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Sabbath School Panel: Spirit-Empowered Witnessing

Steve Dickman Rodney Bowes Ranela Kaligithi Michelle Doucoumes Curtis Letniak
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  • August 1, 2020
    9:00 AM


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Good morning and welcome to our is science have a school it's such a blessing to be together today to study the Word of God I have with me a panel that we are going to be engaged in an interactive discussion and I want to explain a little bit about how that's going to work because we want you to have your Bible open and also respond to some questions that we have so we have a Web site that is going to be put on the screen and we're going to show you exactly what to do you go through slide 2 dot com You're going to put in your participant Id you can see it's so 19794 and you're going to be able to interact with our Sabbath school class so at this time I'd like to ask Michele do commits to have our opening prayer before we get into our study Sir let's pray together Father in Heaven Lord thank you for the chance to join together on the Sabbath thank you for a chance to study your words Lord yes we are studying about the Holy Spirit and witnessing today we need your holy spirit it's not something we just want to talk about we need your presence and so I want to pray for that right now that you would join us here on this panel and you would join all of us that are that are watching that are participating from wherever we are that you would guide these discussions and let them be for your honor and for your glory so we pray this and thank you in Jesus' name. And what are powerful lesson this has been as we are going to get into our lessons study Steve is going to read for us the text that is the memory text Steve. So run the our memory text today comes from Acts Chapter 4 bursts 31 it's a very from Mill your passage of scripture many probably have this memorized and could probably repeat it with me but I want to read it today from the New King James version and this is what it sets and when they had prayed the place where they were assembled together with shaken and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with bull a man thank you so much the so I want to ask everyone here on our panel have any of you ever had an experience where you prayed and after you were done the room was shaken any one of you had that experience before. I'm going to run the I'm going to be the 1st to admit No No Ok anything I mean what is anyone else right now. Not not physically not physically shaken was it a physical shaking that took place do you think. If you could have been could invent Well let me tell you just a little story of an experience that I had that was the closest thing that I had to this experience we were doing a Friday night Bible study I was leading out and we were looking at John Chapter 10 verse 10 where it talks about how seething comes to steal and to kill and destroy and the media when I read that and I said we have an enemy satan is really out to get us immediately we had an earthquake I live in Southern California so that was a shaking experience but I too have not had that experience that we read here in Acts Chapter 4 but that's what God is really wanting us to be involved in now I'd like for us to put up a poll question we want to get some audience interaction here so again we want you to go to Slide 0 dot com and put in your participant id 19794 we can have that question up again and we're going to encourage you to respond to us the question is how do you feel about taking the 3 Angels' messages to every person on the planet what is your response you can choose a it sounds nice but it's impossible b. it is impossible see I pray for the Holy Spirit to use me to accomplish this so we want you to be thinking about that respond to that we're going to come back to that in just a moment but the whole question is based off of Sabbath afternoons lessons that where we looked at the Gospel commission but now when you hear gospel commission what do you think of what is the gospel commission. Well I think in Jesus's words of course that he says go into all the world to preach the gospel to every you know to everything thinks you're right every creature and I think. You know of course that Revelation 14 in the part that stands out to me most is that we're supposed to preach the gospel. To all nations Amen beautiful so Mark Chapter 16 verse 15 we alluded to Mark $1615.00 preached the gospel to every creature now Curtis there was a challenge that these early believers had and the lesson brings it all very well what was the challenge that these early believers faced Well it seemed that it was just too great of a task really you know to take this message to the whole world in fact if you look in Matthew 2817 were just before the Gospel commission came it says Some doubted and this even relates to our poll question here that we just read does it seem like this is you know too great of a task to take this message to the whole and this was perhaps what they were feeling like at this time but then it goes on to say all power is given me in heaven and earth and then the commission comes but then at the end it says. Lawyer I'm with you always even to the end amen and that's a powerful promise so as we're thinking about that early commission what were those disciples lacking. A lot of things. And they have some of the things that they were lacking Well they probably didn't have all the money they thought they needed they probably didn't have as many people as they thought they needed they how many lives are transportation methods while 127120 that exactly but about a few languages they were missing languages that they were missing so let's talk about today what is our challenge as a church trying to take the 3 angels messages to all of the world what are some of our challenges anyone yes if we look at this and come here ourselves let's say to the early church. Generally speaking there's a lot more of us there's no question about that there's millions 70 Ad miscounted around the globe now we now have all the modes of transportation possible we have the Internet we have so many things of being able to us so as I ponder this question really makes some sense when you think of what they were facing versus what we're facing but it still seems we're lacking the same thing and that's the Holy Spirit. Very very interesting so I really enjoy missions I minored in missions when I was in college and so it always intrigues me about statistics about how many people are considered unreached Now Curtis I know that you also do a lot of work with asap ministries how many people are we talking about that are considered unreached in our world today well I don't know an exact number no one really knows an exact number but I've heard something like 40 percent of the world is really in considered unreached and the barriers that we have are really challenging ones with politics and religion and ethnic diversity and oppression and governments that are restricting religious freedom so we do have a lot of challenges but Steve you've nailed it right on the head our greatest need is the Holy Spirit which brings us to Sundays lesson let's take a little bit of time and look at that lesson where it talks about Jesus gift to his church there are several verses there were highlighted on that last and while you're thinking about what to do let's just put up the response to the poll and let's see what kind of audience participation we were able to get on the 1st one let's bring up the web page that shows. As the results of the flight 0 poll if we can do that would be fantastic so we can actually see how people responded fantastic Ok thank you so much we have 98 percent of you who responded saying I pray for the Holy Spirit to use me to help accomplish this is not good news. Said it is impossible so it goes from a human perspective the thing that looks like it's absolutely impossible there's no way we can do it so we need the Holy Spirit Let's talk more about that from Sunday's lesson who's got a comment from the promise that Jesus gave about the pair of Cleethorpes. I have a comment on that I really likes a lesson brought out that word para Cletus being a help or a comforter but you know when I look that up in the Greek it's also an advocate or an intercessor and actually the same word that was used and 2nd John Chapter 2 verse one where it says that Jesus is our parent Cletus with the father and so that kind of gave some meaning to it to me even more than just a nice nice comforter He'll be with you but no this is someone who's actually like fighting for you advocating for you that is very powerful again the text that you were alluding to was 1st John Chapter 2 verse one is that correct. I think I said 2nd Don Ok Ok All right you know and pass the excellent another comment about the promise not running here here's what here's what I think about this promise when I read it it's still kind of bothered me I think I'm a little bit like the disciples because this is what it says Jesus says it's expedient for you that I go away because I personally would love to have Jesus Christ right beside the giving me direction things to face contact person to person to me just and then if we've suffered a lot of distancing from people and a lack of the what we would normally expect as Association and and visiting and that kind of thing so Jesus I'm sure was right in that the Holy Spirit can be a closer companion then even Jesus right by my side but I still need to get to that experience with the Holy Spirit powerful thought thank you very much for sharing and I think that's a perfect segue actually into our next question and they we're going to put that up on the screen at this point question number 2 we want you just to think about this one we don't have a response for this one but we want you to think about it are you in the habit of specifically praying daily for the Holy Spirit in your life. Yes No or sometimes during a.s.i. we've had these thought questions and we have encouraged you to be brutally honest with yourself and I hope that you've had time for introspection and saying Am I really praying daily to be filled with the Holy Spirit am I asking God to help me share the 3 Angels' messages so let's come back to Monday's lesson now and the whole idea of what the Holy Spirit does so again I'm looking to the panel bring out some highlights Rinella bring out a highlight from Monday's Les and what did you see on Monday's lesson that was so profound. Yeah you know they were talking about the series of firsts is that we've all read in Acts where there's just this momentum that's building and building and people are being baptized and there's this this general sense of victory right and I think that it's incredible to see the work of the Holy Spirit in people's lives but just kind of tagging on to Sunday's lesson to you there was a work that every single person had to do because the Holy Spirit is a helper the Holy Spirit doesn't just do everything for us right or else we'd already be and have been part of the work of Santa occasions that we are a part of that process and he comes along side and helps us so when we talk about the Holy Spirit in rather a power that we saw in Acts and that we're hoping for now. I think it's important to know that the power that comes is. Is expanding an ample trying the work that's already being done by the people so he's a helper that comes and just gets power to the work that's being done amen that's beautiful thank you very much Rinella Curtis did you have or not or not on this it's interesting not only do we see the Holy Spirit working in the people that that are hearing the message but the Holy Spirit was working in the hearts of the disciples the people that at one point were very haughty proud argumentative you know in nature now we see unity among them and so the Holy Spirit does that work as well so that then our witness can be much more effective powerful and lesson on Mondays lesson is called a true urge filled with the spirits power let's talk a little bit about the difference between an individual filled with the Holy Spirit's power and a church filled with all the spirits power how important is this idea of being individual be filled and corporately filled with the Holy Spirit. It's not about that Steve the way the way I read the account in Acts is that there was a group of people gathered in that room as they were thinking about and praying for the Holy Spirit there was a group of people gathered there that was what we would call at that time the church but when we see the Holy Spirit falling down on them that the tongues of fire were upon each one of them it wasn't and it didn't the fire came into the room and they saw it on the wall or they saw it here or there it was it was the spirit was empowering each individual and that's how the church became empowered then and I believe it's how we will become empowered now powerful very good very good so how many of you have read the book steps to personal revival by Pastor how Bible if you read that book would you recommend that book to our viewing audience. Yes I would encourage you my friend if you have not yet read steps to personal revival they you would take the opportunity to read this book that talks about our need of individual e asking them for the Holy Spirit for the baptism of the spirit on a daily basis it's not something that we just do one time say Lord please give me the Holy Spirit and that's it it's a daily thing and that reminds me of John chapter 15 John Chapter 15 you know Jesus gives us that illustration of himself being the vine and us being the branches and then wouldn't one of you read for us verse 4 and 5 John 154 and 5. I can read Michel Go ahead John 15 verse 4 and 5 it says abide in me and I and you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the fine neither can you unless you abide in me I am the vine you are the branches he will by it's in me and I in Him bears much fruit for without me you can do nothing powerful so the idea of abiding Curtis I see you have you have a thought go ahead there's another verse that comes to mind in Luke 11 verse 13 were Jesus is longing to give us that gift he's long and it describes it in verse 13 Luke 11 it says if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more is your Heavenly Father to give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him he's just waiting for us to ask you has this gift and he's just wanting to to bestow that on us but we need to realize our need and realize that without Him we can do nothing he's just longing to give us that gift Amen amen and then the church will be as it says empowered to do what was the turning going to be in part for. To take the Gospel to the entire world and Pastor Finley in this lesson wrote about the importance of planting churches isn't that right did you notice that specific point don't you aren't you inspired by the a.s.i. mission stories of the partnership between the lay people and the church working together to plant new congregations doesn't that inspire you and I hope and pray that for each one of us we can always be thinking that this is a movement it's not just let's build a mega church and settle down right that's what makes the 7th Day Adventist Church so dynamic and so different and another thing that you'll notice is these stories these mission in action and the ministry and the offering stories are coming from all around the world so this is a movement that we've taken you know as a church and here really this needs to go to the whole world and then part of feeling for feeling filling in the Gospel Mission Amen All right we're going to put up another question for you to think about let's put up question number 3 Question number 3 is so very important how do I respond to the call of the Holy Spirit to share the gospel a respond without question b. wait for further instructions or see ignore or right my friend I would like to encourage you to be pondering this and we're going to look at Tuesday's lesson we have several different stories from the Bible that show us how different people responded to this call we have some who responded immediately to the call who is that who responded immediately to the call Philip Philip responded immediately to the call why did he respond immediately what was it that prepared him for that response. He had the gift of the Holy Spirit he had the opportunity and the habit I believe of praying daily for the Holy Spirit if he had forgotten to pray that morning Lord fill me with the Holy Spirit baptize me afresh Please guide me do you think it would have made his divine appointment you likely wouldn't know the listening. He wrote me there Randy there's something interesting as I'm thinking about several comments I've heard from member in action stories and different ones talking during this very a.s.i. conference we're having right now and that is people talking about these divine appointments and how they pray for them daily in their business and how they see God working and actually providing for them those divine appointments so this this applies in our day and to us just like it did to fill a man's that's beautiful that's that's fantastic now on the other side of things are there people when the call of God came that responded negatively or has a tent really let's say who was hesitant when they received the call of God the Holy Spirit was with tugging on their heart and they were has a tent in their response Who do you think of. Joan or think you don't know your daughter was not just hesitant he ran the other way completely right completely the other way what lessons can we learn from Jonah. Don't run. Don't Run Don't run from God or a big problem can occur all right anyone else I think of Moses you know I can identify with the Lord you know I'm not eloquent with speech I can't you can't do this you know pick somebody else that's more you know more fluent can speak so that's one thing that comes to mind you know we look to ourselves really yes and we're going to we have so many reasons to doubt when we look at ourselves Yes Yes So most of this is a good example of someone who is just a little bit reluctant right God have to really press and come again and again and try to bring him back to that Michel you have something I mean it's similar is thinking of the prophet Jeremiah who said you know I am but a youth you know how can't you do this and I thought about that and thinking you know Wow Well people listen to me maybe because I'm I'm young or I am I'm of woman or it will even though I really care and so maybe there is some hesitancy because we feel our own inadequacy sometimes definitely definitely now in this lesson we were encouraged to look at the example of Stephen how did Stephen respond when the Holy Spirit called upon him. He displayed the fruits of the spirit I mean in such a powerful way Ok. Here he was. You know really has his heart was for the people and he was just pleading with them but yet you know the way they responded. By stoning him but then look you know when he was basically seconds from death his thoughts were please forgive them you know don't put this on their account you know powerful powerful Let's go to the Bible in Acts Chapter 7 and like for us to look specifically at verse $55.00 Acts Chapter 7 verse $55.00 which talks about him being what is the word filled with the Holy Ghost all full of the Holy Spirit that's right now would you read that for us you have that. Sure x. $755.00 yes for $0.65 but he being full of the Holy Spirit gazed into heaven and solver glory of God and Jesus standing there right. Wow That's absolutely amazing and Curtis as you mentioned you know the result of being filled with the Holy Spirit is a bold this that does not shrink from sharing the gospel I don't know about you but I think the human tendency is I don't want to press my religion on someone else have you ever had that experience and if you. I don't want to press what do we find in the book of Acts that's overriding the timidity that we have or maybe you know we do say I I just want to respect people I don't want to be overbearing How do you. Marry those 2 concepts of being respectful of someone else and yet being bold for the Gospel of Christ. Rodney I think of it in the context of we need to understand what's at stake I think many times we forget what's really at stake what's at stake is the person's eternal life not even just their physical life now but their eternal life and I know for me when I'm struggling with this I'm looking at the individual maybe and I'm hesitant to share with them I'm thinking Well they've got their own opinion just kind of let it be who am I to tell them how to how to look at things and it's kind of a theory that's in our world today we have to be careful of but when we think that this is a soul that Christ died for I think it helps us to adjust that into think differently about the person we're looking at definitely Anyone else have a comment here on how to balance these things. Curtis Well I know just just speaking openly or you know in my life when I'm. Fearful or apprehensive about sharing my faith with somebody or just sharing the gospel with them oftentimes it's because I'm afraid of being rejected and really that comes down to myself and pride perhaps and that's what the Holy Spirit can can change in my heart you know when I have the fruits of the spirit pride is not one of them and so I'm going to have as Steve said you know a passion for souls that I'm going to see this person as a child of the King and someone who God just is longing to to just you know care for and just to save and so that's what it you know for me something you know God's been working on my her that's beautiful I resonate with that too because I get that I mean I remember posting some things on social media and talking to a friend of mine who's an agnostic and kind of being like Are you bothered by this you know is that Ok it's like no no it's fine I actually appreciate that but I think there is this sense of kind of should I share should I not and it reminds me again of the prophet Jeremiah who I mentioned was a little reluctant in the beginning and at one point he's like I'm just not going to do this anymore but in verse 9 of chapter 20 of Jeremiah he tries to stop speaking and he said that God's word was a fire in my bones and shut up and I was weary of holding it back and I could not and I think about that if God's Word that much of a fire to me is the Holy Spirit do that into my life where I just can't stop speaking and then tired of holding it back I don't always feel like that but I want to feel you want that yeah I believe that's where we need to be praying for now on to this lesson. Talked about the message of the cross is that not the message that really should be burning within our hearts that fire in our bones and everything. Else we share should revolve around the cross of Christ as Ellen White said you know every truth from Genesis to Revelation should come from the light that streams from the cross of Calvary and that 7th Day Adventist we have a lot of distinctive teachings right they're all so beautiful only if they come from the cross of Calvary Curtis I know you had something there. I was just going to just point back to our memory text really. You know that it's the Holy Spirit that gives us that boldness as well you know to share when maybe it's not pride but we're just whatever it is it's that boldness that he can provide that we could never have otherwise Amen Yeah that's powerful that's powerful We're going to now move on to you have something else you had something real no Sure I mean I was going to say that I really like that you brought out that point because I think sometimes the fear that we have in sharing with other people can come from the fear of rejection can come from you know what will people think of me but a lot of times it can come from the fact that we don't have a relationship with that person or that we're not presenting it in a way that we're making Christ 1st and when you do that it doesn't have to be nerve wracking because you're simply sharing from your experience and I and that's what I would say to people who might feel that that fear is maybe you're feeling the fear because you're leading with the wrong thing maybe if you lead it with opening it up as a relationship with God that you personally have it's a little less intimidating and it really speaks to the heart of a man that is so powerful thank you so much for sharing we're going to move on because our time is fast. Leaving us it's going to go fast so we're going to put up another poll question at this time this is one that we want some audience participation. You will find this one on Slide 0 and we want you to respond so this is one that segues into Winz days alas And why do we not see more manifestations of the Holy Spirit like in the book of Acts in our times why do we not see it these are the answers they you could put lack of prayer not enough faith we do not ask or we have lost focus on our mission we want you to be thinking now I know you can put several But on this one just choose one question and again we encourage you to go to our poll at Slide 0 dot com if you've just joined us we are looking for audience participation so good to your web browser if you're on a phone or a computer just go to Slide 0 dot com They will ask you for an event code put in 19794 and we want to hear from you what you are thinking about this important question so let's go to Win win this day's lesson and let us delve in more deeply on this idea of what the Holy Spirit does in the church who's got a point that they'd like to bring out specifically from when this day's lesson. Michele a call upon my mom goes we've talked before hand and I think you have some very good points to bring out on when is this lesson well you know I was just reading some of the text and Wednesday's lesson and text from x. x. 4 x. 8 x. 1317 and there is this common theme about about the word and the spirit together and I was really just thinking about this and thinking about what is the basis of our faith we think about the Holy Spirit but is the Holy Spirit just like feeling or impression you know I had a lady tell me a couple weeks ago about why she believed in reincarnation and she said that when someone explained it to her she could just just feel it inside herself that it was true and I thought about that and it was just interesting to me to know that there was this combination of the Spirit and the preaching of of the word which was the written word but also kind of like Rinella was saying that the testimony of the people who had been changed by Jesus and that word come find with the conviction of the Spirit. Together seem to make the impact that women x. that's beautiful that that is a fantastic column and can you read for us from Ellen why it's statement in the book education I know that that one really resonated with you and I found it so powerful myself personally please read what I love this quote Education Page 126 says the creative energy that called the world into existence is in the Word of God This word imparts power it begets life every command is a promise accepted by the will received into the soul it brings with it the life of the infinite One it transforms the nature and recreates the soul in the image of God Amen in our world today in our culture how many people really believe the Bible. The number the number unfortunately is quite low right now if you look at it probably if you did a poll of the number of people who are willing to take the God the Word of God as it reads would be oh I don't even know what the percentage would be but I'm a quite sure it would be low just because of what we see in the belief systems of the churches around us that's exactly right and that goes together with the idea of many think that the Holy Spirit is a feeling and it's somehow disconnected from the word and this but the killer lesson shows us that you cannot have one without the other the Holy Spirit points you to the Bible and the bible points you to the importance of the Holy Spirit so very vital Curtis did you have anything else oh sorry Rinella go ahead yeah I was just going to say I'm really glad that you brought out that point to make this feel like we're tracking because as I was reading through this particular lesson on that day I thought Wow Well for those of us that are in Western countries. For the most part the people around us aren't you know don't view the Bible as authoritative or are you know that it's just a good book and so how do you how do you can you know connect the Holy Spirit and using the word of God to reach people and I think that it's important to recognize that the Bible and the principles in it are still absolutely 100 percent what the world needs they might not be open to the actual book they might have had some negative experiences with Christians or whatever it might be in the past but the principles behind it are absolutely what the world still needs and we can still while being tactful and with certain audiences that we're going to I'm still be able to promote the principles of the Bible but. Be able to can text to allies it for our audience and I think that that is still really important it doesn't mean that we're denying the Word of God but in certain. Text depending on where we live it might just be the principles that we're bringing out more to really jump hearts. Curtis Well I was just you know going to point 0. In what we just read from education there it's at every command is a promise I love taking that back to the commission that we just read when it says Go into all the world it's not only a command but it's a promise that he will be with us and that he will give us His Holy Spirit to accomplish a man so and there's God ever break promises oh no the promises are yea and Amen so we need to understand the power of the Word of God precious promises as Peter calls them right precious promises that help us become partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in this world through lust the Bible is so very important now remember our poll question here it is right here why do we not see so many manifestations like in the early church notice when it says in the poll you see it's moving even as we're talking but the majority is we do not specifically ask. That's very important and then the next when you see we have lost focus on our mission. What are your thoughts in response to seeing the poll How does that resonate with you. And I think Ronnie for me it says something very simple we need to be personally committing ourselves to ask and pray for the Holy Spirit every single day and to recognize that it's God's desire for the Holy Spirit in answer to our prayer Amen. What kind of manifestations of the Spirit do we see in the book of Acts. Miracles what kind well they healed people they healed people Ok anything else of boldness there was an incredible boldness in preaching what else mass conversions mass conversions there was the speaking in tongues the language barriers were being crossed any other miracles that you can think of in the book of Acts the unity in. Which men. Of the believers do you think it's a miracle we need these things today yes we do absolutely we definitely do we need all of these things I believe that this lesson is calling us into a deeper understanding of our need for the Holy Spirit my friend please join us as we are praying together for a baptism of the spirit their God can do something in our day that we have never seen before and I'm looking at the clock we'll have a minute left there's so much left for us to do we're going to put up one more poll question we want to hear how this lesson has impacted you personally so let's put up our final poll question that we're going to be looking at what steps are you personally going to take after this discussion I pray that this Sabbath school lesson has really impacted you daily praying for the Holy Spirit respond instantly to the spirits call to witness move forward in faith to share the 3 angels messages and respond to the 3 am call and become a missionary focused on sharing the 3 angels messages on this poll you can choose several options and you set it up that you could choose all of them and we want to see that God is doing an amazing thing in these last days is there any final comments before we come back to the poll answers. I just want to share that I think the most powerful thing that the Holy Spirit does this change our lives amen and I think that's what we should be seeking the most where we can pray and pray but we need to also look deep down inside and see the things that God wants us to change him and man our time is about up let's pray as we finish our sadness Heavenly Father thank you so much for your love in your Grace please bless us and fill us with the spirit I pray in Jesus' name. This media was produced by audio for 40 outside avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about the size please visit. The site ministry. Or if you would like to do this for free online service please visit w w w w verse.


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