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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2020: Making Friends for God

08-Ministering Like Jesus

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • August 17, 2020
    9:00 AM
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I'm cambered of Asia and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points our quarterly is going over making friends for God The joy of sharing in his mission and this week's lesson is number 8 ministering like Jesus doesn't know what other way would you Minister we're talking here but we're we're we're looking this week actually at. Jesus strategy if you will for ministry Ok so. We've got a nice healthy introduction here and we've got 3 main points but perhaps before we get into any of that maybe if you start with a word of prayer and then we can go forward and I said would you pray for say Heavenly Father we are so thankful that you have sent your son to die for us and have called us to service what a privilege it is Lord and as we are seeking to know how better to minister we want to be like Jesus we pray that you would guide us in the study of this lesson that it will help us in practical ways to be able to reflect Jesus to the world we ask and pray this in his name even in bed. All right well the introduction talks about before you get to our main 3 points and to do what we should we go over the main 3 points at 1st and then go well you know what let's go through the you know we're talking of ministering like Jesus this is there's a lot of different things in the Quarterly that I think we touch on here and there but I think a lot of what this lesson covers is something that is talked about an awful lot yes for example in the 1st instruction on Saturday afternoon it brings up a quote from ministry of healing page 143 and I think for just about anybody who's ever heard anything about solving evangelism they are the matter where you are in the spectrum of of ideas of evangelism this quote is going to come up and it's a good quote It's a ministry of healing page 143 it's his Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingle with men as one who desired their good he showed his sympathy for them ministered to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them follow me. And so what we're looking at is really Christ's method and that's why I like to say it almost sounds and almost sounds and spiritual or even. Borderline heretical to say Jesus had a strategy to make sound like you just self-serving or something which isn't the case but Jesus did have a strategy he had he didn't just randomly willy nilly go into so when he had a process and that statement is speaking to that process and we're going to be studying that this week in fact. On Fridays lesson. The 2nd paragraph makes this point the unselfish ministry of Jesus opens hearts breaks down prejudice and creates a receptivity for the gospel so the idea is Jesus ministered in such a way that was calculated to open people to the gospel message and that's what we're going to be setting this week Ok so what what are what are our 3 points we want to go here yet and talk about 3 distinct points that we grew out of this week's lesson sure Ok. So going to the lesson this week this is the 1st point is going to sound awful corny but. We should treat people like Jesus did revolutionary thoughts. But ministering Like course that's the overall theme but there are some things about how Jesus treated people that were going to highlight the less this lesson highlights and we want to emulate that so we can talk about treating people like Jesus did and we can talk in broad strokes but maybe not hit on specifically what it is practically that we need to be dealing with so that's what we're going to do it point number one we should treat on people treat people rather like Jesus did Point number 2 we should minister to people's needs like Jesus did there's a little different use of an extension of the 1st ones extension but there's going to be a little bit of difference there and then finally and this is going to sound. Is really selling a record is but Jesus had an ulterior motive and so should we That's right yes so those are key points for this week well. As we've reviewed this already if I were to take my time on something it would be that 3rd point yes because what we're going to cover in points $1.00 and $2.00 are very essential but they're also very know they're very accepted already they're kind of. Like the idea that we should treat people like Jesus did which they're almost not even so much. In addition to being known sometimes they are they're taken we allow them to obscure. Or even take the place oh most overweight The other thing you know. They actually sometimes interfere with actually ministering as Jesus did because of misunderstandings or a one sided view or whatever well let's there's a statement this in the study guys which again you can get the study guys right here on the bottom of the screen but even before we get into how we treat people like Jesus and ministry like him it comes from Christ option less than page $57.00 and listen carefully to what she says she says the sowers of the seed of course in Scripture the seed is the Word of Truth right the source of the seed have a work to do in preparing hearts to receive the gospel. Now already in that sentence notices we shouldn't separate disinterested felt needs evangelism time to community service kind of work from the reception of the Gospel the 2 go together she's drawing that line in the ministry of the word There's too much sermonizing and too little of real heart to heart work there and you just read that sentence or the total different Exactly you stop preaching him or do it but she explains there is a need of personal labor for the souls of the lost in Christ like sympathy which you come close to me in individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life their hearts may be hard is the highway it apparently may be a useless effort to present the Savior to them but while logic may fail to move an argument be powerless to convince the love of Christ revealed in person a ministry may soften the stony heart here's the key so that the seed of truth can take root that's right but it would be easy to look at this aright sermonizing it out logic is out argument is out right well no but it's a preparation work that we're talking about so the 2 go together well and that's what we're getting at and yes yet again when you're teaching the lesson you have to have you have to be in tune with what the u.s. ideas are that are being promoted out there and for many years now if I dare say decades in the evidence to say why there has been this emphasis and I praise the Lord for it on making sure that you're not. And I hate these were disinterested l.-y. is in a different way but you're not just kind of checking off a list of of oh I given this tract and I gave in the study it said to medical and so we want to make sure that we're caring and loving in right media but that if there's a it's developed a mentality in a mindset today that you know what we spent all those years doing evangelistic meetings and giving Bible says Well really what we needed to do was as if one is taking was listening other the other or in so as you read in this statement it makes the point that you'll never find that in the ministry of Jesus where one is pitted against another. And so while there while emphasizing the importance of meeting people's needs and and showing love and passion is good yes it we got to watch the other dish of allowing that to take the place of ministering the word right and so this lesson highlights that and essentially that's what we're going to look at through these 3 points we should start with Jesus started with how we view people how we treat people and then what was that ultimate goal and it's not I'm going to tell you I've taught because of our role in teaching and training in evangelism I wouldn't be surprised at all if our teachers don't run into a number of comments in the class is a right you know I agree not to teach people and teach people and treat him like Jesus did is right and we shouldn't be doing and we shouldn't be doing and we shouldn't be doing and then they're going to basically be throwing half the way we do have an amount of the bust right in play in favor of just being just being nice and the result might as well sizing this process sorry to cut you off but the reason is because because teachers and members alike might be tempted to either go that way themselves or be in a situation where that conversation a line will come up we want to make sure that you have that broader overarching mentality instead of just getting caught up because those entities out of this right can just direct you and you can spend your whole time going down a path that actually teach something that weren't It's not just off topic but actually counter to the ultimate objective of Jesus That's right I've heard I mean I can't tell you the times I've heard that mentality that you know we need to just. You know you hear little quippy cute little sayings like you know I would rather see a sermon than hear one any day and those are great platitudes you know but what does that mean and and I'm going to give it and I have to remind people that you know they say well I just want to show by my example that I'm a Christian by being kind and loving Here's a newsflash for you buddhists are kind and loving Taoists are kind and loving and even Wiccans is a form of witchcraft believe in being kind and loving So you being kind and loving does. Speak of Christ right there's got to be more and so Jesus was kind and loving but there was more there was more going to see that in this lesson all right so it's good to know how did Jesus treat people well a lesson brings out. That in Luke for 22. The Bible says that people marveled at Christ's gracious words and so there was a manner in which he spoke to people that was warm and disarming and an example the that the lesson gives is one of the examples is that of the century and who came to him in Matthew Chapter 8 and wasn't didn't even feel worthy to have Jesus come under his roof that said Speak the word only which is your colorful story but Jesus response to him was I have not found so great faith in all of Israel now when you think of the framing of this whole thing and you think of Jesus' words this here's a here's Jesus speaking very affirming words to a gentile Mia That's right who worked for the Roman government I mean even the Jews like the tax collectors the reason the Jews had a problem with them is because they were Jews that are born to sell us a role as to the Romans this is a Roman working for their own right and so he's a Gentile is working for the Romans government and for Christ to approach him in that way put him on not only equal standing but an elevated standing and so. Incidentally the Roman government was the government oppressing them so you look at our world today and you look at the way that even Christians are reacting against oppression by get back take care and take them out and when but here's Jesus actually elevating the oppressor in his interaction not the oppression is understand but Jesus was very affirming and pop and sought the best in people and try his words convey that to them and really. Expressed a genuine care right. Let's talk about you know in the context of love then you know you have 415 we're talking about we should be speaking the truth in love right so it's not. It's not a dishonest right you know to say like for us I think of the was not what getting people in covering that place that well I don't want to just call it everything good when it's not but you can be. You can treat people in a kind of christ like way and that Christ likeness includes on a city that's right and it has to have that message with it or it's just for no reason at all and speaking the truth doesn't mean you have to be mean about it exactly the Ellen White talks about people who make the truth cruel and so you know there is a there is you there needs to be in fact the statement comes to my mind in desire of Ages $353.00 we have it in our notes here Christ himself did not suppress one word of truth but he spoke it always in love he exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful kind attention in his interaction with people he was never rude never needlessly spoke a severe word and I like that ever there words that were severe that he spoke but not needlessly only when it was had to be done and even then. In a kind and respectful way he never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul he did not censure human weakness in all men he saw fallen souls whom it was his mission to save and I was conveyed in his The meaner and you shared this other one here from counsel to parents teachers and students Yes It talks about Jesus how he interacted with people it is a fascinating balance of says the Saviour's entire life was characterized by disinterested benevolence and the beauty of holiness he is our pattern of goodness from the beginning of his ministry men begin to comprehend more clearly the character of God he carried out his teaching in his own life and this is how she can see just plain how that happened he showed consistency without obstinacy benevolence. Weakness tenderness and sympathy without sin to mentalism he was merely social yet he presented a reserve that discouraged any familiarity so he was always mingling with the people but he didn't play favorites he was he was he had a sentiment but us into mentalism right she goes on his temperance never led to bigotry or austerity he was not conformed to the world yet he was attentive to the wants of the least among men I love that that holistic approach that Christ had industry he took the principles he was articulating the embody them and you could see it and people could recognize like this man is near us when you read that statement and I mean you could spend the rest of time on really just with drilling down into that but just meditating on those elements of character obstinacy I'm sorry consistency without. Stubbornness if you do it here then it's like well if I'm going to be consistent to something and it's almost like we have to be stubborn and no Jesus was able to be for it's going to be consistent and stubborn. Loving without being wishy washy you know this just it's a powerful statement to really meditate on and really take to heart but this is this was how Jesus treated people yes that is so in in giving of the message of truth he had of a demeanor about him and a way of presenting that was winning and its influence. Now that's not the same a part of me but I'm going to say well I was just to move on to the question that has brought up ties to this in the bottom where there's less and yes and the question is how the question is Why is how we say something as important or even more important than what we say is it possible that our conveyance could actually undermine the content of what we're trying to say we can have a good message and a bad messenger and actually negate the whole point and we. Had said this and we were discussing for it made me think of a state of some council on White wrote to one of our early ministers e. t. Jones she thought this is a man she said was bringing a a divine a God gave him a message to give us a church that is a message the right message for the right time but she said to the Jones I saw you in. This dream and you were holding this bowl of fruit to the people this beautiful looking furrowed but nobody wanted to take it out of the bowl because of the expression on your face something like that and other words in the fruit of course represented the message of truth that he had but his attitude was such that it turns people off to the beautiful fruit and it made me think of this statement in desire of a just means $357.00 where it says a spirit contrary to the spirit of Christ would deny him whatever the profession. So again making the truth cruel you can you can present the truth in a way that actually makes people not want any of it so the attitude to convey your demeanor ought to demonstrate the truth that you're trying to show well it goes back to that message that we just read there that how. How is Christ what was that statement he carried out his teachings in his own life so we didn't just carry this message right disconnected he embodied the message and we should do the same thing so the next point is we should minister to people's needs like Jesus did yes it sounds similar but it's the other had to do with his have to do his approach but but then what he did specifically we see that Jesus in that statement he ministered to people's needs and we see that there is healing ministry yes sample and in fact as I read just says on page 350 during his ministry Jesus devoted more time to healing the sick than preaching which is interesting so much of his in fact that's what I was here for to all and I was here 61 resurrected as I was just looking up you know as a 61 before taught that which is exactly by the way what Jesus ascribed to himself when he stood up in the in the church and as for then the 2nd right he said the spirit of the Lord is upon of God is up on me because the Lord's anointed me to preach the good tidings of the more you sent me to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to those who are belled so tied up in his own school prophetic mission statement is yes the giving of the gospel message but it's tied with the hope work benevolent method of conveying that message right you know where James talks about seeing somebody who's right Megan saying hey be warming may God bless you yeah I hope you're feeling better I sure hope some day and not doing anything to help him so Jesus didn't just have a nice friendly attitude he actually sought to do what he could to meet the needs of people smuggling that for you and me now I think that's the point that was being made on the Tuesdays quarterly and yes paragraph there it says our Lord's method of evangelism goes beyond memorize speeches and canned presentations and we come back to that the 2nd yes it is and it is this rich and dynamic as life itself. And it goes on to talk about how Europe shoulders and people he would address their mental spiritual emotional all these different needs he was eager to address those things but at the beginning of that it kind of assess it almost makes it sound like it's a little bit of a side blow to public evangelism. I'm sure there has been public evangelists have been after your where it was just some can just go into the motion quit something as well as like that's all public evangelism is all right Jesus had a public ministry Absolutely that is you absolutely did but clearly it began with the meeting of the need and the relating to people where they were and that's the emphasis point yes and there's a great statement along those lines on Friday is a lesson in fact this is 2 pages later in Minister healing from Christ method alone statement and it's the 1st paragraph there on Friday says many have no faith in God and have lost confidence in man and we go on to say I mean that Christianity has become its own worst enemy and by might not modeling Christ like Christian and so people lost confidence but they appreciate acts of sympathy and helpfulness as they see one with no inducement of earthly praise or compensation coming to their homes ministering to the sick feeding the hungry clothing the naked comforting the sad and tenderly pointing all to him of whose love and pity the human worker is but the messenger as they see this their hearts are touched gratitude springs up faith is kindled they see that God cares for them and they're prepared to listen as his word is open and that's what Jesus did as he modeled the love of God in practical ways then people who were turned off to religion actually warmed up to him Yes and I want to interject here with this statement I think there's a great powerful point here that we tend to overlook it says when people see those who have with no inducement of earthly praise or comp and to say Sion I'm going to tell you that there's a lot of Christian help work today that gives. Earthly praise and compensation I mean there's a lot I can go out and feed and then we talk about how good we've been doing the community. What that does is the people the community are going to look at that and say you're just getting praise for you trying to get likes and click it's this kind of stuff that we do that there is no praise for that really has that telling influence on people you just wasn't getting praised that's already doing it by and large as such you know taking into our 3rd rail point end of that statement there again they say well in this dovetails off point too that's exactly the point is that you look at that final thought there from his revealing $145.00 it's on yeah he's less and they see that God cares for him and they're prepared to listen as his word is open time and again when you read these powerful statements from the spirit of prophecy about the need and the responsibility we have to meet people's needs and felt needs and I say 61 where Christ as a 5058 with a but they always Matthew 25 in the visiting of those exactly isn't what if but they're always in especially the pit of inspiration that but that's not an end of itself you know that is that is the preparation to allow the great message of truth to come in this where we are talking about Christ method was the it included the healing ministry right it was a comprehensive. It include many components and we were saying beforehand that we tend to compartmentalize so many evangelism we want to make it this thing and in fact sometimes like there was an age where it was all about public of Angela Ms like no that doesn't work we need to do it's all about you know meeting people's needs or something and it's always like is this peace Jesus' ministry was comprehensive and so when you read this again Christ method he mingled with men as wanted to that he should assume for the minister to the needs of one their confidence you walk through them why was he ministering to their needs. Because he wanted to win their confidence why was he trying to win their confidence so he could teach them truth in other words there was a there was a plan in all of this to ultimately introduce them to the truth because Jesus knew that he could heal their physical bodies now but that's not going to save them for eternity and sometimes in the church I think that we feel like it's wrong to have an a deeper yeah amen Parag or expectation or what you might call an alter your motive I think there's more to it so there's some string attached usurers you want me to join you and then you know how many times people like oh you just want me to join your church What's the natural answer No no no I don't yeah yes yes I want you to join my church I want to say gospel message I want you to be saved use Christ what you become an active member I think a man who sues Hungary and you're getting a sandwich is that you just want that guy to be saved Yes. So it's oh I'm just going to give a sandwich and I hope I don't care if he's lost it will go back to one of the things you started it for Jesus one of them to be said and Christ had a strategy for that and included the natural benevolence of a heavenly body rather just was because of the love of Christ's It's simple How can you say you have a love for humanity and I don't care if saved or not or they were to not have a strategy is almost deemed nowadays as the most Christ like approach you know clearly have no aim no wind with course the ultimate aim in fact I've had evidence even quote l.-y. is here that's disinterested benevolence the price you know that's the whole idea is you shouldn't care that disinterested benevolence just means you're not looking for what you can get out of it not the right don't want them ultimately say you feel right or that you're not taking into account their race or nationality or their and whatever but we should we should be disinterested in those things but we're highly interested in their soul well there's a great text in the Gospel of Mark and you were highlighting this earlier in the lesson brings it out Mark 13839 Yes well I don't. Turn to write it right now but let's go there very quickly where Jesus himself explains his thinking along these lines Mark 130 and 39. Where Jesus is talking to his disciples and he said to them let us go into the next tell us that I may preach there also because for this purpose I have come forth and he was and he was preaching in their synagogues for all Galilee and casting out demons well that he was already in one place he only could just stayed in that one place and continue to heal but he said let's purposely go to the next tell me that I may preach because for this purpose I have come forth he said My purpose here wasn't just to come to this location or to do just this type of ministry my ultimate goal is to preach this message that's right and so in order to do that we need to move from this place we need to do this kind of work so we can preach the message that's the reason I came when 7th Day Adventists come into a community or are raised up at all the Lord does not intend us to just blend in the crowd and maybe do some nice things on the side to do we have an ultimate goal is to preach this present truth message but it shouldn't be apart from the other work right it should be a comprehensive approach that ends in the ultimate Excel rites of that faith and I think you know there's a great statement is average is see Jesus saw the far reaching results of everything and he understood the needs of humanity and that's why for example does every age of p.t. 22 says not and I'm sorry your near and far off our souls weighed down by a sense of guilt it is not hardship toil or poverty that degrades humanity and as he's commenting on you we want to minister to those things but let's not forget that's not why you man is degraded it is guilt wrongdoing this brings unrest and dissatisfaction Christ would have his servants minister to sin 6 souls that's just saying the ultimate need of humanity is Christ and so while we meet the other knees let's not for. Yeah cries right and even though I haven't the notes here you know I've had people say well you know I just by my good example I witness you know your example is not going to Jesus example if there was ever a good example of Jesus and he still preached right if that's the reason I've come so if there's anybody who can sit back and say I just want to show him my lifestyle that's right well he did show his life but that was he ended it yet and he preached Exactly so that's it again that's probably if I were as have a schoolteacher for this coming week it's great to look at the. Christ attitude toward people it's important to look at his practical needs meetings ministry but you can't end there or you have it taught how Jesus approach people you can't you have to get to that idea of preaching this gospel message was Christ's ultimate aim and thus it must be ours as well right if we are ministering to people in all these other ways but we're not ministering to their souls. We're not ministering to them we really are not meeting the the real need of the soul and so Jesus you can't separate his ministry from seeking and saving the law exactly in fact that's what he said and intended most famous statement you know for the Son of Man has come to see can save that which was lost and their education page 263 Yeah I read that yeah fantastic statement here. You know speaking in the context of the needs that the suffering of humanity and this is as a whole creation groans and travails in pain together taking that language from Romans 8 the heart of the infinite father is pained in the sympathy our world is a vast sick house a scene of misery that we dare not allow even our thoughts to dwell upon this so much heartache and right and we talk about that kind of stuff if we recognize it now notice did we realize it as it is so the implication is we don't even get the half of it that God sees and feels did we realize it as it is the burden would be too terrible yet God feels it all and notice this in order to destroy sin and its results he gave his best beloved and he God has put it in our power through cooperation with him to bring this scene of misery to an end it's in our power to bring all the suffering to how is that and then she quotes this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the rules of witness and all the nations and then shall the end come gov for bit if so all the things that we can do to relieve eate the sickness and the suffering in this world if we're not given the gospel will never come to an end right the great alleviation comes from the Gospel itself that right and least we cannot lose that that's why we have a quarterly about witnessing That's right because as we preach this gospel Under the world then the end will come Jesus what usher in. The sickness and the pain will be gone and eternal bliss with Christ is the way for. Well there's a lot to discover here in a lot to talk about so God bless you as you bleed out and participate. In the Sabbath school this week and let's close with prayer Heavenly Father thank you again for this day of life thank you for the privilege that is ours and the responsibility that we have from you to not only edify ourselves through a study of your work but to share it effectively with others please help us to have the mindset and the attitude the approach of Christ in dealing with people and help us never to trade off Truth or benevolence but help us to have that comprehensive Christ like ministry that Jesus exemplified for us bless us to that end.


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