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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2020: Making Friends for God

06-Unlimited Possibilities

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • August 3, 2020
    10:00 AM
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I'm Cameron of Asia and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we're in our quarter of about making friends for God This week lesson 6 unlimited possibilities what a grand title for this week's less Yeah absolutely unlimited possibilities is drawn from that statement in Minister healing it's there on sadness after Sabbath afternoons the lesson there is no limit to the usefulness of one who putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God Him it so clearly we're going to talk about the work that God wants to do through us and the gifts he's given us to accomplish that of the Holy Spirit through the Holy Spirit and so we're going to dive into a study here in just a moment. Any other preambles that we need to get known as we were a just dive right into prayer and this week's lesson Yeah this is it this is one of those that we're like to have some I don't want to say corrected but we want to take a little slightly different perspective and maybe we really have a tough talking point on this exactly why so let's dedicate ourselves before we get into this let's bear heads together how we Father thank you so much for this day thank you for the opportunity to study and to share your word hope is to know how to do it help us to understand from your words what you have given us to do and the abilities and the gifts you've empowered us with please Lord help each one of us to do our duty faithfully until you come for you prayed in Jesus' name amen amen Now this week's quarterly is on gifts of the Holy Spirit in one of the challenges we run into a couple 2 fold number one. We borrow a lot of the I don't want to say theology but the practical aspects from even this whole I don't know how many of our viewers have taken spiritual gifts in. Doris' are tested to see if we ask gifts they have just a c. and not something that really originated with us is 7 the evidence and I think there's a reason for that and personally being involved in the training of people for soul winning. Oftentimes gifts of the spirit the idea of spiritual gifts is used to. It to exempt us from. Witnessing variety of go ahead I was going to say one of the most common. Excuses you get from people when it comes to any kind of witnessing is what that's not my spiritual gift right and so that they're in now that the contributor lesson does not go down that road in fact he goes out of his way to not go down that road especially there on this afternoon I don't want to dive right in yes but it says the right from the opening opening light said God calls us to witness for him witnessing is not a special spiritual gift that only a select few possess witnessing of the divine calling of each Christian so right from the outset it's you can tell that the contributor elephant Lee anticipates that argument that some are going to say well witnessing is a spiritual gifts the whole lesson about it is great but it's for somebody else when they are and he hits right of the being that witnessing is not listed in the Bible as a spiritual gift right and you need to understand whether a teacher or a student in a class that we tend to read into the lesson what we want it to say and so even though elder family has done. Has tried to avoid that pitfall yet many people will come away from this saying well you know it's just I'm glad you guys are going out door to door that it's not so they doing so you're saying that there could be a possibility that this this week's lesson when it's taught or discussed in the steps of class you could open with that very clear sentiment by the end you get to the lesson study people when they really should has become a spiritual gifts we want to make sure to be clear about that all the way through our instruction today yes so going through the lesson this week we are 3 points key points are takeaways from this our number one every believer receives gifts through the Holy Spirit Day And well we'll highlight the areas in lesson. Number 2 spiritual gifts are given for service not just given is a right specific order it is by your own personal life right it's for service right so that's reasonable to the spiritual gifts are given for service and finally we're going to talk about discovering and developing your spiritual gifts in the language of a loaded and we may mean by that in a minute but let's start out with. Every believer receives gifts or the spirit of the lesson makes the point and I believe this is on Monday where it talks about. Down at the bottom of page Acts chapter 10 Matthew 316 acts 238. X. 10 and Matthew 3 both talk about Jesus receiving the Holy Spirit and His baptism and then likewise Acts 2 talks about the believers receiving the Holy Spirit is baptism at their baptism and so each one of us receives the Holy Spirit and this is a little bit dicey I get I get what they mean and receive the Holy swell No that's not what I mean what I mean is. You know there's there's water baptism in their Spirit baptism and they don't always happen at the same time. Spirit baptism is conversion being dipped in the water does not convert you right and I was converted before I was baptized in the water and I receive the Holy Spirit thus before I was baptized in the water and I think following through the water decision the expectation is that you conversion will immediately follow to your baptism that there wouldn't be to decide just I think we need to be careful not to make a recipe that while this is exactly how it's going to work and you're going to receive you as you go into the water as soon as you know you know there's Howard and you may receive those gifts beforehand but the point of the lesson is that the Holy Spirit is received at the beginning of the Christian walk and then the gifts come through the Holy Spirit 1st Corinthians $1211.00 brings out the his biggest each one individually as he will so the Holy Spirit in charge and there's so much that he said about that right you know the spirit and I think we talked about this a little bit in our discussion there's some people who think the spirit is something to tap into and in channel. Versus the spirit tapping on into us and channeling us the spirits the one that's in charge him and he gives the gifts and he gives him as he sees well in he's in charge of the entire Christian experience for me that's right so for instance he's the one who leads you to Christ he's the one who convicts of sin he's the one who leads you into all truth and he's the one who empowers you and gives you and sins you for the mission or so to try to separate the gifts from the spirit or in any other or categorize the process of it this entire Christian experience is Spirit led and in this lesson we're talking about SJ making friends forgot how to share our faith and so we're looking specifically at the role of the Holy Spirit to encourage and our us to share faith and you're going to note our language is careful in this when I started this out I had what I have every believer receives a spiritual gift. And then I didn't want it to be you know we get into this like we received a gift to give 5 gifts well hospitality so everything else but you know new or something like that yeah it's a little bit too. It's a little bit is it presumptuous order us to try to dictate so much of the so I felt more comfortable saying when were baptized receive the Holy Spirit receive spiritual gifts but we talk about this before we receive the Gives in the reception of the spirit like the Spirit possesses all power and all they give right and he gives again his 1st print his travel lenses as he will any does it individually Yes So and that's why I says he gives to each one as he will so he's the one who looks at the need of the mission he looks at them the missionary he knows the gifts that are needed and we shouldn't be expecting that we're all going to have these gifts and we're going to anyway we don't even try and if I were teaching a class on this I would make that 1st part that point. I want to show the harmony with the lesson but I would move on quickly I wouldn't leave it for a whole lot of discussion because you're going to get into all kinds are you going to get some discussion Yeah yeah and probably detracting from the point that really we're trying to get at the overarching theme of the lesson this quarter is witnessing right and so again spiritual gifts for a lot of people is getting away from witnessing so we want to keep it in the context of the witnessing 1st point every believer received gifts through the Holy Spirit which now I think it be a good time probably a segue to point to the spiritual gifts are given for service because sometimes when we talk about spiritual gifts especially in our evangelical friends yes spiritual gifts are the evidence that you've received Christ in your own life personally and that and whether it's the speaking in tongues or some other you know ecstatic whatever thing that. It we forget that the whole purpose of the gifts it's like a tool to do a job yes right so if you're not focused on the job you're not getting the tool the tool a job or tied together right where sometimes we sort of separate the gift from the mission or the tool from the job and say I've got this tool I've got this thing in it and he made my life well I guess like a necklace or something so he watches the Charlie I got this thing no something I show off and so they like that serves no real purpose right this is a the gifts are good as he said the gifts are get well are key points for to give to give him for service and we're going to go to fusion if you are let's take a look and Dejan chapter 4 honestly this would be the ball probably of the time I would be taking the class we've because it draws together the bulk of the lesson really well and if you can chapter 4 this is one of several places where the apostle Paul speaks about spiritual gifts and lists them out and you know breaks down a little bit right and specifically verse 11 I'm reading from the New King James version here it says and he himself that was specifically b. of Jesus right gave some to be apostles some prophets some of Angeles and some pastors and teachers now one of the points if I were teaching this lesson I would highlight in verse 11 there is clearly when you have the word some that denotes that not everyone is a pastor not everyone is a prophet right but some are but it would also lend not just $5050.00 that a majority of your church members are not yes no we shouldn't have the expected expectation of most people in church going to evangelism prophets some are though and what is the purpose of those responsibilities as verse 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ now as you look at if you can chapter 4 in verse 12 you if you have different Bible translations and this is absolutely not a lesson on Bible translations but just highlighting the point that in the King James version that is rendered as you read it with the commas there. The perfecting of the saints comma for the work of ministry comma for the edifying the body of Christ. Exactly could think that opacity as teachers evangelists their job is to perfect the Saints and to do the work of ministry and to build up a body Christ when the reality is the more correct understanding of it is verse here in the New King James or even the n.i.v. where it sets about how the purpose of those spiritual responsibilities is 1st 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of Mr. Yes so that the leadership positions in the church are not to do the work of ministry per se but they are to be on their own personal with as they are to develop and encourage and organize the rest of the church in their spiritual work or you preach a sermon on this call it's time to Grandpa Yes they do and show about the placement of Rama as well like you talk about the thief on the cross exactly Luke 2343 is very famous if you move the comma one spot it changes radically or believe on this day it is your sermon is it it's time to eat Graham there's a great big difference or even time to eat come a time to Grandpa is very different it is time to eat but in this passage we see the problem comes whenever Have you read it especially in the King James version you could get the impression those are 3 distinct jobs all of the responsibility falls to those leaders when the reality the leaders are there to get us to do our job and the point being that the spiritual gifts very clearly in that reading is that he gave to me as set are these spiritual gifts were given for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the Body of Christ right other words to further the mission of the church right to bear the word shifts and who's supposed to do it the members of the church as they do ministry and surged and train and equip by those so that overarching theme needs to be held on to just less and that spiritual gifts are in the context of ministry and I like to add that there are 4 places in the Bible in the New Testament that list out spiritual gifts Romans Chapter 12 has a list 1st Corinthians 12 has 2 lists one is found in verses 8 to 10 in the other 28 through 30 roughly I mean you could tie in some of them and then evasions for we're reading right here that's it and every one of these lists is always given in the setting of the work of the church not individual not reversible not that there's not any time in there but the point is the big they're given in the context of the mission of the church because they were given to fulfill the mission right there and. Remember the church is the Body of Christ if they're given to one person it's the Christ Himself who is the body and we all make up as Paul over and over says we have the one body with many members and we have contributing or as in pay complimentary roles in that corporate work right and I think we made this point last quarter we talked about the gift of prophecy elements role in the Bible etc that any faeces forces some evangelists some powerful Some prophets etc. And there are people who did are Christians they say well there are no prophets in today's church and we asked the question what sense would it make for God to give gifts to fulfill the mission of the church and then before the mission mission was fulfilled with all the way so again just understanding the connection between spiritual gifts and the mission of the church is crucial. Let's continue with that theme the idea there the spiritual gifts are complimentary that they're inside of that corporate setting where General gifts are given that the gifts varied as they are all to work in harmony and all in concert with one another for the furtherance of one single price so as Paul you know so that Paul uses in lesson draws this out for $12.00 where he's talking about the church is like the body right with many parts you've got your fingers you've got your eyes you get your ears and they don't all have the same function but they all contribute to the same overall function other words when I determined to do something in my mind I use my hands to do it my eyes do it my ears you do it all work together in no part is insignificant well and that's the point that Paul emphasizes in 1st Corinthians 12 starting with verse 2322 says but now indeed there are many members yet one body and the I cannot say to the hand I have no need of you nor nor again the head to the feet I have no need of you listen carefully verse 22 know much rather those members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary. Now often times we talk about spiritual gifts or especially in the context of sharing our faith or witnessing or soul winning we think of Mark Finlay we think of the up from the vandals and that's where the real heavy burden is but according to this the work of the good with the work of the Body of Christ which is to give the gospel to the world is not limited only to those special feature hands or feet right though but there's organs inside that may not get the frontline attention but they're not just encouraged and acceptable they are courting to the Bible necessary that the behind the scenes ministry the individual labor that doesn't get all the press is just as required and necessary for the further incident finishing of the work as is the upfront of Angeles that's right and we need to interject here because when we talk about this and other tenets you say oh I'm so glad you said that because I'm not an evangelist or anything right I'm totally And so I'm exempt from the work of so winning and with writing right you know a person may be behind the scenes but we need behind the scenes people in volved money to Bible studies and scheduling them and even just I mean is that so but like when you're not getting stuff it's that behind the scenes stuff that breaks down and gives it a nice life and when you have those public evangelising meetings that that personal label that individual work by night by dedicated church members that actually brings the work to fruition it's necessary so the spiritual gifts are complimentary and then the lesson brings out the idea also that gives me be and I'm using language some from the lesson and some from a quote that. I want that the lesson refers to that some gifts may be natural and some acquired other words there are gifts that we receive Let me read this quote I mean come in on a rest of the questions 3 $28.00 this is the Special Gift of The Spirit are not the only talents represented in the parable of the talents which unless brings out. It includes all gifts and endowments whether or regional or acquired natural or spiritual So this would natural or original is what I'm more in with we all have talents that we're born with those come from God as well but then there are those that are bestowed on us as we talked about I don't know and one of our previous week's lessons talked with the gift of tongues how the Holy Spirit gave the gift of tongues in immediately of the Apostles could speak in languages that they were before that point I'm acquainted with so that's that's a in acquired. It's insane if you get into that you know but there are also those natural talents in becoming a state because of the same becoming his disciples we surrender ourselves to Him with all that we are and have these gives he returns to us purified in a noble to be used for His glory in blessing our fellow men talking especially of the Right well that's true of me that tells me also not only that even if I don't have a supernatural gift from God that doesn't exempt me because I might have some natural abilities that I do use for His glory so whether it's natural and heritage or supernatural given that we have a responsibility to witness for the Lord and to share the God Well I think of Personally I have a mechanical aptitude that I ended up using that working as an electrician and working with my hands and and that can be developed also I guess every gift can be developed a degree but then that would be one of those original right talent but I also believe I receive disparage a gift of teaching from a standpoint of I remember when I 1st became a Christian and I would try to explain to people I still remember a time when a good friend of mine my wife and I were sitting with this person I'm trying to explain and he looks at my wife and says Can you try to tell me what he's saying I don't understand a word of it and the Lord has helped me I'm not going to stand the greatest teacher but I've I've I've I went from not being able to explain anything articulately to now at least being able to people on totally scratch their heads. And so those are just an exam. All of the driver kinds of gifts so all of that said all of those gifts are for a purpose and that purpose is the mission of the church Exactly and that leads us to the last point that we have in this discovering and developing your spiritual gifts I know you're not going to her last are always a lesson says that that's the title of it is when there is when there's less there's a title that and you and I read our lessons independently and the when we came together both of us had questions about the verbiage here the language about discovering your gifts and I was thinking maybe we should talk about recognizing when or utilizing them or maximizing them or you were to I think you were dumb and handsome that was something like that but to me the issue with discovering place is the location inside of me and I have to dig down in me and if I'm just reflective enough or take a survey that yes insightful enough that I'll discover I have the gift of tongues or something like that well for example more practically. I don't see more practically that when in the context of all witnessing isn't my gift a lot of people have told me that you probably are the same thing because it's something their own comfortable with and the right mindset is when I take these tests that it's an aptitude test it's what I would naturally lean toward yes right to lean towards which can be true in terms of original talent sure but. Because we feel uncomfortable with something is not an indication that it's not our gift in fact it's often an indication of what we really need to be doing is just the battle of the flesh and the spirit that's exact and I haven't or something and you've made the point before that if you don't do well at something is that it evidence you need to do it less you know it's evidence you've got a more I don't I don't give good Bible studies Oh that means you should do less of them know during get good at well in the reason people may not give good Bible studies is it because they've tried and failed so many times because they have tried it all it seems scare in the us so a lot of times when we talk about spiritual gifts what we mean is what are your natural interests nothing wrong with natural interests and we should use those for God's glory you know spiritual gifts are given they're not growth right one of the things that how Latics teachers somehow martyrs teachers will say is that John Wesley was a great preacher he preached 5 sermons a day and the follow up is did he preach 5 sermons a day because he was a great preacher was he because the previous 5 servings a day and anybody can tell you he's done ministry that the more you do it the more you learn and well I've got a statement to that effect that will come come to in a moment probably a pastors I'm guessing or maybe even several teachers are feeling a little rusty right now I'm guessing because of the closing of sure yes if you've been out of something even for a few weeks or months you know you get back into it and it feels something you've been very adept at before also becomes awkward and it's not because you've lost the gift it's just because you've neglected the gift which is a Biblical concept you can neglect something and it become you know difficult well so let's talk about the particular aspect of you know for example a lesson brings up in Tuesday at the bottom of the page the function of all spiritual leadership is to assist each member in discovering their spiritual gifts and teach them to use these gifts in building up the body of Christ I can say as a pastor I've never guided members in finding out their spiritual gifts and maybe that's a defect in my ministry but I just there's just something in here that to me becomes oh. Most presumptious for it's we almost going to dictating to God and we and then or determining like Oh you've got this gift and this gift verses it's almost limits the Holy Spirit with what he wants to do and I was given this example let's say you find yourself in some remote area and it's just you and somebody else who doesn't speak your language. Can the Holy Spirit give you the gift of tongues or or do you have to say my best to him that was one of the gifts I had in that man never goes on or I believe the Spirit will give the gift that's needed he gives to each person as he wills just right I think and I'd like to put the emphasis on the Lord instead of me doing this test or figuring out in the in my aptitude because we have evidence is in Scripture we have evidence the spirit of prophecy where the Lord has even given aptitude to people who didn't have it when it was needed well and I like what you kind of explained there has how when I got baptized receive the Holy Spirit my conversion right what you got was not just a limited tool right basket of gifts but the reality is you have access to the Lord Himself through His Holy Spirit power and that he is all knowing he is all powerful He knows that in from the beginning he can equip you as he sees fit and that's what the Bible teaches and so instead of saying I have this or have not what you have is a living connection with the Holy Spirit who instruct you to go somewhere he quips you do the work you all have his biddings are enabling as we know these statements so the real gift singular is the Holy Spirit itself access to that divine power then he enables for the Lord's glory and so instead of limiting it to like I do or don't have to give what we should say is I want to be connected with the Holy Spirit and go about are the errands that he sends me on trusting that he will equip me for all that I need yes you know on Wednesdays lesson paragraph 2 to bring this quote from Christ object lesson $327.00 this is the gifts are already ours in Christ but their actual possession depends upon our reception of the Spirit of God and he got kind of what you're saying there yes that we get we have the package in Christ and though in the Spirit will give us what we need and you know lessen brings up. Asking God about a spirit gives That's fine but but from my experience rather than the Lord saying well you have the gift of hospitality where you have to give to teaching what's going to happen is the Lord's going to tap you on the shoulder because. There's an opening in Sabbath school where they need some help and then in that you haven't done it before but you go in you like hey I'm willing to volunteer and as you go and offer yourself in ministry you'll find that the one he gives you to do that kind of thing I'm not saying the Lord may not say you know this is your gift right here but typically as I said in my experience and as a work with others it's more the Lord gives you this direction yes and then as you go that direction and you meet specific needs you have the gifts you need how many times we have this conversation especially with young people with a lot I want to know the Lord's will for my life I want to discover the path he has for me and it's not like well if you pray hard enough some day he's going to wake up and you'll be a note on your pillow and you'll be ready but how he leads you get a text and say oh oh God this is this is your with my right for you would be nice if that were to happen but we we could have a parallel with knowing God's will with also receiving gifts than that like if I pray and then I just passively wait he will inform or he will instruct us when the reality is he guides through a knowledge of His word and through the circumstances of life as you go you would get and so I think the paralytic you know like he didn't want to feel the hill healing he just obeyed and in the acting the gift was given the healing was given so yes anyway and you had mentioned for example and we talked about the lesson talks about how gifts can be developed you get the parable the talents and and it's interesting that the Lord in the parable gave to each individual what he knew they could handle and so it's you we can never say well I just can't the Lord called me what he's calling to do is too much for me no and when you do with the Lord has called you to do he will increase those abilities and I think the statements were my absolute favorites from the book education page to 68 it says in this work speaking about this work of so many as in every other skill is gained in the work itself it is by training in the common duties of life and in ministry to the needy and the suffering that if if. Cincy is assured yet without this the best manned efforts are often useless and even harmful it is in the water not on the land that men learn to swim powerful quote Yeah and what a practical Yeah as we work at it and as we go we're god the will develop the Gobble develop those gifts you know so there's there's not just receiving of the guest but there's a develop what you do with it and Paul is repeatedly firms that in 1st Corinthians 14 verse 32 he talks about how Even prophets the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophet himself as he can think of Payson Fosler administering him he was given the gift that he didn't used to and it was taken away you think of his counsel and 1st him of the chapter for we says Do not leave neglect the good have it isn't really the other sporting and the idea being you can have spiritual gifts and still not put them to use That's right and so that's we still have to have that relationship with Christ we all agreed to go on God's errands and he will equip us for this journey Yes absolutely so I would I would be leaning towards. As I conclude you know this whole lesson but especially the conclusion rather than worrying so much about what your gift is make sure you're active yet because of if somebody's already active in their asking these questions that's not near as much as a concern but I know a lot of people are kind of standing back and waiting for that special you know. Shall we read this fella quote before the yes or absolutely to everyone this is from the 2nd volume of the testimonies page 281 to everyone there is given a work to do for the master to each of His servants are committed special gifts or talents every servant has some trust for which he is responsible and the very trust or proportion to our varied capabilities in dispensing his gifts God has not dealt with partiality he has just to be the talents according to the known powers of his servants and he expects corresponding returns that's right powerful thought go to work go to work who work in the Lord who a multiplier his grace toward a minute can you give us a word of prayer as we close let's pray Father in heaven I do ask that you would bless our teachers and students as they take some of these things we've discussed here and share them in class. I pray Lord that we would have open hearts and minds that your spirit could teach us and guide us and more that we wouldn't limit ourselves by limiting what you can do with us through spiritual gifts and understand that that as we go and offer ourselves fully to service for you that we will have the gifts we need at the time we need them Father thank you so much for your grace your mercy toward us.


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