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11. Last Day Events Q&A Session

Norman McNulty
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Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 10, 2020
    9:00 AM
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Well come again to. The search ongoing series on Day events this is actually the last presentation this is the question and answer session and I have really enjoyed going through the previous 10 parts and we're going to have one. Today where we will go through some questions to the section to answer many of the questions that have come in over the course of the series and we're going to do one thing I want to remind you about before we get into the actual presentation is. It's I'm going to be starting a series of Daniel in the next few weeks there will be a little bit of a very between the end of the series and the start of that series. It will follow the outline of the that are written Dan you know you can get a copy of the current publications or you can get either from Amazon in the version that way you can be ready to follow for the series so I encourage you to do so and before we get into the session for today I'm going to ask the Lord to be with us and we will go through as many questions as we can get through so let's pray Father in heaven and thank you so much for being with us during the series and I just pray that he would give me clarity of. My answers to be very clear and maybe we have a clear understanding of what's coming as for a moment we become ready to face a long time I pray in Jesus and. So. First question I'm going to deal with has to deal with a person a nation of Christ I say. This is generated a considerable amount of interest and I understand this you know there's a lot of questions that have come out about. The people the e-mail and even some. Facebook page. And there is the family this question of the out there at this Christ Hearst's is Christ personated by sea before the cause of probation or after the preparation I mentioned the son a couple of the presentation when I went through the 4 stages of the some no I had it in stage 3 before the cause provision of the study further specially when I got to the chapter on the time of trouble of a great controversy we find my placing the person action of Christ if I see in that chapter that led me to revise my position weight or in series that I had studied it further and what I found as I've looked at this even further and I've talked to. So others about this point is that this is a dispute of trying there are credible sources on both sides. And I do believe however that the Bible in the for clarity on this issue I do you want to mention the I'm friends with Pastor Stephen or I reached out to him this past week to see where he was. He has studied this issue he's considerable study into this issue and he has a really good study series on this from Matthew chapter 24 if he if you know Pastor of or he's the speaker director secrets unsealed if you go to their ministry website you can. If somebody has that enough for Matthew chapters for Monk for we're where he goes through the last day events which is part of the includes the person nation of Christ by say an interesting way Pastor more firmly believes. The person ation of Christ by say occurs after the close of the probation so I simply mention that to say that there are credible sources on both sides there's others for example some of you may know Dr Norman goalies or in the event he believes before the close of probation and I want to mention the this is the closing of the. Excellent chart that you have gotten I would encourage you to check it out. By Gordon all year and he believes that the person nation of Christ by Satan is before the public provision but he acknowledges that there are others who believe that it's after the calls of probation service having said that I just want to be clear here we may differ on this point but that doesn't mean that we can disagree charitably on this point you may see it differently than I see it I'm going to do the best that I can in the next few minutes to present why I believe. The person nation of Christ I said in occurs after the call of the probation now I am going to share a couple of courses some used to suggest before the probation this response from so I must. As volumes he page 50 and here we read we are warned that in the last days he referring to Satan more were to signs of Mineworkers and he will continue these wonders and so if a cause or probation he may try to them as evidence that he is an angel of light and not of darkness now you know most here in the statement refers to Science of Mind warmers want continuance of a clause of probation this doesn't specifically mention the person a nation of Christ by Satan and the passages very obvious that before probation poses there's going to be a lot of miracles that are being used by the powers of darkness he went as many over to the side of us before probation cause and so that's clear there's no doubt that there will be deceptions miracles and things of that nature prior to the fall of probation and here's another statement this is from manuscript releases volume 19 to 80 and this is referring. To the person of Christ by stating this is where there is a difference of understanding about the timing of this analysis 19 m.r. she is here in the last they say and will appear as an angel of light with great power in heavenly Laurie and claim to be the Lord of the whole earth it's clear that person of Christ by saying he will expire the Sabbath has been changed from the 7th the 1st day of week and as Lord of the forest they have it we he will present the spurious Sabbath as it of oil of the loyalty and then will take place the final revelators prophecy I want to. Grab my Bible here. After she says this she quotes revelations 13 years for 3 teeth now verse 3 of Revelations or achieve. The Papacy receive the one the c.e.o. of all the world wonders after the beast and then verse forces and they worshiped the dragon when she gave him her and of the beast and they worship the essent who is life and of the beast who is able to make war with them worshiping the dragon This would suggest that statements being worshipped on this will take place when same person it's Christ however you can't necessarily point that's timeless and some of try to use this passage say when you get to verse 5 you have the 42 months that there's going to be a letter of the 42 months and those things listen Revelation 13 is not her because you have universe and 3 groups especially for Cirie you have. The only one is. Of the beast in the world wandering out of the beasts of the future and then worshipping the dragon you can certainly make the case that that's when Satan is worshiped when he presents and saw Christ and then when you get back to Earth 5 of it's referring to the 460 years and need to go further into the chapter you see the 2nd beast some of the earth United States of America and so we don't believe that there's going to be a 2nd cell phone of the United States of America the 2nd beast coming in the earth after Satan person express it you can't use the statement to say that there's going to be a literal 42 months after same person it's Christ or there's a point of the United States coming up out of the earth a 2nd time that already happened around the time the $79.00 even though they want to buy such Revelation 13 it's not chronological but we see. And that right after the development is healed we have the drought and then worship in the horse you also see anger said of Revelation 13 all the developing your show leadership and whose names are not written on the. Life of the last line from the foundation of the world and at that point you can measure taste all who on here should show or should stem that would be potentially after the cause of probation if you have people's names written in the last line so that's the statement doesn't necessarily settle the issue one way or the other in my mind I could see hate for the cause of her vision but it's not a slam Now here's where I want to focus and show why I believe the secure is after the cause of probation I've read the statements are in the current series I'm not going to read every last word here that here's what I want you know. You see this is a great kind of received 627 This is from the chapter in the time travel l m y identifies the price will cease of the owners session in the sanctuary because of probation and the timing of the grass is the sub 5000 report on and you see who. Sang the plays will come and at the end of this paragraph she says so is the Revelator in describing the us or if experience their child annoys them grievous or. Which have the mark of the beast on them which were the units threw away she $62.00 is being courted at the end of this paragraph that's the 1st plague of a sudden last place so we see already from why the probation has closed when the 1st play of the ends of all on the 1st play begins the fall we know the probation is closed it's interesting the more takes place. In the camps I say to deceive the world and the same some are going to see that as we progress through the plays so printer on here is the quote great conversely 627 so the place to be in the fall and probation revelation 16 is 162 as quoted in the statement now how does this relate to same personating Christ's Well what's he doing here it's great controversy 56 he wants Satan has long been preparing for his final effort to deceive the world the foundation of his work was laid by the assurance given even Surely dance of the spiritual and the day either of the new year I shall be open and he shall be as now in the evil that's from Genesis 34 and 5 little by little he has prepared the way for his masterpiece of deception and the development of spiritual and he has not yet reached the full of his designs that it will be reached in the last round of time then going on the very next sentence of the prophet i Soft 3 Am plane spirits like frogs they are the spirits of devils working miracles which go forth and of the kings of the rhythm of the whole world to get to the Battle of that great day of mine that's revelation 161314 months the 6th place that's been mentioned here except those who are except by the power of that through faith in us were the whole world will beasts wept in the ranks of this the lesion so. Notice the score from Great Congress he 561562 shows that Satan's masterpiece of deception involved spiritual upon the 3 unclean spirits like frogs the spirits and go force to deceive the world and this is a description of the 6 play kind of a battle of Armageddon and here is the point probation has closed yet only those kept by faith in the Word of God it will be swept away by evolution so what is this masterpiece of deception that takes place in the 6th place after probation has close why would there be the need for a masterpiece of deception affirmation that here is the next point I make clear statement on the person nation of Christ is found a great Congress he says 24 and others other good States that this is true most well known statement and this is from the chapter entitled The time of trouble the chapter begins with the calls of probation page 613 where she paused and want my post and the probation close of a very late now when we get to page 624 Notice what. Fearful sights of the supernatural character will soon be revealed in the Huns in front of the power of America were the spirits of devils will go forth the kings of the earth and of the whole world I fear of a vision 1614 your inference that the mind and there I put there to see that but I am showing you where that's coming from because that's coming from the 6 play so the spirits of devils will go forth the kings of the years into the whole world assassin them in deception and urge them to unite with Satan and his last rebel against the government by these agencies rulers and such as will be likened to seed persons will arise pretending to be Christ and so often claim that title and worship which most long to the world's Redeemer Now this is it correlates with Matthew 24 hours as false Christs will arise and deceive many they will perform miracles of healing and profess to have revelations from contradicting the testimonies the testimony of the Scriptures and again she places this when the time that you see that the spirits of devils will go forth the kings of the earth and the 6th place after probation with both and then she has asked the crowning act on the great drama does she say to him so whole person a price of this is a continuation of you had a other people claiming to be Christ's that are advancing Satan's causes part of the 3 unclean spirits now seeing himself through himself personally it's Christ as the crowning act in the great drama of deception and this is the ultimate form of spiritual as a more Same does a supernatural miracle to make himself look as if he is Christ and she goes on to say the church is one profess to look to the saviors and consummation of her hopes now that you're a deceiver will make it appear that prices come in different parts of the earth Sigma manifest themselves many of them adjust the being of majestic being of downhill and brightness resembling to us. The description of the Son of God given lation and then you go on to see the quote crisis come crisis come the people prostrate themselves an aberration for insecurity see that the dragon has been worshiped by the world and then he pronounces of us and that's Christ lost the cycles on us on the earth and I've kind of summarizing some of the points every season voices. He assumes the character of Christ claims of change sounds to someday and then out of minds as this is the strong almost over mastering the mind the Samaritans who were deceived by Simon Magus most of his from the least of the greatest if he did the sorcery saying this is the great power of God but the people of the mist of the teachings of the false Christ are not in accordance with the spirit she was his blessing mispronounce the palm worshippers of the v.c. and his image the very fond. Of. Brass be poured out now. Here's the objection to the idea that Satan would personally Christ after the close of probation because they the point is and this is a fair and I will readily admit that the argument is that got people are already sealed in the wicked have already received the mark of the Be So what's the point of the almost overmastering delusion taking place in the 6th place just before the sudden spike in the some of the town south of hell the weight of a town and then the 2nd coming of Christ surely after that in the 7th place so why would you have say personating Christ in the 6 play after probation it's that's a good question ice but wave we have some further help from inspiration this is from manuscripts 16 page 884 through yes manuscript 16 he for now you can also find the statement last events once of the 4 months of the 5 and notice what. Why it says here in this this is the scribing the person nation of Christ by say very clearly so the question is what's the timing and what's the purpose for being out of probation Satan sees that he is about to lose his case so the plagues have been falling you've already had 5 play it's an a revelation 16 follow the river Euphrates rise up and so now Satan has to make one last and the spirit of that he cannot sweep in the Horus he makes one more last thus for her to overcome the faithful by deception he does this in person 8 in Christ he quotes them suffer the garments of royalty which have been accurately described in the end of John he has parity this he will up here to the lute a follower of the Christian world he received not of the truth the Had pleasure and I'm righteousness transgression of us Christ's coming the 2nd time so I see this is analogous to the drying up of the river Euphrates in Revelation 6 he talks of the ending of the 6th plague and then you have 3 unclean spirits like frogs as the spirituals and. Mastering the illusion of Satan person eating Christ because the river Euphrates is what supplies that the law and water represents people and Babylon which is the be Studios its power see that which the dragon is given has piracy authority to they start to lose their source of power from the people as 5 plagues the fallen they're saying hey we're always in this is that we thought we were on the right side but we're the want to receive in the play from the people we've condemned and they haven't received these plagues that are so ses he that he's about all these this case and he's getting desperate now so as the river Euphrates dries up as the people withdraw their support from Avalon now you have 3 unclean spirits like frogs and by the way the frogs represent the they were the that was the last place in Egypt that the magicians were able to reproduce Likewise the. 6th place when you have 3 unclean spirits like frogs this is the last time that same can use his supernatural power to make it appear as if he is on the winning side and he's going to run into trouble years because he isn't losing side here so. We reason the next paragraph he proponents of Christ he is believed to be Christ and similar same Scrope people say Christ's crap come Christ's time you next paragraph we see here it was that the massively effort of Satan would have deceived the very alike but who are the ones of us clam him that he made last him to be honored in the sea that he was honoring the the papacy the. Protestant churches and we get down to the end where we see. The deceptions of spiritual of them were saying. Surely die in the blessings pronounced by this false Christ upon the worshippers of the beast and his image the people who have received them are these the mark of the image of the beast then we go a few paragraphs later we see that Jesus looking upon us people he says Take away the filthy garments and I believe this represents the blotting out of some which will take place when probation has closed and so then we see Satan sees that he is about all his last chance of subverting the souls and he brings all the powers of a say Tanach generalship into intense activity this last and great act is in truths in it and that So the last great act in the drama is in person it in Jesus Christ is the status of the sermon by none but those who are established in the scriptures and a point was awarded not and then this is the very interesting thing at the very end of the statement. Notice this one after more and then Satan's last of ISIS them Floyd he hears the unceasing try for Christ to come for Christ to the rhythm this last tragedy is the person in Christ and makes them think their prayers are answered but this answers the last of them were of the Abomination of Desolation standing in the holy place here's the interesting thing the prayers for deliverance from the saints especially takes place during Jacob's time of trouble and that's at the end of Jacob's time of trouble is when God's people are delivered the battle of Armageddon is is another way to describe its time of trouble so Jacob some trouble occurs during the Battle of Armageddon when the 3 unclean spirits lights frogs have been released or same will perform his last act which is the almost overmastering delusion and God's people have been praying for deliverance and months and friends concepts he will be at their weakest point in a sense at the end of Jacob's time of trouble just as Jacob physically was at his wages but spiritually after strong the same things he says it's striking God's people at their weakest point because they have held onto the Lord during this time they will hold true and so he thinks that he's going to have guts people out there weakest point. They're praying for deliverance and then ship Sheer is making a as if he if the answer to their prayer but they will be deceived so that the prayer for deliverance from the Saints comes especially during the day have some trouble and this is this nation and salacious and say person it's Christ but I see this clearly as being after the cause of probation out why again and I read the statement earlier this is following Madame selection to hear this and earlier presentations were on my type of after Christ finishes his work in the sanctuary he comes out places the sons of Israel come out of the sky and them all the plagues are following. Them then the plates are to haul a home of wicked and in this next sentence while the players are falling the scapegoat same as being alone but away he makes a mighty struggle to escape so I believe his He's his last desperate attempt to escape during the plays as when he personally it's Christ The He's fast by the hand of these in the man who leads him away I believe the man summarizes the 144000. Saved by the person nation of Christ I see so. Same person it's Christ and his last ditch effort to win the great controversy should God's people fail here there will be a people who keep the commands that got in the face of Jesus and so Satan's charges would be proved to be true were saved as God's people cannot be faithful they cannot keep the law that's why the same person in Christ after the calls are provisions just before Jesus comes I believe that it's just a last ditch effort to try to win the great controversy because he sees that it's about all this is and so that's my understanding of this now but if you see it differently if you want to stick to the idea that it's before the call of probation I respect and. You know don't question your credibility or your faithfulness to being 7 that means we can. See things differently and so the brothers and sisters in Christ you know as 1st Corinthians 13 says we know in part and we prophesied and car and we do our best to understand it when we disagree we show share and towards one another and so that's my understanding on that now there's other questions if there was a question that came out about the same for manuscript release volume 5 page 3 o 5 where it says India China Russia and the cities of America thousands of men and women are dying of starvation among them because they have power control the market they purchase at low rates all they can obtain And so what rate will increase prices this means starvation to the 4 classes animal result in a civil war. Where And so the question is Where does this fit in the time I will notice the very next sentence. And this is from again by them are 3 of 5 there will be a time of trouble such as never was there was a Nation time chum Michael Stanhope the great prince so it appears to me that the civil war that all my time it's about that involves India China Russia and the cities of America where thousands will die of starvation in the city in these nations because of the just practice of the wealthy that's going to take place right around the time of probation will probably continue into the period of time after her mission poses while the plates are falling and so you may feel like you're saving yourself so they come by or so but then there's going to be starvation in the cities and so it's going to be a terrible time not just for the righteous but for the wicked too and so we want to be faithful to all or not. There's a lot of other questions that I'm going to look at now and. She. And we have a lot of grief questions I have time to answer this point I'm just going to chart here reading off of the question of the time and I want to thank all of you who have have been following along and have sent me messages of encouragement as well it's. A question that came out recently it was because of the chaos in the world some of us parents are concerned about sinners has backed her and scholars are patterns that are starting to consume especially ones that are far away from what are your thoughts on that well here's what I would say number one. Element makes it very clear that education is important and I get concerned when I see families feeling satisfied with finishing after high school and. And not encouraging their has to develop their talents of the sort of. Given them an element has made it clear that those who have an education and that otherness I mean you go away if you like. But I believe that includes college I think college is really an important some show her education that our young people should go through. When you get no I'm makes it very clear that you can be 10 times more effective than if you don't have that education so it's not that you can't be saved if you don't go to college you're the meting that usefulness that you can be forgotten by not going to college and I have sometimes seen a mentality that you know it's a big bad world out there so let's protect our kids and that's the way and. You know people are going to the mat for decisions anyway and what I would say is send them to a possible source of the whole truth Sonnen favor you send your children to the institutions that were promoted evolution for example. And a so if you're set somehow survives you know that kind of environment I wouldn't encourage you to send your suits to schools where there's rampant it's alcohol and drugs and violation of the southwest I'm not in favor of things I am going personally going to be very picky about the school I would send my children to should time last. Risk of getting into some degree of trouble for saying this this is what I would say I highly recommend what you Mark college watch that has caused him harm Koch as places where your young people can go. To gain an education. It's and learn about the 3 angles messages not to any particular place that is absolutely perfect you're going to find human beings of flaws anywhere you go. Yes Time may be shore but and so we have a some day I was with my 1st presentation the entire prophetic catalyst and so there's a some a long if your children are if school age I would sum them to school I would send them to schools that are god fearing and that will raise help to educate your young people to the workers in the cause of a 3 and that's so I'm glad that you asked the question and it's. The facial and you know I just because I didn't mention the slow that wasn't one of the threw that I knew doesn't necessarily mean that I wouldn't encourage you to send yours student to a particular place that those 3 f. yours feel very good about. Ok it's now a few other questions. The questions as when the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven and Satan gathers the wicked together to take the city how long will it take it seems as if that would be a long time to question you know if you read the clearest. There we have her mouth why is from Congress since the chapter the controversy ended it's around page $64.00 and were might addresses the says she and what she says in that chapter is that there's going to be ups and a ramekin of the history of the world from the time that Adam and Eve down to the end of time so the elect could take some time how long it will take I'm not sure so. It doesn't solve specifically how long it takes but at that point it really doesn't matter because the righteous are saved in our new Jerusalem but with that are on the earth right before it will be destroyed and so there's no telling how long the last one thing that's worth mentioning is the same will deceive the wicked and he will try to convince them that he is the one that raised them from the air while they were able to overtake the city so say and does the work of deception even after the millennium even when he knows that it's lost and you can make the same argument for him trying to deceive the righteous after probations closed. Now this is another questions is what's going to happen to those looking for to the Lord's appearance who are elderly or lame or any others who might find it difficult to run of the mountains during some of his trouble you know it's a good question it's a tough question you know why the save a lot is made of ice later a some of the very early some of the variants show over and things of that nature not out but happens and there are certainly the ways that go preach tax those who are elderly in that way that. You may now be all the rest of us who could still survive the final crisis he may protect in other ways we don't know all the ways that the Lord protect us but we just have to trust him but if you're not able to play the monkey is your issue out of it just trust in the Lord that He will protect you improve your you in the way that he sees busts. Before he comes for faith. This is another good question. And I know that part of it is a testimony part of his expressions as well argument how to thank you for your series on and some of that it is playing a large part in my own repentance and reformation experience present for the so that I'm wondering about underleaf was a provision for something that means the much time for the 1st days of the summer Hunter Stan Thanks Fred for us the formal relationship and receive the earlier in Christ's righteousness under the duress and fear of the time that a swift the approaching maybe of stress that the some agree but I'm hoping on a sizable player that he is only the majority of us this count of the waiting until the 1st to the summit prepared is becoming increasingly clear to me that we are on the very verge of the 1st day shipping the entire thank you so much for your sincerity in your soon genuine experience across America thank you for that question in your post says my so I did address this in the. Presentations are earlier Now here's my understanding you know 1st Peter 417 says the judgment beyond the house of gossip that's true but the model only describes one close of probation and even in the parable of the sand virgins where you have a midnight pride that wakes up all 10 virgins we saw in the night cries and I guess the cry which occurs at the summit lot and those who have on their vessels with their lamps That's the early rain experience of the Holy Spirit never receive the outpouring of the Latter Rain in the short period of time after that the bridegroom comes those who are ready to go in with him to the marriage and the Dorotea now that souls mean that probation closes after the some a law comes because the Midnighter as analogous to a loud cry and a loud cry announces the balance and the priests have an alliance as the last events when 98 about monsoons reach heaven the goddess finally made way by legislation that's the summit law so the men I Pray allow crime wakes up the whole church that's the Sunday law after the Sunday I asked and then you have the very stages of the summit when you get to the death probation closes and that's when the wise reasons go and see the marriage where the Brighton there were hundreds and then the place began the foreign crisis comes at the end of the 7th play. However the opportunity for her ration for 7th day on this doesn't end when the summit comes so if we're waiting for the summit lot of Get ready it will be 2 way it's a bit of semantics. I've said this before I'll say that again it's like taking us through us the 7th Avenue us when you say kind of examination you walk through. In the examination room and up until you walk through the door you coulda done some last moments that evening but once you enter into that room provided that at the close it's just you and your kind of paper you answer the question your opportunity for preparation for that says in the moment you walk through the door to take the test but your probation does not close and so you can assess here for 7 percent of past the examination the Ems one the Sunday law the judgment of living our characters will be demonstrated during that time that it will be too late to form a character and on probation. So good question thank you again for done through that. There's another really good question asked about. Preparation for the latter rain and what is necessary for them and. They wonder why that hard to do with the escort of Harper aeration vs the witnessing Alliance and. The other issue of who asked this question you really are on to this not that we need we need the heart conversion and witnessing that goes with our conversion that's the early train experience the conversion and witnessing so that we what we see the outpouring of the latter in life and you're not going to be witnessing for the 1st time a lot of Rand's part of you will argue that it was have a lot of ring power. And cannot give the outpouring the outcry now from the latter rang with without a converted heart an x. $53.00 she saw that the Holy Spirit is this that it's Ok this is a question from a young person someone who's 21 years old over in a country and you're coming in a specific way to name the country. They are concerned about the en route the question as relates to. Issues such as the nature sun the nature of Christ and ration victory over Sun our historical understanding of the sanctuary and you know that's a good questions. This is a challenge in some parts of the world field where it's false theology from the question on the auction house effect of us you know questions on art and also. Her eyes our understanding of what constitutes. Church Christians on her. Babylon sent a representative of the on face a lot of the churches but it didn't specifically identify the papacy and the Protestant churches that. Are following the Senate he even churches are part of the day and then it's the revenue includes all of the faithful throughout the churches which is someplace wrong the remnant of those he commands of horses which includes the sun it's only the something that an asst church meets the specifications so. Then of course it changed the understanding of the nature of Christ from having the nature of Adam after the fall of changing it to have a nature about him before the fall of man and mentions that the it's finished cross these are all deviations from the Spirit of Prophecy. Now the Senate will asks Will we become united on these things before Jesus counts that. It's and what I would say is you know I don't necessarily believe that everybody is going to. Have the correct view of the nature of Christ through the apple. You know order to receive the form of a lot of rain as long as you believe that if it's Riverside think it's hopeful to have a correct view of the nature press that if he had a nature that I have that he is my example life and left him in faith say that Jesus Rev with temptation he was such a mom wants life as I am yet he was without some but I have fallen short of the glory of God because all of this so be it Christ was without sin so I can live to house my example I want to be very shades affirming in overcoming some of those he a lot of times I find those he have some reason or another is he. Claim that we can't really have him favor if we were so. Christ's human nature Honestly though I haven't heard that much of battlefields here in North America for a while we've been fighting other if he's with respect to each is and it just keeps getting more intense so I do believe it's up to have. Spirit or standing of that yes I do you believe God will have people at the end of the world who will keep the commands of Jesus and He will be surrendered to Christ and sweetly and so in that God will have a generation of faithful saints who are rightly represents ferreted of the arm of the universe. I don't expect the entire city to have a mistress he had a point and that will be part of the shaking but again there will be some people who don't necessarily understand every last theological point on those issues and so he saves so hopefully that answers your question another question came out saying where were God's people and where will they be and where should the people of be when the little time trouble started I remember the time of trouble starts with the son Jacob some trouble starts with the public provision and security. Where she got people the well obviously if you're already I'm sure you're going to be managed for months probation because you're going to be flamed them out of there will be easier if you have already been in the country where you grow your own food in the earlier stages of. This crisis as opposed to your slaying everything you own the way. You get out of the cities now it's if he can get out do you do it now other in the same person other really questionable an issue some of those are his or her rights so Jesus comes not. When the summer lost the violation of our constitutional rights for some on religious liberty that worship according to our conscience to have the Free Exercise of Religion was a summer off there will be their rights we have as citizens of the servants and so. On as what it is another good question could you please explain and explain of a glorious plan what is it so you know why do you go through them I've just you know in the end we will go through that in our study in the end although take some time to get to the end all of the glorious plan I believe of the Christian church and putting this the atmosphere of the glorious Holy Mountain represents the Ram who survived the shaking and. So the question. This was in a question sis's document ocular persecution in the soundtrack of a universal my question stands from the statement and this is from ends here of a teen age action at one price for their money on some of those waiting people will be engaged and business transactions some of the some in the field others reaping and gathering in the harvest and others grinding at the mill not the person. Contains that question assumes that if analysis of the evidence is waiting people will apply to the places these are the 3 at the very end of this 3 he said in a general sense address the relation of final events in the United States to the republic in significant measure that would be helpful thank you sir excellent question and thank you for this question yes people will be persecuted universally and I did address the an earlier presentation there was a presentation after the 4 stages of the summit of the asylum becomes universal and every nation on the seas will deal with this now this severe statements talking about what he was he being a business transaction some of the some of ice sheet us refer unlikely to being the cause of probation rather than actually the 2nd coming and you have to see a different way that's Ok that clearly everybody who is a face full of sudden payout and this is going to be hiding somewhere either in prison or in the mountains or somewhere else the sun the G.'s towns because. They says it will save all of us our God we have waited for him he will say this is a very good question. I might have mentioned the 4 but the suppression came in again once and. This is why I wrote the end. Some reference that come here of Elmira moment statements let us read this wealth chapter of Daniel of the morning that we shall all need to understand before the time you know here it is it's man's Hooley slant if he has to try any of those written 19 or 3 So yes Daniel 12 is a warning that we all need to understand before the time of the end I absolutely believe that what I don't believe of the them which some people try to make it and he is the why doesn't save us that people try to make this sound much easier as the spur of the mean that there's a literal reification of the fall 60 the trial 90 and the 1335 what I believe is the this is especially referring to Michael standing up probation close and the time of trouble such as never was there while the nation and the people shall be divided every one this will be found written in the book many of them asleep in the dust that the earth shall await some everlasting life some ashamed of us and some thoughts in the special resurrection verse 3 so they will be why shouldn't the brightness of the firm and they determine many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever those who. Those are the faithful who who give a loud cry masses so I don't believe in reallocation of the evaluation of desolation recount from the summit point of the. Death the tree the. People of creation the serfs. The statements some play meetings. We all need to understand the morning and then as far as the probation is going to close people are going to go through have some trouble but there will be a boat routes and God is looking for a people who will shine as the brightness of the firm especially during that time so an excellent question. And yet I don't see other things connected to the warning found which for anyone trying really trying to Ronnie is referring to Jerusalem and surrounded and that was in 78 and the others and have occasion of the Abomination of Desolation but that's not. Referring to a specific time prophecy. It's Ok other questions as I was a straight in the recount person it seems that there is a group of people during Jacob some trouble that are not saved but appear to anguish over there asking for permission of people such as are seared in the continuum of Iran and the right of her concerts say as long as you worry about your sons or provision of mind vs not good question now here's the reality and the difficult reality is that. What you're referring to from the statement of great Congress he is the is a description of the foolish virgins elements of them cross post regions have a regard for the truth they have advocated the truth they are attracted to those who believe the issue is that they have not been rock Rice she is the permit of the old nature to be grown up and then on probation earth when the son in law come which is before her vision poses they go out seeking the higher the oil which is the Holy Spirit which as it can get rid of life because they see that they need that and they say to the so the wise give us of your oil for our last are going out of wise can give them their their share through they can given the fruits of the spirit you have to have it for yourself so the foolish virgins are those who are viable even something happens in the Says going to be a tragedy in that one probation post that they're going to be knocking on the door saying Vorovoro open to us but because their sons have not been blotted out they will still remember their sons and so the again this isn't a very but it's a reality check that the foolish virgins of Adventism who were alive during the Final Crisis will live through the summer walk crisis and the close the probation on the outpouring of a sudden and I can't imagine anything worse than of being of some of us and waking up with a boil it's or something else for your scorched with a severe he whatever it is because you didn't receive the seal of any god he didn't take the time to develop with or to have the fruits of his character in her life and so that is a morning and so that's an excellent question came from a strong Thank you. Ok someone asked a question of 2520 more some of the Falls turned off or won the 2520 it's a movement led by Jeff Sessions or they promote this 2520 prophecy was. Great congressi 3 so if you want this 1300 a prophecy is a long prophetic time period so that explicit 2520 right there and your has gone way beyond the 25 trying on both of you who may have been following a line he saw that he predicted that a nuclear bomb would be needed by those on the sea on July 18th want to try me and there is a 2nd there it is a life 31 points running and sadly enough the people on his movement were referring to this is a disappointment I mean they were actually disappointed the chance of thousands of people to die by a nuclear explosion but Jesus not having That's a budget I'm at reason to be disappointed that the great disappointment was every 2844 then disappointed of those who were in a lost and. From not been blown up by a bomb that's enough to try to flash one that insists they away from the not in a fight in general being angry one has masses with the one whose message was for Satan so none of it wasn't us right. Now this is a good question I would like to know where the lotto rank comes in when you follow Jesus to Century Thankee you know very well over the lot of transport out when the sons of got people out of lot of the holy places my sanctuary Acts 319 I'm trying to prepare you therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out when the Times a refreshing shall come from the presence of the lovers finds them he sent Jesus Christ which before was preached and he took a whopping absent takes place in the muscle opposed to the having a century finalists and when the blotting out of the sun the guts people takes place the latter rain is for it's very big question. Ok. Yes So it's. There's a question of. About North Korea Muslim countries which have little or suppressed high regard Gosho why would they observe some of us when this is going to be universal and I remember the some who us the lay in state ism and I even read a statement in this question and answer session of the I was referring to the person harassed by say that same well were miracles prior to the close of probation. In which it will be what it will appear to be that the power of heaven and the side of the sun and the Muslim countries the is nations of the supernatural mouth of stations they will address this in Daniel of my book all of us in our study. I believe the Muslim nations of the world are some allies. Libya and Egypt and the atheistic nations have yet to be some allies. Of that country before the land of Egypt and you can look at those early wait for my series on your question. It's this is another good question. Argument it's Herm's thirty's if there is anything that is an idea how long it takes for a sense of progress and after the national summit through how long of all time travel are a great time travel and how long of a sudden spike last any of the of you who shoot and that's a great question so. The last answer is I don't know for sure but this is what I would say you know incidents of size 500 changes in a place take place in the center of the fireman's with the rat much as I have taken here the new years once a son of a council the message of the will be given them and I have a sudden loss passed the whole the town to meet him so it won't be too long there will be a period of development where there's the 4 stages of the summit and eventually you can buy or sun while others of which leave the cause of probation then it will take a period of time for those places fall they will happen and all my message clear that the sub must place must be universal so that play each of the players will happen various parts of the world finally get to the 6 play in some places the sum the 2nd coming of the 6th play is the Armageddon the spirituals sabers in a crisis. That's going to take a little bit of time so you're definitely going out a number of months that's not such a 2 or 3 weeks they'll be a number it's. Very question it's. Now. Another question that. Is firm my friend Ron. Says regarding the New World Order I was under the impression from the vision of Inuits here that there would never be. The together can you more fully explained a warmer government that reigns for one thank you for the setting of ports that that's a great question Rhonda because Revelation 17 does show that the temperance which represents the kings of the earth they will reign for want to hour with the snout that word want to hour is. It commits translated as one hour or it can be translated as a short era and like every So it's a sure indefinite period of time and it's we believe there's not time prophecy $2844.00 the 2nd coming so at the very end of the world when all the world wants out of the beast that they want as he'll there is a chance to bring all the world together it's this new world order this one world government where there isn't much it's to bring all the world together but then yes he says they want to play together and so it's a very it Revelation 17 it's like it's the short era it's a very short period of time and it's kind of clearly be longer than 15 minutes all day if that's what would be perfectly but one of the kings of the earth reign with the papacy they will make war with the lamb and making more of the lamb will be that tree and then you have a sudden spike in the summer certainly. This is the 7th place almost the last almost certainly animals there's no way they would last 15 days though certainly. Not something sure era. And so very good question but so you know they were really played together as a short period of time of the kings of the earth both branch of the papacy they will make war with the lamb lamb. Another question on the summit like comes of what point you're colleges and universities but also hospitals cease to have hard to say for sure you know and again I hear it at some point thank. In any particular institution or hospital we will certainly some of our institutions on the side of a comes and I say that simply not to be critical of he says some of our institutions are already leaning towards accepting the. Mentality so that they will be accepted by society so if they're doing that through any kind of setting up to go one of the some a movement and again I'm not naming any names just you know. If you're going along with modern culture you'll go along with the summit. So it's the institutions that go on with Sunday observance they would be lost to Athens is the point. But again the church will go through some of the tuition's may be lost but the churches so the lost the church itself the body will go through it's a visible Church the center isn't Zion will be shaken out the righteous what remains the Don't Say we're all part of an invisible church and I'm assuming that you know there's the church that will be seen that will go through and the centers in Zion will be sifted out and righteous Mormons as they were the body even if we leave some institutions got here but I hope I'm wrong but that's what we will actually not run because we see sions patch so we're about to wrap up here through. Almost So all the questions will be here. It's this is a good showing yours as he stated repeatedly the coming of Jesus the fans are reading this is the church and the prophetic counter this is happening or is that the ready however as I look at the Southern Hemisphere survey it appears that it is getting weaker rather than stronger now prophecies are praised more of innocence secularism or ensuring it obviously the church has been shaken already Bohol on the way for us to be ready if you look at the church in general and the condition if you hang the whole Some of the end of of the end time events on the readiness of the church it will take many more years for since the forty's come back Well here's what I would say that you know when the like of things for the I have to face because if we look at. Other human beings it can be easy to be hemispheres we need to look to Jesus because he's doing the work that we can't always see what is happening yes it's true that in many of our churches prophecies are being preached and we see more of innocent sex rather than answering as if you know God is phrase that a lot of different avenues for our message to continue to go forward even from within the body of the church and so you know don't lose hope and the fact that we see this pandemic happening right now for example which suggest to me that the winds are starting to be replaced before ones are Revelation 7 which suggests they got people are close to being c.e.o. thing for sure that's going to happen but what's left of her or her has arisen redemption draws near. An invention really you know got us kind of punished overcome such a short in righteousness and everything that can be shaken will be shaken. It's couple of other questions think I'm just going to make you think this will be. The last look at this is in the chapter on the shaking and the last events compilation there seems to be a multiplicity of cataclysm features of the shaking I think that you've touched on the some of but it is a fair to say that the shaking is accumulation of a number of catalysts and features a so is there any particular order to them very good question you know I said that the sudden a much more calamity I think is going to be a major calamity that's what for that will leave she the call through some new OS for the people of America which will cause of outsiders to them past its to form the image of the beast in the heart of the beast what that house is a musher it could be an economic collapse it could be major. After that who knows but. It's something that will come quickly and unexpectedly suddenly and it will be much more. Yeah I should answer this as well the 2nd take place after the summit on some place definitely when the summit like comes you know the liberals are going to be gone they're going to join the world very quickly that then we'll also see the difference between the lies and that's what's written that's kind of punching out of bounds of the many others will come in during that time and so. You know there's a lot to consider there's a lot to ponder a lot of great questions that came out and so I just want to say again to all of you who followed through this entire series Thank you for following up thank you for sharing these messages with your friends I hope and I pray that. These messages will start within your heart a desire to be ready to see Jesus in the clouds very very soon and the points that we may not see completely the same let's show charity towards one another and let's continue to to learn and I've appreciative people sharing their thoughts with me of a point that they might be different than how I shared it and I'm a human being I. Infallible interpreter of scripture of the Spirit of Prophecy if there's a clear statement that comes along that shows me where I've been wrong I will readily change my position and if I've stated something in the series that was wrong hereto later it's you know it's not about trying to just be right to be right now it's true says I want to share the truth as it is in Jesus as best as possible and sometimes we as human beings will say something incorrectly and if we do them we try to find the correct answer and make the trip later on but the bottom line is this we've gone through a very clear straight for presentation last events from beginning to end from the summit of the 2nd Coming and. It's clear the roadmap that we are facing for the future how soon the summit last coming I don't. Come out of this pandemic is it going to now I'm not saying that well but it could I'm not predicting that certainly not setting any time soon I do have some trepidation for humanly speaking for our country in the months that lie ahead no matter who wins the election I could see some significance of the unrest as a result of the outcome of the election no matter who wins and the fact that the 2 an escalation of the on time crisis I'm not saying that well but I mean it's for that I just say that to say we're not through all of these things you can go back to these presentations the some part series and this question and answer session and review these 2 points and I encourage you also to study for yourself or through the last 3 through the group get the closing of and start by. Value or sort of any other material there's a good bye bye w.d. for the young. But do you want every chance to make yourself aware of what is coming up because Jesus coming and you know he is coming soon and we want to be ready to meet him and whatever deceptions that throws our way whether it's for the cause or provision or after the regression we want to be so grounded certainly in the Word of God that we will be faithful to numb that it's new math so let's close with her father haven't we thank you for your glasses to us thank you for leading us to the series on last. May we be found face forward. And uses very. Thank you to each want to make. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through bringing a sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or you'd like to listen to more sermon leave visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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