthew records a story and they want he says Listen birds have nests and Foxes have holes but if you follow me you've got nothing nothing like that and then to another who says Let me let me bury my father and of course his father is not dead because a true burial and that age would need to be a media it and it would be a great dishonor according to the Word of God not to be there for that moment and it wouldn't stand in the way of following Jesus it's a person instead to say let me let me hang on to life the way I know it and when things change according to what I would wish it will all come after you and Jesus says Let the dead Speaking of spiritual death lack of spiritual interest no hunger and thirst righteous let them bury their own dead. Here's Jesus who met with Nikka Demas in the night time hours for nicotine misses incriminating thoughts about being seen with this man and he tells them for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish and they're saying Teacher Don't you care that we're perishing so many lives with such cheap fodder written in the Book of Life written in the story the the biography of their own experience have thought primarily and slowly only about themselves and they come to moments of crisis and they want to know God like a puppet on a string doing exactly what they want to do in the moment but we need to remember Jesus said go that way and they went and we need to remember that Jesus trusted in his father and was teaching them to trust and we need to remember the purpose of the journey with God is to get to the place where we known as more of a god tomorrow that we knew him as of today but for that to happen we're going to have to let him be in charge of everything for that to happen we're going to let him be lord of all for that to happen we're going to have to come through some experiences that scare us and frighten us experiences in which what what the journey between here and there well the map doesn't show exactly how we're going the map doesn't even say we're going to get there we just know God said Go that way. How many moments in God's faithful men and women's lives have there been chapters in which the only thing that kept them strong was the knowledge that they followed Jesus on their knees into this position they didn't go with pride they didn't go without that the consul devote their godly people they were humble they did what was just they did what was merciful and they did it kindly and now here I am teacher. Count you care don't you care. 39 he got up it appears he says nothing to them nothing you know if you silent chapters going on in your life right now. You're not the 1st and you won't be the last he didn't yank them out of the store. He let it raging around them it was a moment for them to know him differently after the experience and they knew him before is that a value to you Do you care enough about who God is and the glory he wants out of your life do you understand he actually does love you can he stretch your faith can he give you new chapters without saying a word to them he stands up in the boat raises his hands and commands Peace be still and immediately the horror of the rushing wind and the furor and fury of the waves are gone and in stark contrast is a penetrating silence with the twinkling light of the stars and he said to them Why are you afraid now for most of us it's not hard to figure that out I don't know if you've ever been in a boat where this kind of thing is happening most of us haven't Wesley was it was there crossing the Atlantic Ocean on his way to America he was on board with a bunch of Moravians and the storm was so furious on the Atlantic Ocean that most feared for their lives but there were the more Arabians imperfect peace praying and Wesley said I want what they have why are you afraid how is it. That you have. New Thing. It was fine for them to have chapters written in their book Jesus touched a leopard today it was awesome his skin is pink and glowing with hell. Jesus spit on the ground a day and put mud on the eyes of a blind man it was beyond belief Jesus fed thousands of people today with a few loaves and a few fishes we didn't know how it was happening but basket after basket came from his hands but after this chapter we didn't know if we were going to live or die today but Jesus revealed himself in the midst of the storm in a way we had never seen him before. The devil's quite content to leave some of us alone while we chart our own course through life. God is not content so in spite of the devil's willingness to let us head towards a false harbor of hope Jesus actually interject storms into our lives he actually brings us to moments when we face what this age refuses to face which is its own mortality it would be nice if we could save people from die and of course in some measure we can but there is something about recognizing our mortality that reminds us that this life is a probation it's a chance to let God write a new code for our heart right a new way of thinking for our minds. Yes After this experience is over Jesus is more of a lord than he ever was before and I can remember as a child I don't know why that stands out in my mind a young man a teenager going to church. Now because my parents took me but because God interjected into my life through my parents in a strange way putting me in that church school but for some reason I still see it today in my mind that bulletin cover that has a picture of a lake with the white caps on it and it has this quote across the bottom what manner of man is this that even the wind and the sea ice obey him is this manner of a man allowed to write the chapters in your life that are you that sometimes startle you maybe even scare you if only we could have a human existence where those things never happened it wouldn't be quite human and it can't happen and it won't happen unfortunately even children go through traumas that which is hardly can bear to think of and yet hedonism were behind the curtain and not so hidden as it were through the presence of the Spirit in our hearts and life Jesus is wanting to speak to us the same words peace. Be still. I want to fast forward now to heaven friends you must give God permission to be in charge of everything especially your hard feelings especially those unforgiving sentiments especially when he talks to you about those idols that have run their roots down into the fabric of the garden of your heart and they're choking out the precious gift of devotion to him those things have to be identified through the Spirit with your permission and the extraction of the things from our life that dishonor God and rob us of happiness. God wants written down in the annals of our life in the all in the biography of our spiritual journey I considered as it were another chapter of Bible history salvation history you say past your start to get outside just a little bit well maybe I am but this is how I think it's going to work someday when we get to heaven and we're walking those golden streets all of eternity is going to be a journey of learning the city will be as it were an entire. It would be an institution that I believe could also be called the University of the New Jerusalem there will be all kinds of stories of the salvation history there will be recorded in various ways but in this city I believe just like we have the James White library here and energy diversity there is going to be the Jesus Christ library of salvation and I believe you're going to be able to walk into that building yes I believe it will be a real building that's going to be a real place Prince the God who could who could work in only the spirit world has chosen to work in the concrete and he's assured us that in heaven it's still a substantive world and you're going to be able to walk into the University of the New Jerusalem go into the library of Jesus Christ of salvation and you're going to be able to walk through all all the. All of the shelves of books and on those books are going to be all of the extensions of Bible history and one of those books maybe a whole library of those books God wants to have written about your life and it's going to be the application of the principle of God's love and salvation and it's going to be about your life. And it's going to be there for people to pull off the shelf and say oh I never knew that about Virginia Oh I never knew that about Bonnie Oh I never knew that about Lance all those chapters hidden from human eyes I never knew how God was at work I didn't know what heavy burdens they were carrying I didn't know how many times Jesus combed the storms. And they're going to be able to to to even read the story of you going to be able to read the story of your own life I didn't know the angel would be sitting there by your side saying now let's turn to page 2567 I want to show you something interesting today we were talking about this earlier and he's going to take you want to hear and he's going to show you all the things operating behind the scenes that you knew nothing about but by faith you were going to the other side of the lake just like Jesus said to go I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that there will be a biography of each one of us authored by the pen of inspiration and what's supposed to be happening now is that we are to be allowing God to work in us and through us not only for our own salvation but for the salvation of others and God forbid that the volume sitting in the library of Jesus Christ of salvation would be one thin little pamphlet You know Paul said there are different articles in our lives some of gold and silver he said there's also some of ignoble things and he talks about the fact in the 3rd chapter of 1st Corinthians the preachers better be careful how they build because the possibility is is that some things are going to be burned up with fire he goes on to say that they'll still be salvation but there won't be much left now listen some of you are saying Big Book little book whatever I don't care as long as I'm there for you Could we take a different approach please could we think about God for a min. Could we realize that God is waiting to do something in our lives that would not only glorify him tremendously but bring the greatest satisfaction to our experience that's never been brought to this North American church these Western churches it's not just North America we have allowed our wealth to be weaponized against us and when you know it the devil's stealing the chapters out of our book for every person who says my lord here my send me God makes a journal entry today she said Hear him said Me I'm sending her to the other side of the lake I'm going with her everything will be Ok she will know me different on the other side of the journey and she knows me now you see friends all of this matters what I've just told you but I have one more thing to say we are coming to the last chapters of Earth's history now listen to me I don't do this very often but if you want some good spiritual civic cultural learning today you get online today and you watch the sermon by Bryce Bowman from the Stevensville church he's going to say some things in that sermon that I've never heard anybody say how do I know because we visited yesterday for a bit I'm going to give you a little nugget of what he's going to say for years we've always had fear that the real destroyer of religious liberty would be the religious right in our country you think back to some of those organizations in the ninety's that were in the ascendancy but the pendulum has swung. And for the last 20 years we've seen the liberal left with a different kind of deity and a new gospel actually make a side run at the Christian church and yank the rug of Christian values right out from underneath this nation to where now they're assaults on the constitution renders us with only one more thing and not that the Constitution has fallen on but there are assaults on the God of Nature and the laws of that god have rendered us to where there's only a few more chapters to be left now we already know 5 years ago what defines marriage was destroyed and I had one of you send me an article thank you about a community a man Massachusetts that now has put on their books polyamorous laws which means marriage can be between bunches of people what stands in the way so if we've already knocked down the 5th commandment and the 7th commandment both of which relate to the purity of marriage the family experience in the garden. And if we see an actual assault where people appear to be willing to let constitutional liberties be eroded and the value system that supports them be destroyed there's only one chapter left and it's an assault on the 7th day sabbath Now if you've got nothing written in your book if God is not very real to you and you come up to the greatest Tempest that's ever broken upon the face of the planet and you have no chapters of faith written down you have never gone from one side of an experience to another you never moved at the behest and the direction of God to do this God I can't do that if I do that I'll go broke God I can't do that if I do that I won't be able to pay the rent. God I can't do that I lose my friends god my mom won't understand God my dad won't understand if you've never gone from one side of the sea to the other how in the world are you going to cross that final spiritual Jordan the swelling of the Jordan if you can't walk with the footman How are you going to run with the horses and live in the day of the swelling of the Jordan for what I want to say to you. Isn't it a fantastic Bach the God keeping track of the chapters of your life not one of your tears and shed but they're kept in a bottle do you think they just kept there without any reference notes about why they're there come on now I want you to think about this tender God that loves you it's a fantastic thing to think that not only does God know the number of hairs on my head and the d.n.a. that make up the very fabric of who I am both in its changing nature and its original plan but God understands that an empty book just reflects an empty life and that unfortunately the devil will write the final chapters and they will all be about she was afraid of this and she was afraid of that and I got her with this fear and I sneered him with that terror the sin with Jesus in the vessel you can smile at the stars come out there's nothing to be afraid of nothing now I'm not saying you won't be afraid on the way you will you'll be free but on the other side you won't be afraid the same way when the next chapter comes this how it works but if you don't go from this side to that side of God doesn't get permission to be lord of all the devils waiting to write the footnotes got him God or she missed this chance to grow faith she missed this chance to see God's faithfulness my hope is that someday. I'll be able to walk into the library of salvation named in behalf of Jesus Christ and go to your part I don't know if it'll be the Library of Congress system or the Dewey Decimal or will be that the heavenly way of keeping track of books but my guardian angel walk in and say Today I'm going to show you something about somebody else that lines and just with your life and we're going to go to this part of the library and he's going to pull the book down off and we're going to sit there yeah real books real pages and he's going to turn the page and my mouth is going to drop opens and I never knew I had that in common with him and then I'm going to look at the commentary where the angels wrote how God used that person's life to glorify Christ and how many souls were impacted by those decisions and what a fragrance came up into heaven and what rejoicing there was at the throne of God friends. I want to be in the final chapter and I don't want to be there without any previous chapters of faith having been written into my life and I'm appealing to you today don't be afraid to go where God saying to go be with God saying to be let a man permission in your life and know this he goes with you and you don't have to be afraid but if you are he'll take it away from you as some point in time as only he can because his perfect love for you will cast out fear this is the journey yes I'm confident that my life has been carefully chronicled. I'm confident that I've done a lot of things I don't want written in that book and I'm confident the gods blotted from your eyes forever the things you're not supposed to see Can anybody say Man Ok and I'm glad that my life is going to look like Alawite says Through the grace of Jesus from one victory to another when you like to read a biography like that about you. Then those go to heaven to do it let's give him permission to go from this side to that side you've been doing that stop it we're going over here now I'll give you the power I'll give you the desire I'll give you the ability I'll give you the new friends I'll give you the new joy just follow me and when it's all done you'll know me like you've never known me before this is my prayer for my church my family and myself may God I have many chapters that he's given permission to write where you know him different after each when you knew him before. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service later visit w w w audio verse or.


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