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05 Mathematical Proof We are Living in the Last Days

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • July 10, 2020
    7:00 AM
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Welcome to this series of prophetic presentations focusing on the book of revelation especially chapter 14 titled 3 cosmic messages Earth's final conflict if you've just joined us for the series Let me summarize a little bit what we've done so far this is a series of 13 separate presentations that focus on the great prophecies of Revelation in the book of revelation God present's a universal urgent message for all mankind as outlined in Revelation the 14th chapter we've looked at the fact thus far that this message calls all humanity to make eternal choices the Lamb of God Jesus Christ is the very center of the Book of Revelation and he has done everything possible to save us there is nothing more that Jesus could have done he is the dying lamb the one that provides elevation full and complete for us he is our living priest that delivers us not only from sins condemnation but from sins power he is the God also who before the whole universe in the judgment reveals His grace and His goodness in the judgment the kingdoms of this earth crumble and the kingdom of Christ triumphs in our last presentation we are focusing especially on this subject of the judgment and we will develop that theme more in this presentation today so let's pray Father in heaven we thank you with all of our hearts that we need not fear the judgment as we look at Christ we sense that he stands for us both as our judge and as our advocate has our attorney in the judgment withing full that we're not left alone that the one that represents us has never lost a case so as we probe the timing of the judgment today and sense that we're living in the urgent time of verse history a very critical time open our eyes to have the wisdom from your word in Christ's name Amen. The title of my presentation today is God's prophetic time table about 2 centuries ago a group of settlers were traveling across the United States the United States government had just opened up new lands for homestead and these settlers were traveling there to develop a new community as they traveled off in the distance they saw smoke and they knew that there was a wild prairie fire coming toward them they recognized that they could not dodge out run or get away from that prairie fire. They wondered what would happen would they be burned up consumed in the fire one old man who had experience with prairie fires in the past said this he said let's begin to burn behind us now they recognize that if they burned behind them and burned a large swath of land they then could get in the center of that burned land to so they started this controlled fire behind them they burned a large circle of fly and then put that smaller fire out the entire company got into the center of that fire one little girl spoke up and said Are you sure that we're not all going to be burned up the fire is coming it's coming toward us it's coming rapidly it's coming quickly and the old man said My child the flames cannot reach us here for we are standing where the fire has been standing in the center of God's Love We stand with the fires of hell have already been because on that cross of Calvary Jesus took all the shame the condemnation the guilt of sin I love that poem on him all mighty vengeance fail which would have sunk a world to hell he bore it for a chosen race and thus becomes our hiding place in Earth's final judgment we have a hiding place we stand within the circle of his love Christ was judged as a condemned sinner so we could be judged as righteous citizens of the heavenly kingdom he experienced all of the pain the agony the suffering of a lost human being as he bore our guilt and bore our shame that's what Paul meant when he wrote and goal ations 3 verse 13 curse it is everyone that hangs upon the tree. We have nothing to fear because we stand in the circle of God's love in that eternal judgment in Revelation Chapter 14 verse $6.00 and $7.00 the Bible says Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come now notice this judgment is a present tense judgment not the hour of God's judgment will come the book of revelation though does not give us the timing of that judgment it does give us a hint because in Revelation 22 verse 11 and 12 it says He that is unjust let him be unjust still he that is righteous let him be righteous still behold I come quickly and my reward is with me so if Jesus is coming to give out the rewards there must be a judgment preliminary to his return to determine who receives what reward when he comes but yet although revelation teaches us that there is a judgment a pre Advent judgment previous to the coming of Christ in which the destinies of all human beings have been settled in which God's name is honored before the entire universe the revelation does not give us the exact timing of that judgment now in scripture there are 2 great prophetic books that speak of end time events the Book of Revelation in the Book of Daniel in this judgment God takes us back to the Book of Daniel and there in the Book of Daniel an angel explains to Daniel the timing of this judgment that would occur in the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Daniel we have the rise in full of kingdoms Babylon and beat of Persia Greece and Rome the breakup of the Roman Empire we've studied this in our last presentation and then we have the rise of a religious political power these nations are empires have attempted to usurp God's authority and usurp God's Kingdom But as Daniel is looking at these empires he looks up into heaven and he sees the great judgment and there that judgment he sees the kingdom of God re stored and given to Christ Daniel looks at that scene in Daniel Chapter 7 when we come to Daniel Chapter 8 in an explanation of that judgment Daniel 8 1st 14 says and to 2300 days then the sanctuary shall be call ins now you might be asking the question. What does the cleansing of the sanctuary have to do with the judgment every Jew would understand that once a year on Yom Kippur or the day at the tone meant the sanctuary was clients toil year as sinners confess their sin the guilt of that sin went into the sanctuary through the blood of the animal or through the preceding the animal as that c.n.n. symbolically entered the sanctuary as it did that once a year at the end of the Jewish year there was a day of atonement or the day of the cleansing of the sanctuary where the priest enters into the most holy place of the sanctuary with pure blood the priest entering in with that pure blood cleanses the sanctuary comes out in places the guilt upon the skep scapegoat in the scapegoat is sent out into the wilderness so that's the scene but this Day of Atonement this day of the cleansing of the saying to is a day of judgment every Jew understood that every Israelite had to gather around the sanctuary they had to pray they had to seek God or else they would be cut off or judged so when Daniel says under $2300.00 days then the sanctuary will be cleansed it is as if he is saying then the final day of judgment will occur now obviously this sanctuary is not the sanctuary on earth which ceased to exist at the end of the Jewish dispensation but this must be another sanctuary the sanctuary in heaven that would be cleansed clans from all of the pollution that comes as God's people confess their sins and Christ bears in their claims in the sense that all of the wickedness and evil on earth would be destroyed as Christ Kingdom was given back to him Daniel 8 verse 27 a. As Daniel is thinking about this cleansing of the sanctuary doesn't understand quite what it means he's perplexed over it he doesn't understand the 2300 days Daniel has been thinking about the deliverance of his people and Daniel says I was astonished by the vision but none understood it so at the end of Daniel Chapter 8 Daniel does not understand he had the vision at all he's perplexed about it he is confused in the Bible one prophetic day equals one literal year so in Scripture the 2300 days would actually equal 2300 literal years now you might say Pastor Mark where is the biblical evidence of that. We find it in 2 different lines of reasoning in the Bible when we have prophecy in symbolic images the time period is also symbolic so in Daniel Chapter 8 for example you have a ram representing b. to Persia a he goat representing Greece and you have symbolic animals that indicates that the time period be symbolic the other way we know is that throughout Scripture the Bible says that I have given you a day for a year one prophetic day equals one literal year there is another way we know into verse 21 it says yes while I was speaking in prayer the man Gabriel who might seen in the vision at the beginning being caused to fly swiftly reached me about the time of the evening offering any informed me and talked with me and said Oh Daniel Now notice what the angel says this is critical I have now come forth to give you skill in understanding Daniel doesn't understand the vision but at the precise moment where he's perplexed the angel returns in Daniel 9 to explain the vision to him the angel explains today that along the timeline of this vision there would the Messiah would come that Christ would be baptized on time Christ to be crucified on time that the Gospel would go to all humanity on time so this vision of Daniel 9 is a vision about Jesus about his baptism about his death about the Gospel going out to the world on time. This prophecy though could not possibly have been fulfilled back in Daniel's day the Messiah had not yet come so it must be much more than $2300.00 literal days which was simply taking us 6 and a half 7 years from Daniel's time so it points forward to the Messiah but there is another aspect of this prophecy the prophecy points not only to the 1st coming of Jesus in the Messiah it points down to the final day of judgment and the 2nd coming of Christ now the prophecy does not give us the timing of the 2nd Coming of Christ but it does point out a time of the end which precisely could not have taken place in Daniel's time Daniel 8 verse 17 when the angel is explaining it it says understand Son of man that the vision refers to the time of the end now it's there are some people that mistakenly. And look at this prophecy and believe it applies to one of the ancient rulers who attacked Jerusalem and set up an idol in the Jewish temple called Antiochus appear phonies but the language of the prophecy really indicates that this could not possibly have been the case the prophecy takes us down to the time of the end in typhus never did that the prophecy is a large prophecy a big prophecy not talking about something that happened in a Jewish temple but it's talking about the universal conflict between good and evil between Christ and Satan it's talking about the honor of Christ the kingdom being restored to Christ in the judgment it's talking about a time period that talks about Christ baptism Christ's death the Gospel going to the Gentiles the time of the end it is a call of all humanity that no longer business as usual no longer prelate pleasures as usual it's a call to get ready for the coming of Christ what does Daniel receive what message does he receive from the angel understand Son of man that the vision refers to what time everybody what does Scripture say the time of the end and I would much rather listen to what the angel says than some philosophy of some human being this message takes us down to the last days takes us down to and time the message in Daniel 8 begins with the battle with this ram and he goat as we've mentioned the Bible names them it names Greece it names me to Persia Bible prophecy is incredibly detailed Bible prophecy is incredibly precise It also talks in this prophecy about a power that would rise out of room it calls it a little horn power and this power would thing to change the very law of God This Powell would usurped the affair. Of God it would take human decree human traditions and place them in stead of the commandments of God in the cleansing of the sanctuary at this moment of judgment God's truth would be restored so there are a number of things happening in this idea of the judgment or the cleansing of the sanctuary this is a huge idea it's a big idea the idea is the honor of God The idea is the judgment of all humanity the idea here is the restoration of God's truth this is a huge idea it has to do with the finishing of God's work on earth Daniel goes to sleep doesn't quite understand the vision he prays in Daniel Chapter 9 the angel comes back to explain the vision to Daniel this vision takes us down the stream of tie this vision enables us to walk through a journey of history this vision explains key events on the timetable of heaven dead verse $23.00 at the beginning of your supplications the command without. When I have come to tell you for you are greatly be loved Daniel's perplexed Daniel is confused at the vision but as he is the angel comes and says to him Daniel you are greatly be loved this expression is used throughout the book of Daniel and then the angel says to Daniel therefore consider the matter understand the vision consider what men matter Daniel understand what the Asian Daniel there is no specific vision given in Daniel Chapter 9 the word for a vision there is the exact word that was used in Daniel 8 so what the angel is saying to Daniel is understand the vision that you received in Daniel the 8th chapter I have come now to explain that vision to you I've come now to describe the details of that particular vision now did you notice though what Daniel the message Daniel received from the angel he said I have come in your greatly be loved Have you ever longed for a place of belonging Have you ever in your own life long to know that you were loved Have you ever felt rejected Have you ever felt lonely and alone the message of this angel today. At a time of judgement. It's a message to you it's a message that you're not alone you're not a isolated individual on this spinning globe of that with 7000000000 other people rather you are cherished by God You are precious to God God created you God fashioned you Christ redeemed you Jesus is preparing a place for you in heaven you my friend are greatly be loved the matter that Daniel was discussing considering and the matter that the angel was discussing in Chapter 8 when Daniel fainted in understand was the matter of the cons in the sanctuary is a matter of the $2300.00 days so the angel comes back to explain this to Daniel and he says to Daniel in Daniel 9 verse 2470 weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city. To finish the transgression to make an end of sins who are Daniel's people they are the Jewish nation who indeed it what indeed is the holy city Jerusalem so the 1st part of this prophecy is dealing with the coming of the Messiah to his own people to make reconciliation for iniquity notice who did that the Messiah to bring in everlasting righteousness who did that the Messiah to seal up the vision in the prophecy who would do that the Messiah to anoint the most holy who would do that Jesus would ascend to heaven he would enter into the sanctuary he would anoint the holy and most holy place before he began his work in the holy place he would make that annoying ting to consecrate the sanctuary this is a divine timetable it is precise it is Minuit and it is exact it is an amazing time table of history that helps us to understand the credibility of the Bible the book I hold in my hands is no common book this book is no ordinary book this book is divinely inspired by God and the prophecy that we are studying is one of the most magnificent prophecies in the Bible because it takes us down the stream of time it enables us to understand precise dates that have to do with the very very life and teachings of Jesus Daniel Chapter 9 verse 25 Know there for and understand now in the angel says know something it's important when the angel says understand it it's important no one understand understand what from the going forth of the command to restore in Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince there shall be 7 weeks and $62.00 weeks. Daniel's people were in captivity they were in captivity to Babylon then captivity to me to Persia and what the angel is saying today on you as this know and understand from the time of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem from the time of that decree goes forth when your people can go back and rebuild the city a stablish their nationhood again establish their worship again when that can occur when that decree is passed no that that's the starting point for this $2300.00 day or 2300 year prophecy Now notice what our text says though no therefore understand from the going forth of the command to restore and deal Jerusalem to Messiah the Prince shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks the 1st portion of this prophecy relates to God's people the Jews 70 weeks are determined for who for Daniel's people the Jews now I want you to look at this word determent the word determined is a very very fascinating word in the Hebrew language. Let's look at this year date principle and then look at this word determent now and remember 70 weeks are determined for your people when it's obvious that symbols are symbolic then the time periods are symbolic as we've mentioned 70 weeks are composed of 490 days now remember according to the book of his equal and according to The Book of Numbers one prophetic day equals one little year so 70 weeks would be 7 times 7 day 7 days in a week and that would be 490 days or 490 literal years that would be determined upon God's people 70 weeks are determined for your people the Jews that would be 490 literal years now remember we looked at that word determined it's an interesting Hebrew word Chuck took and it means cut off for a separate from so the 490 years are cut off for separate from the 2300 years they contain the 1st portion of those 2300 years they are a smaller section of those 2300 years let's go back to Daniel's prophecy and Daniel 925 know their For understand from the going forth of the command to restore until Jerusalem until Messiah would be 7 weeks and $62.00 weeks or $69.00 weeks so $69.00 of the 70 weeks of the 1st part of the prophecy would take us down to the Messiah. And then the Bible says in Daniel $925.00 the street shall be built again and the wall even in trouble this times so at the beginning of this period of time the beginning of the $69.00 weeks God would pass a decree to Israel to go back and rebuild the wall of Jerusalem establish their worship the established again as a nation at the end of that $69.00 weeks the Messiah would come since there is one prophetic day in equaled a literal year 69 weeks what would that be will be 7 times 697 times 9 are what 63 you got your good math student 7 times 6 of 42 we carry are 6483 prophetic years now follow me closely from the year that the decree would go forth to restore and build Jerusalem on to the Messiah would be $69.00 prophetic weeks 483 prophetic days are 483 literal years that would take us down to the Messiah's coming Well when did that decree go forth to restore and to build Jerusalem in actual fact there were 3 decrees one by Cyrus one by Darius and one by artic Xerxes which decree do we choose and why and when did those decrees go out. The 1st of those decrease by Cyrus was in 538 or 537 b.c. the 2nd to creep by Darius to let the Jews go back was not long after that but there we don't have a clear historical specific date the did for the 3rd decree by artic Xerxes in 457 b.c. is very clear date that's a solid date in history in fact the Bible talks about it this way and as for a 7 verse 13 I issue a decree that all those of the people of Israel and the priests and Levites in my realm who volunteer to go up to Jerusalem may go with you the decree of Arctic Circle cease is significant for a multiple reasons one of those reasons is the priests and Levites go to restore worship another reason is is that art exerts these provides finances or money for them to go to rebuild their city and reestablish their nation. Another reason is is that this date that the majority of Jews that went left in went with the Jewish pilgrims that went back to their city so it is the 457 date that's really significant because it establishes worship and it establishes again the ability to build the entire city so now let's look at the timeline of history remember 483 prophetic days equals what you're good student for in 83 years so if the decree goes forth in 457 b.c. we have to go forward on the timeline 483 years now to make this simple let's suppose we were going forward on the timeline 457 years let's just suppose that and let's suppose we're taking steps in each year is a step if we take $457.00 steps it would take us down to 0 but there is no 0 year in history so what would that take us down to well if history goes from one b.c. to one a.d. and there's no 0 Year to take us down to $81.00 right but we're not going for 157 years on the timeline how many do we have to go know there for and understand from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem for $57.00 b.c. to Messiah the Prince shall be what. 69 weeks 7 weeks and 62 weeks 483 years so we're not going for 57 which would take us to one we're going 43 well what is 457 from 43 it that leaves us with another 26 additional years that are needed to complete the Ford in 83 years we have to go $26.00 more steps forward on this timeline so $457.00 b.c. And if you go forward 483 years on the timeline or you go for $57.00 to $1.26 more it takes you to the year 278 what would that take us to what event Daniel 9 verse 25 Know there for and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore Bill Jerusalem when was that again for 57 b.c. until Messiah the Prince who is the Messiah What is the word messiah mean does anybody know what the word Messiah means what's that word messiah mean it means the Anointed One doesn't it so. From 457 b.c. 483 years for with his It's incredible this is amazing the decree in 457 went forward in the fall so 483 years from the fall of 457 would take us to the fall of 2780 what happened in the fall of 2780 precisely and Jesus Christ was baptized and the word Messiah means the anointed one and according to Acts chapter 10 Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit at his baptism years in advance and the Book of Daniel records that Jesus the Messiah would be baptized precisely in the fall of $27.00 a.d. exile Ackley at the age of 30 years old Jesus the carpenter of Nazareth left the carpenter shop at 30 and there he was baptized in 2788 exactly like the Bible predicts Now the Bible says that 3 and a half years after the fall of $27.00 a.d. that the Messiah would be cut off that he would be crucified but not for himself if you go 3 and a half years from $27.00 a.d. that would take you from the fall of 27 to the spring of 3188 let me make it simple for you if it's 3 and a half years and I'll show you from the Bible how this calculates out but 3 years from the fall of $27.00 would take it in full the 36 months later would take you to the spring of $31.00 a.d. What do you know what Jewish feast was taking place in the spring the Passover and what do you know about Jesus Paul says Jesus our Passover lamb was sacrificed for us Christ that great Passover Lamb let's look at this in Daniel's prophecy Daniel 9 verse 26 and after the 62 weeks the Messiah Jesus the one anointed in $27.00 a.d. shall be cut off but not for himself his death was not for himself his death was for you and for me the Christ that hung on that cross with those nails through his hands and that crown of thorns upon his head that Jesus that hung there dying and said My God my God why have you forsaken me. Bore the sin of all humanity he bore our guilty bore our shame that predicts in in Daniel Chapter 9 points forward to the baptism of Christ points forward to the crucifixion of Christ it's precisely its precise and it is amazing notice day $926.00 the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary eventually Titus of the Roman armies would come down in destroy Jerusalem the end of it shall be with the flood to the end of the war desolations are determined then he shall confirm they covered it with many for one week now there are some people that think that this prophecy talks about the anti-Christ confirming the government covenant in a Jewish temple but look in the Bible there is only one who ever makes a covenant and that is God making a covenant with his people there's only one whose blood ever can ratify the eternal everlasting covenant that's Christ throughout this prophecy it talks about Jesus' baptism it talks about Jesus' crucifixion isn't it just like the devil to take this prophecy and turn it around from relating to Christ to relate to the anti-Christ power the Bible is very clear he the Messiah he Jesus Christ he the Savior of all mankind shell confirm the covenant with many for one week and then notice what the prophecy actually says. 70 weeks or determine if your people the Jewish nation 490 prophetic days are literal years by 27 a.d. 69 of those weeks or 483 years were used up there is one prophetic week that is cut off from the 2300 days or years one prophetic week of those 490 prophetic days or 69 weeks that are left the week that remains of 7 years can be divided into 23 and a half year periods 2780 to 31 a day 31 a day to 34 a.d. here is a divine time table the 1st portion of the prophecy 69 weeks runs out in $8027.00 the next 3 and a half years run out in a.d. $31.00 notice what takes place in that year Christ the Messiah is crucified Daniel predicted the timing of Christ's death per syslog exactly you say how so here it is there is one week that remains look what the Bible says at the end of that week at the end of that 7 years at the end of the 490 years the Gospel would go to all Muslim Hindu Jew Buddhists Christians we are only saved through the blood of Jesus Christ but in the middle of that last week before the Gospel goes to the Gentiles What does the Bible say it says that Christ would be crucified in $31.00 gospel go to the Gentiles and $34.00 then the rest of the prophecy takes us down went to the very time of the end the 1st 490 years of the prophecy were designated for the Jewish nation the last part of the 2300 years has to do with God's people today that has to do with the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ notice Daniel 8 verse 14 he said to me. For $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary become ends at the end of this 2300 year prophecy the same sure it would be cleansed the judgment would strike the hour now notice very carefully here 2300 days one prophetic day equals what one literal year so if you have 2300 days or 2300 years and you take 490 years from that those 490 years would apply to who apply to the Jewish race you subtract for 90 from 2300 in what does that give you it gives you 1800 prophetic days left so the 490 years have to do with the coming of the Messiah the coming of Jesus but look if we take $810.00 more steps on the timeline from $34.00 a.d. when the $490.00 ran out where does that take us it takes us down to the year 844 so you say what indeed is the significance of $1844.00 What is that significance it is this that in $844.00 the clock struck the prophetic hour in 844 the destinies of all humanity were to be settled in 844 the truth of God's message would be restored to the world in 844 God's judgment would begin and during that process remember what we read in Daniel Chapter 7000 thousands ministered unto him 10000 times 10000 stood before him the judgment was set the books were opened 490 years. Reveal earthly events that have to do with the Jews 69 weeks takes you down to the baptism of Christ that's something we can see that's verifiable in history 8273 and a half years later remember the Bible says he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week the middle of that last prophetic week he shall cause the sacrifices to cease 3 and a half years from $27.00 a.d. takes you down to the spring of $31.00 a.d. that's a verifiable event it's something you can see it's tangible it's a historical event through an after years later $34.00 a day the Messiah reaches out now beyond the Jewish race the Gospel goes to the Gentiles the disciples in the book of Acts preach the Living Word of God to the ends of the earth and remember what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 28 verse 19 and 20 as they go you there and teach what all nations all nations teaching them whatsoever I have commanded you go make disciples of all nations I'm with you to the ends of the earth so after 34 a day the gospel of God's grace the gospel of God's goodness was to go to all the world 490 years the prophecy concludes in 3040 Those are verifiable historical events. But God ties a heavenly even that we cannot see tangibly with our eyes to a earthly events that are anchored in history so we can have the assurance so we can have the confidence so we can have the absolute certainty that what God said would take place in heaven at the end of the 2300 years it indeed is a reality this is no figment of our imaginations this is no pipe dream this is no sense no magic formula some rabbit pulled out of a hat some place and a fanciful interpretation of Bible Prophecy this is a incurred in history anchored in earthly events there is a divine timetable that has been filled throughout the history of our world 278831 a.d. 34 now the time of the end 844 no longer business as usual no longer pleasures as usual we are living at a unique time of Earth's history these events are the culmination of the great controversy between good and evil from the time that Adam and Eve sinned from the time that Adam and Eve. And left the garden they look forward to the coming of the Messiah every slain Alem pointed forward to the coming of Jesus Christ and he came tabernacle did human flesh live the life we should have lived faced every temptation that Satan could have thrown at him the Bible says He was tempted Hebrews Chapter 4 it all points like we are yet without sin Jesus gained the victory in his life and even in his death Satan could not destroy him on that cross he triumphed according to cautions to verse 141516 over the Prince of palaces and powers of hell this resurrected Christ has ascended to heaven this resurrected Christ reaches out to you in me today but this resurrected Christ will come again he will stream down the corridor the sky the heavens will be aluminum added with the glory of God He will come but before he comes the great judgement takes place before a waiting world before a watching Universe Jesus himself reveals His Majesty reveals his love when names come up in judgment before the whole universe Jesus steps forth. He says Could I have done anything else to save Mark Finley could I have done everything anything else to save Harry or John or Mary or Sally I've done everything I could I sent my Holy Spirit to draw them to me the Bible says in a clear as asked a chapter 3 that God puts eternity in our hearts the Bible says in John chapter one that Christ is the light that lights every man that comes into the world every person born into this world has the light of the Holy Spirit in their hearts that is drawing them to Jesus before the judgment bar of God before the university security done in the else I set my Holy Spirit to draw them to me I arrange providences in their life so that they would understand my love Jesus says I left Heaven and I descended into the realms of Earth I tabernacle to in human flesh I lived as a human being I faced every temptation in common with could I have done everything anything else in the whole universe as just and righteous are given way so look forward you have done everything you possibly could do one of the things that the judgment will reveal is that any human being that is lost is not lost because they did not have the opportunity revelations judgment reveals that men and women are lost not because they didn't have the opportunity but because they did not take advantage of the opportunities that they had You're not watching this broadcast on 3 cosmic messages Earth Final Conflict by accident I am convinced that we are living in the final hours of versus 3 and I'm convinced that we're living in the judgement hour that the destinies of all humanity will soon be settled and that Christ is appealing to you right now he is giving you that opportunity as you view this program to make an eternal decision 3 cosmic messages. 3 angels flying in the middle of Heaven I saw another angel that 1st angels message were studying flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God will study that in our next presentation what does that mean give glory to God What does that mean for the hour of his judgment is come in 8 $144.00 the clock struck the hour Jesus has entered into the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary God his making his final appeal to mankind right now this is snow to him to be playing around on the edges of the this is no time to be playing around on the periphery of religion this is no time to be playing games this is a time to get serious about our faith and time to be on our knees repenting before God a time to open our hearts to his grace His love in His mercy this indeed is God's judgment our Soon the great controversy between good and evil will be ended soon Christ will say ladies and gentlemen it's closing time the kingdoms of this earth have reigned for temporarily when you look back at the history of Daniel and Revelation we find there in Daniel and Revelation Babylon rises and falls it rains from 6 o 5 b.c. to 539 made of Persia rises and falls it rains from 539-2331 b.c. Greece rises and falls it rains from 331-2168 b.c. Rome rises and falls and it rains from 168 b.c. to about 35180. Rome falls apart these 10 divisions and Daniel These are great cosmic periods and Rome falls apart 10 divisions of Rome and then multiple other divisions from about 351 to 476 a day a religious political power arises in all of these powers the devil attempts to usurp God's authority but Daniel looks at the judgment and as he does he looks from earth to heaven and there he sees the divine sitting of the Court of the universe there he sees Jesus come to the Father and there he sees the kingdom being given to Christ in the Book of Revelation describes these final of the ends of verse is story it describes the final conflict in earth's history it describes powers rising it describes Amazingly the rise of a religious political power out of Rome it describes a period of persecution revelation that will be studying describes the rise of America in Bible prophecy it describes trouble this time is called the time of trouble but it describes this final judgment it describes Jesus receiving the kingdom it describes the triumph of Christ in the last days of Earth's history God in these last days is free storing truth that is been obscured by human tradition Daniel $814.00 and to $2300.00 days then the sanctuary will be cleanse then truth will be restored you know it's interesting another word for cleansed there is restored under $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be restored What's that all about since $844.00 God would raise up on Earth in harmony with his final work in Heaven where he is cleansing heaven saying sure where he is. Declaring the righteousness of Christ sufficient to forgive to cleanse to change his people in harmony with that Jesus would raise up a movement on earth a divine movement of destiny under $2300.00 days than the saints who would be clients or restored this divine movement would restore the truth about Jesus the truth that we need not have the earthly sacrifice of human masses that we need not have earthly priests but that Jesus is the one Mediator between God and man that Christ's sacrifice is complete Christ sacrifices enough Christ's blood is enough the cross is enough to save all humanity he would raise up a movement that would point to Jesus as our dying lion but Jesus is our living priest that through his love power and grace our lives could be changed through his love power in grace we could be made over again he would provide in that message of the restoration of the saying to wary the truth about the living priesthood of Christ Jesus says Hebrews 725 he ever lives to make intercession for us he is there in the saying surely for us we did not an earthly temple we need not it earthly sanctuary we need not earthly sacrifices we need not earthly priests we have a High Priest Jesus we have a heavenly sanctuary that we can look to you see the. World and I see it humbly most of the evangelical world is making a significant mistake they're looking to an earthly temple they're looking for an anti-christ to enter that earthly temple they're looking for an earthly solution. Jesus is in the heavenly tabernacle Jesus' eyes are to focus us on his heavenly tabernacle our Roman Catholic friends make a similar mistake they look at earthly priests they look at an earthly priesthood or earthly sacrifice of the mass but the key events in earth's history right now the key events that will settle this controversy between good and evil in the universe is God restoring the truth about the heavenly sanctuary God restoring the truth about his sacrifice God restoring the truth about the his heavenly priesthood God restoring the truth about his law that has been violated desecrated by human beings God is pointing us to the heavenly sanctuary where the law is the very foundation of his government and God invites us to come on our knees to seek Him He is the one that longs to present our case before the very throne of God But you say 1844 we are living now in the 21st Century think about how long that has been since that event took place since the judgment began may remind you that in the days of Noah Noah preached the coming judgment he preached the coming of the flood waters for a 120 years think about the largeness of the population since know is time why did God have no a preacher 120 years. Oh you say to build the r.p. it took them a 120 here it's Don't you think that God could have build that Ark a lot quicker than under 20 years see God's intent was to give everybody a chance God's intent was to give everybody an opportunity so know or preach the coming flood the coming judgment for a 120 years the population of this world is a lot larger than no words day and so the message that's going out is a message of the time of the end that you and I are living in the judgment an hour that you and I are living at the time of the end since 844. Time has been running out it know as stay very few people recognized what was going on in our day very few people recognize what was going on but God has a message an eternal message and his eternal message is circling the globe right now and although we do not know the exact hour of Christ a term returning we do know that time is running out we do know that we're living at the time of the end we do know that God is making a final appeal to mankind it may be yet more it may be at midnight. We do not know the exact out but we do know that this is decision tie this is the time of the judgment this is the time to make an eternal choice for Christ why not make that choice right now as Charles comes and sings. With. His son. Through dog. His bring. Back. The to see the. Lord Jesus. Christ. The. Big. Change. That. It's come. First in. A long it or. Or. From the old. The light from. The. Old to. The. From. The center. We're getting. Closer to. Where it's green it's good for the. Lawyer or. We're. In or. The. The. Last. Return. Was. There is nothing more that Jesus wants. Than for you to be with Him in heaven. There in the judgment of God. Before the judgment bar of God. Jesus is there he's there for you he's there representing you he's there pleading for you he's there interceding for you. The desire of his heart is that you be with him for all eternity. The the longing of his mind. Is one thought on his mind and that's you. You know is your name. He knows the challenges that you go through. He is there to strengthen you to encourage you're right now. When you open your heart to him at this moment. When you say Jesus I am yours as we pry Father in Heaven the judgment could be incredibly fearful. If we had to stand in the judgment of all. We sense a new today afresh that we are living. Just before your return. We sense a new. That the caucus struck the hour. We confess our sins. We open our hearts for the grace of Christ we thank you and praise you that you're standing in the judgment for us and that in Christ we will be victorious in Jesus name it be sure to join us for each of these presentations in our next Friesen Taishan. Be looking at that 1st verse 1st angels message again Revelation 14 and 1st 7 I will be talking about what does it mean to fear God what does it mean to give glory to God Be sure to join us God bless you.


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