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4. To Hear or Not to Hear

Conrad Vine
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Conrad Vine

President of Adventist Frontier Missions



  • July 25, 2020
    11:15 AM
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As we saw last week. When blind bots may s. cried out to Jesus Jesus son of David have mercy upon me the text then says Jesus stopped. I really appreciate of us the idea that Jesus stops at the cry of faith. Mass was blind he was considered judged by God by his community he wasn't going to the temple for the possible festival he was outside the religion and yet at the cry of faith our cries mounted to the mosque them let's by heads and open with a word of prayer Father as we gather here today. We thank you that if it matters to us it matters to you. And Father we thank you that we can come before you father I think you that you can read our hearts like a book there is nothing hidden in our lives from you. So fathers who come into your presence of they we pray that you will read us that you will know us that you forgive us and cleanse us you actually change our hots and you will feed us this morning with the bread of life that we may have the energy and the strength and the spirit within us to live for you in this coming week probably pray a blessing from those watching online dotted around the world Father whatever home we came from this morning we ask now that we come into the presence of Jesus Christ our Father I ask that Jesus Himself will speak through me and for me in Jesus name I pray man. So I have a question for you this morning. Someone is entitle to Hiro not to hear and I have a power supply power point to open the the this service here so I'm trying to press this book and see if it works I have it we have the thank you. All right I have a question for you is not a trick question. It really is a good question all right can you just move it forward to the next light without me possible. I have a question for you and it should be coming up on the screen they say never work with children radicals also with technology. So we're making forward progress not quite what I was hoping for though so. Do we have the slides are. All right there we are all right so only 4 people in world history have won the u.s. Congressional Gold Medal and the Nobel Peace Prize only 4 people so nobody in Bible times want to obviously because America wasn't around back then. But only 4 people in world history have won the Congressional Gold Medal and the Nobel Peace Prize the question is Who are those 4 people any idea who has won both the Congressional Gold Medal and the Nobel Peace Prize I'm not talking about the prize for physics or Nobel Prize for mathematics or Nobel Prize for literature I'm talking about the Nobel Laureate himself or herself the Nobel Peace Prize only 4 people have done this well and then start out with some very famous people Martin Luther King here we have him in his famous I Have a Dream speech and a critical person in the civil rights movement here in the United States who has inspired countless millions around the world with the power of his preaching Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize and also the Congressional Gold Medal before his assassination the next person the 2nd person the list of fall. Mother Teresa of Calcutta a nurse nun from Albania who spent her life so of among the poorest of the Paul in Calcutta in the grinding poverty ministering to those caught up in the chains of poverty Mother Theresa's a Martin Luther King Mother Teresa Ok we've done 2 out of the fall any ideas who the 3rd person might be all right the 3rd person is now the Mandela spent years in prison and Robben Island in South Africa I went there myself a few years ago there's not much security on the island per se and your insights of Cape Town because to swim from the island to Cape Town you'll swimming through waters infested with great white sharks and very very few people I think anybody who's actually made that swim. Literally Maybe you tried it didn't make it Nelson Mandela and if you read his writings listen to his speeches he transcended his situation and spoke to the best impulses of the human heart of reconciliation and forgiveness so the 4th person you know. The King. Well let's raise a now also Mandela these are giants of the 20th century would you agree but there's one of the person. Anybody any idea think of somebody of the stature of these 3 months and if the King Nelson Mandela Mother Teresa I'm going to be some clues sorry. President Obama No he's not he won the Nobel Peace Prize but he didn't win the Congressional Gold Medal. President Biden was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal I believe he remembered where he was that day but he didn't win the Nobel Peace Price. So who is the 4th person. Well it's somebody that actually he affects all of our lives on a daily basis at a very very profound level the 1st clue who is this 4th person he was born and raised in poverty he was born and raised in Iowa on a farm with no running water no electricity and when the when the the the rust came through the store Cross came and wiped out the crops and the family were reduced to eating what he called Southern food stuff from the Deep South of America but he was born and raised in grinding poverty he was raised in the thirty's during the Great Depression and he went to university in Minnesota and in this rebel 20 body he's affecting all of our lives today I guarantee you are blessed by this man's life clue to he sent out Apostles across the Middle East and yes they were called apostles born in Iowa studied in Minnesota he sent out Apostles across the Middle East to 12 countries Iraq. Mauritania Chu Musea Egypt Turkey and so forth he was born and raised in poverty he sent out Apostles and his bread feeds the world anyone who I'm talking about here. Sorry Billy Graham us a great answer but that's not the correct answer this morning and when I say bread I'm talking about literal bread All right. When I rushed out this morning I've a busy day today got some appointments a soft noon so I said wife I need something to eat so she threw together for me to sandwiches and the sandwiches I made of breads Obviously I'm on sandwiches a p.b. and j. which is kind of my daughter's favorites and this some which is my absolute favorites and use it for the 1st service at Mt This is sandwich but it's homemade brown bread I put a slice of butter on it and a bit Pats apart a bit about socially same then I put my my tongue and if you know what momentous. Yes there are some fans over there mom might sanctifies this of the product I'm on then I put a slice of roll onion on it whether it's sweet onion or bitter onion a big slice of onion and I'm banished from my wife for the rest of the day but it's absolutely delicious. So I don't touch you like sweet foods I don't like chocolate I don't like candies I don't like cookies for me to eat a chocolate bar is an act of self-denial and an act of the will. And I have to force it back but if I have a meal and somebody is house I say well now we have you know an apple pie or something in my heart I'm yearning for bread on my might wrong it is absolutely delicious I know the end he has his eye on this. Being from a strain they also trained in sanctification might my children my children kind of enjoy it when my little girl was about 4 hours trying to encourage her in the path of life and I put some I might on her bread and she says Daddy why should I eat it and I absentmindedly said to well eat it Christine this will. What had on your chest and she hasn't eaten much of ever since my brother Ah my son asked me to write some mom might suggest they would I shouldn't put hair on your chest Yes but it will make your hair grow long and curly and he doesn't eat it either Very much so I should have I got my advice mixed up too much you children anyway I recommend you mom might you my talking about. To your hair a right answer actually if you haven't heard of him you have now his name is Norman ball ark. And he fed he saved the world from mass starvation in 1980 s. You see he grew up in poverty and he understood that when stem rust hits wheat that the entire crop is destroyed in America which is dependent upon wheat Canada is dependent on wheat and more importantly for him xico is dependent upon wheat. And what happens is that the trade winds with the car the birds back and forth and why they migrate it also carries the spores of the stem rust and it carries it from the northern plains of Mexico across the plains of America up into the into Canada and it deposits the stem rust horse on the stem rust spores attack the wheat in the entire crop is gone and nations can face starvation. And so he studied this he did a degree in genetics finished in 1902 genetics were very primitive back then and he was assigned by the Rockefeller Foundation to go to central Mexico to what makes the Mexican government considered its prime wheat growing region a Mexico in the 1930 s. and forty's was hungry food was gas you know tortillas and things burritos. All that means wheat. Where are they going to get their wheat from and the wheat fields in Mexico is very low and so children were starving that chronic malnutrition that went with women while in school in the Mexican government recognized we need to do something about this so they asked the Rockefeller Foundation and they hired this guy here Norman Borlaug and he went down to Mexico and he spent almost 2025 years in Mexico he was hidden from much of the world he realized the best wheat fields were in the north of Mexico just south of the Us border and he grew wheat and it was very simple what he did he didn't use in a modern setting technology he would grow as many varieties as he could laid out scientifically and in a field and then when the stem rust came through every year he'd see which 2 or 3 stalks managed to survive then he'd cross pollinate those 2 by hand and plant them again the next year and you see which dolt which talks of Eiffel's Demarest when you plant them again he had a number of young boys who he paid stooge to arms slings stones at the birds to keep away from his crops and he turned them into world class geneticists they had no formal education but over 20 years of doing this cross pollinating tens of thousands of years of coal of wheat sorry he developed the meat that we now eat in America and all around the world in fact by about 19041965 Mexico for the 1st time in its history became a wheat exporting nation and he developed the wheat so when I was growing up we used to be kind of this high. If you go to a wheat field now how high is the wheat. Not down here he realized that for weeks to have a high yields of more weeks on the stalk you have to have a shorter stalks as not to be blown over by the wind so he brought in some Japanese mini wheat and he cross-pollinate it up with Mexican wheat and assume we shorten this to the store down to about this high and he increased the yields 3456 fold of that wheat Mexico was food sufficient by 1965 but at that time India and Pakistan were kind of Juliet out and both India and Pakistan had chronic hunger. And in 165166 Lyndon the Lyndon Johnson was keeping India what he called a short lease Indra Gandhi the Indian prime minister was criticizing the war in Vietnam America was shipping over a 1000000 tons of wheat a month to India just to keep in India from starvation a 1000000 tons a great amount was going from America across to India and Lyndon Johnson kept threatening injury banding saying if you criticize the Vietnam War We're going to cut off your food supply and millions will stop in India to death and these psychologists and sociologists were saying well maybe these people do need to stop because they can't feed themselves a normal bull I've had the attitude that our fundamental human right is the right to food and so he offered the un to train Indian farmers on Pakistani farmers in how to grow this wheat so through the United Nations he sent out his food apostles he trained people and over a 1000000000 people a 1000000000 people had food by 1068 in India and Pakistan who otherwise would not have had the daily bread because of this man here when he died Time magazine said he was the greatest man in the world he saved over a 1000000000 people from starvation and the bread that we eat today we talk about breaking the bread of life in the same the bread that we eat today all comes from his wheat varieties. It's rust resistant we still have stem rust in America but the grains we have are resistant because this man spent almost 2025 years of his life separated from his family for 6 or 7 months at a time across pollinating the wheat the male in the female together alone in those fields of northern Mexico fighting that rust so eventually he came out with varieties of wheat that we now depend on for daily bread. An incredible person yes. And so here when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Price and he was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal the 4th person in history he's not as famous as Nelson Mandela Martin Luther King or Mother Theresa but we are alive today in America because of the week that he produced. This incredible story yes. Sort of what you term with me to another story of wheat. And bread that's found in March up to 4th we're going through last Sabbath and this some of the 1st 4 chapters of Mark we're going to be dwelling this morning on the parable of the so and it's a story about wheat the bread of life the stuff of life and we've seen so far in Mark's Gospel of Jesus has been a man of action he's been preaching he's been teaching healing and to preaching teaching healing cleansing lepers costing out demons forgiving the sins of people he's been drawing blood traps from se been calling apostles to himself to spend time with him so that this morning and then sending them out to spread the words and he demonstrates there's a authority over Sabbath over saying over the demonic and over various religious practices such as fasting he's been accused of being a blast Fema a Sabbath breaker and a friend of sinners and he's aroused the hatred of the religious authorities but so far in the Gospel of Mark we haven't heard much about what Jesus is actually teaching. We haven't heard much now in Mark for for the 1st time we come to the teachings of Jesus in this particular gospel was Matthew starts with the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 56 and 7 Matthew has 5 sermons in his been his gospel here in Mark for the 1st time we come to the teachings of Jesus and we find that Jesus teaches in powerful xna Why would Jesus teach in parables Well when when Jesus teaches in parables We're told it arouses the the interest the curiosity of his heroes Jesus used parables about daily life so that he would appeal to all kinds of heroes all classes and occupations can find themselves within the power bills of Jesus nobody is left out from these incredible teachings Jesus rebuked wickedness and hypocrisy and sin in his parables speaking truth in power bills that the heroes would reject how he spoke of it more openly but because he spoke it's Empower bulls they were more willing to listen to him and Jesus linked parables to the. Week of the weekly week of toil he presented heavenly truths and terms of daily activities he didn't present heavenly truth as it happens in a seminary that about as important he presented a heavenly truth that we can learn as we sit it out desks as we drive our cars as we change the oil in our cars as we go garden raise our vegetable gardens and so forth heavenly truths are open to all of us if we will think about it and as we go through our daily lives Lord what are you teaching me today as I change your on my column or what are you teaching me today as I take care of these weeds in my garden father what you want me to learn today as I need this bread will make this pizza for my children and so the point about parables is that Jesus is inviting us to look for the presence of God in the lessons of God in our daily activity we come to church to hear the Word of God What about Sunday through Friday are we open to learning lessons about God Well most famous Psalms there is some 23 The Lord Is My Shepherd written by a shepherd boy in the fields as he is reflecting on his work as a shepherd he didn't learn that in a seminary he learnt that in the daily grind of daily business God wants to reveal Himself to us in the daily activities that we engage in whether a nurse can use that but you will bake bake at Candlestick put your. Hands that butcher. But you bake it but your temples that make up I forget how it goes now so I had a senior moment that I had my bread you see so I know my might yet today so the point is that God wants for veal himself to us in the daily activities of life and mock records here the 1st of the power bills of Jesus and why does he stop the power of the so. Well the power of the so is important because Jesus says in verse 13 look at their new via Bible it says Jesus said to them Do you not understand this parable that is the part of the so then how will you understand all the power bills that is all the other power bills that is failure to understand the power of the Sower means you will not understand all of the other parables that Jesus taught and parables are like stained glass windows if you look at a stained glass window from the outside of a building from the outside of the church all you see is grey Windows is no light no color no picture no image but if you go inside the church and you look up without saying stained glass window what you now see is a source of brilliance illumination is that not true from the outside you see greatness and nothingness but as you go into the church you look up on the light shines through you see a glorious picture that. And the same of the power bills of Jesus Christ from outside the kingdom of God They don't have much meaning but when you give your life to Jesus Christ and you look upon the parables something that which was dull undocking grey meaningless now is filled with vivid colors and hues and a story and a picture and it tells us something about I have a new father and so as we think about these parables of Jesus the invitation of Jesus if you want to understand them you need to be in my kingdom you need to have submitted in open your heart to Jesus as Lord and Savior and then the parables make sense to you but if you look at them from the outside they're just going to they're not going to make much sense to you now we're all familiar with his powerful I think most of us saw and I want to thank our sister for reading it so beautifully for us. We're going to pick up in verse 3. Jesus starts the powerful by saying well what does he say. Listen. And when he finishes the parable at verse 9 the very last word he says is listen this is important this is very important I want you to listen to this now I've discovered as a guy in life that some things don't go in my ear Ok confession is good for the So yesterday my wife she bought some cookies for a leaving do for one of her colleagues and she put them on the the entrance hall on the table there and I absent mindedly walk didn't I saw some cookies and I partook of one of those cookies my wife gently ostomates uses Did you not hear me say Do not touch the cookies there for a work colleague and I said no and the truth is she had said it but the truth was I had not heard it you see To me it was white noise in the background just didn't register. I didn't hear you say that you may have said it but I didn't hear I'm slightly deaf in the left is when I sleep on the right side my wife talks to me all I hear is why why why why in the morning she says I told you so yes but I never heard without speaking the truth and that's wonderful I also learnt as a father with small children that maybe in the you know this I can be sleeping with my child this is 6 feet from a for me screaming with with colic or something 3 in the morning and it doesn't enter my eardrums just doesn't register Does anybody else not have that experience come on guys don't you have this problem it's a profound problem I wake up the next morning and said My That child's well slept wonderfully last night my wife looks to me when bleary eyes and she's of no he did not the baby can be screaming 6 feet my ears but it doesn't enter the air drums it just doesn't register it's a biological problem I'm not morally responsible for it and so I enjoy my night's sleep you see it's possible to hear but not to listen. And Jesus stops this parable and he finishes his parable with a present imperative which means don't just here want twice or thrice but keep on listening to what I'm about to tell you you want to focus on this you want to reflect on this you want to chew over this as you would chew over bread in your mouth you need to focus on what I'm about to say to you so I hope you're focusing what I'm about to say to you here Jesus is calling for our attention verse 4 says this and as he sewed some seed fell on the power from the birds came and ate it up and then Jesus interprets it thankfully for us in verse 15 by saying these are the people of the ones on the path where the word is so when they hear Satan immediately comes and takes away the word that is so in them the Word of God does fall upon inattentive Hotz like a well worn path the help becomes almost immune to the gospel because it is so immersed in the worlds desires pleasures entertainment and sameness as we are absorbed in selfish aims and sinful indulgences the hots our hearts are hardened to the deceitful most of sin is the apostle Paul says in the real Hebrews 313 and I spiritual faculties are paralyzed what we feed our budgeting is mattress and what we feed our minds matters even more what we feed our minds what we like to dwell upon what we like to talk about what we do for entertainment how we feed our soul it either leads us closer to Jesus Christ or it takes us away from Jesus Christ there's nothing mutual that we feed our minds with it's either positive or it's negative and so Jesus called us to be discerning in what we feed our minds with men and women do hear the Word of God but they do not understand their spiritual condition that spiritual danger the need of God's forgiveness the need to repent of sinful lives and they pass by the Gospel of Jesus Christ as if it were not for them. Such individuals country hard in the hearts of all those particular the hearts of children or those young in the faith how does that happen on returning home they sit down over lunch and they may be vegetarian but they dine on the flesh of the preacher. They criticize the mannerisms of the preacher they criticize the fact he doesn't listen to his wife they criticize the length of the sermon the preachers conduct the lives of their fellow members gossip is repeated severe judgment is passed slanders regurgitated and all in the hearing of young impressionable hearts who are trained to have little to no reference for God's Word or for God's labors and they become infidels within the Christian home. So Jesus says to such people listen and keep on listening. And keep on chewing on my word as you would chew on some bread because I am the so and I'm giving you bread I want you to chew on it so it does you some good if you don't chew upon it it won't do you any good whatsoever listen says Jesus Listen stay keep on listening or Satan will snatch away your chance of eternal life the 2nd kind of sword was found in verses 5 through 6 says all the seed fell on rocky ground where it did not have much soil and it sprung up quickly since it had no depth of soil and when the sun rose it was scorched and since it had no roots it with it away so what does Jesus mean by this kind of soul you have a hardened soil and now you have the rocky soil Well thankfully Jesus explains for us what this parable. Of the possible means in verse 16 he says and these are the ones sown on rocky ground when they hear the word they mediately receive it with joy but they have no root and enjoy only for a while then when trouble persecution arises on account of the word immediately they fall away the Word of God does fall upon stony hearts the soil looks good on the surface but it's very shallow underneath is hard rock when those roots can take root the sprout the plant springs up quickly but it sends down its roots it finds nothing but rock and so the plunked with those away such heroes of those who publicly express a spiritual desire to walk with God They live a publicly religious life everything looks good on Sabbath morning but their hearts are dominated by selfishness and theirs is a superficial faith such areas they hear the Word of God with joy initially but they do not yield themselves to the control of the Word of God they neither want nor allow the sinful habits or the sinful indulgences to be brought in subjection to God's Will such parents receive the gospel as an escape from temporal suffering rather than as a difference from sin and whilst life is good they rejoice in their walk with God But when suffering on the name in the name of Jesus comes or temptation reaches into their unconverted hearts that walk with God demands too much it is too costly a may trade eternal riches for temporal gain. All the hair is like this they hear the Word of God yet they depend on their own good words and deeds robbing Christ for their righteousness their certain that confidence in their own self righteousness seeing no need to wear the righteousness of Jesus himself some here is follow for convenience rather by conviction they don't welcome the Holy Spirit's reproving voice in their lives their heart and life is not brought into harmony with the Word of God take knowledge that general sinfulness Yes I'm a sinner but they refused to give up that particular sins and that's the so intense that the seed sends down deep roots where the plant can be nourished hidden from the sights of a casual possible by so Jesus intends that we as Christians put down deep roots so we are a nurse daily through what is often an invisible faith relationship with the having the Father through seeking to serve both self and God such heroes are half hearted Christians stony ground heroes who will not endure when the tests of life come so Jesus says to such people from John 317 you must be born again except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God There is a 3rd type of soil and I know we're familiar with these types here we're going to work through them together the 3rd type of soil is found in verse 7 of this chapter Jesus says of the seed fell among forms and the forms grew up and chipped it and yielded no grain this was the sort the the grain in Mexico Canada and America before Norman Borlaug came on the scene and how does Jesus describe it he describes it in verse 18 through 20. He says the others others saw him so in among the forms these are the ones who hear the words that's good news but the cancer of the world and lure of wealth from the desire for other things comes in and chokes the world the word and it yields nothing yes the Word of God may fall upon phony hearts but the seat and seat of God will fall on weeds and forms and the tragedy is that seed weeds and forms have no need of cultivation. I've just finished a couple of weeks vacation most of it's been spent chopping wood at home and the cleaning brush and so forth is good to do these activities I've discovered what poison ivy looks like I have an intimate relationship with it now and it's not one based on love I've also experienced logs chopping off balance of trees but I think it's 20 feet up and it's no danger to anybody but apparently it needs to come down so it comes down a few times in my head as not very pleasant experience will think I've seen more than anything else is that in the garden there are we where there is a garden there will be many we don't need to cultivate them we don't need to water them your grass may die but the winds will thrive if there is no so if there is no rain the grass will die the roses will die but the weeds will not die they are persistent little things up way you cannot get rid of them almost it seems like that they represent the natural states of the fallen human heart we do not need to encourage sin you don't need to water since in does not need daily cultivation to thrive since thrives within our hearts whether we like it don't not whether we admit it or not we do regardless of what kind of soil is in our heart regardless of our walk with God weeds will always find a place to thrive yet they do need to be rooted out continually as a garden of weeds continually for that to be space for the Word of God to thrive and to flow Flora the seeds are not many to be cut down to the forms they have to be uprooted completely or they will keep returning and they will overwhelm the good seed. What is needed for the individual is not just to stop completely committing a few sings obvious visible sins but the transformation it requires one to have a new heart experiences the prophet is equal promised require one to be born again requires one to have the lore of God written in our hearts so that we yearn and love and desire to do the will of God rather than the fallen desires of fallen humanity Jesus says about this kind of person when the where the cares of this world as they choke out the Word of God in the new year of wealth and the desire for other things and he recognizes the fact that while we're in joint in Scripture to work faithfully We must not do so at the expense of our walk with God Even those who are busy serving God 9 to 5 are susceptible to allowing the business of life to overwhelm their walk with God It's easy to be a minister of the Gospel and to actually be detached from you have any father and after a while you'll walk runs dry if you're a preacher you'll realize if you're not in the word on a daily basis the well runs dry approximate within about 2 weeks there's nothing more to give you either in the work sucking up the water of life and from that comes a harvest of righteousness on a daily basis or there's nothing more to give you a dry husk and so in this parable Jesus warns against the Kaz of this world is not just for this the secular and the godless but also for those who call themselves Christians do not be so busy that we have no time for Jesus Christ or your relationship will inevitably die Jesus also talks about the deceitfulness of wealth of the new or of wealth wealth is deceitful because it promises much but it delivers little the poor but worry about getting what they don't tough but the rich have much more to worry about they worry about losing what they do half. Those with both spikes snowmobiles cars jet skis hold a home stock market accounts bank account for time it's accounts I raise and list goes on they find their share material possessions a burden to maintain and to manage and to possess and it's hard for them to find friends it's hard for him to find friends I was introduced to someone just a couple of weeks ago who I know is worth millions and millions and millions of dollars. And this person while someone close to him said said to this person is he your friend because of your money or because he actually cares about you so if you're wealthy you never know where the people actually are friends or not you never know whether they're your friends because you have something to give financially or you never know whether you're there your friend because they actually care about you as a human being and so that paradoxically the the rich are often very lonely. Proverbs and turning viable people things a must for and turn back to Proverbs Proverbs 30 which on the beautiful little passage there from Psalm. It talks about the happy medium that God wants for us very famous for your famous passage here Proverbs 13. Verse 7. Is what you read in the Word of God It says 2 things I ask of you Proverbs 30 in verse 72 things I ask of you do not deny them to me before I die remove far from me for certain lying give me neither poverty nor wealth feed me with the food that I need i.e. for today or I shall be full it is well for you national tonight you can say who is the Lord or I shall be poor and steal from those profane the name of my God And so there is a happy medium in life it is not God's will that we have extremes of wealth or poverty in any society for the wealthy turn their back on God and the poor have no option but to turn to crime to feed their children and both these positions bring on a dishonor to our Heavenly Father. The desire is for many things as Jesus to turn back to Mark for many things are not sinful in and off them selves but when something becomes a priority in our life ahead of serving God's people and serving his kingdom and it's become an idol I sometimes say to people well they say I'd like to be a missionary I say what's holding him back from being a missionary and somebody says well it's my Korea or I have a collection of antique cars Well I say Well I'd love to be a missionary but you know I'm a stamp collector and I want to keep my stamp collection going well stocked collection is not in an overt self a wicked thing to when it stops you from serving God it's become an idol. If you want to know when you have any idols in your life today maybe ask yourself the question what is stopping you from engaging fully in the Gospel commission. If you OS by the General Conference to relocate to Jakarta or to Moscow what would be the excuse for why you cannot go examine your house carefully you may find there are some hit a lot hidden idols just hiding that just below the surface to take precedence over the kingdom of God And so Jesus says to such folks John $155.00 says without me you can do nothing we labor for me good results if we only allow me to time with I have the father the 4th kind of soil of the open hearts we find them in verse 8 of mark for it says the other see a good sort of them brought forth grain growing up and increasing in the old thing 306800 fold this is miraculous seed in miraculous soil Norman Borlaug he managed to raise the crop yields in Mexico from maybe a 4th of a ton a year to maybe 3 tons maximum in a year he was almost a 10 fold increase in the world now is not short of breath because he achieves a 10 fold increase in India and Pakistan and Yemen and Egypt in other places like about a miraculous increase but Jesus says not just be a 10 fold to be a 30 a 60 and a 100 fold increase within your life and he describes these people in verse 20 says these are the ones sown on the good soil they hear the words they accept it they bear fruit is a fruit of the Spirit 306800 fold it is God's desire that we be fruitful Christians it is God's desire that we our characters are change we bring forth the fruits of the spirit of love and joy and hope and peace and long suffering the most in gentleness and self-control and so forth from glaciers 522 it is God's desire that we be fruitful in the sense of bringing other people into his kingdom God is not pleased when we are dry sticks that the don't produce any fruit is a we planted a. In from my garden are you this year and it's about this high and there's no leaves on it and every time I walk by it I think I'm going to chop that thing down either produce or go away you know I don't want to I'm going to give it another season maybe 2 seasons and then that's it you know if you don't produce you don't grow I've no 10 and no time for you Jesus is looking for fruit in my life and he's looking for fruit in your life a fruit 1st and foremost of a transformed character and I'm not the man I used to be but by the grace of God on either my the man I used to be the God sees the change is working within me that he will bring to completion a good work that he has begun in each one of us that we are open to participating with God in him shaving the barnacles of sin of our characters. And so to such people. Jesus says one day come you that are blessed by my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world Matthew 2534 but the paradox about this parable is that what's the name of the parable. What is it actually called What We all know this parable lives the parable of the 4 soils. No. We always talk about the full soils but that's not what the parable is about it's actually called the power bill over the summer so while it's interesting and for us because we see ourselves as the soil to talk about the 4 kinds of soil the parable is actually about the sour and Jesus starts out by saying he doesn't say there were 4 kinds of soil in the farmer was worried about it no he says in verse 3 says listen not keep on listening open your ears to me says a so I went forth to so this is a parable about a so it is not a parable primarily about the 4 kinds of soil. And what does this parable tell us about the so well the so is Jesus Christ he came into this world to sow the seed that is the Word of God and His own body he is the Living Word in order that the world might not be condemned but the world might be saved through Him This is a story about God reaching into sinful humanity that we might receive the gift not just of bread for today but eternal life the bread of life we may live for eternity God gave us grace in Jesus Christ before the foundation of the world every sin and that's a ridged rebellion that we commits now lives God knew before this world was created there's nothing going to catch him by surprise there's nothing that he wasn't aware of before he gave us the gift of Jesus Christ before the foundation of the world and Jesus Christ came to earth to so that Paradise Lost might one day be part ice restored the text says that the so so those now that we may look on this problem we may see 4 different kinds of soil we may see hardened roads and rocky soil and the soil with phones in it and a bit of good soil over here we just see fields but less so a sow's because he knows that by the grace of God where there today is fields with nothing good tomorrow there may be a harvest of righteousness in the harvest for eternity the so has hope for you and me the so A'sssos His Word into our lives regardless of the kind of soil we happen to be because he sees us as we are but he sees as how he wants us to be he's hoping for an eternal harvest in each of our lives he doesn't just say oh he's hot and she's rocky soil that person over there potentially as good soil doesn't just leave it like that the so are so those in all kinds of soil there is always hope in the eyes of God He doesn't write off this kind of soil doesn't say that kind of sore his body will just leave that for him and waste it on things like flowers no sorry he's all saw oil is good for God. Also oil has a potential of bringing a harvest no matter if your hot is hot and today you carrying baggage from the past. It may be that your life is incredibly busy and if you can drag and say this morning to keep a spouse happy I don't know it may well be that that that you are fixated on the next step of your career or how your Ira is doing what you want to get that new car whatever the case may be wherever you are they would have a kind of hot the so A'sssos into your hot because that so it knows that there can be a harvest of righteousness in your life and eternal harvests or righteousness in your life the so a so those where we would not so I would not so when the rocky soil. I don't plant seeds at home where there is Stones I don't sow I don't sow flowers in the middle of the driveway because I know it's not going to do anything but God So where humanly there is no hope. God sos where there is no prospect of a harvest God sees beyond the judgments in the curses and that the condemnations of this world he sees even when there is no hope as far as the human mind is concerned there is always hope for God and so he sows today he sows in your heart and he sows in my life he scatters the seed seemingly indiscriminately unwisely wasting precious seed on rocky soil for any ground to harden paf because God sees hope for every kind of soil and every kind of human hearts and his sowing brings hope for today but our lives are rocky hearts of Forney homes can be transformed by the enduring power of Jesus Christ but the relationships can be replaced with love but the nagging sense of a lack of fulfillment uneasiness and restlessness can be replaced with holiness contentment and in a piece of praise be to God The so are left the realms of heaven to so on a fall enough that one day he might bring a harvest of righteousness back to heaven and to his heavenly father. Really the parables reveal the states of the human heart the parables such as this one here. If you go back to when the Israelites were fleeing out of Egypt Jesus came between the Egyptians initial lights by the Red Sea So the Egyptians Exodus 14 says that Jesus the presence of Jesus Daucus to one side and light to the other that which was dockers to the world was a source of illumination to God's people. The same event today and same power bills are either a source of darkness to lose on the outside or source of illumination teaching for those on the inside and the parables how we understand them reveals whether we are in God's Kingdom whether we are on the outside of God's kingdom. When Jesus begins his parable with a command to listen and he finishes it with a command verse 9 to listen to present imperative it means listen and listen and listen and listen and listen and listen to what I say to my kids on the ground I want to say this listen you know please take care of what I'm saying to you is it going to is you know it's not just going in here not the other end I want you to listen to me now so we say as parents this is what Jesus saying to us I want you to pay attention to this I want you to meditate on it I want you to chew over it so the command is that to listen and if you look at verses 14 through 20 the words word appears 8 times and the command to here appears 4 times so clearly we maybe we pick it up in English but new original Greek that there is a let relationship between hearing and the word faith comes through what haring off the word through feeding on the word through making the word parts of who you are on a daily basis just as I have my daily bread I am also inviting scripture to have my daily bread as part of the teaching of Jesus but where as there are 4 sort of experiences in this child in this parable there are only 2 kinds of hair. There are 4 sorrel experiences but there are only 2 kinds of Hara and we all fall into one of those 2 kinds the 1st kind of hara is represented by the 1st 3 kinds of soil the hardened soil the rocky soil and the and the phony soil they all have one thing in common when Jesus says that they hear in verse 15. And $16.18 he uses the r. is tense which means it's a pun Tilley a one off event that means it goes in one ear and straight out the other without doing much on the way through. It when my wife says don't eat those cookies that was I had listened to her in tents I went in and went out and didn't register on the way through. Ok on those the 1st 3 Soarin experiences Jesus uses that tense when they listen to the Word of God It goes in they hear it and it goes out but not much happens up here it doesn't stick nothing catches they don't dwell on it they don't think about it they don't ask what does this mean for my life they hear it's in the air and I get on with my life. That's the 1st kind of hero the 2nd kind of hero is found in verse 20 so as they hear the word in English doesn't come through it comes through in the Greek they hear the word as a present continuous That is they hear it once they hear it twice they hear it thrice they keep on listening to it it becomes part of the daily lives it doesn't just go in one ear and go out the other it goes in and it stays in that and just as you chew on bread and you turn bread over in your mouth so they chew on the Word of God turning over in the headlight would maybe chewing gum to squeeze out the flavor in the meaning with every chew and forge of the mind there are 4 kind there are 4 kinds of soil but there are 2 kinds of Listen us those who listen once and never again and those who listen once it sticks in that and then they turn it over in their minds is not just for the parable of the so this is for all the teachings of Jesus so those 4 types of soil the 2 kinds of Hara. Which means there's one decision to make. Or 4 kinds of soil the 2 kinds of Hara which means logically there's only one decision to make why be spending time with Jesus this week or will I not. Well I intentionally set aside those best out of the day when I'm most awake to think and reflect upon the teachings of Jesus or what I do best Why debate devote the best times of the day when I'm most awake to my favorite hobbies negativities I need to choose I need to choose today because nobody is born as this kind of listener or that kind of listener Jesus teaches this to all of us and he's asking inviting all of us to listen and to listen and to listen and to chew and to chew and to chew it doesn't matter what kind of soil we came to church with today imitation for all of us is to make that one decision I just going to hear the Word of God Let it go straight out of the rent on my going to chew on it day by day as I chew on it day by day I will see God bringing and in miraculous harvest into my life 1st 30 fold harvest then a 60 fold harvest and then a 100 fold harvest. I want to challenge you today to spend time with a lone Savior Jesus Christ we live in a bitterly polarized world in a polarized nation be careful what you listen to but if you listen to nothing else make your priority to listen to the words and teachings of Jesus Christ because He is the Savior of all people and when Jesus comes again they will be people of all political and ethnic backgrounds waiting to receive him because they've given their lives to Him we are consumed with the battles of this world forgetting that the greats of battle is for the human heart and this parable here Jesus is inviting us to take his choice today that we will not have the words just what the preacher says and go home and forget about it. But we'll make a choice today to listen to the teachings of Jesus to turn them over now minds to chew on them day by day and to reveal to us father what would you teach me in this verse problem how we going to guide my life today Father is there a promise you want me to build my life from today what is there are beautiful media want me to change my life fall is there a whisper that says cannot win this moment happens this is how I want you to behave how we open to the voice of the Holy Spirit there are 4 hands of soil. 2 kinds of heroes. The one decision the decision is yours I pray that each and every one of us will choose this state of you listen to the words of Jesus above and beyond any of the words wrench in our minds and it's coming day the coming week whatever the choice is I stand before you decide that as for me and my house we will feed on the Word of God we will have our daily worship as a family we will have our devotional time we will choose to speak about what the Word of God means on the pain basis we want the Word of God to take root in our lives so we produce a harvest day and a harvest return to choose life just. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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