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10. The Second Coming

Norman McNulty
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Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 3, 2020
    9:00 AM
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Welcome again to our series last day events explained it's hard to believe that this is a poseur number 2 on the series this is the lasts presentation going through the sequence of last events we will have a presentation again next week which will be a question and answer session because there's been some I get questions that if time and there's no way I can go through all of them in just a brief Hugh and me at the beginning of each of the sessions we're going to have a whole session that I hated just so that. For that I also want to make you aware of the fact that this series the last day of the ends has generated. Further interest so the. Verses talk to me about doing a verse by verse. 30 on the book of dnd move we will be in a similar format to what we've done here with the events explained so keep your eyes open for that that will probably come. After the series is sentenced and so. Part of that as well so I am going to address. Always one question before we get into the presentation today and again if you have questions send them to tax your viewers that argee us the e-mail address you can e-mail your questions that a lot of your questions of Kemah. One of the questions that I wanted to address and particular there was a single mother. Wrote in discussing her situation about living in the city not being able to afford moving to the country at this time. As I said in the previous presentations Ideally it would be best to move to the country if you can however you want to move so responsibly you want to be able to support your family you know just blindly move without being able to support the family on the state line of those things and so there are circumstances such as being a single parent where your providing for your children you're in a situation where that's the best place the can be where you are right now but frankly that got to open an opportunity for you to find a job and living situation that were perfectly say your needs if you pray according to go. Answer those prayers and if he asks for him to give you a lead he can do that for you as well so don't just sit back and say there's no way it can happen Cray I'm up for opportunities but move forward in faith when the right situation. And. There is a related question about when it's time to flee the cities you know the some be the time to worry the cities the large cities inch of the country the smaller towns and finally when the final crisis escalates in the us probably for the crew of the time to flee into the mountains but the initial stages of the summit go straight to the mountains necessarily but eventually that's where gets people and I will also mention the. Couple of questions came in again about the timing of the person nation of Christ by say I'm going to go into that depth the next week in our question and answer sessions where we go through the questions and answers and it is an important question some good resources have been sent to me I'm going to make sure that we have time to address the point completely civil look at that again next week as well I'm going to ask the Lord to be with us now as we get into our presentation and. So the spare has us and the Lord to be with us today Father in heaven thank you that we can. Go shrew this. Topic of the last day of moments with the confidence that Jesus is coming again and that he's coming soon and I thank you for how you have been stirring hearts and minds to revive a reformation heard by. Such as that have come and stating such and I pray that we would be students of the word and that we would live by every word and that we would be ready for the seed coming of Jesus and be with us now as we go through this beautiful topic of the 2nd Coming of Christ I pray this in Jesus' name. One last thing I'll mention before we get into the presentation again if you haven't yet had a chance to get a copy of my book and Daniel you get a room of publications 3 get the shallow version from Amazon. Now is a good time to be studying prophecy or share this with your friends. So this last presentation episode a number of them is the 2nd coming and as 7th Day Adventists this is at the very heart of our message this is what we preach this is what we talk about it's in our name the name and event test at refers to the adamant the 2nd advent of Jesus we are atoms as we believe that Jesus is coming again or 7th they believe shows that we believe that the 7th day is the Sabbath and beautiful name that we have and so we are going to go through. The concept of the 2nd Coming and why we are still here why has Jesus night come and the promises that he says it's coming despite the fact that there seems that the a delay let's look at some clear Bible verses that clearly describe the 2nd coming of Jesus the 1st one is Matthew chapter 24 verse 27 here Jesus says for as the lightning some of the east and shine of the even under the west social also the coming of the Son of Man be so it's not going to be a secret rapture it's going to be literal coming in the clouds as the lightning shines from the east of the West's nobody's going to miss a who is alive on the earth there is not going to be a secret rapture or a few people are still a long way or even a large number of people are stolen away while others are left behind now it's going to be a clear visible coming the world will clearly see and the righteous and the weapons will see this is the light and shines from the east of the West social also the coming of the Son of Man be another clear passage is Revelation chapter of one verse. And I encourage you to follow along here in scripture so not only is as coming I'm going to be like the lightning shining from the east to the west Revelation one or 7 says be ho hum with with clouds and every eye shall see. And they also which Shearson an auction measures of the Earth show well because of them even so in that. Every eye will see him he's going to come with clouds coming with the Angels every eye will see him and there is also the mention here the special resurrection they also which pierced some Remember Jesus said to k.f. listen to the rulers as trial they would see the some son of man having and with with power and regulatory and so they will be resurrected to see this coming that those you are alive every eye will see him again there is not a secret rapture or some are taken away and some of every I will see the next coming of Jesus and so the secret Rapture has been a more recent phenomenon in. Dispensational Christian teachings that is not Biblical The Bible clearly teaches that the coming of Christ will be like the lightning that shines from the east to the west every eye will see had and there will even be a special direction resurrection where the weapon Pierce price will see his comments while other beautiful passage there's many These are some of the ones that I. To day 1st Thessalonians Schefter 4th versus 13. Through 18 a very clear and beautiful passage that describes the coming of Jesus and notice what the apostle Paul says here starting in verse 13 Persis lines for he says but I would not have you to be ignorant rather than concerning them which lay face not even as others which have now to hope for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him for this we say and to you by the word of the horror that we which are alive and remain untrue the timing of. Shall not prevent them share a slave the word McCain James supreme that actually means proceed shall not preceded them which are asleep in the 1st 16 for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout with the wife of the archangel and with the trump of God and the dead and cry shall rise for years then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord Wherefore come from one another with these words and this passage clearly teaches the state of the price will rise 1st at the coming of the Lord but that doesn't clear the special resurrection which we've talked about previous presentations that the Democrats will rise 1st Christ that Senate from heaven with a shout and those of us who are alive and remain will be caught up to. Others with the dead in Christ who are risen from the graves and they go up in the air 1st and then were shot up together with them in the cloud of the earth also it is the beautiful message about the coming of Jesus that we have to look forward to we have these promises that Jesus is coming again the dead in Christ will rise 1st of us who are alive and remain will be thought of together you know we ended last week's presentation of the deliverance of God's people here is the promise that we will be thought of together in the clouds to meet those already in the year now General Shepherd shoot also pains to picture of the coming of Jesus Daniel ships which we see a son strikes the image we see this it and I verses 34 and 35 sorry for the typo on the screen there see Daniel shoot $35.35 types of the he such so that us them spread out without hands which smote the ear and as a policy they were of iron and claim break them to pieces and then you see that image was carried away in the image became a great mountain and the sounds that small themis be Team agreement so the whole earth and them versus 4445 in the days of these kinds of those are the kings of the canon of the image shall the God of heaven set up a chain emotional never be destroyed in the kingdom shall not be left to other people but I shall be a bishop break in pieces and consume all these king of the initial stand for ever and. So this non-strikers the image got sets of fiction which shall never be destroyed that is the 2nd coming now in this in the Book of Daniel on and by the way as I mentioned we are going to go into an in-depth study of the give and use the big picture of the screen here Daniel Chapter 34 and 35 and verses 4445 are describing the 2nd coming of Jesus the following prophetic chapters give us through their information about the end of the world and we've been drilling at last they haven't specifically the Daniel after the kingdoms of this world we see that Jesus coming again Daniel 7 says after the kingdoms of this world that there is the judgment which he in the $44.00 you know Asia is after the kingdoms of this world the sanctuary will be cleanse that begins and he $44.00 his sons 2300 a prophecy and the Daniel of an intro ship after the kingdoms of this world Michael stands up probation close as we enter into Jacob's time of trouble and then God's people are delivered and Jesus comes back and said he see the sequence of final events here's the interesting thing Yang notes shew and 1112 take us to the end of the world 2nd coming closer probation closer probation and 2nd coming there's not a lot of time between that we don't know when the 2nd coming is going to happen we don't know when probation is going to close here's what we you know Daniel 78 say costs here 844 so the very amazing a fascinating thing is the most important period of Earth's history prophetic voice speaking is from 844 to the 2nd coming out just so happens that revelation 4 team in the 1st angels message announces that the hour of God's judgment is that's 844 and the 3 meals messages are designed by God to show us how to live in the most important period of verses 3 which is from 844 to the 2nd Coming which is the hour of God. 844 to the cause of probation of the hour God's judgment and then Jesus comes back shortly after that. And so we see this picture of the sequence of last day of ants. And this is what we've been talking about as we've gone through the last day events explained Jesus is coming again and we know that we understand that we believe that the 7th Day Adventists. But there are some things that have to happen as we've been going through this sequence of of months and that is and we saw this so Matthew 25 or 6 we saw how the midnight present now is the outcry how that points to the fall of Babylon and the Babylon sons of reached heaven and allies as if they haven't one idea that Babylon since reached have a goddess finally made way by legislation that's the national someday law you know or for Jesus to come back there's some things that are going to happen before he comes back there's going to be the national summit with its 4 stages and when the National Summit lobby ends the latter rain will be poured out a mobile outcry will be given this will eventually lead through the 4 stages of the summit a lot of the cause of probation when Michael stands up when Michael stands up on probation closes the 7 last plagues began the fall culminating with the 7th play in which Jesus returns at the end of that play so those are the things that are going to happen. We believe that Jesus is coming again but we understand a 7th day atlas that until there is a national summit we don't have. Certainty or the end of the world we know that we're getting closer and closer as this world is following that part of town Democrats and used to ravish that were of their civil unrest we know that we're getting closer but until there's a national summit the parable of Matthew $25.00 shows that the church remains in a sleeping state and so the sun comes then we have a midnight cry aloud cry and the announcement of Babylon sons of research to heaven that's the event of power the latter rain with a loud cry so that's where we are at prophetically we are waiting for the National Summit Law Jesus has not returned we still haven't had a national summit so the question is why are we still here has something gone wrong. In our waiting for the rich turn of Jesus why are we here in the years for 2020. I mean the Miller I mean they came and preached with certainty the soon return of Jesus that they thought would have her on a temperature of money to a he 44 the pioneers came along. After that even James why am i just as they sed j. and Andrew j. and her are your rice mirth and others who preach the soon return of Jesus and yet sure we are we've been preaching this message as a movement since 844 and the son in law has not yet. There was a player bill that discussed the summit 188 but it didn't happen Alamein 7 testimonies volume 5 pages 464 horses the 5. That the abomination of desolation is not fulfilled and so there is actually a Sunday law that has passed not one other month when there's a summit that is the scuffs and some people have said others to Cedars of Jerusalem My makes it clear that the siege of Jerusalem is the passing of the sun is not a discussion of the summit in a t.v. It's when the summit last passed and so on on the area so why are we still here why is there a delay you know as I've mentioned in this parable. There is a delay in the waiting for the coming of Jesus that's described clearly by Jesus the Matthew 25 while the bridegroom chariot it was the way that were her Mitsu in the Greek means to be delayed so there is a delay since $844.00 we've believed that the 2nd advent of Jesus Emma and if this pandemic ravages we think it's even more end but. The thing you have to watch out for is that there is always a possibility I'm not saying this is going to happen that. Something to change with the circumstances of the pandemic or it kind of calm down and in a year if you're 6 months from now it kind of settles down and things kind of settle back into business as usual I just want to make an appeal to all of you who are following along with the series because I'm not setting any gates I'm just giving you the big picture outline of what we can expect for what's going to happen with the coming of Jesus if the pandemic were to settle down and if social unrest were to settle down please don't go back to being latest c.n.n. war just because business as usual should come back around that doesn't mean that we should go back to being live formerly as you God has allowed this pandemic and this crisis to happen to try to awaken us as it sure is so that we would be more on fire for the end time methods that he has given to preach you many decades now Athens has and especially in North America and the Western world has become numb to the message of the 2nd coming of Jesus and I believe the events that are happening in the world right now is God's way of waking us up again to remind us this is a sign that Jesus is coming again that he is coming soon and we as 70 Atmos need to be pricked claiming that he is coming back. On the other hand this pandemic may not settle down this could lead to the end of all things I'm not saying that it will but I'm saying that it could and we need to be ready to meet Jesus and so there is a delay. You know James Chapter 5 verses 7 name shows that Jesus as the husband is waiting for the fruit of the earth to ripen until he receives the early in the latter rain of the early rain support opera Fedak Pentecost it continues on the experience of conversion where the receiving of the Holy Spirit of the fruits of the Spirit is see him go ations 5 trying to enshrine 3 but then finally there is the latter rain that needs to be poured out I know I've already mentioned Jeremiah 3 verses one through 3 and earlier presentation in the series that a lot of rain has been withheld because God's people are described as harlots we refuse to be ashamed just as the latest see in church refuses to be ashamed by the nakedness of our lack of righteousness by faith and so if it's the latest in condition of the 7 they had missed church and that is De Lay the outpouring of the Latter Rain and the 2nd coming of Jesus God waiting for the pope and the president so work together to bring a son a law if he has a people that are ready it will happen right away at. Any president the lasts several decades ahead of the president to bring a son I have a post same thing but God's people have them and ready we have them and ready to give a loud cry and that's it so let's look at a few statements from a white describing this delay this is testimonies for that sure volume 6 page for 50 written 1800 had the purpose of God been shared out by its people and giving to the world the message of mercy Christ would air this have come to the ears. When the Saints would have received their welcome into the City of God Now I've probably said this before but I'll say it again the fact that we see the world fall in the parlor and it seems like the winds are starting to be released tells me that God's people are getting serious about being ready for Jesus to come and just an appeal to all of you don't place your stock in. The Democratic Party or the Republican Party that's going to save you or us or the world that we live in it's only going to be Jesus that saves us and he's going to be the one that livers. Too many 7 patents are wound up about politics right now we should be primarily focused on doing or to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus that there is a delay we need to be giving the seat of the world. This is a vandalism pitch 695 had at nothing after the great disappointment 844 how faster faith and solid onion eyed of the and the opening providence of God receiving the message of the 3rd angel power of the Holy Spirit proclaiming it to the world they would have seen the salvation of God of heart would have robbed mightily with their efforts the work would have been completed and Christ would have come ere this to receive his people to their reward So again we see if God's people help fast their faith Christ would have. A man who was in 696 or 40 years that unbelief murmuring and rebellion shadow ancient Israel from the land of Canaan now just as the same sons one of the sons murmuring in rebellion have delayed the entrance of modern Israel into the heavenly Heenan you neither case for the promises of God If it is the book if the world is on consecration and strife among the Lord's professed people that if have to us in the swirl of sons are some of the year then you know it makes me sad to see my fellow brothers and sisters arguing about which. Political candidates or party should be supported at this time when the stress among people is one of the things that is keeping Jesus from becoming that don't put your trust in princes don't put your stock in the political party this age we should be uniting as a people to give allow crime message and we can't do that if we're throwing out our Stock of the political parties of this time both of which are heroes we should be uniting as up sheeple we need to put a way of the leaf murmuring rebellion and we need to put away the world in some consecration and strife that's that's what's kept us as a professed people in this world a sense our percent 90 years and then that all of them 606 written in 1100 or 184 we may have to remain here in this world because of insubordination many more years as the children of Israel but for Christ's sake his people should not absent a son by charging God with the consequence of their own wrong course of action that was written 119 years ago we as a people have remained here in this world for many years because of insubordination down Thanks that if we were to continue in the same sons of 120 years ago that Jesus will come any way now I believe that he is coming soon because the world is falling apart and it tells me that God has a people there that are getting serious about. Following him completely and putting an end to the insubordination. But. You know God means the people who. Truly believe that you will truly be consecrated and you will not be or. You know it's amazing to me how or of a we as a people have a way view the way we dress the way we eat the entertainment we engage in and it's not that I'm here trying to come down on you but it means that we as a people have taken our eyes off Jesus and we want of a quite the people around us and be like the people around us and God is looking for a way people that he can take off this planet and we are to be the people that instead we've. Created more of the striving to be noticed there's all sorts of different things that happens in ministry were ministries try to compete with each other strife among people it happens with Dharma and change and all sorts of different things than those kept us in this world for many years and God isn't my generation's to arrests looking for a people who he can take through the Final Crisis Everest's this 3. So. Revelation Chapter 14 versus $4316.00 is a description of the 2nd coming of Jesus and it's certainly worth taking a look at I'm going to read these verses here for each Revelation Chapter 14 versus 14 through 16 this is immediately after the 3 evils messages are described verse 14 of Revelation 14 and I left them a hotel right upon the cloud one sat like of the Son of man having us out of go around and in a Santa shops to one another angel came out of the summer crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust of my secretary for the time has come for the every day for the harvest of the earth is ripe and he that sat on the cloud thrust in his cyclone the earth and the earth was re So it's the Earth is reached when the harvest is ripe and Christ is the one he's the son of man sitting on a cloud who has the sickness hatched waiting to bring the harvest and again I've heard some say well the harvest has been ripe for a long time that crisis just waiting just say more and more and more and that's why he hasn't come yet but that's not what the Bible teaches so he's Christ hears the voice saying the harvest of the Earth is right Mark 420 and 29 tells us how long the Harvester waits to bring in the harvest. Mark $420.21 says for the earth remains for through differ so for us the blade the year after that the full corn of the earth when the fruit is brought forth and the Muslim reading for that is when the fruit is right. Mediately he put us in the sickle because the harvest is temp so when there is a ripened harvest. This returns that's what the Bible teaches and that's what he's waiting for and and so he has that people the 4 ones are going to be how the fact that we see the end rests in the world happening up tells me that the harvest is ripening and it's getting close so I don't think that if you just continue to be away at a c.m. that Jesus was always coming for ever because well it's true in Syria that if we stay Mormon and subordinate more of a the the harvest was ripe and Jesus will continue that way but the signs around us right now it's howling us that there is a harvest that's riving that there is a people that are becoming series of the being ready for Jesus to come and we want to be part of that right harvest Amen it would be a shame to have all of this had knowledge and not have it translate into a convert of heart that would be prepared for the coming of Jesus so just a few other statements I'm sure you've seen these before this is Christ across and 6 the 7. That we developed 1st the blade then the year after that the horn and here the object of the husbandman and the sowing of the seed in the culture of the growing plants the production of grain he desires bread for the hungry and see for a future harvest now so here is the comparison so the divine husband looks for a harvest that the reward of his labor and sacrifice Christ is seeking to reproduce himself in the hearts of men so Christ is looking to produce people like himself and he does this through those who believe in Egypt of the Christian Scientists through bearing the reproduction of Christ share from the believer that it may be reproduced and other so that's a powerful statement we are to have Christ life reproduced in us so the our witness will reproduce this character in others it's not just to. Know about Jesus so that we can be ready for him to come is to be like him so that our witness produces his character in the grounds that's the hardest will be developed. Going on a couple paragraphs later there can be no growth or fruitfulness in the life of a sentence if you have accepted Christ as a personal savior you are to forget yourself and try to help others talk of the love of Christ you every deity the prisons and so Cherri the burden of so the plan you're her him by every means in your power see to save the last you know it's not just about this whole they haven't explained think is not so that you can have a pantry full of non-perishables sure I get and then Sasha. Whatever so that you can slate of them out and take share of your temporal made so that you won't go hungry for the time of trouble that's not what this is a. This is about sharing with lost so us and by every means in our power seeking to save the law so that we understand the sequence of last day events and we see Thank God needs up sheeple who are Christ like ins here or there who will be evangelists soul winners to produce a harvest that is right and that's why he is lacking we've been so centered. Our motivation for being ready for the coming of Jesus is even so listen we think about how we can have our central needs taking care of and all of that kind of thing and we forget the bible promise the bread will be given him his water will be sure God will take care of that separately as he's looking for people who will be unselfish and seek to save as many others as possible that's what it's all. Going on says as you receive the Spirit of Christ the Spirit of unselfish love labor for others you will bring forth through the grace of the spirit more ripen in your character your faith will increase your convictions the even your vote be made perfect more and more you will reflect the likeness of Christ and all that is pure now. And then we see the fruits of the Spirit print of the spirit of love joy peace long suffering judgments goodness faith meekness temperance this truth can never perish but will produce after its kind a harvest them to eternal life this is what God he is yet right now there's too much strife rests we need to have joy peace long suffering gentleness been his faith in us shepherds. Now we see what this through when. It's produced in the lives of people when the fruit is brought when the fruit is proper for thumb put us in the circle because the harvest is come Christ is waiting with on desire for the manifestation of the softness church when that share of pressure be perfectly reproduced since people then he will come to claim statements of crystal clear when the character fresh will be perfectly reproduced in the people with a character like it's the fruits of the spirit and we when we have the fruits of the spirit we will be so when ours and the share price will not only be reproduced in our lives but the fruits of the spear and I realized well that produced the fruit of the character of Christ in the lives of those who are converted Raj is gaining church and members you know doctrines and that's important but we are gaining disciples who become like Christ in spirit and then Christ will he will come a claim on it as the privilege of every Christian not only the what for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ for all who professes name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be sent with the seed of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripe and in Christ would come to gather the precious rain so and that this is a standing rebuke to 7th happens for all who profess his name very much through to has the glory how quickly the whole war would be soon with a sea of the Gospel quickly the last great harvest would be ripe and you know how many people I've heard say that witnessing isn't there yes you know why witnessing isn't your gift it's because you aren't converted just the line if you're converted he will be a witness and I hear people say well I'm a silent witness and that's the. Most. Yet to hack Sure it might hurt him thanks in the church today because. In reality most of the atoms of them as a silent with it's we are silent to the witness of thing like as we are witnessing form the way we should if Christ were truly in our hearts by faith that we revived in a character we would be bearing true to His glory and quickly the Earth would be some of the seed of the Gospel were that sound in our war of Lee layer to see an obstacle the distance to take a call to go to the Middle East North Africa even because that's hard territory we're even shield lazy to witness to our neighbors and when we have people cross our paths in our work place worse you have a barrister a shame to share Christ because the bottom line is we're. One of the great challenges of us as a people today now I realize that there are some of you who are true witnesses for the horror of it the fact that we're still here is because we've been worldly on consecrated we fight with our so and we have been doing the cost and if we were to develop Christ here here in our hearts and in our lives we would quickly see the seat of the Gospels to the whole world that's what Christ is living for the last Korea harvest would be ripe and Christ would come to gather the precious grain that's the issue. It's not going to go back to what I share my last week because Jesus coming soon there is coming a day when we will have a people that are by Christ and character and I believe that day is coming closer and closer to the events in this world around us are showing us that Christ as a people that are nearly ready for his return the question is are you one of them and so the great news is that Jesus is coming again so that as the statements from great controversy the voice of god us are from heaven the Clearing the day an hour of Jesus' coming and delivering the everlasting covenant just people like peels of law to slander his words roll through the earth the Israel of God stand listening with their eyes 6 the further countenances are invited up with His glory and shine as the faces of Moses when he came down from Sinai the wicked Chenowith upon them and when the boss and it's pronounced those who have honored God by keeping us Sabbath holy there is a mighty shot of the 3. Soon there appears on the East a small cloud about half the size of a man and it is the cloud which surrounds the Savior and which seems in the distance to be shrouded in darkness the people of God know this to be the sign of the Son of Man solemn silence they gaze upon that draws nearer the Earth becoming wider and more who are His until it is a great way it's basically like consuming fire and up but the rainbow of the Covenant Jesus writes forth as a mighty. Now then Isaiah 25 verse 9 we see this promise where the righteous will look up and they will say a load and I pray it will be pray it will be we. Blast a people may have not be a generation after us may it not be our children of old age or our grandchildren or our great grandchildren who made this generation rise and allow the fruits of the Spirit to be developed in our lives may we fall at the foot of the cross and prove him and allow the old nature to be broken up so that Christ may be formed with them so that someday soon we with the righteous will cry has received Jesus coming in the clouds the small cloud the size of a man's hand becomes larger and larger and we see Jesus in the clouds and we lift up our voices and we say Hullo this is our ago we have waited for. And he will save us friends that's what we're living for that's what we are waiting for why do you want the coming of Jesus to be don't wait what do you want to live a few more years on this earth see and earn a few more bucks or you want to live a bit longer so you can get married or you want to have I mean it's the cycle goes on generation after generation young people say well I want to get married before Jesus comes back and then it's like well then I want to have children before Jesus comes back well then I want to see my children grow up before. Jesus comes back well that I want to see my children have their children so I can have grandchildren on the inside of them I want to see my grandchildren grow up and then guess what your life's run on you're about ready to go into the grave and the cycle never ends there's gotta be something more important than the things of this earth that is seeing Jesus Shay's to face having not tasted because Generation after generation have been laid to rest and many are going to be raised from the dead from their graves to see Jesus come when they will be righteous and they will exclaim This cry from Isaiah 25 as well but there needs to be a living generation who places a priority on being ready to meet Jesus and of having a priority of Jesus being for and everything on this earth being secondary and that our purpose on this earth and now is to have the character of Christ reproduce in our hearts and lives so that by the grace of God His character can be reproduced in others as we sow the seed of the God's Son the seed of the gospel is not some plea to convert people to the fury of truth it's to make them like Jesus and character that's what God is waiting for and so. The 2nd coming is going to deliver God's people from the wake of them from off this planet and it's also going to be expressed in that God has a ripe and harvests who are of like him and character that's what we're waiting for Jesus coming soon this can Demick in the social unrest is telling us that Jesus is coming soon and asked this pandemic goes on as I've said already it would be ashamed if this pandemic has not. Brought you into a closer walk with Jesus and I would hope that as you've gone through this 10 Heart series that you are being inspired and motivated to give your all of the order to be ready to meet him when he comes to be faithful and to death that he may give us a crown line and may we be that generation that does not may we be part of the 144002 stand on Mount Zion with the lamb having no fall and no guile our mouth that we are like Jesus in here that we are whole holy people of the Lord may we refer of our lukewarm way to see a condition made Christ's coming and has he not some adore of our hearts so that he in them placed the seal of the Living God in our foreheads so that the mystery of gotta be finished so that the share price can be fully formed within so that he can come back for ripened harvest I'm so thankful that Jesus is coming again and thankful that he's coming soon and I'm thankful for the calling that he has given to each 1 May Rebif faithful as mine. Let's close with her father in heaven thank you that you love us thank you that you are sending Jesus. To take us. May Heaven be home in our hearts may I not be this earth man not be the things of this world might we not be living for this or if maybe maybe we be living for Jesus may his cure before but then may we share that character with those around us and I just pray that the having of Jesus would be seen and that we would be ready thank you for giving us the Christmas to go through this series that we all be found alive prison Jesus. And God bless each one of us next week we will have a question and answer session there's a lot of questions that I'll do my best to answer as many of those that have happened so you can look forward to the question and answer session next week and then some time not long after that we're going to star in a verse by verse series of the 5 dan which will give us even further solid understanding. What's going to have for us to have the us you see evidence of. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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