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08 This is Why Satan Hates the Sabbath So Much

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • July 31, 2020
    7:00 AM
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I'm delighted that you've joined us for this series of prophetic Bible messages focusing on the Book of Revelation titled 3 cosmic messages these presentations especially underline the prophecies in the Book of Revelation Chapter 14 versus 6 to 12 called the 3 Angelus messages we've been studying them the 1st angels message that goes to the ends of the earth says I saw another angel fly in the middle of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them the 2 on the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him that made heaven earth the sea and the fountains of waters in our last presentation we looked at the significance of creation we saw that creation speaks of a god that is all powerful all intelligent a God of infinite design a god of careful planning a god of purpose and a God that's created us unique and special in this presentation will continue to probe the depths of the meaning of what it means to worship God as creator Let's pray together Father in heaven we're thankful that we're not some speck of cosmic dust we're not some tin can run over by some truck that some guys kicking down the road we're not some meaningless object we're not merely in large protein molecule part of the animal creation we thank you that were created in the image of God as we study the magnificence of creation open our eyes to see Divine truths in your word in Christ's name man if we ever needed a place of security it's indeed. Today come back with me to a battle that was waging in the 1st World War the casualties on both sides were high the shelling was intense the firefight had increased all day American soldiers with their allies were in trenches facing the access powers led by Germany they are the rival armies faced one another across the trenches many that day were killed the wounded the dying the bloody were all around scattered there when evening came it was Christmas Eve 1914 and a young g.i. Joe was there in one of those trenches his mind wandered he began to think about whom he began to think about the Christmas tree with all of its trimmings he began to think about turkey and mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables and whole made chocolate chip cookies and apple pie there in the trenches that night in that war his heart longed for home then surprisingly enough he heard the familiar sound of a Christmas carol that gladdened the air as he listened he recognized the 2 in any recognized at the words were German he recognized that old familiar Carol Silent night holy night. He wondered Is this some kind of a poor boy is this something that the enemy is using to pull us out of the trenches and shoot us down on this Christmas Eve But then as he looked he saw those German soldiers coming toward him singing he along with other allied forces and American soldiers got out of the trench and they met together and for that one night that one brief moment in that horrible war these soldiers were brothers they were linked together in a common humanity actually 17 1st $24.00 to $26.00 says God who made the world and everything in it he is our Almighty Creator since he is Lord of Heaven and Earth does not dwell in temples made with ants and he has made from one plus every nation of men and women to dwell on all the face of the earth and he's determined there pre appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings that night. Those forces American German allied access forces met together and there together for that one brief moment of time they were common humanity that's really what creation does creation links us as brothers and sisters creation links the nations of this world together the city the essence of humanity's dignity is a common creation because every human being was fashioned by God Every human being by God was shaped and made a new every human being is unique there new you know I'm told that when Swiss lace makers make their Swiss lace at times they take a microscope pick Scilab a little piece of glass and they let the snowflakes fall on that glass and then put it under a microscope and every snowflake is different so no 2 pieces of Swiss lace pattern are essentially the same. When God made you he threw away the pattern you see creation elevates us above the animal creation it elevates us above this evolutionary idea the idea of creation is the idea that a stablish is our human dignity in Christ the Creator every human being has priceless value and God given dignity whether that's the un born whether it is a young man who's been hit by an automobile and now is a quadriplegic and sits in a wheelchair measure whether it's a young man born of and has Down syndrome whether it is a older woman senior citizen with dementia or Alzheimer's that has difficulty communicating and remembering all humanity male and female young and old rich and poor wise and unwise educated in an educated or all humanity has worth in God's sight because they were created by the Living God Creation also provides us with a true sense of self worth. Let true sense of self worth is a sense not that we're superior to others not that we're better than others not that we lured it over others but a true sense of self-worth recognizes that we are created by God we have value in his sight that he's given us unique abilities he's given us unique gifts and these unique abilities these unique gifts are to be given back in service to others all humanity created by God understanding that creation and understanding their worth has that sense of self-worth so we no longer walk with our heads down depressed thinking oh poor me rather we walk with our heads up taking a deep breath with our shoulders back a smile on her face and a sparkle in our eyes because we know who we are we are sons and daughters of God Created by the king of the universe we are unique creations nobody is exactly like you in the universe and isn't that a good thing because if anybody was like you their worth and your worth would be diminished by 50 percent you know even a dentical twins are not a dentical even a dead occult twins have their differences there uniquenesses you are created by God when the genes and chromosomes came together to form the unique biological structure of your personality God threw away the pattern like a masterpiece tainted. By Leonardo da Vinci that has incredible worth because it's one of a kind because it's unique you are one of a kind you cannot be produced on a photocopy machine nobody can make a photocopy of you although somebody may take a picture of you with their digital photograph camera or on their 1st i Phone That's not you you are who created by God unique once we go down the road of evolution we wander down a road that de human eyes is human beings if we truly worship him as the creator we will value life like he values it and we will see every human being created in His image that's why evolution is so to human i.c. because really what does civilization say it says that there is no Creator it says we have volved from the lower forms of life it says we are here by chance by randomness so if I'm merely a genetic accident if I'm merely in a large protein molecule if I am merely a little more intelligent species than the animals if that's all I am then I have very very little worth but if I am created by God if every human being is created by God special in God's light then I value others as through the eyes of creation as God values them creation provides a moral imperative for living as well. Creation says the one that made me and created me as an intelligent rational being holds me responsible for the choices that I make now let's pause here this is why the message of Revelation 14 is so significant because in an age of evolution that says really at least 2 things here at the outset that says number one that we are merely advanced animals that dehumanised as human beings and it does not provide any basis for genuine authentic love toward others. In that philosophy it is their survival of the fittest and I simply trample upon others to achieve my goals there's no moral ethic that's provided the 2nd thing is that if I'm just an advanced animal and a little more intelligent then the animal I have no accountability except to myself therefore if there is no accountability except to myself the idea of making positive moral choices and standing before the judgment bar of God one day to give account of those choices that simply goes out the window so creation provides a moral imperative for living it indicates that the one who made me made me responsible they're the message of Revelation 14 verse 7 to a generation that says there are no have no responsibility except to themselves that has no moral ethic higher than the own mind this message of Revelation says Fear God give Korea for the hour of God's judgment is come another words we're responsible for the decisions we make we are free moral agents God is given to us conscience is given to us reason he's given us judgment and therefore the choices we make we will ultimately be held accountable for through all eternity those choices will decide our eternal destiny to a generation that says the sum Boneham of life that is the essence of life is doing what you want to do God calls us back he calls us back to the fact that he created us He calls us fat back to the fact that he's given us conscience he's calls us back to the fact of making positive moral choices since we were created by God with the capacity to make these moral choices we are responsible for the decisions we make we are responsible for to our create hor we were responsible for the one that made us. Since he made us any created us and He created us with minds to make decisions we are responsible to him for the decisions that we make for the evolutionist the highest standard is the human mind for those who believe in creation the highest standard is doing God's will as revealed in God's Word for those of us who believe creation we believe the god that created the world revealed himself in this book called The Bible and that we will be accountable for the decisions we make in the light of the eternal moral principles of the very living Word of God For those of us who believe in creation we believe that there are 2 pathways the wet pathway of life in the pathway of death and that the devil is leading millions down the pathway of eternal destruction by failing to recognise their responsibility to the Creator God for the evolutionist you see death is the end there is no tomorrow creation though speaks of a very bright and glorious tomorrow I spent many years in the former Soviet Union from 1985 to 1990 I traveled to Hungary Poland and Yugoslavia and spent time there sharing Christ with audiences that were largely atheistic in their background when the former Soviet Union fell in 1989 I immediately went to Russia lectured in Pawnee University lectured as well in the Kremlin lectured in the Olympic stadium thousands came to our meetings at that point at one occasion I was invited to debate which I didn't choose to do a communist philosopher because the Christian church. In the former Soviet Union encouraged me to do that to put Christianity in the forefront I agreed one of the things that I said to him in that debate over national television was this I suppose said Suppose you have a very close friend and you've known this family for many many years and Suppose your friend's wife is in a tragic car accident and is killed instantly your friend is in the hospital and you go to him to give him comfort I want to know what you're going to say are you going to say to your friend well you know friend it's just too bad your wife died at least she's no longer suffering and well she's in the grave now and you'll never see her again and worms are going to eat her body and you know this is just a mystery we don't understand and soon we're all going to die anyway so take courage what are you going to say to your friend who's lost his wife you know if I have a Christian friend whose wife's been in a car accident. I can go to visit him in the hospital I can put my arms around him we can cry together and weep together and I can say friend you know you and I don't fully understand this we live in a broken world a world of good and evil and I don't have any pat answers but I know this that Christ is going to be with you he says hello I'm with you always to the even to the end of the earth I can say to him Christ to give you strength to get through this and one day one day beyond all the sickness suffering and pain you can see your wife again you can live with her through all eternity again one day there is a better world coming you see atheism has no hope for the future if you accept evolution and you take it to its final end it does not answer the great questions of life but if you look at the eyes of scripture and through the eyes of scripture 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 13 says nevertheless what's the Never the less therefore never the less although this sickness Nevertheless although there is suffering Nevertheless although there is heartache Nevertheless although there is poverty Nevertheless although there is sickness and disease we are courting to his promise is what his promise Christ promises do not fail he does not lie we look for a new heavens that a new earth where in righteousness dwells in this world there is sickness in this world there is suffering in this world there is Arctic but there is a new world coming where righteousness Wells Christ created this world once he created it in splendor where there was no sickness suffering and death and our Creator will recreate it that's the message of the Book of Revelation that we're not wandering on some nameless planets spinning through space we're not alone but that Christ is here with us in one day they'll be a better world Evolution offers no hope of eternal life it simply offers the grave as a dark hole in the ground death a long night without a morning but creation answers the eternal questions of life where did I come from. From the hand of a loving god that created me why am I here to reveal his glory to enjoy the abundance of life he offers where am I going my destiny is eternity I remember the story of a preacher who was the preacher Bourbon Street actually its name was Bob Harrington and he would go down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans he'd open his Bible and he would share Christ with many of the down and out now cast there one time he was preaching and one of those outcasts came in took a bottle of beer and opened it and poured it over his head and another time he was walking through the Bourbon street and somebody came up to said Bob We might go and preacher Bob he said I'm going to heaven but I'm just passing through this life passing down through Bourbon Street but I'm on my way to heaven you know my brother my sister friend creation says this life is not all there is this god created a perfect world and he will recreate it in Denecke splendor as a perfect world once again we are just passing through this world creation unites us to God the God that created us wants to have fellowship with us creation a stablish is our self worth it says we have value in his sight because we were made uniquely creation forges ties with all humanity. It says all humanity is is made of one family that we are brothers and sisters in Christ creation inspires us with a confidence that a god that cares the God that made us has not forgotten us the God that made us cares for us creation links us to God's inexhaustible power the one that made us the one that shaped us the one that fashioned us has this inexhaustible this incredible power this is the message of the 3 angels this is part of these 3 cosmic messages that go to the world in this generation creation encourages us with the hope of life after death this is an amazing graphic it was painted by the artist Nathan green he painted this aspect this part of the picture of the 2nd Coming of Christ called the blessid hope and he painted into the picture the angel presenting a little girl back to her parents the artist Nathan green happen to know this family and their little one died at a very young age of a strange disease. To encourage them he and painted this picture of an angel presenting her back to her parents what hope we have the God that created us as not forgotten us the God that created us will recreate this world in a Denecke splendor and as the Apostle Paul says the Lord Himself will descend from heaven in that bless it hope with a shout with the voice of the archangel the dead in Christ shall rise 1st and we which are alive and remain will be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air husbands and wives who 98 in Christ sons and daughters brought back and placed in their mother's arms those that have died in childhood What a day of rejoicing that will be God created us He is all powerful he is coming again in the clouds of heaven in Christ to redeem us now this creation has given to us a sign of that creation when Christ created the world he left a perpetual sign of his creative authority called the Sabbath. In every week the Sabbath reminds us of that god that made us every week the Sabbath reminds us that we are valuable and precious in His sight every week the Sabbath reminds us that he is the God of intelligent design and that he has a purpose for our lives every week the Sabbath reminds us when we go through difficulties and troubles that he has power to change our lives and solve those problems that we face every Sabbath the creation story calls us to the new creation that there is in Christ and that he will make this world over again that's what this message of Revelation is all about that's what the 1st of the 3 cosmic messages are about Revelation 14 verse 6 and 7 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the what everlasting Gospel the Gospel is grace and mercy and love to preach to them that dwell on the earth to every nation kindred tongue and people this is no message that is to be done in a corner it is to go to the ends of the Earth saying with what kind of voice loud voice so that the whole world hears fear God respect God live a life of obedience to God give Him glory in everything you do because we're living what time the judgement in our But notice worship Him that made heaven and the earth and the sea in the fountains of waters another it's worship the creator so in an age of evolution God has sent a special message calling us back to worship the creator why do we worship anyway the Revelation of Jesus Christ is a call to worship Jesus as the creator Now this may be a new thought for you who is it that created the world the Bible says in Genesis one God created the heaven in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. But the Bible also says the Spirit of God moved on the face of the deep So God is the active agent in creation he creates through the power of the Holy Spirit but he designates creative authority to someone who is that the thief 3 verse 9 and to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God Now notice this next phrase Who created all things how many things all things through Jesus Christ so God is the master creator but he designates creative authority to Christ so Christ is really the active agent in creation the one who carries out the father's play ends so revelations call to worship the creator is really a call to worship Jesus do you see why Satan hates creation so much because for Satan Jesus is a rival and he's made every attempt to discredit creation because he hates the creator so the devil has attacked creation as a way of attacking Jesus the devil wants to rob Christ of his creative authority he wants to rob Christ of the worthiness that Jesus has to be worshiped as our Creator and that's why the Sabbath the symbol of creation is at the center of the great controversy over Christ's worthiness to receive worship as our Creator as we come and worship on the Sabbath we say Jesus you are worthy to be worshiped as creator the very basis of all worship is the fact that he created us revelation for her. 11 says we read it in our last presentation as well but we have a little different emphasis this time you are worthy you are what you are worthy you are what you are worthy why you are you worthy Christ you are worthy old lord to receive glory and honor in power for you created all things and by your will they exist and were created if you destroy creation you destroy cry school Henri you destroyed the honor that is due to Christ you destroy the very power of Christ because he spoke in the worlds came into existence so this issue of the Sabbath is not some issue of legalism it's not some minor issue of you choose one day and I choose another it is at the very heart of the great controversy between good and evil it has to do with Satan's intentional intent to destroy Christ as creator and undermines the very basis of all of worship for Christ in an age of evolution and God has given the Sabbath as an eternal symbol of his creative power as an eternal symbol of his authority. In Acts 17 verse 28 we read in him in Christ we live and move and have our being When we come to worship on the Sabbath we are saying Lord in you we live in you we move in you we have life we are acknowledging that Christ indeed is the life giver the Sabbath also is that link to our family of origin it reminds us of who we are it takes us back to our roots we are encouraged in a God that made us at the beginning not ng curd in primeval slime the the Sabbath is a link to that family of origin it reminds us that we are special in his sight that we are precious in His sight that we are fashioned uniquely in his sight you know some time ago I read a fascinating a real cute little story. Little she was about 70 years old her mommy had a baby and mommy and daddy Shia and Hearst sister who had just a family that loved one another and she kept saying Mommy can I go into the baby's room and talk to the baby by by herself Mommy can I can I go into the room with the baby and you know mother was a little bit hesitant she wondered what she would say to that little baby and she wanted to be quite careful and but as the baby grew a little bit and as she a showed maturity and as she showed a real love for her sister Shia was allowed to go into the room she would in closed the door but that left it open just a little crackle mommy and daddy wanted to know what she was going to say to her sister and so they listened at that door in the crack of the door and they heard she has say this baby sister tell me what God is like because I'm beginning to forget paid peace ister tell me what God's like because I'm beginning to forget in the hectic world of the 21st century in the frantic pace of the 21st century living we all tend at times to forget this world overwhelms us the responsibilities of life seem to choke out at times the very life of spirituality at times the world presses in too close we tend to forget we forget that God created us we forget that we are made special by him we forget that we are precious in His sight we forget that he can remake us and recreate a sense into his image we forget that he has a better world coming that there's a new day dawning that there's a better tomorrow on the. Horizon and so he's given us the Sabbath the Sabbath this a way sice in time the Sabbath this palace in time he invites us to remember to remember that He created us that he fashioned us that he shaped us that he cares for us that he died for us to remember that he's coming again for us now there is a not so subtle deception and that not so subtle deception tries to blend evolution with a form of creation and what it says is this and some Christians have really bought into this law and it says well you know maybe God was the 1st cause of everything but maybe then he just allowed the world to evolve after he created life initially then over millions of years he let the world kind of evolve so he was really the 1st cause he cause that 1st spark of life there is what some people think or believe there try to harmonize creation and evolution but from a biblical perspective that's really not possible because the Bible says in some 33 verse 6 and 9 by the word of the Lord the heavens were made in all the host of them by the breath of his mouth he spoke and it was done he commanded and it stood fast so the Bible teaches that this world came into existence not over long periods of time but God spoke the world into existence so to accept the idea that God created the 1st spark of life in that then let life evolve is a denial of the scriptural story and undermines the very foundation of scripture the Bible also says in Hebrews 11 verse 3 By thing we understand the words were made or framed by the Word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which are visible another words there were no long. Years of evolutionary progress rather God spoke in this world was created in the very it in the very likeness of God suppliant God spoke in the world came into existence the days of creation according to Scripture were 24 hour days a some people say well we could those days have been thousands and thousands of years will we already read some $33.00 he spoke it was done it doesn't say spoken it continued to be done for thousands of years millions of years but there is another way that we can know that if you look at creation and you see the linguistic grammatical structure of Genesis Chapter one The Hebrew word for day is the word yom and throughout the Bible every time a number precedes the word yawm as an adjective it limits the time period for 24 hours no it is true that sometimes the word yom in the Bible is used for a longer period of time but when you have a number perceiving it as an adjective it has to be 24 hours so if you say that the 24 hour days of creation are longer periods of time that they're not 24 hours one of the real problems you have is you undermine the very structure of the very grammatical structure of scripture there is another problem with that in Exodus 21st say to 11 the Bible says Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy For in 6 days the Lord made heaven in the earth the sea and all that is in them and he rested the 7th day the would therefore the Lord bless the Sabbath day and hallowed it what sense would it make. For God to say remember the 7th day sabbath if the 7th day Sabbath were not a 24 hour period of time and if it were merely thousands and thousands of years each day of creation so be nonsensical to say Remember the Sabbath 6 days God created the world the 7th day rested if indeed there is no 7 day creation week that are literal days 24 hours each so what happens when you begin to refine is the scripture and try to make it fit into what one believes is a more scientific explanation although I should hastily add that there are many creation scientists who look at the evidence in geology the evidence in biology the evidence in the earth and believe that that evidence indicates the reasons why there was a flood for example universal catastrophe they believe these creation scientists that the evidence of the earth indicates that God did create the world they see in nature design they see in nature in intricacy they see in nature a careful planning but here's the problem with in a one who tries to both harmonize the evolutionary step with the Biblical date it means the undermine Genesis it means you undermine the 10 Commandments and it really means you bring into question what Christ Himself said because Christ talks about creation he talks about the flood he says in the beginning God created male in female so you bring in to question the entire realm of scripture if you go down that road that's why Satan is challenging the very heart of God's authority he wants to attack the Sabbath because he wants to undermine creation because he wants to attack Jesus and he wants to diminish the authority of Christ in take away. Very essence of why we worship Christ the Sabbath is at the very heart of this controversy between good and evil let's at the very heart of this controversy over worship Satan claim that God was unfair and unjust he claimed that is was were arbitrary the ultimate question was one of authority and the law of God the commandments of God are the very basis of the authority of God and the Sabbath in the heart of God's law is that the very foundation of this battle between good and evil obedience to God's commands that flow out of a heart that loves God is extremely important throughout Scripture it's not something super imposed upon believe hers obedience comes from the heart now somebody asks Would wasn't the law of God done away with when Christ died on the cross Jesus says John 14 verse 15 if you love me keep my commandments he says in the book of Hebrews a new heart will I give you and a new spirit why put within you I will write my law in your mind in our minds so we know it all right my law in your heart in your heart so you love it so in this controversy between good in evil we are called to make moral decisions we're called to obedience in the light of the judgment our we are called to worship the creator and the very essence of that creator worship is worship on the Sabbath this is a titanic struggle it's more than a matter of days it's more than a matter of an arbitrary decree it's a matter of a battle for the throne of the universe that's why the message says Revelation 14 verse 7 fear God a message as important for our day as Noah's message was for his day a message of obedience fearing God giving glory to him a message of the judged. In Tower to make eternal choices a message to worship the creator and the very essence of worshipping the Creator is found in the Creator's day the Sabbath but notice Revelation 147 says worship the creator but we go down to the 9th verse a 2nd angel follows in the 8th verse talking about the Full of Babel and we're going to talk about that in our next presentation but notice then a 3rd angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast in his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself show drink of the wine of the wrath of God Revelation Chapter 14 verse 7 says worship the creator Revelation Chapter 14 verse 9 says Don't worship the beast so you have 2 worship's set distinctly in opposition. Where do these worships find their focal point where do they find their climax the next verse tells us here is the patience another words for patience is in durance of the saints that's believers here are those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus so Revelation 14 verse 7 says worship the creator Revelation 14 verse 9 says do not worship the beast Revelation 1412 says that the way we worship the creator and do not worship the beast is because of the faith of Christ that lives in twelves in our hearts we keep the commandments of God in obedience No my friends this is not some periphery issue this matter of keeping God's Commandments is not something that is a side issue of Christianity it's not that I'm saved by grace so I can do as I please it's I'm saved by grace so I can do is Christ pleases and once I understand this larger issue this message that God is sending to all humanity this message that's a call back to fearing him respecting him and obeying him of giving him glory in the way we live this message of the judgement hour that calls us that compels us that urges us that beseeches us to make a choice to give our whole lives to him this message calls us back to worship being the creator it calls us from the false hoods to traditions the deceptions of Satan which is trying to undermine the very law of God and destroy the creator's authority because he hates Jesus these 2 worships are contrast in the Book of Revelation and they are contrast to before our very eyes worshiping the beast or worshipping Jesus Christ on the day that he has created enshrined in the future. Church and State will one day again unite in the future at a time of chaos and calamity as we shall study there will be laws passed in an attempt to enforce worship of the beast but those who worship the creator will stand firm for Jesus Christ through His grace by his power because they love him in their saved by His grace the heart of the Sabbath is relationship the acknowledgment that God is worthy of our most supreme devotion that he is worthy of our deepest allegiance that he is worthy of our total loyalty What does Sabbath say in a 21st century society it calls us to devotion it calls us to the deepest allegiance to Christ it calls us to loyalty the Sabbath. Is a palace in tie and every 7th day that palace d. said this from heaven to earth and Jesus invites us into the glory of His presence and a Jewish writer by the name of Abraham Heschel really discuss describes the magnificence of the Sabbath in these words the Sabbath is a metaphor for Paradise in a testimony to God's presence in our prayers we anticipate a messianic error that will be a Sabbath in each Shabat or Sabbath prepares us for that experience as he would have surely say that the Sabbath is a metaphor for paradise so on the Sabbath the palace in time to sends we leave the cares of Earth we leave the heartaches of Earth we leave the 6 sorrows of earth we are enclosed We are shut in with Jesus in his palace we are in relationship to him in worship we are in relationship to him as each week we come to sing his praises as we study His word as we pray as corporate bodies in worship the Bible says in the book of Hebrews for sake not the day of yourselves assembling and so much the more as you see the day approaching the Sabbath becomes the sign of loyalty to him in the light of a universal conflict between Christ and Satan and then Heschel says unless one learns how to relish the taste of the Sabbath one will be an able to enjoy the taste to be turned into in the world. The Sabbath is an appetizer the Sabbath provides for us a taste of eternity the Sabbath is a time for us to fellowship with our Creator Heschel goes on 6 days a week we wrestle with the world wringing profit from the earth on the Sabbath we especially care for the seed of eternity planted in the soul of the world. Has our hands but our soul belongs to someone else you see the Sabbath is that time to nurture that seed of the turn a tea that God has put in our hearts and we nurtured that as we worship our loving Creator and that seed grows and blossom so the fruits of the Spirit can be seen in our very lives on Sabbath Christ finished his work it was complete and on Sabbath we rest in His love and care Sabbath rest is a rest of his loving care Sabbath rest is a rest in His righteousness not ours Sabbath rest is a rest in anticipation of the turtle rest that Christ will give us when he comes again Sabbath rest is a symbol of a faith experience in Jesus it is a graphic illustration of our trust in him because it is a total period of rest in Him we enter into his palace into salvation comes only through Jesus we cannot earn it we don't deserve it but we rest in His love and care we rest in the fact that he created the world it is finished work of creation we rest in his finished work on the cross and we as we rest on Sabbath we say we can add nothing to ourselves ation our works don't add to it our works are the response to his grace the response to his salvation we come and we say nothing in my hand I bring simply to the cross I cling we come resting in the cross resting in grace resting in his mercy resting in his pardon but there is something else even deeper in the Sabbath is the chapter 20 verse 12 says moreover Also I gave them my sabots to be assigned between them and me the thermate know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them. The Creator God the all powerful God who created this world and rested on the 7th day the god has spoken worlds came into existence he says to us that the Sabbath is a sign of his sanctifying power the Sabbath is a sign that he can make us over again the Sabbath is a sign of the new creation sanctification is a word in the Bible that means Holiness it means one who is set aside Christ makes us holy We don't make ourselves Holy we don't change your own lives we are not our own creators but as we come on Sabbath we acknowledge the fact the is the sanctifying God we acknowledge the fact that he is the God that touches us with blessing we acknowledge the fact that he is our all powerful creator God wants to set you apart as his special child he was to sanctify you as that special child of his. The Sabbath is a symbol of that the End Time Message of Revelation is one of worship being the creator it's a message of the one who recreates us so he can give us victory over those peace etting sins so this all powerful creator can break the chains that bind us that kind of a lock the prison doors that trap us he can deliver from alcoholic and deliver from tobacco he can deliver from those foods that we use to indulge our appetite to destroy our bodies he can deliver us from the hatred and bitterness and anger and resentment he can deliver us from lust and impurity he can deliver us from the captive they taking a Loring attraction of those $50.00 programs and those digital media onslaughts that corrupt our mind at times he is the one that can give us new desires new chase new love we worship Christ as the Creator because we love his creation you see worshipping Christ as the creator not only means that he will recreate us but if I worship him as the creator I will be interested in caring for his creation. In an era when industrial pollution is destroying our Earth in an era when this earth is being pulled goot it by factories all around us there is a call a relevant call an end time call to worship him as creator if I worship his Creator I'm going to respect that which He created the earth and do everything I can to care for the earth but also if I worship him as Creator of all that he has created the human body is the most sacred so if I worship is as creator I'm going to care for this body that he made Sabbath is that call to worship Him together as creator the one who created heaven and earth it's a call for families to come to pray together to study God's word together to let the power of the Creator change their lives we need Sabbath quality time with God with our families who sanctifies us the God who helps us to keep growing in our spiritual lives and one day in eternity one day in a place called Glory one day in a place called heaven one day when we walk on streets of gold the Bible says Isaiah $66.00 verse $23.24 each all come to pass that one new moon from another and from one Sabbath to another every month will come up and partake of the tree of life but every Sabbath every week every 7th day one Sabbath to another all flesh how many flesh all flesh shall come to worship before me says the Lord. We will have an enter into that for ever relationship with him can you imagine it singing on Sabbath and heaven worthy worthy is the lab to receive blessing and honor and glory the Sabbath is not some illegal istic requirement it is a day of rest and gladness let Joy fill your soul as Charles sings day of rest and once. He. Asked. Us. Today on the shore. And sad. Movie spews poem was. On the high. The boat the. Groove seeing move owing. To the. Old. Home. From storms that are. Hard to. Sing. With just read news on. Own. Life's dry trees. From a beaver night was a mountain where you were wrong medicine the man. Whose. Oh did we go sweetie reflections. Hard all day all blue moon. All day to raise objections. From Earth to hang up all. Girl bring to bear or a gay from a a oh they all over it. We see we. Dreaming tonight man John was old clothes. The creator god. In a Vita you. To enter into his palace. Every Sabbath. God's palace the sands from heaven to earth. And you have a personal invitation to fellowship with the Creator. Creation speaks of a god that cares for you Creation speaks God that created you and fashioned you and loves you beyond which you never. Creation speaks of this all powerful god that wants to change your life. It wants to give you a new heart. Creations. Of a God who rested on the 7th day. And we can address. Rest from that exalted. Rest from that Warry rest from that care. We can place our lives. In his. Creation speaks of a new war. A world where the heartache and sorrow is cool. Creation speaks of a god. That is coming again. He created the world once and he was to recreate it again. Oh day of rest and go on this Will you enter into the joy of creation. By committing your life. To worship Him each Sabbath and understand the big miss and largeness of the Sabbath as we pray Father many of us have understood the Sabbath before but we see it in a bigger terms larger terms we accept your invitation to accept this is a day of Shaw and gladness some of us have never heard message. Was on the Bible Sabbath before and just now we make that decision to follow you. And enter into your joy in Christ's name. May Jesus. Guide your life. As you understand more fully the blessings that he has where you each week in the Bible Sabbath my prayer if you enjoy the blessings of the day and all.


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