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The Sabbath & the Mark in the Right Hand

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, gives a second rendition of the 8am Sabbath sermon. How we are to keep the Sabbath and important points on how the Sabbath sets us apart as His important people.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • July 11, 2020
    11:00 AM


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Well good morning everyone and welcome to worship here on location are those of you that are on line. Or in a small series on the Sabbath and a number of people from the 1st hour asked me to actually repeat the sermon from 8 o'clock so I'm going to do that so if you're here actually for that sermon it'll probably be new because I can't really repeat anything. Even this morning when we sang our song of worship. I sing a different song so I'm going to be hard for me to repeat anything actually. So let's just asked or the larger group bless us however when as we open God's word and as we study something I hope is very relevant for our time. Together was to spar as and pray Father in heaven we're thankful today that. You've promised to attend the preaching of your word with your spirit and you have said that by the foolishness of preaching you actually can do something in our life that maybe you could not otherwise have done and I ask for that to happen as I listen to the sermon as each of us do today that you would speak directly to us and then through us to others in a world that needs your clarion call in Christ name we pray man. So we've been in this series here on. Matthew $24.00 and Matthew $24.00 we have seen that the various elements of Matthew $24.00 seem to be just kind of occurring in the world around us Ethne us against ethnic or ethnic group against ethnic group racial tension and we've ever heard about racial tension recently and also false prophets so many have heard of false prophets and false prophecy recently people setting dates and times and that seems to also be occurring. And then men men's hearts failing them for fear betraying one another we see that happening as well. Lawlessness abounding says Matthew Chance really for a lot of the snus would abound and actually decisions legislation and interpretation of the laws of the land indicate that in our nation 6 of the 10 Commandments explicitly have been. Or implicitly have been denied and actually that seems to be accelerating and we know from Bible prophecy that also mentally. Even more of that will happen and explicitly We're told that just like in every single one of the things we've looked at in our series on the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet the Sabbath would be a part of that how many remember the series on the abomination of desolation where we look at how Daniel was taken captive because ultimately of Sabbath desecration and then Jesus ultimate was killed because they. Indicated or days that he was desecrated the Sabbath and then during the time of the Ana Christ power of course he attacked this saboteur eons as he set up that system and 5 away to 538 was close to Frank all the way through the dark ages all the Crusades would kill saboteur Ariens on their way to the Holy Land and back and then at the end of the $1260.00 in the French Revolution there was an attempt to actually change the weekly cycle from a 7 day cycle to a 10 day cycle so there was a abomination of desolation church state union that works to actually kill saboteur Ariens during that time and then ultimately we saw as we in in that series as we looked at each of the texts from Daniel chapter. 11 the last chapter looked at that the papal power listed in Daniel chapter 11 verse $3236.00 would again express itself in chapter 11 verse $4345.00 it would push against. The King of the South against the king of the north there would be an attack but God's people would stand firm and again the issue was the Sabbath as we stood in our mix with midweek service if you want to review that sermon you can just go back and listen to it so today what is the burden of the message well after it says in Matthew chapter 24 verse this team when you see the abomination of desolation spoken to by Daniel the prophet Stanley in a holy place that the reader understand and then it talks about how people need to fully they need to get out of the cities they need to go to Judea. And of course in the type that happen no Christian life was lost because they followed the directives of leaving the cities at the right time now we need to talk about that that's not going to be the burn the message today but we will cover that coming up then in verse. What is verse 20 so it's pray that your flight not be in the winter or the Sabbath Day bomb a nation of desolation series so that in every single application of that spoken of by the end of the prophet the ultimate abomination was Sabbath desecration that led to desolation and in this passage as well we see a little to add to the fact Jesus had died after he died he was talking to his disciples that again there would be hazards concerning the Sabbath of course. Matthew was writing after he had. His visit passed away and he's assuming that the Sabbath will be kept in this passage. You know I'm Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 9 there remains therefore as sabbath peace most. For the people of God There remains therefore as Sabbath keeping literally for the keep of God And so we want to look at this little bit more fully now. In the Book of Revelation but before we do that just remember that Jesus himself said that he was Matthew Chapter 12 verse 7 or I think it might be verse 8 that he is Lord of the Sabbath I remember that Matthew 12 or say Mark 2 Verse 28 he says he's the Lord of the Sabbath Luke 6 and verse 6 he says he's the Lord of the Sabbath That's Matthew Mark and Luke right where it is John the Revelator say that. Revelation Chapter one Verse 10 little get together relation chapter one and verse 10. And I was in the spirit on the Lord's day Lord of the Sabbath here it is the Lord's day and I heard behind me a loud voice as. Of a trumpet so each of the Gospels indicate that Jesus is the Lord of the 7 eats of those abominations that cause Desolation The big issue at hand is the Sabbath so when Ellen White is about great kind of Mercy says this it actually is biblically correct all the way from the time of Daniel the time of Christ the time of the end of Christ to the end of time that the Sabbath is always the main point of contention. How does she put it the Sabbath break anniversary page 6 o 5 will be the great test of loyalty for it is the point of truth especially controversy and what is controverted me argue about. When the final test will be brought to bear upon men then the line of distinction will be drawn between those who serve God and those who serve him that was true in Daniel's day it was true in Jesus' day it was true in the time of the Ana Christ and it is true that in time the Sabbath will be the main point of contention so how important is the Sabbath in your life. Do you turn your foot away from the Sabbath from doing your own pleasure on God's holy day and do you call the Sabbath of the light honorable and do you want him not doing your own ways if you do then you shall delight by south of the Lord and you will rise on the high hills of the earth and God will feed you with the heritage of Jacob what does that mean Jacob had a character change. He was a serf planter enter cheater and those that survive at in time will have a character change they will in fact not be characters but their character will change and they will be so into God and so is it the Sabbath they would be willing to die rather than for it break the 7th day Ok so now it will exaction I want to look at something that troubles me and then his Bible says that will be. Will be. Taken before magistrates and judges will have to answer questions and remember these texts. And we're not going to be able to prepare the vendor Bible says that God will bring things to our remembrance but if you did never know them how will they come to be remembered so we need to know right that's why we have sermons and we study. And that's why we memorize Bible tact so we don't even have to have our Bible particularly with us to be able to answer the questions but how is it that you would how is it that you would defend this idea of the Sabbath and how would you even say that the Bible's talking about the Sabbath. If you were questioned about it look with me in Revelation Chapter 13. And it talks about where the showdown comes down in the area of the Sabbath and in Revelation Chapter 13 there's 2 beasts 1st beast is in Chapter 13 verse one through 10 all the Protestant Reformers and this store is this as well as the advent movement which is a historic sense movement which means it believes that Bible history the history of the Bible fits with the events in history believe that these verses verse one through 10 had to do with the papacy that would arise with calls all the world to wonder after the beast and this is exactly what happened in the Dark Age period in the 42 month period that's missing here 42 months times 30 is 1260 during the 1260 day Siberia this is exactly what happened and they caused all the world. To worship but then they're a deadly wound they would receive a deadly wound and what happened in the French Revolution and in $7098.00 was that the pope was actually taken captive and when we go on our Reformation tours which were unable to do this year we actually go to one of the places that that Pope when he was taken captive was staying as he was taken into captivity we didn't even know it but we went to this place and we were looking in the rooms and there was this this papal insignia I think was on the French border there I can't remember exactly where it was got a picture on my phone and I'm looking there and I look at that and then I read actually I had Deutschen Mr 8 languages read and Deutsch in translator for me it actually actually the pope It stayed there when he was heading off and he ultimately die in captivity and this was the deadly one is that the papacy was dead but it says in Revelation Chapter 13 what is verse 4 that that deadly wound would be huge deal in verse 3 so one of the heads as if it had been really wanted and is dead they won't be healed and all the world with Marvel and follow the beast. So there would be a resurgence of Catholicism after it went down and then it would become a worldwide power that was in the midst and the middle of discussions political economic and all these things as that happened. No one would have thought that would have happened back in $79.00 is there were that that this is not going to happen but now everybody's like what does the papacy say what does the pope say it's Dyke prophecy has been fulfilled this deadly wound has been healed and then we have the prediction in verse 11 son other beasts coming up out of the Earth so this is not the papal power but another power whether beast or nation comes up on the years and he has 2 horns like a lamb and spikes like a dragon so this particular power comes out of a unpopulated area Revelation $1715.00 says the seas are light peoples and nations multitude but earth area or the Earth would be unpopulated this power comes up sometime around $1798.00 out of the earth has 2 horns like a lamb and speaks like a drag. 2 Horns of beast and of course those who have looked at this is as you know what country had a differentiation of powers had a republican system that Republican Democrat but a republic with being a legislative and executive in and a judicial how what kind of power came up and they point to of course America that came up with the Christian idea of freedom of conscience not having people worship because of coersion but because of conviction and they came up at that time period it was Christ like but then he says it would speak also been like a dragon all of those things would be. Called in the question begin to be shaken there would be upheaval there would be a lot less this that would come man and basically America would start to lose its focus and as a result it would come together with this moral power being the papacy and would cause there to be coercive religion verse 12 exercising all the authority of the 1st beast in its presence causing the earth and those who dwell and to worship the 1st beast whose Deadly Wound was healed fell causing someone to worship with authority and power that's nad through conviction and compassion and love that's coercive mists causing the world to do that and worshipping anything else other than God is breaking what Command commander number one else I have no other guys before secondly would say that he would make an image verse 14 to the beast who was wounded by the sword and the lid was the 2nd commandment that's on that make into the in the graven image since I'm making any likeness of anything in the heaven above or the earth of the Need 1000 that bow down itself to the most serve them for I the Lord thy God I'm a jealous God does it mean iniquities of the files upon the children and to the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me but showing mercy and the thousands of them that do will love me and keep my commandments so by definition this power will do something in raising the image of the beast that goes against God's Law of Love how many can see that that makes sense logically. So whatever that image is a goes against those who love me and keep my commandments so there'll be some kind of legislation some kind of activity that actually goes against God's law now is that happening in America today is there legislation is there interpretation of legislation that's going against any of God's laws in our series we look at that time Lalas this will abound and we see that adding right now of course in a pluralistic society we don't rule by the 10 Commandments right here freedom of conscience you're free to believe or not fully however most of the country is now tending towards at least it appears in terms of leadership. Of the courts and the legislative bodies not thinking that they're not going towards the least think amenable e yes but also mean it could be a law that's explicitly against it we try and get around it now. And there's cut outs and there's actually promising decisions as last week from the center in court and some of those areas so we still have time to preach and to teach some some of the stuff I tell you that may be considered hate speech if I'm in Canada and other places I'd be probably taken off the poll. Says. But we still have a can say hallelujah So Commander number one commander number 2 commanding number 3 it says there at the end of the chapter it says that that. Here is or verse 17 No one made by or sell except for one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. Talks about the number and the name we can all talk about the number some of the time but the name well commandment is that 1st one mouse are not other and God 2nd 1900 make an image 3rd one is one that I shall not take. The name of the Lord I got invent for the Lord will not homo Gallus that take of his name in vain this is the 3rd commandment. Let me ask a question from memory number 123-567-8910 Do any of them have God's name in them now there's only one commandment that has guy's name and what command it is a. Member the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days out the labor and all that I work with the 7th day as the Sabba of the Lord I got it out on I don't work so the only only commandment that has the name in it is the Sabbath and when we accept any other name like is being suggested here you have to have the mark of the beast or the number of his name that's a direct connect attack on what commandment how we think this is kind of interesting in this actually related man is taking the name of God in vain actually related to the Sabbath commandment and then comes the next one which we read in our scripture reading today or someone read. For us 1st 15 he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast that the image of the beast posted speak and causes many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed and he causes all both great and small great rich poor free and slaves to receive a mark on their right hands or on their forehead so a man a number one no other gods came another to do graven image men are 3 does not take the name of the world again event to man as number 4 would would actually logically come next right so causing the world worse up an image that name in vain and then Mark would probably go with what command 4th man logically but you know that's kind of flimsy. I think we need something more explicit I mean I think we need something more explicit than that you're before a judge and you're ready to die for your faith and he says you know why it why you doing this and you say well you know I've got these quotes that say this is power the set that this is Mark it's already and I've got these history quotes and this and then you go see that's all you get. I think it might be something more than that I'm trying to help you with a bible study that you would be getting and I hope it comes to your mind when you have to give the Bible study right and I've actually shown you're from the text not historical statements but how the commandments themselves all the verdicts commandments are being desecrated right but I want to look at that phrase with you today. Right Hand 2 words. He causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bonds to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead. Right hand. Ever heard a sermon on the right hand the foot of the right hand together because when you understand the idea of the right hand you will see that it makes what appears implicit or explicit it makes it plainly seen Let's look together Jeremiah Chapter 32 percent he Jeremiah Chapter $32.00 and verse 17. All or Behold the earth made that Heavens and the earth by a great power and outstretched hand there is nothing too hard for you show loving kindness of the thousands in repay the iniquity or fatherless so you have here pictured the Lord making what heaven's on the earth by his great power and out Stratford's What are. Well what arm is it is that the left arm. Or is it the writer look at me and Isaiah Chapter 48 Isaiah Isaiah Chapter 48. And let's look together at it. Is a chapter $48.00. And verse 13 started verse 12 listen to me o. Jacob and Israel My called I Am he I am the 1st time the West indeed my hand has laid the foundation of the earth and my and my what right hand has stretched out the heavens when I call to them they stand up together so what hand was involved in the creation and abound days of the earth and the heavens the right hand the heavens declare the glory of God and the earth so a 4th his handiwork but s. vastly the right hand how many astounding little marks that about this right hand so the right hand then is the hand of creation. See why the devil my want to attack the right hand of the in a time he might want to attack the doctrine of creation that keep going in our study Exodus Jephthah 15 Genesis Exodus acts Hoda acts is out Hoda us the metered measured way out we get the word odometer from then the how did they get out the powerful message here in text 15 then Moses and the children of Israel verse one sang this song of the Lord. Song to the Lord and spoke saying I will sing unto the Lord for He is Triumph gloriously the horse and rider thrown into the sea I was reading that saying. Again. I will sing unto the Lord for He is trying chorus lead the horse and rider thrown into the sea well Lord my God my strength and shield has now become my victory so he's my strength he's my son he's become my salvation he is my God I will praise in my father's got I will exalt him the Lord is a man of war the Lord is his name pharaohs chariots of his army he cast into the sea his chosen captains also has drowned in the Red Sea are drowned in the Red Sea the deaths of cover than they sank to the bottom like a stone go back to Chapter 5 of Exodus Why was it that they were led out of Egypt chapter 5 Verse one afterwards Moses an errant went to toll and told Carol the say I've just quit Elohim of Israel let my people go that they may hold a Chicago to me in the wilderness a feast and Pharaoh said who is Yahoo way who is the Lord who is the discriminating judge of the earth that I should obey his voice to let Israel go I do not know the Lord no I let him go I'm God He is not God and so they said hello team of the Hebrews is met with us the relational got the gun who comes into our presence and said please let us go 3 days into the desert to sacrifice to ya way our rope the one we're in a relationship just by Elohim left the fallen us with Pestilence the are with the swords going to protect us against the coronavirus let us go. Didn't listen it was all kinds of plagues that came of this and Pharaoh said look the people land are now many. No verse for King of Egypt of the Moses and Aaron what do you take people from their work get back to your labor for said look at people and are many now and you make them wide. Literally the word is Sabbath you make them Sabbath from their works the only day in contention was the Sabbath day we don't want to let them go to keep the Sabbath day and so God through Moses said it's time to get out come out of her my people come out there's an abomination of ultimate desolation Sabbath desecration God heard your voice Exodus 223 groaning your cries came out all right how long and I'm entering in through Moses is a type of Christ according to act after 3 and Moses or Christ himself will come and lead you out of Egypt because of the Abomination that's causing separate Sabbath desecration and Exodus you have to 15 we see that family go back with me Exodus Chapter 15 we just read verse one through 5 I will sing unto the Lord for his friends or slay the horse and rider thrown into the sea but look at verse 6 How does he leave them out your right hand Old Lord has become glorious and power your right hand Oh Lord have death the enemy to pieces and in greatness and in your of your actual As you have overthrown those who rose against you and you sent forth your wrath and of consume them like stubble What was it that led them out. The arm of redemption 1st of all was arm of creation but now it's the arm of redemption and by the way isn't that what the Sabbath is all about to remind us that he is the creator for in 6 days the Lord made heaven and then he's also the Redeemer didn't it a disciples rest. After he died according to the commandment let's keep reading fascinating with the blast of your nostrils the waters were gathered together verse 8 the floods the pride like the heat the depths were congealed the heart of the sea in the enemy said I will pursue and overtake I will divide the spoil my desire will be satisfied and then I will draw my sword my hand shall destroy them time of persecution time of death the creed which you blew with your wind in the sea covered them and they sank like lead in the mighty waters who is like you oh yes way among the Elohim among the gods who is like you glorious in holiness fearful and praises doing wonders you stretched out 1st well your right hand in the earth swallowed them and in your mercy of lead them 4 of the people who are you have what redeemed Sierra is redemption you gather them your strength to your holy habitation the people who here are afraid sorrow has taken hold of the inhabitants of Philistia in the chiefs of the them are dismayed mighty men of Mo of and truly has taken hold of them and the inhabitants of Canaan melts away in fear and dread fall upon them by the greatness of your arms by the way and then you 11 eat them Ammon and Moab actually come back to the fold they actually see the end sign they see the Sabbath that says in Isaiah Chapter 11 and those relatives of Abraham Abrahamic faith come back to the full because of the preaching of the Sabbath methods we covered that and once a night and here they are alluded to even in advance. You will bring them in and plant them in the Mountain of your inheritance what does that say in Daniel 11 verse $4345.00 there is the glorious land and the glorious holy mountain this is God's Written people always throughout history the glorious Holy Mountain and in Revelation 14 his people are pictured on the top of the mountain singing singing and they follow the lamb wherever he goes and we can see this is kind of fascinating already way back in Exodus. You will bring them in a plant them of the mount of your inheritance in the place a lord which you have made for your dwelling place the sanctuary Awards with your hands of the established not only the people the Sabbath they'll be the people of the sanctuary how many are thankful to be the people of the sanctuary message. And not only that a health message Look at verse 26. He said if you diligently he the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in the same and give your to his commandments and keep all the statues I will put none of the diseases on you which I brought on the Egyptians for I am gald the Lord who does what he'll do you want to be a part of the movement this day he'll are hurting world than join a church that has the Sabbath message that has the sanctuary message because it also has the health messages and this is where we get this metaphor where we're all in why I got the metaphor Well it is the metaphor that the medical missionary work is the right hand of the gospel so that she said medical mission work is to be the work of the church as the right hand is to the body the right hand is connected with the body so health reform and medical missionary work is connected with the 3rd angel's message and it's to work efficiently as the right arm for the defense of the body of truth. So the God of creation and redemption actually knows how to heal can you say evolution and if you follow his principles of Hellfire missiles 129 Leviticus 317129 throat not grains and vegetables but because 370 no fat no blood. That is 11 no one clean animals only clean animals of the Eat those but better than that go back to the original These are all right hand I mean you think of the right hand and you can see why the devil at the end of time wants to attack the right hand mark you in the right hand and then the 4 and we can see that is the beginning beginning become clear it's going to get hopefully clearer look with me at Deuteronomy Chapter 33 Genesis excellence Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy duo no muss the 2nd giving of the last Deuteronomy 6. Now this is a blessing which Moses the man of God Bless the children of Israel before his death last Will and Testament Moses a type of Christ and he says this The Lord came from Sinai and dawned on them from seer he shone forth from Mount Karen and he came with 10000 of saints now underline this in your Bible. From his one from his what. Hope some of your looking things up today. From his what right hand came a one fiery law for his people what God wrote the law with one hand his right hand can he say hallelujah. So he is the God of the right hand he is the God of creation He is the God of redemption but market if you have your Bible and you mark they weaken it ink is stronger than the strongest memory what's the next verse say. Yes he loves the people all the saints are in your hand what hand right can they sit down on your feet every one receives your words Moses commanded the law for us and a heritage how we can see this is beautiful so the Sabbath is not just to a doctrine of creation as a doctrine of redemption and I also believe it's the doctrine of love if you love me keep my commandments and if you love me my commandments will actually keep you. The way I don't think you could keep the commandments but God can because if you're in his hand he writes them on your heart and in your mind. Because you say you're my creator you're my redeemer I'm so grateful what you want to do I want you to have love in your heart and in your mind. How are we getting excited about the right hand. Now what did he send from his hand of fiery law how many sets of the 10 Commandments are there actually in the Bible how many times are they mentioned twice once in Exodus and we're still Deuteronomy right it's interesting they're similar but let's look at this like since we're in Deuteronomy jacket chapter 5 2nd giving of the law. Suit our own Oh My us. And as we already know from a previous messages the biggest thing I want to do from Old Testament to new is right is line our hearts and minds us a new covenant that lets the care specially that relates to the right arm observe the Sabbath day verse 12 to keep it holy as the Lord your God command you 6 days later enjoy your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath Lord your God in it you still do no work you nor your son or your daughter know your male servant know your female servant know your oxen or your donkey or any of your cattle know your strangers when your gate male servant your female servant may rest as well as you because remember you are a slave in the land of Egypt the Sabbath is the foundation to do away with slavery racism did you know that. Giving rights to workers that Sabbath commandment that's now is you today but I just point that out as you go as we go and then a says Why what does it say. You were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God brought you up from there by all what. Mining and and by an outstretched arm therefore the Lord your God commanded you to keep the Sabbath day what arm do you suppose that was what hand you suppose that was do you have to guess at this point you know that it was the right hand how do you beginning to see why it is that the Della temps the mark people in their right hand or and therefore it is becoming more expletives you see throughout the Bible Zacharias have to 3 Verse one throughout the Bible Zachariah chapter 3 and verse one we're just having a little Bible study today and it does help to bring actually printed viable is making I don't know maybe electronic Bible sees skin I guess I have both here but I'm using my printed by a will we he showed me Joshua was. The high priest standing before the angel the Lord and Satan standing at his what right hand to oppose him looks up to 6 for 6 just remember him move we don't have to look there but I just tell you Jesus really got into healing people but one of the people he healed it looked up to 6 verse 6 was a man who had a withered one right hand because he knows that right hands can be corrupted so much 26 verse 10 saw him 26 and verse 10. Look with me in Psalm 26. And verse 10. 9 into do not gather my soul with sinners or my life with blood thirsty men whose in whose hands is a sinister scheme in whose right hand is full of bribes the devil tries to corrupt the right hand the methods of the church through various means Psalm 144. Some 144. Verse. 7 stretch out your hand your hand which is right in from above rescue me and deliver me out of great waters and from the hand of foreigners whose mouth speaks the lying words whose right hand has a right hand of what it false hood 1st 11 rescue me and deliver me from the hand of foreigners who is right whose mouth speaks the lying words and whose right hand is the right hand of fall so that this doesn't mean that. Jews were against foreigners the stranger was within their gates the mix multitude lest Egypt but they were put in a certain place so they wouldn't corrupt to those within the camp until they were converted. Because they didn't want the right hand ministry of God to end and through them converted because make no mistake God's right hand ministry is not only supposed to go to you it's supposed to go through you I'm only a part of God's right hand ministry I should see some right hands going up I'm going to have a right hand I'm going to be a part of God's right hand ministry. And sometimes miss preaching in the African-American church. Which I used to in Chicago I mean you were just carried along by the man's a man one sister was a man even before I said something anyway that's dangerous because it means let it be I could say something wrong so your right hand of a new Jesus says cut it off. Better for that to go when you go to hell pure or right hand ministry that called people out of Egypt and sent them to the promised land I believe brothers and sisters that were on the verge of Christ's coming. And I believe that there is a picture of the people in Revelation Chapter 10 if you want to turn their enemy that actually starts with a picture of an angel a mighty angel that has his foot on the land and on the sea the final Red Sea and the parting of that sea then pictures of people I better turn where I'm talking about the pictures of people that are on the final Exodus and that final act it is Revelation Chapter 10 all the way through 22 and we're living in Revelation 14 and 15 look at it I saw another my angel coming down from heaven clothe a clout and a rainbow is on his head in a space like the sun and his feet like to lose the fire. It's the same angel that Pastor Rich was talking about and his remark is Christ the angel of the covenant the messenger of the company had a little book open in his hand what book was that. Daniel that had been closed but now it's open the only book that was closed now open and he said his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land and cried with a loud voice caught on the verse find the angel who I saw standing on the sea in the land raised his what his hand literally and some manuscripts guess what hand it is his right hand to heaven he had been movement is a movement of the right hand and swore verse 6 by him who lives forever who who did what created. Heaven the things are in it and the earth and things are in it and the sea and the things that are in it that there should be what chrono us no more there will be a people at the end of time there will be a church at the end of time that's preaching Daniel to and saying that we're living and that time the days of these kings will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed and then look at Daniel to verse $43.44 they say look he is setting up that kingdom in heaven and that I will be done On earth as it is in heaven that I can them come thy will be done there will be a people preaching Daniel 7. That there is going to be a Dark Age period but then there's going to be a judgment and they're going to be preaching that the hour of his judgment is come and they'll be preaching Daniel 8 the cleansing of the sanctuary. And they'll be preaching Daniel 10 and 12 and I'll be preaching all the prophecies and what is that message it is a right hand message that there is time no more their message will that be a time excitement it will be of the end time is not near it's here that's what they'll be preaching and they'll be a people that believes in the message of creation that believe in the message of redemption that believe in the message of love. However excited to be of some of their bones Chris. So write him Manson's because all the years creative small rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or their forehead but there will be a group that does not receive a mark on the forehand I mean in the in the right hand or the forehead has a new word for him and so there will be a group there will be a remnant group just like there wasn't Daniel's day just like there was in Jesus' day just like there was in the time of the Reformation there is going to be a group of people that say Not my hand and now my head because God has my heart how many will be a part of that group. Let's look at subjects as we close Isaiah 63 Verse 12 Isaiah 63 Verse 12 beautiful text. They say a 63 and verse world by the way of the present week and Isaiah 58th Sabbath text we need to spend more time thinking about the Sabbath. But the 2nd Isaiah 63. Then he remembered verse 11 the days of old Moses and his people saying Who is he who brought them up out of the sea with the shepherd of his flock where is he who put his Holy Spirit with them and. When they left Egypt the Holy Spirit was with them at the end of time there's going to be a loud cry there's going to be a ladder reign the Holy Spirit will be with God's people as they come out of Babylon and call people out of Babylon and they'll be so into God and he'll be so ended them that people will actually listen to the message. Who lead them where is he who put his holy spirit within him who lead them by the what. Right Hand of Moses and then knows what it says the right hand of Moses but what does it say next with his capital glorious arm dividing the water before them to make for himself an everlasting name that is the same leader who is leading the advent movement today that is to say leader who's leading the end in movement. Today. For relation 117 when I saw him when I saw Jesus John the Revelator says I fell at his feet as the dead he was in the spirit on the Lord's day he didn't have a congregation he was and Pat and yet God was still with him in that palace in time called The Sabbath John the spiritual Lord's day and I sign my 1000 speed is dead and he laid his one. Right Hand done me say fear not I'm the 1st on the left I have the keys of Hades and of Def another words even if you are killed for right hand ministry Don't worry about it I can not only heal right hands I can raise you from the dead they'll be a time when you will either believe that and fear God or you'll fear the beast and you'll get it all away how to fear God you have Him glory and what is the secret to this it Psalm 16 what a great stalled 16 is one of my favorites. So I'm 16 look at it with me Chris serve me oh god for in you I put my trust all my soul you said to the Lord you are my god my my goodness is nothing apart from you it's your righteousness not mine as for the Saints who are on the earth they're the excellent ones in whom is all my delight their sorrows shall be multiplied who hastened after another god their drink after years of blood I will not nor take their names on my lips all Lord you are the portion of my inheritance my cup you maintain my a lots the lines of follow me in pleasant places yes I have a good inheritance I will bless the Lord has given me counsel my heart also instructs me in the night seasons I have sent the Lord all is. He for me because he is that my right hand I shall not be moved therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices and my flesh also will what. Rest in the hole for you will not leave my soul and she'll You will not allow your holy want to see corruption you have shown me you will show me the path of life in your presence is fullness absorb and at your right hand our pleasures for evermore how many think I can start right now that's what the Sabbath is a picture of the pleasures a ship Bastone a. 58 an exquisite delight. I will cause you to hear it is of Jacob Sullum 77 another one my favorite song when I'm working with depression recovery and so the steps down to depression and then the steps out of depression but I love this text so I'm 77 verse 10 talking about what God can do and I said this is my anguish the deeds of despondency but then what brings him out as a number of I Will statement 5 of them in the world in the way and that's why Hello White says everything depends on the right acts some of the will I will I will I will I will and this is the 1st I will I said this is my anguish but I will remember the use of the right hand of the most high. Heaven remember what he did I will remember verse 11 the words of the Lord he's the creator I remember your wonders of all he is the redeemer he brought us through the Red Sea I will meditate on your work as now not to look at the tree I'm going to meditate meditate about not the 3 but he who made the 3 I'm not going to matter they decide the creation but the creator or and I will talk of your deeds. Your way Oh God is in the sanctuary who is so great a God is our God you're the guy who does wonders even the depths we're afraid of you verse 16 that's talking about the Exodus. Your way was in the See you read your people like a swat verse 20 by the hand right hand we might say of Moses and Aaron and I see how powerful the psalm is last text. Song 98. So many ng. So many who sing sang to the war the new song where he has done marvelous things is right hand and his holy arm had gained him the victory the Lord has made known as foundation his right is this he is revealed in the sight of the nation shall joyfully till at the end of time the devil will it's him 2 of the literary. God the Creator God the Redeemer and give a distorted picture of God's love but there will be at people that are a right hand people what do you do if you go to a deal and someone says Let's say can and they put forward the left hand. You go something fishy about this nothing is left handed people are going to something fishy about that. Give me a ride in the right hand was a hand where they will do the sword where they would cut you and kill you but they're saying no I'm not going to cut you're cutting a deal or making a covenant on the Sabbath this guy's covenant with God with His people when he extends the Sabbath to you it's like he's extending his right hand of fellowship and he's saying enter into the Sabbath enter into the Sabbath I entered into it to create you. I entered into it to read the thing you look at my hand it has a nail Praed in it reminding you that I'm the god of covenant Don't make false covenant. They will go away like it says that Isaiah 28 don't do that come to the God of the right hand I stand at the door and I knock open the door and come in and sup with me I'm a god. Of the right hand how many want to raise your hand it is a work I want I I want it I want to be able to get out of the rain I want to be with the creator I want to be with the Redeemer I want to be in his love I don't want to keep the Sabbath because my parents told me to because the codebook told me to I want to do it because you created b. you read deems me you love me you're carrying me I want to call the 7 the light. Because it's an expression of your right hand of love not only that I want to heal her the world I want to be a part of your right hand ministry and I think we need to study more about the Sabbath. Next week we'll look this little deeper I'm excited I I was going to priests another message right now but like I said some people said maybe said again I did and frankly I wasn't quite ready for the 2nd message either be totally honest but I know God is going to bite his Isaiah 58 we're going to look at the answer read Isaiah 58 for next week Ok let's pray falling haven't you the God of the right here. And your hand as been stretched out still today to us. We're in a time where we recognize all of the events myths the nephew 24 at least coming to remember it's in our mind the abomination of desolation spoken to by day of the Prophet were in the last phase of that as we studied and part of that is this false Sabbath that will come 1st is the true Sabbath and so. When the time comes when it's going to be difficult we want to already made a decision to put our hand in the hand of our our Creator you our Creator and redeemer you in the midst of we want to be in the midst of your love not some faulty definition of love that swirls around this in this culture come into our hearts and into our minds we we we stretch out our hands to your outstretched hand and we ask you to lead and guide us in Jesus name we pray. On man. This media was brought to you by audio produced a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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