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Medical Missionary Work and the 3 Angels' Messages

Narlon Edwards
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This presentation will look at medical missionary work in three realms: historically, presently and prophetically. We will see its connection with the Three Angel’s Messages and the closing crisis.

“Medical missionary work is to be closely connected with the ministry of the Word, bound up with the third angel’s message…When these parts of the work are carried forward on correct lines, the third angel’s message will be given in accordance with God’s purpose.”{5MR 134.3}





  • July 31, 2020
    3:30 PM
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I thank you everyone so much for each joining us for this afternoon session I if I were to a were super excited to have at Marilyn Edwards here I hope I'm speaking your name correctly or super excited to have been here Ok talking about medical missionary work and the 3rd angel's message so I mean to hand this over to to him but just a quick note everyone who's watching it make sure that you leave your questions in the chat box because at the end we're going to have about 15 minutes when a so Mr heads wherever it's going to be answering your questions and he can't do that if you don't leave any questions or definitely utilize that chat box and I will hand things over thank you all so much for being here. Almost a happy time with this such inhabit but on say good afternoon to everyone it is a blessing and a privilege to be here with the all and have decided when it does come. And we trust that you have a blessing Sabbath and I hope that you've been enjoying the side seminars so far and when I was accessed speak on medical missionary work in a 30 dollars message praise the Lord it is one of my passions and it's something that I have personally have been engaged in for the last 12 years full time in bringing the connection with the 13 dollars message and medical missionary work so that that is the subject that we'll be covering But my specific title for will cover this afternoon is repairer of the breach. Repair the breach now before I jump writing it would be good for you to at least know a little bit about why I am. As been mentioned my name is Nolen Edwards and in 2008 of the law compelled both my wife and I to go full time in ministry and we both left well supported careers and took a step of faith to move forward and doing God's work fulltime and that the passion that brought this ministry together with the burden of see the connection with the health reform medical missionary work and a $13.00 message. So since 2008 we started our training 2008 of 2009 we finished. And then in 2010 we went full full time in ministry in a self sacrificing and faith based ministry So we founded this my wife and my daughter and myself of course her my daughter's name is Hannah wife's name is Samantha and we founded. The ministry called Tree of Life Ministries Now this ministry has been the route and the birth of many of the things that we've been doing over the past few years since then I've served at other ministries such as meat ministry and. In Huntington Tennessee as an associate director there I'm still currently serving at we are as the event listen the rector oversee the program called t c I which some of you might have heard about some still there but all of that was birthed out of the last ring of Tree of Life Ministries which is a preaching teaching healing ministry model off at the Christ Ministry Now since then the law has blessed us and many ways one of my passion was outpost evangelism with City Mission or and for years my wife and I prayed about how we could get into this work and a lot less this recently. With this property and it's in Stanton Kentucky and also the rectus ministries called Red River outpost Red River alcoves and we have a virtual boo so if you have not yet visited the Red River outpost booth go ahead and do so you can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook at a Red River Outpost dot com You can also visit our website at Debbie Debbie Debbie that Red River outpost or if you want to learn further information about who we are what we do but it's pretty much combining oppose evangelism with health reform medical missionary work canvassing agriculture different you know traits and industries and and things of that nature and a missionary training school and take this experience now into the cities and train with the workers who have been trained and do a City Mission event listen more you can learn much more about it on our website and more recently my wife is a founder off it's my lovely wife you praise God. She says she started a business our business Tree as we are used to saying now. We call the new breed meats and you can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook at a new breed meets a can visit our website there at Debbie Debbie Debbie that new breed meats dot com and spring much taken the council to start a flame factory and use it in a in a unique way to the event life and for those who are at Lewisville s I last year a many of you were able to taste and see that the Lord is good. Because the Lord blessed us to be able to develop a very tasty product that is designed to take the place of meat and otherwise says soon they'll be many besides 7th Day Adventists who will discard of meat eating altogether Therefore she said we are to produce products that will be able to take the place of me and new great niece was able to accomplish their purpose is very tasty it's it's in a same level as beyond impossible to taste wise with much healthier more minimal ingredients and the Lord has blessed be an excellent excellent product and so far many meat eaters have tasted it and they said look it is excellent and I wish I could share more about this but we also have a virtual booth here at New Breed meets So if you have not visited that that booth go ahead and do that as well to learn more about what we're doing and how we're going to use that as a means of combining with missionary work with help coaching and direct to consumer model etc etc It's ketchin so much attention of a lot it's a blessing we were just in Atlanta I pitched it to a few restaurants there and if things work out we're going to be able to get amazing. More prominent restaurants in Atlanta so soliciting your prayers with the development of new breed as well as the goal of new breed is to be able to support ministries. In such a way that we can face the 2nd coming of Christ All right so just want to give you a little bit of background So let us pray and jump into a message which is under the auspices of medical missionary work in a 13 just message but specifically this afternoon it is called repairer of the breach Let us pray Father thank you so much for the time that we could spend in study and prayer and I pray that this will not just lead to further knowledge without activity father because we don't just have a proclamation we want also a demonstration we don't just want to Declaration we want to manifestation father separate that as we study. Today that you will compel the Dr in lieu of us to go forward in the work as medical missionaries and I pray for wisdom as we have much to come in a little time but we ask in Jesus name Amen I must offer the poll question and just to let you know that the stream is about a minute behind what I'm actually sharing a life so there's going to be a slight delay but the 1st question I would like is what's the 1st thought that comes to mind when you hear medical missionary work then I'll give you some options and I want to see the majority of what has been selected based on option what is the 1st thought that comes to mind when you hear medical missionary work the 8 prayer be counseling see bible study the herbs poultices hydro massage e all of the above and none of the above what is that not listen to the question What is the 1st thought that comes to mind when he hear medical missionary work or out and as soon as those are desert. Chrystia let us know what the results are and I'd like to know this because this kind of helps me to be able to kind of assess the audience that I'm speaking with and then I'll share with you my perspective based upon the. Response of these poll questions. All right 1st off all right so number one it answered the majority it chose herbs cult says Hi Carol and the side. Effect can't asked What's all the that was an option Ok so those were the 2 that were spotted and I am very happy about that and the response and I'm happy is that is what most people think about when they think about medical missionary work and that's what we want to change as we go through our presentation today that as I go so knows this 1st statement that we're going to start with is from the book House on health page by 40 and I challenge all of us to commit this statement to memory comes on health page 540 paragraph 4 and when I do these presentations live before we finish we actually have this committed to memory but I want you know it's what the statement says it says the work of the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work I'm going to repeat that the work of the true medical missionary is a largely a spiritual work now in most cases I do get that results ERPs I do therapy and the physical aspect which is important because it is a it is a vent to a point it is a segue it is a door in which we can surely carry out the essence of what the heartbeat of what medical missionary work is all about but I want to change the fact that this is the 1st thing that comes to mind because from the statement committed to memory I want to you know to says that the work of the true medical missionary is a largely a spiritual work now in the Whitehead another statement in Volume 5 the testimonies paid for 40 for which he says sickness of the mind prevails everywhere then she says 9 tenths of the disease from which men suffer has their foundation here what is that saying it say 90 percent of diseases from which men suffer starts in the mind. That's why the work of the true medical missionary is largely a spiritual work and there's no poultice for the pressure there's no hydrotherapy for the pressure not these these these modalities definitely help but if we don't understand the spiritual ramifications of why a person is going through discouragement why a person is going to despair why a person is going through on forgiveness and as a result of peace a mental disposition is not at least a physical ailments and if we only address the physical not realizing that the work of beetroot medical missionary is largely a spiritual work that we can only reach at best 10 percent of people that needs help knows what goes on to say it says it includes prayer and the laying of hands wash with assess speaking of the physician he therefore should be as sacredly set a part for his work and is the minister of the Gospel wow this is amazing so say a physician who is a medical missionary it should be as simply set apart as the minister of the gospel now we're told that every we have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work that's why I'm 7 page 62 now the unfortunate realities and I share that statement as a foundation for I'm going to share next. There is also an idea that only physicians and nurses and other medical professionals are taught to engage in medical missionary work and the reason why that that mentality is there is because you know as a post-dated when we think about medical mission the 1st thing that comes to mind is hydro poultices massage eccentrics that are the 1st thing that should come to mind now as a medical missionary is the work of the true medical mission is largely a spiritual war and how we are going to address the spiritual issues that people are facing now they are fortunate state of medical missionary work is this I got this from one of my favorite speakers slash writers He's also the founder of would help retreat in north Georgia where I am not my Actually Elegy George as we speak but this is an Wildwood Georgia and it's the physique and he said this is the state of medical missionary work he died in 1996 he says medical missionary work alike it's the vine author has been crucified between 2 thieves now we're going to see that Christ is the true medical missionary and Christ has left us an example of what a medical missionary should be and l. the frizzy say in medical missionary work alike it's the vine author has been crucified between 2 thieves what he fiefs the thief off professionalism know that meets the mindset that only professionals to take all of this work. Every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work then he also says commercialism is a fee and what is commercialism commercialism is thinking about I cannot do this work unless I can see how it can be capitalized on financially how it's going to be beneficial financially and it must be organized the structure is such a way that it's a financial benefit those are the 2 things my friend that's crucify medical mission they were on that medical mission or were to be crucified between commercialism and also professionalism So now let's get to the essence of medical mission or because we're talking about how it's connected to the 30 bills message and we saw that medical the work of a true medical missionary council help 8540 is a largely a spiritual work now in a book a Psalm 67 Those were the Bible says in a book of Psalms 67 that's what it says we're going to look at how medical mission work should be use and what was Gus original design and purpose what we have done wrong and by God's grace what we as a people are going to do to correct some 6 or 7 and verse to those with my Will says and when we talk about help medical missionary work is also linked with health reform No it's what it says in some 67 and verse do not trust that your final along with your Bibles the Bible says that die way may be no upon the earth then it goes on to say that I saving health among all nations so what is God saying got to say I want my saving health to be known among all nations not just to think that I want to notice in this verse number one it says saving health. What does it mean by saving health a message of South a message of healing a message that brings full restoration a message of salvation and Goddess and I want this is the saving health to be known among all nations now what is a connection with a $30.00 message we know the 1st angels message in Revelation Chapter 14 you can turn the Bible so you know as Adventists we should have this committed to memory Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 6 the Bible says and I saw a number angel fly in the midst of having having the everlasting Gospel The preach unto them that do all the earth and every nation and kindred and tongue and people notice that says every nation kindred tongue and people now the Bible says and Somsak severs to that by saving help maybe not among all nations and not a bible saying in the 1st message that should be known among every nation kindred tongue and people now if the saving health is known in every nation and the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message is to go to every nation then we can begin to see how the 1st angels message a 2nd angels message and 3rd angels message have a direct link with health reform has a direct link with medical missionary work hence we're covering medical history we're and a 3rd angels message at 3 angels messages now as you look at it it says and I sort of Angelfire limits of having having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that we're on earth and every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice fair go out and give glory to him well that our office judgement is cut and then goes on to say worship him that has made I want to pause there for moments how do we more ship someone that has made. You know oftentimes you go to museums the notice that they have. Had the privilege of going to loot in. Paris. In France and. One of things that you notice is that the Mona Lisa is incased incorrect in glass and in addition to that it was kept away from people in other words they're trying to protect that which the inventor or the creator has made so therefore they make sure it's in case and kept away and protect it when the Bible says worship him that has made the crown creation of God is meant by was says we are fearfully and wonderfully made so we realize that we are God's crown creation that we are in fact fearfully and wonderfully made and we want to worship him that has made got to say I want to protect and preserve and to take care of that which I have created the same way a man with a kid to hold a lease a painting gusset how much more you should put care into the body which I have made so you are you created by taking care of that which you have made now when you worship in him that has made him take care of his crown creation which is our bodies then you begin to think what do I want to put in this body if I'm going to preserve or to that that is sure I'm put in the best position that was to operate as me they were going to see what we eat what we drink and all that we do must do all to the honor of glory if we begin to say now I need to make sure that I get enough exercise and he to make sure that I get enough sunlight I make sure that I get enough rest and put proper nutrients my body etc etc And also I want to make sure that I fully trust in God create must go through the laws of health that's not a bible says worship and that has made now what you know is that you find a health reform Earl right there in the 1st angels message now then the bomb goes on to say because that our office of judgment has come. That's a message of urgency so got to say not that there's a sense of urgency to ensure that we're taking care of that which God has made that in addition to that we see that battle o.b. following we see that the mark of the beast will be in still and we see that it is now linked will help reform right in the 1st angels message and now we begin to say you know what I want to bring others into this experience because I realized that these people that does not realize that is God's judgment Our And when we realize that is God judgment our brothers sisters and you look at the temple of the sanctuary we see very clearly in the sanctuary that God is saying no is certain things that it is troubling it when they did they were told Miss him please we watch the kind of work that we gauge and we watch the things that we will look at we watch the place that we go when we understand God's judgment our now you saying I realize who the 1st angels message that health reforms link there and also there's a judgment our message now in the sanctuary this 3 components there's a courtyard is the holy place and there's also the most holy place in the most holy place of the sanctuary you find there manna and Manna is in the most holy place my brother and sisters now what those men are represents manna represents health reform. So when you reckon that you're now in God's judgment auric you see that God is now taking off the Gyptian diet in the judgement hour in the most holy place when the Ark of the Covenant got to say not translating your diet I'm struggling appetite into the method which presents health reform so now we see that right in a personal message we're worshipping God With made us why because we have to make sure that we honor our created the that which God has created we also realize that we got judgment power and in the judgment our in the sanctuary where we realize that God is about to the to judge the world and that we're living in very serious time we see what is in a century we see that in the most holy place this man was meant to represent men to represent what God took the chin up out of to look Israel out of Egypt and they say you know what you're eating flesh foods you're eating meat sent you're eating all kinds of l. unhealthy things and Egypt since they suffer heart disease they suffer from diabetes they and by the way there is archaeological information that shows this epidemiologists and many others have studied the Egyptians and paler pathologists and they see very clearly that the Egyptians hacks Far East and in excess of 15 verse 26 The Bible says that God gave us the wonderful promise that will help none of the diseases which he's brought upon the Egyptians upon the chin the Israel where he says if though diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord I go so you can begin to see the combination now gonna saying I have brought you out of Egypt and I'm showing you that you are people of the judgment that's what b.c. is the people of the judgment that's what 70 admin assistant us assist that's who we are we realize that we are living in God's judgment our work we realize that we have our urgent message of the century we realize that we are the most holy place we realize that man is in a most holy place and realize that many represent how to follow therefore got to say he's taken us out. Of the really diet out of the Egyptian diet and as he didn't exist up to 69 he's changed not diet and knowing that he's helped us realize that we are a people a little bit we're a people of prophecy we're people have a specific message for this time now I want to know what the statement since statement says medical missionary work is to be closely connected with the Ministry of the word bound up with the 13 toes message this says when these parts of the work are carried forward on correct lines the 3rd angel's message will be given in accordance with its purpose praise God So we begin to see now that there is a link with health reform there is a link with medical mission they were and the angels message now was wrong goes 1st because the Bible says that saving health all nations and also said medical missionary work in a 30 dollars message let's go through all a chanst but we're told that medical missionary work is the right arm of the gospel so the medical mission work goes before it begins open the doors and as I open the doors the body of the Gospel begin to enter so the body represents the gospel the right arm represents a medical mystery were and as a medical mission it were goes by but from door to door and from country to country and from nation that kindred tongue and people and as medical mission work goes and creates opportunities it opens a door we want to make sure that when those doors are opened that there is a body at the door because if a person open a door and sees nobody that those doors are going to close. That body represents a 3 angels message and a 3 a just messes my brothers this is a very practical a very real good deal with mental depression they deal with mental issues they do it Bible prophecy they deal with all the the whole and and and every aspect of life is found in a 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message but that the medical missionary work opens a door now and paves the way it creates opportunity but if 3 angels Methodists the rise to its promise Now why is it so important now this is a 1st in those messages the image of God knows what it says now because it and 30 does message if I want to images image of the beast or you fine as it was in Genesis Chapter one Verse 26 the image of God I want to know is what the sense. Is says God desires his people to bind medical missionary work up with the work of the 3rd angels message listen to what this is it says this is the we're that will restore the moral image of God in man wow medical missionary work it is signed the restore the moral image of God in man what a powerful statement that is least on next poll question so Christy if you don't mind getting ready for our 2nd poll question a 2nd poll question is this How familiar are you with the 3 angels Methodists 8 unfamiliar be somewhat familiar c come to both or be very familiar How familiar are you. With the 3 Angels' messages that's on next poll question so we're going to see if we get the results of those and then we're going to we're going to move forward at full speed and by God's grace we're going to dive deep into medical missionary work health reform and a 13 dollars message our Christy Yes we are just finishing up with holiness and it looks like I'm just going to give everyone another few seconds to answer I looks like we have. We have one of the most people said very familiar and the 2nd option that was most recent was comfortable so those 2 yet serious very familiar and comfortable praise God that there is Mark they haven't. Because this is that this is the thrust and the stuff heartbeat of Adventism now we're going to we're going to we're going to move. Full fledged now and we don't dive deep into the mess now I want you know is a statement it says here every institution established by 7th Day Adventists is to be to the world what Joseph was an Egypt and what Daniel and his fellows were in Babylon every institution established by 7 events now what was so special about Joseph and what was so special about Daniel. You know me I'll give time to answer that in fact I like to you know if you put some some some comments or something something to let me hear your perspective on this we'll look at this at the end and as Christine mentioned at the beginning don't forget to ask it questions but those questions in a box so that when we are finished and we have that question and it's a time that they're actually questions to be answered but I'd like to hear your comments as well but since we don't have time to stop and get your input I'm just going to jump right in what was so special about Joseph and Daniel there isn't many things there where young young and and you know faithful and diligent and powerful and so on and so forth but what I want to bring to attention is that they were both problem solvers for an issue that was taken place Joseph was a solution in Egypt when there was no the money had failed the Bible says in the book of Genesis Joseph was able to step in let me tell you my brother sister is going to come a time when money is going to fail with Bob said that no man can buy and sell and every institution established by 7th Day Adventists to be to the world what Joseph was in Egypt and what then and his followers were in Babylon was also so special about Daniel Daniel is also a problem solver in Babylon. When there are issues that arose any time there was a problem that arose and no one had an answer to they call Daniel and because of Daniel's connection with got we see that Danny was able to give them a solution to the problem every institution established by setting the event this is a b. to the world what Joseph was in Egypt and what Daniel and his fellows were in Babylon in a life of Daniel you knows that Daniel's 1st test was health reform we're going to come back to that and as a result of his test on health reform you notice that Daniel utilized medical missionary work as a means of bringing the gospel to the world because you would not have done each of the 2 you not have done you chapter 3 and all these prophetic chapters in Daniel 789-1112 if then you know was not faithful in Delhi chapter one on the message of health reform but my question is what got then you in doubt by keris position as a slave we're going to come back to that because our subject is repair of the breach now what are these institutions and their purpose every institution established by 7 events it's beat of the world what Joseph was that the chip in with them as well as when Babylon one of these institutions the purpose those would assess God's purpose in giving the 3rd angels message to the world is to prepare a people to stand true to him doing the investigative judgment this is the purpose which are established to maintain our publishing house us. Our schools are sanitariums hygiene in restaurants treatment rooms and food factories This is the purpose in which we carry forward every line of work in the cause now I want to know is that statement says every institution established by 7 Day Adventists is to be to the world what Joseph was in Egypt and what then you and his fellows were in Babylon so these are this is institutions that are now established by 7 Day Adventists which are to be a Daniel in Babylon and 8 Joseph in Egypt which means that they are to be problem solvers Deborah peer for the impending crisis of no by no cell but also to develop a characteristic in our young age of faithfulness and diligence but also to like then you utilize medical mission were and health reform as a means of propel him in the Gospel which then eventually was able to claim the 2nd angel's message when he was the only one that was able to interpret the handwriting on the wall that set many many tekkie a force in which means the weight in the balance is an off on one thing in other words Babylon is fallen down he was not able to the clear Babylon is fallen until he passed the test of health reform and medical mission work in Daniel Chapter One just keep that in mind so as you look at these institutions now got to say that these ought to be scrubbed solvers for the world now before I dive a little bit deeper I'm going to go to our 3rd poll question of their progress and is this based on the above statement what is the purpose of our sanitariums these are all good answers will be very careful way to heal the sick be to extend life see to prepare a people to stand be to cure cope it 19 again these are all excellent answers. So I'll keep talking Walker see get those polls together let me go back to make sure you have options to heal the sick to extend life to prepare people to stand in the care overnight what is the purpose of our Senate Terry Imp's these other institutions and the way I liken them is that there are multiple doors to the same room most of the rest of the same room I will just wait to get the polls and then will will move forward I hate so I think if yet so let's close the poll here. 100 percent chose Option 3 to prepare a people to stand praise God Amen that there is a heart Now notice this as a way to prepare a people to stand true to him doing the investigative judgment and this is linked with the 3rd angel's message I love the answers while we praise God Now I want you to notice that God understands that there's some people that will never read a book from that comes from a public house and by the way this tells you what kind of books we should be publishing because God's purpose of giving a 3rd angels message to the world it's a peer to peer people stand in it that he's a publishing house don't be publishing books that proclaims a $30.00 message out schools to have his foundation rooted and grounded in the 13 does message a sanity has to be rooted and grounded to 30 just messes this is the purpose why God raise up these institutions. I liken them on 2 different doors to the same room he says medical missionary work is a door through which the truth is to find entrance to many homes in the cities in other words there's some might not come to our publishing houses but they might come to our school they might not come thought sanitariums but they might come to a restaurant they might not come to hide in a restaurant but they might take a food factory product. And whichever door whether the door of the public that they come through well the door to school that they come through or the door instead of terror that they come through whichever door of any institution that has been established by 7 they have bent this they should begin the very same thing the 1st 2nd and 30 minutes message I'm not saying that when it comes to you going to say you know God's judgment I was here and and come out of Babylon and and and and and and and you know if you work the beast in his image are going to receive the mark of the beast that's not what I mean by the 30 just message the message the 30 and just message that message or press to ration is that message that get specs the Christ it's right to spy faith and verity it points back to Christ as our Creator as we realize that he is our maker he's the one that's our High Priest he was the one that was slain in the court you know as the lamb he is the one that was a kind of the priest in the holy place in all aspects 30 just messes point spec Christ All right just us they don't miss that point as well then she says I would be reached by senators which cannot be reached in any other way all right next I want to make sure that we understood the varying institutions so let me x. this question and this whole question of a form it says which facility was not mentioned in medicine releases book one page 220 which one was not mentioned in Medicare releases book one page 228 schools b. sanitariums c. church d. publishing houses let me go back so which one was not mention I didn't say which one was mentioned which one was not mentioned in the reference that talks about the very institutions that are established by 70 Adventist which was not mentioned I will give you a moment to get those poles together I like to hear your feedback on that which one was not mention. I I make just a couple more are moments for people to answer that a problem. And to let's see which this only was not mentioned All right track wrong. And it looks like 100 percent Chase option 3 church praise God together paying attention Amen. Very good now the reason why the church doesn't have to be mentioned is that all of these are on the church we are the 7 they have a search area 7 they have been to schools we have sent if it had been to send a Tears we have 70 Edmonton's publishing house and treatment rooms and food factory so the church is the umbrella under which all of these institutions fall so you are right church was not mentioned but that doesn't mean that church is left out on the gated these institutions are helping hands to the church they should be under the church not some offshoots spurious movement they should be working harmoniously with the body of Christ in the church all right now even though that all of the things I mention. Publish now schools or some factories etc etc There is one that God has given us specifically that breaks down prejudice and barriers more than any other and what you know is what it says here it says much of the prejudice that prevents the truth of the 3rd angel's message from reaching the hearts of the people might be removed if more attention were given to health reform that assess when people become interested in this subject the way so often prepared for the entrance of other truths if they see that we are intelligent with regard to the health they will be more ready to believe that we are sound and Bible doctrines so we see that the health reform is designed specifically to break down the prejudice probably made this one too easy. Let me just go to next how can we kept in prejudice be prevented to what the truth of the 3rd angel's message a preaching be health reform or c Bible work how can the truth how can prejudice be prevented to what the truth of the 13 does message preaching a b. health reform c. Bible or now these are all good answers for we're looking at once pacifically relative to what we have been sharing in the message so far and specifically the slide that we just shared so I'll give you a moment to go through your polls and I get Christie moment also to give me the results. Preaching to reform Bob or which one breaks down the prejudice Wow it seems like you they're Ok And sorry but. You raise have static 100 percent help for firemen for a gun a minute and I need to know who these viewers are so that they can begin to work with me right away I love the answer that you got to choose and praise the Lord so we see that health reform is designed specifically to break down the prejudice so that the 3rd angel's message now can take its effect that's what it says here most of the predecessor was the truth of the 38 years message that prevents truth of 13 us mess from reaching our hearts and can be removed if more attention were given the Health Reform Now let's look at a biblical example of this let's go in our Bibles to the book of 2nd Kings Chapter 20 in fact I'm looking at my time I'm just going to go through very quickly but you can turn your Bibles that 2nd can stop at 20 and you could study it now in the story. King has a Kaya was given a death sentence he knew that he was about to die I said a prophet came to Miss said the pier you house because you are about to die as a car began to pray and as begin to pray says Lord I want more time and before I say I left Gus as you know what I'm going to extend in life go back now I say it went back and through medical missionary work he used a fake poultice a meant medical missionary work he was a fit poultice and he healed Hezekiah when has a coyote was healed the kings from all around the world one would know how he was healed now watch this point the Bible says then by Roque Della band king of Babylon came and inquired up as a Kaya how he had been healed now listen to this my brothers sisters when Hezekiah was healed by medical missionary work Listen to this it literally literally drove Babylon to come to the realm that you guys catch that it drove Babylon to come to the remnant as a result of health reform now instead of has a Kyra share with them that the God of heaven heal me I prayed and got into my prayer and as a result now of the prophet come in and tell me exactly what to do and to use a fixed poultice and not to remedy and and all credit goes to God because He is a maker of all things and God is the God of Nature so he can set the lot of this God is the one that heal me and let me tell you about Micah let me tell you how powerful my Goddess my God is a healer of the mental why Gaza heal of the physical My God is the heel of the spiritual instead of as a kite doing that you know what he did he says Come in here let me show you my beautiful palace let me show you my my marbles and my and my goal and my and my silver of let me show you how Frank to my houses. He did you know what the happened as I mentioned earlier medical missionary opened a door but there was no body the body of a 30 just message it was not prevent presented and because the body of the 3rd angel's message was not presented as a result now has a cow you don't disappoint show them what they already had when the health left is drawn someone is not brought to show them what they're really have is a show them something different show them that there is a God in heaven that is all powerful there is a God in heaven that not just should not just be treated like Santa Claus he knows when you've been bad Augusts of the good for goodness sake there's a god that cares about you there's a god that cares about your feelings and your emotions is a God that once entered see it did the experience and Hezekiah had an opportunity to help what show that when he showed them the very same things that they already have. A mystic now as a result of Hezekiah is folly when Isaac came back he says What had they seen at 9 House and the guy said they saw everything he said there's nothing in my house that I did not show them Isaiah said as a result now your sons shall be Unix in Babylon a subject is a repair of the bridge now where you go to the Book of Daniel chapter one you realize that it was as a result of has a Kairos mistake in her utilize health reform that put Daniel in the vicarious position of being a eunuch in Babylon with. Now as a result of Denny being a eunuch in Babylon the very 1st test that then you had was a very low test that put him in deposition to begin with the thing that Hezekiah failed on which was combining medical mystery we're combining health reform in a 30 in his message then he was 1st tested on that so then he now picked up where his forefather Hezekiah had left off he was tested on health reform but praise God Daniel passed and he became a repairer of the breach he became a repeat of always places by the way that Texas upon the book of Isaiah Chapter 58 1st well it says that I shall be called the repair of the breach and the Restore of the old waste places so we see that Hezekiah made a breach Hezekiah fail on health reform as a coyote failed to show Burrell a band Babylon who literally came to the remnant the opportunity about the God who heal them and now Danny is in the same position my friends and praise God day was a repair of the breach he did not fail we His father has a kited they all took the stance on health reform then he was about he was able to clear Babylon is fallen and he was also able to give us the prophetic book of Daniel all because he 1st passed that test on health reform by the way many of us have been tested on health reform now and I pray that repent saying that test as well so we see that every Is it to establish myself in the event this is the beat of the world what Joseph was in Egypt and what the and its followers were in Babylon or my sane light Daniel we are called to pick up we our forefathers have messed up has a kind of messed up he did not connect the Gospel and now Daniel had to step in and fix where his forefathers have left what I want to share with you is that in this nomination there has also been a breach. Like like Hezekiah house for father we have to be the Daniels in our institutions in every institution that we have established we have to be like do to make sure that we're making a connection with the reform the gospel now we see the history is repeating itself what you know is a statement a statement made in 1700 medical missionary work is in its infancy the meaning of genuine a commission work is known by but few why is that because the Cbest plan of work has not been followed a statement was made in 1007 that was significant about this what's significant about this is in 1000 know 6 Now remember the statement 190-710-0006 not the caloric States the number of patients grew from 106 to 866866 to 7006 patients during the year 1906 so he's saying we have grown we have grown he says we came to existence in 866 and he says we have we have grown exponentially because we are only 106 patients and now we're seeing 7006 patients he says in the United o.c. he said we have grown exponentially but what do you know it says medical machine at work is the end its embassy the mean of any medical mission work or not but with you why because the safest plan of work has not been followed Now at that time the medical missionary work was 40 years old 866 to 906 and a licensed medical mission work is yet in its infancy if you see if 40 year old that's the had the characteristics of the behavior of an infant you said that it had arrested development that means medical missionary work had and Arrested Development we have though that Kellogg says we have growth though Oh I says I still see an infant he said we grew to this amount in 1000 know in 1906 and I know I says I see that you say that you have growth but what I see is that infant seats are next poll question. How many patients attended our 1st Senate term 8 166-8106 b. 1006 c 706 or. 7006 how many patients attended our 1st sanitarium in 1866 you give me the number all right now I'm going to keep moving because I see my time is fast when I say fast I mean fast passing I'm going to skip through some things but while Christie get there step together just to give you some context when that same was made in 1000 No 7. There have been some notable guess they had already attended the Battle Creek center and Christie could just jump right in want to be happy as polls ready King Edward had attended the Battle Creek sanitarium William Taft which was our 27th president has attended about a creek cemetery and Thomas Edison also attended about a priest and a Tim Amelia Earhart the 1st female to fly cross the Atlantic also attend about a creek cemetery Warren Harding a 29th president Henry Ford Ford Motor Company James cash pretty j.c. Penny John Rockefeller Harvey Firestone So Jennifer truth had all. Attended about a creek sanitarium and in addition to that The Battle Creek sanitarium was the largest health institution I want you know is next words in the world I didn't say in the United States so I had all these attendees it was the largest health institution in the world and though I says medical mission work is still an infant Arrested Development I perceive a Polls Yep so. And most people just never want to having sex and we don't have one person she's number 2. Or so that what it is yet a correct answer is in fact 100 incidents and then he said it grew to 7006 in 1000 or 6 but we saw even though he thought that a group and Weiss is an infant so you see all these prominent people politicians and presidents and kings and and people of influence and money men they all attended about Greek cemetery not not all of them were attended before the statement was made but you still get the thrust of the influence of the Battle Creek Senate and also the largest health institution in the world but in the white looks it is says medical mission work is yet in its infancy in addition to that my friends knows what she said about Dr Kellogg She says Dr Kellogg is the greatest physician in the world just said that Dr Kellogg was God's physician Now think about it the largest institution in the world the greatest position in the world and had influences attended about a creek sanitarium 700006 patients but it might look to still say I still see an infant I wonder why I want to one I'm going to skip through a few things. For the sake of time but she tells me the reason why and we're going to skip we're going to skip poll number 7 pristine we're going to skip that one and she gave you the reason why she says medical mission work is the end it's in and see the meaning of general medical mission work is known by a few that she says Why that she said to save your splaying of work has not been followed so is that even though Dr Kellogg's doing all these wonderful things he has not followed this save a splendid work you know we have presidents and kings and princes and men of prestigious power attended about a creek cemetery and she says he still not found a savior just plant said something is wrong I still see an infant but my question is this. Why should I say what question would you ask and don't forget to put your questions in the question in a question section and also write down comments that you might have as well so that when we take those last 10 to 15 minutes to answer a question that will have the opportunity to actually have some questions answered so my question would be based on a statement what would be the question the question would be what is the safest plan what is the safest plan and I don't have time to go through it with you but I just summarize it in the book of Matthew chapter 4 Jesus says follow me and I should make you fishers of men in other words follow me and I'll show you my plan of evangelism that verse 23 the bombs of the Jews what about all the cities and villages teaching this synagogues. To preach teaching is sing outs preaching the gospel and healing all manner of sickness and disease among the people so we saw that he was teaching he was preaching and he was healing Now which one did he do more in a book minister feeling paid 17 and the wife said join his ministry Jesus devoted more time to healing then to teaching so we saw that Jesus did more now we go to verse $24.00 in verse 25 of Matthew chapter 4 Bob said that he was healing many sickness and many disease among the people and as a result the Bible says a great multitude followed him so we see not as a result of his healing ministry which he did more he had great multitude that followed him now as a result of Jesus's healing in method for verse 24 and 25 there was a great multitude that followed him then you go to Matthew chapter $595.94 when you read the original scrolls is just one rolling scroll it's not a separation of body but the separation of chapters for he's got to separate chapters that's what he was to get a message up before and verse 23 but my point is this the Sermon on the Mount fund of Matthew chapter 5 was a continuation of the healing found in Matthew Chapter 4 the healing came as a result. Aside the preaching came as a result of the healing in the valley he drew of the great multitude is now and the Bible said the Matthew chapter 5 then he opened his mouth and taught them same what am I saying Christ combined medical missionary work with teaching Christ combined medical missionary work with preaching healed but he didn't stop there he didn't just say you know what I'm going to give you more years to live a simple life he said you know what I must also give you the gospel we see he combined So my question it then is what went wrong about a creek no more we see that he was not following the safest plan was Dr Kellogg doing he was raised up a member of institution and a white one is not the largeness of its mission he says when you raise up a lot in Memphis Dushan it says you lose sense of the high standard of spirituality he said that he said you can have the high work as one actress and you have to have a work as one that Adventists they don't have to hire workers who do not understand the 3rd angel's message remember God's purpose of going to 30 his messages appear People essential to him doing it investing a Dutchman and this is a reason why obvious steps to maintain sanitariums it is for the purpose of proclaiming a 30 just message and you cannot proclaim the 30 just message insanitary him with workers who are not Adventists who does not understand that there are angels message they set he was that there is a danger that you're going to hire people who are not spiritually minded that was a warning that he followed a council he did not so he took this structure this whole like sanitarium small not mammoth in 866 that was established by God because she had a vision in 1903 about the Senate and work and then in 1865 she had a vision about the cemetery more specifically in 63 ship vision about health reform 65 should have been about sanity and work and 66 they had this institution ready and ready to roll this much behind that story but I'm not able to share that now so that the top is down to 878 he built this. We see that it is large it is a member instance is exactly against what she says it is you mongers she said and as a result he began to hire workers who are not spiritually minded workers who do not own the Fenice 30 knots message and we see that the combining of medical missionary work in the 30 days message it will last Dec that combining and then it became separate the medical mission workers and the church was separate and why I said that created the worst evil My friends if we understand a true purpose of medical mission work so tore it down and built this memory and fancy institution and knows it says here among his along with his high numbers of patrons yet at one time 800 workers at one time and sometimes more than a 1000 workers with 30 physicians etc etc We're going to skip this bogus if I may dip go ahead and access In fact I'll skip these I'm running out of time so I'm just get these as a result of Dr Kellogg disobedience in February 18th 100002 there's a fire that burned the betta Creek sanitarium down to the ground bird that completely In fact when the firemen came to put out the fire they said you Adventists have some strange fires they say the more we put a floor on your fire they're like gasoline is it infused that ignites the fire we're told and I said that it was an angel about a creek that would not move on that sort of age it would not move until God's purpose was fulfilled for that disobedient to Sion to be burned but the doctor Kellogg at the point no he did not because in 100003. Actually built this. Larger bigger and continue this same direction that the safest plan approaches not was not being followed not combine a medical mission we're going to 38 years message how ring workers who are not Adventists who does not understand it 30 dismissed it and as a result it's still became just a really it's. And I'm going to spare some of the details but he wrote this book Living temple and reviewing her the side of the going to print even though in a White says no and then revealing her role in the center of 100002 also burn down to the ground let me ask the question now what went wrong with the Battle Creek sanity and what went wrong knows what it says here it says if a sanitarium connected with the close and work Listen to this my friends if a sanitarium connected with the close of work and the closing message failed to lift up Christ and the principles of the gospel as developed in the 3rd angel's message it fails in its most important feature and contradicts the very uptick of its existence we're talking about medical missionary work in a 30 dismissed list to me my friends the prophet to the remnant tells us that if I is a 2 shots or if I individuals in the institution the church institution the church body are carrying out medical missionary work and then not combining with the message of Christ the message of hope the messed up healing is not combine it with a 3rd just message which is lifted up Christ then she says you as an individual r us as an institution or his church has contradicted the very object of our existence our existence is to repeat it to a whole lot is relationship with Christ and he said I have got his give us health reform the medical mission work the combined 13 just methods so that people can develop that relationship with Jesus Christ so what is the object in the purpose of medical missionary work it says we should ever remember that the object of medical missionary work is the point send sick men and women to the men of Carry who take away the sin of the world lifer. If what we're doing is not leading people to Christ if what we're doing is not give them a savior relationship with Jesus my friends we're doing nothing but taken 6 sinners and making them healthy soonest instead of taken 6 inches and give them to the men who take the way the sins of the world and turn them into healthy saints that's the topic of medical mistakes were my that's the object so somebody says so why do we need the practical Why do we have the massage then go back to question why do we have the the the hydrotherapy And why do we have the the remedies and these different modalities is simply so that we can get close to the people my friends what head on the patient one had and Christ and that's very much sort of them we connect with Christ and then we're told that the love of Christ in a healing life given current is a flow through your life we're told that Christ segments are the channels of his work and and through them we desirous exercises healing power so Christ saying the reason why I give any think is so that you can get up or too early as you're talking with them as you must start in them it's what you're able to do but. As you're put in that that minute hike with their being here and you're doing that the hot foot bath and you're and you do these the practical modalities it is an opportunity enough for you to open your mouth as Christ did after he learned them and begin to teach them saying bless it all the point heart is again if you put it teach them now come see a man Christ Jesus that's the purpose of medical mission they were is simply a means and a liaison to say I must get this person to Christ they might not be directly interested in Christ but they are interested in healing the accounts they might not be directly interested in Christ but they might be interested in healing they have high blood pressure or they diabetes or the obesity but come see a man my friends. That can reveal all the things you come see in men that says I'm the lead that take of the way the sin the World Cup see of men that says he is well known for transgressions Bruce for iniquity the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes where he'll come see that man the purpose of medical and if if we fail to understand this we defy the very object of our existence come see a man my friends that like that lady. Had to issue a blow when he touched them of his gauntlet with the Bible said that virtuous going out of her wife because she began to set the but of course of crises of that love so much that I'm not deceiving you from sins only for your diseases and I bear your decrease and carry on from what he's come see a man that is the purpose of medical missionary work I've now I can summarize by saying as a result of Dr cults folly you messed up separated from the church begin to do humanity and work without the Gospel and we are to be like Daniel in these times my friends we need to repair the breach that Dr Kellogg has messed up he caused a separation between the church and medical missionary work and we have we're told that we're still living in the worst evil and we are told our brothers sisters that when you study it this is the is deep rooted in what will be called that out of apostasy because those do to make up a past and every institution established by the Adventist beats of the world what goes with Egypt and what Danny was and the fellows were in Babylon what when Hezekiah messed up this is point one has a kind of messed up then you say you know what I am not going to complain of this vicarious position that I'm in God has called me in the bad not to fix a problem so therefore I'm going to take my stand on health reform but I'm going to connect it with the gospel. And he did it without complaining my friends so I got to say in these last days we realize now that our forefathers doctor has messed up by separating help from the gospel so now he's saying we need to take hold of this and as a result of taking the whole this my brother's this is we make that connection knows that make that connecting link that was the message we repair the bridge that was missing and like then you know we are called to pick up we are for those has messed up we're being called through peer share with the one example and there were close notes what this says here it says The world must have an antidote the same as a medical missionary work intelligent to release suffering and save life hearts or soften those with assess those who are helped off ill with gratitude Now listen these words I love these words moments as they bring joy to my heart because I've seen it listen as the medical mystery works upon the body God works upon the heart praise God of insistence as you're giving him a solid God is working on the heart as a human a poultice got his work on the heart as you walk with a patient and walk with a friend got his work in the park has again the health consultation and the health coaching my friends God works in the hearts that's medical mission work my friends so it's not just about our ability as it is about our availability at a few stories to share with you but I'm only going to share one last year and I close in 2 minutes so that we have time to support since a year and a half ago I went to preach and Western a c. and I did a full week of Health for this beautiful family came out the night that I started and they stuck with us the whole time and. You know they were the lady has stayed 3 emphysema the worst stayed up in that state 3 emphysema she has to walk around the oxygen tank the guy in a blue shirt which is our son has diabetes and high blood pressure he has all kind of issues and and they're on multiple medications so they came to the seminar and they were just thrilled I'm blown away with what health reform as is connected with the gospel of Christ or we have to make it practical so that a health consultation with them a kind of share with them some things that they need to do what can pretty much go to a lot of help I'm pretty sure is the family here so then I say you know what you guys the immediately need to start walking and exercise the latest year that she was severely depressed and she can't walk you know. Severely obese I can't walk and I want to walk or I have in the Sima I just can't do I say you asked me for my help with a walk tomorrow outfront praise God sometimes sometime if you get a light light like like a like light like those angels go and pull someone out my front step a lot of I saw that this lady need to be pulled out of her sadness pull out of her depression pull out of her misery pull out of the obesity pull out of all the things that she's suffering and that very day next day guess what have we all went walking together and that lady walked for 3 quarter mile and for all of us you know we're going to make sure that I connect with the elders in a by work that the story so I made the connection I brought the Ella there that's my friend there he's elder and you see the lady here she is she was the by work at the church lady there were that tired i had us that we were going to all go working together because when I leave they're not going to see me anymore and I need you to come and spend time with them too so that when I leave They're still have someone that the company that we all went walk now her son says I was born a Baptist and I'm going to die about just. And you know I didn't challenge of. But they saw through the messages and of my interaction with them and spending time with them they saw that they needed a lot more in health reform they needed a lot more to be addressed spiritually they were depressed I was a bit give them counseling about their depression and so on and so forth and they said I needed more us and before all of us that look on the Senate you have not you often other persuasion but this particular church that you haven't attended everything that I've been teaching this week that could help you to continue and the church members begin to visit them the church members can go into the house and fix their cars and help with the get the house cleaned up the church members continue to give cooking classes and they said that's one of us and it's here in the West and a c. and I spent some time there and got a got a cleanse and so on the so forth and as a result by France last week I was able to join to be effaced on these 2 people being buried in a watery grave of baptism praise God my friends how to start medical missionary work and I can share with you as I said I had multiple stories lined up but I'm already out of time we only have 6 minutes to questions now so I'm going to pause and prate But I want to encourage you to let you know that as the medical mission works upon the body we're supplying the heart never lose sight of the fact that medical missionary work must be connected with the guts it works my friends I have proven it time and time again that we more right where I am now is a t c I coordinator. That I could share with the stories of at the stories of how many people now are being baptized as a result to do something simple because sometimes we think medical mission work is only earth the point is that it's that it could be gone in clean and suffice House it could be going clean if somebody has got it it could be going it washes a high scar up clean a person got to my friends and now they're baptized member of the church or as a result of me doing medical mission work back cleanse the got a medical mission where my brother sister this is recognized that at the center would have been his big clients. Therefore we need to cleanse on a mess therefore we need to cleanse months their food and to cleanse box now as we begin this cleansing process does this cleanse of their heart and binds hearts the hearts of stopping pray Father thank you for we learned now as we transition these last few minutes request time Jesus name it I'm going to go ahead and stuff my share in the Chrissy I'll have you jump in if there are any questions whatsoever yes there are questions and 1st of all thank you so much for that horrible message I don't I really enjoyed it and the contact in Racine Everyone's been really enjoying it so thank you so much but will jump right into some of the questions here we have whining Karina ash for Anna and she asks How can one it get medical missionary work with family members who have a completely different mindset or beliefs and how can this be done everything straight relationships Ok this that question requires more time so out actually refer you to contact me at info at Tree of Life Ministries dot com Send that question there but I'm going to my very best to give a brief answer but contacting it in for a trip like ministries not come to that requires a little bit more digging deeper to find out what the issues are but I'll say this medical missionary work as I mention is a lot simpler than we think medical missionary work is more about a demonstration than a proclamation. So how they say you live your life there's one family that we went to the house they were they were vegetarians and my wife and I were completely plant based and they're so used to being condemned for not being completely plant based that when one of the people came by to stay with them you know medical mysteries and so on and so forth they condemned them and it completely turned off when my wife and I went there we didn't say anything you know and why so if the medical mission work at the dinner table so we sat with them there is what we saw that we eat that was completely plant based we eat it if it had you know their products all the things that we saw that we can eat we just did it without complaining within say anything we just simply selected the things that we couldn't that family as a result became completely plant based by how we conducted ourselves so we think about medical mission work sometimes we think about what we do but sometimes how you live this much of the principles that's much broader and deeper but again contact me at in 4 trips like Ministries dot dot com that org rather and I'll be able to dig a little bit deeper and help you to get a better understanding of what's going on yeah thank you for that has a question great and we have another one in here. I am not going to pronounce his name because I will but you're right but the question is is acupuncture a cottage about it at medical missionary work to say yes. The answer is No it is not and I can't get into all the details of it again because that's that's a very specific questions when I but I just answer it by to share with you the true method and the true method not retakes with a false methods and Weiss says that there are many ways of practice in that healing art but there's only one method that God approves you know as you mentioned that a lot of felt God to us open their daily access sunshine properest lots of for always temperate nutrition he said that's that's the main way of practicing that healing art acupuncture actually anything that that that that that alters especially the central nervous system is something that you. I want to stay away from any more delicacy that takes you away from the simple principles of a lot of help is something that you want to be aware of God has given us that template of what we should utilize and that's what you want to you want to use as a means of of what the gun insists I do have a message that quote that's called. The gospel message of healing false sorry falls meant as a feeling and go through the different and more than one season while they're wrong so again you can go ahead and even them you're in for a Tree of Life Ministries now or and if you e-mail me there can send you a link to that message as well so that you can get access to that information off and that's why I think that's a question that a lot of people probably have because just decided today has all these ideas that you know what proper health care is and maybe that's actually the proper you know God given way to do health care sitting here for that we have another question from Angie. Can I hope I'm saying that right and she wants to know how can people work with you. Very good question I'm going to give you a different e-mail and we have a full team that could be there in the rhetoric of posts where look at his stance in Kentucky and you know I was going to play if I had time but if you go to youtube and type in a Red River post 2 different words Red River of post it shows you a video got miraculously provide for us the institution their stance in Kentucky which is 45 to 50 minutes east of Lex It's in where we cannot this work but I say go ahead and e-mail us at info at a Red River outpost or info at Red River Post dot org And we'll be able to work with you in and get that person and be answered for you info at Red River post altogether Ok thank you Ok we have more questions coming in as we're talking but where can we find medical or trained medical missionary that can work at doctors that would ask why only on us I mean. Yes Out say partner with one of the things you want to do is partner with it coming to chanson are trained in medical missionary so commonly work at that we more aware of what's perhaps I'm all over the place in. Case of the tail snow but at Wiemar in-situ we have a program called the health program and we run that program every fall the fall semester so it starts in 2 weeks and it goes through the end of this message which is early December late late November but you want to plan with that we more as to you want to partner while we're in a while would. Help a treat you want to partner with you 2 pints these are all medical institutions that you know that are very prominent there's much much more as well and yes I am quite sure I have a much broader list of the very is to sions I want to find out when one of they do in their training and as they do in their training what you always find is that their students a look at what to do next. So as you look at as you partner with them you say do you have any potential students an interest in work in my office and then it could tell you the potential students all said we do have a couple more questions do you mind going to few minutes I heard like I'm perfectly fine I think well then this is fine I say well as it gets frog asked what about reflexology I'm assuming that's relating to the previous question I ask God approves method of medical missionary work same principle and again this guy didn't send me email or info at Tree of Life Ministries dot org And what I'll do is I'll send you to specific message that we have that actually covers the false message the feeling it gets it's talks about reflexology as well. Yet that really will need to check that out Ok it looks like we had all those allergy 3rd ology reflexology they're all methods that you find that when you study deeply have been does not approve they have a lot of them have their their stem and they're rooted in mysticism and eastern religion and different things of that nature it alters the mind opens up the mind for very things and also and also the central nervous system which also is thinking and that's the idea behind them that message will get more details All right so it looks like we have one more and. I had it make me mad and she's asking me Is it alright for a woman to give a man a massage treatment absolutely if it is the answer if it is your husband or is this if you a son absolutely. But. What if that man is not your husband or a son are near to can that this direct principle is in a spread across that tells us that males should be serving males and females should be serving females and that practice should be carried on in our institutions as well and I don't have this reference specific in front of me now but you can go ahead email me at info at Tree of Life Ministries or I'll give you the reference that states that specifically. And how sick Well I just want to thank you again we received a lot of comment saying that this is a powerful message and people are really enjoying it I said you have one question just out of my own curiosity because we don't get to that last poll and the question was How large should our sanitariums be and now I'm curious because I know the answer to that. Let me back up here I think that may start to make it complicated Yes So it's not a specific answer per se but I would say I wouldn't get into the hundreds so I'd say you could safely my preference person would be 10 and under but you can safely go to you know 2025 even 30 if you're able to manage to spirituality it's who should. We mark you know we get 2430. But we still ensure that we only have 7 different dispositions 7 the Adventists nurses and everyone that works with us that we mar Adventists who believe the message. So if it was some reason you find that you know I'm still getting a lot of patients but I don't have enough work to supply them that you've got to say all right I can Ok I can no longer take 30 I may have to go down to 20 because I only have 20 workers were able to make 2030 in this message if I move them over my say you know what I'm going to do 10 because that's the work is that I have to maintain the message so that's the main issues don't lose sight of the message and when you get into the hundreds that you're going to run into problems yeah absolutely Well thank you again so much and I think we're going to let you go he had out but I really appreciate the extra 5 minutes that you give us maybe so many many years now really really appreciate that you can. Bless. This medium was produced by audio through 40 and avenues Lehmann's services and industry. If you would like to learn more about this time please visit. The site. Or if you like to do this for free online sermons please visit w w w w verse.


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