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God's Wrath in Revelation

Steven Grabiner
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Steven Grabiner

President, Outpost Centers International




  • July 31, 2020
    3:30 PM
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Well good afternoon and welcome to this last seminar of our a.s.i. convention for this year our last series of seminars and we're so glad that you've joined us here this afternoon for this important topic and I would just like to thank each of you for taking the time to join us here this year we have 13 participants so far and we're just excited for the people that have taken the time to join us here we're also very grateful for Stephen Grabner being willing to do this presentation for us and this topic that will be discussing this afternoon is entitled God's wrath in Revelation a very intriguing topic here and I would just like to before we go into an introduction of our presenter for those that are perhaps just joining us for the 1st time on a seminar here I'd like to just explain a little bit about the platform that you're watching this on so of course you have your video screen in front of you there but you'll also notice that there's a chat section below depending on whether you're joining on a computer or mobile device will be in different places depending on which one but they'll be a Chat section there that you'll be able to post any comments or questions that see that a number of people have made and a few comments here already and we're just. Welcoming any of those comments or questions throughout the presentation you can post those questions and then we're going to reserve about 10 or 15 minutes at the end of the presentation for any of those questions to be asked to Stephen here and so we'll get right into our introduction here Stephen if you'd be willing to join us here you can turn your video on and he's going to. Ensure that everyone can see you so with the presentation today Stephen will be presenting to us again the topic is God's wrath in Revelation and Stephen comes to us from a very diverse and rich background of experience he's. Currently president of o.c.i. International a ministry dedicated to serving and supporting ministries in over 70 countries yes served as pastor educator and evangelist Stephen is also adjunct professor at Southern University teaching revelation for the graduate program he's a leading scholar on the hymns in Revelation he received his master's from Yale University and doctorate from University of South Africa Stevens interest in Revelation proceeds his conversion raised in a Jewish family he encountered revelation for the 1st time while reading the Newt asked him and in his early twenty's that sparked a lifelong interest to more fully understanding this fascinating book so Stephen remarry grateful that you would share from that experience with us this afternoon before we begin I'd like to just ask if we could join in prayer as we begin our time together in this important topic that's power heads Heavenly Father we've just been so blessed over this past few days here to be spending time learning more about Revelation and Lord there is perhaps a lot of questions people have about your wrath and Revelation and how to relate to that and what exactly it means so I pray that in this time that we spent together Lord that you would be able to provide the clarity and or a true picture of your character and how much you love us and so I pray that in this time together your Holy Spirit would inspire would guide and direct our thoughts and he would also be with Stephen as he shares so we ask this in your precious name Amen All right thank you yes even the time is yours and again just please keep in mind you're able to just use the chat box there to ask any questions as we go along here and we will address those at the end of Stephen thank. Great its greatest and not just funny or echo a curse mentioned about writing down or jotting down the questions just for those of you that have joined us. From this end of the platform you know where I'm on Zoom with Curtis and the rest of you I can see it all so I think if you're there and I'd like to do is shift and share my stream so that you can move to get that up and hopefully everyone can see this again our topic today is God's wrath in Revelation in the Book of Revelation and our going to begin clearly with Revelation Chapter 14 and the 3rd angel's message and particular is our theme for this as I conference has been 3 injuries message and each of the seminars have been dealing with a different aspect or different view this track has been on understanding revelation and I was able to join in yesterday morning with with Dr tallest and his presentation for to Mr after all his presentation but again we're trying to bring out some of the the meaning the structure of the Book of Revelation as a whole and the 3 in joules message without question are vital for 7 they have been missed the form r r r r g And so the 3rd in John's message as we have on the screen there is another angel a 3rd one following them saying with a loud voice if any one worships the beast and his image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is mixed in full strength in the cup of his anger and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and of the way I am so as we read this passage this part of there any angels message and actually lots of imagery comes to our core mind. For. Of all thinking back to the 1st part here a 3rd one followed Him This reverses back obviously to the 1st and 2nd Angel's messages 2nd Inge all talk about Babylon being fallen and Babylon also having a wind of passion are in her rally so then the 30 just message picks up on that and there's this wine of the wrath of God poured out of a cup of his anger and so you have these different words really 2 main words which will get momentarily in the Greek I depicting this aspect and the reason this is so important for us particularly some of the evidence as we come across this it almost sounds it does sound in her 1st reading that God she manages from the position of being a compassionate loving God to being a god that. Is able to give greater torture let's say than perhaps 18 years and this is you know a very powerful image than the verse 11 the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever they have no rest day or night those who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name so information just jam packed. Full of threads that we could fall out if the idea of the smoke going up forever and ever there torment no rest day or night you know what are all what is all this imagery mean now our topic our functions really going to be if you examine and explore our own revelation relates to these images these metaphors of God's wrath God's anger and God's wrath to your different words that are used here in the original text and how do we understand them then I'd just like to say you know briefly as we can continue with this one thing I say when I teach revelation as that revelation doesn't mean what it says it means what it means so relation doesn't mean what it says it means what it means and we think of this all throughout the book of Revelations for example in Revelation Chapter One there's the depiction of Christ and he's got a sword coming out of his mouth that doesn't mean that he actually literally has a sword coming out of his mouth that's what it says but that's not what it Moon's what it means as his word is powerful like a sword and so as we read through Revelation it's important for us to keep this principle and modern that revelation doesn't mean what it says it means what it means and determining that layer of meaning is important for us and takes us really delving into the entire structure of the Book of Revelation becoming very a familiar with the book Understanding it's it's near ounces I like to use the all straight tapestry and you have the tapestry has woven and you have the different threads that move together and John weaves a magnificent tapestry using verbal threads to communicate his picture and so the question for us today is how does the wrath of God fit into this Howard is there have been. Relate to this tapestry So a couple of thoughts here 1st of all there is the wide of the ramp that's the Greek word by most of Gollum and in the cup of his anger or plate and so these are 2 Greek words that are used throughout the book of Revelation and we're going to see exactly where they are used and who who they are used by in what sense they think there's a really important distinction here which will uncover momentarily as to the way John uses these words in Revelation but let me also share some quotations you know these are from a couple of commentators This is from Stephen smally who. Wrote a commentary called the Revelation to John Page 366 he writes this those who consistently reject Divine Love well experience God's animosity untempered by Mercy So again this is not a rare reading it's not all containers have this kind of reading but it's a common reading his well Matt then individuals who reject God's love clearly the last would be inaccurate ignore it not only an experience God wrapped However we understand that but notice how he's framed they experience God's animosity and so you know animosity is really personal almost been dead. Brian blunt. In his country in Revelations says the one in God's Cup is much more potent than anything Babylon or row may have concocted in Babylon in Rome our. Rome as an interpretation of that law is very commonplace in critical commentaries and so he's saying the only thing God's Cup is much stronger much more powerful you know almost as if the torture is greater that God's doing anything that Rome could have put together now those are not exclude. Survive readings of the Book of Revelation but they are not rare readings of the Book of Revelation either and it's really important for us to come to think through what is John trying to communicate us with this imagery of the wrath of God. See edged in earlier in early 1900 he wrote this book The Apostle abseiling preaching in its development how missing on the Book of Revelation He says We're back on to judge that in its conception of the care God and its attitude to men the book falls below the level not only of the teaching of Jesus but of the best parts of the Old Testament so for John the Book of Revelation you know is lower category than some parts of the Old Testament and this is largely due to the understanding of the wrath of God and the topic of the wrath of God in the story we know that the Book of Revelation had a in its history had a hard time finding its place in the biblical canon particularly because of this you know really there's questions about his it's canonical status should reconsider the Book of Revelation as part of the rest of the New Testament because as a surface reading the picture of God that's displayed here is so antithetical to the picture that we see in the life of Jesus question is is this really an inspired book. So. J.p. and sweet in his commentary revelation asks this provoking question he answers this question in the negative he answers it in a negative but he asked the question this way does Christ finally conquer in the manner of the beast and this is really the fundamental question you know if we see the wrath of God simply as animosity or indictive ness or something in along that track then yes and then we would say yes that Christ or God is finally conquering the way the beast conquerors. Now sweet answers this question No he's arguing against this but it's an important question for us to wrestle West wrestle with does the Book of Revelation come to the point where the victory of Christ in the victory of God necessarily must be through the same means of force and power that the beast years now we're going to give an answer that question next week does which is no that's not how God brings his victory out and again as you read through the Book of Revelation it's important for us to understand that one of the things John in the Book of Revelation is to invert symbols and to invert meanings and by that I mean if if you read Revelation carefully you find for example the Church of Smyrna is described as being poor are Jesus as I know you're poverty but you are rich so from an earthly perspective there are poor but from a Heavenly viewpoint they are rich we'll have to see on the other hand thinks it's rich from an earthly point of Europe but from a heavenly perspective is poor. The church think of the woman in Revelation Chapter 12 she is chased by the dragon and she flees into the wilderness for 1260 days of the from an early perspective the woman in Revelation 12 looks like she's persecuted and looks like she's defeat it but the 1st part of Revelation 12 tells us that she is a courtroom she's standing on the moon she's a Coke or she has a diet she's a crown on her head as died in on her head start so she's a victorious cream so there's this earthly viewpoint in this heaven and in the Book of Revelation the concept of power and conquering is also inverted so have Christ culture is there self-sacrifice. Just as we'll see Israel unfold and the bees conquers your destruction so you know this question is very important for us does Christ find we conquer in the manner after the beast and we have a direct answer no to that question but as we think of this concept of God's wrath obviously is a large biblical topic and I'm mostly going to be really focusing in Revelation I don't want to take a few minutes to give some kind of a broader context brought a viewpoint here and illustrate that there are different ways of looking at God's wrath So for example in the 1st chapter $25.00 this is the experience and it's connected to the Book of Revelation because the imagery is utilized in the 7 churches and this is the story in numbers 25 where below. Was able to seduce the children of Israel by teaching them to mingle with the many night women and partake of their their sacrifices and their spiritual activities and a plague broke out and so interest 25 in verse 4 are it's as the Lord said to Moses after this plague and broken out because of God's wrath it's as the Lord said to Moses take the leaders of the people and execute them in broad daylight so that the fierce anger of the Lord may turn away from Israel so here is an example in Scripture where God's Ralph was in reaction to I Dollar Tree of the people and then God speaks to Moses in a very distinct way a business tax and this is the resolution take these people and execute them and then this would turn away the fierce anger of lard So here is an aspect of judgment that's very clear in the cast and then in contracts and profits on page $455.00. Meeting on this on white rice that all felt that the punishment was just and the people hazed into the tabernacle and with tears in your relation confess their sins so here's a biblical example of a manifestation of the wrath of God where there is this rebellion there is the spiritual idolatry rally and then there is this plague that comes then there is as direct command from God There is this execution of sentence and then there turns out to be this repentance and confession so this is a model that exists in Scripture we need to recognise that of course it's also interesting if you continue in that story back in numbers $25.00 there's the leader of Israel's Imbrie who in high handed way. You know continues his adulterous years in moral way and then he's put to death by Phineas and Phineas is commended for this very interesting dynamic to asking her questions about that it seems at least on the 1st 3 of this passage that this is a very clear. Depiction of God trapped in that circumstance another manifestation of God trap is mentioned in John chapter 3 verse 36 and John 336 is as important as John 316 and it tells us that he who believes in the side as eternal life he who does not obey the Son will not see you live but the wrath of God abides on him so notice the present tense is here he you believes in the Son has eternal life but he has not Ok does not believe will not see life as a future tense but the wrath of God abides on him that's the present tense so in some way there is this aspect of the wrath of God currently being manifested we have a historic sense of the book numbers and then we have our present tense here in the book of John and then there's another example of course from the Book of Romans rooms chapter one where again present tense gods says Skinny Paul says the wrath of God is be revealed radio is being revealed present arms about from heaven I guess all I got being is and righteousness of men who suppress the truth in a righteousness and then in the chapter Paul continues and he describes her all that wrath is manifested he talks about God giving people over verses 24 through 28 and I'm recommend you read there is more carefully so that in each of these there is passages that God gave them over for this reason God gave them over God gave them over and the same Greek word is used in the Gospels talking about Jesus being given over as well and I Jesus was given over into the powers of darkness that Jesus was given over to the Jewish leaders he was given not given over and so here we see this connection so again that concept of the wrath of God is very broad concept and we need to look at. In kind of a wide lens and I want to narrow that man's acknowledging the broader back to him and one mirror about hands and look at him in the Book of Revelation so let's kind of turn there it is as we do as we think about this think momentarily back to Revelation Chapter 14 Let me just ask my slot for a moment in Revelation Chapter 14 you know we have this image here of the wind of Babylon wind of the wrath of. Babylon and then of course in Revelation Chapter 17 we find. A battle on again display and she's got a couple of abominations in her hand and so there's a play in imagery in the Book of Revelation of the cup of Babylon which is intoxicating in a destructive way and filled with the blood of the saints we can say and then there's this cup of God's wrath and these are you know polar opposite images in the Book of Revelation John does this throughout the entire book of Revelation where he has these counter images there's this evil of God and there's the mark of the beast and you know throughout the book of Revelation there's these images there are 2 cities and 2 women this is a common theme that John has and so there's this theme on the cups and again just pointing back to this idea of Jesus being given up we know that Jesus prayed to his father remove this cup and then there's many threads that we can it's explore here but let's continue with this concept in the book in Revelation as well for me. Reason Titian back up. So years for me. Here's a. See if I could care backwards Artemis Harry thank you for your patience so here are the places in the Book of Revelation where the largely where the 2 words are used in their broad sense and the narrow own form so these are both used in the form and so for example and Revelation 1212 it talks about the dragon who has great wrath because he's come down and then Babylon has great wrath and in Revelation 1410 we find there are wrath of God and in Revelation $1410.00 we find also a mirror of the organ God So there are 3 places in the Book of Revelation where these 2 words are used together and they are Revelation 1410 revelation 1619 and Revelation 1015 and said they're going to be key passages for us as we try to get a clearer meaning in the understanding of the wrath of God in the Book of Revelation there are many other passages so. Chapter 15 verses $1.00 and $7.00 are talking about the wrath of God as Chapter 16 months and suppose this this is the cry is from the wrath of the Lamb and the wrath of the Lamb and the father Revelation 11 in team will be important for us momentarily and so this is a kind of an overview of where these words a are used in the Book of Revelation where the concepts are used and particularly there are 3 places where both words are used and they're going to be very informative for us in our understanding of what's taking place in Revelation. But there are. All of these all of these passages you know all of these passages are the he word I must in our behavior both used in and now known for there are 3 places where round is used in a verbal form and mystery places are revelational have an 18 relation 1212 and Revelation 1217. And we started my study so let me share these and you have your text I hope you are following wrong with me if you have a Bible in front of you so in Revelation 11 in team this is the opening of the earth sounding of the 7th trumpet this is a very clear magic point in the Book of Revelation the kingdom becomes the kingdom of our collets as in Revelation Chapter 11 in verse 8 team. In for 17 rather we give you thanks oh God our Lord God the Almighty who are who were because you have begun to rain your rain hasn't Nish it so this is an interesting point at this point in the story just toward the 2nd coming is when Revelation says God bring begins in this passage so you know there is this initiation of God's voice out on their own God's been ruler but as we read Revelation carefully we find that his rule has been tested and so here in the story line your reign has begun then in verse a continuous sorry because you have taken your great power and had begun to rain you have received your great power you've taken your great power and then have begun to reign verse 18 What's the response to that 1st 18 and the nations were angry oh this is what the nations are feeling this is a verbal tense the nations were angry if you didn't notice your read out came in this is a noun and so when you heard John speaks of God's wrath he always speaks of it as a noun something that God possesses. Not something that God feels like an emotion that God has not in the verbal sense the nations were angry and then it's almost you know like this distant 3rd party your breath came like it showed out so that's an important way for us to understand how John is relating to the wrath of God Let's go to chapter 12 and Satan is cast out of heaven this is another place in Revelation 12 where it tells us that the reign of God Has this is in relation to the cross as of those 2 key markers here in Revelation there's Revelation 12 this Revelation 11 years of the cross period and then there's just before the 2nd come. And in Revelation 12 he had talked about the dragon was cast down to the earth having a great round again this is possible having a great round knowing he has a short time and then if the end of Revelation 12 revelations about 17 of the dragon was enraged so when John talks about the anger of the nations and the anger say he cursed allies is it the dragon has enraged the nations becoming it's a personal thing when he talks about wrath in relation to God it's much more our objectified that's an important point for us to understand and so we're going to really if we are understand this I think as Revelations trying to play a client for us or reveal it for us is really it's God said only response and reaction towards him and the activity of say this is important this you know God's wrath is not that has emotional outbursts of packing and that God feels it's not like the dragon becomes enraged because he's frustrated it's not at all the God's wrath is the settled response and reaction to stand and activity. And I hope the material here city yesterday and from his book in Revelation he brings this out which I really appreciate it says the 3rd angel's message emerges as the most quoted an explicit reaction to the Dragons season explicit reaction to the Dragons action and this really coheres very well with how revelation uses the concept of wrath in the book of revelation God for half gods or here is a real action to see in its essential opposition to your settled reaction to sin and a response to Seems activity or at times to step to the dragon's actions. So. As I mentioned earlier there are 3 places in the Book of Revelation where you find both of these words together and relations 1410 Russian 1619 and Revelation 1915 as we look at these 3 different main tax for us like in some other tax as well we find that the metaphors that are wrapped around these 3 key passages are the metaphor of the wine of guns around of the cup of his indignation perhaps I should include in there the wine press so that's one better for let me say this way wind up wine press that's what metaphor are and then the other been for that used in the Book of Revelation is is the 7 last place in Revelation $1619.00 of course is the culmination of the 7 mass claims and so let's explore together these metaphors and see what they tell us about understanding of God's wrath particular because we find in these places these are the key spots where you have the wine press and sees me you have both words used in the Book of Revelation talking about God's wrath 141-016-1991 extension 5 let's start with the play. So we can do think about the plagues in the Book of Revelation we understand that there is an ongoing fall of Babylon Revelation 14 and the 2nd impulse message tells us Babylon is fall an hour and this is not a complete fall by any means but it is fall as a system its fall and as a representation of God It's fall and certainly John is drawing on the Biblical imagery of Babylon and if we go back to the origin of the kingdom of Babylon to the plain of China are and the a setting up of the tower Tower of baseball there is a play on words in Hebrew between gate of God and confusion play on words in in the Hebrew there man I understand that to mean that the play and words indicate that there is confusion over the way to the gate of God Her Avalon is a representation over confusion on how one reaches GAAP we have to know just how or to get to heaven we have to do something on ourselves or is the plan of salvation one that comes from heaven town to last which is really the key part of the Gospel got reaching down into you to our need in humanity to rescue us so Babylon's fault Babylon is found in Revelation 14 but there is a succession of the collapse of Babylon just like there is a succession of false sickness a being threw down the revelation innocent Revelation 12 has a series of falls of really Satan relation 20 years the final fall into or into the bond with Spirit just as Satan has a series of false series Babylon and Babylon is following the question 148 we find its major collapse in the 7 past plagues in chapter 16 and then we get a new insight into that in chapters. 17 and Chapter 18 so there's this ongoing explanation of the fall of Babylon and the plains are interop to understanding and going to take to come Paul the imagery together we're exploring the trade places to see what they're telling us about the wrath of God and how God's Rattrap has been manifested and so in Revelation Chapter 16. We find this in Revelation 16 we find 7 mass plagues in a relationship for 16 in verse 1000th is the collapse of the great city it's falls into 3 parts and Babylon the Great is remember before God and given up to the why of his fierce wrath mind of his indignation and we come to relation 17 we find in Revelation 173 things about Babylon one that she is separate from the beast she rides the beast she colludes with the beast she works with the beast but ultimately She's destroyed by the beast and this is important for us in understanding the wrath of God So let's turn to Revelation Chapter 17 in verse 16. In a lot of imagery in Revelation 17th and you might have a lot of questions on Revelation 17 and try to keep us focused and Revelation 16 and as the the plagues and with the destruction of Babylon that one falls apart again it breaks into 3 parts in the city is broken into 3 parts and then in chapter 17 we get a greater detail of how that collapse took place remember the collapse is dear to the one of the wrath of God can be here is a cup of God's wrath and indignation that's what John says brings about the collapse of Babylon in Revelation Chapter 16 members 19 we get to Revelation 17 we get a clear insight into how Babylon falls so in Revelation 17 for 16 it says the 10 horns which he saw and the Beast these will hate the harlot and will eat her flash and birth her up with fire so in Revelation here we're seeing another image and the next passage tells us that God is the one that put this into their mind to fill his will but what's happening here is that the support system of Babylon turns on Babylon itself and Moran's its destruction so let's let's tie that together again revelation $1619.00 is the wrath of God that brings Babylon's collapse in Revelation $716.00 it's the support of Babel all in terms of against it itself and so as a system that will him self destructs Mis is continued into your Revelation Chapter 18 in Revelation in 18 we have the strong imagery here where John writes Pay your back even if she has paid give her back to her give back to her double of course. Her deeds in the pup which she has mixed mixed twice as much for her diary mention that in her compass the blood of the saints and she will be burned with fire for the Lord God judges her strong now as we just read that text that way it looks like it's Sam's life that the Lord God is the one that's creating the fire here but when we compare it with Revelation 17 in which we just read it's the support system that app that turns on Babylon and burns for the earth fire so we're seeing something here that as we know kind of connecting these dots reading Revelation carefully in one place God describes excuse me John describes the wrath of God to the collapse of Babylon Chapter 17 he describes ascribes her collapse to those that were supporting her turning on her and now here she is burning with fire in this metaphor hate her w. What does that mean in the sense of double judgment. It's important for us to kind of have a biblical background that. Here's a couple of texts that you can look up later on a lot of false witnesses I really particularly like the Esther it's very clear story form for us where human gets back on him what he wanted to do to morph into that years so what Him in His death comes on the gallows that he set out for God's people so the evil that he intended comes back on himself or as Paul tells us in the book of glaciations you know what we really were going to sell now the book of Isaiah as I Chapter 40 has a different design a chapter 4 he has this whole metaphor of grace and then it says there about Teresa and give her a double for her iniquities my understanding there is that's not double our. Double and it's the right word that I want to use double response to her sins but it's actually double crepes because the whole passage is full of grace given grace and now God's giving double Grace for her sins were sin amount graced us much more bound Babylon rejects that and so gets double result falling back upon her own head Jeremiah 16 percent hundreds as something similar please look at that text also later when we come to the Book of Ezekiel as if you know Chapter 2725 through 36 has a lot of parallels to religion in team I'll just draw your attention there reached some time and Revelation season is if you're Chapter 28 percent in an interview we find the destruction of the King of Tire which we see has a double image or has been making fire but also being a representation of the one that was even the covering cherub Lucifer and Chapter 20 percent 17 and 18 it says that God will bring fire out from within him so quickly it's almost again the same thought that. The same idea of what we find with a man this evil that he wanted to cast out on others falls back on his own head nets what we see happening in Babylon she her support system collapses and then she self destructs from inside and one here John is very clear about that on the other hand he uses the metaphor of the wrath of God and the plagues in relation 1820 this is my translation rejoice over her of heaven and you saints and possibles and prophets because God has judged your judgement and we can translate that your vindication out of her self the ideas the judgment will really echo after all it's coming out of her it's within her that is judgement and justice counts the same concept that we see in the book of busy Qiao that's what Babylon gives out comes back upon on her own heads Here's an interesting quote Asian from early writings particularly talking about slave owners in that context the cries of the oppressed have reach into heaven in the initial stand amazed that the untold agonized sufferings which man formed image of God causes men and then she talks about the suffering that's been inflicted upon the slaves will fall back upon the slave owners know what they've given out comes back to them and then she says in the justice of God will be satisfied not an arbitrary cuss just as in any way but this again this as we find in the Book of Esther the manifestation of justice there so the plagues were he how that one being given up to her own choices and actions and then we can see in this context that the wrath of God understood you to plagues brings us this idea that Babylon reached what she saw as she's given up her own choices and given up to her own actions now let's shift imagery here and let's go back to Revelation for Team. Revelation 1410 talks about the wine of the wrath of God and then the end of Revelation Chapter 14 Revelation 141920 we have this other metaphor and this is the metaphor of the wine the wine of the cup and the wine press and lots of really interesting imagery here which we don't have time to explore in fall but 1st thing we noticed as we look at Revelation 14 and you see if I. Give you the quotation I didn't sever if you have your text I invite you to turn there with me Revelation 1419 and 20 and again this is the 2nd part of the harvest in Revelation 19 and John describes the of the rate the grapes being targeted this is representation of the wicked and thrown into the wine press of the great wrath of God and then the wine press pressed and blood comes out who I for one pressed a horse's bridles a couple of things that I wanted just highlight 1st of all where is this take place well takes place outside the city we can think of an echo from the book of Hebrews where Christ went outside the city bearing shape Christ was crucified outside the city but also in the context of modern ablation we think of a city that comes down and Revelation Chapter 19 the destruction that takes place outside the city so we get this idea that it's almost like Joel it was collapsing in the into the book into these 2 small verses and then latter parts of the book expand this imagery and it's also very unique that John mentioned worse as bright also in the horses are mentioned a few times in the Book of Revelation we think of the 4 who are says and the sea also and some conversations but there is represented but we can also see in the struggle bits that there is this say 10 it all are being very clearly a satanic army into the 5th and 6th Trumpet unquestionably have said tonic army. Which has this imagery of being horses but they're looking at their lives very clear metaphor hyperbolic language describing the same tannic army and so horses right also in that context and then of course when we come to Revelation Chapter 19 the same injury is picked up and horses again are mentioned there in this destruction so John's father we don't remember of threads for us to follow through his tapestry he's wanting us to see in this we're impressed not just this arbitrary image that stands alone but he's one of Mr understand the unfolding of the end of the story complete with the holy city coming down the wicked marching up to the holy city and the destruction of the armies Revelation 19 is pulling all of that together compressing it very densely in Revelation Chapter 14 and it is weaving in this imagery horse's bridle has a symbol of say 10 an army again let's let's continue and what I want to point out here is that the imagery or the metaphor of the wine in a cup and the wine press this imagery merges into the imagery of a battle and we'll see that Revelation 19 as in Revelation and team in verse 15 which is the 3rd place both of those words are used in the Greek tax relation that $915.00 is the wine of wrath of God but wine press and it's also in the context of a barrel so John communicates the he is to the battle but it's also insightful for us that the battle imagery draws us back to the place. Why do I say that the battle of Armageddon So John is into really in a very artistic way he's pulling all of these threads together to help us to see the plagues the rap of the odd but want to impress the barrel these are different metaphors trying to communicate I'm very similar if not the same truth Miss and again the injury of the wine of God's wrath the wine press coverage around the plagues the bad all you know it's all trying to jaw draws together to understanding how God is working with its ultimate battle this kind of telling test between good and evil and so all of these threads come together and so let's get Revelation Chapter 1000. And yet and another passage that's full of information here Mission 1000 people if their 1st 16 in verse 15 is where we find the wine press and the 2 Greek words I was an organ a our Get used to the other in a similar in a single context and perspective and so to John's point are tension together here but there's a lot of imagery in his past that really have time to touch a few things 1st of all we see here Christ as Deval I in warrior he is pictured has riding on a horse and he's leading his army it's so it's very clear he has portrayed here as divine war here so it's interesting the 3 main images of Jesus in the book of revelation of Christ in the Book of Revelation is the Son of Man the lamb and the divine warrior we know that he's got flaming eyes he can see the truth he's got the dotted him as he is ringing this is the only place the Book of Revelation where Christ wears kingly criminal died down kingly crown same has it Jeff. To 12 the beast has it this is the 1st place Christ wears it then there are 4 different titles of Christ he is called faithful and true and in right just as he judges and wages war Welcome back to that and then there are the others names got it under the name of a lot of different threads here but let's focus is here in this idea that his row is dipped in blood verse 13 is clothing his clothes with a rope dipped in blood and this imagery is drawn from a couple of places we can think of the book of Isiah where there is in the imagery of the warrior treading wine press of God's enemies your eyes I Chapter 63 verses one through 6 Genesis Chapter 49 says none you haven't and there's also a huge target made her heap your commentary on that passage which makes it very clear that this blood spattered on the garments is representative of God's enemies and so that's a very natural way to read passages there's just one major problem the blood here this garment is already dipped in blood but the battle hasn't happened yet and so how is the us the blood of his innings and so on James Reston in his book on Revelation says this Christ garbage is stained with blood before them out all because the victory is or a beam on on the cross so when we see Christ coming to the barrel in a row dipped in blood we shouldn't think this is Christ stained with the blood of His enemies you know as again this out of filled with animosity in indictive ness but this is in the imagery of his own blood and this points us to the way he's already won the war Miss becomes very important for us so the one prays imagery the wine the cup the wine press the imagery merges. Into the imagery of the bow the battle imagery connects us back to the 7 play 67 plagues wine press Nat'l they're all also connected we have the wrath of God in the places where those words are used together relation 915 revelation 1616 and revelation or team Tim but revelation also tells us that the battles already been won and Revelation manifests How about what has been what and this is very important for us. To understand and this brings us back to Revelation Chapter 5 and if you again didn't years in these presentation yesterday please go back and listen to her where he talked a bit about this is written in and one of the elders forgive the type of your friend one of the other said to me stop me hold the line that is from the tribe of Judah the root of David has overcome so as to open the book and it's you know it's revelation 5 who is our crisis point there is some kind of major tension happening in the heavenly Council the 24 others the for living creatures they are part of him he counsel a divine counsel and there is in jelly beans there is this very important book that is sealed and 7 sealed written on the inside and outside and no one can open it Revelation 55 you know there is no one in heaven in earth can open it John is we each tremendously because of that that he's told to stop reading because somebody can open it many years the imagery line from the tribe of Judah rooted again had to clearly images and John is conditioned to think of a king or ruler of course when he turns to see this king in ruler as you're well aware then I saw between the throne out with the 4 living creatures in the Elders a lamb standing as. So right in the midst of their own in the midst of everything is the only way I am standing alive resurrect it as if slain marks of respect chanst on their sling and not simply in a sacrificial sense I think that's important to it but also are slaughtered with violence pretty death in a vine that matter and that's a key understanding for us that the cokers we think back here to this verse revelation 56 but where has overcome the mayor has hunkered recast and will conquer what he's conquered Satan he's Kolker in the war he's conquered the battle he's already been victorious in the Book of Revelation who I am is the mean Christological man alone in the Book of Revelation and conquer him is the main Christological ver So the Lamb has overcome he's told her he's been victorious in the battle that's what I mean look in Revelation Chapter 19 he is already having his row. Dipped in blood and seems very good to keep our connection here with the wrath of God and snow as their God always on becomes full with indications and indebtedness and well city completely the opposite. I mean if you can hear the thunder storm rolling around in. It you know the battle in self destructs the war takes place Jesus fights the war with the sword of his mouth which is his word there is no you know active involvement or he has God's reaction to the activity or the reaction to seeing and the activity of sickness I mentioned earlier. So he has conquered this land is conquered and what's important for us to understand in the Book of Revelation all the way through is what the lamb does God does this is down the country in his article The Lamb in the Book of Revelation Revelation a little guess God as we see how gullible rules through seeing what the lambs like in this is the key interpretive plans that we need to have as we read in the Book of Revelation Yes it's true that line lamb interplay with one another that really re mean to understand that this that the way the law him interact the way power is interpreted in the Book of Revelation is through self-sacrifice and self-denial So rather than pre-trained victory through violence the slain lamb serves to demonstrate victory yourself through suffering loved yourself sacrificial love and Martin Johnson his book Lamb for style he says the conquering one conquers by being the slain lamb the conquering one conquers by being a slain lamb and so as we look at the rep of God We need to look at it through this self sacrificial love there really gallons in anguish saying how do I give you up how do I let you go let the imagery is granted seems to be horrific wine of the wrath of God But as we begin to pull all the pieces together we look more closely at the caps tree that John is weaving and we film it in music or minute how he's using images in the verbal thread we see you know the imagery in the metaphor of the plagues in the cup and wine and then the battle and how they run together in a battle is one piece of sacrifice and battle all collapses through its own self destruction and that judgment comes out of Babylon from within her her cup is fill with the blood of the saints the cup of God's wrath really is a cup of blood. Thing that he wants to give to humanity it only becomes a cup of round when that come blasting is rejected by not only is God or the lamb of a conqueror so also are the people of God This again is important for us to understand our role in this is that we conquer through following the way the lamb conquers and Revelation 12 and personal that when they overcame him because of the blood leave your hook in him they hunker him conquer him him being saved him they were killing him because the blood of the way him and because of the word of their testimony that is they did not love their life even when faced with death then my translation so that last phrase it is an explanatory phrase it's epic suggest a cult the blood of the Lamb. Because of the word of testimony where John is explaining what it means to have the word of the testimony the word of their testimony is they're willing to lead out their life for the cause of Christ they don't love their lives even we're faced with yeah they're willing to yield their life even when faced with death faced with Jack So mentioned already in Revelation 716 I saw a woman drunk with a lot of the saints and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus by God's people Kolker her by being conquered relations 138 the dragon gives authority to the beast to conquer God's people at they conquer by being conquered they win in the war are by following after the one who has already won the war. Some closing thoughts here Mel Mike and some questions if you have any to our merciful God the act of punishment is a strange act the nation with which bears long will finally drink a cup of brown and mixed with mercy and that's because mercy has been rejected people reach a point where God's continued extension of grace to them will no longer benefit them they have hardened their senses clothe and close themselves up to God and this becomes an act a strange act to God. Couple of Quotations is from desire pages in the day of final judgment every last soul will understand the nature of his own rejection of Truth the cross will be presented and it's real Barry will be seen by every mind that has been blinded by transgression before the vision of Calvary with its mysterious victims sinners will stand condemned what is it that brings us closer to mention it's the vision of Calvary it seems the slaying lamb that brings this vision of condemnation and this does not exhaust in understanding the wrath of God We've mentioned that in the very beginning but this is a key component force especially in the Book of Revelation men will see what their choice has been every question of truth and error in the long standing controversy is a battle theme again well that have been made plain in the judgment of the universe God will stand clear of the blame for the existence or continuance of evil and everyone will say just and sure who raise holy Are you a lord. Then there is this article and I want to cover just from the clothes we have this is from a bible echo from 8095 me 30th all my rights here the atonement of Christ has given opportunity to every soul to become a child of God for everyone as a starter to me through the internment of Christ but those who continue in transformation transgression excuse me become one with the originator of Simonsen important thought they become one with the originator of sin they draw in their nourishment from Satan I my 1st read that in all honesty I really could not and he she also I how revolting if I'm rejecting the god clause I'm turning away from the warring winsome love of Christ and I'm continuing in transgression I'm becoming. Like in a marriage relation I becoming one with the originator of sin and then drawing nourishment from Satan and then she goes on and in this article she talks about something she read she describes in the article was going to our stop sharing ministry momentarily storing what bacteria am she talked about in a very lengthy several paragraphs of an article that she read a bay young girl who was lost in the woods and you might have read something similar to this that is our ages and the girl thought I was in the woods and she was traveling out wandering and I mention the issue because comes to the cold and collapses in the snow and you know her interview why forces are having a way fortunately as my describes in the article she read some what's been come along they find here they just put her on some poor as the carrier back to their home their cabin in the woods and they gently gently mirror shirt no different warmth and bring her back to health. Then they bring him back to 4 healthy alive and she is ultimately reunited with her parents and for a tremendous rejoicing there is there and she of course makes the connection to us and what are we doing and how are we helping people that might be on the verge of succumbing to the allure of Satan's deception and falling asleep in the snow of sin and I want to read you're into Wake in and to rescue God and then she kind of pivots a little bit and she says what the parents have said if they have found out these women found her and then they passed on. And did not help or so let me go back and share my screen and give you the rest of the British. Then it creation continuous. She says the sufferings of every man are the sufferings of God's child and those who perished by their perishing fellow beings without pity or help provoke God's previous anger it year this is the round of the Lambs or before that he or she had mentioned how the parents would be wild with indignation that their child had been lost through the action the how was missed the coldness and she says something similar in desire of ages but it's much more poignant here in the Bible echo and again bringing up this connection that we are part of this we have a humanity and what mood you're in for others how are we interacting with others when there's this beautiful contention the faithful to your fellow men and and you will please God great quotation of this be faithful to your fellow man and you will please God he loves the world love it and you will be accepted by Him That's right justice is by faith unquestionably 3 inches messages are full of faith. Based on Justification by Faith here's a very practical aspect of love the world because God loves it and you will get excepted by him and in our world that we're living in today where there is racial tensions economic tensions yet how are we demonstrate a lot of God You know let us not be recipients of this you know cheerful wrath that God will feel at the end of time for those that neglect in other words of that has become one with him enduring or attempting to bring salvation to others then you very much for your time in your attention and at this point through this if we have any questions we can take those. All right well we certainly do have some questions here Stephen and the 1st question from Robert thank you for your great question is here Robert question is. The cup in the 13 joules messages is it the same as the cup Jesus in the garden of a semi. Is it the same I think there's a connection and you know clearly in a cup that Jesus wants to know that Jesus is praying as I mentioned remove this cup for me then you know the imagery of the cup is very probably conscription years you can find it in a lot of Psalms some 70 farmers and some 16 or St You know. Joe 2120 he's only imagery a cup is very prevalent in scripture to me exactly the same perhaps I think the imagery is slightly different but certainly Jesus is asking that this cup be removed me with the cup of God's wrath be removed from me definitely there is a connection Ok thank you. The next question I have. You touched on God's wrath being his giving these giving his. History this again you touched on God's wrath being his giving beast over to his sins are there other aspects to God's wrath or is it primarily a giving over experience so as I mentioned in the beginning I think there are different aspects of God's wrath There's example that mentioned in the Book of Numbers and then of course there is. The wrath of God by some people today John 306 and then there's the getting over aspect of it I think I may think we need to be careful of truncating God's wrath from Revelations perspective it's very clear I think it's clear what's taking place. And let me say it has no aspect of God's wrath is it arbitrary revenge for all our personnel the Bible never says God is round them I was as calm as love God Here is a I've never known God's wrath. So it's only me and no aspect of God's wrath is revengeful or filled with animosity or victim or arbitrary but I think there are different dimensions of God's right Ok next question Did Jesus fully experience the wrath of God in 70 and Calvary Well I would have to answer that yes I knew from it. Unquestionably Ok. What those years like there's now cursed feels like there's a follow up question to that question that but yes I would have said that yes that he definitely experienced God's wrath to the fullest and to the deepest All right what does wine refer to as metaphor in general and specifically what is that wine in God's cup that was maybe to follow up in a way yes Oh good good question so you know you have this these counter images in the Book of Revelation so there is the one I mean you have one which is an intoxicating model which brings about spiritual confusion one comment it here that I mentioned I referred to here in the presentation that the cup. Babble on his filled with the blood perhaps last model of God's people that's a potential image the why aim of God Scout perhaps we can see if we are following the counter images in the Book of Revelation might be filled with a lot of Christ excellent We have a question here from joy. It reads in John 336 but when you've not thinking James version is translated disobeyed. Can you comment on how the concept of belief and obedience have been disconnected in modern thought but not in the Bible similarly faith and faithfulness are the same in the Greek word but people think they can't have faith without being faithful can you help us see how those concepts are connected Ok No it's true I mean particularly in English maybe not to mention other languages you know we have this idea to believe but we don't have this on this concept to face you know it's one thing we can say. To believe or we have faith as of now we don't really have an expression in English to say to faith or to live out our faith. But unquestionably there there's just close connection between a faith that's lived as Paul tells us in the book of Galatians faith that works for James tells faith that works his dad being alone. So there is this intimate connection where faith always manifests itself but Paul tells us English and says that faith works fine love continually all the time in John 336. I'm on my memory is slipping in for exist for right now the exact required that's translated there yet in the King James and in modern translations there is a difference there one has to not to believe it rather is to disobey I actually think that's a grammatical translation that I can think it's a different word but your concept is correct certainly true faith over springs forth you know beings. Excellent Ok we have come to the end of our time here Stephen really great to just express our appreciation to you I'm speaking I'm sure on behalf of our whole audience here this afternoon. This has been such a special time and just understanding more deeply God's love for us his character. Even Would you be willing to just close with prayer as we wrap up our time and I'm privileged father to have and we thank you for your consistent and I'm doing well for us we thank you for the way it's been one of the best in your Christ and his self-sacrifice we pray that you would you just how to live life as a dedicated service to you and as a Sabbath this soon approaching us depending on where we are in the world we pray that we would truly enter into the blessings of this. Jesus knew. This medium was produced by audience 40 and having just layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more about. Least. Not yet cite. 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