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Surviving the Surge

Eric Walsh
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As America is experiencing a new surge how are you preparing?  The current COVID surge is a reminder that preparation is critical to survival.  In the spiritual realm there is a surge coming as well.  Will you be prepared for what is to come before the second coming?


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • July 9, 2020
    6:30 PM
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Our scripture reading. As was read so wonderfully comes from the book of Isaiah the 40th chapter Isaiah Chapter 40 starting in verse 28 hast thou not known as down not heard that the everlasting God the Lord the creator of the ends of the earth faint if not neither is weary there is no searching of his understanding he gives power to the faint and to them that have no might he increases strength even the yoofs shall be faint and be weary and the young men shouted we fail generally fall but they that wait upon the Lord shall renewed their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be weary and I shall walk and not faint I message this Sabbath is entitled surviving the surge surviving the surge Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word once again father ask that you make me just the nail upon the wall of rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail Lord I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ asking a very special way Lord that I am not seen or heard today instead father let us hear a word from the throne room of grace is our prayer in Jesus' precious and holy name Amen all right if you have a Bible term in a 2nd Kings Chapter 18 we're going to start at verse 25 we're going to go through one of the one of my favorite stories in the Bible and pull out some lessons from the scripture in this story 2nd Kings 18. Starting in verse 5 we jump into the story where. The Assyrian Empire under Kingson aka River has begun to the final stages of world dominance so not crypt has only really the small parts of Judah left to conquer and most then of the known world to be under his rule he would only really have to move south and take Egypt and Ethiopia. And his fathers have been a fierce and brutal force in the world in conquering so incomes Rob shake up his mouthpiece and rap chick is actually a title and the rap shake a comes in and he comes in and he says I'm I now come up with out the Lord against this place to destroy it the Lord said to me go up against this land and destroy your mocking God Rob sequence and accurate so to the people of the children of Israel of the tribe of Judah then set up in the Khiam the son of Hilkiah And Shobna and Joa and to rob shake they beg of they simply speak to us I pray thee in the Syrian language for we understand it and talk not with us in the Jews' language in the areas of the people that are on the wall as so shaken as you go about to see comes against Judah he is a decrying the dot of Judah and proclaiming complete destruction of Judah and Jerusalem he is speaking in Arabic and they're begging him to speak in the Assyrian language because they don't want the people of of Judah to be afraid and here's why because their king has a Kiah has already told the people of Jerusalem that God is going to take care of them. And so they don't want an opposing word to be heard but they gets worse here in what Rob shake a 7th of them half my master sent me that's his master kings an actor of to the master and to the to speak these words has he not sent me to the men would sit on the wall in other words am I not going to tell the men who are supposed to protect the city what's going on that they may eat their own dung and drink their own urine with you literally what he says is and this is the King James Version what he says is you are being warned that you will eventually be eating your own excrement if you do not come under the power of the King of the Assyrians he says listen you are in trouble and the men of Judah need to know the people of Jerusalem need to be made aware that horrible times are in front of them if they listen to Hezekiah then refs take a stood in pride of the loud voice in the Jews' language he defies them again speaking Arabic and spake saying hear the word of the great king the king of Assyria thus said the king let not Hezekiah deceive you because Hezekiah told him a God to deliver them for he shall not be able to deliver you out of his hand neither that has a kind of make you trust in the Lord saying The Lord will surely deliver us and the city shall not be delivered into the hand of the King of Assyria he says listen don't listen to as a guide it's almost as if they had spies because if we went back a chapter this is literally what is a kind said to the people but what I want you to get is that the devil does the same thing today I want you to understand that the devil will send people into your life to tell you things that go contrary to the promises of God. To try and convince you and we'll see that it's not just people in your life that you know but this comes from above us in the mass media and in the entertainment industry there are those at work to convince you that God is not trustworthy that God cannot deliver you he says hearken not to Hezekiah for the say of the King of Assyria make an agreement with me by a present and come out to me and then each and every man of his own vine and every one of his fig tree and drinky every one the waters of his sister on until I come and take you away to a land like your own land a land of corn and wine a land of bread and vineyards a land of oil all of and of money that you may live and not die and hearken not until Hezekiah when he persuade you saying the Lord will deliver us now I want you to understand that the way to the Assyrians worked is they took people captive and then they brought them and scattered them all over other parts of the Empire and then they took people from other parts of the Empire and repopulated the land they scattered the 1st group of people from it was a way to control people and to keep them from rebelling against the empire so he said listen if you just listen to what we say and bring a present and give it to the Kings and I will make sure that you have food and wine and olive oil and honey will make sure it is water for you to drink will set you up he said but do not listen to Hezekiah let me say something that's not the devil works he often makes you promises to take care of you when he has only the intention to destroy you I say this when I get my testimony I always say the devil does not just use failure against us he will use success against you he will give you what you want if giving you what you want will allow him to gain your soul. And that's what Rob shake is promising here that he goes into this tirade about how the other gods couldn't help their people in verse 33 says if any of the gods of the nations the liver at all his land out of the hand of the King of Assyria where the guards of Hemet are part where the gods of such Farve am henna I have a have they delivered some area out of my hand and this was a direct knock against the people of God because some area was supposed to be the northern kingdom of Israel was supposed to be protected by God and they said listen these other gods can protect your people your god couldn't protect your brothers in Israel then he says in verse 35 rubbishy causes Who are they among all the gods of the countries that have delivered their country out of mine handed that the Lord should deliver Jerusalem out of my hand he blatantly mocking and blaspheming the God of heaven and he thinks that his previous success is reason to do so so when me when the message is get back to King has a Kyle who was a noble king of the Bible speaks very highly of Hezekiah. And he says here and it came to pass one has a Kyra heard it look at what Reza kind of does the Bible says he rents his clay rips his clothes he comes himself with sack cloth and I want you to see this Hezekiah goes directly to the house of the Lord that you get that has a coyote does not play when he gets the bad news he goes into an immediate place of sackcloth and of mourning and he goes into the house of God then he takes a lie of him which was over the household and shed not the scribes and the elders of the priests covered with Shaq sackcloth and he sends them to Isaiah the prophet so he takes his messengers who are with Rob shake and now he sends them to Isaiah. And I said to Isaiah this is what I said as a caucus as this day is the day of trouble look at this and of rebuke and blasphemy for the children are come to the birth and there is not enough strength to bring forth that. They say we are in trouble like a woman who is in labor like a woman who is pregnant and she has gone into labor it's time for her to deliver but there is not enough strength in the body of the woman to deliver the child remember that a woman represents the church what they are saying is that we the people of God are in trouble it's time for deliverance However there is not enough strength in us to be delivered because that's how it sometimes look when you look at the condition of the church today you look at the forces against the house of God It seems sometimes that we will not have the strength to be able to survive what we are up against a verse for it maybe they say. The Lord thy God will hear all the words of rap sheet and the King of Assyria his master had sent to reproach the living God and will reprove the words which the Lord thy God have heard wherefore lift up your prayer for the remnant that are left that you get that they say listen Isaiah maybe God will hear to blasphemy that this man has said maybe God will come to our defense then he did he say something he says something really prop our will they say listen I say you pray to your God they knew Isaiah was they knew how connected he was that God prayed to him lift up a prayer for the remnant. Of the church we've got to be praying for the remnant that are left the church is under attack people of God in many cases have gone flimsy and soft no more good people want to hear of thus saith the Lord they say preach on to us smooth things. Caused the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us this is a time and this a pandemic we. Have been record we've been here talking about a pandemic in an empty church for weeks and the reason it was relevant that we preach this message is because God I believe did not send the pandemic as punishment against America or against the church this pandemic this virus is a warning this is a warning that the things that we all trusted in I spoke for men's group this morning in our Washington d.c. And normally when I talk to them all of their and knowledges have to do in the Redskins and in n.b.a. and the nationals on the sports things there's no sports in one of them said this one of them even said you know Bible study this morning well I mean is that it's as if God put up laws on these things so we would remember who he is we take some church this thing was divinely appointed to slow down the entire planet and to make a stop putting so much trust in men one of the sins of Israel in this story I don't have time to get into is that Israel thought that they could make an allegiance with him with the Egyptians that's what the king of Israel did he snuck in he did and tried to make an allegiance with Egypt to come up and help him against the Assyrians and when the King of Assyria found out he bound the king of Israel and wiped out the Nation this virus has come toward us that you cannot trust man a surge is coming Have you seen it we thought we had this thing under control it started opening up beaches everybody started going back to the bars but he started filling back up and go back to their own lives and all of a sudden now the numbers are worse in America now than they were in March when it started. It's a it is a warning that the things of this world cannot be trusted and it's interesting that this seems to be a correlation with the consumption of alcohol in close spaces and the spread of this virus I want you to understand that there's a surge coming in if you are going to survive the surge that is about to come because the Spirit of Prophecy and even many of the Bible commentaries outside of our denomination all make an analogy between the seas of Judah and Jerusalem bison aka rip and the 2nd coming of our Lord said not to rip is a type of Satan he represents the devil himself when he speaks in this story understand that you are hearing the talk of the d. of of the devil himself it is the dragon speaking once inaccurate speaks and the same dragon that spoke to Hezekiah is speaking to us today that's why the story is so pointed and so relevant that's what we have to lift up so as I said this is the was going on in the last days this is a scuffle as a religious skeptics the Bible predicts just as a wrap shake up would come against God then many are going to come against our God Now 2nd Peter $33.00 says knowing this 1st that there is no come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lusts Peter goes on to say it will say all things continue as they were from the beginning there are many is that our God is not going to do anything that's not going to stop the world is no god to fear but isn't it interesting they're so afraid of. Little virus that you can't you know a virus isn't even technically alive it cannot work unless it hijacks the machinery in a mitochondria of the cell of a living organism like a human or a cat it can't live outside of that and look at how that kind of a thing has brought the world to its knees. And you would in a good fear a virus but they will not fear the living God sent him before to reinforce us for the time will come when they would not endorse sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heaped to themselves teachers having ears and he turned away their ears from the truth and shall be turned into fables this world as as they believe listen to the rap shakers of the world and they listen to the mocking of God that will happen they are going to turn away from God and rebel Paul is speaking to Timothy in the church is that going to happen it has already begun to happen this is Bill Maher a very famous television host on h.b.o. and he made a documentary called religionless which means religion basically saying that religion is ridiculous and you are foolish to hope premise that the thing is you're basically in it if you would believe in Jesus or Jehovah or a law or anybody else that he did basically the world is an atheist world the world evolved in fact on his show he takes pride in the fact that he gets letters from people who are once Christian or gets messages from them who wants Christians who are now atheists because of the work he's doing to his show and to his documentary The Wrap shakers a speaking church if that isn't enough the pope This is from The New York Times in October of a believe in 1906 it says ignoring conflicts with Biblical texts Pope John Paul calls the view more than a hypothesis basically the headline says the Pope acknowledges the theory of evolution and let me take some church. If God is a lying to his church and Genesis chapter $1.00 and $2.00 why would you believe God if he couldn't create the world in the beginning of Genesis Why would you believe God can save the world and John chapter 3 in verse 16. If you're lying to us that he created the world why would we believe anything else the entire Bible sits on the 1st 2 chapters of Genesis the Sabbath is a stop list their decision because I've met Adventists who say they believe in evolution and are 7 minutes. And I say how which sat you don't keep the Sabbath for a 1000000 years they will be like a 1000000 year they say Sabbath doesn't make any sense what I'm telling you is that the truth is that we hold so close that many of us take for granted the world is coming after and this is one of the ways that it's happening to some of these. Second Timothy 3125 this know also that in the last days perilous times shall come from men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters probably last name was disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection truce breakers false accusers incontinent fierce and look at the last part of his verse despisers of those that are good I want you to understand it when you see what's going on today even around the protest and the climate politically of such a divided country that all it takes is for a social media campaign against you and your entire life can be ruined if the wearing of a mask during a pandemic can be made political Can they not make the keeping of a day of worship political they will despise those that are good bungles on traitors heady high minded lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God he described as the the world and the church in the last days as having a form of godliness but denying the power there of Paul says from such turn away there will be a rise in spirits of them. Rabb sake and Sinatra believe that they would win because they worshiped false gods now the spirits speak of expressed in a lot of times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils this will happen even in the church John the Revelator says he saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon another mouth of the beast and out of mouth of the false prophets who are they these are space spirits of devils working miracles which go forth into the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty we are told that the Devils will go out I was reading in the Spirit of Prophecy last night that men that demons in human form will begin to galvanize the groups of people against those that keep the truth spiritualism is only going to get more and more popular that's why it's a shock to me you go to churches and you see churches having a yoga session Zen and meditation sessions and no I know those are just on the fridge a fringe they may not be all that but it's just a little doorway into things that are darker let me taste them you want to see more and more of this as time goes on I will get into this but it simply is news video had a video image of Mary crying blood and in one of these cases from one part of the world I actually did a cat scan on the statue a cat scan on a statue to try to figure out where the blood was coming from and I couldn't find a source spiritualism Then 8 days this is the show I think this is ghost hunters or go something that goes bust as but it's close. And they're looking to try and see if they can't. You don't show people on Israel I was working with a doctor once and the doctor believed in goals because he watched the show. And right now my daughters tell me that on on on on on Instagram and on Twitter they're all these people coming out saying that they're seeing their dead relatives it has become very popular dead people are speaking to people and it's all over social media that this is happening why is that relative because that these these spirits that go out as the John the Revelator says these spirits that go out will have a message like Red Shea cuz they will go out and tell people not to trust the word of the Lord they're going to go out and say you don't have to keep the 7th day sabbath and I'm just if you don't understand the truth of the word you will be deceived right now the fastest growing religion in the United States is Wicca and witchcraft it has been estimated that the number of Americans that are Wiccans is doubling every 30 months and at this point there are more than 200000 registered witches and approximately 8000000 unregistered practitioners of Wicca fast and quickly the prophecies are being fulfilled the spiritual ism is going to rise up and all of this is pointing the type being a some accuracies of Jerusalem the end to tight being a Jesus is about to return and even shows like this this is a Black Panther for Marvel comic books and you can see this thing was so popular but I find it fascinating if you go to sub-Saharan Africa where this is theoretically set most of the people are Christians none of that in the movie all of the powers of the superhero come from. From basically voodoo and animistic problem practices and the ability to speak to dead relatives. And this is what is pushed forward and I can tell you and I want you to hear it as clearly as there is more and more racial division and separation in the country as prophesied in Matthew 24 and verse 7 and in Revelation 13 versus 11 to some extent as these. Injustices increase in the years polarizing there will be many who will say I want to go back and practice the religion of my ancestors I want to throw off all of these Western things and more and more even though to the black church in America has been like a bedrock many are going to go back to practicing the religions and their ancestors practiced a form of voodoo and for Europeans in the form of witchcraft and I can tell you it is already beginning to happen as you try and get people to get more into the pride of who they are and where they come from many times pride is like an anecdote to the humility needed to accept Jesus Christ the scripture says that he that 7 door into the end the same shall be saved so the servants of Hezekiah come to Isaiah Isaiah says that him tell your master tell Hezekiah this be not afraid of the words which the host heard with which the servants of the King of Assyria have blasphemy that's what God says Behold I will send a blast upon him and he shall hear a rumor and shall return to his own land and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land Isaiah says listen Hezekiah we hear you I understand that you're worried you're worried it is not enough strength among you don't worry you can stand down remember Hezekiah prepared for this siege he brought water into the city he had mighty many counsel to the wise men he had weapons made up he was ready for an attack but when he looked around to say you know what we can fight this battle. Let me say something you can't fight the battle either. This is don't worry Hezekiah God's going to deal with Him God is going to send a blast on him. Thinking 1000 and us shall you speak to Hezekiah king of Juda saying Let not by God in whom thou trust is the c.v. This is of course rap shake the talking again saying Jerusalem shall not be delivered into the hand of the King of Assyria in fact this is a letter that the King of Assyria sent to have read shaker to has a Kaia let not by God in whom the trust is the seed of the same Jerusalem shall not be delivered into the hand of the King of Assyria behold I was heard what the king kings of Assyria have done to all lands by destroying them utterly And shall you be delivered of the gods of the nations deliver them from them which my fathers have destroyed where is the king of Hamath of our bed of the King of the city of suffer of a him he says where all these people now look at look at what has a kind of does verse 14 and Hezekiah receive the letter of the hand of the messengers and read it I like what he does here the Bible says it has a coyote went up into the house of the Lord he took the letter that was sent to him and he spread the letter out before the Lord I tell people that you ought to pray and function in time of crisis like Hezekiah you get a diagnosis you don't like if I get a bill I don't like I will lay a bill before the Lord I don't know that we would read went to New Jersey and I still have my car I still have my California plates the d.m.v. has been closed for months and. You know dot that the toll plate told by plate in New York might not recognize a California license plate so there is no way to stop and pay nowadays I kept I drove we drove all over. And I didn't realize I was getting billed for all of this stuff New York is a pretty sophisticated set of people over there and when I got the bill from and told people it was late to be paid and not only did they charge me for for going to the tolls they had a late fee some of the late fees $125200.00 per tying terms I got a bill for 900 dollars for tolls when I didn't get a flu to New Jersey and back 4 times I took that thing from the toll people in New York and I laid it in front of God like Hezekiah and I agonize I got a lot I was doing you know work and trying to tax me for doing it and I prayed as I got a whisper to call them and I said New York boy you know people in New York on offer that nice I'm not sure I want to call customer service for the state of New York but I call them and I call them a young let me say the nicest young laughing he gave me the best customer service I think I've ever had and I said I'll ask the rescue from New York and she was so sweet she said listen all you have to do is sign up for and we'll send you a transponder 50 dollars and we'll a race all the stuff you owe and you can use the transponder from now on let me say something church many of us you know Jesus as you have not because you ask not has a cause I did not rely on his ingenuity or his preparation although he prepared as we must prepare at the end of the day has a coyote took the trial in front of him let me say to someone ought to go and get their marriage certificate and lay it out like a letter they've got a child that's wayward go get their birth certificate and lay it out like a letter you got trouble on the job take the contract you sign and lay it out like a letter before the God of Heaven I am telling you thank God still answers prayers today like he did for Hezekiah. Don't sit there and be miserable in your if your difficulties and your trials tried a God of the universe look at what the Bible says verse 15 and Hezekiah prayed before the Lord and said Oh Lord God of Israel which dwells between the cherubims Daal art the god even dollar loan of all kingdoms of the earth that is made of heaven and earth he establishes 1st and foremost that God is creator that's how he prays then he says Lord bow down 19 and here open Lord and eyes and see and hear the words of Sinatra which So Necker of which hath sent him to reproach the living God And he says of a truth Lord the kings of Assyria have destroyed the nations of their land he says has a guy says God it's true we've watched as a Syria has taken nation after nation after nation verse 18 and have cast their gods into the fire now look at what is the Kaiser's for they weren't gods but the work of men's hands wood and stone therefore they have destroyed them that has a cause is now there for all Lord our God I beseech the same dial us out of his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that the how art the Lord God even dial only has a guy said listen don't answer this prayer for my good as a consequence of his prayer so that the world would know that you are the only true God when you pray remember that your prayer and I requests should always be to the glorification of the God of heaven when Hezekiah praises prayer Isaiah sends a message to Hezekiah He says the sea of the Lord God of Israel that which you have prayed to me against the knacker of the King of Assyria he says I have heard. God sends a message say listen here's a guy don't worry I heard you pray let me say something Doc still hears prayers don't you be afraid of the remnant that is a scapegoat a house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward tells Hezekiah for out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant and they that escape out of the mount of Zion the zeal of the Lord a whole shall do this therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the King of Assyria he shall not come into the city Jerusalem nor shoot an arrow he won't even get off an arrow a shield or even come against the city nor cast the bank of trying to climb the wall none of it will happen verse 33 by the way he came the same shall he return and shall not come into the city says the Lord for I look at this for I will defend this city to save it from my own sake for my servant David sake and I told the men's ministry group this morning I would tell you the same thing in verse 34 sometimes you need to replace the word city with house home for God will defend this home I don't know what's going on in your house I don't know how to devil is trying to get in I know he's trying to get in and I want you to pray the prayer of Hezekiah of Hezekiah and of Isaiah for I will defend the city God says but I want you to know he will defend your home and your family he said I will save it for my own sake and for David sick God still protects the home of his people look at how this thing turns out 1935 and it came to pass that night that the angel of the Lord went out and smote in the camp of the Assyrians 100 fourscore and 5000 as 185000 of the strongest soldiers on the planet one angel. And when they arose early in the morning behold they were all dead corpses the word to call a corpse dead is redundant somebody missing this thing this is all of course dead is like calling saying you ate a fruit an apple to say the corpse of the dead is like it is if the author of The Book of 2nd Kings is trying to tell you they weren't just dead they want to long gone there was nobody in a 100 maybe 5000 that you would even try and do c.p.r. on they were dead did 185000 know what it's relevant because when Jesus was in a garden of get 70 and I'm Outkast the High Priest servant was standing there Peter took out his sword and he cut off your member story cut off the ear of the High Priest servant Jesus healed and put the air back on you read what Jesus said to Peter. He says those who live by the sword will die about a sword and then he says I could have called 12 legions of angels if Jesus had called just one legion a 1000 angels he could have taken down the Roman Empire if one angel can get 185000 that tells you that my Jesus went to the cross willingly for you that he did he allowed himself to be taken because he wanted to redeem lost man. One angel 185008000 soldiers look at this so as an actor of King of Assyria departed and went and return and dwelt at Nineveh and it came to pass as he was worshipping in the house of this rock his God that a drummer like and share as are his sons smote him with the sword and he escaped into the land of Armenia and Assad on his son reigned in his stead I want you to get this God did not even allow some not to rib the honor of dying on the battlefield. Don't miss this thing he allowed his own sons to take his life he died in shame and misery and the nation and the Kingdom and the empire of Assyria is mentioned almost no more after this but is 100 years later a little less than that now because it hasn't Babylon take over the world and the light says it like this with unerring accuracy the infinite one still keeps account with the nations while his mercy is tendered with calls to repentance this account remains open but with when the figures reach a certain amount which God has fixed the ministry of his wrath begins the account is closed divine patience ceases mercy no longer pleads in their behalf prophets of kings preach $364.00 the pride of Assyrian has fallen to serve as an object lesson to the end of time of the nations of earth today who in arrogance and pride to raise themselves against Him God inquires to whom art thou thus alike in glory and in greatness among the trees of Eden yet shall not be brought down with the trees of Eden unto the nether parts of the earth the Lord is God a stronghold in the day of trouble and he knows them that trust in him but with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of all who endeavor to exalt themselves above the Most High let me say some church God's patience is running out on this earth His spirit is being withdrawn man's arrogance is heaped upon arrogance. And the God of the universe will soon shut it off I told you that this that the seas of Jerusalem I said Not group is a type of the 2nd coming it will seem as if the people of God are about to be wiped out when Jesus bursts the clouds of glory but I want you to have the confidence that has a cause and Isaiah had that our God will deliver the remnant revelation $1615.00 behold I come as a thief less that is he that watch it and keep his garments lest the walk naked and they see his shame Watch therefore for you need know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh 1st lesson on his 5 and verse 6 Therefore let us not sleep as do others but let us watch and be sober for at 1st Peter 47 the end of all things that hand be therefore sober and watch and to prayer sobriety is tied in to being ready that sobriety from alcohol and drugs and marijuana that is flooding the streets of America now but is also the sobriety from the things of this world the distractions that this virus has shut down and allowed many to become sober for a moment to think straight again because they are not distracted by all of these other things Jesus is about to return he says it like this behold I come as a thief bless it is he that watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame for it I want you to know that as we look at is what's going on in the world Jesus is truly about to return the story of Hezekiah and son not group and the work and the Ministry of the prophet Isaiah is given to us to let us know that the God of the universe is not sleeping. No matter how terrible the world seems no matter how difficult things are in your own life in your own a home God still hears the prayers of those who are willing to lay the letters out God is about to come and he's about to set to justice back in place in this universe by dealing with the rebellious planet Earth the church I want to be among the remnant who survive the remnant who are rescued the remnant who are redeemed that is the challenge to watch and be sober be ready when Jesus returns Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity Lord to study the word Lord we want to learn to pray like Hezekiah and Isaiah did we want to trust the promises of your word so Father God we ask that your people would be drawn to you that your people Lord would put their full trust in you not in the arm of flesh not trust into men or governments or corporations but Lord our trust would be in the living God Jehovah did as I say a says and Isaiah 6 in verse when he saw you Lord High and lifted up seated on your throne and your train filled the temple Father God let us see you high and lifted up. But a father God we're not focusing on the things. This is our prayer in Jesus precious and holy. Church same as. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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