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Lewis Walton
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The Three Angel’s Messages are the very core of what we are commissioned to proclaim.  In 9 powerful verses, Revelation 14 describes the people and the message to be shared with an end-time world.  This seminar will portray the mission of Seventh-day Adventists as heaven sees it.


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.




  • July 31, 2020
    10:45 AM
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My name is Lou Walton and I'm speaking to you from the beautiful broadcast studios of secrets unsealed pastor boars Ministry out here in central California I want to say how much I appreciate his messages on 3 a.b.n. very much appreciate them pastor Bor and I have a common heritage my granddad was Danish and actually one of the 1st to start translating the spirit of prophecy in to into the Danish language so many thanks to Pastor born secrets unsealed for the use of their beautiful facilities my topic is Revelation 14 and the 3 angels messages and to go there let's set the stage and put those messages in a real world context I'm reading from Aaron off of page $138.00 Anarky is seeking to sweep away all law the spirit of unrest of riot and bloodshed are tending to involve the whole world Marron off $138.00 in a single word laden with images of societal breakdown Ellen White describes a world in which events are decided by angry people and which terms like constitutional rights are swept away and one can't rely on safety even perhaps in a quiet suburb. The word is Anarky and she uses it again in Volume 9 of testimonies for the church the spirit of an arche is permeating all nations and they outbreaks that from time to time excite the horror of the world are but indications of the pant up fires of passion and lawlessness that having once escaped control will fill the earth with Whoa and desolation now reflect on the word Anarky for more than 5 seconds and you realize that's what we're beginning to see think about of a pandemic brings our economy to a tire smoking halt strange new habits show up masked faces and gloomy news reports and empty churches while I actually liquor stores stay open for business a statue of Jesus is decapitated While cities burn and perhaps the saddest of all precious black children just beginning life are lost to gunfire and meanwhile we're told we must rethink everything we believe about America now as you reflect on that strange new world think about Daniel 12 or the Daniel 4 c. And at that time show Michael stand up the great prints which stand out for the children of by people and there will be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation Now let's compare that with events outside the America. And I saluted hermit nation builds intercontinental missiles and then works to miniature rise its nuclear weapons to fit the ablative reentry nose cones of those delivery devices elsewhere winds of terrorism remind us that life is not secure anywhere and that's the world we find ourselves in today and we watch as governments that once could fight and win a 2 ocean war seem incapable of anything except political speeches that the world prophecy says we can expect to see at the end of time and that's the world we have been commissioned to warn. All right let's talk about who we are and why we are and what our mission is I don't have any fancy illustrations now no power points no high tech stuff all I've got is just my Bible so let's open the word open the word if you will to Revelation Chapter 14 will begin with verse 6 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that the well on the earth Revelation 146 through 12 is the advent message it's a profile of God's final end time church it identifies a generation of people how. To describing their behavior it outlines the messages they are commissioned to proclaim and it begins with an angel shouting from mid heaven. And then step by step those messages portray a word picture of God's real and time Saints those who keep the commandments all 10 of them including the one that identifies God as the creator and recognizes the day he established to remind us how life began think about it might it be important for an end time world to know that to be reminded of that memorial of creation when most people are convinced we're here by accident Well there is a mighty verses in Revelation 146 through 12 they build one upon the other like a stairway leading somewhere now let's go back and look at that series of messages that describe why we're here and what we have to say and we go back to Revelation 146 and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the ever lasting gospel. Now those 8 verses in Revelation 14 identify what God's end time church will proclaim but where do they begin well they begin with the Gospel to the heart and soul of the Advent message is Jesus that we forget that if we forget to preach that starting point then everything else we have to say has little meaning everything from Revelation 147 on is predicated on the foundation of the Gospel and if we preach the advent message without starting there without keeping Jesus at the center of our whole system of belief. Then what we have to say is only words there are powerful words with those words you can make biblically illiterate prophetically aware probably more healthy sinners. So Heaven's final end time messages begin where they have to begin they begin with the gospel now we could at this point piously not at each other satisfied that we had said an essential truth but might we have omitted something important maybe we forgot to define our term what is the gospel it's not of a relevant question buckets of ink have been spent on periodicals and books trying to answer that question much of that has only complicated what should be obvious. It's a question of service a little bit of research and my recommendation is when you have a question like that you want answered don't go to a commentary or a common date or go to the word and I also suggest if you're going to do biblical research might be a good place to begin is killed very because the chances are quite good you'll find the answer there now what happened at Calvary. Here is this thief a condemned thief he's a condemned felonies thrown down his lacerated back is thrown down on that splintery up right Stipe ease beam of the cross and His arms are yanked out sideways against the horizontal potential I'm in a callous knee comes down on his wrist and somebody produces a spike that's about a quarter inch square and maybe 6 inches long and the hammer starts to ring and then the pain begins. See when the head of that spike comes down on the tissue of the hand chances are it compresses the sensory motor median nerve and that hurts you had a little hint of that if you've ever bump your elbow on the corner of a desk but this time the nerve stays compressed the pain doesn't quit it just electric jolts going up both arms and at that point the crucified victim typically just began to scream and curse and this man did that for a while cursed everything and everybody at this point he had nothing to lose society had done its worst and so they'd curse everything in sight and even the Emperor he couldn't hurt them any worse than he had for a while this man does that even curses Jesus next to him and then he takes a look at the fellow victim. And he recognizes coming from the lips that Hebrew prayer. In the Mehlis of them blessed said father King of the universe forgive and something clicks in that thieves mind don't know exactly what it was maybe a Torah excerpted heard in synagogue Maybe if his family was enough lucky enough wealthy enough to own a little segment of a scroll maybe something mummy of the read to him one night but he recognizes in that victim next to him. He's looking at Israel's ancient dream and then he does 3 things or thinking about number one he confesses his own unworthiness confesses that he's getting exactly what he deserves confesses he doesn't deserve salvation. Number 2. He confesses the righteousness of Christ and number 3 having admitted he doesn't deserve celebration What does he do he asks for it anyway and gets direct from the king himself now that I submit is the gospel it's just that simple we can complicate it with polysyllabic theological terms but it's just that simple you can preach that in Wall Street or cannibal Valley New Guinea it's relevant anywhere and equally applicable So Revelation 14 starts with this starts with the Gospel but notice something it doesn't end there. And maybe 1517 when Martin Luther was nailing his 95 theses to the church door and didn't Burke what he was presenting to the public was present truth that's what was needed above all else the Christian faith had lost sight of the simplicity elegance of the gospel only Bible Only Jesus only 38 and the church needed a course correction that was present truth in 1517. But in the world of Revelation 14 in Matthew $24.00 in Luke $21.00 and Daniel 12 a world in which cities are on fire and disease shuts down the economy and raging voices urge us to rethink even the foundations of America people need to know more they need to understand the spiritual nature of end time issues because and time issues will involve spirituality. So now we move on to the 2nd great truth God's in time people or a commission to proclaim Let's go back now to Revelation 146 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel and saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come. In a single sentence separated only by commas Revelation 146 and 7 moves from gospel to judgment and doesn't say the judgment will come not doesn't say it will come conveniently a 1000 years and some nebulous future it says it's here present under way gods and time people deliver a judgment our message for the 1st understanding of which they began to get on the morning of October 23 1844. That message is absolutely unique you won't find it anywhere else in Christian theology no other church preaches or believes that but it explains something that is otherwise unexplainable because it does so on heavens terms Oh let me explain here is the problem c.n. is a frighteningly tough virus it's enormously powerful it's often distressingly long lived make a mistake do something wrong and the results of your mistake an avalanche far beyond your control. Now in other words once committed sin breeds affects that roll downstream in time suddenly it does that and loses all control by the person who made the mistake and sometimes that goes on for millennia let me give you an example Abraham's moral lapse with that girl named Gar we're still living with the result of that Act The results are far worse today than they were in the 2nd millennium b.c. that act by Abraham make catalyze some of the world's most fearsome and time events because there's a nothing worse than a family fight I know that from experience I'm an attorney I have tried cases in which one part of the family was at war with another part and when the family starts to fight the gloves come off it gets ugly so because of the gospel a sinner can be forgiven as Abraham was later on what had the Lord say talked about Abraham who did only that which was right in my sight that's the majesty of the gospel a sinner can be forgiven but the effects of that c.n.n. Don't go away just because of forgiveness let me give an example of that early in my legal career I defended a drunk driver. In serious trouble he stayed a little too long at happy hour got in his car couldn't quite see the centerline of the road Verda across it head on with an oncoming young father on his way home from work and the other driver died. Well the next morning as my client wakes up and sobers up in detention is he sorry oh yeah he is he's sorry or than he's ever been in his life can he be forgiven Well if he can't Calvary doesn't mean anything so sure he can be forgiven but at the moment of his forgiveness does that bring the victim back to life no it doesn't still a young mother god I will explain to her kids why daddy isn't coming home ever so here's the problem Heaven has to deal with the effects of Santa right up to the end of time all of which then creates a very logical question if that's the case what happens to our c.n.n. at the moment of forgiveness. Well the answer is it doesn't evaporates it goes somewhere it's transferred to somebody somebody carries it. And that my friends is 1st Peter 224 Peter was there he saw it he saw Jesus die in and 1st Peter to he said who is all known self bare our seein is body he was carrying it our sin was born by Jesus I'll say it again he's the heart and soul of the Advent message and we better keep him there. Now watch how haven't tried to illustrate that reality to Israel somebody sins they bring a little animal little victim to the courtyard of the sanctuary and there they take its life. And the priest either by means of the blood or the meat symbolically carries that see an end to the very presence of God and the posits that there think about that priest sprinkling blood on the veil that separates from hahaha a on beyond that curtain is the blazing reality of an eternal and Almighty God and this sin is de posited there in other words it hasn't just disappeared it has gone somewhere somebody is carrying it and that my friend is Calvary Jesus bore our sins and hence even Heaven's sanctuary would need cleansing Now some critics say and not why do you advents believe that God doesn't see and so how would sin get up there in heaven well answers really is if you bother to read 1st Peter too if you're truly Christ centered you recognize he carried it there for us and the Hebrew sanctuary service graphically illustrates this once a year the most solemn time of the Jewish year. Non Yom Kippur War on that day of days the high priest goes into that inferno of light for the purpose of symbolically removing what a years accumulation of sin transfer there carried there and born there by a loving God He removes sin from the presence of God who has symbolically been carrying it for us. Then he takes it out puts it on the head of an animal representing Lucifer Another words the place where it really belongs Yom Kippur War is just an l a stray shin of what heaven would do near the end of time and just as happens symbolically once a year in Israel at the end of time planets burden of sad mistakes borne by the Lamb of God would be forever removed from the heavens records in from heavens presence and placed where on the head of the one responsible for a Cosmic War Well some people say now wait a 2nd you advents make Lucifer your savior when you say that and my response is oh no we don't we don't give our sins to Lucifer we give our sins to Jesus and what he does with them is his business he has the absolute right to take forgiven sins and place them on the head of the one who is responsible for a bad un in the 1st place so let me say it yet a 3rd time Jesus is the very center of the Advent message and shortly before the 2nd Advent human Kapoor so to speak will the current heaven and Daniel the prophet even relayed a message from the heavenly throne that revealed exactly when that would happen Earth time his massive 2300 year prophecy predicted that at the end of that long centuries long period the sanctuary would be cleansed. Well of elevate this prophecy to make it impossible to ignore embedded within it were 3 events that you can historically has stablish they already happened they were predicted and they happened on time yes started in 457 b.c. the year when the 2300 year prophecy began to measure downstream in time and that prophecy nails 3 events to the very year it brings you to 8027 the arrival of Messiah and that is the year Jesus was baptized and started his ministry you moved down further $33.00 and a half years beyond that you come to $8031.00 that's the year of Jesus' crucifixion then you move on down to 8 $134.00 that's also predicted in Daniel's prophecy and you arrive at the year when the 1st Christian martyr was put to death we're talking 3 for 3 this prophecy so far is batting a 1000 you can't ignore it but there is more Daniel $814.00 says and $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed and serious Bible Students for centuries even including surprising Newton the famed British physicist who was also an accomplished Bible student have long understood that prophecy one that uses the term day and a prophetic period like this uses that term to refer to a literal human year so you begin at $457.00 b.c. go downstream 2300 years and you arrive at a d. 1844. Heaven's prediction given to the prophet Daniel was that in that year the sanctuary would begin a process of cleansing once illustrated by the High Priest in Israel now that cleansing process wouldn't be the Hebrew sanctuary that had been razed to the ground since 8070 this sanctuary was beyond the stars in a place called heaven so Daniel 8144 tells the grade final day of atonement Roche. And you keep who are not on Earth. But in heaven and in that pretty prophetically predicted year on the Day of Atonement Heaven's great Yom Kippur would be again now think about it when that happens the families of Heaven and Earth are drawing incredibly close together. Just as in the time of Israel those who do not take the Day of Atonement seriously were and are separated in the time of Israel if someone did not take the Day of Atonement process seriously and really search his or her heart try to make things right go through what even pious Jews to be called the process of tissue of making things right with people that you've wrong during the past year that didn't happen that individual was cut off from Israel and so near the end of time those who do not take the Day of Atonement seriously are separated unrepented and Unforgiven sand means cut off from spiritual Israel. And that's the truth that Adventism as pioneers began to understand on the morning of October 23 1844. Now I am well aware that the a login some of them sometimes enjoy wondering if Daniel even Bowl longs in Scripture and if he does whether our pioneers really had it right when they proclaimed a judgment our message for him to endure laid 14. Well in Matthew 2415 Jesus apparently thought Daniel was worth studying. He urged us not only to read but understand what Daniel had predicted in holy vision Jesus suggested we study the Book of Daniel and understand it and I suggest that he is at least a reasonably good authority source. So the 2300 year prophecy in its end time cleansing of the sanctuary unlocks something at unlocks the whole mystery of how heaven solves the problem of San how it terminates the problem and establishes a safe and stable universe. See what happened every year in the Jewish sanctuary service was just a symbol of the plan of salvation in the day when that event would occur with finality at the end of time when's heavens sanctuary laden with the confessed sins of God's people is ultimately 6 is ultimately cleansed Why is that important because sin cannot go on into eternity it has to end. Even our confessed and forgiven sins have to end the idea of an eternal life for c.n.n. is Lucifer's dream and it's from that that we get the heresy of an eternal hell if hell is eternal and sinners are eternal and sin is eternal and that's the Luciferian mistake so Revelation $146.00 and $7.00 proclaims that the judgment has begun present tense it started we are living in the day of atonement. Which introduces an interesting question how should we live in the time of Israel on the Day of Atonement entire nation went through a process that helps us understand how serious it is to live in this time when Heaven searches every heart in Hebrew the word describing the process of self-examination that the Jews in that era of Israel went through the Hebrew word is not it means to search your heart to ask yourself in what way might by a heart and mind not be aligned with God's ideal it's a word that urges unsparing self examination in which the Holy Spirit aids us and really knowing ourselves. Well sometimes that process is unpleasant let me give you an example personal example. Years ago I was invited to the Carolinas I adore member whether was North or South Carolina both beautiful States to speak at a church and a lovely family there offered to let me stay in their home while I was there and this family own a couple of parents now parents are enormously intelligent animals their long lived a very smart they can hear and memorize a human conversation in their repeated verbatim Well one day the phone rang and I got some terrible news something had been done that seriously threatened the professional future of a family member very serious problem and all of a sudden from somewhere within me came a response I didn't know I was capable of love I was no longer a speaker at a visiting Adventist church I was back on the quarter deck of a warship as an officer of the deck using language I thought I had left behind for years I didn't even know that was in me but under this stimulus this sudden shock something came from within me that I wish I hadn't said I wish I had I wish the parents hadn't heard and I earnestly hope they never repeated. Now when someone like that happens to you when you make a mistake like that you got 2 options number one you can get very very discouraged you can say look I I'm a basket case I'm no better than the rest of the rest of those sailors on the quarter deck chances are I'll never make it to heaven that is a very logical and very human response when you fail a lord but there is an alternative. You can instead say Thank You Lord for showing me that I didn't know that was still in there I didn't know that was still lodged somewhere deep in my mind and heart but now that I do know now that it's brought to the conscious level I can deal with it you know how you just say I would rather have Jesus than that sin so we have a judgement our message a time when we should allow the Holy Spirit to bring to our attention those things we still need to work on fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and the whole Christian world you won't find that anywhere else it's absolutely unique to ad been tism and a lot of people maybe sometimes even Adventists will say judgement whoa wait a 2nd that scary you know what you just done you just robbed me of my full assurance because their view of God is that out there somewhere on this massive throne is this being looking down at you metaphorically looking at you over his spectacles so to speak judge mentally and saying well you're one in here do you know you may make it you may not I wouldn't be surprised if you don't most people don't but if you don't there are plenty people behind you in line that's their view of God What's the truth of the judgement Well let me ask you a question Who's your judge it's Jesus himself it's not the father it's Jesus what did Jesus say in John 522 for the father Judge of no man but have committed all judgment on to whom on to the Son In other words you have a brother at the throne. John 316 doesn't say God so loved the world that he lent us his son he gave him to us he's given up on the presence he is for ever and tuned in human flesh totally divine but still a human brother of ours we are being judged by a peer he's been here he knows what it's like he knows the feel that rip current feel of temptation e knows what it's like to be lied about and beat up and killed in other words only he is qualified to judge you the father doesn't even try judged by your Savior all out all of the good news and enough but it gets even better not only is he your judge he's something else and what might that be. Well John said it well and 1st John my little children these things I write unto you that she sin not that's the ideal of the Gospel we don't always make it but the ideal is don't sin Don't mess with it all it can do is hurt you and hurt other people and John goes on to say but if any man said not when but if. If any man sin we have an advocate now what's an advocate that's defense counsel at your lawyer now think about this you're accused of a crime you go retain competent defense counsel in their office they tell you we will do everything possible to sure to be sure that you walk that you're acquitted of the charge against you. You go into court the next day and up on the bench you see not a judge but your own lawyer would you suddenly have a feeling of full assurance judged by your defense attorney how can you lose a case like that well there is a way you can engage in something terminally stupid and fire your lawyer most people do a lot of people do you fire the only one that can save them and have in the judgment. So my response is bad news hardly some of the best news in the Bible is the judgment our message and the advent pioneers came to understand that as we sense the end of time and prepare for it family in heaven is also like likewise hard at work the heavenly sanctuary is being cleansed of the burden of our past mistakes in preparation for that day when the king returns and the war is won and by faith we can look as the Adventist pioneers did into the heart of heaven and realize the Lord's not only given us salvation all of heaven is doing everything in its power to see that we keep it fair God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come. But there's more not only to those 2 mighty verses move from salvation to saying you were in a single sentence separated only by commas another comma happens in the verses go on to proclaim an end time Truth called. The 7th day sabbath. Revelation 146 and 7 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel saying with a loud voice worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters say wait a 2nd if you heard that language before. Course you have comes right out of the 4th Commandment worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is in other words revelation for teen is plagiarized from Exodus 20. So I guess if you're not real keen on the 7th day sabbath you could say oh you have to pay attention to that that's plagiarism. While Revelation 14 predicts the rediscovery of the ancient Biblical Sabbath like a pillar like a fall and pillar has been in the weeds of history for centuries largely forgotten now how did it get there well it got there is a result of a historical catastrophe. In the 4th century Constantine was desperately trying to hold the Empire together he was facing these wild barbarians out of the North East these men were tough they would ride one horse lead 2 or 3 others they got 100 stop open a vein in their horse's neck drink till they didn't feel hungry anymore so up the vein mount up and ride on that's what Rome was facing. So Constantine is trying to hold together the Empire but he's got a problem the empire is largely Pagan it had absorbed pagan concepts like the Persian worship of the sun the dedication of a day to Sun worship every week and so Constantine a nominal Christian is facing the issue how do I harmonize these pagan things with Christianity and its solution was to accept into Christianity as many pagan traditions as he possibly could. Pagan holidays such as the winter solstice in the spring equinox images of pagan deities which could be re characterized as Christian saints and the Persian dedication of a day each week to the worship of the sun. So on March 7th 8321 Constantine issues an edict he says let all the judges and townspeople and the occupation of all trades rest on the venerable day of the sun not the Lord's Day of an herbal day of the sun. Well you c.b.s. an early Christian writer put it this way changes it to the Lord's day he says all things whatsoever it was duty to do on the Sabbath these we have transferred to the Lord's day. And in 8364 the Council of Laodicea passed a rule that Christians must not be idle on the 7th day but must prefer in honor of the 1st day of the week and so Sabbath keeping changes the religious duty is transferred from Sabbath to Sunday and they demand is made in Sabbath worship so for centuries the Sabbath survived only in isolated places we're talking North Africa where faithful believers kept kept the Sabbath alive the MORs of Scotland and the wall didn't see any else. But Revelation predicted that the Sabbaths truth would be rediscovered about the same time as the sanctuary was rediscovered because it's all in the same sentence in Revelation $146.00 and $7.00 and the question we might ask is Why is this so important at the end of time what's so important about the Sabbath If ye love the Lord why not Sunday it's not easy to worship on a day that's different from neighbors whom we respect and appreciate their many wonderful people I'm I'm convinced that the majority of God's in time people today still kowtow were go to church on Sunday wonderful people there I know Catholic people who very obviously really love Jesus. So why do we make this distinction. Should we be tempted in the name of Christian unity to decide that maybe we should reconsider our Sabbath Tarion beliefs along with our sanctuary message so we can gain acceptance in the wider Christian theological community Well there may be a reason think it through something else was happening in 844 b. side the discovery of the sanctuary doctrine in the Sabbath a man named Charles Darwin was penning his 1st draft of a book that would become On the Origin of Species Karl Marx was pending his 1st draft of something that would enter history as the Communist Manifesto. Now without a weekly reminder of creation and Eden and the day God himself set up to remind us every week the of intelligent design people could become. Sitting ducks for the theory that we're just here by accident. So the Sabbath. Is part of a message delivered by God's in time to people but there is more still Now we move on to Revelation 148 to 11 which describes an end time global mistake. Revelation speaks not only to spiritual matters but geo political issues as well because at the end of time the 2 will merge religion and politics will coalesce and to this worldwide danger Revelation 14 devotes more than half of its 7 and time verses because the combination of religion and politics is explosive of the 7 verses leading from Revelation 146 to Revelation 14124 of them more than half warn of a world in chaos in which globalism seeks to dictate matters of faith and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen and for that world heaven has the most serious warnings. Interestingly enough to describe an End Time Crisis Heaven's messenger uses a prehistoric city by the name of Babylon perhaps the earliest city and recorded sacred history there a massive tower called down Heaven's rebuke there a pagan King was given a view of on coming he was advance clear to the end of time and Daniel had to explain it to him there that same king foolishly rebelled against prophecy and paid a heavy price. But why use Babylon to illustrate a mistake of an end time world gone mad and my suggestion is because Babylon illustrates the very mistakes people will make as they near the portal of eternity 3 of them I can see clearly number one the people of Babylon chose to disbelieve the promises of God God's promise was on never again send a worldwide flood which by the way is still evident the evidence of the flood is still available worldwide in the layers of strata of the strata layers of sediment we are told by very very confident geologists that those layers appear in the same order every where you go on earth and maybe at different elevations but they're in the same order so there was a world wide flood people of Babylon said Well God's promised there won't be another one maybe he will maybe he won't we don't know who knows so they disbelieve the Word of God that was mistake number one that led directly to mistake number 2 having lost faith in God they had to believe in something but why. Well the answer's obvious self we will save ourselves we'll build something we'll build a tower and by the way while we're at it let's build it all the way to heaven in other words salvation by works which is the central theme of every false religion. Point number 3 Mistake number 3 centuries ago by a military genius named Nebuchadnezzar is on the throne he's rebuilt Babel into awesome proportions he has the equally awesome privilege of a communication from the cosmic throne which reveals t.m. him in history all the way down through the end of time he saw the entire future right down to the point where the coming of Jesus stopped everything in human history unfortunately pride and ambition robbed him of the blessing the might have gotten and he gets to thinking about this wait a 2nd my King is going to be replaced by successive inferior kingdoms my kingdom replaced repeatedly never and to illustrate his rebellion against the prophetic future he had built an enormous 90 foot gold statue and summoned the world to something that would not only be a celebration but a worship service. The rules were simple you come here you celebrate and you worship you can either worship or you can die. In other words a world religion and forced by fire in a nearby smelting for us well put it all together and then time world in which the promises of God are no longer believed salvation is not by faith in the clear truth of the Bible but it seems to be grounded for this generation of people in human logic reintroducing that begin as are as old dream of an unforced world religion in other words globalism garbed as a religious movement now let's go to the Bible. And put those pieces together. Revelation describes this end time problem as a beast 7 heads 10 horns the word blasphemy written all over it so it's obviously on the wrong side of the cosmic war a dangerously powerful force opposed to Heaven's plan. Now you're serious Bible students you've read about this in Revelation 13 that's the same chapter. That describes an end time Nation or rising in a relatively unpopulated part of the earth which by the way for millennia had been tended and kept in good order by some remarkable people in in the States we refer to them as Native Americans I frankly prefer the terminology used by our Canadian friends north of 49 they refer to these people as 1st Nations I think it's a more respectful way to refer to them remarkable people who had kept this continent in pretty good shape I have great regard for for those people well the same chapter that describes an end time Nation arising in that part of the earth kept so well by those people quickly rises to global power and then something happens things go wrong. And now let's go to Revelation 17 Take a look at verse 12 now you're going to see globalism the Lord speaks to John the Revelator and he says the the 10 horns which you saw. Our 10 kings which as which receive power as kings one hour with the beast with that ugly thing with blasphemy written all over it by the way the Greek word there for hour is all raw It just means a very short indeterminate period of time for those who may be inclined to worry about the time of trouble that Greek word suggests that time a trouble doesn't last long. So he says the 10 horns you're sorry 10 kings which receive power as kings one hour with the beast these have one mind there's your globalism they're all thinking the same thing goes on to say these shall make war with the lamb in other words a globalized world is at war with heaven how do we know this refers to a globalized world well look at the symbol that the prophet uses the 10 horns 10 is a scriptural symbol of everything everywhere an entire world may give you 3 quick examples of that god speaks more reality not just to the Hebrew people but to the entire globe and how many commandments does he give 10 Jesus predicts an end time world church waiting for the advantage he predicts he uses a symbol of young women and what does he say then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened to $1010.00 young women World Church 10 everything everywhere Nebeker measure has that view of everything down to the end of time when that mysterious force comes out of the cosmos and stops human history and it hits a statue right on the feet and how many toes are on those feet 10 of them every nation on earth. At the coming of Christ all 10 nations the entire globe have one mind and entire planet globalize is and the uniting force is a false religion because this beast has blasphemy written all over it well now wait a 2nd is all that possible is it possible that religion could become an end time problem with a world majority that thinks we're here by accident because something went bang. And my response is emphatically yes it's possible it's not only possible but certain because at the end of time supernatural things will occur that will be very visible undeniable and appealing to your sensory input Now think about it those who believe only in what their human senses can they are very much at risk of believing a lie when their senses perceive apparent undeniable reality I submit that atheists are uniquely susceptible to the unexplained but apparently very real phenomenon that will occur at the end of time well it happened what did Jesus warn says there will be false Christs false 2nd coming. And he warns don't even go out and look at them because the risk of delusion is just too great you have to deny apparent reality in Matthew $24.00 you warned it's the deception will be so great that if possible even the very elect would be deceived. Same thing could happen similarly to world religions that believe in the supernatural they're equally at risk with the atheist because when confronted with an apparently supernatural illusion. They're going to believe that when this happens you will have no defense unless you have been where in the word the 4 verses of Revelation 14 that warn of in time globalism are worth some serious study we might just want to know why we believe in creation and creations Memorial Day we might want to know why Daniel's massive 2300 year prophecy fixes a moment when we need to get really serious about how we live we might want to really know the truth we are commissioned to proclaim all now we move on to the capstone of Revelation 14 verse 12 that verse describes people who will face a sky filled with energy think about it one angel overflying that huge army of Assyrians 186000 people one angel overflew and the next morning they're all gone they're dead that's the power in that army out there of angels in the cosmos now Heaven empties it's completely empty There's silence in heaven for half an hour that's the prophetic length of time it takes to come here rescue God's people and get back home whole army of the cosmos is there there is that sizzling dazzling inferno of energy most people are so terrified of it they pray to rocks and rather be buried in an avalanche than to have to face that divine energy. That there will be people who will look into that inferno of light and see not a threat but a friend here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God not just the 90 percent of them all 10 and they live to see the face of God you know in college and graduate school 90 percent can me either and a minus possibly a b. plus in heaven site 90 percent is a failure and that the end of time prophecy foretells a generation who do not fail they keep the commandments Well one might ask how on earth they do that all of human history is filled with sad tales of failure I mean even among the Bible's heroes David for example stained by adultery and murder Sampson is stained by youthful mistakes that cost him his eyes and his life it Lige a ran from an angry woman when he should have stayed and finished a great reformation instead of running. Even Moses who failed briefly at the portals of the promised land how how does this end time generation do what few have ever done well as Paul Harvey used to say let's get the rest of the story read on read the rest of the verse they exhibit the faith of Jesus Now what pray tell is that. Well on the cross the time came when the father just could no longer be there with him he was carrying a planet sin He is now alone heaven as to draw back from sin being born in that quantity and despite the awful raging pain in his arms Jesus draws a breath and screams into the record of history is that mission he can no longer see the Father my God Where have you gone oh look what happens next having admitted he couldn't see the father anymore what's the very next thing he does he prays to the father he can no longer see and Ellen wide puts it beautifully she says he turned loose of life and dropped into the unknown trusting that out there in the blackness where the father's arms well in their own small way Earth's last generation of believers do something similar. With nothing left for them on this frightened and fractured planet they turn loose of this world and drop by faith into the father's arms here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments and the faith of Jesus so Revelation 14 presents us with 12 powerful verses with messages for an end time world we reach verse 12 and now we see history accelerate the very next verse describes how some are laid to rest just before Earth's last madness. The New King James version puts it nicely it said Blessitt are they that die in the Lord from now on there is a time period beyond which some people just don't need to face the ordeal of a world gone mad some of God's saints are allowed to rest before the world descends into its final Madness My wife is one of those just last March Jo-Ellen was still alive she passed away before American cities collapsed into fiery chaos and precious black kids in those cities were lost to gunfire she was a physician her heart was in the mission field of the South Pacific she had a special love for the people of the Solomon Islands and New Guinea and she often traveled with her father Dr Marion Barnard on mission trips and they'd go out to mission hospitals and do surgeries that were otherwise just not available there with the skills of you know present in the mission ospital environment and I have in my hand here an arrow chip this was made by natives in the Solomon Islands it was on the end of an arrow fired in anger by warring neighbor tribe it entered the skull of victim pierced went all the way through cross the midline went to the opposite side of the brain and so Jo well and then her dad took that patient to surgery remove this arrow her dad put his finger in the entry hole when the cerebral spinal fluid was wanting to gush out because the change of pressure they got that stabilized they pulled this arrow out the natives allowed him to keep this. And the next morning they went doing post-surgical rounds to page through to the patient's bed and it was empty Well that's the doctor's nightmare isn't that the surgeons nightmare the patient may have expired during the night but he hadn't they found him guess where out on the lawn in the sunshine sitting on the grass and a circle with his family eating breakfast and they are 2 went by and they went back to that location and the man was somewhat crippled there'd been some real damage to his brain but he could still walk with the aid of a crutch or a cane he walked for several miles through the jungle to come and thank them for giving life back to him Revelation 1413 describes a short period of rest for some but notice something they aren't resting long the very next verse Revelation 1414 shows world events cult lighting with a cosmic arrival and the whole sky is on fire with energy heavens empty Bible says there was silence in heaven for half an hour for a fetid time the entire army of the cosmos has left Heaven and come to put a ring of blazing energy and light around the little blue white world and in the midst of that angelic force and throned and crowned is his majesty that is Revelation 14 that is the 3 angels messages at their summit that is the destiny of some generation of the lever's So let's close with the question. If not us then home and if not us why it is a goodly land and we are well able to walk. And business. Thank you. This media was produced by audio for 40 us avenues Lehmann's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about side please. Cite. Or if you would like to this for free online sermons leave as a w.w.w. body of verse.


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