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The Sabbath, Promises and Prerequisites, Part 1

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, continues his Sabbath Series in giving part 1 of studying Isaiah 58:13 and 14. God has given us the Sabbath and many blessings when we honor the Sabbath. But there are some things we need to do in order to acquire the blessings. Pastor Don shows us how. Quality and sound of the program will differ due to the outdoor nature of the video.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • August 8, 2020
    8:00 AM


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But I don't have a more thank you today for this palace in time. It's not the Pentagon building. Let's just time as you probably knew that there might be a time when. Buildings would be shut down. And they have been so many times in the past but the safest of cities because the palace and. Not necessarily space overthinking is a day that we come together worship. Here in the great outdoors your 1st book. As we study your 2nd book we have your Holy Spirit to be with us Christ. Now I say a 50 it. Is a da is like on my favorite chapters in the Bible it starts with a picture of the Day of Atonement in person one cry out stare not lift up your voice I can try to tell my people their transgressions in the House of Jacob their son. So verse 3 Why have we fasted they say you and I say why have we are afflicted our souls and you take no notice of self starts out of this picture of the day the Talmud and. This affliction of souls. And this is exactly what happened on the day itself people would confess their sins throughout the year they would be transferred to the sanctuary and then they would be taken care of. Record of them and so David told David Home it. Was everything was afflicting their souls. So you make sure everything a bit past times of the same story. High Priest would come in. Have a sacrifice for himself and his family and then come back purposely means higher nation and the entire stacks were to be explained on that itself but. At the end of the chapter is another day another day we're going to study about today. And here it is in verse 13 for. If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath. Doing your pleasure I'm glad holy day and call the 7 who don't like the holy day of the Lord honorable and sell are not doing the wrong way. Or finding your own pleasant or speaking your own words then you shed the light yourself of the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high heels of the earth. Feed you with the hairs of Jacob your father. The mouth of a little. Like great text. And. So you know we've been in the series on the Sabbath a few weeks ago we talked about how at the end of time the beast power with him to mark God's people in their right hand we studied the right hand for all Scripture we saw that the right hand was the hand of God used to create was also the hand that he used to bring people out of Egypt and redeem those with more life than the 1st giving of a law like this 20 was creation being pointed to and Deuteronomy 5 I brought out with my horror for the right are in redemption Deuteronomy 5 just stuck in. The law. And then we studied about how in the time of peace by would have tipped a mark of God's people. In their foreheads and we look at how that also represented the name of God The name of God. Is going to be put in the foreheads either by the beast power or like God. Today. When I say 58 we see that. This chapter focuses on those 2 days. Gods in time people will be known for the day it's home and. In Revelation 14 for 6 so they're going to fear God and give Him glory for the hour is just. So they had a fear of God which means what they're going to worship the fear of the Lord leads to life and he who has a law abiding satisfaction you will not be visited with evil like 3 so they have fear God that means to keep it as a lock to run itself as they have but it's just satisfied it's a satisfaction they're going to enter into satisfaction. Because they know they have is just it just got past that David summit allusion that was another. Phrase that explained the David summit and the worst of him Revelation 146 who made heaven and earth. To see the fountains of living one that's a listen to the Sabbath day. So let's look at 2 things about Isaiah 58 1st of all. It ends with some promises of the deeds you are the head of the jacket causing the ride of the high hills of the earth and. Then you'll be able to Delight yourself in the Lord Those are the promises but one of the requisites here they are. In verse $33.00 per opposites verse 13 promises wrist 14 if you turn away your foot from the sad. Doing your pleasure on my holy day call the stamp of the light of the holy day of the Lord honorable and so on or have do in your own ways or funny real pleasure horse peeking euro words then if then I can distill steak. So if you turn away your foot from the set. Now that phrase the Sabbath was all one word to survive. It means. On account of or because of you turn away your foot from the sabbath talk about turning away because a derby the Sanford choir is a turn away from something else I'm going to turn away from something else to come here this morning. And it is not triathlon on the Sabbath but rather stopping and returning to where you came from so the phrase to turn away your foot literally needs to turn back or to return to something else. The Hebrew word for turn away is from the same root word in the Old Testament for repentance so the Sabbath is a day of repentance it's a day where you turn back and you change your mind the work of presence of incessant means to change the mind so we come together on the Sabbath because we need our advice to b.j. they kind of have been messed up during the week. Yes and we need revival and reformation and so we can teach Sabbath day for repentance which is the foundation of revival and reformation how do we need to be reformed today. So turning your phone away from the sabbath means to. Return to God in deep repentance and a desire to change the mind and we want your bias changed today and some way by God right. All right that's the whole idea if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your own pleasure on my holy day I was not against pleasant and that's not what this text mean. What it means the word there in Hebrew is also can be translated from for pleasure for business for your affairs for your bad or right so turn away from your business from what's making you money what's making you go forward in terms of financially or whatever it is and resting in Him not doing your own affairs is the preferred translation if you do not do your own affairs. So God is not against pleasure but he's against you doing your business on the Sabbath. Finding business or looking for customers well he doesn't want to do it that's kind of mixing 2 things it's actually blasting that lasted maybe putting something in place. Where God doesn't want. This can even happen to ministers who are like writing books and stuff I remember when the 2nd black church here. He set up all his books of the better of it it was a huge step. I mean it looks like 2 pyramids of the back and he had this big table and he didn't use notes for his server he uses books is that everybody's We want to set up my book here in this room is that in my book here you know with this. Suit is the son said it's a big covers up the books and they were all God. And I thought to myself. Because he is busy he had his own business that. He was actually talking about that day all day. And this is exactly what they. Have to say here don't do that stuff. Because you're not to be focusing on advancing your cause on the Sabbath day you're supposed to be thinking about God advancing his cause in your life. Here and that's the whole idea of the set and call it of the life. So surely you're full of going to your pleasure of a holy day and call the Sabbath Gowalla heat of the light holiday. Now you go to a Jewish family day but actually to eat they said you want a whole day with us. And they call Sabbath was so bad. But actually it's not lost it doesn't mean lost all of someone's as can be delightful we were looking forwards of the book to like a lunch today the whole day delightful lunch write. The word home Nick means explicit delight a dainty sock delicate literally to make very over very hard to is good like a medicine and the sad it is to be like the exquisite day of the life supposed to be like the ultimate meal the ultimate medication that actually tastes good as it's bringing healing to you. Call the sadness of the light most exquisite look Zurich's and delightful day of the week you look at the Sabbath that way is this the day that looking forward to all week. You know the Hebrews did not give Monday Tuesday Wednesday Dorothy's or Pagan name that points to various luminaries other words instead they used as the letters of the heap rock they call them. They have the Sabbath number one they have a sad day of this and 3 all of us in the hell follow the law so they have no preparation day survived and each day was a day of the sack so all through the week you were thinking about wow at the end of the way I have Cibot How dare you I have a sadness of a person time to get together with God. Called the Santa who lives these are the perquisites for the promises and if you call it the holy day of lore honorable. What how does the command to go Remember the Sabbath day to keep. The case of that even though they were sad. Something the Sabbath was more like. The living to that the sap of the Lord I got the holy day of the war a little this is not a day for the Jews it's not a day for the gentiles this is God's day for all people. And why is it that he's honorable why would we honor God On this day itself is a commitment for in 6 days the Lord created the heavens and the earth. Were also to God our father my mother who are involved in the lack of procreation for us and so we honor them if we don't know then how much more as we honor God who created. Everything. And then the 2nd giving of the law the dual no must Durani verses happen by the 4 I brought you out of Egypt with my powerful are. We have. No more of. That for. What we are the people that protect our country or we honor those that the liver of us. Basically this whole day and that's under God as our Creator and or. Did he get you out of the scrape this last week. He certainly did You may not know about it but you're all walking your problems of death some things are killed but God protect you however Thankfully he redeemed you last we. Got here a gentleman not too long a gun. So he had a grudge he was. And I said What is that Iran. Big Stargirl So that's where they did the surgery and so got cancer saved my life was a long life 30 years ago as you were walking. Sometimes we don't often remember how it is that God has protected our lives c.p.p. for us and he he. Who think with us today. So be practices turn away your foot. In turn to repent and say God changed my mind remind me of what I need to be reminded of not doing your own pleasure home business calling the sale of the light calling it on the whole not doing your own home pleasure again we cover that already or speaking your old wars literally again as it ponder divide our underline of those beaking of a word Speaking of your matter suck and sand 129 as a businessman so it's important enough here of this passage. To remind God's people the day to tell the people who are kind of messing up today it's all that they also have been messing up the Sabbath and they need to do what. That's speaker or will. Not talk about that. But focus on the staff of the sympathy for the nobly and gays and later cannot keep a Scotsman exact from businessman while he may never to keep the Sabbath he does not keep the world looks upon him as a drain dresser. I tell you I struggle with this myself does I'm always thinking about how to advance my own agenda or maybe the agenda of my institution I work at almost thinking about that I can to live that breathe that think that what I have to discipline myself and know this is not the day for. This is a day to call our Redeemer. Read or hear wonderful. If we do that then come because promises. If you do those things then. Then use of the light yourself in the Lord. The other words you call the Sabbath the double. Then you also call the Lord. To send word. Whole day if you delighted to say yes. Then you'll take delight in the war hoss him in the Lord himself you have a better relationship with the Lord Almighty you'll be drawing closer to him if you keep the Sabbath day and you'll come closer to others who are also Is it him and we are thankful they have come together face to face with God on the 7th day and with those who believe in him. A couple people. 2 people. Let's get. It takes to start something mighty. So the light here. Were created for this so no god to make it go. To the God face to face the know even as we are down this is the purpose of our existence it's the greatest of all joyous is the ultimate expression even in the new worth from Sabbath the Sabbath and New Moons a do loop will come together in festivals talking about what God has done and talking to others about what he's done for them on the Sabbath has to be a piece of have a. Good to have a good constantly going to be doing these things remember. Wonderful. Things just as well just came into peace almost a sham peace. Tasted some say there's a lot more where that came from. And that's the sad that it's just that. Last fall the whole lot was. Going to experience more with that. Still whole idea so the 1st. Promise that didn't come. To be of those conditions is the lighting of the Sabbath needs to take the light in God and stuff if you want to have a better relationship with God. Keep the Sabbath because those apples will keep you you know they keep the sad sad as teach you to. Love what will happen next. I will cause you to ride on the higher levels of the Year Old this is the. High heels of your life I was friends figure this out a couple weeks ago they're locking people up. But then I look at the pocket of Israel we don't have green and that's Ok makes me have to strike but there were several routes in. Israel it's not really good to travel from the. White House to the east in Israel there's a lot of welcome. I mean thousands of city you go down from. Jerusalem to Jericho like 3000 feet down fly by the way do you go up on Jordan on the other side way so that valley way up and down because that's not the way I want to get you and back you wrote the song was the. Words My secret us all I want you need it in the side of the waters right yea though I walk through the valley of the saddle of death and many valleys there in Jerusalem there are so deep and dark so suddenly that it's dark again you see the sun and Hamlet get caught down in there and have to got you got now by the shepherd and gotta say look if you're keeping the Sabbath it will help you ride on the high heels of the year you're not going to get stuck in the pits and the valleys it will mean a smoother sailing for you if you are riding on the high hills here and there was the King's highway I can't remember which one was which. I think near the Mediterranean there was a coastal highway right along with all the fields things were there then there was one high pass that went up to about where my comment was that went through the valley just real and then you could come from the Dead Sea all the way up to the door but the highest hill was like this on this Joerg side and you were walking on the high heel on and you basically had us you have straight shot you never went down you were walking on the high hills of the year the best route the ridge route avoiding the valley. Out last week I was in Colorado like to say that I had smooth sailing on the high hills the whole time but I did what was done to Valerie some but we did go up to a ridge line and what of you could be seeing my ex and her exit. And this is what God wants for us. He wants us to successfully navigate the journey of life he doesn't want us to have to take detours to be in the valleys and the saddles he wants us to ride on the high hills of the earth the difficulties of life many of them are avoided by those who don't like themselves in the sad who delight themselves in Hossam in whole or in the course what is the ultimate high hill. Called Love the skulls of the mother Come let us go to the Lord and He will teach us his ways and we will walk in his past all them out of the old house and the flow into one and that's Mount Zion and on top of Mount Zion was the section where the ultimate Hi I'm out. This is what he wants for us. To feed us. Or to cause us to ride on the high hills of here like I said difficulties of wife or avoided by those. By those who delight themselves with my great my grandfather my mom's dad. Heard a sermon on the mark of the beast and want to receive the mark of the. Earth to keep the Sabbath and lost his job 7 kids. Have a good day a lot of job the older crowd loves him like he was right on the hills he went back to the album. Then there was a lady who signed a lot of the Jewish lady and picked him up one day so what happened there why is he working so well I decided to keep the Sabbath I don't know I received the mark of the bass she goes you become a Jew good this is a good thing because I'm out of to explain here why it was for everybody go how you know the only thing you're talking about here that here is you and you know what Jews take care of Jews I want you to fix my car so he fixed your car because Auburn some other friends here and there were more friends and maybe I'm fixing all these goddesses. Bracieux says you know you're good at this but you're doing it your socks you gotta think like a Jew Gordon you keep the Sabbath if you think like a Jew I see have you got that you know doing your own pleasure of a holy day down stuff he was thinking all the time like how to get my money he says you need to up if you can put your store someplace you need to open up. Shop he goes was put on my my garage he goes now Gordon you be downtown so I move to south down south what are you going to call your stuck or more color Gordons I was up. Yeah I'll call the Gordons out o. sob Once you've done something to the get people's attention. Because what it would you suggest is if you know maybe 10 commandment out of shot. And called him can give him a lot of stuff he circles the Saturday good at 3 but in the present is looking for someone who was honest. Who stuck with a got to go to Luigi's. Gordon ranks number on the 10 Commandments. And God must laugh cause I'm right on the high heels of the year in the sun My Uncle Sonny. Also thought he really came back to the lord of his forties. And he loved us sad. But he worked on a barge in Ohio. On your High River right there the panhandle of West Virginia comes up all the way dives a powerful man because from across the aisle with him back I walk him through our field. And he also was a very good worker. But he fell convicted on the sas I told his boss on the bar. I'm going to hit the sack. Boss of the bar said you know we like you sonny but if you do that you're very popular and everybody has to do their part of the same financially so we're going to have to let you go a little longer. With a little girl. And so he went to the religious liberty Department of the church to the hallway that is supreme court. West Virginia we had a public attorney to work for and those who have displayed the sadness of the blues the jury has really played that to the. End of buddhist was really impressed and and start to say you know I think I want to keep the Sabbath and you know my uncle so he was not a public figure you know he was not who was just you know he didn't like to talk up front he'd like to be behind the scenes you want to fix your car but he didn't want to say much but. He did say he didn't have to say he was going to really convince her but he didn't convince the you know the High Court and they said no you know. We're back to your lawyer so he went home because that's it I guess I guess if it costs. Money and he was in trouble but you know happened to the company he worked for. Everybody like somebody somewhat of a bunch of other people said. We want to keep the Sabbath do they start. Having the company was like go with a very good who are going to lose more money than we had a lot of something was here they called up like 3 months later they said something. You know what we did last year why or why we have lost so much money we're begging you to come back we'll pay every day that we'll pay all the courthouse just come back just how bad they came back. Here and you see the difficulties of life might seem to be in the future of those who are afraid for the same thing with a really. High hill above those who are fearful. And I've seen that in my family went back as last week to Colorado and I want to see some of the places where my great grandfather had planted searches after churches at their services. And it was a quiet experience for me I don't know some of my family I got up early that morning I was studying about all these places like to see how God will last my great grandfather they. Say. Now the final thing something I won't be able to cover it's only here I want to talk about a war in the a lot of the cloth message that says. The promise is for meeting the conditions or you'll know the Lord better you'll ride on the heights of the earth and it says I will teach you with that heritage of Jacob muck a lot Jacob Jacob your father the heritage of Jacob. Now here's something interesting come back to us the 11 o'clock hour but in Genesis Chapter 13121415. Abraham was given promises promises was you know I'm going to give you the countries of the west young boxer wars of the sea I'm going to give you the country towards the south the gates towards the Negev to the north and to the east but it was all limited Haber hand while in the land of Haven. So they Harrods evader him large it was focused in Canaan. And in Genesis 28 the same promise is given to Jake. But Jessica has no borders or boundaries it doesn't say to the land of Canaan it says everywhere. And what the point is is that the Sabbath keeper doesn't have just a narrow. Realm of blessings there are blessings that are universal that transcend borders that go to the entire world I will feed you with the heritage of Jacob I say a 56 back just a couple chapters look here Mustapha Lord keep justice of the righteousness for my salvation is about to come and my righteousness to be revealed blesses of the man who does this and the Son of man who lays hold of it who keeps from defiling the Sabbath who keeps his hands from doing any evil do not lead to some of the former good Joy gives up to the Lord speak saying The Lord has utterly separated me from his people more luck to Unix say and a dry tree for thus that the Lord to the Unix who keep my Sabbaths and choose that which pleases me and hold fast my coming even to them I will give him my house and within my walls a place and a name better than that of sons and daughters I will give them whatever lasting name of God because and also the sons of the 4 her brothers of the Lord to serve and to love the man of them or to be his servants every one who keeps from defiling the Sabbath and home Bast like God I will bring them to my holy mother and make them joyful in my house of prayer. I think this is a wonderful problem. Is say here you know Jacob you went through some hard times. But you know what the blessings I'm giving you transit and even those of Abraham. And as related to the say so he was born there remains therefore the Sabbath keeping for the people of God not only minutes as in the but also in the earth maybe 2 there remains a seventy's most every made a Sabbath keeping that will go through all time transcend all borders visions yet to do talks about the commonwealth of Israel not just in this world but also in the kingdom of God in the entire universe will give you the nation. As your inheritance they all come to the mountain every Sabbath. Horse of together. That's what this day represents coming up blessings that transit. In the pool. International. For all people forever. The Sabbath is made for all Ok I think that's enough for this one but. I love a black on the cover some more and I want to really down pack that time list I want to tell people I'm very interested in watching. This parents as objective is far more. Than what I just said here the vehicle. Is actually talking about also Jacob's character transformation. Jacob's care transformation this person here this was received as a result of the deception is up to the actions of j.p. his mother to a lot Jacob to receive the inheritance of Abraham Isaac. What did he do. He made a deal with the meal right that his brother some of the soup this was the boss of it was wonderful and. He saw spirit hungry and so Jacob was kind of sneaking still the growth right then also want to slaughter God His mother said look the big thing is not just the birth right also the blessing God had to go through. So she talked him into disguising himself for his father to get the blessing. So he has inherited this and looks like everything's Ok Genesis 28 he's leaving doesn't look so good because we're getting kicked out he's about to kill me and he's on his way headed towards lady and with that experience ahead of him and as he goes away you know he's thinking well I guess my deception and sneakiness. Didn't pay off then got maids in the. Dugout and says I am the Lord God of Abraham and Isaac the land on which you live I will give you to you here I spring in you all the families of the earth will be blessed and I will keep you I will bring him back to the slide. It almost appears like he paid he had gotten through it he had deceived he had been sneaky and paid off serious brother was a sad. Look like and that was the end of it a god doesn't want us to have their. Base any way on this stuff. So he cared too much about Jacob to happen to have bad hair he gave in the promises. When he went to work with labor was that a good experience for him. Was kind of a rough experience but he finally escaped the words that return home behold I'll be with the Genesis 2015 and keep the in all the places where the gods stop bringing me again to this land I'm not leaving until I've done was I've spoken and then what happens on the way home. On the way home this is 311 through the night he needs to. Or he even remembers what Jacob I'm not forgotten what he did so with that he sent some gifts on towards the size of look I know this guy's going to be exact. And you think it is I have forgotten what Jacob did oh no he came out of 400 of his finest. And Jacob is greatly afraid you divide his people expecting the worst and I'll leave it with this I'll come back to we come back together to study later Hosea Chapter 12 or 2 for the Lord also brings the charge against Judah and will punish Jacob according to his ways towards his deeds he will recompense and. He took his brother by the heel on the wall and in his strength he struggled with God as he struggled with the hands on prevail he wept and sighed faded from. Just talking about a time of trouble Jacob goes through we're going to talk about that because it's directly related to the heritage object that is directly related to the sack. The time of Jacob's trouble How did he get through he did get through it when he got through it he had it all to. Not just a full life not just a border with a spiritual here. And then we think we need to study more about. The full study of. Our 2nd. Quarter lies in. Verse 13. 14 Well I might just close today with a song I told so last week I will sing a song. And then I didn't. And she came today so I'll grab a just for you now do you brother and I spent several hours this last week studying the book of Daniel together in. The on going to go time be any water you want to. Meet these I want to say. Yeah I was going to walk away Dr John k. is the all committed the ultimate. Won't you call but he's like the off me. He's like a worship specialist. In the fuck you give him a raise I'm going to double the South he gets 0 so I'm. Going to get a case so this is we're going to say no this is Isaiah 58. First 1314. Several months ago or last year I think. I thought of my kids were storming off the path of trying to set the service they didn't want to listen to me so I thought well wait until well. I think I'll make up a song maybe those into the song. So here's a song. If you 2 no way you're from the south. Doing your pleasure on mine or lead a call of the step of the like the holy. Oh come on rumble. And moan who knew he did not do we know you're home. We're finding a whole lot. More speaking the old on. When you sell them like myself in the Lord. And I will cause here on my. Deeds you to hear him to your father for the one of the low low. Then you don't like myself to know. Him die will cause here right along the. Beach you live here to take your advice on the whole on the oh oh yes oh. Let me want to give arise a song and sing and i took me a long time right as I was I was out there on the hills I will smile at the castle. I wrote most of that song there I had to walk for miles with my goals everywhere finally. It was. So let's allow ourselves today in the saddle. He would be. Filled with delight knowing him better honoring him and I think you know pleasures me he causes the right areas of the earth He just with the here is. Father here. Thank you today. For the saying. What a palace in time you carry us we want to turn her foot away from the south we want to come in deep repentance to turn means or we want understand more about how our lives need to be changed by you we want you to change our lives for. Me We ride today on the hills of the earth made me understand more of what it means to feed us with here today. As we go into the 2nd. Considering this if you are. In Christ. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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