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The Plant-based Revolution: A Unique Opportunity for Adventists

Daniel Cho


The growing interest in plant-based eating presents a unique evangelistic opportunity for Adventists. This presentation explores this topic as well as the relevance of the health message in light of global concerns over health, pandemics and the environment.


  • August 2, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Good morning everyone can hear me. Thank you so much. For the invitation it's one of the show today so yeah I think I thank you so much for having me today I hope to share something a little bit about health that I hope you'll find are valuable and. So the applicable to your walk with the Lord especially during these times that were living in I think. The times are now really kind of emphasized the importance of our health message and that's what I want to talk about today I just want to our Because I'll be sure some health information I want to put a disclaimer so this presentation is for educational purposes only so please do speak with a health care provider before applying any of the info they'll be sharing with you. I am represent I am speaking. On behalf of a couple part of saw. Volver pathways to on his lifetime I think clinics we have 3 clinics in Toronto folks a lot of them medicine and we try to reach people for Christ through serving them through help. I'm also involved or as you call lifestyles medicine it's an awful path we put on last illness and programs and also lifestyle and this is a toot basically it's an institute here that we do is we try to train our business in health evangelism pastor project asked me to briefly shareable Some programs are coming up so we are putting on an intensive so it's a one week online intensive hour where we provide health events and training so we have a one week on plant based nutrition how we can use that to better reach people on natural therapies and in lifestyle medicine in general. So if you're interested in that you can just go to the website. An institute dot org. All right so. The presentation today is called the plant based revolution why I've been issued and various plant based eating today. So you know Avenue is quite unique among Christians because of our promotion of plant based eating and you know when we 1st got the message you know got a vision I believe was 1968. Pro You might want to correct me but there was a 1st division. And when we 1st started sharing the message you know it was kind of difficult probably sounded ridiculous to people back then to think that you would you know not the meat that's part of your diet and of course there wasn't a science that we know today. And also when he 1st had the health message he was it was a bit controversial. Always time you know many this and many pastors alls were very resistant to the message when John Harvey Kellog you know what we try to show it cause a lot of problems and even today I think you know sometimes this topic because that awkward sometimes maybe a little controversial or divisive. That people try to avoid it I find sometimes. Which is a liberal fortunate so but I think there are a now with what's happening in the world I do really believe that our health message is more important relevant than ever before and I just want to share with you a couple reasons why I think that's the case and I hope that again this will hopefully encourage us to live a healthier life or for the Lord to that because serve him better and sue those around us better just experience better health than a better life that he wants for each one of us so the 1st thing I want to talk about and for this message I'm going to really focus on plant based eating I know that our health message is much more than that but I'll just focus on a plan for today. And the 1st thing I want to really talk about is that we know there is an explosion of interest in plant based eating and the Deacon lifestyle to start a couple years ago Dollhouse universe out of how fast they did a study or rather Paul. Assessing vegetarianism among Canadians and what they found was that I think around 9 percent of Canadians now identify as being vegetarian or vegan. And what the what they found out that out was that among those who are identified as plant based more than 50 percent are people under 35 years all their young people and the authors of the study they say that this is a mind blowing rate is how they describe it that young people in Canada are growing in plant based mine blowing rates and they think that the percentage of Canadians who are going to go plant based is just going to continue increasing because of this young demographic. So as you can see you know I think there is a tremendous interest in plant based eating. Many celebrities are going plant based I'm sure that defy many of these. These here. They're going for a plant they're going plant based for many different reasons many public company is a famous to be in on the show if you knew that. Many athletes as well are going plant based here you see Venus Williams. Being an n.b.a. Ken Newton the n.f.l. quarterback at Lewis Hamilton a 5 time champion of the Formula One race nagging to have more Canadian Olympic gold medalists figure skater and many others are going to plant based as well. In article published at c n b c He said that there is a new performance hack taking hold in the n.f.l. it's not a new supplements not a new protein shake it's not a new workout it's going to get so many artists now are catching on to the trend of these eating. If you saw the. Film game changers. Documentary on how athletes are going plan splits it's big a lot of recognition and many people watching it especially young men it's more geared towards that but again just emphasizing how important beneficial plant based ideas for athletic performance and over. And I'm sure you we've all recognize how many fast food restaurants are now. Kind of jumping on the bandwagon so you know if you look at Beyond Meat for example you know I think 1st it was probably in w. who got there beyond the burger and then after that it almost got domino you know Tim Hortons. Got there beyond the breakfast Patty and then the burger and then subway at the McDonald's is. Tweeting there beyond burger. Care c. has like beyond chicken. All these faster restaurants and now are jumping on the bandwagon because it is it is exploding. Also the Canadian food guide here I'm sure we all may recall that the previous one were to be a quarter plate was for in vegetables a quarter put it was greens and then those meat and then those dairy but now the new king food guy gets rid of dairy completely and meat as a category and kind of lumped them in into a protein section with the beans and peas and taught from the rest of them right so again you are a shift in our understanding of how important plant based eating Yes. And basically what I try to make is that I do believe that this explosion in interest in plant is eating really does present a remarkable opportunity for us avenues to present ourselves in a positive way here Ellen White in there is like the messages she says health reform wisely treated well proven entering wedge with the truth may fall with market success. So. You know if we through health we can really connect and break down prejudice in various toward a message because you know as we are than it is we recognize that you know our message is very unique and very a counterculture in many ways if you look at it look at it visit the Christian world you know we we go to church on Saturday which is strange to me people I know because I was a convert and I used to be Presbyterian became another newest and my mom and we as we face a lot of. Challenges from our Presbyterian family. Becoming heretics and going to join in. Call it and all this stuff divisions think it's really strange you know. So how is it that we with such unique beliefs can make inroads and connect with people and I think right now with this tremendous interest in plant based eating and health really does provide a bridge for us to connect with people. You know I'm very much I know many people in the building community the secular the community and it's quite interesting you know the people in the community kind of tend to be more kind of left leaning liberal if you will say at least on the social political spectrum. And we of course avenues we tend to general group tend to be more right leaning more conservative at least in a social views so you know you might think that there's not connecting point but it's really interesting that in the digging community who are much more liberal they they do see avenues in a very favorable light because of our promotion of plant based diet saw here is just is just one example of how you know our message about health is really at Able enables us to connect with groups that maybe many other Christians have I have a hard time. Connecting with. So I want us to turn to Genesis Chapter one Verse 2930 if. I was there Genesis chapter 129 to 30 children though this text well but. Let us read it it's of course the Genesis creation account and. Here God tells us original died. In verse $29.00 it says In God said See I have given you every herb that you would seed which is on the face of all the earth and every tree whose food or you'd see it to you is show before food also to every piece of the earth to every bird of the air and to everything that creeps on the earth in which there is life I've given every green herb for food and it was so. You know I always kind of chuckle to myself you know. Lions and polar bears and there are these other other covers animals eating fruits and vegetables for food but that's how it was when folk are 1st created the earth we and animals God gave us a century a plant based diet food special not vegetables initially but fruits seeds grains not so. And I do think that simpler this text might be that. It might be actually one of the most powerful and relevant text for us today just given how much interest there is in a plant based diet. And especially as a window tool just let me share one experience that we had. Our clinic and lifestyles message we put on events called Dinner with the doctor or basically we partner with local churches and we put on we give guests free plant based meal and we do a health talk and Dr George Tiller but he often gives these health talks and we usually get like almost 100 people from the community mostly people who are not avenues they come into the church and we serve them that it's been really wonderful as an opportunity to connect with the community but there's one guy Chinese guy and he's like a really hard core of the gay and he does the activism and all that stuff and he was a had a conversation with my brother and he was saying you know like why is a deli every time we call you know we do the in activism the people who oppose us the most are Christians he says the Christians will calm and they'll say that or God allows us the. Blah blah blah so. So this Chinese guy you say he had a very negative impression of Christians and just couldn't understand why they couldn't understand the benefits of plant based eating. Board what George in a conversation he actually told this guy's a hey look did you know that the Bible in the Bible it says that God actually gave humans a plant based diet from the beginning in the guise they all really didn't know that and so George showed it you know in Genesis it says God's original die for us was a plant based diet so it's all you know he he he thought also interesting so so again you know throughout the message it really is an open Word for us to connect with people and I do think again that this explosion in interest in privacy really does prevent a remarkable opportunity for us to connect with those who we might otherwise not be able to connect with and to share you know the God that you might not believe in you know he did you know that he does care about animals and you know he died that he gave to us was a plant based diet so I think that's really really a good opportunity for us to use Hell as an opening wedge. I think another. Important reason is that the for health and the current. Pandemic I think really underscores the importance or relevance of the health message today. As we all know you know the leading cause of disease our of death today are our chronic diseases like diabetes heart disease in Canada I believe this cancer. And many other diseases and these are lifestyle related to z.z. is. I'm sure we all know this. Person here is a former president Bill Clinton. He you know he used to eat a lot of fast food pyramid used to be that McDonald's and a cane culture point where he had a heart attack some of us may remember this and he had like a quadruple or triple bypass or something like that but in any case after he had a surgery years real concern about his health so he went to connect with some doctors with Dr Dean Ornish and Dr Carter. And he went on a vegan diet and here he says it changed my life I might not be around if I had to become a begin it's great and you know Bill Clinton looks really healthy today. And so you see the plan b. c. d. is as we are probably probably known as author or die for health it's not only good at preventing disease but also reversing disease as well. Skip that. It's want to share with you all of the story if you don't know who this is but this is Eric Adams he's the borough he's a present of the Brooklyn Baro in New York City and this guy has a really interesting story. He had a very poor diet and he one day he said to realize his vision was failing him he says that when he wakes up he couldn't even see it alarm clock and yet tingling sensation in his extremities well when he went to Israel 11 time and he thought that pain in his side he went to a hospital in Israel and they told him that he had a stomach ulcer but what concerned the doctors the most was as a one c. and I'm sure we're familiar with the a one c. is a measure of diabetes. I think the normal diabetes is a 6.5 above a one c. his was in the high teens and the doctors told him hey look we're surprised you know even Unocal Marina. So he went back to United States in 1000 doctors and he tried to get him on insulin but he said hey look you know I don't want to go on insulin so they say you want to google and literally typed in reverse diabetes and they found a documentary called forks over an eye which I highly recommend And he sort of learned about plant based eating and so he started adopting a diet and he experienced a remarkable result so in 3 weeks. His vision cleared up in just 3 weeks on a plant based diet in 3 months is a one c. went down to pre-diabetes level so a busy reverse to diabetes and he. Also normalize his blood pressure his cholesterol his pain his tingling all of that went away after just 3 months on a fully planned base of whole foods plant based diet so in the here you see in this photo is what he looked like before and I'll just want to show you what he looks like now. You see a big change they are a lot of weight he looks really healthy so again you know all the health measures we promote in particular plant his eating is is really really powerful it's not only good for preventing but also go versing many of the leading cause of disease of today diabetes hypertension class straw and my brother can attest that in the clinic is what we do every day we see patients who get better because by simply going on. Changing and changing their lifestyle. And I think that in light of the you know the current cold and I think again it really underscores the importance of healthy lifestyles our you know our health message. If you you know if you look at media can economy get selling you know that everyone is dying left right and center and then of course it's it's a serious pandemic I don't want to minimize that but the truth of the matter is if you look at the statistics in the scientific papers the truth is that most of the people who are truly suffering are people who are older and people with preexisting chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension so if you look here here are a study published in The Journal of journal infectious disease is called morbid It is increase the risk of severe and mortal cold in 1000 so if you look at this study is really remarkable if you order that 60 fires or if you're seeing here you have a 560 percent increased risk for severe or mortal Corbet on the 90 if you look at Cu cardiovascular disease Fortune 1000 percent respiratory disease 4050 percent diabetes 2068 percent hypertension 172 percent and smoking sorry so you can see your that having Quanah diseases which are very much related to unhealthy lifestyle increases your risk for severe mortal called the 19 but if you're relatively healthy your risk from having a severe. Forms of quarter 19 are actually very very low and it's not going to emphasize in when you look at the media coverage here in the. Article published in The Journal the American Medical Association the og Richardson analysis order persons men and those of preexisting hypertension or diabetes were highly prevalent in this case series and the pattern was similar to data reported from China so again. When you have hypertension diabetes you have a really increased risk for severe forms of call that and here's some data from the John Hopkins University where they're tracking the criminal virus and it's really remarkable starts again if you look in Canada 87 percent of people who have had called in 1000 have recovered. So you know the media and this is only we're dying left right and center but actually that's not true the vast vast majority of people who get Coburn 100 recover or there's 5 percent or active cases then around 8 percent have died and that are. And of this is a percent the vast majority of these that are occurring in seniors homes among seniors and those who are severely or have preexisting health conditions so what does this mean this basically means that he actually let me show you Ontario as well. Might be good to know that we do a slow little bit slightly better than the national average so 89 percent have recovered 7 percent compared to the national average of 80 percent of a percent story so what does this mean this is this means that when we get called in 1000 The novel coronavirus our immune system can fight off this infection I think it's really really important to recognize here our bodies our immune system can fight off the infection but when we have. Diseases like diabetes obesity and hypertension except it really hinders our in the uses of Billy to fight off this infection so so the point here is that by adopting a plant based lives a plant based eating and healthy lifestyles and other things that we as I would as know and promote we can really experience better health even in mind of the pandemics that we see see today so again it just really shows you the importance and relevance of our health message I want to turn to another politics here if you want to exit is Chapter 15 verse 26 exists exit Chapter 15 years 26. The rest days it's. If you're there if you just knowledge you had a super thumbs up. The Lord through Moses. Saying to people in Israel if you deliberately heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight give it year to his commandments and keep all those dodges our not put our put none other diseases are you which I bought on the Egyptians for the Lord who heals you so they simply put here you know the Lord is telling us that if we heed you know what he tells us then you know we all will avoid the diseases and health problems that other people experience. So I think you know the Lord is calling his people you and I back to his original die and if we do heed it the promise is that you know our risk for these diseases will be much minimising the experience better health so I hope that that's really all your prayer and your desire this morning. But a few last things here also I think in another thing that really kind of policy of Portland's over a message about plant based eating is a stewardship of the environment. Should otherness' care about taking care of the environment. And I do think the answer is yes. And sure we all know this credit to very many young people today are concerned about the environment and climate change and these issues and I do believe that many of them they take it to an extreme and of course we know that ultimately this world and God is going to make a new again right this one's going to become more messed up. And I do feel a little bit of pity for people who pretty so much effort into saving the environment when or to millions can you know it we all say this in our in our efforts. But nevertheless you know we still have an obligation to take the best care of it as best as we can and we know from the scientific evidence that plant based diet is much better for the environment. Here you know a study published last year in the Lancet one of the most prestigious journals of medical journals in the world. They say that increased consumption of plant based diets could reduce emissions by up to 80 percent. Which is remarkable you know I think that historically we have been so focused on cars and factories and it's you know destroying the the earth but really animal agriculture and I diets are having probably the greatest impact on on what we're doing to the planet is destruction. If you think about the deforestation of the Amazon and these other other natural. Natural habitats it's made its money off it because of animal agriculture to raise cattle to feed our of the growing media taken around the world and if we adopt a more plant based diet we could to do much to save the planet. It's kind of interesting if you look at the our fundamental belief 21 about stewardship. Is really interesting says here we are God stewards intrusted by him with time and opportunities abilities and possessions and the blessings of the earth and its resources we are responsible to Him for their proper use so I don't want to take this to an extreme but I do want to say that you know we do believe in a fundamental belief that we are stewards of the earth and I do believe that as much as possible that we should try to take care of it as best as we can or in at least 2 of our little par and I do think a plant based diet. Would really help us towards that. Right. And also our compassion towards God's creatures so. So again I think there is good hopes there's a growing interest among our people about you know what what's happening with the animal meat industry and I do think that we're on is we did need do need to be bounce here the Bible does permit us to meet so I think those of us who are really involved in believe in health in the health reform message and all the stuff we didn't do need to recognize that the Lord does permit me eating but of course we know that that was not part of his original plan and. Throughout the way he's calling people back to the original diet but nevertheless the Bible does permit us the meat but I do think do think that we need to really think carefully about what the meat industry is now compared to when coffers a lot of the happened. To skip that hoops what's happened. But it's. Ok. So you know and so we are know how what the meat industry is like you know the chickens are cooked up but the way their beaks are chopped our thing apart with antibiotics they're beaten and. When they're really in humanely treated they drugged up. Just really really terrible conditions and you know Elway it's. Here here public Carney says if slaughterhouses had glass was everyone would become a vegetarian. So you know if we did see what really happens in the media in shutting that you know many of us who we may think twice about. Our diets are affecting them but you know it's really just again ministry of healing in a way I write something about compassion towards animals I'm not sure many people know this but here she writes Think of the Cruelty to Animals that meat eating involves what human What man with a human heart who has ever cared for domestic animals collect into their eyes so for confidence and if that affection and willingly give them over to the butcher's knife how could he devour their flesh as a sweet morsel. So here on the way it's kind of appealing to all to this you know hearts to this compassion towards animals. So I do think that we do need think about this you know these are God's creatures he did not create them to be eaten. And we think this does give us some food for thought. I also want to say that i Health is an effective way to reach people with a health message at this time as as as I've been emphasizing you know I'm a convert and I have many friends who have become Stas through the health message I just want to share with you 11 friend and his recent experience he's a Chinese guy and he he's he's had some health issues and basically he went on Netflix and watched some health documentaries like Forbes or an i and what the how that he really became interested in plant based eating well he didn't know how to cook so basically what he did was he had a road in a begin cooking class at George Brown and lo and behold he met and otherness there actually one of the one of my friends came in and out of innocent 1st heard about avenues for the 1st time and how arbutus we promote plant based lifestyle. Well this is what happened was that it's rather interesting he started to plant visiting with his friends in a Chinese a Baptist church. And he got a lot of pushback they thought he was weird they were telling him the you know like God created animals for us the and all this other stuff then it got so bad his a pastor. And pass a prayer or Pereiro probably know this and you don't really criticize people up in person you know of at the Pope or but this guy this passed he went out and he busy point they singled him out and started basically saying you know why you know plan visiting doesn't make any sense in terms of the Bible and really singled him out always so he really embarrassed him in busy he left the church he was still a Christian by a stop going to church and he just couldn't understand why Christians were so alike against this planet is eating and why all these like liberals and hippies were in to plant a seed you know he just couldn't understand it well what's remarkable was. And I'm sure if you guys know but there is a there is an Adam is an orange juice bar in Toronto is called Energy Shack or by out of it advocates nutritionist and he went there and he started to get some meal prepared plan based meals and this nutritionist Carolyn Nichols she thought to show with him a little bit about Afghanistan a plant based eating and invited him to the Emanuel sent the administrators where we happen to be and my brother was giving a message similar to this one actually about basically eating and the Bible and the health message and this guy he realized that wow you know this. This is the obvious or this group of Christians I was looking for. So to make a long story short he started to connect with us and he sought to make admin is friends and he's had to do Bible studies with a Chinese friend of ours and now he's doing battle baptismal studies with my pastor. And he's going to get baptized as soon as you know we're able to do baptisms energy going to churches open up so this really remarkable example of how you know through a power base eating we're able to really connect with somebody is nice and of Ottoman he went into the app and it's nice it so health is truly an opening wage for the gospel so I've said on and off by just answering some common objections to the health message and you can do these really quick and just some common questions or objections that we might harbor we face in the administration. And just provide some. Focus from short answers to them so one of them people say that health is not a salvation issue how many of you have proved before you know how in our salvation issue and you know I have always found this a rather interesting argument because I don't think anywhere in the Bible it really gives us the provocative to make. Such assessments you know God sends us a message and then somehow we as God's people. Make the judgment whether something is salvation or not it seems to me in the Bible that the it the attitude of promoters that if God is speaking to us shouldn't we with all of you know to the best of our ability to follow it as much as possible and not try to say whether this thing with is a salvation issue I just don't really see that anywhere promoted in the Bible or the writings of l. and why it seems that the more the other to it is that we should and if the Lord has clearly shown it shouldn't we want to clearly follow it so. You know I would encourage us to really think of it more you know as you know if if the Lord is clearly calling us to better health and has given some some message about it that if we truly love the Lord and we know he loves us so much and he wants the best for us and if we do love him shouldn't the attitude be no hey I want to the best of my ability one. To follow that I do anything that should be our own our attitude and not try to decide whether one thing is salvation or not because you know to be honest you can really throw out almost anything if you go down this of rabbit hole of what salvation or not another one that people often say is that I don't be legal or think you know and proud of this might be our reaction to some people who might push health a little bit to extremes and this sort of thing which is unfortunate but but you know I think God basher puts it the best he says are all beings is not legalism. Very even strict obedience is not legalism you know God does want strict obedience you know not anybody works must has to be the 7th day we are out of this we know that. Tithing you know it can't be 9 percent 8 percent it should be 10 percent. So there is a degree of strictness there and exact and precise precision so in the same where you know you know obedience is not egoless and legalism is more of an attitude taking that number one that we in our own strict can you know obey God's law which of course we cannot we have a transformed heart and that somehow our obedience kind of merits God's favor and wins us of course that certainly is not the case but nevertheless obedience is important it is a condition and. And you know the Lord again is calling us people to a healthy lifestyle and. It has given some guidance on the sin of we in loving response try to heeded and asking for the strength to to follow that so I do think that that should be our attitude. We touched on this a little bit of course our people often say the Bible permits me eating and I do think we certainly are the Bible does permit us to eat meat that's why we have this we don't require being a vegetarian to be of our ties or to be a member I think that's certainly really really important to recognize. However I do think though that we all know that meat eating was never part of God's original plan and certainly in head you know we're beyond would be eating a plant based diet and it does the Bible also does show that you know when God speaks to us through His prophets and his messengers that he does expect us to heed it and I do think that the Lord is clearly calling his people back to his original diet and more plant based diet and again I do think that we as his people. Does behoove us to to heed those messages I do believe that it is important. You know some people say they're pretty even vegetarians get sick have how many of you have heard of this before even vegetarians get sick and of course certainly are they do but you know we don't live in a perfect world and and of course our what we eat is only a part is only one determinant of our health. And all the science that we know and through this period pass you know that eating a healthier based diet does we decrease the risk for many diseases and some people say that fruits and vegetables are not healthy anymore and perhaps that's the case you know it's not just what the are still healthy but maybe not as before but you know I think deeply that we do need to do the best that we can. Are Here closing off your own white she says an issue of healing greens fruits nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our creator and I do believe that the God that the Lord is calling us back to this diet for our good and I hope that it is our desire each one of us to try to fall in space but as we can. In Charge guidance she says again and again I have been shown that God is bringing his people back to his original design that is not to subsist on the flesh of the animals. Are causing our hearing 3rd John chapter to pass the program read this. Is John it's showing to people too in this letter he says Beloved I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in hell just as your so prosperous and you know this is the Lord's that cars are free to all of us here he or he wants us to be healthy he wants us to be healthy so that we could so him better. So we could be more spiritual and physical It doesn't affect our mental illness through to capacity these. So that we could be healthy so that we can serve in our fellow man for longer in better ways. So I do really hope that that's our desire for each one of us here and to cause I do want to share my personal testimony. As Pastor per mention I am a convert to the odd Mr h.. I was a Presbyterian growing up what's remarkable was when I was young around 6 or 7 years old my mom was very sick she had some gastrointestinal issues. And our pastor the remarkable remarkable part is that a Korean pastor out of his passing came to our door he was countersuing and he learned through a conversation with them I'm almost sick and he gave or some of these. You know not around movies like charcoal and told to go on a plant based diet so my mom you know when you're sick you're desperate and so she tried it and she got better so this pastor can visit their home and I remember distinctly when he was when I was young he would sit us down he would teach us a song Jesus loves me this I know. And. And he eventually connect us my mom with some woman at the Korean church here in Toronto and they start to show through some administrators about revelation about Daniel in the prophecies eventually got on Children's I misspoke like the bible story by Arthur s. Maxwell my double friends in these books. That eventually my mom so to be a white books the desire of a just steps Christ great controversy and slowly. Through. Through this we start to learn about the arbutus message we didn't go to church for a long time I still we still went to the Sunday church the Presbyterian Church on and off. At best we were nominal Presbyterians but we were learning about the oddness faith and. Eventually we were given some dark bachelor Mark jimmied tapes. And we start to learn about the distinctive I've been in doctrines and came to a point where when we were 16 years old at the 16 or 17 we decided to become sent this and join the church so you know I'm very much indebted to the health message because it's to the health message and the faith for sharing of of our health principles that my mom learned about our church in eventually pass it on to us and this is why I'm here and I'm speaking to you this morning so you know I do think that because I'm sure right now the way the world is going with his interest in it and how the employer based eating with these are pandemics and I think we haven't seen the last of them I think probably more will come and with all these diseases there are spreading around the world and all this interest in our environment and all these other issues I do think it provides a very unique opportunity for our business to connect with those around us and to share our message and to prepare Jesus prepare people for Jesus' 2nd coming so I hope that our for those of us who are plant based maybe some of us here are already kind of base and try to live Davenant's health message I don't encourage you to continue doing that and for those who may not be I just prayed out hopefully this message will have spoken to you and that you you know study this issue more and maybe you know give it you know take it to the Lord in prayer and. My desires for you just experience better health and really live according to God's will you know he loves us he was of the healthy so that we can be a better witness and serve and so that's my prayer for the 2 of us here and I hope that's your desire as well thank you so much for having me. Pretty good I hope this to be our experience. They give us a furlough Thank you. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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