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I Can't Breathe? 8/46, 360

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • June 20, 2020
    7:00 PM
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And 3. Question mark. 846. 360 again. The title of our study this evening is I can't. Question mark. 846. 360 and I'm sure right now that may not make much sense to you at all it will when we're done study. As much as we are able to let's go to our knees forward for. Our Father in heaven. We have very grateful Lord for the blessing to be able to come together as brothers and sisters sons and daughters of God that we can study to show ourselves approved unto you that we can be work men and work women that need not be ashamed for we have rightly divided your words of truth we ask for your Holy Spirit to be our guide we pray that you might take your words and make it very plain to our hearts and that you might minister to us in such a way that you will actually open our eyes and help us behold wondrous things out of your life and this is our prayer that we do ask with the forgiveness of our sins in Jesus' name amen. One of the things that you'll find in the Bible. That God would be quite himself to at times you know go to the Book of Romans chapter one let me show you something Romans chapter one. In Rome is the 1st chapter the Bible talks a lot about. You know the realities of the condition of God's people but at the same time God still reaching out pleading with the heart trying to draw us to Himself and I want you to see something that he says here in Romans chapter one he gets to a place Paul he's explaining the reality of who God is and how the creation should acknowledge him for who he is but they were struggling to do that and Paul got to a point in Romans one as we consider verse 20 and if you there please say Amen in Romans one in verse 20 it says for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly what clearly seen being understood by the things that are are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are with out excuse one of the ways that God proves himself is through nature the things that he's made and the Bible talks about how God though he is invisible the Godhead is invisible there's things that are invisible that we can understand and God is so compassionate towards humanity that he allows us to understand him by the things that are visible and that's why it talks about the things that are made we can understand things about God His eternal power even his Godhead by studying and looking at the things that are made there's one thing that I thought was a highlight for me quite honestly was we had a g. y.c. Atlantica that I got a chance to listen to a dear brother Brian Sylvester wonderful man joy and very much a good brother and he gave a beautiful sermon and he says something about God and what he said about God I said man I like that I said I never thought about God like that but I want you to see something I want you to notice something in nature that God He quotes to himself go to the book of Malikai chapter 4 just want you to watch this. Malakai chapter for God you know equating himself to something that you know helps us understand who he is just a little bit better we're in Malakai we're going to chapter 4 here and I just want you to see what the text says. Malakai chapter 4 and I want you to watch this in Malakai the 4th chapter just starting right there at verse one the Bible says something about of which god it quits himself to something created something in nature and it says For behold the day cometh the shall burn as an oven and all the proud year and all that do wickedly shall be stubble and did they that come and shall burn them up see if the Lord of hosts that it shall leave them neither root nor branch now watch verse 2 but unto you that fear my name shall though what now notice it is the s u n not s o m right so what is God in quoting himself to in this verse he's in creating himself to the son right so here it is that the Bible clearly says that but unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of Righteousness. Arise with healing in his wings and you shall go forth and grow up as calves of the stall God equates himself to the sun at times in fact go to Psalms 84 just as a 2nd witness if you look at Psalms the 84th division you see God do it again Psalms 84 in Psalms the 84th division you will see that God again likens things about his character things about who he is and I think that is very important for us to understand it in Psalms 84 I want you to see what the Bible says as we look at Psalms 84 and verse 11 once again we see a 2nd witness to it. In Psalms 84 in verse 11 the Bible says for the Lord God is a white notice that the Lord God is a sun and shield the Lord will give grace and glory no good thing will he withhold from them that walk up rightly this things that we can learn through nature about God Now the reason why this is important is because God wants us to be like him it was very much in the beginning of time that when he made man he said Let Us make man in our image after our lightness God wanted man to be a reflection of himself when you read 1st Peter and you look at chapter one and verses 15 and 16 God makes it clear as holy I want you to be holy in Matthew 5 and verse 48 God says as I am perfect I want you to be perfect so the Bible is a very very clear steps to Moni of God's will as a release to you and I He wants us to be like him so when I began to look at this thing about the son I said What is it about the son that God would equate it to a part of his character who is What would you say somebody comes he says God refers to himself as a Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings God refers to him as a son and a shield What do you think God wants us to learn when we look at those things created that we might understand him better what do you say. That he gives life All right very good sunlight gives life especially to the wonderful plant kingdom right photosynthesis whenever that sunlight in the plants turned towards that sun and receive the appropriate nutriment so that it may grow flowers and produce fruit very good anything else what else do we learn. It gives what it imparts light it imparts light illuminates right so unlike man or when we look at the sun Amen we see one who loves to illuminate our minds with all sorts of beautiful light to dispel the darkness in this world as beautiful one more so again healing healing Ok medical practitioners to date are still marveling at the wonders of the efficacy of vitamin d. there's still one wondering about they like men look at all these things we're finding out they even actually have some studies probably preliminary but nevertheless there are some clinical studies that are actually talking about how higher vitamin d. level better to fight off the corona virus can you imagine that all that vitamin d. And so it is that we learn many things about the sun that we can see character qualities and principles about God and the reason it's important to us is because God wants us to be like him but there's something I've learned about the son in addition to I don't take away from anything that you said but in addition to everything that you said about God which I would agree with you know one of the things that I learned about the son and then as I thought about it with the son I said that's exactly what God is and then God was saying Duane This is exactly what I need you to be you ready you want to know something pretty amazing about the sun it's consistent you never have to wonder will there be a sunrise tomorrow you have asked that question and we are young people yet you have asked that question Mom and Dad would it be a sunrise tomorrow you never asked that question you never asked Will it be a sunset tomorrow you haven't asked that question you don't even ask that question you know why because you are very used to the consistency of sunrise and sunset. And one of the things God wanted me to learn when I look at the sun is God wanted me to understand the way if there's one thing I want you to really learn about my character I need you to be something that's the hardest thing for human beings to be listening carefully to what I'm saying to you family because this study tonight is deep it's very deep it hit me real hard this morning froze me right in the middle of my family worship what you're about to hear tonight has birthed from a family worship God arrested my attention family and God was saying Son you need to learn to be consistent is the hardest thing on planet Earth to be is consistent and I dare to say as a 7th Day Adventists Christian it is exceptionally hard to be consistent because we are one of the last Christian denominations that still believes in Reformation the Reformation did not start with us it started way back with the Huguenots and the wall then z. and then John y. a cliff and John Huston William Tyndale and Martin Luther and Maleng fan and you just can go down the names of all of those reformers but God has a last reformation movement on this earth a movement that says nope we need to come back to the ways of God not just an acknowledgment of God but the ways of God but one of the great traps the devil gets especially for God's people is we begin to with our high level profession often show ourselves inconsistent you see if you teach health you should practice health if you teach kindness you should be kind if you teach love you should be loving if you teach self-control you should be self controlled. And so what God does is he helps us learn about himself by looking at the things created and one of the things that I look at that's created that he equates to is the sun the su and the sun and one of the things we can learn about the sun that very much focused on tonight is the sun is very consistent God is very consistent and what the Lord needs is a people on earth that will be just as consistent as he is behold your greatest battle I'm just being real with you your greatest battle in life and the more roles that you have the harder it gets to the single people in this room you need to thank God for your singleness because once you become a spouse now you're not only still an individual that has individual responsibilities but now you're a spouse that has spouse responsibilities and wow what happens when you go from just being a spouse and now you're a parent now you need to be a consistent person in other words God says to me every day Duane you have the hardest job on planet Earth you have to be a consistent man you have to be a consistent husband and you have to be a consistent father you have no idea how hard that is unless you walk in my shoes by the city brother Henry soon to come God wants us to understand and one of the hardest things in the world to be is consistent and one of the reasons why God I'm discovering this more and more every day I look for this is a I'm sure you're very familiar passage of Scripture but then I want you to watch this because when I look at Romans the 8th chapter I just want you to see something the Bible says that I've learned to do this I've learned to put this into practice right so let's look at Romans 8 and I'm going to take you to a familiar text Romans 8 and verse 28. The Bible says in Romans 8 in verse 28 it says For we know so we know where there's no guessing here Paul knows he says for we know that how many things that all things work together forward for good but to whom to them that love the Lord and those who are called according to his purpose there's no question in my mind you've got a set of this for yourself there's no question in my mind 2 things one that I love the Lord I know it's imperfect and I'm glad God knows it's imperfect and he has not cut me off knowing that fact but he teaches me how to love him better but I know that I love God Number 2 I know that I am called according to His purpose is no Big Bang theories in my head I did not come from amoebas to tadpoles and to monkeys and eventually a human and going through the whole process of natural selection and evolution and just kind of having a life with no purpose please spare me that foolishness and know that God has a plan for my life I know that I've been called so because of that fact now let's say you're joining me on this right let's say you love God Do you love God Do you know that God has called you according to his purpose within that means we're in the same bandwagon we're here it is because we love God and because we know that we are called according to His purpose that means that nothing can happen in our lives nothing can happen around our lives that there is not some good that we can gain out of it the title of this message is I can't brief question mark 846360 in America 2014 marked the year. That that simple term I can't breathe perhaps became immortalized it was in 2014 there was a brother black brother his name Eric Garner anybody who paid any attention to news in the United States of America in the year of 2014 it is very difficult to not know who this man is. Eric Garner was a man that was living a life like many people would live especially an urban lifestyle and brother Garner Mr Garner you know he was an individual living life according to how he understood to live it some things he did right some things he did wrong I'm sure when there was a time that an accusation came in relation to something he was doing wrong and he was approached by police officers he was tired of it and he got upset because it was not his 1st time running into law and as a result of the law pressing upon him wanting to check him out and all of these things he got to a place of a bit of resistance he said I'm tired of this it stops today I want you to leave me alone and what ended up happening is right in the heat of that moment that term was the title of the message I can't breathe that turned became immortalized why because the police officers 1st grabbed him because they said he was resisting and so this cop comes behind him and as you can see his arm is going around where his neck and as his arm goes around his neck eventually he ends up down on the ground when he went down on the ground noticed the cops arm is still wear around his neck. This was what you call a choke hold in my former life before Christ I studied 3 different disciplines in martial arts and one of the things I was taught was chokeholds a way that you can subdue a person and you can literally cut their airwave off and you can knock them out if not kill them your choice Mr Garnet began to speak those words I can't breath it was like the 1st time at least and certainly in my generation it was like the 1st time that you know you were able to hear someone just say it he said repeatedly I can't breathe i can't breathe i can't breathe and they just had him in that headlock wouldn't let go Eric Garner died he died and it created a major uproar I mean a major protest everything you're seeing like right now it happened back in 2014 major major uproar ultimately when the question was asked how did Mr Garner die they said it was complications directly related to something called asphyxiation they said he was murdered that's why they call it a homicide they said it was a homicide they said the thing that ultimately brought on the other complications because you know he had asthma heart disease stuff like that but what Like I said it all off was ecstasy a shit what is that is the state or process of being deprived of oxygen which can result in unconsciousness or death another term would be suffocation total synonym suffocation this is how he died it was after George Floyd died and the autopsy reports came out and or people were mad and I remember that one of the questions I wanted to know in relation to this homicide was how long was he struggling to breathe. I feel like life is always filled with trends because you know Ecclesiastes is one in verse 9 the thing that hath been it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there's no new thing under the sun so I often look for trends when I see stuff happening in our world I always look back and say Is this a trend you know I start to make the connect the dots student a prophecy should do that so I began to look how long was he struggling to breathe and the answer is nobody knew there was no report that I saw or anything that was able to explain how long he was going through this as fixation and losing his ability to breathe and ultimately going unconscious and eventually dying and there's no calculation that's actually been reported Ok I remember was a type of a message I can't breathe was the 1st thing on the list a question mark you've arrived at our question mark nobody knows this is the man who wrapped his arm around Eric garners neck Daniel Penta Layo is his name most certainly people were outraged by what took place so of course they wanted to pursue him legally they felt he was a murderer because again the autopsy report said homicide that was autopsy where they said this was a homicide Well he was the man who did it and so they began to make this thing a court case and when they took it to the court here with some of the results he was considered not guilty for any crime and held onto his job until 2019 Can you imagine that he killed but he was not committed for any crime nothing like nothing held onto his doubt Up until last year when 21000 came along. This was in spite of the fact now watch this this was in spite of the fact that an administrator's judge found him guilty of using an illegal chokehold that ended Eric garners life literally the choke hold that he had and then was illegal it was actually illegal yet he was not penalized for it that's just so strange isn't it oh but watch this now yes in 2019 he was eventually fired and stripped of his pension benefits when you think about that you think that's fair he has a good judgment what you think they're good judgment and he lost his job even though this year he's suing to get his job back but they fired him after 5 years of the murder and they took away his benefits do you think he should have suffered more do you think that that's sufficient use of conflicting You don't know Ok no problem I say a criminal is a criminal for the Bible teaches God is no respecter of persons and the Word of God says to whom much is given much is do you know in the Bible every time a leader leads the people in sin the leaders suffers a worse punishment then the people who commit the sin why does God do that because God understands the position of leadership and authority so the truth of the matter is if we were to use the Bible to judge if we would just use common sense to judge if an average criminal can suffer a.b.c. punishment how much the more one who was hired to serve and protect and instead murdered so my answer to that question is this efficient that he just got fired after 5 years and just lost on benefits absolutely not he deserves much more today he needs to be in prison he's a murderer. But nevertheless this was one of the stories Ok we fast forward to 2020 again the title of the message is I can't breathe the 1st item was a question mark it's amazing how you can go from unknown to exceedingly and abundantly popular in a matter of weeks you know I know that because I guarantee you made 242020 backwards you did not know who he was is that right May 24th 2020 you did not know who this man was I didn't either but May 25 2020 up till right now June 19th anybody knows his name was this man's name Thank you George Floyd Mr George Floyd George Floyd. Became popular like Eric Garner and beyond Eric Garner but George Floyd had a similar experience and made a similar statement George Floyd again a man growing up influence urban lifestyle there are some testimonies that was given in relation to him that you know he ended up giving his heart to Christ but nevertheless it doesn't mean that he's a perfect man and so yes he more than likely made some mistakes and what have you and here it is that his case is still pending right now but unfortunately Mr Floyd unfortunately you know there was an altercation something that happened we don't have all the data on it yet but we know that there was some degree of arrest and struggle by which eventually he ends up on the ground and this time it is not an arm around his neck but this time it's a knee on his neck. When the knee fell on to his neck he made the same statement I can't breathe and so once again this term has almost become immortalized at this point in other words I don't know if we'll ever have a state of society that will exist since 2014 that will forget the term I can't breathe when this took place again the autopsy report stated in relation to Mr Floyd It was a homicide he died connected with complications from x. fixation again what does x. fixation mean it means the state or process of being deprived of oxygen which can result in unconsciousness or death again suffocation I wondered and this time I think you know the answer the question is how long was Mr Floyd struggling to breathe the answer is 8 minutes and 46 seconds can you imagine the knee on a man's neck for heat minutes and 46 seconds struggling to breathe with the title of a message I can't breathe question mark 846 was the last number 360 when we start to look at this case the murder of Mr George Floyd is none other than another police officer by the name of Derek show ven Derek Chauvet somebody says what happened to him the truth of the matter is is still to be determined is still to be determined and right now we have an entire planet that's an uproar over this latest I can't breathe is in. People are getting very tired people are getting very frustrated people are getting very upset and it's not just affecting the secular world is affecting very much the religious world it's not just affecting the religious world it's actually affecting the world of gods remnant people I'll be honest with you this isn't people that I thought was my friend and that I thought I knew them and ever since this George boy stuff has come up. I don't know where really friends and I don't know if I really know them because I have seen things come out of the mouth of people or I've seen posts come from people that are people that I feel it with an associate within and we rolled together in past or a leadership or evangelism leadership and I'm noticing things that they're saying that is honestly concerning me it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable probably being around them because they let out how they think on the media and so it's become a tremendous concern and I'm realizing that crisis never ever produces character but it sure does reveal it than it reveals it I mean some of the nastiness some of the dismissiveness some of the carelessness that I've seen come out of the mouth of those who are responsible men and women over souls you saw last week as we study some of us are even hands off on social issues because of misinterpretations of Ellen whites writings. I mean I think for last week's study we cleared that thing up don't let anybody ever give you desire of Ages 309 paragraph 3 to try to tell you that our Lord was aloof to social justice issues don't put that on my savior let that be your god but not certainly not my God and not the God of truth we saw clear is they that the Bible and the beautiful writings of God's inspired prophet that we saw a clear Is day that God is very much into social justice the only thing is that we must remember that Deuteronomy tells us that we are the head and we are not to be the tail so we don't follow the world's methodology of protesting we follow God's methodology we started out last week but God wants us to understand that we need to do something about this because this is a major problem right now right now we have a world that is upside down and listen we hear I say tell my children when we lived in the country and my children were in this nice country environment ours told them I said look sooner or later you're going to get out of this holy bubble and you have to learn how to deal with the very real world and the reality is that some of you know here on these wonderful grounds here there's a nice holy bubble over here dress reform is faithfully practice good health will die nice regulated routine it's all good here here you can relax you feel great like minded brethren at best we might have a little bit of misunderstanding on a couple of doctrinal points but you know that's nothing to sever friendships there's nothing that makes us have stress going to bed at night wondering is this brother going to hurt me or is this is going to do something wrong to me we don't have a lot of drama on these grants or doing I'm sure. I'm sure we do I'm sure I'm sure we do but the reality is that God brings us to a place for season. That we might be given something that builds us up and prepares us to go into a very real field with very real drama and that we might be so endowed with His Holy Spirit that we know how to address the crisis at hand remember many weeks ago we had a study that God wants you and I to be with Joseph and what Daniel and what Esther was during the crisis of their days are we in a crisis right now God wants you and I to be a solution to those problems but we have to understand some very important points in this study again the title of the message is called I can't breathe question mark has a question mark been addressed yes 846 has the 846 been addressed so what's on the list 360 go to Matthew Chapter one in Matthew the 1st chapter the Bible tells us a beautiful story it was in Matthew Chapter one that the Bible shows us something ever so wonderful in Matthew Chapter one The Bible says in verse 23 when you get there please say amen it says in Matthew one in verse $23.00 Behold a virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a son and they shall call his name Emmanuel which being interpreted is God with us. The most incredible story in the world that the Creator of heaven and earth is going to dwell with men and women not just men and women but sinful men and women. God with us was going to do while he is with us verse $21.00 it says in verse $21.00 and she shall bring forth a son and Thou shall call his name Jesus for he's going to do something very special What's he going to do he's going to save his people from this is a man with a mission God with us Emmanuel came about us because he knew that I am going to deliver my people from their sins the whole mind character and personality and ministry of the life of Jesus was that he might ultimately bring us to this very precious place that you and I might be saved from our sins somewhere along in Jesus's journey he became very cognizant of the realities that he was going to face I want to show you in Matthew 16 in Matthew the 16th chapter Jesus became very very aware that something was going to happen to him and he spells it out in a remarkable manner in Matthew 16 and I want you to see what the Bible says in Matthew 16 and I want you to watch what the text says because we're going to see something that Jesus was teaching His disciples over and over and over again actually it says a Matthew 16 right there in verse 21 look at the Texas it says From that time forth begin Jesus to show unto his disciples how that he must go on to Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes and be quiet and be killed and be raised again the 3rd day I want you to notice that now the location where Jesus said this was in verse 13 sesame of Philip I that's where he was when he made that statement I'm going to go to Jerusalem I'm going to be traded in by the chief priest cetera and I don't kill me but don't worry this is the 3rd day on the rise up again go on chapter over to Matthew 17 Take a look at this one in Matthew 17 Now in verse 22. In Matthew 17 verse 22 let's take a look it says in Matthew 17 and verse 22 it says and while they abode in where Galilee Jesus said unto them the son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of men and they shall do what they shall kill him and the 3rd day he shall be raised again so Notice Jesus has gone from one location to another and he's repeating himself he's letting them know son a man is going to be betrayed I'm going to be killed and I'm a rise of the 3rd day 1st location says the real Philip I 2nd location Galilee go to Luke 18 in Luke 18 let's notice this now in Luke the 18th chapter in Luke we're considering now chapter 18 and look at verse 31 in Luke 18 in verse 31 is says then he took on to him the 12 and said unto them behold we go up to Jerusalem and all things that are written by the prophets concerning the Son of man shall be accomplished for he shall be delivered unto the Gentiles and shall be mocked and spitefully and treated and spit on and they shall scourge him and put him to death and the 3rd day he shall rise again Jesus found himself repeating himself often to the disciples the same message why because of 34 What is the say and curse 34 it says and they understood how many none of these things and this ng was hid from them neither knew they the things which were spoken Jesus had to repeat himself because sometimes people just don't get it that's the whole gospel family the gospel is all about repetition it's about repeating it if you were in business you would know that business terms tell us repetition deepens the impression we already know that in business how much more it is true in religion. God often had to say one word to his people remember why did he have to say remember so often because they were prone to forgetting God wants us to understand he has to constantly repeat himself because we have a tendency often to forget and I believe that when it comes to this crisis this issue of I can't breathe we have allowed this crisis to of affect us in such a way that I think that we have forgotten some things that God really wants us to remember because his desires for you and I to be consistent the reality of my brothers and sisters is that we heard Eric Garner say I can't breathe we heard George Floyd say I can't breathe but there was somebody before these men were a twinkle in their mother's eyes who also couldn't breathe we have washed unconverted unguardedly even perhaps you might even call them wicked offices almost get away with these murders they're murderers even the autopsy report said it clear as day homicide murderous What did they do they died from ecstasy Asian or at least the complications connected to it they cut off the airways and as a result of not being able to breathe other things started happening in the body and they died and we I'm sure either verbalized type in our polls or quietly kept it in the heart a judgment perhaps an indifference as it relates to this very crisis and God says of every garners cry of I can't grieve doesn't move you if George Freud's cry of I can't breathe doesn't move you God says that let me introduce you to someone else who struggled breathing. It was when Jesus finally went on the cross what he told the disciples came to pass when he got on that cross crucifixion was indisputably one of the cruelest and most barbaric forms of punishment in the ancient world Flavius Josephus the Jewish historian described crucifixion as the most wretched of deaths it was viewed with such horror that in one of the Senecas letters to Lucilla's Seneca wrote that suicide was preferable to crucifixion Why was crucifixion so bad well just as a snapshot hanging from the arms for any considerable length of time is painful once the muscles give out it is excruciating shoulders literally separate from the sockets and the overall arm can literally lengthen by inches. There are some scholars that believe that some 22 in verse 14 that when it says my joints were taken out of socket they look at that also as part of the Messianic song you see the Bible make it very clear that his bones won't be broken but it's not necessarily that his joints won't go out of socket it says most people would try to support themselves by putting pressure on their injured feet but with their legs bent and their feet nailed through it was only a matter of time before their leg strength gave way as well breaking their legs was horrible but on the other hand allowing them to support themselves prolonging their suffering least Strobel his story is a very interesting story to me He's an evangelical. Ok we don't believe the doctrines in the teachings of the evangelicals when it comes to things like Sunday worship and state of the dead and many other topics but evangelicals are not all wrong and everything they believe i hope you don't believe that and least Robel story I found to be very interesting because in his story he actually talks about how his wife and he were atheists happy married atheists loving their atheistic lifestyle but then a time came where their daughter was at a restaurant with them enjoying time together and the daughter began choking choking on food the Strobel and his wife had no idea what to do with their daughter but there was a woman present that did that woman took their daughter and said Let me help began to do Heimlich maneuver and all these other things and eventually what was blocking her airway who comes out of her mouth the daughter is better and lease trouble and his wife are ever so thankful to that woman the woman told them God sent me here this evening least Robel was like Ok And he kept it moving his wife however was like in. The long story short as the wife began to talk with that woman they exchanged numbers kept in contact the wife ended up going through a conversion experience and accepted Jesus and her husband least robot was so upset beautiful story that he determined he said Do you really believe this and his wife says yes I do then he says I will prove that there is no God He had a coworker and his coworker was a Christian and he went to the coworker and he said if somebody wanted to disprove God what would be the easiest way to attack it his coworker told him disprove the resurrection He says if you can disprove the resurrection. Christianity is useless he says so if I can disprove the resurrection I can when my wife bag and his coworker go for this man made conference call this is in the 1980 s. he made conference calls to other countries spoke with scholars and all these other people but eventually he found himself in Los Angeles as he was trying to debunk the resurrection point by point point by point point by point and every single time he tried to debunk it it ended up working against him and he found out it was truth he was getting down to his last wits he went to go visit a medical doctor and he began to talk about how Jesus died because some people said I was a fake and this that the other the medical doctor gave him a copy of one of the most respected articles of the time as relates to medical examination it was called The Journal of the American Medical Association in this print Here's what they said as it relates to the study of Jesus Now please understand that no one can pinpoint with exactness exactly what Jesus died from but there is a correlating theme that no one argues Notice Jesus would have been suspended with much of his weight born by his arms with his legs bent under him in the classic symptoms of crucifixion the position would have almost immediately started to reduce his respiratory capacity initiating a gradual lessening of the oxygen being mixed into his bloodstream and setting the stage for eventual what fixie ation it then says eventually the combination of blood loss because remember they brutally beat him. It says eventually the combination of blood loss before the crucifixion and the toll of the ordeal itself would have brought on something called hypo volley make shock a state similar to what occurs in severe bleeding victims who are about to die then it says Meanwhile the stress on Jesus is respiratory system would have precipitated symptoms like those of congestive heart failure and blood clots would have begun to form in the major arteries or valves of the heart eventually in the last moments of crisis agony one of the clots may have broken loose precipitating a catastrophic heart seizure that would account for Biblical description of an apparently climactic final moment of agony so when they came to the conclusion what was it by way of all evidence in studying crucifixions and how people die guess what they found out Jesus died from homicide somebody killed him and again his death came as a result of complications connected with. Fixation What is that specific action the state or process of being deprived of oxygen which can result in unconsciousness or death and suffocation now when somebody asked the question when Eric Garner couldn't breathe who killed him and the answer is Daniel Penta Lael when somebody says George Floyd who killed him the people say Derek Sheldon We asked the question especially the black community what do you want to happen to Daniel Penta Leyland Derek shelving we want justice what kind of justice you want basically what he gave them he should get Ok not a problem God brings us back now to somebody else who was murdered. And who died from complications connected with as fixation and the question is how long did he suffer this as fixation go to Mark 15 the 1st answer to that question how long to arrogant to suffer that the answer was a question mark we don't know the 2nd question was How long did George Floyd go with suffering getting oxygen within his lungs to his Bring the answer is 8 minutes and 46 seconds the question is if crucifixion causes all these problems with breathing etc then how long did Jesus have to go through this Mark 15 and Mark 15 notice what the Bible says in verse 25 in Mark 15 in verse 25 The Bible says and it was the what it was the 3rd hour and they crucified Him So Jesus was crucified at when the 3rd hour would you agree with that So how long was he on there hanging I don't know if you ever try to hold yourself in the same position like Jesus and try to just keep taking a deep breath it's not very easy. How long was he in that position struggling to breathe because somebody was viciously murdering him Matthew 27 we get to find out how long in Matthew 27 notice what the Bible says Matthew 27 verses 45 and 46 interesting it says in Matthew 27 verses 45 and 46 it says now from the what. Now from the 6th hour there was darkness over all the land unto the 9th hour now verse 46 and about the when 9th hour Jesus cried My God my God why has forsaken me you know who I love most about that I so Notice Jesus at minimum was on the cross from the what our 3rd hour until the. 9th hour how many hours is that 6 hours you have a calculation of how many minutes are in 6 hours the answer $360.00 You see it's amazing how we have this tendency to forget. Easing Rodrick how we forget we watch Eric Garner clearly showing I can't breathe and it was for an uncalculated amount of minutes but it was not as long as George Floyd we then was George Floyd and he couldn't breathe for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and he cried out for his mother boarded that thing move our hearts for those of us who watched it but here goes a man who struggled believing for 360 Minutes under the hand of murderous and guess what he called out for his father and wouldn't be our son if that outrage that we saw when the people were so mad at what happened to Eric Garner and they went into action to fight the thing that brought on the murder of Eric Garner wouldn't be powerful when we see how when George Floyd got murdered and all we reflect on is that 8 minutes and 46 seconds he couldn't breathe. And now we're putting forth all sorts of action to fight the thing that brought on that murder but now we're looking to Jesus an innocent man hey an innocent man of color 360 Minutes a crowd that mocked him his own religious buddies who betrayed him he cried out for his father and then he died and the autopsy report if you will declares homicide somebody killed them and the question is who killed them the Bible helps answer this question unequivocally in Isaiah 53 in verse 5 the Bible says He was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon Him In other words the best with a better way to turn that last part is in the Hebrew rendition it says the chastisement required that we might have peace was upon him we should have got the test Eisenman from God Jesus says I'll take the chest Heisman so they can has my peace my brothers and sisters go to some 69 some 69 you see we need to understand something because it's in crisis like this that border we have a tendency to be Israel of old we begin to forget the title of our message is I can't breathe question mark 846360 and the Bible says in Psalms the 69th Division in verse 23 what it says it's Listen the Bible is helping us understand what was it that murdered Jesus it says reproach hath done something what did reproach do. Reproach has broken my heart and I am full of heaviness and I look for some to take pity but there was none and for comforters but I found none the Bible makes very clear Jesus died of a broken heart it was more than just physical conditions that crushed him it was an emotional trauma my brothers and sisters that no human lips could ever fully and properly explain. Reproach broke his heart what is this reproach go to Proverbs 14 now in verse 34 notice what the Bible calls reproach Proverbs 14 in verse 34 The Bible says In Proverbs 14 right there in verse 34 it says something beautiful doesn't it it says it right just snice does what to a nation exults a nation but then it says but sin is a reproach to any people what was it that broke Jesus's heart reproved what is reproached sin who sin ours behold the man. You mean to tell me in other words we look at that cup who put his arm around Eric garners neck and they're going to said I can't breathe and I motions rose up in 2014 and we said a kind of murderous wicked man this man is then you fast forward a few years later 6 years later George Floyd and now we see another man knee on the neck what does he say can vary and we calculate very carefully how cold and callous and careless that officer was why he drained the life out of that man and our comments about Daniel Petre Layo and and about Derek show ven our comments about them is about anything else but good. Wicked evil worthy of death worthy of judgment worthy of punishment and the list goes on and I'm not here by any stretch of the imagination I want to be very clear that God is a God of justice and he knows perfectly how to mix justice and mercy I am not here to suggest that no justice should be given to Daniel Petre Layo as well as their children I am not here I believe with all my heart those men should be dealt with very righteously and very faithfully according to the full extent of the law but I need to take our minds away from that world for a 2nd because there was one more man who couldn't breathe and it was because of a homicide and then somebody killed him and when we think back and we look back and we say you know if Daniel Petre Layo in 2020 is trying to sue the people that fired him then that testifies he's probably not very repentant when you agree with them if their actual event has still not made a statement even though this is just about a month old of what took place chances are this some lacking of repentance or remorse so then the question is this what about us you see startling fact about scripture in Isaiah 47 in verse 8 God gave me this Texas scripture to really think about it Look at this therefore here now this that all that are given to would pleasures this was a judgment that was falling on the Babylonians. Because of how they treated God's children Israel God is making it clear to the Babylonians it's time for my people to come out and God was letting them know that you need to let my people go if you will and as God was rebuking them and so on God began to tell them these things he says Therefore here now this that out there are given to pleasures that dwell as carelessly that say as in the heart I am and none else beside me I shall not sit as a widow neither shall I know the loss of children verse 9 God says you shall know what it is to be a widow you will lose your children but while they were in their pompous position don't lose this while they were in their pompous position they was calling themselves God You see it is says that say as in the one heart I am they were trying to say I'm God and you can't do anything to me they were standing in boldness before God and you imagine. Now watch this they were given to pleasures while they were demonstrating their carelessness and their arrogance How about this one it was a look at verse 14 that the Bible says talking about when Jesus was decoding the parable of the sower and he says and that which fell among thorns are they which when they have heard Go Forth heard the Gospel by the way go forth and are choked with cares and riches and what else pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection again his word pleasure is it's like these people are living in sin and rebellion and they are having a lot of pleasure in doing it then how about this one second Timothy 3 in verse 4 when Timothy went to the last day list of the condition of God's people Timothy says a 2nd Timothy 3 in verse 4 that they will be traitors heady high minded and lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God it was even Moses himself. That when Moses was considering the sinful opportunities that was set before him Moses made a decision to suffer with God's people rather then to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season you know why these verses speak volumes to me and it should speak volumes to you it's not enough that Jesus couldn't breathe it's not enough that he suffered for 360 Minutes it's not enough for us to understand that it was our sins that murdered him but what's really deep is that we actually my brothers and sisters when we sin we enjoy or find pleasure in it we enjoyed every 2nd of the murder we enjoyed every 2nd of it that's the impact God The really says this is my people we enjoy it because when we sin the Bible teaches very clearly where there is sin there is pleasure it only last for season but for the season it's pleasurable Can you imagine is that sick to think about somebody who had pleasure murdering a man while he was calling out for his father is this sick in other words we again I'm just trying to make the connection because we're in the season of I can't breathe we're in the season it's a great time to give a message like this great time Eric Garner couldn't breed We were disgusted on what happened in that question mark because we didn't even have the minutes calculation we were startled when we watched George Floyd go through that thing for 8 minutes and 46 seconds our minds couldn't even handle it as very few people that watched the whole thing that's how disgusted we were here goes Jesus saying that I went through it for 360 Minutes. And guess what it gets worse go to Hebrew 6 it gets worse you see last week we talked about a call to action we saw that some of us were guilty of being indifferent as it relates to social justice we saw that no we cannot just rub our hands all shake our heads and say Shame shame shame over all this stuff that's happening God says I expect my people to get involved I expect my people to make known who I am in the midst of this crisis while everybody is going crazy this is not the time to keep staying in the bubble you got to get out you got to go in the field and you got to be willing to do something in fact before I go there I remember one Friday night go to 1st John 3 we're almost done by the way 1st on 3 Keep your finger on Hebrew 6 because the 1st John 3 I remember that my family and I May 25th George followed was killed that following Friday evening I was with my family and I asked them a question I said what would. Have you do if you were there what would God have me do because in my mind I'm just being honest with you listen I'm just one black man with thoughts I'm just saying I got on a shared with you in my mind I see inconsistency I really do right now there are people who are going on the street risking their lives risking their safety to express their outrage over a man who got killed in my mind I'm like why don't you take that risk when the guy had his knee on his neck maybe George would be alive right now in other words everybody knows have people gotten killed every day during the riots Has anybody gotten killed in the right in protests Yes Have people gotten hurt yes have people suffered loss yes they did all of that right so in my mind I'm just like well if you're going to go ahead and risk all of that why didn't you risk it rather than holding up a camera and just recording the whole thing. Because I'm not a dad I agree I understand that fear but I want to work the Christian responses 1st and 3 in 1st John 3 What is the Christian response 1st John 3 Could it be somebody says this is crazy it's not crazy it's biblical in 1st John 3 Look at verse 16 the Bible says this hereby perceive we the love of God What the love of God because he did what he laid down His life for us and we ought to do something what is it that we ought to do. Is that a literal verse or is John being symbolic Could it be that God would actually call us to serve somebody else even if it risks us dying I believe the answer is yes and so the reality is that God wants us to understand there's something wrong with us and if we're going to get to work if we're gonna protest and if we're going to address issues with pen and with voice and with our letters and showing up at the right places to talk to the right people because we learned last week that God definitely calls his people to be involved in social justice God definitely does that but remember the 1st kingdom God want to stablish is the kingdom of what the Kingdom of Grace and where is the Kingdom of Grace established in the heart in us now watch this Jesus wants us to understand Hebrew 6 in verse 6 I need to understand my true condition you need to understand your true condition this is how messed up we are family in Hebrew 6 in verse 6 the Bible says if they shall fall away to renew them again and to repentance seeing they crucified to themselves the Son of God What of fresh and bring him to a what wait a minute I don't know if we understand. Let me put a magnifying glass on this verse Here's the magnifying glass in that precious book desire of ages page 300 paragraph 3 it says real sorrow for sin is the result of the working of the Holy Spirit the Spirit reveals that in gratitude of the heart that has slighted and grieved the Savior and brings us in contrition to the foot of the cross by every sin how many saints by every sin Jesus is wounded afresh and as we look upon Him whom we have Piers we mourn for the sins that have brought anguish upon him such mourning will lead to the renunciation of sin God Once you and I don't understand we are actually worse than the 2 police officers we just looked at you know why Daniel Penta Layo can only kill ever gonna once Derrick show ven can only kill George floored once but every time you and I choose to indulge in that pleasure of sin even for season every sin crucifies the Son of God fresh in the world and in law they call that serial killer you murdering multiple people the reality is is that while we are disgusted by the evil that we see in the world the one whom God is going to build up and qualify to address it is the one who 1st understands their true condition you know what God did to me I'm not going to lie to you it was hard for me to look at that face for a long time because that's an action shot that is literally what his face looked like. When people were yelling at him and telling him the brother said he can't breathe he's dying get off his neck etc etc When they said all of that look at their face it was like his face represented an indifference carelessness and all these other things it was like his face represented all of it there's a lot of people hate this picture because every time they see it they keep seeing this man who just carelessly murdered another man. And you know what God help me see drain I want you to see something different every time you see him because once you see it God says I can use you better to be a part of my solution you know what God wants me to see I want you to see every time you see that face and his face will be gone after a while and there probably be somebody else that replace him but you know who God wants you to see every time you see these faces God wants you my brothers and sisters to see yourselves. As I want you to see you cold hearted murder enjoyed the murder why you did it you enjoyed it so much you did it again and again knowing it was wrong because a c. itself and the Bible is too clear to be misunderstood whosoever commit sin transgress is also the law for sin is transgression of the law and I have not known sin but by the law fire not known lust except the law has said that shalt not covet the law that says that all shout not covet was none other than the 10th commandment and James makes it clear for whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offending one point he's guilty of all my brothers and sisters you're a murderer I'm a murderer we are down your pencil a oh we're Derek children and you know it's interesting you know I firmly believe that they should get justice because we did and if we don't then we will what do I mean you see God never let us get away with our sins deity God so loved the world. And he gave his only begotten Son What does that mean that means that Jesus actually said though they murdered me father I'll take their punishment though they're worthy of punishment I'll take it if they'll just accept me you see justification by faith is so beautiful God being able to take somebody with a horrific record and absolutely erasing it with the blood of his own son because of that kingdom we studied lastly the Kingdom of Grace this willingness to pardon men but God says the only way the exchange works you see do you want justification by faith you want to write we all want it let me show you how to get it Romans for as we close Romans for how do we get this thing it isn't Romans the 4th chapter God says I'll show you how to get it it's when we get this right we are better prepared to be an instrument in God's hands to bring a solution to a crisis of which we're in right now but I got to check my heart and you got to check yours and the Bible says a Romans 4 and it says in verse 5 it says but to him that work if not but believe it on him that justifies the and godly his faith is counted for righteousness is there a promise of justification in the verse does God promise that those you are guilty I can pardon you and make you right does the Bible give that promise yes it does but according to the verse who does the promised belong to to those who believe more than that always for hours from the very interesting how we miss miso open book test is right in your face say again the ungodly Who is it that the verse says God justifies. Beyond godly So what is it that you and I must be absolutely completely unequivocally no excuses convinced of that I am finishing and godly and the sooner you don't just say it but the sooner that we actually believe it God says I can clean up your past now because that's the whole story of the cross God faithfully dealing with very guilty people you see I want Derek shelve and to go to prison I want Daniel Petre Layo to go to prison but you know what else I want and it took some time for me to get there but you know what else I want I want them to find a minister of the Gospel while they're in prison that will draw their hearts to Jesus and help them see their desperate need for conversion you see if you call yourself a Christian but you are not praying for these brothers you're part of the problem and I don't care how big that conscious you are or how blanket is anybody is if you have not gotten to the place to say Lord while you must execute righteous justice towards men who do wrong please by your grace mingle it with Mercy their hearts maybe turn to you right now where some people want to they just want those guys to disappear in their names of their faces never to be seen again that is not the heart of a born again child of God What God needs us to understand is that there is a connection of the term I can't breathe one had a question mark one was a 46 the other one was 360 And as far as I'm concerned the 360 suffered far worse than the rest the problem is Derek Sharman Daniel Penta Layo and you and I are all in the same boat for murdering the one on 360 And so God is saying listen what do you want to do to you you vicious murder where you want to do it you. And we already know we're like that publican Lord have mercy upon me a sinner God says all right then I want you to do the same I want you to enter says I want you to pray I want you to be part of a real solution do not just go and whatever your methodology of protests is don't go there with anger and hate and revenge in your heart but you've got to go in the spirit of Christ the Spirit of an intercessor this is where it gets deep if I were to ask the average conscious black man a black woman right now would you die for their children they probably would put some words before they say no but if you would as jesus jesus would you die for their children Jesus would say already did an annuity was going to do you imagine. Real Christianity and I believe with all my heart the world is starving to see what Christianity looks like right now. I'm burning up inside I really am I'm glad that God is holding me back but I'm burning up inside because I'm like oh lord I've been thinking this for years I watch the l.g.b. t.q. community and I watch how they just took over this country I'm like live how you want to live but the idea that you're telling lies and you're telling people here you're born this way God created you this way and you got preachers and all these individuals going out there and saying amen to that and I'm like that is so deceptive that is so wrong and now here we got a Supreme Court telling us that the Supreme Court is now telling us you can't even fire a person if they're gay I'm like listen call me a Criminal Acts Chapter 5 Verse 29 I'm going to obey God rather than men if I'm going in an institution and I hire people and that institution represents the Gospel of Jesus Christ and somebody comes to me and says Brother Lemon Mr Lemon I am gay I'm going to say listen we can counsel with you we can help you we can pray with you but until this is resolved you cannot work here. You can't do that because you're representing an institutional arm of the cust ball but this is the world we live in right now then on top of that black white relations and all in between and we're watching people that all the bigot in them come out of them I'm seeing black people call white folks all sorts of things I'm seeing why people call black people all sorts of things and these are people that are in the faith and I'm just thinking of myself what is wrong with us and one thing is we are showing ourselves 2 things one inconsistent with our professions and clearly we have forgotten who we really are before the Lord and God is calling us back to be some to be like the sunlight to be consistent God is calling us to remember your true condition remember but for my Grace you're worse than those guys and if we can get it my brothers and sisters this is where I've been waiting for I believe with all my heart God is getting an army ready God is getting a people ready that are going to be with his spirit they're going to so much of the mind of Jesus that when they show up they're going to a way that Anderson Cooper's the Darren lemons the wolf and all the guys on c.n.n. and Fox and m s n b c When they interview us we are going to bring something to the table that has never been brought before we're going to bring the word of a little. Everything we teach and believe we stand on it but remember the lesson of the sun. Because once you professor. The people expect you to be consistent with your profession. That God help us to be consistent with all the fashion. That we may honor in. Question. How many of us understood the study tonight I can't breathe a question mark 846360 how many of you let me see your hands how many of you understood the study and what God is seeing into your heart my brothers and sisters. Make sure you give the right response to see. Let's go to our knees in the seal of the word of prayer. Father in heaven. The wise will understand. There is a tremendous work that must be done. But that Kingdom of Grace must be well established within us. So that we can work for you in such a way that we can muster in that precious kingdom of glory. Lord we accept and we realize. This suffered the worst. Even of our brothers is not to take away from their sufferings. But Lord I'm grateful that you've sobered our minds in you've helped us to see. That we're the worst of the categories that have been presented. And Father it's hard for us to believe this it's hard for us to accept this. But this so much freedom. Because you are so willing to see if we could just accept this. So what I pray please give us a call to the spirit. Help us to recognize how your hands are still outstretched. And I pray ultimately may we be counted amongst that teen they you are carefully putting together for the finishing of your. 5 with us dear God please forgive us trying to force it. And create in us a calm heart is our prayer that we ask in the word the mighty name of Jesus. This message is produced by p t h ministries our mission is to spread the 3 engines messages through preaching and teaching the 7th Day Adventist message and to integrate healing medical missionary work in the clearing the gospel for more information on our ministry and the resources we provide please log on to our website at w w w dot p.t.a. she Ministries dot com That's w w w dot p t h Ministries dot com or you can call us at 770-274-9537 that 770-274-9537 May we do our part to meet the needs of humanity the everlasting Gospel and hasten Christ's return Maranatha.


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