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ASI 2020 Young Professionals: Ranela Kaligithi

Ranela Kaligithi
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Ranela Kaligithi

Ranela works in the Literature Ministries Department of the Central California Conference.




  • July 31, 2020
    5:30 PM
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Well Kyle I love that it was all so much fun and it's hard to believe that we are now wrapping up our day are we really we're almost there I'm so close I'm so to all man already over there was so fun it's not quite quite Ok all right I have one speaker left before we do our closing remarks and whatnot and this last speaker is actually a very special speaker to us here. And this is right now like. Rinella has been and our coordinator of a young professional since its beginning back in 2018 and rebel was born into a pastor's family but she had her own experience with God in her teens which flourished into a beautiful friendship with God She spent the next 15 years involved in literature ministries and Bible work preaching several evangelist experience and completing her bachelor's degree in business or in l a current lives in Southern California and is the executive director of a humanitarian nonprofit organization called the 5 loaves foundation her goals in life are to love humanity as much as Christ loved them and to be the best possible steward of her skills and passions and I know Rinella has been a blessing to me over the number of years that I've known her she's definitely been a blessing to our team and we could think of no one better to to give the final charge for this program so Rinella we throw it over to you. Hi everyone my name is the and I am the young professionals cordon eater and I'm just so excited that I get a chance to share with you some things that I've learned in the past several years about discovering your identity your value and really your purpose as someone who believes in God and living in this point of history as it was said I grew up in the church and I was very involved in the church since childhood and became even more heavily involved. When I in evangelism in ministry when I was a teenager and my life was really wrapped up in the world of evangelism for many many years and after some time I started realizing that the biggest detriment to the church is not actually when. There are not more church members involved and engaged in ministry the biggest detriment to the church is when followers of God believe that they are only doing ministry when they're giving a Bible study when they're preaching praying with someone passing out a piece of literature somehow this idea that ministry is limited to a handful of methods has kind of crept into the culture of our church and has almost become a creed. That this is not only unbiblical but by nature it paints a false picture of who God is and I want to explain more of that over the course of our time and I started to realize that many in the church felt that they weren't as important as pastors Bible teachers evangelists or Bible workers and I'd like to challenge this traditional view that inadvertently shuts out and immobilizes the body of Christ number one we know that Jesus spent a smaller amount of time preaching. Then he did doing things like healing people being there for others in their time of need is socializing as a friend Jesus celebrated at weddings he ate with tax collectors and sinners he spoke to the deepest needs of people at the most random times and it was natural and it flowed out of him when the opportunity presented itself in other words Jesus knew the balance of living in the world to come and living right here in the here and now and he was always aware when it was the right time to pull out scriptures and speak in spiritual terms but he also knew the value of being a relatable human being who labored as a carpenter who would heal people and even raise the man to life who would probably die in a few decades later but he was able to address the needs of people in the here and now he used all that he was given to make this world in the moments that he was here a brighter place for everyone and this is something that's just been on my heart for a long time is just recognizing that we are all the priesthood we're the priesthood of all believers Jesus was a carpenter right he wasn't a rabbi he was an a priest according to the people he was just a carpenter and yet he wasn't what I'm trying to get it is that I believe that God has extraordinary plans for every single human being that wants their life to be directed by God and it won't look the same at all like anyone else's God has made you unique and he's giving you you specifically your personality and your interests and your passions for a reason and no matter what you do in life if you have the desire to show people a correct view of God Your life can and will be so powerful. Paul I really believe that God desires to use each and every one of us and it's not dependent on our position in the church or our career and it does not depend in if our interests and education and skills line up with the traditional view of Ministry according to the church no matter what field of work you're in God wants to and can and will use you I kind of felt that for many years I was in ministry because I worked for the church I was in ministry because I was giving Bible studies where I was knocking on doors or whatever it might be and there is that tendency to feel like you're in ministry or not in ministry based on a position but whether you're a barber or a scientist and musician a doctor and teacher or a pastor an entrepreneur or maybe even you're unemployed no matter what God can still use you because our lives are so much more than our jobs aren't they our existence here on earth is so much more than the titles we hold and the impact God wants us to have in the world is is so much broader than the limitations of a career or what we do for our job ministry I have come to realize is about positively impacting another human being's perspective of God and I'll just repeat that again because that's something that I have tried to live by ministry is about positively impacting another human being's perspective of God that's of ministry is if you haven't already figured it out most people don't want a relationship with God because they don't really like the picture of that they get of God they think you know they think of the Jews at the time of Jesus they were supposed to be the ones proclaiming and showing through their lives who Jesus was or who God was they were. To be drawn people to God but because of very own misinterpretation of the scriptures they weren't really winning to people winning people to God through their mindless recitations of Scripture or their lucky being where they they you know were basically following a list of rules and Koreans and hoping that people would come to believe the same way as they did but Jesus came. Just as a carpenter and but he was someone who was so connected to God he was you know kind of a nobody but he was connected in that's what mattered the most he was so connected to who he was as the Son of God He knew where he came from he knew where he was going he was so connected to his value in God and the value that other people had that humans had around him so connected to his purpose and did you know that his purpose only entailed 3 and a half years of doing publish a public ministry that's a lot different than many of the teachers and rabbis around him much different than the calling of John the Baptist right Jesus is calling look so much different from those around him but he was so clear on what he was called to do God had called him as just a carpenter for 30 years of his life knowing that he would only live to 33 and a half now that should just kind of blow your mind because sometimes I think we have this idea that we have to especially those of us who really feel passionately about God and and winning people to God we feel like wow you know I need to accomplish this by this point and I need to get this done and to reach this many people and preach all these places and all of those things are wonderful. But the fact is is that the only thing that matters is if we're living the life that God has called us to live specifically and this is what I'm trying to get at when I look at Jesus' life the lesson that kind of yells at me and that just stands out in bright colors and that's so clearly evident is this God has a unique calling on your life and it's not dependent on anything external it's not dependent on your career your advantages or disadvantages your i.q. your edge. Cation your age how many years you have left to live look at Jesus he only had 3 and a half years but he fulfilled a specific purpose that God had for him it's actually all depended on how well we personally know God how well we know ourselves and how fearless we are in following God's direction for our lives when you choose to go on the adventure that of following God's plan for you it might not look like everyone else around you and sometimes that can be hard for us because we've been conditioned to a society where you have to fit inside of a box or go the traditional route or whatever you do has to make sense to people right but when you choose a life with God your life will look like everyone else's and you need to start embracing that and sinking into that actually as Christians I believe our greatest contribution to the world that we can make is not in the hours necessarily preaching the doors we've not done as I said to literature you've packed passed out the bible studies we've given even the years of seminary or the studying of the Bible or whatever it might be but our greatest contribution to the further into the gospel is knowing God Well knowing ourselves well and having no fear of what God has called us to do. All those other things can be included but they are not more important than this nothing more and nothing less you know Jesus was not bound by any of the useless ideas and traditions of the religious culture of his day he didn't have to do ministry in a certain way he didn't have to start or accomplish anything by the age of whatever he didn't have to he didn't make excuses based on the disadvantage of not going to the religious schools the fact that he only had a few years to live once his formal ministry started didn't change much about how he lived his life he still went to weddings to celebrate he still sat by the well at noon to take one on one time with that Samaritan woman and he still taught little children on his knee you see Jesus is greatest contribution was being who God called him to be unapologetically So my question is who has God called you to be I want to tell you that as far as determining God's purpose in your own life it's actually a lot less magic and a lot more logic and what I mean by that is that sometimes we pray and pray and pray and we hope that God will write the answer in the sky assuming that our own plans and desires and hopes and dreams that are literally implanted in us can't be trusted you know like we have these all these thoughts but we have to see it written in the sky we have to hear someone say it to us we have to hear you know we have to have signs of miracles and all of these things you know there is a point in my life. That I was confused as to what I needed to do and I felt like I couldn't trust myself you know especially if you're someone who has a desire to follow God in you're really conscientious sometimes you feel like you have to hear from other people sometimes. We forget that our gut already actually knows your brain already knows God has already put inside of you everything you need to discover what he's called you to be and to do in this world and so the process of knowing yourself and embracing what you find is one of the biggest contributions that we can make to the world knowing yourself so do me a favor and go through this exercise for me when when you leave or maybe even right now really quickly especially take some time with this later rhyme but I want you to write down 3 different columns in 3 columns the 1st column I want you to write down all your gifts and your skills so what are the things that you can look me in the eye and say we're no I'm good at these things these are things that I'm just naturally gifted in or I've honed this skill at whatever it might be maybe you're not passionate about it but you're good at it so these are things that you're good at and then in the next column I want you to write out your passions and your dreams things that you're like I lay awake at night thinking about how this could be accomplished or I have a huge passion for this or these are the things that kind of evoke emotion in me things that I feel passionate about big dreams that I have ideas that have stuck with you over many years and over time these are your passions maybe they're not practical or maybe you're not great at them but it's your passion in the 3rd column I want you to write out what your values are when it comes especially to your profession or your career how you want to live your life what you're willing to do and not do the type. Of job you want to have whether you're working towards working for yourself or someone else just your values about how you want to conduct your everyday life these are things that I can handle these are things that aren't I don't want my life to look like this I want my life to look like this those types of things and then I want you to take a moment to ask your close friends hey what do you think my gifts are what do you think my passions are what are some things that you think I value and get their feedback and add those things if they lined up or maybe Star the things they said that were the same as the things you wrote down take that list and then look at those 3 categories and just spend time looking at it I'm telling you God has put everything inside of you to tell you what you need to do with your life to tell you what Paki wants he wants you to take to tell you what you know your future might be it's all there it's all inside if God is leading your life and I want to take a moment to look at those things and see if there are common themes in any of those 3 categories are there things that kind of interconnect honestly sometimes you might not like what you see. I just recently was deciding whether or not to go into nursing and to be honest you know for me it would kind of feel like going into a 2nd career and I had a long list of reasons why I should do those things you know obviously it's a powerful ministry it's a wonderfully stable career very flexible and I would've lost a lot by going in that direction but as I made this list and I looked at it and I made those 3 columns and I asked my friends and I just spent time praying over this and looking at it I realized. That I couldn't see nursing anywhere there it was a great career and there were so many reasons why a should do it all these wonderful great you know practical reasons but it wasn't there it didn't fit and for some people when they look at their list they're going to see something like nursing or they're going to see something like whatever it might be Bill see it there but every single person is different and for me I didn't see it there and to be honest I didn't like that I didn't see it there I tried to justify it in so many different ways and I didn't like that God might be calling me to a path that maybe wouldn't hold that stability or that flexibility that maybe there would be more unknowns I didn't like that feeling and to be honest I just wanted to do something normal right. But for me I realized that God had a different plan and I could not deny who I was no matter how many good reasons there were to do something if it didn't align with my skills my passions and my values I knew that I would actually be denying myself and in essence denying who God is created me to be and would it have been wrong or a sin to for me to go into that direction absolutely not I don't believe that's how it works by God was teaching me through that experience to value his plan for my life and not my own I'm a planner I want to be safe I want to be stable there is nothing wrong with that but when you know that you're denying God's plan for your life and you're denying yourself that's when you have to take a moment and really ask yourself if you trust God's. The path for you and all that plan is continuing to develop and and expand in my life I've actually never felt more secure in my relationship with God My contribution to the kingdom and the possibilities that are ahead of me now and I know it was because I decided to be who God called me to be you know I'm so over it and I think you should be to some of you I decided or are deciding on your life path based on pressure from society the need to have financial stability the desire to please someone or because you think that the way your life is right now is the only possibility and I just want to tell you that those things aren't bad in and of themselves but God has a much greater Palantir for your life that includes taking care of your needs expanding the unique gifts he's given to you and making all of your passions and dreams come true and in general being a happy person following God will make you more happy and that's a whole other sermon and of itself as far as trials and challenges in life but in general God wants your happiness and God wants you to be in a place where you're going to flourish the most when you're aligned with where God wants you to be where he knows you'll be happiest and most productive we are contributing to the world something that is divine. When you're pushing to go in your own direction when you're trying to be someone you're not trying to please those around you and in effect denying who God has made you to be it's so not worth it there will always be something wrong in the back of your mind and not knowing if you're living the life God wants you to live is not really the way to live I promise you. When you take the time to know yourself the self that God Himself created that's who you are don't doubt your value or how important your own perspective is when you take the time to know yourself embrace that you might have this type of personality or that type of interest or this is a dream when you know yourself and see how God put you together to be exactly who you are for a reason and then you're on your way to fulfilling that and it makes God happy and it'll make you happy your calling and your life might not look like everyone else's but that's part of the plan take time to know God take time to know yourself and look for the clues of the path that God has for you and even if you see something scary trust and believe that God wants to do with you with your gifts your passions your life something that you literally could never imagine for yourself and always remember that the greatest contribution you can make to the kingdom is to know God To know yourself and to fearlessly follow his plan for you I don't know what it might be that you've heard throughout the course of this day during the workshops or whatever God is putting on your heart through the things you've been listening to the testimonies you've heard or the people who have been sharing what God has been doing through them to reach people around them but I just want to encourage and challenge you to not be afraid of following exactly what God calls you to do don't be afraid of all the other things. That you can't control just take this one step take time to know yourself take time to know your value and take time to know that the real purpose of your life is simply to be the best reflection of God that you can be right where you are living in all of the the glory of who God has called you to be that's my desire for you and that's my prayer for you today. Thank you so much for Nola for that powerful message and for sharing your heart today I think all of us can say that was very moving and you know take the time to know yourself and to to believe and believe that God has a special calling on your life that's what I really got from from her message I mean there's a lot of things I could say but you know God has called each of us to do something and she said it's important that we know God Well firstly secondly we know what he has called us to do and thirdly to not be afraid to follow that calling in our life and. And so thank you we're No one for sharing that what would you guys get if you listen to that message today you know some think that really impacted me was the phrase she used a ministry is about pasta to flee impacting someone else's view of cry or how many times we go into ministry we really need that mission really impacting in a positive way someone else's view of Christ so that was very powerful powerful. Long without going along those lines how she said that career doesn't define you that's one aspect of you but it's not your total identity in Christ calling is so much more like why do we box ourselves into this I am that and this is the only way that I can minister to people because of this really we're just out there to really show God's character comes in so many ways and it's just one that last God's ways of using us to share his character to the world and it's endless and that's powerful that's part of the I really liked what she said about just taking the time to actually sit down and go through your values the things that really matter your goals I think so many times in life maybe we find ourselves just just doing just living just going from day to day and not actually taking the time to stop and think and ask God like you. What really matters got I got who do you want me to be God How do I prioritize my life and really living intentionally I guess that's kind of the theme I got about this is just intentional living that's awesome that's all right you know just we have a few minutes here as we close the program today and I'm sad that it's closing on that oh you know I'm actually really sad this has been a really fun day and I wish we could keep going but of course it's not going to keep going actually this entire weekend so you don't want to to to go anywhere because it's going to keep going in fact Casper our friend that was on earlier be preaching again at 7 o'clock so you won't want to miss his message tonight but but I want to ask you ladies and by the way thank you for co-hosting with me it's been really fun it's been a blessing it's been fun but as you as you look back on the day and you think about the various speakers and presenters what else kind of rises to the top stands out in your mind from the a.s.i. y.p. conference this year. Sophia stands out to me just really quickly is just how many people are doing amazing things you know something came out in the networking session I was in about sometimes feeling like we're alone like a light just felt like he was alone and I think things like that today reminds me that we're not alone that there are others that are on this journey going through all of the successes and failures of chasing the burdens that God has placed upon their hearts and to me it was just that building of community that was really inspiring and that's powerful you're not alone that we're on this journey together and we support each other you know something else I struck out to me too just from hearing from all our different speakers today is that God is so creative and then maybe each of us so different you know and we keep comparing ourselves and trying to fit ourselves into a certain mold that's when God is like hey I'm eating this way and I want you to shine I want you to shine in your life in your spirit in us. Arthel and it's just so cool hearing from always different y.p. highlights throughout the day seeing the innovative and creative things they're reflecting the creativity of God that's beautiful. Yeah just going along those lines you know God really has a place each and every one says here with a purpose and just looking at just not only does variety of people the cultural differences and just very very diverse group of young professionals so God really wants to use you wherever you are let him do it keep using your gifts for his school Henri keep believing intentionally just really always working for him and he will take care of it and you know be afraid of failure because that's one of the areas you sometimes said today because there's going to be one step farther to get you to where you need to be and you need to learn that lesson that's so true thank you so much Christina and that's that's that leads me to what I was going to say that kind of stood out to me today seems like everyone that presented talked about some failure that they've had in their life and you know sometimes we look at failure we think on me and I failed I know I do you know me and I look back and I I think about all the disappointments of the play times where I messed up but you know it's like chefs who said or maybe I can actually one of those that failure and actually be your greatest blessing like they learned the most from their failures and those those failures actually taught them so much that now they can actually share with others and so if you're in the midst of a tough time right now maybe you're struggling maybe you're not your business isn't going like you hoped or maybe just getting that idea off the ground hasn't quite panned out like you wanted to even if you're in the midst of failure God can use that as a blessing and so don't give up you guys I think that's something that really hasn't been pressed in my heart today wherever you are don't give up Jesus is with you he's able to give you the strength and the courage to keep going wherever he has called you to go so. There's a lot more that we can share by the way if you missed any of the presentations today we want to make sure you have that opportunity to see them again Michelle where can they go to find all the content from today's program a.s.i. ministry's dot org forward slash y.p. so a.s.i. ministries org forward slash y.p. we're going to be putting content from today up there so that you can go back later and reference that if you have friends that missed it let them know but we want to make sure that that is available for you awesome awesome speaking of connecting with you going forward that go we have some some really powerful tools online and we want to connect with those that have joined us in the y.p. community the sci young professionals community how can we connect with them going forward from here yeah so we want to keep this vibrant community going and we invite you if you haven't yet join our Facebook page young professionals just look us up right on Facebook and join the group be able to post and share and interact on that also I encourage you the people that you met during networking today follow up with see what's going on in their lives touch base with them and use that as a. Bouncing you know and just take off block you'll be able to interact with other people that you have met today and keep those connections going and that networking is so important yeah. You know supporting each other in the journey I think that's one thing that that's really important going forward so and we have other resources that are coming up Michel as well we do stay tuned we're working on different things like webinars and other ways to support in that ministry so you can stay tuned on our Facebook group so you can join that if you haven't already join the a.s.i. y.p. Facebook group check your e-mails and we'll be doing that type of thing also wanted to add this in young professionals can be a site members that's so all are not a member already write a member for just 25. Dollars 25 dollars 85 dollars that's like one meal a meal Ok. Maybe like me I was going to say that's like one soymilk a day and you get $25.00. A day and. It is multiple times of that but this is specially discounted just because of young professionals and then and trying to bring us together in that way you can get different services and the advantages of being a member also check that on the website ministries that or you can apply there to be a member of and can I just ask you a question and that is that hard to do like is it hard to apply to be a member or is a pretty easy it's pretty easy Ok the form is pretty sure Ok they contact you and basically if you are a young professional and a lay member of the church then it's open to men and I think that's a great great great thing to say because a.s.i. wants to connect with you is a is a great organization a wonderful network of business people of supporting ministries all coming together to support as we said in the beginning the mission of a.s.i. is to support the work of the church because we're all one right as you said Rebecca in a beautiful way each of us has a different calling but we all ultimately have the same calling Amen which is to take the 3 angels messages to the entire world in this generation so what ever your background is you might be a professor you might be a graphic designer you might be in health care whatever it is God is calling you to be a part of this movement to take the message to the world in our generation you guys this is the highest calling the most powerful calling anybody could ever have and we all share that in our unique way we all share that beautiful mission of taking the gospel to the world in this generation Yes I want to connect with the use of the Together we can get this work done by the power of God. And go home someday very soon so we want to connect with you going forward and I want to also say that in your local regions there are the local chapters the chapters in each union you can connect with they want to connect with you and involve you in their work as well so like if you're in the Southern Union for example there's a Southern Union a right and every union has one is that right if you know when you has an ass I know in the Southern Union where I've I'm from we are trying to do more things for young professionals and have been building that so definitely connect on your local level All right well well thank you guys so much I want to say a thank you to the 3 of you for being here and for hosting together Rebecca Christina and the show this is part of our team this is not all of our team unfortunately all couldn't be together because of the pandemic situation but the 4 of us were able to come and be here in person and thank thank each of you ladies for the on this team for what you've done there is so much work you guys that goes into making this conference a reality I'll tell you from the weekly conference calls to all the Google sheets to all the everything it's a lot of work and so thank you for the time you put in and I know Christine we have some others who want to thank you yeah so we will want to start out by thanking us well you know I think you being part of our group and part of it has happened to be able to be here today we want to say a special thank you to Philip to Ryan right now Alina John Ricky my Christy and the whole crew here today being really working so hard Thank you 3 I think various muesli So we really really appreciate all of you here today so yeah and I forgot anybody please forgive us but we try to put every single person there. And 3 b.n. has been a huge blessing to the whole crew here thank you 3 a b. and thank you for your selfless support of this and and to the. Leadership as well to Steve are. As event and the entire executive committee of a.s.i. thank you for supporting the young people and for your vision to involve young adults not only now but in the future as we move closer to the 2nd coming of Jesus finally I'd like to say a big things and I know we could all say something here too who has led this effort courageously for the past 3 years for Noah I know firsthand you put in your heart and your everything you put into this and I want to thank you on behalf of this entire team for your leadership of the last 3 years and really it wouldn't be where it is without. She put in a lot a lot of time a lot of her heart and a lot of her passion into this and so thank you or Nella for letting God use you and for that closing challenge which really was as we said is from your heart and our prayer you guys is that all of us would take that to heart and that we would discover that calling that God has in our lives each one of us has a calling me each one of us has a mission to fulfill and as we do that together trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit that this Gospel is going to go to the world in this generation I believe we're going to see it in our generation Amen 3 angels messages to the world in this generation and together as young professionals all of us a.s.i. all of us working together we're going to see a mighty movement of God and this work is going to be finished and by God's grace someday soon Jesus is going to come and we're going to go home with him forever that's right that is our great hope. So I think at this time we're going to close with a word of prayer. Father in heaven Wow what god you have spoken so clearly to our hearts story you have convicted you have inspired or you have equipped us with practical tools on how to live our lives for your father we just pray in the quiet moments of this evening Lord we would for Flexeril OJT on what your calling is for each of our lives and even hear your voice speaking to our hearts. How you desire to use a ministry to reveal your character to this well we recognize we don't have much time but here we are learning we say Lord you. Make us whole in Christ and use this for your glory and honor in the way that you have created and designed we thank you so much for your blessings and your prayer blessing upon every young professional around the world board you know wherever they might be know the struggles they face be right there to equip and to strengthen our had to fight the fight of faith for it and to be faithful to you and. We thank you so much to see and we're excited to see what you will do and our allies until you come again you miss you this name. Thank you Rebecca May God bless all of you and continue joining us for a.s.i.o. as we continue tonight and into the Sabbath for a wonderful convention 2020 here live from 3 and beyond continue following us on Ministries dot org or the 3 of you and website and until next year hopefully we'll be together in Grand Rapids for next year so young professionals day May God bless all of you and let's keep being faithful to the board looking for history to. This medium was produced by audience for us on this layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn or not. Please. Cite this. Or if you would like to listen. To visit w w w w verse.


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