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The Sabbath, Promises and Prerequisites, Part 2

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, continues his Sabbath Series in giving part 2 of studying Isaiah 58:13 and 14. God has given us the Sabbath and many blessings when we honor the Sabbath. But there are some things we need to do in order to acquire the blessings. Pastor Don shows us how. Quality and sound of the program will differ due to the outdoor nature of the video.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • August 8, 2020
    11:00 AM


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But of the more thank you today. That we can worship together. It's not something that. The always be able to do so one second. And we desire to have you here him with. Us in your life this is the stuff you. Write. So if you turn your foot away from the set the from doing your pleasure lightly they call the Sabbath the delight the holy did look honorable a 100 not doing your old ways or speaking or seeking or finding your own pleasure in the speaking your own words then there are promises that follow. Use of those like yourself or the Lord. Will cause you to write on the high heels of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your call Father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken in a text as we study this morning there are prerequisites and from. The Firaxis are. Something that was interesting this morning as we study if you turn away or for the purpose of work the word there for turn away literally is related to the word repent. And so if you repent and that's one of the focuses of the staff to come to a Sabbath worse it is to turn yourself away from the other things you normally think about and change your mind or that God change your mind deepening your repentance. And repentance just literally means changing your mind so this is the also the. Day for your brain from doing your pleasure on late it is not that God is against pleasure the work pleasure there is better translated your own business looking for customers doing business on my holy day. So. He's basically saying something as even more exciting that your business more exciting than your clients or whatever you're trying to work on is actually he said me. I'm more exciting that was what then whatever your ambition is whatever you're whatever your your business opportunity is. So don't be looking for customers drive to find business understand they vote is a need call the satellite something exquisitely Shabat home day like a delightful meal exact for the Jews when they eat they call me examples lunch whole day we're going to hold it together but it's better than that it's a good speech dealing with God and feasting I'm gonna call the day on the ruble wise arrival because he's our Redeemer. And he brought us out of wine. Under thankful that God has delivered you from suffering and he's also your Creator he formed you with his own hand and so this morning we studied that. If we meet those prerequisites. Then come the promise is use of the like yourself of the Lord as we study this morning if you call the Sabbath the delights Then use of the like yourself in the Lord in other words coming together on the Sabbath day actually strengthens your relationship with God as you delight on this day you delight in him and you have a closer relationship will God come to you want a closer relationship with God. That's what the Sabbath is all part of the us as I will come to the right of the High heels of the. High heels of your I miss in the morning there will be high heels there in Colorado but in Israel there are also many high hills if you travel from south to north or north to south that's And you're right in the high hills if you go from east to west or west to east there's many different valid. What he's saying is if you want to get there quickly if you want to have the other people back take the high heels. Of you know if you're not having to go up and down you're not having to go through the valley of the shadow of death instead you're moving forward on the high play. Enough for God once for us he wants us to light ourselves and house him in the room he wants us to have smoothed packed away. This is what happens of course leading to the ultimate high heel which is Mount Zion the temple where all the mountains flow towards. Then the past and the phrase that was good more and more as i once a day or this hour on the way to please listen to the 1st arose 48 o'clock of the one war what we just talked about but then the final promise and I will c.g. you with the heritage of your father Jacob Nakoula the whole I'll feed you with the Hear hear. Now look superficially this war has said that there needs that Jacob would receive the promises that he can transcend that of Abraham Isaac because Abraham his promises and I say. When you read about them in Genesis Chapter 13 as Abraham he would be blessed or the seeds were the negatives or the North or the good deal of the east in other words his blessings would be within the land of Cain Jacob when you see his blessings in Genesis 18 it's Without Borders there are no borders and so how bound. Is outside of the land of Canaan and basically with the text and sang is if you turn away your foot from the sand I'm doing your pleasure my only day you're going to have the heard subject of the transit in local jurisdictions it's not about making America Great Again it's about making the universe created. Him and. Then doing good here. In fact we think we should have a t. shirt make the universe great again. That's the whole idea of his example as we did later ourselves and him he wants to give us the heritage objection. To the House wants everyone to come together in the house which is the House will all be. All Jews Gentile. Comedy lot of which is not just in this world but in the kingdom of heaven that's the heritage of Jacob who are interested in the heritage of say. Let's go to say at the School of the harvest of but let's now dive back in here because of Jacob because Jacob had a journey that he had to go on and maybe some of us do as well. He said work because you remember the story of Jacob. When he got his birth right the 1st time the blessing was it all done correctly did. And he had good counselors. Remember what he did brother came home was very. Very tired very hungry. So he cooked up some little so. He said I'll give you this to me. But let me tell you what you can give me here for. You so I hate. Paste sold his birthright but Jacob was a little snake and was. He was a little something he could read about that Genesis 2527 sins of the 4 and then later on when his father was dying his mother came to him with a. Note I did. As a favor. Favor saying that disguise yourself go into your father and get the blessing not just the birth record of the Blessing through just after that so he dressed up like a hairy person which he was not. And then his father after his as you know you feel like he's up but you you sound like. Like Jacob are you he started he said I am he lived. Through sneakiest and deception and lying he got his group right he had pulled or not. He had it. Back through his temple of violence so he stopped told just the other I'm going to kill him when dad gets old and so as a mother said You better get out you never side mother again. Other Side. And by the way he went there and his father said you should go to me once a lead was a great experience of labor. Is a little destruction it was clear like him going to see her did he get to see. Her that way example who woke up. Who Wasn't There was in the. Was a Leo his little in his how. Would you like to wake up with. Them but I had to work for years not against any one where I would or they would go. Back to make type of you know this hard. Like I said if you're wearing your teeth are like a flock of. Socks on but we don't understand because no one. But a whole Lucky got to did he find out that he's a man to get Fleta Laden's it was not a good experience Finally he escapes the work doesn't have to return home and behold I'm with the Genesis 28 wristed see how to keep the whole place is without going to list and will bring you again on to this land I will not leave you until I have done that which I spoke as a city of. The soul of that promise in mine and with a reminder from God He escaped from Lebanon has back home. Because as he's coming back home let's pick up the story in Genesis Chapter 31 and in Genesis Chapter 31. As he's heading back home. Jacob heard the words of Laden's son saying Jake in this taking away the altar bothers some of the countless of labor and of course he gets out of there God says to the grocery returns of the land to your father's and to your family and I will be with you so Jacob sent call Rachel and Leah to this bill to his flock and said to them I see your father's Council is not favorable to me. But my father God My father has been with me you know that with all my might have served your father or your father has deceived me and changed my wages 10 times. God did not allow him to hurt me. He said to us the stock will still be your wages and the flocks or spackle flocks in the streets of your wages and the flocks or 3. So that he has a way. Going back. When he's heading back on. He decides to send words to Aesop will get some of the story. Why does he send giftes stuff because even though he had been somewhat successful and was holier than thou the situation I mean is that when life like we always have something better than. A movie you know something about the race or he's going to. Do worse than us social distancing. But how do you get a vibrant when you think you know him better than most people here. But he remembers something comes to his mind Wait a minute I remember what I did see so I better sense and give to him sends a bunch of cattle gets the ball ready to go. Message comes back at his messengers me he's us messengers and he saw us coming with 400. No men up so just man what is happening he saw has also not forgotten what Jay the. Bulk of their hippocampus here by our camping together their remembering not the good about each other but the bad that came between each of them. Jacob is greatly afraid he divides his flock his people expects the worst from the season he saw his own Hunter a military. Look at Hosea Chapter 12 1st 2 for. Hosea. Chapter 12. She too for. The war also brings a charge against you. And will punish Jacob according to his way according to his deeds. What it is. And he will reckon Pinson or bring it back upon why did he took his brother Bobby heel in the warm. So not only did he. Deceive with the legs all organ if you like of the liberals and to see even in the low when he came up. He had made some kind of move. What happened. Was basically say the Jacob would be to go through a time of trouble. Because his character was not worth to be he was successful he had many things going for him yet and terminally he knew there was something. Certainly everyone else knew about as well. So we had to go through the time of Jacob's trouble. But how does he go through it prophets and exhaust as this solitary number exact object of doubt and deep distress distress upon the earth it was benign all that made life dear to him was at a distance exposed to danger and death over the 2 groups bitterness of all. Of those. Bitterness bitterest of all was the thought that it was his own sins and brought the peril of. Years before they were around he had done these things with earnest cries and tears he makes his prayer before God something a strong hand was laid upon you've got an enemy was seeking his life and endeavored to rest and suck the graph of the assailant through the darkness to do struggle for the mastery. The word was spoken but Jacob put forth all of the strength and did not relax as after for a moment while he was not babbling for his life the sense of his guilt pressed upon his soul this sense rose up before him to sign up from God but in this terrible extremity he remembered God's promises and his whole heart went out to him treated for his mercy. You can read about it in. His 319 promises that he may have been. Playing 39 he said Jacob said oh God of my father Abraham of God of my father Isaac the Lord would said to me returns with my country and I will deal well with the am I not worthy of the least of the mercies of all the truth of you son of a so he gets in this and he said wait I came back because of your promise. Because you said something verse 12. You said I will do the good I'll make that I see it is assented the seeing which can't be numbered. That how he saw us coming. Along rustling with me. Till the good of the day we suffer 25312530 prevailed not a good to be touched the hell of a strike and how objective Stivers out of joint as he wrestled with them he said let me go to the daybreak and he said I will not let you go I will accept that blasphemy he put together he finally realized the one he thought was an adversary was actually the angel of war. And his whole demeanor shame to try to get away with love again to get away I won't let you go except out of last me the struggle continued. Whole life. Paid directly have to serve the character of his had taken. You even conflict with the Heavenly Rest of Your Life his almost superhuman effort had not gain the victory it was the angel of the Covenant. Who revealed Himself to Jacob the director now disabled suffering the keenest pain not losing his soul all tended to the broken he clung to the age lucky wax and made supplication. Like it's sad to say after a while. And you see him pleading for loss. He must have the assurance that a sin was part of a physical thing was not sufficient to the word is Michael the object his determination grew stronger his vapor urges the persevered. Through the very last the age of treasure release of soft earth let me go from daybreak but Jacob said I'm not letting you go unless you blessed me. I have just been a ghost all for presumptions confidence Jacob with a bit is that they destroy but he was. But his was rather the assurance of one who confesses his own on worthiness that trust is the papal ness of a couple to keep to God. He had power of the angel through humiliation repentance and self-surrender this sinful very moral prevailed with them that is to. Be fastened just in Brick crumbling grasp on the promises of God. The heart of infinite love could not turn away from the sinners. So what was the key and this is the big key I think in the whole message is that in this time. Jacob did exactly what we're supposed to do recall the sad if you turn away your flood from the sad doing your pleasure in my holy day if you rip him. Repentance is the key thing that happened the error that led to Jacob's in the state of birthright by for life was now clearly set before him. He had not trusted in God's promises but sucked by his own efforts to bring about that which God with compas of his own timeline. As of evidence that he had been forgiven his name was changed. To give him or it the victory. So now finally he has been here since everybody people try to rush ahead of God Why. Have you ever tried to Russia have. You ever tried to make your own birth right to make things for yourself well maybe I'll do this maybe I'll do that maybe I'll compromise here or there maybe I'll listen to that suggestion of this person let her. Know what the story is teaching this is that you never get away with that it's always going to come back to you. It's always going to come up again. Sometimes it's better to stay the bastards and wait until God directly to break their work or somebody or some. Harry's object was not actually realise the other superficial here it is that we've talked about the terms of land is small compared to this jacket received a blessing for which is so long has sent as a surplus after it to see her had been part of the crisis in his life was passed down perplexity remorse head and bitter his existence but not always change and sweet was the peace of reconciliation with God She could no longer fear to be his brother got to have her given assent and could move the heart of ease up also to accept his humiliation. That the character. Now I'm going to profit with this you know in doing this series and we have to $24.00 this is part of this series will be looked at all the abominations that caused the situation then we looked at the Sabbath and we started the series on the Sabbath and never see the Sabbath was a day of repentance before actually just last week as I studied each Hebrew work the best. And I never saw the connection between turning your foot away from the Sabbath and they heard his object but what struck me about it was the Times in which we live. In the times in which we live is that everything you ever did basically can be on top. I was reading an article in the. About the surveillance systems of China. And how they know everything about every person based on their electronic gadgets and since everybody so addicted their electronic gadgets. I think I have 3 of them here today since there are so addicted and almost everything is time and they know everything that every text message you sad. They know every email you sent they delivered place you visited the Internet they tell everything about where you are what you've done what you're doing and if you stop doing it they're suspicious so you don't say I'm going to get rid of my cellphone Zinah because they're going to sell up. Something dollars get rid of it at some time no no no no no. And the other guy was really sad that the surveillance of China. Is seriously is going to be the savannahs of the world they might call it something about it but last week when with his name the oval Zucker heard were testifying before the Senate subcommittee or the Congress I think it was there was a boy do we do this we do that basically say we do a lot of Chinese ancient Chinese secret right here on time were surveilling lots of people. So here's the point. The story of Jacob. Is the story. Of someone who comes completely clean. Because he comes completely clean. God can act in his behalf. Last fast Will your mind 35 years. Also good because the story of Jacob doesn't just end with Jacob it actually is applied to the end times thus saith the Lord Jeremiah 35. We have heard a voice of truth the fear of not peace ask now and see whether a man is ever in labor with a child so why do I see every man with his hands on his lawyers like a woman in labor all faces turned pale last that days great ones like it is the time of Jacob stronghold. These are the same god or it's a come to pass and that day set the world Hans I will break his yoke from your neck vs bottoms and foreigners will no longer be slaves and at the end of time he will be like God's people all people have a knee on their neck sound familiar. Looks like they're not going to escape. And they're in a time of Jacob's trouble and that trouble will happen at the end of time to God's people. So let's look a little closer at. The circle of close. Jacob's experience. Prophets. During the night of wrestling in English represents a trial which the people God must passed just before the 2nd god you believe Jesus is coming so I believe there are signs all over the Jesus coming. We've looked at those. Brother Jeremiah believe this and look down to the time he said we've heard the voice of truly in fear in the peace time objected struck. He so ceases work as a mediator and man to be happy then this time of trouble will begin when as it happened revelation 15 look at. What is the. Relationship to. Relationship to 15. But Temple verse 8 was filled with small of the glory of the Lord from his power no one was able ends of the example so the 7 last play of the something. So the time of probation close then come the 7 last time lags and just before that time people are going to go. Or during that time to go through the time of James Jacob's Trouble Now it's interesting to me that revelation 15 these people are singing the song of Moses in the lamb and allusions and coming out of Egypt to keep the Sabbath they're saying great and marvels are your works 1st story which is an allusion to so many one which is the sense of soul and then there harkening back to Isaiah 66 words is all nations still come and worship the form so the passages in Revelation Chapter 15 has 3 direct allusions of the cover of the previous message that all related to what day. The Sabbath pick and so this group of people that are able to go through time of Jacob's trouble are also keeping the Sabbath and the Sabbath is keeping them because the sound of this is a day of deep in the repented skin you say hallelujah and so they're able then to go through this time of trouble you say I'm not likely to hear this kind of stuff that worries me God will actually go to sleep he said You're just like the state with that in the. Crowd right now right come you're not ready for that right now but I have backaches says that in Revelation 14 and says. There are those sample pollute the spirit of prophecy says there's 4 phases to be. The attack on the Sabbath person God creates a refrain from working on Sunday and begins to honoring Sunday but you can still work upon the Sabbath and the days 3 you cannot work on the Sabbath holy Sunday and the page for the death penalty for those who were supplied the sack. Just like it's a relief. At this time of trouble coming a case of every song will have been decided will be no more it's only blood to cleanse for said. Jesus leaves his position is man's intercessor before God The solemn announcement is made he that is not just let it be was not just kill he that is guilty let it be was will be still he that is righteous let it be righteous still and he that is holy either going to be a holy righteous people at the end of time. We actually have people who are church that preach that there's not going to be those being there actually pop listening punks. This is what we call this a king. Then the restraining Spirit of God is withdrawn from here as Jay can listen there's here's the application down was threatened with death by using the brother so the people of God will be apparent from the wicked who are seeking to destroy them and has the Patriot Act Russell all night for deliverance and they had to be stopped so the righteous will cry to God day and night for deliverance from the enemies around Jacob's trouble that story is not just a busywork story it's a story of this it's each of us how to prepare for the very. Same excuse Jacob before the angels claiming the right to destroy him because of descent he had moved to Honeysuckle March against him and During to Peter x. one night of wrestling Saint endeavored to force upon him a sense of his guilt in order to discourage him to break his hold on not look same with the coming not want to hurt kill and destroy he wants to depress you he wants to discourage you who wants to bring up everything he ever did wrong before him he actually is able and able to do that. You're not going to get through with some kind of secular c.v.t.. You're going to be. Within his distrust Jacob labeled the angel made supplication with tears the heavenly mustard one of the driest faith the sun this. The heavenly masher and that's injuring her the Tri-State also reminded him of the scent and endeavored to escape from him but Jake them would not be turned away he had learned that God is merciful and he can't consult man is mercy he pointed back to his repaired did. Or said. He did what. Pointed back to what. The others didn't let's talk about this record. This is the surveillance system out there today one cover all your sense most of. You got or have a document that shows that you actually confessed those and says Wow. How many want to go on record as repenting. Such will be the experience of God's people their final struggle the powers of evil God will test their pay their perseverance their confidence in his power to go look at the same thing will endeavor to terrify them with the pot. On their thoughts that their cases are hopeless that their sins are going too great to receive hard. They will have a deep sense of their shortcomings and as they were viewed in their lives their hopes will say. Letter doesn't end there. Those witnesses might but really never read the greatness of God's mercy and their own sincere repentance. They will plead his promises made to Christ and how it was repenting said I'm one of those promises. They're fake will not fail because their prayers are not to be deeply Hansard another words are going to have a time of trial here is the patience of the same here they did keep the commands and have the faith of Jesus their faith in Jesus leads them to obedience but they're going to have to go through. A time of. Who only patience Thanks 3. Wires for that. As an example. Of God's grace and right. Their faith will not fail. Because their prayers are not he has or they will lay hold of the strength of God as Jacob laid hold of the angel and the language of their soul will be I will not. Let. This thing. What goal is last you blasphemer. I'm gonna start learning how to pray that way. I'll let you go out and still be busting I won't stop singing It's a long rejoicing. Now this is the most amazing bad but we'll make the most of this have Jacob not previously repented of assent and a dangerous ride bike ride God could not have heard his prayer. Or mercifully preserved his life I was the by the book that I regard iniquity in my heart. Who would want to hear. How does a musical 14 hook to give you time life. Got answers your prayer going to the island your heart if you don't like it when I leave your heart I just. Have to the core of that never bail him. That he got his prayers answered. So having think it's time to stop fooling around with God. If everything you ever did wrong as I confessed to school on the strange I'm going to like that. No one will like them. So why not confess that sin and ask for the gift of repentance. Right now. I think that might be a good idea. Had Jacob not previously repented God could have heard his prayer personally preserve his life somehow in the time of trouble. If the people of God had not confessed stands to appear before them while tortured with fear and anguish they would be over once you're going to have fear and anguish but if you have unconfessed there is boom you're done yourselves. Despair would cut off their faith they could not have confidence to plead with God for deliverance but while they have a deep sense of the unworthiness they have no concealed wrongs to reveal their sins have been blind and happily atoning blood of Christ and they can not bring them to remember. How many say hallelujah for that. They can't even remember. And how does God do that brain surgery. If what have. We confessed our saying. He's grateful and just. To forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness that's the blotting out and that's moving through the sanctuary if we confess our core respectful and just a for good covering and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness both. Living in that time for this Spirit convicts of sin and of righteousness and just good to God that's a work of the Holy Spirit is the early writing it prepares us for the latter but. This is very moving in your heart right now not. Saying leads many to believe that God will look around faithfulness in the minor affairs of life of the Lord shows and his dealing with Jake and they can go on why sanction or tolerate evil or you mean to your brother. God not overlook. It will deceptive with your own meal. Your lentils gobs of looking that. All endeavor to excuse or conceal their sins permit them to remain on the books of heaven up to the best another given will be overcome by say. I'm here I'm not interested in being overcome by seeing. The more exalted the profession the more honorable the position they hold the more grievous the course in the side it got the more certain the triumph of the great adversary. Yet Jacob says freeze in the service a lot of good God will not cast off those who have been betrayed into said but have returned to him with true repentance can you say have a little. Myself so that surrendering can biding their faith. So ticket gave what he had failed to gain by conflict and his own strength. Got it those taught his servants the divine power and grace alone could give him the blessing we crave. You're saved by what. Divine power and grace along. Nothing you have can come. None of your levels and as it may be. Deceptively good. Not going to help. Does it will be with those who live in the last days as dangerous around them as a spirit sees as the soul they must depend solely upon the merits. The it's not. We can do nothing of ourselves and all our help those of worldliness we must trust in the merits of the crucified and risen say. He answered The it is the crux. Of my talk to me the other day. So me I'm very angry I have anger. So that's sort of a secondary emotion there's always something under that. The person had a cross that they were on there. By and I said. I can see that you really are here to hang her but also the solution for a good silly talk was of the cross the cross to call the wrath of God against every say it's a good every bit of anger look to the cross on your buy another reminds you of the cross of Calvary the every said. The long black catalogue of our business the one pleases is before the eye again. The register is complete not of our expenses are forgotten. You think God has a bad memory. Not are forgotten. But he will listen to the cries of the servants of old will hear the prayer of faith and pardon our transcriptions he has promised it will fulfill the work exactly. But he can only put Phyllis forward if we confess our set. So you could prevail because he was persevered he was determined his experience testifies of the power in court to made prayer what does that word mean important to me. Annoying persisted. Like the woman who prayed. That someone would give her bread. Bob a ball like why he gave. Us a will not go why God give the Holy Spirit will grasp. It is now that we need to learn this lesson the prevailing prayer of unyielding faith the greatest victories to Church of Christ to individual Christians are not those that are gay Listen to this. Listen to this. They're not going to gain by talent. Was a very talented person. Now. By education Oh he's got a Ph d. of the year as you know. By well. Or by the favor of. That again the greatest decrease of the Church of Christ for the end of the Christians are not those that again by talent education by well for the favor of bad. There are those victories that again in the audience chamber with God with earnest thing and I using fake language of the mighty are is that right. Those who are willing to percent everything seek earnestly for God's blessing will not change it. But all the little of God's promises just a day can be as earnest a person Green as he was will succeed as he says. I like the tax verse of the $500.00. Plus I some man sends are clearly. Receding into just. Those of sun following. Some man's sins or really have been receiving them to judge. Those of some and follow after what's true if you want to be. First group of. Some men sense are what. Clearly had. Preceded the just. I don't know I was just thinking of myself I think we come to the time when you can't really say I'm just going to cover myself anymore they're going to come out. Every word of the idea of getting ahead of the story. Getting out of the front of the bad news. Is that me. Telling the truth about what to do wrong before it comes up. I think that might be a good policy right now. Hinders history how you think it might be a good one. Because it will come out. As nothing else will come. Revelation 714 I said to him sir. I'm the boss and he said to me these are the ones who came out of the great tribulation that's the time of trouble and have watched their world made them white places aborting in the blood of the land therefore they are before the throne of God and they serve him day and night in his temple. On the cross so while among this revelation 714 this is the same passage with just the 4 winds of strife are being released and gassed people are being sealed That's a picture of feel a moving part of the seal. Believe that God's 4 Winds are being released. I mean you believe in God who want to be with his very sad so he might have to wake up the person next to you to ask him what. I think probably now's the time to be away. Everything has to be a way. I can think of a time of my life time when war of the things are covered in Matthew 24 are things that start in real time I can't think of a time. That not against death not. Lawlessness of bounding. False Christ or false prophets. Probably growing call. The Obama Nation it causes desolation church and state coming together. Attacks on the Bible burning bibles and going against Christ and Christianity you see. How many you think that you need more evidence to get sued. About to come to that time period. Religion 15 there's a group of people that are. Having victory over the b. citizens. All by the face of Jesus. On High looking so much. So my appeal is something. That is to search our own heart. To take the steps necessary to have a clean record for God. Causes the way for the sense. We met. When God having to. Live there is the song he sang in our couple of years ago he wrote. That I want to keep busy I give you a song for this morning's message. To wait for the Sabbath. But as I was thinking how to close up this message of that think of the song in the face of relations after. Swelled with a burst of love and well they overcame him. Whether blown away. By the were their testimony they did not love the lies of the dead. How do we overcome in the time how to we like Jacob over. Jacob recognized that it was the lamb he was wrestling with. And instead he held on to. The letter only because we don't have a testimony of our own we need. To get this set up. The theory of the bathrooms lost the war a little still again doing so much work. We need Christ the live. The life is yours and yours in the Us doesn't want to see me. On a. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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