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Steve Dickman
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Steve Dickman

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  • August 1, 2020
    8:00 PM


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We find the story of the battle against 2nd samples of your. Teens what has happened is that David has been driven from his palace he's been driven from his palace he's hiding in the wilderness his army has gone out to fight and he's waiting there for the results of the battle and as he waits for the results of the battle he's sitting there he's wondering what has happened he's asked the army to deal gently with his son Absalom who is in rebellion but he's waiting there and as he's waiting the battle is going on the battle is over now the battle is over and him yes the son of z doc comes to joy and he says let me run now and take a message to the King and tell him what has happened and Job says no no you can't run today I've got someone else that's going to run and so he selects another young man who she knew says to crush I you run you take the message to David and but he hit me as continue to plead with joy he says please let me run and you have said no I don't need you to run today you can run another time but he ask him again and finally joy have said Ok you can run but you have no message to give and so it turns out that hit me as was a good runner and he actually passed to shy along the way and he came 1st to David and as he came to David and came into his presence David asked him what's the news and he said well I can't I don't have any nose that's that was the basis of his answer he had to give time an evasive answer because he had been told he didn't have a message and when couche I came he has the message but he was behind it you know sometimes I wonder in our world today if there's not a lot of people running but they don't have a message that there's not a lot of people moving out begin to run but they don't have a message to give to the world. But my friends I want to tell you today that that's not our case we do have a message to give to the world we do so when we have been invited by our general to run and to give this message to the world in Revelation Chapter 14 it's actually depicted as angels flying in the midst of heaven so I don't know that a hymn he has had wings or Koosh I had wings on their feet but they were running as quick as they could and I think that needs to be for us today as well we need to be like we need to have the message and we need to be running to give it to the world because the world has many problems around us in the world today now you might ask the question so how in the world do you know that we have been called to give this message or even more how do you know that I have been called to get this message but friends tonight I want to direct your attention to Isaiah Chapter 43 and we're going to read some verses of Scripture here and several other passages in the Bible to confirm this for you in Zion Isaiah Chapter 43 if you have your Bibles invite you to pick those up and turn with me as we are looking at the Word of God as we're considering the Word of God because it really doesn't matter what I say what matters is what God sits in and Isaiah Chapter 43 we find this verse of Scripture verse one but now the sea is the Lord that created the o.j. case and he that formed the o. Israel fear not for I have read seem the I have called the advise i name and Zahau are mine now that's a very direct statement that was made here and it's a very specific calling but you might ask the question how do you know that for me well I want to tell you something tonight in case you didn't know that the Bible was written for you in fact it's the letter that Jesus wrote to us as human beings it's his love letter to us a letting us know what he thinks about us letting us know about the character of God letting us in giving us that window into the experience of others. And so tonight I just want to tell you that you have been call this the call is not for someone else it's for you but you know the Lord doesn't stop there he not only calls us finding him but he empowers us and he even agrees to protect us as we take his message to the world elder Finley shared with us this concept as we were talking about the 3 angels message as he shared this concept that that power that we're talking about here that these messages are to be shared with power and you know God is is that ruler of the universe he's the one that has all the power the great God that we serve has all the power and this is what it says in verse 2 of Isaiah Chapter $43.00 when the passage through the waters I will be with the him through the rivers they shall not overflow the when thou walk us through the fire the shot not be burned neither shall the flame Kindle upon the praise God We have the protecting power of the end gently coast behind this as we take this message to the world as we consider our calling as Christians to help get this good news to the world we have on our side the Lord Jesus Christ and His holy retinue of angels to protect us and to keep us God is assuring us not only that he will empower and protect us but also that he will give us a harvest of souls I want you to know the couple of verses further on in Isaiah 43. You're not verse 5 For I am with the I will bring the I seed from the east and gather the from the west goes on a verse 6 I will say to the north give up into the south keep not back bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth praise God We are assured here that as we work to bring this message to the world that there will be a harvest now we may not be aware of it in our lifetime we not may not come across it and know it individually right now but eventually we will know of us because God's Word is true his promises are true and he has said there will be a hug so today if you're wondering if I do something will it have any value I can assure you this yes it will have some value. Well you may say yep you're right Isaiah was called there was a calling for him but not for me who am I that I should serve the Lord who are mine that I should take these messages to the world whom I that I should be called to show the love of God to other people around me well let me tell you friends my my my statement to you is consider that you are a child of God Consider that you have been called by God to help get this message to the world on Friday morning camera Horace helped us understand some of these issues if you didn't hear her message I invite you to go back and listen to it yes God is in the business of using people no matter our weaknesses no matter our perceived weaknesses no matter that the devil is whispering in your ear you're really no good you can't do this how would God use you you've got too many problems of your own Well you know I can tell you that God wants to use you my friend God loves you and he wants to use you to help get this message to the world of verse of Scripture that is really impacted my personal life as found in John Chapter 15 and John past 15 is an interesting passage of Scripture because the context is Jesus is on the way to the cross and as he all the way to the cross he has his disciples gathered around him he's talking to them about things that are important you know the last words a person speaks are pretty important words and the last words here that Jesus is talking to his disciples are really important and he says things like this amazing things like this he says abide in me what a precious statement that Jesus made to his disciples he said as the father has loved me so I have loved you what amazing love what amazing love that Jesus said I'm loving you like the Father's love me and I want you to think about this personally my friend he said love one another as I have loved you. He said things like you are my friends I'm just wondering tonight my friend this. How could Jesus call Peter his friend he knew what was in the future he knew that a few hours later Peter was going to be denying him friends I want to tell you something tonight even if you deny Jesus in your behavior you deny Jesus in your words or you deny Jesus by the way you're living you're still a child of God He's calling you into his service he knows that you have denied him or that you will deny him but he's still calling you into his service he says I have loved you with an everlasting love and I need you to help me save other people you know as we journey into this though I want to talk about burst 15 or 16 just a little bit because what Jesus says here is is this I you have not chosen me but I have chosen you what an amazing verse of scripture Jesus himself saying I have chosen you and I ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit another promise that your labors will not be without fruit and if your fruit should remain and that whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give it to you we have the promise of God The promise of Jesus that if we need something to help do this work God will answer that prayer in the affirmative because we're asking in the name of Jesus I want you to know that Jesus there understands the future very well though and he doesn't stop he goes on in verse 17 and he said these things I command you that you love one another when an amazing statement. If the world hates you verse 18 you know that it hated me before it hated you what a statement if you were of the world the world would love its own but because you're not of the world but I have chosen you out of the world therefore the world hates you you know we live in a polarized society today we live in and not only a polarized society but an aggressive and polarized society today it is literally no stretch of my imagination to understand how things could turn very quickly into a climate of persecution even here in the United States of America and but God does not leave us in this situation in 1st Corinthians chapter one and verse 9 Paul says this God is faithful by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ Well what does that fellowship mean that fellowship means we may experience things just like Jesus did but he's promised to be faithful. He's promised to be with us he's promised to help us we don't need to be afraid my friends yes Jesus is calling us into the full fellowship with Him and in Philippi and chapter 3 and verse 9 we found this it says this and be found in him not having mine own righteousness which is of the law but that white righteousness which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by pay that I may know him verse 10 and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings being made come formable and to his that not only is God calling us to participate with him in righteousness not only is God calling us to the faith of Christ but he's calling us to participate with him even in suffering to get this message to the world and 1st Peter Peter recognized this and he said beloved verse chapter 4 verse 12 beloved think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing is happened to you friends were facing a time in this world is not going to be strange the suffering may be real but God is still calling us to participate with him in taking this 3 angels messages to the entire world you know Jesus gave this so clearly to his disciples we find him in Matthew chapter 24 saying you know this Gospel it got to be preached in the whole world in Matthew chapter 24 or 28 Go ye there for him preach this gospel to the world and in Revelation Chapter 6 we find him through the Apostle John recording this message he said there's going to be an everlasting Gospel and it has to go to the world. Yes Jesus himself is calling us to participate in getting the 3 angels message of his love and His grace to the entire world yes these are the messages we've been called to share very specifically at this time in history this special message needs to go to the entire world very specifically at this time in history we live we are called Specifically we're called to help take this message to the world you know it's interesting in the book Maranatha Ellen White writes this statement The angels are represented as flying in the midst of heaven proclaiming to the world a message of warning and having a direct bearing upon the people we're living in the last days of Earth's history no one hears the voice of these angels for they are symbols to represent the people of God who are working in harmony with the universe of heaven my friends you've been called not only to participate in this but to work in harmony with the universe of heaven you've been called to work in harmony with Jesus himself and the universe of heaven to help get these messages to the world you know it's it's just amazing the disciples were waiting there Jesus was with him he's getting ready to ascend he said I want you to take these messages to the world but I want you to wait in Jerusalem where the power of the Holy Spirit is the disciples met in the upper room as they prayed together as they confess their sins God used that to bring them to himself and he poured out the Holy Spirit and they went forth with power and turned the world upside down in a few years the world was totally turned upside down we're told because the power of the Holy Spirit infected their lives. Friends today God is calling us I have a challenge for you tonight I want you to think about what it means to be really and powered by the Spirit and serving God and allowing him to use you doesn't matter if you're weak it doesn't matter if you're poor it doesn't matter if you have no talents God is going to use you and God wants to use you in taking this message to the rest of the world you know there's a statement in gospel workers and in testimony to the spirits it's as this in all fields nigh and far off men will be called from the plough and from the more common commercial business locations that largely occupy the mind and will be educated in connection with men of experience this is what God is calling work with as his late people to get involved in helping to share the Good News of the religious message with the work I've invited and join me as we close out tonight in the you know we ask a poll question earlier and that is what are you willing to do in helping to share these 3 methods and see what what results that we have and well let's bring up the poll results at this point. We had the majority of people I saw the poll results just as I was leaving so we have 96 But percent of the people saying yes and 4 percent say no and Steve I I want to particularly focus on those that said no it might be fear it might be feelings of unworthiness and I just want to point to the prophet Isaiah and Isaiah 6 he felt like a man of one clean lips. And we should all feel that we've all be humble and so I want to encourage step that 4 percent to bring your burdens to Jesus he will help and he will empower you Solomon didn't know how to go into how to come out but the Lord helped him so I just want encourage that 4 percent and I also want to encourage the 96 percent both sides need encouragement Steve Andy I want to close tonight with prayer in just a 2nd but I want to read this statement 1st it says in in this is Ellen White wrote Review and herald October 17th $882.00 almost Christ the majesty of heaven the King of Glory bear the heavy cross and wear the so when the crown and drink the bitter cuts while we recline and ease and glorify or selves and forget the souls he died to redeem by His precious blood oh no let us give while we are have power let us do while we have strength and let us work while it is day let us devote our time and our means to the service of God that we may have is after Beijing and receive his reward friends I'm inviting you tonight to take the challenge of doing something to help share the Good News of the 3 angels messages of love and grace with the rest of the world millions of people across our planet today don't know about the love of Jesus let's share it with them let's break. Father in Heaven Tonight we come to you the giver of every perfect gift and you have given us today the 3 angels messages and you have given us the opportunity to share them with others please Lord help us that we will be faithful help us we will demonstrate these messages that we will just know them we will demonstrate them by our lives to those around us we will live the love of Jesus the for this world it's in need. Lord we want you to come soon we want to be faithful help us now to night dear Lord that our commitment will be firm to help here these messages under the inspiration in the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name we pray. Media was produced by audio for Orient by avenues layman services and industry. If you would like to learn more about me as I leave w w w a s I. Or if you like the free online service. W.w.w. body over.


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