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The End of Hatred

Eric Walsh
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The End of Hatred looks at the work that must be done to find unity among the people of God on the issue of race.  We all must look inside and allow the Holy Spirit to move us to oneness in Christ.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • July 9, 2020
    6:30 PM
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Greetings once again we come to you from the 3 Angel 7 church here Newington Connecticut. We had our 1st service again last above hence the peck plexiglass you see around me no I am not worried I was going through spitballs everything at me it's so that when we have service is better social distancing so hopefully you get used to seeing me behind the glass here as we get into this message of Scripture reading will get right into it today is found in Matthew chapter 5 starting at verse 44 and it says but I say unto you love your enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you a message this week is entitled The End of hatred the end of hatred and it will be a bit of a Bible study. But the title again the end of hatred let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study or Lord ask once again if you make me just the nail upon the wall a rusty sorry male Lord but upon that man Lord I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ Lord Eric Walsh is unfit to bring your word so lot I ask that you send a word from on high this is our prayer in Jesus's name Amen so we're going to go straight into this room or go to book of Luke and started Chapter 10 I'm sure that recently with all of us were going on in this country there's been a lot of. Messages taken from this passage of Scripture so I'm going to pass over it myself. And speak to what's going on. The resurgence of the corona virus in the southern parts of the United States predominately and in the West states like Arizona and California. While other parts of the world like Europe have seen a strong decline. That's kind of overshadowed a lot of what we're talking about in the last few weeks around race and race relations but I've heard a lot of sermons a lot of people talking about a subject and I just wanted to to chime in a little bit. And just ask the Holy Spirit to lead as we speak about how God deals with these things and how will hatred end in this world and how will the division that is playing out. In America and even in our church how will it it and will we allow Satan to use division to ultimately destroy God's remnant people well looked up to 10 in verse 25 says and behold a certain lawyer stood up and tempted him saying Master what shall I do to inherit eternal life the spirit of prophecy tells us that in fact it was the fairest sees that put this young doctor of the law up to say what he was saying affairs these were looking for again a way to trap Christ they knew that they felt he didn't esteem the law the way that they did and so he says they sent this guy to ask this question and this young man was probably quite arrogant and thought that he could be the one who would. Outsmart outfox Christ in debate and discussion around his issue a similar to the story in The Book of John Wood a woman is caught in the act of adultery this was a premeditated attempt by the religious leadership to harm Christ and His question his master what shall I do to inherit eternal life. Jesus though isn't he so wise verse 26 crisis he said and to him what is written in the law how reduced the how so Jesus does not answer the question he answers the question with a question if you notice in the New Testament and in the Gospels Christ does this a lot he he doesn't allow the narrative to be directed by doles who are trying to come against him misunderstand what Christ does is he sends it back to them so that their hearts can be revealed not to him because he can read their hearts he sends it back to them so that the people listening can understand their motives what is written in the law how read is that our verse $27.00 as young doctor of the law says and he said Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul with all thy strength and with all thy mind and I neighbor as thyself heed as you as you are all well aware of the 10 Commandments divided into 2 parts the 1st 4 speaks to our our duty to God because of our love for God the last 6 speak to our duty to men because of our love for God because of because of our love for men because of our love for God So the 1st for our love for God gives us the responsibility to keep those commandments Hence Jesus as if you love me keep my commandments the last 6 is a dual love it's not just that we love our fellow men but because we love our God we do good to our fellow men and I watch this when you look at this he is he expounds most heavily on the part of loving God He says you know you got to love him with the love of God Your heart is soul your strength your mind then he says your neighbor as yourself. And that was the trick part of it it actually helped to defray his responsibility to the last 6 commandments verse $28.00 Jesus was not going to be outsmarted So Jesus lays down the argument beautifully here and he said to him now and stress right this do that I'll shout live simple these are that's right if you do it you'll live next question the guy didn't get Jesus he didn't get it not smart of Jesus lays it down and seems like he's ready to move on but I couldn't take that he wait a minute you know I didn't I didn't accomplish my purpose and the spirit of prophecy also tells us that as he heard as he looked upon Christ and heard Christ he this man young man was stirred in his heart as well don't miss that there's something about coming into contact with Jesus even if it is for nefarious reasons if you come into the path of the Living Christ like a Roman soldier as Jesus dying on a cross as of a truth this was the Son of God verse $29.00 the doctor of the law willing to justify himself said of the Jesus and who is my neighbor he said the Jews had a thing that the only people who are your neighbors are those who are like you and other words your neighbor was not the Samaritans your neighbor was not any of the other heathen people around like the Romans your neighbor wasn't even every Jew Only those Jews that were pious and righteous and on your level or your neighbor it was a bit of a caste system and so he asks this question partly I believe because he figured it was the natural follow up question to what Jesus had asked but I think also because he recognized that he didn't fully understand his responsibility. So this is who is my neighbor powerful out Jesus does this because there was almost no way that Christ could have verbalize this answer without giving a parable to get the end effect that he wanted and so and looked at and verse 30 says and she's answering said a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves which stripped him of his Rayment and wounded him and departed leaving him half dead now we we know historically that the road from Jerusalem to Jericho was a long road and there was a patch of the road that was a bit. Of a bit out of the way that these a like the kind of hide and jump and pounce on people would be carrying goods back and forth between these 2 major main cities. So Jesus many believe is actually speaking to a real event that happened so as this as this person is going on his way from Jerusalem to Jericho and he fell among thieves the Bible says they stripped him of his Rayment his clothes they took his clothes they wounded him meaning they beat him they mugged him and it departed and here's what the Bible says they left the man half dead so here he is laying naked our almost naked in the street all of his possessions are gone he's probably has a concussion he's probably got a bleeding from parts of his body where he beat him and here he is laying and here is what the Bible is telling you if he is left in that condition this Jew would die right there on the roadside hence the word leaving him half dead. Verse 31 Jesus continues the story and says and by chance they came down a certain priest that way and when he saw him he passed by on the other side so Jesus again remember who's attacking Jesus here behind the scenes is the religious leadership so it's kind of interesting that he uses their religious leadership in the story and maybe Interestingly enough some of the very people sitting there may have even been a part of the real event so as. He's telling the story he talks about a priest who comes and when he sees the man he passes on the other side of the street his fellow Jew laying there dying passed on his artistry and he keeps going next I believe light comes and when he was at the place he came and he looked on him and passed by on the other side it's almost as if the Levite got a little closer than a priest did but both of them when they looked at the man's condition realized that to stop and help him would be to put themselves in jeopardy number one and number 2 it would have the same time it might defile them in some way to stop and help someone because it is bloodied banged up a condition they couldn't tell what part of the caste system he was from and hence they decided to pass over and leave him there to die story takes an interesting turn in verse 33 but a certain Samaritan as he journeyed came where he was and when he saw him he had compassion on him I remember the Jews in the Samaritans fought like the proverbial Hatfields and McCoys in American history. They did not get along at all after the Northern Kingdom was taken and those tribes were scattered by the Assyrians when they finally came back they came back and a mixed blood people mixed racial people mixed in with the people where they had been scattered and they came back with many of the heathen ways of the people that spent time with so the Samaritans were looked upon like dogs and even one of those in one of the stories in the scripture which is runs into a Samaritan woman literally she says Jesus says that. The dog is not to get the crumbs from the table they were looked upon as as dogs but somehow he is the one who stops in the story at a certain Samaritan as he journey came where it was when he saw him he had compassion on him and you have to wonder if it isn't because that Samaritan the so looked down upon by Jews that in this situation he understands Don't miss this he understands what it's like to be left for dead he understands what it's like to be oppressed he understands what it's like to be robbed of your dignity and of your pride he gets at the Samaritan when he sees him because he as has laid in his position before walked in his shoes when he sees him he has compassion something is stirred up in the Samaritan and he stops to help. Started forces and he went to him and bound up his rooms pouring in oil and wine and set him on his own beast and brought him to an inn and took care of him the Samaritan doesn't just stop and say hey are you Ok he picks him up lays him on his animal risking being robbed himself now having to walk rather than ride his animal you know missing this thing he is willing to put the broken in the in his place and take the place of the footman in order to bring him to the inn where the Bible says Jesus speaking says he took care of him he nursed this person nurtured him and tried to heal him and bring him back to health the next day the Samaritan had to continue on his journey verse 35 says and on the marrow on the morrow when he departed he took out 2 pence and gave them to the host and said unto him take care of him and whatsoever that I spend a small when I come again I will repay the he takes money out of his own pocket and he gives it to the hotel manager and says listen make sure this guy is all right this should be enough money but if it's not I'm going to check on him on my way back and if I owe you anything because you spent money on medicine or food or water I whatever it is I will give you the difference Jesus tells that powerful stirring story that some of us can't imagine this story would be the equivalent. Of of some of of a Klansman laying in the road and some beat up and heard in his room in his robe and a black or Latino or some other person stopping and and making sure you're Ok and putting them in their car and driving them to the hospital and paying their bill it would be seemingly unheard of it was that vivid in a time of crisis the story Jesus asked the question which now of these 3 think is that how was neighbor and to him that fell among the thieves who was his neighbor rest 37 he said he that showed mercy on him then said Jesus to him gold and do thou likewise In other words Jesus expands the last I remember of the initial question is what do I need to do to it to gain eternal life here's the final answer the final answer is go and do likewise your neighbor is anyone who is in need your neighbor is the one who can't do for themselves and you have something you can do to get them back on their feet and with a spirit of provinces and Christ object lesson 376 he says this question Christ answered in the pair to this question Christ answered in the parable of the Good Samaritan he showed that our neighbor does not mean merely one of the church or faith to which we belong it has no reference to race color or class distinction our neighbor is every person who needs our help our neighbor is every soul who is wounded and bruised by the adversary. Neighbor is everyone who is the property of God mercy who is your neighbor the name your neighbor is their war itself. That's why crisis isn't John John says John 360 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life and it is because we are all neighbors and what goes on she says and Page $32.00 of Christ in lesson she says there are those who would think it lowering to their dignity to minister to suffering humanity many look with indifference and contempt upon those who have laid the temple of the soul in ruins in other words people look at was a you know what is their fault they smoke cigarettes therefore they drink alcohol their fault they live in a Ghetto Mess themselves up so it's a she's a many look with indifference and contempt upon those who have laid the temple of the souls in ruin and sometimes you're wrong in the conclusion that they destroyed their own temple but then she says something even more profound here others neglect the poor from a different motive they are working as they believe in the cause of Christ seeking to build up some worthy enterprise they feel that they are doing a great work and they cannot stop to notice the wants of the needy and distressed in advancing their supposedly great work they may even oppress the poor they may place them in a heart in trying circumstances deprive them of their rights or neglect their needs yet they feel that all this is justifiable because they are as they think at venting the cause of Christ and I've heard of people who are supposed to be ministers or running a ministry and the way that they treat the people who work for them in a Christian ministry. And I think my treat him to be bad somebody are advancing the cause of God because the same in money paying people a little a nothing to do God's work or because they're not supporting them in ways that they ought to in terms of even things like health insurance or or even just being kind to the person thinking that being exacting and ruthless and mean will get more out of them for the cause of Christ what kind of madness and way of thinking is that if you are in ministry and you can't be kind to those who work for you what kind of a minister are you there are many who think I'm too busy to help anybody else because I'm working for Jesus I'm too busy preaching the 3 angels messages to help the people who are in need what you find is that those things are not you can't separate those things notice things that on account of nationality race or caste is recognized by God He is the maker of all mankind Illinois says all men are of one family by creation and all are one to redemption Christ came to demolish every wall of partition to throw open every compartment of the temple that every soul may have free access to God Did you get that God came to earth he does not recognize what we recognized we look down on people because of their accents or where they come from or whether or not they are immigrants or the skull or his skin or the texture of the day or the color of their eyes we look down on folk Weiss's not. All men are of one family 2 different ways one by creation one by redemption we are not only born into this family together through creation we have been redeemed into this family together so 5 points. We've been talking a lot about racism in society you know there are 5 things I want to hit tonight. And it will be done 5 important points for Christians to understand. Number one racial issues will be with society until the end but cannot be with the church Number 2 racism is a spiritual issue and will expound on that number 3 hatred is contagious but before mercy makes neighbors compassion builds community which I think I rule up as you see on the slide into racism ends when relationship begins so let's look at these 4 things actually is not all 54 of a matter of 4 or 5 door into one so racial issues will be a society until the end but cannot be with the church we've talked about this in my previous talks here from Mr Matthew 24 and verse 7 for nation shall rise against nation the Greek is for ethnos shall rise against ethnos and kingdom against kingdom and they should be famines and pestilences and earthquakes and divers places all these are the Beginning of Sorrows verse 9 says then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake when Jesus speaks of the end time he uses the word ethnos in the end what we translate what is translated the King James Version as nations yet this one of the signs of the end is the very racial turmoil we are watching the fact that even though the civil rights laws passed in 63 and another want to get in 68 you know though you had decades for America to heal and move on and yet you have people rioting and protesting in the streets today tells you this prophecy has Bill fulfilled. This issue will not get better why I want to get better because as the Spirit of God was drawn from the earth men will only become more selfish men will only become more self-centered that's on all sides more self-centered more selfish so they will the devil will use that to turn people against each other and watch us and to turn them against the cause of Christ because notice that water nation is rising against nation in verse 7 and while verse 8 says that all of this is the Beginning of Sorrows verse 9 says that you want to know that you're different because those of us who are Christians will be the ones that they begin to attack in the end I want you to get it what's happening now in the division in this country and even around the world as you watch what's unfolding understand in many ways this is a dry run a test run for the persecution and challenges that will come to the people of God if you're not standing up for the rights of others now who do you think will stand up for ours later well this would be with us all the way to the end Revelation 13 tells us it will be released 13 verse 11 says and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and my head he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon and exercise all the power of the 1st beast before him and cause the Earth and then with well there into worst of the 1st priest whose Deadly Wound was healed in fact what is going to happen is that there's a beast Revelation $1311.00 which we know to be the United States of America it will come up and it will it will present itself in its in its in its own language and in its in its imagery as if it is a lamb like Beast the horns like lambs represent and it is going to look as if it has a Christian a basis but in fact when he speaks she speaks which speaks to its own legislative power in its laws and policies it will speak like a dragon which dragon the dragon of Rome so. Wiley wrote in the Constitution the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights things like We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal they had slaves and all the way to American history we've had this dichotomy around fairness equity and justice but the Bible already told us that this would happen and I think what is most important as we'll get to in a 2nd is the last part of my of this title of this law which is the church can't be like that the church must be the place where we look and see diversity in the Hartford Current newspaper here in Connecticut when everything started to go down after George Floyd's killing. There was a a wonderful full page ad taken out showing all 16 of the churches in a Greater Hartford area and one of the things that the that our organizations leadership put in it was pretty profound is that this nomination is the most diverse the nomination in the country as 7 Adventists we have a unique opportunity to show the world that we can be diverse and unified at the same time and it is a powerful powerful powerful witness when we do I quoted in a previous message from Chapter 21 of the Autobiography of Malcolm x. where he says that the nice is white people he ever met was 7th Day Adventists this is Malcolm x. who goes on to be the greatest are the most famous notable and probably influential of all black nationalists in American history yet he has to say himself the White had been his and that's what I've been hearing people you know really talking about the racial past of the 70 having a church and kind of beating up a church and I think you got to understand as we talk about the 2nd the church in other ways just reflects society it is the responsibility of individuals in the church to be Christ like. We must be Christ like we must reflect Christ that's what those people did for Malcolm x. as a child and he remembered it so well he wrote it in his autobiography number 2 racism is a spiritual issue if he's in 612 this will wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places one of the problems with when used when you when you decided the white man is the problem with a black man is the problem or the immigrant is the problem you now say that you are wrestling against flesh and the Bible says in as if it is a promise and a command you are not wrestling against flesh it doesn't matter how poorly flesh might treat you or how poor the flesh might behave your enemy is never a human the Christian cease thing spiritually for spiritual things are spiritually discerned and you understand that the climate of division hatred is all it climate created because we live in a world of sin and Satan the father of lies and of hatred or from the beginning he is orchestrating these things and what happens is what the devil want you to do is deflect the responsibility off of him all to people groups that you don't like or agree with he wants you to do that because spiritually you become impotent when you are more focused on what people are doing rather than preparing by the Holy Ghost power to do deal with the real source of the problem who is safe and that spiritual wickednesses in high places. This is from. Councils to educate educators and teachers speak to 29 but the church must and will fight against seen and unseen photos Satan's agencies in human form are on the ground men of confederated to oppose the Lord of Hosts these Confederacy's will continue until Christ leave his place of intercession before the mercy seat and to put on the garments of vengeance say tannic agencies are in every city look at this busily organizing into parties that opposed to. The parties those opposed to the law of God professed saints and evolved unbelievers take their stand with these parties this is no time for the people of God to be weaklings we cannot afford to be off our guard for one moment of our guard for one moment let me tell you something church be careful what organizations you align yourself with go to their website read what they believe and I want you to take up the word of God and I want you to hold all of the said The Lord compared to what the people say they believe what therefore understand that there are those who are although to the cause may see no evil and are right it is all a distraction and a deception and say they try to pull you into a movement so that you will March against the very God of the universe eventually because you're not there for your foe is not white black brown Asian your folder is invisible. Satan is working to stir up the hearts of men against one another then this whole thing that's going on in our country and has spilled around the world is a master class in deception for us people are focused on tearing down statues and and angry at one another and yelling at each other in the streets the Spirit of God is being withdrawn and Satan is convincing the hearts that their enemies are humans which means if your enemy is human you will not go to God for the solution you think you can fix it yourself 1st John 4 in verse 20 spiritualism of the Spirit racism racism racism is a spiritual issue 1st John 420 says if a man say I love God and hates his brother he is a liar 4 yet he that loveth not his brother whom we have seen how can he love God whom we have not seen and this commandment we have we from him that he that he who love with God loves also his brother let me say some it's a spiritual issue if you can't love people you see what if God shows up and looks like the people you hate what he will do you must love those you can see spiritual issue why is it a spiritual issue and again oh this is going back to the talk about it administers history and administers failed on the issue of race initially the administration was right on point as abolitionists if you read the book the southern work and somebody other writings on Ellen White House on race the pioneers agreed with this sentiment but something happened to the church you know what it was it lost its 1st fire the fire pioneers had bought it after Ellen White died things began to change quickly. It actually started before she died some would argue and the church became Laodicea I want you to get this and this is what I want you to understand as the church becomes a Laodicean the church is lukewarm Why is water lukewarm water starts a hot or cold from a spring in the hot spring or a cold spring Why does water become lukewarm because it takes on the temperature of its environment. And I want to submit to you that the church at times has taken on the temperature of its environment on the issue of race and we have acted just like the world is acting when we started out high on the issue yet that is the nomination is the only one that was abolitionists from its inception even. Some of the other groups like the Quakers and others who are abolitionists there was division in their ranks over it but I finished were pure to this thing what happened Revelation 316 tells us so then because I want luke warm and me in the cold more hot I will spew the out of my mouth were 17 because thou sayest I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and no it's not that I want wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked when I've been to the church the church began to prosper with schools and hospitals and and industry and the church we get to do well in and in a desire to fit in in our society and belong to a collection of other Protestant denominations the church began to take on many of their ways became lukewarm on this issue of brotherly love I don't know there's another the nomination that started a school like Oakland University our church has a legacy a powerful legacy of racial equality and love for everyone that's what we have said missionaries to every corner of the globe. But if you become lukewarm and I want to give this to you for today you become lukewarm spiritually you will begin to get the very temperament of those around you and you will be caught up in what is going on in a very earthly way fleshly way and not see it in a spiritual way racism is a spiritual issue but it affects people physically I want to distort is it here because I don't know but I want to seen some of the studies racial discrimination is linked to a high risk of chronic illness and black women a new study says and I'll give you some examples women who said they faced discrimination on the job and housing from the police were 48 percent more likely to develop breast cancer than those who reported no incidents of major discrimination. There was a study a recent study that followed nearly $60000.00 African-American women the 6 years found that women who reported on a job racial discrimination had a 32 percent higher risk of breast cancer than others who did not another study of African-American women found that those who reported chronic emotional stress due to their experience of racism had more severely blocked up carotid arteries those are the arteries that need to stay open so you don't have a stroke. There if you if people say today of experience recent study showed you have increased coronary artery calcium scores which speaks to the chance of having a heart attack. And a study found a black woman had shorted t.l.o. mare's than white women at the same chronological age black women had accelerated biological aging of about 7 and a half years so we often say black don't crack as we say in black churches maybe on the outside but any inside where it matters the t.l.o. mirrors the ends of the chromosomes that determine long Jevon t. how long you will live begin to exist in rabble under the the influence of stress not just the emotional stressors nutritional stressors and other things this environment affects us hence when I was in Australia I was able to go and visit a public health department in Memphis up in Kansas where I was but I wanted things I found interesting is that the Australian Department of Public Health put up the post as a racism makes me sick and for the guys as it affects my blood pressure and phrasings that in depression is Aboriginal people and he's put on these posters raises the makes you sick the damage is my heart blood pressure and my unborn baby the woman says a study showed that the stresses of a pregnant woman if a pregnant woman is stressed it actually creates. Poor of maternal health outcomes like infant mortality maternal mortality and premature birth the things like that and we know there was a study where women from Kate who migrated from Africa to the United States their maternal child health outcomes were the same as white women in America but it daughters had the same poor birth outcomes as black women in America something stressful about being in America and being black that's that's a reality whether it's real or perceived in a sense it is a reality that it is stressful to believe that you're being looked down upon or that or that things are that someone is being racist and bring all of this up to say that one part of this health message. That is often overlooked is that part of stress and I've seen people go into inner city churches trying to preach our health message and not take into consideration the unique stressors that people in the inner city have whether black or brown people it is different and you've got to speak to some of the emotional frustrations challenges and difficulties that you have if you go to say let's just stop eating meat that doesn't necessarily address the health impact that the stress itself will have one of the reasons why as a church we dealing with this through strong programs I believe our churches and I don't I don't know that tearing down statues and stuff is going to change anything but I know that if we have community gardens in our churches and if the people in the neighborhood in our inner city churches have access to fresh fruits and vegetables that might do some that will do some good and we have afterschool programs that we too are young men and young women who live in inner cities where the schools may not be up to par and we help them and in and give them Bible classes and so forth that count towards their degree their your high school diploma those things that will help them and then we put them on a path to college to our institutions like Oakwood and southern and southwestern and Union and all of these different schools we can actually change the trajectory of their lives in a meaningful way we have a marriage and family counseling and seminars in our churches that are not for us but for our community and ways to build stronger families and improve on parenting deal with addiction we could actually make a true serious impact in some of these communities that have been left behind because of what has happened in America in the past and I would argue that you don't just do it in a in a vacuum and just the church in the city does it but at churches in the suburbs that resources partner with them and we transform families and lives so that they can do better. Not just in this life but into the next one this line is is blank on purpose number 3 is hatred is contagious I won't spend too much time it is that I've given my testimony before but I will tell you one thing that is real of hours of you ever going to read and races we have to understand it's contagious and if one group of people hates another group of people it's only a matter of time before that 2nd group of people begins to hate the 1st group of people back that is something that the Gospel stops the way that Christ approaches hatred is that he loves back and that's the way that the civil rights movement in America worked and I it is pages blank because I was one who caught the bug of racial hatred myself after being treated horribly in high school called all kinds of names and and seeing all kinds of horrible things happen and I caught the bug myself let me test them it took coming to know Jesus Christ as my savior to liberate me from this is the 3rd thing I talk more about another sermon you go back to fight at last what is this one racism and one relationship begins Matthew 25 in verse 34 then shall the King say unto them on his right hand come he blessed of my father and Herod the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world were 35 or I was hungered and you gave me meat I was thirsty and you gave me drink I was a stranger and you took me and make it and you close me I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you came to me then shall a righteous answer him saying Lord when saw we in the end hunger and fed the or thirsty and gave the drink was $38.00 when saw we'd be a stranger and took the end on make it and told the or when solving the sick or and president came into the in listen to what the king says and the King represents Jesus and King Johansen's and of them Verily I say unto you in as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren you have done it unto me. But it isn't difficult to lump people into all behaving one way all being one thing when you get to know individuals in that group and I want to challenge the Christians that here is find a way to build a relationship I want to challenge churches to partner with churches that would have majority of people are not of the same ethnic background and begin to get to know each other if you get to know each other you find that many of the stereotypes are complete foolishness and you find what you fear that is actually nothing to fear at all it is true relationship in fact how is it that God brought us back to him it was to relationship he sent his son to get to know us personally to walk among us and when we get to heaven have those deep Jesus does not transform back to the way he was before back to Him Christ remains in human form with us through the ceaseless ages of eternity we'll be able to reach into his hand and feel the nail prints and it is side and feel the whole of the holes we will be able to touch him and under him because he built a relationship the relationship is what we're looking for hatred will end when we are in perfect relationship with God Revelation 79 says after this i.v. hail beheld and lo a great multitude which no man the number of all nations and kindreds and people in tongues stood before the throne of before the lamb clothed with the white robes and palms in their hands cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our God which sits upon the throne and on to the man vs $100.00 for the land which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and shall lead them of the living fountains of waters and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes relationship Oh and on that note. You want to get to heaven and you're not going to get there with the people who look like you or talk like you are come from where you come from and you need to have an enemy all kinds of people there and what we're going to have in common is our character the character of Jesus Christ we're going to have in common is that it was because of his shed blood that we got there and that's why he cried in verse 10 salvation to our God would sits upon the throne and until the lamb because we are there in you want to teach because of what the lab has done that's what Scripture says and they follow the lamb with us however he go with that lamb is going to feed us you know cause the drink found living fountains of waters but it ends with this God shall wipe away all tears from there because he has a love and relationship with each and every one David says the god stored your t. is you are there God stores are tears in a bottle and he writes them in a book one day because he suffered with you through all you go through you know wipe away those tears so I challenge your church I challenge you to be the eyes and ears the hands and feet of Jesus to someone in need to reach across and out of your comfort zone to find a way into relationship with folk who maybe you otherwise wouldn't because Jesus is coming back and hatred hatred will end and if you still have hatred in your heart you'll end with it but I pray that we know the love of God and that we've experienced it now we would spend eternity with our Savior and I look forward to being in glory with you Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word and I pray Lord that hatred in the hearts of every one of your children that your church would be an example to the world of love and unity for you said in your word Lord. The by this man will know that you are my disciples that you have love one for another help us to be what you have us to be in this issue and what I pray for this great nation America I pray Lord for the Souls Lord to be lost all around the globe and Predator church would rise to the occasion. Introduce and die to live in Jesus Christ is our prayer and his presence. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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