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08. Jacob's Time of Trouble

Norman McNulty
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Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 23, 2020
    9:00 AM
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Hello and welcome again to our last day events explained series this is a soda number 8 My name is Norman McNulty and I'm so glad that you have joined us again for the series if you've missed any of the previous presentations I encourage you to go back and watch of those which goes through the sequence of last day events and today we are on part number 8 and the title for the presentation today is Jacob's time of trouble. Before we get into the presentation we are going to go through a series of questions or a few questions and again if you have questions you can send them to the email address contact audio vs argy number of excellent questions have come in. One person wanted me to explain a little bit further my thoughts on the King of the north and the king of the South in Daniel Chapter 11 I believe and I think you're probably referring to what is described at the end of Daniel 11 because in the beginning of Daniel 11 the the king of the North is the territory in the northern division of Greece after the fall of Alexander the Great after his death and then the 4 generals are divided dividing the territory eventuality though we see the same sequence of kingdoms where pagan room becomes king of the north and the Papacy becomes the king of the north and I believe the papacy is the end time power that is the king of the north and then the king of the South was Egypt in the beginning of the prophecy of Daniel 11 spiritual Egypt at the end if it's perfect with the French Revolution along with spears they represent Sodom and Egypt which fits her she's applying revelation of $118.00 to the French Revolution and so that fits perfectly with the French Revolution and then France giving the deadly wound in 11 verse 40 and so we see the papacy is the king of the north and Daniel of verse 40 we see atheistic France is the king of the South in verse 40 and if you see what's happening right now it's actually a really good fit you have the Christian world apos to Christianity versus atheism and secularism and there's this final struggle taking place even now where the sex of the research trying to reassert themselves in this world and so we see what's happening in the world we can see the King of the South than does. It's final. Some have applied the king of the South a literal Egypt of others have applied it to Islam I don't see the end of Daniel 11 as a Middle East regional conflict there is another. Good question that came in and there's a statement from Ellen White where she says the all should study and understand Daniel Chapter 12 because it relates to what's happening at the end here in let me see if I can pull up the actual statement here and. It's from a manuscript that she wrote many years ago and. I think some of you know she's the most read and study the 12th. Daniel is a warning that we shall all need to understand before the time of the end that's nice yours release in 15 page 228 and so the question is well what part do we need to understand and what I believe is that it's the 1st 4 verses of Daniel's father specially or talks about Michael standing up God's people the being delivered everyone's name things found written in the book there are some who try to reinterpret the end of Daniel's father the trial 60 this fall not in the 1335 and make those into literal prophecies. 160 literal days 490 literal days are 235 literal days element has made it very clear that there is no time prophecy between 844 in the 2nd coming so the part of Daniel's well that we need to understand especially for the time of the end is the part where Michael stands up on probation clothes and people will be delivered however the residental swell with important because you have the prophecy about God's people being scattered for those 560 years and you see that genetics lovers is 7 ain't so forth and how they will begin to be gathered once the time of the Indians and 17 again and we are the people that are being gathered for the great Final Crisis and so there's a lot to understand and impacts are there's a lot of other great question that came in and remember I am going to have a special session at the end to address as many questions as possible so if your question hasn't been answered yet I do plan to getting it to get to as many as possible I'm not ignoring the other questions it's just that there's a lot to pack one of the things that I want to mention and this was actually a feedback that came in as well I've mentioned my book on Daniel that you can get from running a publication that I was reminded from one of the listeners that you can also get this book from Amazon as a Kindle version so if you like an evolution where you can just download the book onto your candle on your phone I have a my i Phone. In a candle version as well and along with many other books I'm if you like getting books that way you can purchase the book and it's a little bit cheaper even from Amazon so I just want to let you know about that Ok So before we get into the presentation for today I am going to offer a word of prayer and we are going to ask the Lord to be with us as we go through our presentation so let's pray Father we thank you for how you've been guiding us through this series of presentations on last day of the ends we thank you for. The more sure word of prophecy that we can follow him today Lord as we go through the topic of Jacob's time of trouble I pray that the message would be clear that I would speak clearly and that everyone who listens would have an understanding car and that you would bring encourage men and conviction where it is needed that we would be found faithful and so be with us now I pray in Jesus' name. Aright So we are going to go through Jacob's time of trouble. No. 7 Fayad an aside I. I have noticed through the years that when we talk about last they have vents especially when we get to the topic of the time of trouble there is the little time of trouble which we've talked about already and then there's Jacob's time of trouble this is the section of the last day of events that many of us. Get a bit uncomfortable with because when we read what the Bible says when we read what the Spirit of Prophecy says about the. Periods of time that we will go through as God's people it's certainly not a walk in the park it's going to be a very challenging time and because of that I feel personally that. We as a people have had it Sensi to shy away from talking about in time of vents and perhaps even there's been this. Undercurrent within the church at least in some sectors where there is almost a hope that the last day events aren't right at the door because we're afraid of the time of trouble and what I want to say at the outset is that God is going to deliver his people and if you're on the Lord's side you will be delivered now that's going to be the topic of our next presentation the deliverance of God's people and so I just want to encourage you that as we go through this presentation don't become faint of heart but take this as a challenge and as a promise that God will see it through this time you know one other question that did come in was there was a question how many presentations are there going to be and I felt I mentioned that during the question time there is going to be 10 presentations this is presentation number 8. Of some trouble than presentation 9 will be on God's people of average in presentations then will be on the 2nd coming and then we will have a special session on questions than answers so let's get into this message on Jacob's time of trouble we're going to start. In Daniel Chapter 12 or Swan Which gives us a pretty clear picture of the sequence of events where Michael stands up to the beginning and that's the close of probation and then we see the time of trouble which is Jacob's time of trouble and Chapter 12 responses and at that time this is the time when the king of the North plant the tabernacles of his palace which when the season the glorious Holy Mountain So this is the death of the Cree God's people are under siege from the whole world seems as if they're going to be wiped off the face of the map so as so the Bible says at that time so Mike will stand with the coals of probation the great prince which stands for the children of the people so just remember Michael who is Christ who has got a standing for us this is and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time and at that time the people shall be delivered to everyone that shall be found written in the book so today we're specifically looking at it and there shall be a time of trouble next week we're going to look at the time the people shall be delivered everyone shall be found written in the books so Michael stands up and then there is a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to the same time so this is the time of trouble described at the end of the world the whites of which has never been seen and that's of course what gets us as God's people a little bit nervous but like wow there's never been a time of trouble like this ever before than some people say but what about the time of trouble or tribulation that Christ talks about in Matthew chapter $24.00 and how does that compare to this time of trouble in the end of 12 verse once if you have your Bibles turn to Matthew chapter $24.00 and we're going to look at verses true anyone in 20 Know Jesus in the proceeding over. As he talked about the abomination of desolation he talks about filling those your energy of flame into the mountains and so they are the initial application or the interpretation of that passage was the destruction of Jerusalem and fleeing from Judea and so then Jesus is after them and they says in verse 20 pray that your flight not be on the winter on the Sabbath day then he sent them there shall be courageous tribulation this is restraining one so after the period of time when Jerusalem is the steroid there is going to be a period of time after that horses for then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time no nor ever shall be and except those they should be shortened there should no flesh be saved for the if let's say those they should be short Now you may remember from our presentation part number 2 on the abomination of desolation we saw the. The abomination of desolation is also likened to Jerusalem being competitors surrounded by the. The Roman army and then later on down the 2124 talks about the times of the Gentiles were Jerusalem is trodden under foot and then you go to Revelation Chapter 11 and you see that the times of the Gentiles the holy city is trodden underfoot for 1260 years what's my point my point is this the church period of tribulation in Matthew 24 is the period of time where Jerusalem which we become symbolic of God's people during the Dark Ages is trodden under for 1260 years and so Jesus says there will be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the worlds of this time no nor ever shall be and except those they should be sure and there should no flesh be saved there's a difference in the period of tribulation to spread to Matthew $24.00 verses the end of Chapter 12 and that is this. Matthew 24 is the scribing the period of the 1260 years and the tribulation like no other because of its length or duration now of the time of trouble described in Daniel Chapter 12 or Swan There is nothing like it the has ever been because of its intensity it's not going to last for 1260 years and it's not going to last even for 1260 literal days we don't put a time period of the time of trouble but what we can say for the time of trouble Jacob's time of trouble which is being described in any trouble as one is that there will be no trouble the likes of that the world has ever seen based on its intensity. And we're going to look now at some further descriptions of him we're going to see why let's go to Jeremiah Chapter 30 verses 5 through 7 Notice how Jacob's time of trouble is the scribe hears us for the us if the Lord we have heard a voice of trembling a fear and not of peace asking how this is verse 6 and see whether Amanda travail with trial where 4 Do I see every man with his hands on his warnings as a woman and travail and all faces are turned into pill must last for that day is a great so that none of them like it it is even the time of Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved out of it now like that and a promise the again we get all scared and worried but the end promises he shall be saved out of it but here is how bad it gets. And this is why we say there is nothing like it that the world has ever seen the Bible describes Jacob's time of trouble as if you are in labor and about to give birth now I've had the privilege of being with my wife for well she's given birth to our 4 beautiful daughters and I can tell you that women are equal in a very special way to handle childbirth in a way that we as men are not we're not physiologically I'm biologically an anatomically equipped to go through they are paintings but the Bible says that Jacob's time of trouble is so bad that it's as if men are in labor and other words it's and since period of trouble that nobody has ever experienced no matter how bad your tribulation has been no matter how bad trouble may have been that you have gone through there is nobody alive that can say that they've been through what Jacob's time of trouble is going to be like and certainly there is no man alive who can say that they've been through the entire experience of giving birth to a child we don't know what it's like and that's where Jacob's time travel is going to be that's how bad it will be all faces are pill but again the process he shall be saved out of it now let's talk about this a little bit just to remind ourselves where we are on the prophetic timeline as we go through the last day events we see that during the time objectives trouble the plagues are being Puerto going to share some statements with the to show where we are in that sequence so remember. Probation closes Michael stands up and then we enter into this time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation this is Jacob's time of trouble so during Jacob's time of trouble God's people we as God's people will be suffering and sense mental anguish now just it's remind you that in case you think it's going to be bad to go through Jacob's time of trouble just remember that during Jacob's time of trouble the wicked are also suffering with the 7 last plagues So you think you have a bad just remember they are going to be suffering as well and so the short term game some of. Who have professed to follow God who to perceiving the mark of the beast and who to perceive in the outpouring of the plagues they thought of if I get the mark of the beast off though be able to buy and sell and I won't receive a death to create but then they start getting the 7 last plagues now will be going through the mental anguish of Jacob's time of trouble but they will be going through the agony of knowing that they're of wost and and also of receiving the 7 last plagues keep that in mind now let's let's look at some statements here this is from Spaulding I'm again collection page here this is a very interesting statement as well might says and then I saw that Jesus work in the sanctuary will soon be finished and after his work there is finished he will come to the door of the 1st apartment and confess the sins of Israel upon the head of the scapegoat so now clearly when Christ work finishes in the sanctuary that's the closer probation that's very clear so he comes out of the most holy place and he comes to the door of the 1st apartment he confesses the sins of Israel upon the head of the scapegoat that means the gods people's sons of them blotted out that means the final atonement has been made now let's keep reading then he will put on the garments of vengeance then the plagues will come upon the way if it's a notice that the plagues come after probation close so then the plugs will come upon the wicked and they do not come till Jesus puts on that garment and takes this place upon the great white cloud and then the cold continues then while the plagues are falling the scapegoat is being led away now this is during Jacob's time of trouble so let's keep reading he makes a mighty struggle to escape but he has held fast by the hand of that leads him now remember it was the man that would lead the scapegoat into the land of forgetfulness in the Old Testament service so here you have the spiritual or symbolic fit man I believe this is the 144000 leading Satan away while the plagues are falling now 144000 they are going to be going through Jacob's time of trouble here and the way they are holding fantasists. Chu Satan the scapegoat here is that they are remaining true to God during this intense mental anguish says if he should effect as the scape Israel would lose their lives I thought that it would take time to eat away the scapegoat and of the land of forgetfulness after the sins were put on a set so it's not as if the 7 last plays are going to happen in a moment and how some people have a double take when they say if saying what escape Israel will lose their lives God not going to allow the 144002 go through this final time of trouble. And so he has the people who are ready to lead Satan away and presumably that's why this time hasn't happened yet because he needs a mature group of people who will lead Satan away during this time because Satan is claiming that he will get as real a fall during this time now here's another statement. Looking at this. Timeline of events while the plagues are falling and when probation causes this is great controversy page 613 paragraph when the 30 angels message closes mercy no longer pleads for the guilty inhabitants of the earth the people of God have accomplished their work they have received the latter rain the refreshing from the presence of the Lord and they are prepared for the trying hour before them angels are hastening to and fro in heaven an angel returning from the earth announces that his work is the one the final test has been brought upon the world and all who have proved themselves loyal to the divine precepts have received the seal of the Living God So here we see probations close in on the quote continues then Jesus sees this as intercession in the sanctuary above us the closer proration he lifts his hands and with a loud voice says it is done now that's interesting revelation 1617 is the 7th plague of the 7 last plagues and we'll talk about a little bit further now let's keep reading in all the Angelakos layoff there crowns as he makes the solemn announcement he that is unjust let him be unjust though he which is filthy let me fill these though and he that is righteous let him be righteous though and he that is holy let him be whole if though every case has been decided for life or death Christ has made the a term for his people and blotted out their sins and just as an aside you can see that the atomic was not finished at the cross Christ made an atonement by his sacrifice on the cross but the final atomic takes place from the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary where the blotting out of the sins of God's people takes place and so when the blotting out of the sins of God's people takes place the final its home has been made every case has been decided for life or death probation closes and now the plagues begin to fall. Now some have become him have been a little bit confused and think that probation doesn't close until the 6th or the 7th plague but I want to show you another statement that makes it clear that the the plagues begin to fall the 1st plague falls one probation has closed and so Jesus is about to finish his work now let's notice the statement in great Conover See page 627 and this will give us some clarity about when the plagues began to fall the 1st place even with respect to the clothes the probation and Jacob's time of trouble this is great conversely page $627.00 and knows what it says when Christ ceases intercession in the sanctuary the unmangled raff threaten against those who worship the beast and his image and receive his mark will be poured down now that warning comes from the 3rd angels message revelation $4910.00 the 3rd angels message a message we are to proclaim with a loud voice so when a probation closes the unmingled wrath of God will begin to be poured out and then she goes on to say the plagues upon Egypt when God was about to deliver Israel were some other in character to those more terrible and extensive judgments which are to fall upon the world just before the final deliverance of God's people says the Revelator in describing those to riff excursions and now she's quoting revelation 16 starting in verse 2 per part with your verse who she says there fella noise I'm angry vist sore upon the man which had the mark of the beast then upon them which worshipped his image so that's the 1st play so. Christ ceases his intercession in the sanctuary that's the closer probation. Those who have rejected the warning of the 3rd angel's message will begin to receive the plagues including the 1st place so probation has already close when the 1st plague begins to be poured out how I didn't have time to put all the same and tell myself on the play you can read this in the section on the time of trouble but elements of the plagues are not universal or that the entire earth will be destroyed but so you will see these plagues hit different parts of the earth a different time so the 1st plague will hit with a grievous or and then you'll see the 2nd plague with the sea becoming like blood in the 3rd plague or rivers become water and the 4th plague where there is fortune he and the 5th angel there is terrible darkness and then we get to the 6th plague the great river Euphrates dries up which is the river Euphrates is the river Rivers represents people and that's the source you river Euphrates as with that which supplied the ancient city about once of the people represents the source of life for Babylon all those who receive the mark of the beast and so in the 6th play you get this final push from the dragon the beast in the false prophet where you have these 3 unclean spirits like frogs and this leads to the battle of Armageddon which these the final straw go in and Jacob's time of trouble where. The Wicked And The Dragon the beast in the halls profit where you have spiritual as an author Protestantism of the papacy unite and one last great struggle to try to convince the world that God is actually still on their side despite the fact that God's judgment serving poured upon them that they have been receiving the plagues and you know when the river Euphrates starts the draft that means that the people who have been receiving the plagues are starting to say hey I think we're on the wrong side we're receiving play why are we were saving plagues we thought we were on God's side and so then there's this last push with the supernatural manifestations that will take place and I'll actually goes on to say that Satan will personate Christ during this time now let's look at this revelation 1613 through 16 describes the spiritual struggle between the dragon the beast in the halls prophet. And God's people so the dragon represents spiritualism of the beast as the papacy the false prophet the prophet of the posse Protestantism and there's this is death a tree that has gone out against God's people and. Probation has closed and God's people are going through Jacob's time of trouble not the battle of Armageddon. Is not a battle in the Middle East's and this is what Dispensationalism teach as we a 7th day an addon a center stand but this is a spiritual battle we're God's people we're going we'll be going through and since mental anguish and then you have the battle of God and mega which takes place at the end of the 1000 years where the entire wicked are resurrected and then fired comes down from heaven and destroys the wicked That's the battle of. God But the battle of Armageddon is the spiritual battle for God's people just through Jacob's time of trouble they're facing this and the tree and they haven't since mental anguish and that especially becomes an issue by the 6th plague so probation is already closed before the 1st play and of the plagues continue to fall and there is the theory that has gone forth by the time you get to the 6th plague. The wicked are going to be blaming these judgments on the righteous and the death of Crete will be a day will be set for it and God's people will be in significant and significant difficult place and then when you get to the 7th light you'll see the great hill. In the 7th place there's a voice that comes from heaven saying it is done and then you have hail that weighs about a talent which is like nearly 60 kilograms or nearly $130.00 pounds the falls from heaven that's going to be an awful plague that will fall on the wicked. And during this time God's people we have been going through Jacob's time of trouble next week we're going to talk about the deliverance of God's people but let's look at the spiritual struggle in the preparation we need to be making as God's people notice the statement from great kind of receive page 620 and this is why we call the subject of some a trouble on how it relates to us remember Jacob is thanking the ethos coming to destroy him just as we're going to be facing a death a tree and he wrestles with the angel all night. Not realizing that it's Christ not us well it says had not Jacob previously repented of his sin and obtaining the birthright by fraud God would not have heard his prayer and mercifully preserved as a lie so when the time of trouble of the people of God had unconfessed sons to appear before them Walt's fortune with fear and anguish they would be overwhelmed despair would cut off their faith and they could not have confidence to plead with God for deliverance but while they have a deep sense of their unworthiness they have no concealed wrongs to reveal their sons have gone before hand of judgment and have been blotted out and they cannot bring them to remembrance now. This is an important point now is the time to be confessing our sins now is the time to be sending our sons the head to judgment we've all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God we have all have since the need to be confessed. If those sons are unconfessed when the time of trouble comes we will be overwhelmed by because we will know they are on the best we will know that we didn't forgive someone who hurt us very badly we will know that we still have spite in our hearts towards someone at church or someone in our family or will know that we never checked that addiction that God promised he could give us the victory over and that we never saw for repentance and and victory and so those are all things that the Lord is wanting to give us victory now and I think one of the reasons why we are afraid of the time of trouble as well is because of the confessed sins and our allies in the Lord and His great mercy especially as this pandemic is continuing to play out and we've had time during this pandemic to to make sure that our hearts are right with the Lord now is the time to make sure that our hearts are right with God he's given us time he's showing us mercy so let's make sure that our sins are confessed and that we will have no concealed wrongs to reveal and God will abundantly partners he's guaranteed as now this is another famous statement and it's certainly worth mentioning here. Conversely page $621.00 the season of distress and anguish before us will require a faith that can endure weariness delay and hunger a faith that will not faint those severely tried the period of probation is granted to all to prepare for that time Jake to prevail because he was perseverant in determining his victory as an evidence of the power of importunity prayer all who will lay hold of God's promise as a feeded and be as earnest and perseverance as he was will succeed as he succeeded Isn't that an amazing promise to all of us to lay hold of God's promises as Jacob did and be as earnest in perseverance as he was will succeed as he succeeded. We need to remember that the season of distress before us will require a faith that can endure weariness and delay and hunger a faith that will not faint the severely tried and you know when we're tired hungry and things are running away that is when our faith is special a test that I know for me if I haven't had enough rest the 5 hungry if in my practice that works the schedule is not going the way I want to go impatience or running away my patients no pun intended runs in my own human strength and that's where I need God's grace to have a faith that can endure weariness delay and hunger and that's true for all of us that's the experience common to all of humanity and so God has given us this probationary time this pandemic that we're going through is allowing us to develop a favor that can endure weariness the way and hunger which certainly could be a feature in various ways during this time now let's look at some more you know Jacob wrestled all my with the angel you know elements of the patriarch some prophets in the chapter on Jacob's wrestling with the angel that not only did Satan remind Jacob of a son but she said that the angel who is Christ in order to try Jacob's faith also reminded him that his son and so our faith will be severely tested and we have reason to believe that as Jacob was reminded of a semi Christ that will be the case with us but we will remember as Ellen wants isn't paychecks improv is that Jacob remember that God is a merciful God in the he is a forgiving and we will remember that God is merciful to us of a he had well has shown mercy to us throughout our lives and we will buy a whole of those promises by faith and we will believe that he's not come to destroy us but he has come to save us now notice the same from Great Congress he $622.00 the time of trouble such as never was the soon to open before us and. We shall need an experience which we do not now possess and which many are cute and a lot more lazy to obtain it is often the case that trouble is greater in anticipation than in reality but this is not true of the crisis before us the most vivid presentation can not reach the magnitude of the ordeal in that time of trouble ever in the time of trial every soul must stand for himself before God So am I saying many of us are choosing lays each you obtain the experience that we really need and we don't possess at the present time we just think that will somehow go into that time of trouble and pass through it like it's nothing but it's not going to be as easy as we think and even though we realize it's going to be difficult even then it's going to be worse than words can preach trade again Scripture says we shall be saved out of it. We must be ready to stand for ourselves before God and so I just want to challenge you stop being lazy stop sleeping in spend time with of origin and wrestle with them in prayer about the areas in your life that need to be surrendered the areas of your life that need further growth. Ask the Lord to leave you to passages of Scripture in passages in the spirit of prophecy that will teach you about who you are a so that God can speak to you directly to help you to grow to be the person that you need to be to standard that time sobbing way the sobbing and the winds turn off the t.v. term off the Internet put down your devices and spend time with the Lord that's what we need to be doing during this time. Now I've read the statement earlier in the series but as someone for I'm going to read it again this is our last statement for our presentation is even great kind of risky 623 now while our great high priest is making the Atonement for us we should seek to become perfect in Christ not even by a father could our Savior be brought to yield to the power of sin Taishan Satan find the human heart some point where he can gain a foothold some simple desire is cherished by means of which as temptations assert their power but Christ declared of himself the prince of this world cometh and how thin nothing and me Satan could find nothing in the Son of God that would enable him to gain the victory he had kept his Father's Commandments and there was no sin in him that Satan could be used to his advantage here saying well that's the way Jesus as pentode as what she says this is the condition in which those must be found who shall stand in the time of trouble listen this is the condition and we need to be found not even by a thaw will we be brought to yield to the power of sin Taishan we will be found perfect in Christ we will not yield in any point to temptation because Christ is well in our hearts by faith and so. Many of us have been too lazy or in the land to it obtain that experience we're not even by a thought we yield to temptation but Christ is the vote up in the people and I'm telling you friends with what I see happening in the world around us it tells me that we could be a living at the very precipice of eternity where the angels are so beginning to allow the 4 ones the below the things that we've always said would happen from a prophetic point are starting to take place and that tells me that God's people are closer to being sealed than ever before and that means that God is raising up a people who not even even by a thought would yield to temptation that they are learning to be like Christ each and every day and while some of us may be lazier endl and to obtain the experience that we need to possess but that we do not now because there are many others who are using the time that they've already has given us during this pandemic to say you know what I'm tired of playing games I'm tired of just going through the motions and making it look like I'm a Christian I go to church every week and I paid and I say the right things and sobs go on where the right clothes and eat the right thing would that we know in our hearts we don't have a connection with the horror of it there are lots of people I believe during this time that are allowing the Holy Spirit to change their hearts and I just want to give a little south and you know I know the devil is unhappy with me giving these presentations you know I'm recording this presentation on a choose the evening of this week I usually do it on Sunday or Monday and it just so happened that Sunday was my birthday this weekend so I was out with the family so I was going to record it Monday evening which was last night well wouldn't you know it last night right around the time that I was going to get. Ready to prepare to record the presentation whitening strike hit a telephone pole in my driveway and knocked our power out and it knocked our Internet and so I was unable to record the presentation last night and I know that the devil is trying to do whatever he can to discourage me to slow me down and try to keep me from presenting these things and to do whatever he can to get in my way and I know many of you who are facing significant trials are suboxone or discouragements whatever it may be Listen friends don't allow anything to be discouraged learn to be like Jacob and to lay hold on Christ with faith and to say I will not let you go unless you bless me and that's the experience we can have and when we learn through the trials that we go through now to. To be ready for the Final Crisis and to to grow and to be strengthened by each trial that comes the Lord is going to begin to start sealing us I believe that he is ready to find a people that he can place the seal upon and rather than secretly hoping that this pandemic will go away so that we can go back to lay it a c.n.n. or malady No let's be praying that this will be a and that we can share this message to the world around us and let's be praying that we will receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit so that we can have a lot of rain and that we can get a lot of currents that we can get off this planet and we can be in heaven very soon and that's my prayer and I hope that's your prayer next week we are going to go through the topic of God's people delivered yes we will go through Jacob's time of trouble but the good news is at the end of Jacob's time of trouble there will be a powerful deliverance that God will give use people and then Jesus will come and so that's what we want to experience so why don't we have a word of prayer as we bring this presentation to a close Father in heaven we thank you for how you've been with us this evening through this presentation and I pray that you would strengthen us for the crisis that lies ahead if we've been lazy in. Obtaining the experience that we need I pray that you would strengthen us to spend the time with each draw close to you and again the character in the experience that we need to stand through this time trouble help us to have faith and perseverance the way Jacob did and may we by faith be victorious may or names be changed some balik way from Jacob to Israel may we overcome be found faithful with you and pray Jesus' name and thank you and we will see you next week. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w dot audio verse or.


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