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09-Process of Discipleship - Harvest

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Jonathan Walter



  • August 24, 2020
    9:00 AM

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We're told in the Gospels that Jesus kicks some people out and no it's not the Temple story find out on this episode of In verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary. Books. Now here's your host just in time with him right. There many times in the Gospels where Jesus is kicking things out of where they shouldn't be on this episode of inverse we're looking at in our particular topic of discipleship on the topic of harvest and we're going to go to Luke Chapter 10 and see how Jesus kicks us out and that word kick is the actual work that word that he uses but before we do so I want to welcome you to this show of in verse and also my friends here and today we only have male friends on the around the round table our sister in our On this episode John if you can pray for us and we'll get started on days of their let's pray their father just want to thank you so much for the blessing that it has been already to study the topic of discipleship and Lord we invite you once again to help us understand what it means to be a disciple and how that affects our day to day things that we do and how we live our lives Lord be with us now through the Holy Spirit and bless as we pray in Jesus' name amen amen amen and thanks Jonathan we've been looking at the topic of discipleship and this is a reoccurring theme but it we have to say it discipleship is not a program it's not a curriculum it's not some book or a manual but it is just an organic relationship following Jesus and incorporates this concept of disciple and discipline where all these root words are all related these habits and I don't I think for our generation we're always talking about different habits how to hack our lives and how to make efficient little little little little lifestyle habits tiny habits Yeah and how tiny habits make huge differences in the world and what not when Jesus has been talking about this hour or while he's there what can tell us about the. Then Ok Ok well save it save for the real Yes Ok Ok so what have we covered thus far in this episode so 1st we've covered some of the basic disciplines of discipleship So we talked about air prayer and feed read and fitness witness but now we're kind of moving into the kind of the Vangelis tick cycle right of how to go in make disciples so we talked about preparing the soil and then planting in that soil then cultivating and now in the 4th stage talking about harvest now it's grown its blossom God has blessed it some to bring in the harvest from bring in those souls and actually make a new disciple that is now going to be cultivated to make another decision and this to Jesus uses this agricultural motif to really talk about different stages of this of this growth process and this this concept of harvest I mean I don't know to be honest if it scares some people right harvest I want to be part of the preparation I'll be I'll be a nice person and smile from Jesus in the gay planting alright maybe I'll pass out some things in maybe get a Bible study or 2 but harvesting Jonathan what is harvesting what is what is the connotation that people usually think and what are we trying to get at well harvesting is you know after everything is grown you want to harvest what you have grown and in this in terms of evangelism this is where we ask people to make a decision you know now that you have experienced God you've learned you've grown in your understanding What do you do as a result of this you make a decision for Christ are you willing to you know give all to him and this is what we do when we harvest the harvest is not going up on stage and. Preaching for the thousands of yeah it's not this you know calling calling to the camera be like hey why don't you come to Jesus I mean it is and is that again but the main core thing is making a decision as to why why are some people so turned off. By that well I think most of the time people are afraid when they think that you know public speaking is one of the greatest fears that people have Sebastian did a series on this once and said that people are more afraid to speak publicly than they are of death and so when when we think about calling people to post a fig about calling people people rather die that is literally to go in front of you that's a Sebastian's Ok so. The other of Ok so so I think because we we think about this we think about this as the harvesting component you know standing in front of a bunch of people calling in to make a decision people are free to do that and so that's normally would people think of in the agricultural Sensibility The funny thing the harvest is the most exciting part of growing you plant that seed because you're expecting our and we're we have a garden right now and we're growing a cucumber is and the thing is like you know a couple centimeters big and we're like I think that thing is ready to harvest let's you know pluck I need to know it's funny in the agricultural sense it's the most exciting day for x. Yeah but in the in the Christian sense because of our misunderstanding or misconception of it it's one of the more mature bowls the cool thing about this I recall is for all I don't recall object lesson or motif is it takes time sometimes we think people like you know we get a long conversation in one conversation they have a Damascus Road and that does happen sometimes but the Lord has already worked out a lot of the steps before hand and they're actually harvesting but a lot of time as you said as you do in gardening as a master gardener here. And I'm sure you'll tell us with something else about i already a corner. A long time and I think that's something that maybe our current generation of disciples we don't like right takes time it takes energy and takes investment we don't like that about gardening we do. I think that about about soul anymore and we don't like that and we don't like that aspect of discipleship with Jesus and I think it's it's it's it's an unfortunate sort of. Paradox because that's exactly what we want on the other side right we want people to be patient with us in the take time with those we don't want to be like oh you're not ready for the harvest you're out the church you're not serving We want someone to invest in to take time and to cultivate us and in to really say hey Sebastian it's Ok you're not there yet but you're going to get there but when it comes to outside externally looking for other souls then we're like do this is hard work it's messy and it's like Well think back to the fact that somebody else did that messy work in your life you were messy right and they had to come in and be like a it's Ok We're going to preserve you but they love Jesus enough and they love George Will enough to stake out the process and not just one person but multiple people absolutely I factor Oriel levels and different influences here in communities and as complexity of an ecosystem out for your soul and you just a little it just takes one little one little action and this person is going to it's interesting a very good point of Sebastian Let's go to Luke Chapter 10 and went and see what Jesus has to say about the harvest Luke Chapter 10 if you're out there please open your Bibles get it out or turn your phones on or your digital device we want to get into the word and by the way we want to encourage you to study the topic of discipleship with us go to N.P.R.'s Bible dot au Our Jean there you can download our special inverse Bible study guides that are released really specifically designed aesthetically and in a Bible study format for your maximum spiritual benefit Luke Chapter 10 verse one the Bible says Luke Chapter 10 verse one after these things the Lord appointed 70 others also and sent them 2 by 2 before his face into every city and place where he himself was about to go 1st to then he said to them the harvest is truly great but the laborers are few therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest right gentlemen brothers let's expose this verse of it what are you what are some things that you see in that verse I think the movie was specially since our breeding ins are going to breed up but it's going to spend a lot of going to breed. Exhaled. So the 1st thing that jumps to me is the word truly and the idea that some people don't want to do harvesting in Avenger alyssum because they don't think that there's really much of a harvest there to go forward and so when we're when we're talking about Jesus throwing us out there sometimes it makes sense why he's going to have to push us into this because our perception is man there's not a lot of people ready this person needs more time but Jesus is saying no to the 70 the harvest truly is great it is an enormous amount to reach and he's not saying the harvest is great it's truly great you know and I was on the exclamation mark there yeah this is an emphasis this is an Tallackson and just to qualify something that you say in English at least in the King in the New King James It says the law of the harvest to send laborers and this is where we go to back to my teaser is that send out in English just as sounds like. We as you've been requested the king leave the presence of the of this in the Greek it is the work it is the word Eck bhalo where it is I mean the master is kicking you out. It is sending you out where you get the reward for ballistic missiles today yes not that Jesus is ballistic missiles but I mean saying. To you is was being kicked out before so I think it meant I were all things as restore his poor. Mother For what other things in the verse in the verse and Jonathan in the verse Well I see in inverse one really stuck out to me who says that he was sending those 72 by 2 and he was same into every city in place where he himself was about to go so Jesus isn't just send us or kick us out into the field he's very intentional in the way he does it so he knows where he wants to go and so when he sends us he's going to send us exactly there so it's a beautiful it's just a beautiful collaboration that can go on between us and God as we as we do the work of ministry it's a collaboration with The Divine it's not just Ok you go and you know reached. World Good luck signal I'm sending you where I want to go you know I'm working with you and I think it's a beautiful promise for us that when we are sent out which we are as disciples we can know that Christ is sending us where He wants us to go and he's with us in the moment and we're going out into areas not for going for going out say going out and we're going to do God's work and that meaning calling people to decision or bringing them closer to the kingdom of heaven in some manner in some capacity yes I love I want to go back to a little bit to what Sebastian was saying. I love the fact here that and I never saw before to harvest is truly great and I think that this is probably not it's also descriptive of our condition you know because we don't see what is going on in the world around us because we don't think that the world is ready for harvest we're not we wouldn't go out except the fact that God would throw us out there you know and this happens a lot of times like actually I am a master gardener for the those who don't know and I tell my lord I say. Lower case master after God and and I'm actually truly really horrible at gardening and that's why everyone here is making we make fun of God So I were a laugh but but but in t.v. there are no that you know those people they think I'm a real master gardener so but you know it's funny because sometimes I will go out and I look at a plant and when you look at it it looks as though there's nothing there and it's only upon inspection when you go and you start moving the leaves around that you really start seeing or there's actually a lot of fruit here and it's I think it's indicative of our experience in the Christian dynamic as well you know the move leave their own ergo there's fruit here that well we don't we don't master technique you go to garden and there are so many times when we look at the world and we see the leaves and the leaves block the harvest and so God says look you got to go out there if you don't go out there and inspect and experience what is going on in this world you're not going to see that the harvest this early great you do when you come back after the break we're going to look at what's keeping us and staying away from this harvest the most amazing and most exciting part of this of this process and then how does the Lord kick us out and are you willing to be kicked out by Jesus Stay with us. Has in place been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while they're joining us like us part us thumbs up us our handle again is inversed Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back friends we are talking about Eck bhalo where Jesus kicks us out I want to put this question to you guys how it does a lot of verse to look Chapter 10 verse to. Pray therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest there's a lot we can unpack here in the Lord of the harvest this is Jesus Jesus is a charge of this harvest this is his harvest and then he's kicking people out which is a Greek word bhalo how how does he do that is that a violent thing as a. Forceful thing a thought like how does explain that a bit sometimes it is sometimes it does seem forceful and violent but this is the thing that we actually find throughout all of Scripture you know there's in the Old Testament the book of Deuteronomy you have Moses recounting the story of the children of Israel and it says like just like a mother eagle builds her nest and has or chicks there comes a time when the mother will begin to break down the nest and push the chickens out so that the eagle scout the chickens the Eagles and so they can learn how to fly the master classes you're going to get her armor going so so I think throughout the entire throughout the entirety of Scripture we have places where God is gently pushing us in order for us to develop same thing in the book of Acts you know you have the New Testament church it's experiencing this great success but all of the success is in Jerusalem and so God has to bring about a persecution because if he doesn't then they'll remain in Jerusalem they will go to the other most parts of the world and so you have throughout the entirety of scripture just the fact that whenever God gives a success whenever we experience his great communion with Him We're going to want to stay there and so God has to gently and sometimes it seems as though it's violently pushing is out to accomplish so many and I think in all cases it's outside of our comfort zone and I think that what you said sometimes it is gentle for our benefit sometimes it's. It's forceful or or some some vigorous action going on to me not like it was the Lord's doing it maybe because we are so not wanting to go out there many millennia is out there we're still living at home and sometimes of parents have to have to kick them out and that kicking out process is pretty aggressive not because parents are but because the kid doesn't want to leave. The game and quite and maybe some of his best was just going to add the fact that you know also to to build off of Israel's point when you look at ancient Israel and their desire to fulfill God's purpose and then filling the earth with glory back in Isaiah you see the fact that during this Babylonian captivity we have a similar experience where Daniel is bringing the gospel to Babylon when God initially brought that belong to them and so sometimes I believe that God uses Providence he uses circumstances to put us into places so I may be at a gas station and I had a t. shirt on the head a Christian lettering and a woman comes to me is like oh do you believe in God and now it's like I wasn't looking for that opportunity but because I had that t. shirt on and she just happened to be at the gas station she was like Do you know a good church around here and next thing I know I'm inviting this person the church and what I found is is when she comes to church and she's enjoying it I'm thinking to myself why was I so reluctant from the beginning and sometimes God is like I know you're going to like this once it happens just got to trust me at this point it may be a little uncomfortable at this stage but the joy and the excitement you get to see men just me meeting a random person at a gas station led her to all this joy and blessing so to me it's also God is also in to supporting our own happiness and it's like it's like what Jonathan was saying earlier in verse one it says he himself was about to go and so God is saying look I know this is going to turn out right because I'm I'm on my way there and I'm sending you to prepare the way for something that I've already orchestrated but in our human limitations we can't see that you know we only see our. Limbs are distresses the the anxiety this is going to cause the inconvenience not knowing that at the end there's going to be an encounter that we ourselves will have with God and that's going to make everything that's an example of this orchestration that you talked about let's transition to John chapter 4 John chapter 4 verse $27.00 John chapter 4 as a whole is talking about Jesus' encounter with us women at the well and as we established before this harvest is not for these advanced Christians this is not for these you know tell evangelists around the world but it is for every Christian disciple at the right time to call for decision and make that call and hey you know we've been friends for a while we've been Bible study for a while we've been at church for a while do you want to make that next step in committing to a whatever whatever it may be and it may be different calls for different decisions for different times of life Right right but here you see and this is not Jesus who's doing the harvest or the he's the one orchestrating it but you see this woman who is technically hasn't been a disciple for that long in and thence right Jesus has kind of like a little fast forward a lot a lot through this her experience and it's remember us 27 in Israel can you read for us verse 27 to 2 I don't know until we get tired of you Ok. Says at this point his disciples came and they marveled and they talked with a woman yet no one said What do you seek or why are you talking with her the woman then left her waterpot went her way into the city and said to the men come see a man who told me all things that I ever did Could this be the Christ then they went out into the city and came to him in the meantime his disciples urged him saying Rabbi eat but he said to them I have food to eat of which you know of which you do not know therefore the disciples said to one another has anyone brought him anything to eat Jesus. Said unto them My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish his work do not do you not say there are still 4 months and then comes the harvest Behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white for harvest and he will reap receives wages and gathers fruit for eternal life that both he who sews and he who reaps may rejoice together for in this the saying is true one so and another reaps I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored others have labored and you have entered into their labors all right and in verse 39 it concludes many of the Samaritans of that city believed in him because of the word of the woman who testified he told me all that that that I ever did this is that was are awesome awesome verse. Conversation itself is really cool on this is the conclusion of it it's really cool that these 2 stories are parallel in each other at the same time a woman goes to get the Samaritans and they're on their way back and in this life was a time of food with Jesus in the cycle they're always talking about food with Jesus and then Jesus talks about that the harvest is already what with it's a verse 35 they're already white for harvest and then go to skip down before number 30 fire Behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already what harvest and some some theologians say why is he saying this these Samaritans are already on their way right and so I lift up your eyes the harvest is here and they're on their way out of this the simultaneous story happening at the same time you know what's going on here how does the Harvard harvest factor into into all this Johnson and it's beautiful because Jesus is in a different dimension and Doria this that it's absolutely bizarre like horizontal you know earthly and decent this on the spiritual train here and so as Jesus is realizing in this conversation the opportunity yes to reach out going to Jewish people. They had a Samaritan and 2 to bring in a harvest through this woman's testimony and so Jesus was very very clear in how he spoke to her but he he led her to an understanding that he was the Messiah in just a short conversation and so and that it's Opposite the same time there they are not grasping what's going on they're just confused why we even in the Samaritan territory what's going on here Jesus and so their focus is somewhere else but what it was so beautiful is that we are invited to tap into that that mention that Jesus is in and to see the harvest and as we engage you know geez not have to kick us out the 1st time but the more we engage the more we will we will get those eyes that Jesus has and we will see Ok here is a person here is a person and we can pray God you know give me opportunities connect me with the Samaritan women you know Samaritan whoever you know him annexing to the people who are seeking you and he will do that it's beautiful I mean I have we all have testimonies of how God has given us those you know divine appointments and so I believe that Jesus wants to tap into that that way of looking at the world and when we do we lose fear of reaching out to people who lose the fear of leading people to decisions because we know what it's what rejoicing there is when they have graphs because I love I love verse 35 where he says Lift up your eyes it's almost as though you know it's almost as though we're looking down and the fact that we're looking down prevents us from seeing the reality that is actually there are member when I when I I think I turned 18 years old and I went door to door selling books for the 1st summer they called Cole Porter ing and and before I went you know one of my friends was like dude this is going to be the hardest thing you're out there by yourself I just graduated from high school and I just got my driver's license so that I can do this work and I'm driving we had just finished this big you know celebration of graduated from high school spending time with friends and then all of a sudden I drive into the. Very deep south of the United States all by myself and I'm starting to go door to door and nobody is nobody is wanting to buy these books which I believe have spiritual truth. To help them in their walk with the Lord and bring salvation. Something happen through this process where I began to focus on myself like no one's going to buy for me the whole summer I'm going to be a failure I'm all by myself I just learned how to drive I'm going to crash my car I'm going to die off a cliff all these thoughts are going through my mind you know a therapist Yeah I guess I need a therapist and then and then and then the words of my friend come into my mind you know like he told me like I got so depressed I just go to the mall to see people that are nice. I parked my car I go to the mall and I'm just looking at people like smiling you know they got to the point where I went to my car and I just started weeping I was afraid I'm like do my my life is a failure and and this is day one you know this is a big one and I fall asleep I wake up in my leaders knew I would have been fired I wake up and I just go to into this home and I see this lady sitting on the porch and I and I'm very discouraged and I'm like Hey can I just please practice you know my my little canvas on you and she said sure I sat down and I rehearsed my memorized canvas and she ended up buying a set of books and even after she purchased the book for me it still didn't change the fact that I was depressed you know the next morning my my boss called me how did it go I was like I had a rough day you know I only sold one set of books and he said you're the only one who sold books you know yesterday and I realized you know I was so caught up in my own experience and in my own small little reality in looking to the floor and I had I lifted my eyes I would have been able to see the harvest and so my prayer is Lord help me to see not my own little microcosm but help me to see that the harvest is ready help me to lift my still look beyond myself to the needs of others and to the readiness of others to use in their lives and you know the the thing that jumps to me to kind of parallel what Israel is saying is Jesus says Do you not say in verse $35.00 there are still 4 months and then the harvest and now he's saying look it's already right here and how sometimes we project things far into the future all this is going to be a long process of going to a lot more time for this to come and that's why Jesus and you guys think Oh well once Jesus is set up as a king and he has this and this then all these are going to come and he's like actually you're on the way for months and they're coming right now and so. Times it's our inability to read human heart it's our inability to read how desirable Jesus is to other people that leads us to kind of pace in a way that the souls that are thirsting for truth are not moving at that level they're ready to come and so it really it really causes us to sit down and reflect and say I slowing down someone's journey back to cross human I mean you know what's what I gather from this lesson is that Jesus is always calling us to a particularly decision and as we walk in this relationship with Jesus we are called also to ask others to this issue and he's decisions can be a large ones or small ones and we want to encourage you to be an active disciple of the Lord Jesus and to partake in this exercise of entering in the harvest for the harvest is why the harvest is great and the Lord of the harvest needs you thanks so much for joining us join us here and next week as we look at other elements on the topic of discipleship go to hope t.v. Dorothy slash universe for other previous episodes or inverse Bible Dorji for our Bible study guys online God bless you see you next week with that. You've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with Jonathan walk the bass and back. Just. In this is brought to you by the folks at the television that changes like that and more inspiring after South That's at N.P.R.'s all. Right the results are. In verse 5 until next time this is N.P.R.'s.


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